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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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well sit back relax and channel 3 news today starts right now. >> reporter: i like what you did there. >> the channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by the calvetta brothers floor show channel 3 news today. good morning live from progressive field with the regular season and post season the indians played 174 games and it comes down to one game tonight. game 7 indians and cubs will have a preview. lynna. >> and sometime overnight someone went to the rock hall and raised a fly the w win flag for the cubs. on our home turf? that's got people riled up this morning. tiffany. >> reporter: lynna hours from now fans will be filling these seats here inside progressive field. coming up, i will let you know how much it's going to cost you
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good morning hollie. >> oh i bet that's a pretty penny. hello, to you and hello, to wednesday game 7. it's going to be a winner. excuse all the noise we should mention that the stadium obviously needs cleaned and that's all the background noise you've been hearing throughout the show so far and crews are working so hard. makes you appreciate everything they are doing overnight and into the early morning hours. a lot of you are just kind of resting and relaxing. let's check the forecast are planning on another really warm day. we hit 80 yesterday. we will be well into the 70s today. it could be a new record high. 77 record high at hopkins and we will be close to that. temperatures are in the 60s as you wake up. it's our game 7 forecast and the weather looks really great again for this evening. temperatures hold in the 60s throughout the game. mostly cloudy skies the biggest
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approaching -- an approaching cold front. will the rain hold off? i think so. we will let you know what it means for the thursday morning drive and the rest of the week coming up. right now speaking of drives danielle has a look at things. how is it going danielle. >> reporter: it's kwai-- it's quiet this morning no accidents or major delays but remember because there is is a game 7, those parking restrictions in downtown cleveland are in effect today. they start at noon and don't forget prospect between ontario this parking restriction doesn't go out of service until 2 a.m huron bol ver between east 9th and east 14th. carnegie in the same place east 9 theth and east 14th as well as east 9th convenient superior and carnegie and east 4th between huron and prospect avenue. i will tweet this information out because i don't want you to get towed and coming up at 5:19, we move to macedonia
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starting there today. john back to you. game 7 we know one team will be crowned world series champions tonight on the field. we don't know if it is the inned yans who what -- indians who what 3-1 lead or the cubs who won 2 straight. let's set and here are your headlines on the morning of the big game. we are going to start with the starters. they are the two pitchers whoare a lot of talk for cy young. kluber against hendricks. cliewb her pitch for the -- kluber will pitch for the third time. indians won big with kluber starting. endians have the fresh bullpen miller shaw and allen are rested and ready. cubs manager joe madden used chapman again 20 pitches he's
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games. you have to question how much does he have in the tank. and history tonight will end one team's agony and adding to the heart break of the other. cubs have not won in the world series in 108 years and indians in 68 years. but now we have to talk about how we got here. i think a lot of indians fans are confident. we have got the guy on the mound we want maybe concerned how we got here. >> yeah aid list disconcerting when you look at last night's performance you expect play better coming home. >> the crowd. >> the crowd behind them but it didn't turn out that way yo. u mentioned hist -- that way. you mentioned history 9 out of the last 10 game 7s has gone to the home team so they have that going for them. >> that's an a. >> there you go. game 6 though a different story. we look back last night i am sorry if it makes you vomit in your mouth but again jake arrieta 18 game winner.
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top first after getting the first two outs 0-2 count and tomlin gets the solo shot to bryant gives chicago a early lead 1-0 cubbies but the inning was not over. looks to be an easy flyout. they misplay the ball and rizzo and zobrist come home and finally still 3-0 and the top 3 this is all you need a grand slam russell blows the game open the first in the world 2005. russell ties the record for most runs batted in. 6th in the world series 7-30 cubs won 9 -- 7-3. cubs won 9- 3. tribe still feeling good. >> the crowd will be on our side and will be crazy. kluber will be on the mound. >> they have done a great job of playing with their backs again the wall and we will see how we will do. >> we owe it to the city and
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itall out there tomorrow. >> we are a good team and juan lot of games and we -- won a lot of games and we will find a way to win another. >> a weight of a team on your shoulders is not enough how about the weight of your city. i think kluber will know what james felt because everybody is pointing to him saying we feel good because kluber is on the mound. and they should this is a guy that's 4-1 the post season with a era below one allowing one run in 12 innings in the world series and we looked into this. this is the set. this gives you confidence hn time. in 2016 cory kluber 8-2, when he face as team for the third time 4-0, 1.05era so it's chess match. hitters adjust pitchers adjust and that's the chess match tonight. as goes ohio so goes politics.
