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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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fear of a cyber attack on election day gross. what the white house is doing to try to stop it. born with cerebral palsy she set a goal years of congratulation and talk about the possible. there's a standing ovation hardly a dry eye in the house. men are known for being stronger but a study reveals they can't handle the symptoms that millions of women face every day. so many kids want just how tough it will be to find this holiday season. there are just five days until election day and the candidates are focusing on ohio. the polls show clinton and trump are neck and neck. clinton will be making a stop in cleveland tomorrow at three jay-z get out the vote concert. she's coming back for a
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trouble hold a rally tomorrow in wilmington. southwest ohio. their new concerns over internet -- or could be a global multi-pronged cyber attack on election day. we have what we're learning as this unfolds. joe kabc says there are sources within homeland security military and intelligence committee are deeply concerned about what they call it on accident and efforts the country and the integrity of the selection. we should stress there's no concern over ballots being counted in properly. it's all that surrounds the election making this tonight. >> there are three worst-case scenarios. cyber chaos tops the list. major concern the paragraph may be exposed, major power outages that may make it into the post regear, one source saying your boat is safe, you may not have any lights when you go to pull the ballots. the second concern is a denial
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it could mean a knockout of internet access. remember last month when huge chunks of the countryside and it outages. minney in the intelligence community think that was a dry run for what happened tuesday. why does that matter? it could prevent medication and transportation throwing a wrench into plans to get voters to the polls to public transportation or shuttles. wered this kind of activity in the swing states and ohio is a major swing state. >> also concerns about manipulating things on the web. >> there's a lot of ways this could live. the number one concern they say could be social media platforms, hackers may try a bottom of the night hacking in the platforms like twitter and facebook. maybe a document dump of misinformation sabotaging candidates late in the race that there simply isn't enough time to clear up inaccuracies.
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time to fact check. there's no threats that the balance would be manipulated but all that surrounds it, transportation, social media, power outages, all very relevant tonight. >> no concrete evidence this will happen? >> just be on the lookout and be prepared. in the world of politics, star. tonight, new jersey senator cory booker was in cleveland for an event and stop by the channel 3 studios. we sat down with him and we're joined now. >> all the reasons you mentioned, they wanted to do this one-on-one. the only one with the senator in northeast ohio. if the pundits spin is right and he's tapped in 2020, if clinton doesn't win, it's could be the kind of situation we want to have the opportunity and i want to tell you, we got
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interview was on. >> that make it difficult to do a cut. >> our photographer was right. we used it in the interview with not your typical us senator. down and dirty unnatural.>> the former mayor turns junior us senator, cory booker even labeled a political future star >> pretty robust social media presence and even a snap chat game making it something of political rockstar with young people. >> you get this razzmatazz amongst the millennials. >> it is the packers shaved on my hair and no one can see how gray i am. i don't know. i feel blessed that hillary clinton personally asked me to get involved and engaged for the >> secretary clinton may have reached out because she's trailing trump but despite the
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demographics down. >> you going to go to the swing states, does that mean clinton has a problem blacks still considering the fact that they are not turning out in early voting like they did in 2012. >> i was here for years and years ago at the same period of time. al qaeda has been sent 2008 engaged i candidates to go out and try to raise people's consciousness. >> the stock value. >> >> this is your life. >> now. >> all joking aside, authorities say he won't run into 220. >> fencing hillary clinton will be present at the 2020 and i'll fight for her reelection. took a was a pretty robust trip here. we made several stops in ohio before they actually came to cleveland the city been to the
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comes, it's important to get that message out there that we really want a good turnout. we want people to vote. you can add to to find out everything you need to know about tuesday's election. including an interview with about how the state is protecting your boat. biven police are investigating an alleged attack on a chicago cubs fan at last night's game seven of the world series. but heea indian span punching a cubs fan and cubs fan being knocked out cold. please is not filed any charges and is still looking into the incident. all those last night that he had themselves, please send the only rested 14 in those range of disorderly conduct intoxicated, salt, trademark counterfeiting. recep between seven last night and 5 o'clock this morning.
