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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  November 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall in love again with your home. and now channel 3 news today. >> reporter: cleanup underway at progressive fieldte heart breaking game 7 loss for the indians to the chicago cubs. but what are the players saying afterwards. we have post game sound you probably missed if you went to bed early coming up. tiffany. >> reporter: will, after the loss i will let you foe what fans are looking forward to this morning. lynna. >> all right tiffany. was it momentum? the rain delay rest? a look at what cost the indians the world series.
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>> the music got me going. he like we have that going on. good. i like that we have that going on. good. we have scattered showers to deal with. i know you are tired this morning. wipe the sleep out of your eyes and get coffee brewing and breakfast going. maybe a little protein this morning kind of put a little jump in your step. we have got cloud cover that will be prevalent through much of the day. maybe a few peeks. peeks ofs shine. the -- maybe a few sunshine. right now the rains are much more scattered and light in intensity a lot of it is over the lake at this point but a lake shore we are seeing showers further inland and we will have chance of a spotty shower through the next few hours. if we focus east you will see that it's mainly northern geauga county and towards ashtabula it's raining by you. next few hours these start to fade and we e not seeing any big delays so for those of you coming into downtown cleveland, the west shoreway looks great a little
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belt bridge but not adding much time to the commute from the west and southwest 71, 90 east and jennings all normal times into downtown. and 77 hooks great into downtown from 480. it's the normal 7 minute commute. east shoreway also looks great between the euclid spur and dead man's curve a10 minute drive into downtown. 11 minutes heading out. so we have normal drive times throughout the region. the rain is not impacting the commute so bad right now. but please be careful and use caution because the road are wet. john and lynna back to you. >> we will keep watching it
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indians take game 7 into extra innings but fall short of winning the championship. >> will ujek joins us live in progressive field. when they tied it from the home are i thought the poor cubs they will go through -- home run i. thought the poor cubs they will go through it again. both of them just never quit. >> reporter: yeah boy it felt good i think a lot of clevelanders felt like especially after watching the tribe team go through the post season as they did, after they tied it up el our year. they are going to come back here. you expected them to take the lead right there and then just close the door in the 9th. but you know, the cookie crumbles differently different days and it was not cleveland's night. game 7 kluber on mound. boy you expected him to be great and eventually people just run out of gas. fans didn't get settled in it's the 4th pitch of the game lead off batter fowler sends it to dead center. davis runs out of room and it
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that's the first ever lead off home run in the 7th game of the world series history. bottom 3 one out a runner on third. santana lines a single to left. crips strouts -- crisp trots in and we are tied. 2 out runner on second for contreras who drives one to right center. rajai goes back. 3-1 cubs and they stretch it to 5-1. but the tribe chipped away. really until the bottom of 8th down 6-4. two out one on. chapman pitching davis choking up smokes one to left quite possibly the loudest in cleveland in years. indians fired upch the rain hits the town and the gate is halted for 17 minutes before we resume in the 10th. cubs with two on and one out zobrist slaps one down left field line. 7-6 cubs and they win this one
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the tribe says it hurts. >> it's going to hurt. it hurts because we care. >> we were so hungry to win and we gave it all we had. >> it just sucks. it sucks geting that close and it will take sometime to separate it. >> it doesn't feel like a privilege right now it hurts quite a bit. it was an awesome team to be part of and incredible ride. >> reporter: indians underdogs through the entire post se before cubs came back. but after 7 games of the world series the indians 27 and cubs 27. can we ask mlb for a game 8. >> i sea we get the commissioner on the -- i say we get thecommissioner on the phone and we do it right here e don't want to take anything away from kluber and miller and the others. they gave it everything they had. but it just -- you know they just didn't have it this long.