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confidence because of the monster lineup we have been waiting. the cubs did the hefty lifting and exploded hitters 3 through 6 rizzo zobrist and russell 11 for 19 with 9rbis and 8 runs scored was the deference and the first time the indians pitching couldn't contain the guys. now we will see if kluber can do it tonight. one thought i want to get you on quickly joe madden ha problem with running him out there the question is what does he have tonight. >> the thing is he has no trouble running him last night is because he can use lester and lackey last game of the season they can throw anything they need. >> every guy might be involved in the game 7 tonight. well thanks now lynna. all right john and will if you want to make money game 7 is what you wanted.
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went soaring. let's check in with tiffany tarpley to explain how some fans are now changing their plans? >> reporter: yes lynna some fans are contemplating as you said if you have the tickets to game 7, you can make a lot of money so the question on a lot of minds do i sit here in the seats and watch history or do i watch the game from home and collect that cash. let's go ahead and show you what i found on resale sight overnight. the prices are changing throughout the day. cheapest lower box ticket is going right now for about 2500 dollars. now, keep in mind someone might have purchased this same ticket on the indians website two weeks ago for just $400. less than 21-- that's $2100 profit and the resale site would take a cut of that but selling or not all tribe fans are keeping their heads high
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>> we have lot of heart. i also know we have kluber coming back. and i just-- aid feeling that we are going to do it so. it's our year. >> always stay positiv . >> i am still believe you know. cavs did it. i think indians canch the curse is oaf. >> it's cleveland so you know we always have to believe. >> no doubt cleveland has the most spirit. there's no doubt that we will do this we will >> reporter: yes we are taking it home right. well, last night, of course some fans left early. but, of course they are going to be back here tonight packing the stadium. coming up in the next half-hour lynna i will let you know why there's las history being made when -- there's also history being made when it comes to tickets at progressive field. >> thanks so much. cubs fans wanted to send a
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cleveland last night after forcing a game 7. the cubs fly the w win flag flew up by the rock and roll hall of fame no word on who raised the flag. just so you know the tradition of flying the win flag or loss flag began in 1937 after home games at by-passers find out how the cubs made out on a given day but that's got people riled up this morning. i mean, how dare the cubs fly that flag our home turf. meanwhile, there are a bunch of of celebrities plenty here at progressive field to root on the tribe. look at some of them. cleveland native and current host of the price is right drew carey was here sporting a red indians hat and ed roker was
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from 1978 to 19 # 3. and since -- 1983 and since al is in time we will talk to him this morning coming up at 6 a.m. actor charlie sheen is smarting from not being asked to throw out the first pitch for the indians. he tweeted this last night saying whom ever is idiotically guilty of preventing me from throwing out the first pitch i am just saying it's 7-1 to the five. so maybe his snub is similar to what started the cubs billy goat curse. laha do you think about that? who do crowe think should throw out the first pitch tonight? there's talk about indians favorite jim tome or lebron james cavs are home and they have a -- [audio not understandable] what about drew carey let us know what you think now over to
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vote. major league baseball will announce later this afternoon who will throw out the first pitch. you know, they wait until 3ish to tell us it was dennis martinez for game 6 and that's probably about the same time we will find out. and still to come, at 5:12, controversial. [audio not understandable] we will talk to the creator of wahoo about the debate the controversial mascot. >> extra coffee. we are going get this party started today. and it's going to be a win. we have a weather win and we have got a game 7 win on the way. let's just believe partly to mostly cloudy skies well into
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let's get caught up on local news. overnight a driver led loins a high-speed chase in downtown cleveland starting at east 5th and carnegie when a cleveland metropolitan housing officer saw a van hit another car and thought she saw the car was an undercover police officer and followed the van to try to stop it after a short chase. driver end up driving into a pole he is arrest and charged with dui and reckless driving. police are investigating. we are cleveland-- two police officers were assaulted during a fight on west 6th and st. clair there. are no reported injuries and the suspect -- there are no reported injuries and the suspects fled on foot but they recovered a gun at the scene. a warning for parents. a bay village police interviewed student who found a stick in a candy bar a letter was sent home to parents to
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candy. they went trick or treating on clarewood drive if you find something suspicious inside candy call police. now back out to hollie for a check of the forecast live from progressivefield. hi hollie. >> hay maureen and we are keeping the spirit alive. we have cleaners working hards and that's all the noise in the background. there's a little fun going on last night and we will make it even better as we win game 7 so it's sign and kids at the bus stop this morning you barely need a jacket. temperatures in the the 60s or at least around 60 degrees which is super mild for this time of the day. think of it this way, we are above where we should be for highs this time of the year. and we are planning mid to upper 70s. 77 the record high at hopkins and i think we can can do it we can have a tie or a new record. we expect partly sunny skies and 70s across the board today. over the next several hours
