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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  November 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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entertainment and politics collide. i will let you know what's happening today just days before the election. >> election day for power outages but not voter fraud. goods morning. i'm running and doing the weather. we have your forecast and details for tail getting. >> that's an impressive talent, run, speaking not even out of breath. we will check back in with gregg and see where he is and
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close to lake around 50, but inland it has cooled off into the 40s which is where we should be. it is going to be a lot of overcast skies to start today. i want too be clear about that. a delayed sunshine for your friday. >> mid 50s for highs and i think as we get into late afternoon, early this evening, it will be brighter than where we hope you are having a great start to your tgif. it is 57 in ash at the beulah and satellite and radar, outside of the cloud cover that i am talking about. patience and you know, bring the sun glasses because i think for those commutes later on today, you will be grabbing the shades for sure. speaking of your commute, danielle has a look at the commute so far. >> happy frit to friday and to all of you at hole: right now we have normal drive time,
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east at east 55th the vehicle was hit a wall that's what the report says, and we already see some slowing here. it is adding about two to three minutes to your commute. we have an accident at 422 at main market road. no slow downs here, so use caution as you travel, and usually on friday, we typically see slow down, 480 east, right now it is looking great the drive time on 480, normal minutes heading east, eight minutes heading wes between clef land and maple height, john, back to you. >> thank you. overnight, one man is in serious condition after being hit and trapped under a carton east side. police respond to scene, east 93rd and -- around 2:00 this morning, when they arrived they found man under the car, and the driver had taken off from the scene. >> fire fighters jacked the car up and pulled the man from underneath. he was taken to the university
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in ohio clinton and trump are neck in neck. >> there are new concerns about a global multiprong cyber attack on election day. >> in fact the department of homeland security, the military and community are getting ready. they're watching cyber infrastructure and the u.s. power grid among other possible targets. they're also watching for a widespread denial of service. that's type of attack caused by common household appliances last month. >> the obama administration is also watching for hack fresh russia and elsewhere who may try to influence twitter, facebook and other social media. there's no specific threat for election day. >> the candidates working hard
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tiffany joins us live this morning, both hillary clinton and donald trump are expected back in ohio today. >> specifically they will be right here in cleveland at the center. she's going be part of a get out the vote concert, wrapper jay-z will be here and we are also told there are special guests and reports are his wife, beyonce could be here tonight the doors open at 5:00. so, it is probab people out here today. it is a free concert. and then, donald trump, later on today, will be in wilmington, ohio. he's rallying supporters there. we have seen a number of visits to ohio from both campaigns. it just really shows once again the importance of ohio as a battleground state. so we want to show you what things look like nationally, on both sides, according to real clear politic, averaging the national poll that is are out
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slightly leading donald trump, 47% to just over 45%. but we have also seen polls here specifically to ohio where trump is slightly leading clinton. now back here live outside of the center you can see that barricades are already set up, getting ready for those crowd, coming up later this morning, i will also let you know how to get some free tickets to that concert. all right. thank you, tiffany. we will see you then. he has been called a rising star in the political world, win, in believe he will run in 2020. channel 3 hillary sat down with corey cook booker of unanimously after he finished stumping for clinton in ohio. in reports show that early voter turn out may be low among black vote hearse is a key constituency for clinton. >> an indication the fact you are being pulled out to go to swing state, does that mean that perhaps clinton has a
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not turning out like they did. >> i was here for barack obama in same period of time. so, there's no -- i am a guy that has been since 2008, engaged by candidates to go out there and try to raise people's consciousness. i thisty black community will vote strong because there's so much at stake for african americans like there are. i think the momentum is building. i'm excited that i am here, that clinton herself is come back to community to talk people. so i don't know if it is a sign of a problem. it is a sign that ohio is important and we need to get everybody out to vote. >> again, clinton expect today appear along side jay-z during the get out the vote vote tonight. head out for everything you need to know about the election. we have all the storys and more including information about protecting your vote, before you head to poll. clover land police are investigating an alleged attack
