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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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reasons yes wants it gone and tonight i wanted to verify whether those reasons hold up in ohio many >> obama care means higher prices and fewer choices and lower quality. >> reporter: we wanted to verify whether this statement is true. tommy works for a company that naive gates individuals and companies to the confusing world of health insurance choice ies. >> obama care means highss price. >> prices. >> that's true ohio is seeing 13% increase in premiums for plans on health for this year. >> reporter: the national average is near 25%. but it depend where you live. costs are down 3% in indiana up 56% in tennessee and 116% in arizona. ohio is 13% is below the national average. >> fewer choices. >> reporter: 6 insurance companies left ohio's marketplace leaving 11 to cover the state.
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depend where you live. >> one of the rural areas of ohio there could be one or two companies offering plans but for up here up north there's at least 4. >> and lower quality. >> reporter: into a lot of the big contenders like anthem are available who cover you know a lot of the best hospitals like cleveland clinic. >> reporter: so to recap the claim will premium higher but ohio is lower than the national average. will there be less choice? yes, but northeast ohioans will have at least 5 different plans to choose from. and does it mep less quality? no the -- mean less quality? no the available plans grant accesses to best hospitals -- access to the best hospitals. it refers to the health care market exchange those who receive health care from the employers may see up to to a 12% increase in premiums. so why the price hike?
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for obama care were sicker than expected. and the young healthy adults who were supposed to sign up and offset the costs chose the tax penalty instead. this year that penalty is a minimum of 695 dollars. sara. >> interesting. thanks. will the election self- appointed watch dogs follow up on donald trump's requests to be sure the eselection conducted properly. >> that's a subject of a fight in federal ur at stake. >> reporter: the issue came up before early voting trump raised it in august. >> you have to get everyone of your friends you have got to get everyone of your family and you've got to get everybody to go out and watch. and go out and vote. and when i say watch you knee i am talking about right? -- you know what i am talking about right? you know what i am talking about. >> reporter: a few backers
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board asked to be self- appointed observers. >> i sent them out the door and said get a letter of certification from the trump campaign. >> reporter: i spoke with hillary clinton national campaign manager and downplayed intimidation concerns. >> it must be some concern or there wouldn't be a lawsuit. >> we are not that concerned, based on what we have seen so far. i think that what you are talking about was a precaution to make sure that some of the more radical supporters of mr. trump don't intimidate people we haven't seen it all so far. >> reporter: trump roger stone stopped the steel that brought worries. stop the steel and rogers stone are not affiliated with the campaign and we have no idea what they are doing. the campaign's following the law. secretary of state john houston told me. >> if there's any attempt he for any vigilante justice out there we are prepared to deal with it. >> reporter: zero tolerance for that kind of behavior. >> deer scow-- zero tolerance voter intimidation is a crime
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it because you will not get away with it. >> reporter: trump campaign lawyer argues banning election monitors would violate his supporters rights of federal judge must decide soon. ohio democrats declining on camera interviews concerned talking about possible intimidation might keep voters away from the polls. republicans arguing this is much ado about nothing and there's no evidence anything illegal is in the works similar lawsuits have been filed in a live in the newsroom, tom beres channel 3 news. >> for the record who is the federal judge on this case here? >> reporter: well, federal judge james gwe he nn was appoint by then president bill clinton. >> tom beres thank you. >> reporter: sure. public scare a multi million dollar makeup but some construction barrels still have not come down. and you have asked why isn't the road opened.
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out. hi drew. >> reporter: hi this 50 million dollar restoration project was completed months ago but it appears to be ongoing. that is because the road closed signs remain and rta temporary shelters are temporarily closed. so he tonight if the city is trying to decide whether or not to reopen this to buses, public opinion is pretty clear. last night couldn't help but notice the beauty of public square. the pictures i took got a lot of rets. you are behind the wheel of a bus or worse a fire truck. trying to get around the square since the road going through it is closed. no word from the city on when or if it will ever reopen to buses and first responders. we asked the question today, should it be by placing the sign in a crosswalk. >> it's sad sign. [laughter] >> reporter: not my best work. >> not really. >> reporter: still it got
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absolutely not? >> absolutely not i say no. >> reporter: nearly two dozen agreed. >> i don't think there's rom forinterpretation. >> reporter: not whatsoever but you know what this is a lot more friendlier and open lot more cultural and the expansion is phenomenal. >> reporter: others feel safer now. than there was jackie. >> makes no sense to me. if it's a road, we are supposed to go through it. >> reporter: and she was not alone either. >> that is public common so i would like to see it public transit. >> reporter: back live we can tell you it's a federal road which means the city can't entirely close this down altogether. but again, exactly what to do with the space sara depen on who you talk to. >> drew you showed that fire truck in the video what are first responders saying about the road being closed? >> reporter: well, from those we spoke with today sara they say that crime has dropped here. it's become a better more user friendly space and they were
