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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 3, 2016 5:00am-5:59am EDT

5:00 am >>y are incredible. >> reporter: thanks for the support. >> i mean isn't he. channel 3 news starts right now. that's fun. >> this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall in love again with your home. and now, channel 3 news today. well it just wasn't our year. great sea heson though. your cleveland indians fall in a nerve-racking game world series championship goes to the chicago cubs. will. >> reporter: how apropos symbolism of a rain soggy free pro gressive field after indians drop game 7. why the players say there's always next year tiffany. >> reporter: there is will and fans they are going through a range of emotions this morning. the message they have for the team.
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still is on social media all the support and pride. it's wonderful to see. good morning. keep smiling. we have rain showers scattered right now and i think we will continue to see some rain chances through mid to late morning before things become a bit drier but cooler. so we are in the 6 0es now. it's actually warm as it will be and then we will end up upper 50s and hold there through the rest of today. so jackets and umbrellas yesterday it was like and short sleeves and saw a lot of tank tops at the game and it was 78 degrees. that was the new record at hopkins. showers moving through. a lot of this overnight while you were getting some sleep and as we zoom in a bit it's lightened up a lot. but we have rain. so there's no question that there will be some slow downs because of it. right now east side of cleveland is seeing the wet weather. especially you know you look east of cleveland through parts of euclid and mayfield and
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and lake county and into ashtabula danielle has a check on your drive because it's always slowing things down. and we have multiple accidents had morning. they have cleared out. here's a picture i-90 at east 185th street road withr wet and the leaves on the ground make them slippery as well. here's i-90 at state route 2 near burke lakefront airport and the rain is coming down. yes it's to the east that rain but we are not seeing delays but when we have rain during the morning rush we have an increase in accidents so be careful and give yourself extra time this morning. back to you. >> all right thank you. they gave us their best shot. the indians take game 7 into an extra inning but fall short of winning the championship. >> will ujek joins us live from progressive field and we could do the half-hour show on the highlights. >> reporter: we could.
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beginning games the games that started the series a lot of low scoring and pitching dueels and last night was anything but. floodgates opened up on scoring on both sides one guy got started early and that's chicago who didn't wait to get past the lead off batter. top one fans just getting settled in and here's the 4th pitch. to dexter fowl here says it's dead center. carries for a home run. they set the first ever lead off home run. 1-03. santana lines a single and crisp trots in tied at 2. 2-1 cubs a after sack fly 2 out runner on second for contreras. davis goes back and zobrist scores and they teach the lead -- stretch the lead to 1-5 making the come back unlikely
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cubs. 2 out one on. davis spokes one to left and the faithful got loud. indians fired up after a scoreless night that rain hits the sound and the game is halted for 17 minutes before resuming the 10th. cubs with two on one out and zobrist slaps one down left field line. 7-6 cubs and an insurance run because the -- because indians didn't plate one. 8-7 the fi really hurts. >> it's going to hurt. it hurts because we care. >> we were so hungry to win and we gave it all we had. >> it suction. >> it didn't foal like a prief lienal it hurts quite a -- privilege. it hurts quite a bit it was an awesome team to be apart of and incredible ride. >> reporter: say this as a fan but you would love to see a
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believe it or not, right now, as it stands world series indians score 27 and cubs scored 27 runs this is still tied up. >> i think the only fair thing is to play a game 8. so we will talk to the cubs about this you know. >> reporter: let's have a game 8. >> you bring up a gule point. it takes rain to end a drought and it was the cubs drought that ended but you have to talk about how that rain affected the game. cubs say they called a team meeting and they refocused. you wonder how indians. >> reporter: it's interesting because terry francona was asked about the rain day as was shaw and it it was not that long and didn't affect it but i think when you look at it, it was momentum effector. maybe eye didn't affect brian shaw or francona how he would manage the game but indians had the momentum and tied it withinwent out and kept -- within the out and kept it in
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momentum. that deflated this stadium and brought it back down to squareone. i don't know john. you tell me we have played pee wee balk i think it takes a little out of you -- ball. i think it takes a little out of you to sit. >> the cubs said they talked about what they had to do and just had to get back into the game. because they felt hike they weren't in the -- like they weren't in the game so it could be a key moment but we will never know. thanks will. ly you to the team for a great season. tiffany tarpley joins us live from progressive field and tiffany, we all are hopeful for next year. >> reporter: we are lynna. and i don't know about you, but i and other -- me and other fans went through a range of emotions last night. and in the end, it nearly brought some of those fans to tears. not only were people packed here outside of the stadium and inside of the stadium but northeast ohio was jumping.