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sunny skies so it's not total blue skies and sunshine today. we will take it. it's going to be a dry day. and i do think we will stay dry for our game 7 this evening. mostly cloudy skies temperatures will be upper 60s to start. and falling mid-60s late in the game. with any luck the rain totally holds off until it comes to a close. and i think that the timing of this really is perfect. a look at satellite and ra and we have been protected by an area of high pressure keeping us dry but as we look ahead you can see the showers to the west. and as we track future view, notice that through the morning, it is partly sunny and beautiful. 2:30 this afternoon we are into the 70s. this evening, we hold in the 70s and game time and into the game temperatures falling back into the mid and upper 60s. this is 10:30 tonight and it's dry as can be. it's not until after midnight
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of tomorrow that we really start to see the rain. i think it's going to be a soaker for thursday morning drive and we will be celebrating at that point if it rains who cares as we get into the afternoon it will be much more scattered chances. so the better opportunity for wet weather tomorrow comes first part of the day. and then we cool it off on friday. in a nutshell we have got a great looking wednesday forecast mid to upper 70s we will be keeping you informed records and tonight's lows are close to 60. window nation 7-day forecast after the rain tomorrow the cool down on friday and we are close to 60 this weekend. first weekend in november is looking great. time change don't forget we fall back an hour early on sunday. so you gain an hour of sleep and danielle we will be able to use that after all the sleep we are missing this week. wkyc traffic is brought to you by mike bass ford get a
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at mike bass ford. we are going to be able to catch up on sleep this weekend. let's hope we are sleeping as champions though. here we go we start in macedonia because i want to prepare those of you who take ledge road you are familiar with a lot of the on and off closures of ledge. well, odot says they will close ledge under i-271 starting today through next wednesday due to water line work. so your detour is going to add a few minutes to your commute because you are going to have to take alexander to bedford to state route 82. give yourself extra time. other than that we are green and clean on the traffic map. no accidents or major delays. and don't forget when you hit the roads tune into wtam, 1100 total traffic. back to you. all right thanks danielle. 5:20. retiring chief wahoo? what the logo's creator is saying about the famous
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morning as we continue our live team coverage right here from progressive field. stay with us. we will be right back. judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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as the indians head into the final game of the world series there are angry calls for retirement. not for pl team mascot whom a lot of people say is racist and offensive. well, a channel 3 andrew horansky had the opportunity to talk to chief wahoo's creator to get his thoughts about the controversy. >> reporter: walter goldbatch create one of the most reck -- goldbach created one of the most recognizable images in baseball. >> i am 87 and sort of happy
5:25 am
want to do i am going leave that up to the cleveland indians. >> reporter: the former art teacher was work at his family's emblem business in 1946 when the indians owner called for acaricature of a native american and picked his e was inspired by students and how they drew eyes to make chief wahoo a happy person. >> reporter: the wahoo name came later from someone les along with today an image fading from view at progressive view amid protest and a legal batel in toronto over the indians's right to play. to held him replacing it is -- to him replacing it is boring but has given more attention to his work. >> things that are banned becomes more popular in historythan things there was no
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reporting. it's really loud here. >> they have to clean it. >> it smells like the inside of a frat house really. not that i would know. let's check forecast it's going to be a awesome weather day partly cloudy skies and i think a record breaker today. it could be a now record high. 77 record high in cleveland and mid to upper 70s. and on the travel map there's rain to the west so that's what through. will it have a impact on game 7 this evening? i will let you know coming up john. i would rather have the leaf blowers than shovels. we are in to november and we will talk game 7 more and we will talk about the bullpen could that be the big advantage for the indians tonight and they wrap up the world series
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free,
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time for the morning rush and we will decide the world series champion in game 7 after the cubs won game 6 here last night and 9-3. so we will set the table. it's kluber for the indians against hendricks of the cubs. but one area to keep the eye on the talk is what shape is the cubs bullpen mainly the closer chapman who th last night and kind of in a surprise move after throwing 42 the game before. cubs manager joe madden says he is not worried about it. he can use lester and lackey if needed because it will be all hands on deck for both teams. indians bullpen of miller and allen are ready and rested and that could be advantage indians. will. >> we get to the 38th winner
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couldn't come alive quick enough and cubs bats got on it. highlights in the first inning didn't take long. tomlin two quick outs and 0-2 count but the shot to bryant. the inning was not over still in the first, looks like it's going to be an easy fly out. end the inning. a little miscommunication and the ball drops rizzo scores and 3-0 scores and it ad grand slam first one since 2005 in the world series. konerko did it then this time russell. cubs win 9-3 and now we go to game 7 and corey kluber and in kluber we trust for indians fans and fans outsidelining up and sleeping in line to try to get tickets tiffany. >> reporter: they sure are will a lot of them out there. i heard that some of them were