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three days rest to go three games in this series. >> reporter: that's the thing you look at when people say salazar was out and the two and three starter didn't necessarily affect just games that they would have pitched in. it affected the entire way of that francona was dealing with this starters -- his starts and bullpen because they could go late in the innings and he had to use things differently to make sure kluber could get three starts in. so that game with the injury and we were banged up, but, you look back and it was a team ailing from the get go. >> shows you the two runs scoring on the the wild pitch the pitching was not there but the other guys got together and made a game of this and still scored 7 runs and came so close to winning. so all right will thanks so much. lynna>> fans are going through a range of emotions. testify any tarpley joins us --
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from progressive field and most are happy they made it this far. >> reporter: they are. it's been 19 years since we have conthis close and boy, i mean the cavs we know they won the championship. so, we know that the curse is over. so a lot of people are wondering right, why not the indians. let's show you what fans looked like near outside of the stadium last night. this was a nail biteers and those who didn't have tickets rallied together on the outside. and other moments when the fans erupted. but in the end, we all had to come to grips with the outcome. >> i remember 97. this is worse. yeah. we thought we had this one. >> tough to lose like that but i don't think i've been more proud of a team in my life. >> it was a great experience. i am so glad i wept. >> if i had tears they would be tears of joy that we did so well. >> they were a lot of fun this year. they give it all they had and i
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>> reporter: what are cleveland fans look forward to now? of course we are all look forward to next year. we know this is really new cleveland and people believe that is new dynasties that's going to be just starting in the city. >> all right thanks tiffany the world series tickets were a hot commodity. two men were arrested yesterday for having counterfeit tickets to last night's walls and septemberron mitchell were pulled over and that's when the 8 phoney tickets were found. they are charged with felony northerliry -- forgery and are in county jail near toledo. indians fans on social media ranting about the cubs fans at the game. this particular tweet from a local sports writer looks like a number of indians fans sold their tickets and their souls to cubs fans. yeah they are calling out
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if data from stubhub is a guide they said 60% of the sales came from the chicago area market and medium price ticket went for $1800. now greg for what else is trending this morning. >> reporter: good morning lynna. the fans really celebrating the world series and the game last night. and all the emotions that went with it as well. i love this tweet from fan that sums things up took a picture of his emotions every inning from happiness to glee to pulling his hair out in the h. really nervous in the 9th and fortunately for the cubs a celebration there in the 10th and here's the front page of the chicago tribune for tomorrow and the headline will read at last. many fans actually celebrating and thanking the tribe for the
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shout out to the indians. you guys fought a good fight. our spirit had never be broken. it's ours next year hashtag cle. and i love this idea from cadw who says hey city of cleveland, we want a thank you parade or party for our indians. what a great way i think to get the new public scare involved -- square involved make we -- maybe we need a downtown rally. some getting ahead themselves this year. we are going to be editing tattoos at least on this particular fan's hand. he thought there would be two championships in 2016 may have to add a 2016 maybe 2017 next year we will see how that works out as we head into next year. >> they are american league champions. >> reporter: that's true. so maybe just a little alcs added. >> i am trying to save a little
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on strike how a local school district is keeping the doors open while teachers walk the picket line. >> and we are proud of you. lebron james sends an inspirational pestage -- message to your cleveland indians hollie love that. >> 6:11 and we are tracking a few scattered showers. as you are waking up or maybe still up. oh, right? so yes there's a possibility of some rain here this morning which means wet roads on your commute. temperatures still in the 60s. 50sabout the of -- before the day is through and stay there with mostly cloudy skies. we are talking weekend weather. we are looking ahead to next week it's the first weekend in november. and i don't think you will feel anything like november.