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parse and want -- bars and wanted to be together to see the game. this is video from inside the huli house when the indians tied the game 6-6, the place erupted. but as we all know, it was not enough. . >>i was up i was down i was up i was down and had hopes to the very end but unfortunately we didn't make it but you know what, fabulous game. what better 7th game of th have. >> i did pray. but you have hope and you always believe we are believeland and so regardless of the outcome, we love our tribe. >> reporter: of course fans will keep their hands on the rally towels for next year. we say it all the time, right, there's always next year. but fans really say with the healthy roster why can't we win it all then. live in downtown cleveland
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>> and after the game stance and celebrities showed appreciation to the indians for the terrific season and really, an incredible post season run. >> greg dee joins us from the newsroom with a social media reaction to the indians' game 7 loss. >> reporter: yeah a lot of positive response here to the indians and the response is surprising very classy and that says a lot about clevelanders as a whole. one of the biggest clevelanders or northeast ohio lebron james also giving a little message to the indians after the game as he walked back from the box they were watching the game with the cavs, here's what he he had to say. >> -- he had to say. >> the post game after world series game 7 want to congratulate indians on a unbelievable season yo. u did something nobody would think you could do and we are proud of you. you know the whole cavs organization all the fans the whole city of cleveland we are
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guys you got nothing to hang your heads low about. use this as inspiration to get ready for next year. >> reporter: its all about next year. cavs know that from experience. and actually one of my favorite gifts from this whole thing is lebron's reaction when they tied it up in the 8th. i mean this gift just says it all. intensity the power there love it. got so many retweets and i hope i am going to try to save my phone for future use but you need to save and have. of course it's all about next year. and charles already tweeting spring training is just 152 days away and that's important because we went to the playoffs because we are in the world series, it's less than 6 months away. we are talking about baseball returning again to northeast ohio. so cleveland police getting in
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together. and some fans now realizing that with the world series getting our attention for a week or two, all the attention will now be focused on the election and they are not all that happy because this world series was a nice distraction from all the craziness with the election coming up next week. but, i think that's going to kick into full swing here in the next 24 hours. >> yeah totally get indians fans are on social media ranting about the number of cubs fans at the game. some saying that they made up as much as 40% of the crowd. and you know local sports writer tweeting locks like a number of indians fans sold their tickets and their souls to the cubs. take a look. you know. if data from stubhub is a guide they say 60% of the ticket site sales came from the the chicago
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for a ticket $1800. now in all fairness ticket sellers don't know the allegiance. two man arrested after a traffic stop discovered they had 8 counterfeit tickets to game 7 of the world series. terry walls and sitron mitchell were arrested yesterday. they have been charged with felony forgery. both men are being held in a county jail near toledo. cleveland heights police need help locating elderly woman. 70-year-old ruth noles has been missing since yesterday afternoon. she is 5 foot 6 with brown eyes and black hair. she was last seen wearing a black coat black pants and black gloves. if you have any information, call police. 5 kai hoeing ha county inmates convicted of mate will get shorter sentences. ohio supreme court says judges wrongly applied sentences based on the law at the time of the crime rather than using the law at the time of conviction.