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here people have been lingering and hanging out feeling more comfortable here and they have noticed a decrease in some of the homeless population that had been gathering and so from their take it's good thing but again, if you are trying to get through, you can't do it on the bus. back to you. >> thanks drew. and now to a video that has the nation talking and cleveland police investigating. >> [ screams ] >> oh. >> this video appears to show cuan an indians fan after chicago won world series. the police say at this point no charges have been filed. but, they are looking into the disipt. -- incident. outside the video things were pretty peaceful downtown. it simply was a great series and what a season for the indians. >> fantastic. jimmy donovan is here to wrap it up. disappointing but great year. >> yeah unbelievable. i don't know where everybody lines up. you could be disappointed that
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with the game 6 and 7 at progressive field and a chance to win and they didn't get it done. you can be second guessing some of the moves that were made but u i think a lot of people should be -- i think a lot of people should be proud the way they played. game 7 i think ranks in the top 5 baseball games ever played. when you consider the stakes that were out there, to win the world series for two franchises that have waited a long, long time to do it. cubs over 100 years not since 1948 it was remarkable. and i think this home run by davis will go down in history as one of the most clutch home runs in baseball history. down 2 in the 8th to hit that out off the cubs closer chapman was unbelievable to tie the game up. but then, the cubs got themselves gathered again and zobrist gave them the lead and they add one more and they won the the world series. in the indians clubhouse it was tough to say last night this is
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they were disappointed. but think in the oncoming days they will be proud of what they did. >> we plashed lot. a lot of people didn't think we could do -- accomplished a lot a lot of people didn't think we could do. we proved we are the team we thought we were and we thought we could beat anybody and we showed that. we tip your cat they scored more runs in the last game of the season and not many people get that far. >> absolutely. cubs will have the world series parade coming up tomorrow at 10 a.m. through wrigleyville and the you know what returned last night and in this series first people to baseball. over 40 million people watched the game last night. baseball has really suffered. the other thing that suffered sportsmanship good old fasted -- fashioned sportsmanship the second then every cubs player front office person they say the team the indians wow what great baseball team we went up against. they were really great. the first thing they said of course was this is unbelievable
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sportsmanship returned and cubs and indians should both be congratulated for that. >> this may not be great sportsmanship but the cubs will win in 2124 i have it figured out. >> there i go about sportsmanship. >> i am just saying. i am not making it up. all right. thanks see you later in sports. next at 6, teachers out of the classroom and on the picket line in one local county. we will tell you why the teachers say it's not about the money. betsy. >> we had a little bit of rain today and believe temperatures were in the upper 70s. that's where the highs for the day stand. i will tell you all about that and tell you where we are headed from here with brighter skies on the way next. >> and thanks betsy. plus an unthinkable crime a mother killed her son and records his lifeless body on her phone. the disturbing text message she sent to his father with we
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coming up on the news indians season end in defeat but not total disappointment. at 7 why clevelanders have reason to hold their heads very, very high. and it's this year's hottest toy. hatch amols and they are flying off store shelves who has it
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a disturbing story out of western pens pens vain cr where a mom -- pennsylvania where christian clark was arguing with the child's father over an alleged affair by a text message. and during the nearly two hour argument police say clark threatened to today kilt boy and sent video of his body to the father. she now charged with criminal homicide. now to stark county where teachers are out of the
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the lewisville education association voted to strike after rejecting the latest contract proposal from the school board. more than 100 teachers took to the streets with signs to express their frustration. but they told us what they he want is to get back to their students. >> we miss them. we miss being in our classrooms with them. this is not what we wanted. >> the school district said in statement that they remain committed to reaching a fair contract. the schools are remain open during the strike. halloween was only a few days ago and now something you may not be ready for is creeping into a store near you. >> new season seems to be upon us. manny abraham joins us in summit county to explain. hi amani. >> reporter: we are not talking about the election season of course. we are moving ahead just a little to talk about christmas. carl behind the camera gave me
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here to start the christmas season off and they are gearing up this year for the weekend actually tofill up the store and they have been working from lights an trees down to santa and every last ornament. crews here are finishing up piecing together the details before the official holiday opening this weekend. they have been working around the clock almost like santa's workshop. something they prepare for every year and this year, they are a little they are a little ahead of schedule i was good thing. we have seen the holiday spirit in retail shops and santa should be at summit knawel akron next week and they are rolling out a interactive set for the kid and they say it's going to be a really big deal. and also we know that people are going to say it's a little too early for all this christmas talk of the well, we decided to do a poll on twitter and let's just say 300 people
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giving is the perfect spot to bring out your decorations and also to play that christmas music. reporting from the akron canton mobile newsroom amani abraham, channel 3 now is. >> not there yet. all right. thanks amani. ho, ho, ho. it's 6:17. >> i will tell you, don't care what day of the year it is, my josie has a christmas list started. >> really? >> we are way ahead. >> always working ahead. >> the toys r and it's game on. highlighter was out things are circled. >> does it change or stay the same. >>i don't know but i saw the commercial for the hatchables and i have to figure out what that is. that's at 7. that could be something new. >> i haven't heard about that either. >> you will have to watch. >> i can't keep up. i can keep up with is the forecast. it's been a topsy-turvy day. don't think twice about the numbers. those are true numbers. 78 today's high temperature at hopkins. we set a record today you all.