5:32 am
but those tribe fans they want to sleep off that disappointment of game 7 and they are getting energized for i should say the disappointment of game 6 and they are getting energized for game 7. but let's show you what it looked like last night before game 6 and, of course, they were very happy electric atmosphere outside progressive field but that soon changed after the game. very few cheers if any from tribe fans. history is being made tonight when it comes to ticket at progressive field. business insiders show the average prices on resale prices like game 7 is higher than any other recent major league title series that went to game 7. that includes the cavs and warriors back in june. so back out here live at progressive field, of course, cavs tribe fans will have the rally towels waving them. they are cavs fans too but very much you know we want that win tonight.
5:33 am
high note. >> there are a lot of ways for fans to remember the world series run but if you a tribe fan looking to cash in later down the line there are items you should grab. number one baseball. especially signed will do very well later on. pennants and bobbleheads are good items to grab and lastly souvenir hats or jersey try to get them signed. and bonus for early risers. tomorrow's edition of the plain dealer when the indians the world series just saying, and speak of the plain dealer here's today's edition as we head into game 7. the world's buckle up on display with a picture of josh tomlin at the mound. we are hoping for that winning world series addition to be released less than 24 hours from now and as for the chicago tribune, the headlines bring on game 7. the paper included a photo of anthony rizzo and addison russell high fiving
5:34 am
win. hollie. >> thank you so much. we hope your morning is going great. [audio not understandable] we have got an amazing weather day and not only is it going to be warm i think it's going to be record warmth that we are bragging about along with the world series win tonight. let's check and we are planning on temperatures in the 70sthis afternoon. record high today is 77. we t i don't think we will do that but i think mid to upper 70s for highs with partly sunny skies. 60s as you wake up this morning. you barely need a jacket heading out the door. your world series game 7 forecast is nothing short of unbelievable for november 2nd. mostly cloudy skies throughout the game but temperatures are going to hold in the 70s first pitch i think we are upper 60s to near 70. and barely dropping. i mean even by the 9th inning
5:35 am
now, we have got partly cloudy skies and we are keeping the showers away at the moment because high pressure is protecting us. that will be changing as we head into the next 24 hours and danielle i will let you know exactly when the rain moves in but i think the timing should work out for the game and we have got to believe danielle. we have got this thing. >> reporter: this is believeland we can do it. game 7 we will be world charchampions again. i-90 at eddie row becaus east shoreway looks great east and westbound sides of it. it's green and clean. i am still not tracking any accidents so that is good news. we pull out to look at entire map and all your major highways green and clean as well. however, i was tracking some slow traffic for 22 eastbound. looks like that's cleared out as you are leaving solon. drive times on 422 between 306
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so we are okay. >> thanks daniel. you know our own world series celebrity nana what few words for the indians team. she is sure the indians will win tonight. we got her reaction to the game 6 loss here's what she had to say to the team. >> we will do it tomorrow. we are going to get you. >> emily, nana as we love to call her was there the last time the indians won it all during the 1948 world series. she is going to be back on the today show with al roker later this morning at the winking lizard in downtown cleveland. hollie will be there coming up in the 6:00 hour so you won't want to miss that. because i been watching the
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because francisco lindor stole second base in game one, everyone in america a free taco at taco bell tomorrow. >> today is the day november 2nd everyone can grab a free taco at taco bell thanks to the taco hero our fran since colindor. customers will see a taco from 2 to 6 p.m. by visiting any the steal a base steal a taco promotion is a one time deal. now let's go back in with john. thank you. terry francona says game 7 is about trust i trust when the indians were leading 3-1, 3-2 and now 3-3. why? my take is coming up next. but first on the the way to the break, it's your chance to be
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was sent in from joanna. show off your tribe gear and be on 3 share pictures with the hashtag be on 3 and we may use
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welcome back it's 5:40. we will be going back out live
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get you caught up on the morning's headlines. woman who drove her car into a concert crowd in parma heights lay pear in court today. this is surveillance video of when 74-year-old donna backed her car into a crowd of people at green brier commons. two people were killed and several others injured. she now faces two counts of vehicular homicide. police say she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake. one man has been arrested after he stole cruiser. the suspect stole the oakwood village police cruiser yesterday afternoon before ditching it on cleveland's east side. and on the the campaign trail, donald trump fired up supporters in eau claire wisconsin a critical battleground state. the republican nominee attacked his opponent hillary clinton and told early clinton voters that they still have time to reconsider their ballots. he told the crowd they can change their minds in light of the fbi announcement they are investigating new e-mails.