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bryan on death row for the murder of police officer leon. his sentence will be cut by more than half but doesn't affect his death sentence. akron police have a man in custody this morning after seizing more than 1 million dollars in cocaine. police captured the suspect following a chase and crash on old main street at lake street. officers arrested the driver after a short foot chase and investigators have not released the man's name. but they believe he is one of trafficking in our city. stark county teachers are on strike after failed contract negotiations between them and the louisville -- lewisville city school district. schools will remain opened because there are enough subs on hand now no word on a timetable to work out a deal. it's 5:12. jay-z is coming to cleveland. what he is saying about his upcoming shoal to support
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why starbucks new green he cups are causing trouble hollie. >> thank you. a great thursday morning weekend is knocking on the door and it's close. we have got scattered rain showers to deal with this morning. it's going to be a cooler more seasonal day eventually. you are in the 60s now. it's 64 at hopkins but we willfall back into the 50s. we will track the weekend
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5:16. latest polls show the race for the white house might be a nail biter. hillary clinton's comfortable lead over donald trump is narrowing. >> both are doubling up in north carolina today another state critical to both candidates to win the white house. both candidates had make final stops in hoe higho -- in ohio
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bernie sanders will be at the university of cincinnati and youngstown state. tomorrow jay-z is hoeding a free concert in support of hillary clinton's presidential run. it will be at 8 p.m. clinton will join him during the concert and clinton will encourage concert goers to take advantage of ohio's early voting.jay-z made a rare tweet about the excitement about the concert saying in part clevelandlet's again. as for donald trump he will make his way to the buckeye state again tomorrow. airborne maintenance and engineering services in wilmington. doors open at 1 p.m. begins at 4. tickets are available on trump's. [audio not understandable] thanks so much it's 5:17. kid heading out to the bus stop grab the rain gear because i think to start we will have showers to deal with. and temperatures holding right around of 0 -- 60 but have your
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getting cooler. 64 degrees right now at hopkins. here's a look at some headlines. a sunny stretch after today. and we are talking of course the time change this weekend. this is the reminder we fall back one hour early on sunday. so before you go to bet bed on saturday turn the clocks back and check the batteries in the smoke alarms and all that good stuff. we will end up steady in the 50s with scattered rain to start a cooler more seasonal feel. you will notice the difference and it's all ohio we are seeing the cooler weather move in because of the cold front right now. and over the next several hours i think it's going to be the showers especially to start and then just a mainly cloudy sky it's not just that we won't see any sunshine but overcast skies will probably dominate a good chunk of our thursday. showers scattered still around. heaviest rains are to the east but there's scattered light rain east side of cleveland having an impact on eastern cuyahoga county and into lake
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and ashtabula. showers around mentor and we have a few showers that are right east of cleveland and heading towards lyndhurst and richmond heights and willoughby and there will be slow downs as you wake up in ashtabula too. there's rain and the chance continues through 9:30 we will see the showers around. beyond you know late morning it really becomes a quieter weather day. with and the temperatures in the 50s. we get a few sun peeks in there and we will end up with partly cloudy skies and a seasonal friday before we start to bring back a whole lot of sunshine in to the upcoming weekend. the shower chances is showing up for tomorrow i think really minimal like 10 to 20%. so, most of you should be dry through your tgif. and it should be typical football weather for tomorrow night. we are in the low 60s this weekend. it's going to be just pleasant as can be.
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forecasting more 60s to start it off. it's 5:20. wkyc traffic is brought to you by mike bass ford get a great deal and a great deal more at mike bass ford. good morning to all of you the right now it's an accident free ride however i was tracking a few accidents because of the rainy weather and the wet roads out there. we are tracking just a little bit or it looks like that cleared up. it was slow traffic 90 east passing avon that cleared out and in fact here's drive time on i-90 through the west side. 490 between 83 and 17 minutes heading west. 15 minutes headed east so we are okay. so when you hit the roads tune into our partners at wtam, 1100 total traffic. they will have updates every ten minutes. john and lynna back to you. >> thank you. coming up, cop controversy. why starbucks new green cups
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welcome back it's 5:24. starbucks is in hot water this morning over you guessed it the cups. the new green cups meant to bring people together seemed to be having the opposite effect. the new green cup features one continuous stroke connecting cup. but now people on social media are calling for a starbucksboycott. yone has a -- everyone has a different reason for being upset. some are mad it's not the traditional red and others accuse them of political brainwashing before the upcoming election. this is not the first time starbucks has caused controversy with a cup. last holiday season this blank red cup caused an uproar because people thought there was not enough christmas on the cup. >> okay.