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6:15. welcome back. more than 1 million dollars worth of cocaine is off the streets in akron. police arrested a man after a chase and crash on old main street. they have not released his name but believe he is one of the top people involved in drug trafficking in the city. stark un are on strike after failed contract negotiations with the lewisville city school district. schools will remain opened during the strike because there are enough substitutes. no word on a timetable to work out a deal. all right now let's talk about the rain. >> yeah. >> you know, we have barely got enough sleep. >> sleep? >> it was loud too. >> you slept? >> you slept? >> you know. >> wow. just posted something on. >> short nap. >> social media about your
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this. there's been very little this week. what's your average let us know. we will get through it. and we have got scattered showers to mention. good news is kid at the bus stop might be using the umbrellas but the rain lightened up since we were coming in to work overnight or perhaps you were leaving the game. around 06 degrees. that's -- 60 degrees. that's going to be changing. we are low to mid-60s across northeast ohio. 65 at hopkins at 6:16. but we temperatures to fall back into the upper 50s and hold there. and once we get through today, and the a little rain and cloud cover we will have a lot of sunshine to look forward to. and don't forget we have the time change this weekend as well. scattered showers i think mainly this morning and a little passing sprinkle this afternoon with the mostly cloudy skies. 50s is where we will end up. but highs will on the record books will be in the 60s today because of where we are currently. speaking of records, 78
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beautiful. that's for sure. and next several hours shows the shower chances fading towards late morning and we have partly to mostly cloudy skies i do think mainly cloudy skies will dominate much of the day. still seeing some showers more to the west a lot of it is over the lake and brushing the lake shore as we zoom in you will see that we still have some hit and miss showers through geauga and eastern cuyahoga county and they are more like spritz at this point. through the next several hours by 10:poo it's -- 10:30 it's a shower or two showing up and into the afternoon there's no rain that shows. just mostly cloudy skies and we start to clear things out as we head into tonight and tomorrow. i think tomorrow is going to be more of a mix of clouds and sunshine. we will have the tiniest chance of a shower at about 10 to 20% for your friday. and then the weekend and it looks terrific. can can i remind you this is the first weekend in november
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mostly sunny skies. gorgeous stuff to look forward to. 56 is the normal high for this day. fall back an hour on sunday so before you go to bet on saturday turn the clocks back even into next week it's mild. we are trending 60s for monday and tuesday. 6:18. here's a check of your drive. >>wkyc traffic brought to you by mike bass ford get a great deal and great deal more at mike bass ford. welcome and even though we are seeing rain showers we have a beautiful commute no accidents reported. 77 in summit county east turkey foot road near the green area and you can see the roads a green normal drive times even though we have the rain for those who take 71 here's picture at i-271 in medina county. not too many cars are out there and they are getting by fine.
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commute to 480. 5 minute commute into downtown between 480 and 490. a 7 minute drive. and when you hit the roads tune into our partners at wtam, 1100 total traffic. they why -- they will have updates every ten minutes. you have nothing to hang your heads low about. lebron james message for the indians on his way out of last night's game. holeie. >> first we will show you another weather out your photo and highlighting the fall color we are calling it fall color burst. like a graphic on your screen. there is still so much beautiful fall colorton joy. a lot of -- color to enjoy. a lot of leaves on the trees. 6:19. we will be right back.
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#:22. clevelanders know the town and team support each other. lebron james and some of the cavaliers were at the game and they have shown support for the tribe. the entire post season. lebron's reaction to the homerun is electric and after the game he had this message for the indians. >> your post game at world series game 7 want to congratulate the unbelievable season. you guys did something that nobody would ever think you guys could do and we are very proud of you. you know the whole cavs organization all the fans and the whole city of cleveland we are all proud of you guys. you guys got nothing to hang your heads low about. use this as inspiration to get ready for next year. >> you got that right he congratulated the cubs on their win and on a great season.
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sports. remember the browns messed up the barns last sunday the banners were supposed to read blog pound but the letters were messed up. i introduce you to the phoenix suns new point guard his name is eric belsoe. a little spelling error with the suns orange jerseys. what's up with the color orange and spelling errors? they did correct the mistake later in the game and the right jersey eric bledsoe that's better and it helped he finished with 21 points but the suns lost and that's another l they have problems with l's on the jersey and court. nice way to welcome him to the team. spell the name wrong. the biggest winners and this is i love this the broadview heights packers the team made up of 6 and 7 years old.
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championship game and finished with one loss that's amaying and the -- amazing and the coaches mike, mike, mike and rick. >> what? >> that's their names i love it. >> leary, larry and wait my brother darryl. >> i am going with mike, mike, mike and rick. congratulations to the the packers and my thanks to danielle for sending in the photo one of the mikes didn't send it in. if you want champion or all star e-mail them or tweet them to me. what a cute photo and new champs. >> they are cute in adorable. we needed a little adorable on this thursday thank you for that. a look at the forecast which is rainy to start and i think it will end up being drier later he much more hit and miss and this morning things quieted down since overnight. we will end up in the 50s. we are in the 60s as the cold
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rainy weather on our travel map so. that's what's bringing the cooler more seasonal air back to us. it locks like it will stay to the end of the school and work we are. 06sin detroit. and it-- 60s in detroit and plenty of sunshine westward sosort of a hint of what toe to -- what's to could. we will talk weekend weather. if you have anything planned the first full weekend of november we will
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and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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6:30. it was a historic night for baseball and for fans in two cities who have waited for this moment for so long, but unfortunately these are not the images indians fans wanted to see this morning. the chicago cubs are series champions and an emotional and dramatic 7-game series the cubs win 8-7 after 10 innings. one of the greatest game 7s we will see no doubt about that. it's too bad we came up a little short. so. >> i know but you know there's always next year and we really mean that. >> we do. >> because for so long that's been a phrase of futility but you know not too many freeagents coming up. >> they are young.