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seeing the possible. local teenager has had no choice but to be a fighter since the day she was born. recently she surprised even her family when she compassed a major goal, a lifetime in the making. i had knee surgery in february. i pledged than to never take something as basic as walking for granted ever again. now, we meet elizabeth worked so hard just to get her legs to work periods. every earned step she takes ingratitude. here's her story of her high school graduation goal to remind us whatever we are applicants, no excuses, you have go, go get it. for three months early at 1 lb. 14 oz., elizabeth has been a fighter since the day she was born. >> this tiny peanut, 19 years old now. cerebral palsy means she works
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every single moment she makes. still great for everyday. >> they didn't think it would be here. >> she's had surgery on her heart, her brain, her back, her hips. >> down but never out. she set a goal as a sophomore to walk out high school graduation. >> i can do this. >> it was a two-year long-range plan. >> all that emotion to walk, this is the moment. use it. check of the goal was to get across the stage in a minute. >> i said six minutes won't work. >> reporter: she called in bon jovi raise your hands to set the tone for training. >> the date of graduation i said i can do this.
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all i could see were cheers from a mile back. >> we stayed 12 minutes from a mile back. >> we stayed 12:48 minute 15 seconds[ cheers and applause ] my uncle was literally cr >> reporter: may because grandpa passed away a year and have prior to my graduation. i had to do this for him. i'm glad i didn't quit. >> that tiny peanut yoopers persistence pays off. her therapist known to be
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>> ticket minute by minute, day by day. i had a bad day today but there's always tomorrow.>> reporter: against the odds. we're filing the two that good stuff file. battle of the sexes of male birth control becomes a reality will it catch on? the side effects difficult for me to have. >> planning a trip, will break down passport changes coming and we might want to renew your staff. it's one of the hottest toys of the holiday season but it's hard to find. will tell you what it is and how much it's selling for. looking ahead in the forecast, gray skies will clear up. someone wrote a song about that. as far as the forecast, i think you will like it. i have details of what to expect up next.
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welcome back. doctors say reliable male birth control exists but researchers halted after the participants could not handle the symptoms of millions of women in the us and/or every day. >> with information about this
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it's not yet available. >> in the us, enormous amount of women have used some form of birth control. 90%. it seems that men won't share the burden anytime soon. they're just not strong enough. >> i'm not surprised. >> mood swings, depression, change in sex drive, acne, millions of women in the us live with these side effects of control. it seems men aren't willing to. >> women -- most agree women are better equipped for pain. second men have always felt they were a little stronger and can handle things that are the women such a. >> 2008 study on a male birth control shot in the early after men taking it reported mood swings, depression, change in
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the study was published in a medical journal last month. a shot works by lowering sperm count and had a 96% effective rates. they had to abandon the saturday after 28th 266 couples dropped out because of adverse symptoms. >> all those those side effects are accepted for women, for men, scientists said more research is needed.>> i would probably drop out i started gaining weight and having the swings. >> it's amazing how these men can't handle a tiny bit of what we go through day-to-day. >> up to the woman which isn't right for fair but that's the way a lot of guys look at it. >> guys may look at it differently if they were the ones putting pregnant. >> i've said if men had to give birth, the population would be cut in half. >> a majority of the men were willing to use this form of birth control but thanks to the number the complaint and dropped out, it will give be
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if you plan to travel, the us state department says you should renew your past work now. their changes coming which could create a massive backlog of passport applications. your member that 2007 law requiring passports for travel to and from canada? mexico and the caribbean. it caused an unprecedented surge in tenure passport applications go now, those passports are expire. meantime the real id act which was soon require updates to all state level identification could make licenses like your drivers license invalid for air travel even on domestic trips. >> is good to becoming one of the hottest toys for the season they are called hatchie bowls. interactive toys and hatch a plastic egg, kids must nurture the egg to begin the process. once it hatches there to teach
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walmart, toys "r" us, amazon, and at most target stores. we found them selling on ebay for prices ranging hundred dollars to nearly 1000. >> that takes me back to tamagotchi or furby days we had to take care of that. >> er so young. [ laughter ] >> i had cabbage patch kids. >> okay, you're not that young. this conversation. [ laughter ] >> it's the time, things are starting to cool off and the kids are taking forward to that time of the year, those christmas lists are being put together. as far as our list goes, a lot of people would say sunshine, mild temperatures, so we have coming. christmas comes early. clouds and sun, have more clout than send we'll see how things go. temperatures in the 40s and 50s as we head through the