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chill some okay. right. just in time for the cold winter months, netflix is working on an off line mode for streaming service. in an interview with cnbc the chief content officer said you may soon be able to watch your favorite tv shows and movies without the internet and amazon prime streaming and spotify offer the similar streaming services but no word on when the services will roll out. >> okay. let's bring sun coming up. >> are you just saying that. >> the rain hitting my house i thought we wouldn't see the sun today. >> we will not see a lot of it. >> it will com tomorrow. >> that's how it is going to go. the weekend looks great but we have scattered showers this morning. and it locks like peeks of sunshine possible later on towards evening but i think overcast skies and a cooler
5:26 am
this is the warmest part today because the cold front timing of it moving through and you can see that on the travel maps with that line of showers. we have had a few rumbles overnight while you were probably still traveling many of you. from the game. but it locks like things are much lighter and more scatteredfor thus morning. forecast highs you can see the cooler air. chicago and detroit and minneapolis all in the 60s today. john lynna we had 78 degrees yesterday and we had officially have a new record high at hopkins. >> wow. thanks hollie. 5:26. looking ahead to next year. reaction from indians fans holding out faith for next year. >> and one of the tribe's biggest fans nana is back. what she had to say after last
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morning rush at 5:30 and it's a little tough morning around cleveland as the cubs come out on top and beat indians in the world series in game 7 intense game went into extra innings. a rain delay but cubs came out on top 8-7. there they are with their celebration here in cleveland. let's check in with will who has more on the game highlights. will. >> reporter: yeah john the indians scratched and clawed to get back into this one. it was not the game that most people expecteded when they -- expected when they heard kluber on the mound against hendricks you thought 1 or 2 runs could win this but there was fireworks and it started in the first inning. actually with the lead off batter dexter fowl her sends one to -- fouler sends one to
5:31 am
center. san tan arfires backs plates crisp tied up at one and cubs with the sack fly add another one. and then add another on top of that 2 out and runner on second. one to right center davis goes back can't get to it. zobrist score. indians fought back and get to 6-4 and that's when they all turned to davis choking up against chapman smokes one to left the cloudest cleveland has been quite possibly. game goes into extra where the cubs ge coming up at 6:00 we will hear from the post game sound in the locker room some really really hurt but very excited looking into next year tribe players ready to go. >> reporter: will tribe fans still have faith in this team even after losing it all in game 7. from right here in downtown cleveland to the suburbs northeast ohio was packed with people excited to
5:32 am
range of emotions. they rallied together outside progressive field and in local bars in westlake. fans who paid hundreds and thousands of dollars to watch this game inside the stadium say it was well worth it. and this morning, they are thanking the team for getting this far and as we saline nay, cleveland against the world -- lynna -- as we say, lynna, cleveland against the world. one of the fans 104-year-old nana she didn't let the loss stop her from celebrating. >> thank you my indians for a great season. i enjoyed it. but i am sad. >> oh. you toast your champagne nana and enjoy it. emily has become quite the star during this post season. nana was the today show with al roker yesterday and did jimmy kimmel and has been sharing her
5:33 am
and she told her family she hopes to see her beloved indians get the win next year. you bet nana. >> i think she has a agent now. >> yeah. >> i love her. she has the right idea seee we should have mimosas this morning. >> the wisdom -- wisdom. >> i am just throwing it out this. >> 5:33 it's not too late. >> someone can make the run. we have got a look at forecast. scattered showers and i think we end up mo throughout the day and more seasonal. so temperatures will drop back into the upper 50s and stay there throughout the vast majority of the thursday. so you will grab the umbrella and put that smile back on your face if it's not already ear to ear because it was an amazing season and what a game that was last night. showers moving through here as we speak and we zoom in and it's light in intensity and very hit and miss compared to earlier overnight.