6:31 am
under contract too so we could have cubs and indians for a couple years it's like cavs and warriors. you know i will take that. i will take that. >> it's all going to be just fine. >> uh-huh. >> hollie was texting me latenight last night fashion questions. and are we okay. >> am i dressing in tribe gear i was panicking. >> i thought i would be the last person on earth ask fashion questions. >> regular work close or jerseys again. >> make sure they are clean. >> what do you think? >> yes. we have scattered showers this morning so make sure to grab the umbrella or a raincoat too because it's going to be a cooler day. we are holding in the 60s. 6:31 here. 65 at hopkins we are at the warmest . of the day one of the reversals because -- because the cold front is moving through this morning and
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you are waking up to wet driveways and sidewalks and neighborhoods in general and the showers are hit be a mis-- and miss but they are scattered across northeast ohio and you see the dots and we will see shower chances i think through this morning. so, keep in mind patience on the roads it's going to take extra time because of the wet weather and it does start to clear through mid to late morning. as far as rain chances at least a lot of overcast get too optimistic by a -- about a whole lot of sunshine. we will talk about what's ahead because i know you are curious about the weekend. tomorrow is friday. danielle has been keeping a eye on the road because a lot of them are wet. anything going on? no accidents to report and we are not seeing big. we have the rain so i will keep my eye on this to keep you safe. 77 at u.s. 62 in canton and
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the south. no big delays. and again really same picture to the north but you need to watch for wet roads and slow traffic 271 south approaching broadway avenue. that's adding about a minute to your drive. john and len nay back to you. >> thanks. they were so close. indians and -- len nay. back to you. >> thanks. they were so -- lynna. >> thanks. they were so close indians and cubs. >> will joins us from continues but they couldn't get it done this year. >> reporter: yeah. this almost felt like it was a movie script before our very eyes on one side you had the chicago cubs who were favorites to win the world series out of spring training led the majors with 10 # wins and on the other side david who was taking on goliath a tribe team banged up under dog all the way through and going all the way down to a game 7. how would it play out and there were fans from both teams packing in here to
6:34 am
to get started. first batter of the game dexter fowler on the fourth pitch takes one deep to center field and starts off early with a 1-0 lead the first ever lead off home run in the 7th game of the world series. bottom 3, 1-0 cubs one out and runner on third. santana ties things up crisp trots in. and after a sack fly 2 out runner on second wilson drives one to the right and davis goes back can't get it. zobrist scores and indians kept chipping away until it was 6-4. 2 out and one on chapman pitching and the place just blew up when davis choking up smokes one to left. hits off the railing and that's a home run. things tied up in the 9th. we go to extra innings and the rain delay 17 minutes keeps the
6:35 am
and shaw gibbs up a couple runs. 7-6 cubs they added an insurance run and indians were able to play one but that's as close as they get. 8-7 the final in 10 innings. but yeason kipnis says they will be back. >> we will be back we are pretty confident in the group we have here. there's a lot of people who don't know who michael brantley or the guys who are huge roles for us and we followed kansas city lead to get here a little bi won so it will be nice to follow all the way through. >> reporter: john we talked about it. that is series that's going to be an instant classic a game 7 that's going to be an instant classic and look at it in the world series 7 games the teams are stalemated scoring 27 runs throughout the duration of the world series. >> and he makes an excellent point and i said they are a lot like the royals and the royals
6:36 am
giants 3-2 and kept the core together guys were under contract and last year they won because it was basically the same group. you wonder will the rain delay last night the cubs are saying that gave them an advantage. >> reporter: yeah. they got together they had a team meeting and were able to regroup. you talk a little bit about momentum in baseball. because it can change pitch to pitch but you feel like the indians had the nt delay didn't do anything shawsaid the rain delay didn't do anything and this is a team that hasn't made excuses for anything all year long. as a spectator you think the rain delay did something. >> chris bryan said they he went into the weight room and talked about who they are and they are the better team and came out and it looked like it helped them. thanks so much. >> this morning tripe fans are saying thank you to the team for a great season.