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midnight hour is when it was. 65 was the low this afternoon and that hit just before noon. we are still sitting in the 50s. those were as of 5 p.m. and temperatures in the 50s will continue as we go through the rest of the evening. as far as the temperatures go, as i mentioned, we will be in the 50s. i am having a day. go tribe. northerly breezes light. temperatures down to about 51 degrees by midnight. here's look at the big picture. we have a few showers going on out to the east a lot of this so lake enhanced sprinkles hanging around as well as the clouds. but it's nothing compared to the showers that are ongoing to the the north of us. i do think we will get clipped by the showers and that is wave of energy work through the great lakes so don't rule out chances for sprinkles and a light shower passing through. but out to the west, it's all sunshine. look at this. all the way back into the northern plains. clear skies and that is basically what is coming our way. so while we did get a little bit of rain earlier it doesn't
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a lot of rain to come. cloud are in play and the sprinkles and showers will be passing through. midnight temperatures down to about 50 degrees and then you can see things just moving from north to south through the area. in the upper 40s and low 250?s get the day tomorrow and -- 30 50?s to get the day -- 50s to get the day storm. and lake enhanced clouds through the morning. not expecting a lot of rain chances. the chances are at 10% or so. watch what happens in the afternoon. we are going to get rid of the cloud coved beautiful evening setting up for friday night football which is still ongoing. but it will be chilly so make sure to have plenty of hot chocolate money to take. window nation forecast has a high temp tomorrow in the might- 50s. up around -- mid-50s. up around 60 for a mostly sunny saturday. temperatures are in the low to mid-60s on sunday. and into monday remember the time change is coming. slight chance for rain on tuesday. and then we will hold the 60s which is sea hesonnable for this time of the year.
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week. i told you earlier i feel like i am in like an emotional hangover today. i am not cranking it at full speed. >> you were there and you were at the ball park as well. >> yeah it was rough. >> all right we will get coffee for you. >> geat some sleep tonight everybody. -- get some sleep tonight everybody nothing to stay up he can september for channel 3 news. exsem -- except for channel 3 news. it's stings as the indians fall short of winning the world series. >> lots of optimism about next year.
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and now the window nation sports report. >> hi again everybody. i would recommend a good night's sleep tonight. i mean we have all been really burning the midnight oil watching the world series to the 7th game we go and let's take you inside the game one more time. as the key moments in game. zobrist who end up as the mvp came up with a big hit slicing a double down the left field line to put the cubs with the momentum and lead after they had blown the lead in the 8th and after the rain delay they came out and put it altogether and the final out. chris bryant throws out martinez and it was all over. for the indians in the immediate moments after the game in their clubhouse not happy at all. very disappointed.
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it just sucks geting that close and it will take sometime to separate it. we all knew what was at stake even when we were up 3-1 and none of us took that for granted or took the other team lightly or coasted. they just played baseball through the last three games. >> how about this there was hope i mean what about dabs you -- davis you talk about great moment in someone's career. how about what he he night. against chapman and in the 8th and the indians are down to 4 outs and now down by 2. and he hits that home run right there. i mean, none of us are ever going to forget that. that's one of the most clutch home runs in world series history. >> it was a unbelievable feeling you know just you know, hard to explain you know because i never felt that one before and to do it in game 7
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>> how about this, this is outside the left field fence in the gateway plaza and this is the scene when he hit the home run. jubilation going on. look at the celebration. unbelievable. reminds you of when key rei irving hit the shot at orangeel arena a-- orange -- kyrie irving hit the shot at oracle arena. so last night inside the indians clubhouse players say bye and i mean we were hoping they would a do that on friday momentfrancisco lindor had youing teammates -- hugging teammates what a bright future. the cubs partied and went home and returned to wrigley field this morning. the parade is coming up tomorrow. wrigley field was just mobbed all night lopping and there they are -- long and there they are outside wrigley field and wrigleyville and congratulations to the cubs.
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congrats for incredible year and lighting up cleveland with hope in winning. doesn't despair this was the same as the cavs in 2015. tribe will win it all in 2017. by the way, the cavs play tonight and they are undefeated 4-0 and take on celtics who are 3-1 and we will have highlights coming up at 11:00. we he go on at 11 tonight. >> 11. >> that's correct. >> they will be 5-0 after tonight. >> i think so. >> thank you. and we thank you for watching. jimmy and betsy ba 7:00. >> and the nbc nightly news is
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judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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tonight, nbc news exclusive, inside the government's massive separation to protect election day from a cyber attack. what we've learned about the threat, the risk, and the response, and those trying to sew confusion and chaos. rare appearance. five days to go, me trail for her husband, pushing his softer side. and what she said about her role as first lady is raising eyebrows tonight. virtual kidnapping, a terrifying twist on an old scam. tricking people into thinking their loved ones have been abducted, demanding ransom to get them back. and curse reversed. tonight the crowd goes wild in chicago after a heart-stopping win for the ages. "nightly news" begins


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