5:34 am
it's kind of scattered rain but this is causing wet road and from the rain we have had overnight it will be slow downs and danielle has a look at the commute. she is keeping an eye on that when we have the wet road earlier there was a accident that cleared up. >> reporter: accidents have cleared out but we want to be more careful as we move through the morning. we started in summit county because i want to prepare you for a road closure that happened overnight. montrose west avenue closed at state route 18. it's going to be through saturday 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. so looks like it will be opening within the next 30 minutes. this is for resurfacing so if you need to get around this take holly thorn drive to heritage woods drive. and that lad few minutes to the commute. other than that we are green on -- so that will add a few minutes to your commute. other than that we are green with the rain so be careful. 5:34. and topping your morning news feed we are learning more about
5:35 am
two police officers in the des moines area. >> the officers were ambushed in two attacks early wednesday morning. police say both were sitting in the patrol cars when scott greene walked up and started shooting. he later turned himself in. it comes less than two weeks after greene argued with officers who removed him from a high school football game. police say greene was waving a confederate flag at the game near some african american spectators. pro donald trump graffiti was on a burning church in western mississippi. and all signs right now point to arson. someone spray painted vote trump on hopewell baptist church in greenville. firefighters discovered the message as flames engulfed the church tuesday night. no one was hurt. there's an 11,000 dollar reward for information. bill cosby's lawyers says the blindness will keep him from recognizing the accusers during the trial. cosby was back in court wednesday trying to get the
5:36 am
prosecutors reopened the case accusing cosby of a sexual assault decades ago. they want 13 other accusers to back up one woman's account that she was drugged and molested. cosby lawyers says prosecutors waited until his vision and memory were too bad to defend himself. cosby who is 79 is expected to go on trial in june. 5:36 be a we are in the -- and we are in the final days whasms both candidates are -- what both candidates with five days left until the presidential election. >> the indians losing the world series reminds me of another team that gave it their all and came up short. how the teams are similar and why i think next year is our
5:37 am
judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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now to decision 2016. nbc latest battleground map shows a narrower path to victory for hillary clinton as both candidates hit the same battleground state. >> a lot of campaigning left. tracie potts is hive with the latest on this. hi tracie. >> reporter: hey john and lynna. battleground polls let's talk
5:40 am
ahead in wisconsin and pennsylvania and slipped behind in nevada where donald trump has taken the lead and in florida it's still too close to call. >> nice and cool. stay on point donald. stay on point. no sidetracks donald. nice and easy nice. >> reporter: donald trump staying on message in florida. taking the page from bernie sanders supporters he raised 100 million dollars in small donations last month. >> that sound more like a democrat thing not a republican thing right. >> reporter: today trump and hillary clinton both campaign in north carolina. african american turnout is down from 2012 not good news for clinton. and she awaits results of the fbi e-mail investigation. she is also hoping to win arizona -- arizona, a red state. >> we have a real chance to
5:41 am
>> reporter: her latest message imagining a trump presidency. >> imagine having a president who demeans women mocks the disabled and insults latinos african americans and must limbs and pows and pits people against each other instead of pulling us together. >> putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. >> reporter: both candidates are out with final tv ads. >> clinton washington. she's been there 30 years. >> reporter: now just 5 days from america's final choice. and again, we just have a few days left with the candidates now trying to draw even bigger crowds. hillary clinton saw the biggest crowd of her campaign it was a trump sized crowd 15,000 people in arizona last night. >> we note candidates are doubling up in the final days and president obama is stomping
5:42 am
at today? >> reporter: yeah the president's going to be in florida and one of the things that he's been doing is trying to drive the african american vote. as we noted it's behind and that could be a problem for clinton. >> we will see. thanks so much for the update tracie appreciate it. oh from politics to mud. >> there's something puddles at progress knife there's a parallel there. >> feels that way. >> the mudslinging. >> and there' >> i know. >> you know they will be back in early april. >> right. >> not that long right? >> no. stop all that. >> feels like april outside. right? >> it does. yesterday it felt like summer again.78 degrees new record high at hopkins and we are talking scattered rain still around this morning but it's much lighter than what came down overnight. we have a lot of sun shine to look forward to. so i am going to throw that at
5:43 am