6:37 am
as well. people are hopeful for next year. >> reporter: yeah. but before we even get to next year we got to clean up from last night and into the morning. see and hear outside of the stadium a lot of that is happening with leafs blowers and brooms. some fans were nearly brought to tears not only was it packed outside of the stadium but local bars were busy like in westlake. when the indians tied the game, this place erupted but it was not enough. . >>i was up i was down. i was up, i was down and had hopes at the very end but unfortunately we didn't make it. but you know what, fabulous game. what better 7th game of the world series could you possibly have. >> i did actually pray but you always have hope and you always
6:38 am
so regardless of the outcome we love our tribe. >> reporter: and so of course, fans they are going to be keeping the rally towels of course here we go. they will keep the rally towels and hope next year we will be doing it again in the world series. >> that's right. >> we will. >> that's right. >> wave that around tiffany. >> it's upside down. >> reporter: can i stop now. >> you can. >> okay. >> i don't know how long she go. >> until next year. >> reporter: right. >> thank you. time is 6:38. still lots to come this morning. >> matt granite kicks off black friday in today's ways to save. hey matt o. my gosh. >> reporter: i am ready -- oh my gosh. >> reporter: i am ready to make big of the black friday announcement of my career. three ways to win black friday after the break but first,
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flying. >> you wearing hint. >> reporter: yes i am. >> how can you not keep watching. temperatures in the 50s today. and we are talking about 60s at the moment. so highs will come in 60s and pret they mild. but the scattered rain showers are happening along the cold front moving through and it's cooling us off. we will talk about that and the impact it may have as we get closer to the weekend. >> all right hollie and overwhelmed week today how to reduce the stress of caring for
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scared to death. >> reporter: well for i missed the runway thee times and almost hit a barn but i am learning. >> you are learning. >> and those goggles ha eyes are that far apart. >> reporter: and what nose is that big? i don't know. >> might have something to do with the landing. thank you matt. here's hollie. we have got rain in the forecast today. speaking of taking off if you are flying out today or about to leave the house, and ju roads and slow downs because of it. wove scattered showers and we are right around 60. we are still really mild. let me remind you normal lows is 41 for this time of the day. 41 dough grows some of the we are 20 degrees -- degrees. we are 20 degrees below at the moment. most of the showers will be this morning first part of the day. looking ahead, we will forecast lot of sunshine and we have got
6:45 am
weekend too. so we will end up in the 50s but official highs will come in 60s today when you look at our almanac pages and things like that because that's where we are now. cold front is moving through and when it happens that's why we-- we get the impact 50s is where we end up. you will need jackets and umbrellas. shower chances continue through mid to late morning and then it's more mainly cloudy skies perhaps few peeks of sunshine. showers right now an light in intensity compared to the mainline that pushed through overnight. watching the area over the lake and it's kind of brushing the lake shore at this point. so we will continue to see more rain i think over the course of the next few hours. leaves coming down with the rain showers and the breeze so just remember. it gets a little slick. through 11:00 we continue to see chances but a lot more spotty and isolated and then it's a lot of cloud cover this
6:46 am
skies tonight a colder more seasonal night with lows in the 40s. and then it looks like for your friday, it will more or less be a mix of clouds and sunshine a seasonal typical november day with highs in the mid-50s. weekend looks if phenomenal. low 60s with lots of sunshine. we will turn the clocks back an hour and gain the hour of sleep early sunday and we are 60s into next week. doggone weather and breezy. we are still all in rally together and best wishes to our cleveland indians who played a no phenomenal season. hillary from westlake sent that in. >> that's adorable. >> thank you hollie . so if you are in your 40s or 50s you are part of the sandwich generation. according to pew research
6:47 am
generation are now caring for both their children and their aging parents. >> as part of overwhelmed week chris took a look at the tall task of taking care of mom and dad. >> reporter: in some ways 85- year-old robin is as sharp as ever. >> mom is an excellent bridge player. >> reporter: if only was as easy as cards. >> she went through a series of falls in a two-week period. >> reporter: there comes a time when you need help walking dressing and paying >> it's terrible. not being able to do things. >> reporter: a time when you need family. >> we want the best for her. that's part of being your family. it's very easy to becomeoverwhelmed in the role. >> reporter: courtney smith is with the evenior source a nonprofit that helps families like robins to prepare for responsibility more difficult than many expect. >> they don't realize how much care is needed. >> we thought about it too
6:48 am
planning. >> reporter: financial plan forthings like food housing and transportation and medical treatment. medicare might not cover it all. fixed incomes hardly make it easy. >> someplaces are just so outrageously expensive. >> reporter: rather than pay that outrageous price this family employs team work. >> it's difficult to just run over and do something. hence, everybody is involved. >> reporter: robin's family says they share the care making sure someone's always available to help. and there's nonprofits like meals on wheels and state agencies that help fill in the gabs. >> that's really what started the journey was finding ways to supplement what she has. >> reporter: and by researching they found ways to do exactly that. >> every bit of information i get i write-in this book. >> reporter: it can make for long days and difficult days. but of course,. >> it's just not even a thought i am not going to do this. you are just going to do it.