5:42 am
rally in fort lauderdale florida where she was heckled by a protester. clinton didn't hold back pointing her finger and telling the crowd she is sick and tired of the behavior of people who support donald trump. she also said she feels story for the kind of campaign that trump has run and attacked him for his comments about women. all right we want to get back out to hollie and lynna for a check the -- of the forecast at progressive field. what he happening out there. in here we what's happening out there. in here we felt like we weed needed some -- needed some noise. >> yeah we are here at the indians dugout and tf any is here and other members of the media. there's our friends from columbus cbs network setting up in front of us -- tiffany is here and other members of the media too. there's our friends from columbus, the cbs network set up in front of us we have a great morning this time yesterday it was chilly.
5:43 am
it was the 40s. and we will warm up today again. 80 yesterday and i think mid to upper 70s today. but that's still going to mean a possibility of some new record highs. a winning wednesday is what we are declaring it across ohio you will enjoy 70s for highs. november 2nd what? i am telling you. part thely sunny. that's the plan. and we will kind of whoever in the 60s through -- hover in the 60s this morning an afternoon. you know what's going on tonight right? uh-huh. world series game 7. this is when we do it. thanks for your comments on social media. i love that so many of you believe. that's the word of today. you have to believe. we will be 60s and mainly cloudy skies through the game. and i do think we will stay dry through the game but we are tracking rain over the next 24 hours. high pressure is protecting us from all of those showers.
5:44 am
it will be more organized as we head into tonight. the timing should be perfect. get the game in, get the win. and then let it pour. here's a look at future view. this is 2:30 this afternoon. partly sunny well into the 70s. akron canton 77 degrees at that point. and we will be low 70s through early evening and then we are planning on temperatures in the 60s throughout the game. 11 tonight, and you know the game will be wrapping than likely upper 60s that's still so, so mild but you see the rain to the west at that point. and then it moves in. this is going to be mainly after midnight and then into tomorrow morning's commute i think tomorrow morning we will have a lot of wet roads and it will be a soaker through the morning hours. things become much more scattered into the afternoon. we will be cooling things down as we head into friday behind the cold front. and in the meantime, there is
5:45 am
today. tonight's lows in the 60s. rain holding off until after midnight is the way it looks right now. and tomorrow we have got the rain showers on your window nation 7-day forecast. a little cooler day on friday. but you know, by november standards that's seasonal. low 50s nice first weekend of november close to 60 degrees. sunshine and pleasant. and we do fall back one hour early on sunday. so, after a lot of late nights of sleep back. that's going to be good. bubba is here we introduce you to this hour. doggone weather time and it's another to be addition. rally together. your pictures have been so great i think susan sent this in. thanks so much. let's check the drives see how things are moving along so far today danielle. good morning hollie and to all of you that are waking up.