forget i keep reminding you but we have the time change this weekend when we fall back one hour and you gain an hour of sleep. kind of fun. we are 50s eventually. we are still in the 60s now. so it's feeling very mild for this time of the day. but we will end up holding in the upper 50s once we get there. scattered rain this morning. and 50s into the afternoon hours and i think mostly cloudy skies maybe a couple peeks of sunshine today. and it's not going to be prevalent sunshine by any stretch of the imagination. we have the shower chance at hours and then we see those fade and partly to mostly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon. here's a look at radar. and we have light rain a lot over the lake. there is some that is still happening inland and close to the lake shore at that. but these are small showers not moderate or heavy rains like we were dealing with at times overnight. and for a lot of you that was the travel time from the game home right? pretty tricky. so, at this point in time,
5:44 am
lightened way up and it's just a little light drizzle or very light rain. east side of cleveland, much of lake county has dried up and still looking at showers lake shore ashtabula. as we track on future view hour by hour we will get into the afternoon and by 10 a.m. we are seeing the shower chances really start to fade quite a bit. and this afternoon, looks like it should be drier. mainly overcast look i said you get a little break here and there. partly cloudy skies into the evening. and looks like tomorrow should sunshine. slightest shower chance tomorrow. most of you won't see a drop of rain. very typical typical november weather for our friday. and tomorrow night as we get into the evening hours it's going to be great for football and saturday looks absolutely stunning. whole weekend. first full weekend of november. and on the window nation 7-day forecast we are bragging about mostly sunny skies.
5:45 am
low 60s. how great is that? we will end up 60s into next week too. so we have a beautiful stretch of weather into monday and tuesday. and then even wednesday, as we bring back some rain chances, they are very small at about 30%. okay. so rally together because our dogs still are. we have snickers up on your tv. go tribe and all the excitement snickers really enjoys cheering on our boys. and snickers is a himself. thanks lucy for sending in the picture. 5:45. see it's about what you make of it. it's a reiny day but we will keep our smiles because the tribe did a great job this season. and right now we are looking at a great commute. minus the rain and the wet roads. we are looking pretty good. no accidents and here's picture of 77 at 480 where you stey see traffic is moving -- where you see traffic is moving fine.
5:46 am
commute. continuing to the 490 ept change it's 5 minutes so we are great on the road. >> thank you. take a look at this picture. twitter users thought that cavs forward tristan thompson got this tattoo paying homage to his girlfriend khloe kardashian across his back but thompson posted this of his back in 2013 and you can see it with the tattoo. in fact the ink belongs to lsu cornerback. khloe is his daughter's name. so john happy internet -- half the internet thought it was true. we are here to tell the truth. >> we cleared that up. >> yes. for my take the team reminds me of another team from two seasons ago. indians played with guts and grit and came to the ball
5:47 am
but they were short-handed and exhausted. but still so chose. hats off to corey kluber for taking the ball in game 7 on three days rest again. he was not his best but gave this team and the city everything he had. same with andrew miller. this pitching staff looked tired and should be exhausted with all the emotional gut wrenching innings they piled up. even the best racehorses can only run so long before are tired. this indians teams remind me of the lebron james team that lost in the finals to the war jurors. -- warriors. lebron gave it everything he had minus kyrie and kevin love i don't make excuses but can you imagine what they might have done with a competely healthy salazar no excuses when they lost to the -- cavs lost to the warriors and no excuses losing to the cubs but like that cavs team this indians
5:48 am
to come. pitching staff and young players with world series experience under contract. don't be surprised if the indians write the same next chapter as the cavs and we celebrate next year. tweet me your thoughts at john wkyc. i like their chances. so how about this story, lakers coach former warriors assistant luke walton was watching back-- walking back to the locker room after lakers beat the hawks and saw the indians were losing at the time. and in front of the media walton laughed and said with a huge grin, how's that feel cleveland. seems that is his way of dealing with the former team losing a 3-1 lead. >> different sport. >> all the talk about the 3-1 stuff doesn't mean anything but i just want to throw it out luke walton and the lakers will
5:49 am
score. >> let me set that in my calendar. saturday december 17th. >> right now is that game sold out let's buy tickets right now. >> how does that feel? you would know. >> why are you asking us it's new to us but you dealt with it for four months now and you are with the lakers now. >> yeah. >> let him talk. i am okay with that. draymond green tweeted ab >> we like the trash talk actually. >> making it more interesting. 5:49. here's mr. interesting. >> you got that-- oh wow. >> gees. >> reporter: i know it maximum my nose look bigger. >> stop. >> reporter: coming up after the break i make the biggest black friday announcement of my career. you are going to go on an adventure unlike anything
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halloween is over right.