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for overwhelmed week. here the are the top three financial tips. meet with an unbiased financial professional to have a strong plan in place regardless of income. and second consider insurance pom sis as a part of their larger financial plan. and make sure all financial documents are in place things like wills and trusts and durable power of attorney. all the info morning rush. >> right now let's check in with will. >> reporter: good morning john. if anyone in chicago or cleveland has nails left, woib surprised a lot of fighting going on last night. extra innings in game 7. complete recap coming up when
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welcome back to channel 3 news today. we begin with the morning rush with a heck of a ride for the indians during the post season many came down to a game 7 at progressive field of the world series between the indians on top with a lead off hitter dexter fowler going yard. indians tied it up with one a piece with the rbi single cubs got to a 5-1 lead stretching it out. and until the indians fought back the bottom of the 8th was a story of the season for them them tied it up and send it to extras where they take it in 10 ending the 108 year championship drought inians
6:53 am
next year. tiffany>> reporter: fans still have faith even after they lost in game 7. but really downtown cleveland even beyond in the suburbs, packed with people ready to cheer on this team not only here near the stadium but even in local bars things like that they rallied together and fans who paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for a ticket say it was well worth it and this morning they are thanking the team for a great year lynna as we >> you bet. of course cubs fans celebrated into the wee morning hours dedicated fans waited outsidewrigley field for the outcome andate win tens of thousands crowded the streets after waiting 108 years for a world series win. and, of course, we have the plain dealer up. >> here this morning. and i mean, great headlines. it sakes curses. >> right. >> and the special.
6:54 am
>> and special insert world series with picture of corey cliewb wert side caption extra painful cubs rough up kluber. that pretty much sums it up danielle. oh. okay. let's move on from that. well, good news for the commute is that no big delays many of you probably still sleeping because you were up or a lot of you may be groggy and taking time to get late. but a little slow traffic 490 east off east 55th and 77 north hanging to i-90 east. there's the traffic 77 just south of i-90 and it look like a 3-minute delay into downtown from 480. hollie>> thanks. it's 6:54 and we have got some scattered rain showers mainly this morning. and then just otherwise turning cooler and we will end up in the upper 50s.
6:55 am
because of no power. so, one closing. tgif mix of clouds and sunshine and mostly sunny this weaning. looks beautiful. first full weekend of november and it should be nice and mild and we fall back an hour on sunday. hello, matt. >> reporter: good morning hollie: >> he is so serious. >> reporter: the top 10 door busters before else all tied to part of the mission which you may have seen if you missed the video we have posted it. >> very good. >> it's really good. >> reporter: i can fly a plane now. >> yes you can. by the way tuesday april 11 g the home opener for the indians. >> that's right. rally together. >> see you later. >> well said. >> thanks for watching channel 3 news take channel 3 news and weather with you text wkyc to 25543 now to down load the free
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judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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new polls showing hillary clinton and donald trump locked in a dead heatcubs win! the chicago cubs are world series champions, beating the cleveland indians in a thrilling extra-inning game seven to end their 108-year-long drought. >> and the cubs have finally won it all! >> cubs fans erupting in the stadium, and back home. the party still raging this morning. down to the wire. new polls showing hillary clinton and donald trump locked in a dead heat in at least three swing states. the candidates making their final pushes, trump with a message to trump. >> stay on point, donald. stay on point. >> this, my friends, is not a normal election.


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