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shower trying to make a living and it moves continuing to the south. they may be clipped is like kitchen stages west. a heads up out in eastern lake county. this is also a week cold front. this stretches across the great lakes region. you can see how we've had the showers moving acrth this is a little disturbance moving through. we're not expecting this to make a whole lot of problems. there's drier air moving and that is associated with a big area of high pressure sitting out in the midwest. that area of high pressure will be with us for quite some time. basically, this will show all areas of low pressure and the rainmakers out of the way. it's a little bit on the radar coming on election day that may
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chances slim. there's a look into tomorrow morning, we'll have clouds, sprinkles and mostly cloudy skies will be the rule. temperatures in the 40s to get started. i knew were in the thick of things. that's when we'll start to see clouds breaking out. 50s for the afternoon, winds starts to back off of my evening we start to clear it things out nicely. it says it's a new fee for friday night football. it's kind of chile, this is typical all weather. looks like temperatures will fall into the upper 30s. then the sun sticks around as he had to the next several days. clouds and sun sees multiple temperatures. it's 50 degrees, the afternoon partly cloudy and breezy conditions. here's a look at the wind forecast for tomorrow. the wins very persistent out of the north and generally at 10 miles per hour.
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clear things out. mostly sunny as he had through the evening. the forecast is temperatures tomorrow topping out in the mid- 50s. lots of sunshine for saturday with a high near 60. don't forget the time change sunday. mid-60s monday. you see a slim chance for showers and sprinkles tuesday. election day as we hold in the 60s. you defending cavaliers for the unbeaten st line. >> did they take care of business against the caltex. -- celtics. judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine.
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rs, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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the cavaliers are winners
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the celtics at the q in a high- scoring game, one 2120 the final score. big night for lebron james as he approaches the top 10 in scoring all-time in nba history. kylie irving got it going with a right here. he 23 points in the game. second half, the turn it over and the cavs get it going. irving off the backboard to lebron. it just keeps coming. lebron assists, seven rebounds in the game. he's one point away from the all-time scoring list. their own right now is hakeem olajuwon. he will go past him and will be more specific with it will happen saturday night when they play the 76ers on the road. cavs win 5-0. >> the indians wanted to say
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the end of a parade on friday but instead, it came in the clubhouse early this morning after they lost the epic game number seven to the world championship chicago cubs. players to meet again in arizona. they lose a month of the off- season because i'm going to the world series. they would trade that's all in again and hope to do it again next year. >> will get some good rest. let all injuries and minor bruises heal up and recove a bmi catch the foreseeable future. >> carlos santana, the they did this option for next year. he had a good year. the dallas cowboys lost their opening game of the year to the giants and have not lost since. there'd doing it with two great rookies.
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yet and have it into their starting quarterback will be for sunday. their science cody kessler maybe the guy. they'll name that tomorrow. still in the offing for the browser suite. >> jamie calls play his first game for the browns after being traded from new england at the beginning of the weekend be a linebacker. be interesting to see him go to work. he's a good player trying to help out a very bad defense. >> i'm a workaholic. i will give you what i have every game. ohio state saturday in prime time will take on nebraska and the buckeyes have to keep on winning even though they stumbled a couple weeks ago in that game to penn state. if they keep winning and beats michigan and wins the big ten championship game, why not? put them in the college football playoffs.
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buckeye nation. they are probably tired of us going on the road with primetime games and they want one at home. now we have one. great team coming in with nebraska. it will be an exciting amateur and good for our fans. >> week nine of me have no quarterback with the cleveland browns. >> if not designated a starts. >> that's a good question. do >> we'll be right back.
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sarah and betsy were comparing cabbage patch kids >> that glamour shot, there's no way i would ever for the
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- benedict cumberbatch. rachel maddow.
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roots crew. >> questlove: 564, seattle! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hello! [ cheers and applause ] hola. hi, everybody. welcome. welcome, everybody. welcome to "the tonight show." [ cheers and applause ] this is it. this is the show you want to be watching, and you're here, you made it, and thank you so much. how great was the game last night? oh, my goodness.


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