5:53 am
>> today. >> amelia earhart. >> more holiday deals than anyone else. >> amelia what are you doing? >> reporter: into it's good look. >> reporter: i look -- it's good look. >> reporter: i look like a professional deal journalist i learned how to fly a airport for the announcement and learned how to jump off a cliff. >> a remote control. >> reporter: i got in the front. >> really. >> reporter: i took a flyingless ob on groupon 20 minutes later i was in the sky. this is one of the many things i will do to ve and today i can't see a thing out of these goggles. >> i am glad you were in a plane. >> reporter: the only thing on board were door busters bargins and an 89-year-old pilot named walt. he couldn't hear a word i said but i respct the -- respect the man and i respect thanksgiving and today is part of my initiative to make sure stores don't ruin thanksgiving preserving your time with your family. it starts with this. take a look. this plaque friday -- black friday i won't leave you
5:54 am
biggest deals reeling them in and getting them before anyone in the country. i am making sure you don't get soaked or hooked. i got it i am not letting one deal get away from you this holiday season. i am spearheading the biggest effort involving airplane and my friend wallet and other pilots to get you door busters no ruining the holidays i have you covered. >> oh my gosh. and everything in it. >> reporter: we had that landing a few times because i missed the landing several times. >> you circled. >> reporter: almost hitting a barn circling same thing. here's how to win black friday. first make sure to check every day. i will unveil every major door buster. if that he something you want guaranteed stock on my deals air all over the country on different station i want to make sure wkyc viewers get preference treatment you can get on my deal if there's link
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channel 3 news today. i will share insight as well as ways to steer you clear of many of the markups. people don't realize is black friday is when stores try to take advantage of consumers. we will make sure you don't do that and as he said, i have every door buster first so you are watching if you are way ahead of the game. >> how much were the goggles. >> reporter: i got them for free with a coupon. >> okay. and are the rumors true walt is a retired pilot? r had communication issues over the engine and i couldn't hear a word he said he's heart of gold and i love him. >> and you are safe on the ground. >> reporter: we are. 5:55. the day's top stories are straight ahead. >> let's check in with will. >> reporter: and good morning guys. what ride it was for the indians in the post season. one team had to leave unandy -- unhappy. hear what the players had to say after a heart breaking game 7 loss after the break.
5:56 am
emotions this morning. but coming up i will let you note message they have for this team. john. >> tf any hold your heads high, we have lebron's message for the indians after the gut wrenching world series loss. >> and overwhelmed week continues from food and medicine to housing. how to manage the stress of caring for aging loved ones. danielle. thank-- >> reporter: thank you so much we are preparing you to drive times coming up after 6. hollie. >> thanks. we are checking your forecast this thursday. it's getting so close to the weekend. and we are starting off the day with scattered rain showers. we had a lot of rain overnight but since it has become much more spotty and temperatures will end up in the 50s. we are still holding in the 60s. we are at the warmest part of the day right now because of the timing of the cold front moving through. so, a cooler more seasonal feel
5:57 am
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this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall in love again with your home. and now channel 3 news today. >> reporter: cleanup underway at progressive fieldte heart breaking game 7 loss for the indians to the chicago cubs. but what are the players saying afterwards. we have post game sound you probably missed if you went to bed early coming up. tiffany. >> reporter: will, after the loss i will let you foe what fans are looking forward to this morning. lynna. >> all right tiffany. was it momentum? the rain delay rest? a look at what cost the indians the world series.


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