5:46 am
wins wednesday because we are win on the roads. i am not tracking any accidents or major delays. we are green throughout the entire region. in fact here's picture 77 at i- 480. traffic is moving by just fine on both the north and southbound sides of the highway. so if you taking that trip from- - on 77 north from the turn pike to 480 it's your normal 8 minute commute. if you continue on to the 490 enterchange it's a 4-minute drive and we are speedy throughout the john back to -- region, john back to you. >> thank you. let's talk sports. lebron scored 19 and watched kyrie have a big night e led the way with 32 and he stand by my words that i think kyrie could emerge as the league's mvp this year. i know it's lebron's team but kyrie is getting to mvp level. cavs win 4-0 for the first time
5:47 am
still in high school. for my take on game 7 if you told me on opening day or at the start of the world series that i would have kluber on the mount tonight pitching at home in game 7 of the world series i would have taken that in a heartbeat. even with the indians leading 3- 1 in the back of my mind i knew we still had kluber for game 7. i don't have to say much about kluber. and what he meant to the team in the series or the since his cy young season of 2014. he doesn't have to do a lot. he has the most dominating bullpen behind him with andrew miller and codeey allen. there's no questions tonight about our starter or our bullpen. we don't need a ton of runs with the guys pitching. we need one more run than the other guy. the indians have been the underdogs the entire post season against the red sox against the blue jays and now
5:48 am
tonight. the announceers, everyone outside of ohio we will be cheering for the cubs tonight and that's okay because we have kluber and we are 27 outs away from winning the world series. i would have taken that in april and in october and tonight on november 2nd. tweet me your thoughts at john wkyc i would love to hear from you. let's check in with matt and get the deals of the day. hey matt. >> reporter: good morning john you made great points and for those are tressed-- stressed the election or anything else and if you are not sleeping well i have a gadget to take care of both. it's crazy.
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination
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time 5:51. news for bargain shoppers this morning. amazon getting a head start on
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season. company launched the black friday deep discounts. amazon says they will offer tens of thousands of deals with new ones coming as often as 5 minutes. there will be up to 20 deals of the day in a single day. you can find the black friday deals now through december 22nd. and the holidays have returned to starbucks have you seen this? the coffee chain's holiday beverages is available in u.s. stores but they won't be served in red cups. at least for now. continued they are green. the design connecting more than people on the cups timed with the upcoming election they were created to be a symbol of iewnt unity andencourage us to be good -- unity and encourage us to be good to one another. we are saving your sanity in a way. none of us got enough sleep last night and also stress relief. >> reporter: yes.
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dollars off -- gadget is 40 dollars off. it's on and my job shadow who has insomnia put it to the test. >> helps me fall asleep. and if you know me you know i have a lot of trouble falling asleep. one of my favorite parts of this is that the colors are amazing. you have red you have orange blue, purple yellow and so on. another thing that's very helpful is the mist changer allowing you to control the amount of st last thing that's very helpful is the time changer. it allows you to pick how long you want this to go on. it saves electric tries quite. >> reporter: yes mr.. i love this. -- electricity. >> reporter: yes mr. i love this. it's not a paid product but it's effective and on it's nice and you have nice ambience in the studio. >> i could fall asleep. >> reporter: big fan.
5:55 am
think it's effective. i never care whether or not you buy anything i future but check it out you know where to go. >> awesome price and deal. thanks matt. let's head back out to progressive field to see what's going on at the ball park. two game 7s in the same year in cleveland but this time it's in cleveland. we will get you ready for game 7 with the indians and cubs history made in our city. lynna. so who do throw out the first pitch? should it be jim tome how about lebron james and there's someone who is not and won't let it go we will explain will. game 6 not what you wanted to see but how are the players reacting and feeling going into game 7. that's the most important question they will answer in bit. tiffany. >> reporter: well of course
5:56 am
they are getting ready for the game tonight. coming up, how much it's going to cost you to get in here danielle. >> reporter: we don't want you to have to pay to get your car out of being towed because of parking restrictions in effect today. i will remind you coming up shortly after 6. hollie. okay danielle, and let me remind you that we are going to win this thing. game 7 here we come an winning weather wednesday. well into the 70s for highs and could break a new record today. 77 record high at hopkins and we will be so close we are in the 67as -- 6 0? as you wake -- 6 0? as you wake up on -- 6as you wake up on the go tribe -- 6 0? as you wake up on the go tribe wednesday.
5:57 am
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this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by the calvetta brothers floor show time to fall in love again with your home. and now, channel 3 news today. good morning the cavs won their world championship in 7 games can the indians do it tonight? who has the advantage? we will get you ready for game 7 with indians and cubs. tiffany. tribe fans are doing a lot of soul-searching the dilemma ahead of game 7 lynna. >> and tiffany someone overnight raised the fly the w win flag for the cubs at the rock and roll hall of fame. that has indians fans all riled up this morning. we will have more on that


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