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game 7 of the is world series, an indians fan punching a cubs fan and the cubs fan being knocked out cold. police have not filed any charges but are still looking into the incident. overall those in the crowd of the world series behaved themselves, they only arrested 14, and charges range from disorderly conduct to being intoxicated, assault, and trade mark counter fitting. now here is lena with morning news feed. an intense day in north dakota as police shot rubber bullets and sprayed pepper stray at demonstrators aftera few relatively calm days of protesting the dakota access pipeline the images from the sheriff show that people waiting in the water while deputys in riot gear were standing on the shoreline the north dakota capitol is shut down yesterday, after 14 people were arrested during a pipeline
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university assistant football coach, jerry soon dusty is back in court today, he's serving 30 to 606 years in prison for sexually abusing ten years and want it is conviction overturned. trust u.s. departmentover education announced it is fining penn state more than $2 million after an investigation found that the school should have warned students and employees about the charges. cvs announced it is getting go of hundreds of employee it it will let go of 600 workers most in corporate facility, they call lay offs quote an tore save money and better serve customers. cvs health lows more than 240,000 people across the u.s. >> john. >> all right. 6:08. did you see this, white stuff was fall prosecuting skies at the colorado football game, but it wasn't snow. >> what causeed it delay next
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investigation for conspiring to raise the prices of generic drug, when they're going to be charged. holly. >> also, your commute forecast, this friday, and it is pretty easy. i think you can leave the sun glasses at home, at least for this morning. >> if you are going to be gone all day, back them long. it will get brighter. we have cloud cover, overcast skies here to start but gradual clearing as we get into the afternoon. >> 50s for high, seasonal day, sun is up at 8:03. >> yesterday the upper 60s really early before the front pushes through, remember. today we will be much more seasonal feeling and what about a weekend warm up? how warm it gets in just
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>> it is almost 6:13.
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out of being open for thanksgiving. kohl's will start at 6:30 p.m. macy's will open at 5:00 p.m., they will open at 3:00 p.m. a survey of 2300 finds that 22%. >> several drug makers will receive federal criminal charges by the end >> -- from several companies, on if the companies work together on raising prices of off brand medication. -- had at least one price increase. i mentioned in tease, i don't want anybody to get worried but there was white stuff falling from skies at the colorado game. it was not snow. >> are you going to let us know what it is.
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>> okay. i lock forward to hearing your report. >> no snow anywhere out there; right. >> it is really mild. i mean for this time of year, wait until you see weekend forecast but the bus stop. you are in the 40s. it is seasonal, normal low is 40. low mid 40s in in location, we're cheering on playoffs for tonight. we have football games across the area and it is your typical football wig every for november for sure and it is dry too. >> now if you are close to lake this morning, temperature versus been in 54 degree at hop kin, it is 6:14. cloud cover does ring tear first part of the day. we have mainly overcast skies across much of northeast ohio, but that's all going to change, by this afternoon, we will say hello to sunshine and we will keep it in place through the weekend. we also have the fall back time change this weekend, one hour, we gain it. >> early on sunday, so that always makes for some fun. 55 degrees today, again, starting off with a lot of
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afternoon for in of you though, just remember that is correct 50s for highs is seasonal and we start to think that warmer weather again. we have got the overcast showing up through mump of the morning, i would ignore the rain chance. this is cloud clover. i have a 10% chance for early today. we should be good but notice mid to late afternoon, how beautiful it becomes, and we will have plenty of sunshine through the weekend and even beyond. >> temperatures are el pretty seasonal for most of you. if you are really close to the lake this is where we have an exception. and we're in low to mid 50s. otherwise it is all 40s across the area. >> and it is really looking very, very quiet on satellite and radar outside of the cloud cover that's around right now, but we will get rid of it into the afternoon, again, ignore the rain chances that this picks up on. i don't think it will happen. i really don't i i think it
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to notice more sunshine and wow. into the first weekend of november. >> we're back in the 60s for high, it should be mid 50s and mostly sunny tomorrow, sunday, absolutely beautiful weather. >> next week, gets even warmer, highs are in the mid 60s on tuns and of course tuesday is election day. weather is perfect. we're even 60s into wednesday and thursday. very small rain chances too the next 7 day, 6:16. wkyc traffic is brought you by mike bass ford. get a great deal and a great deal. good morning to you. we start near downtown cleveland because there's an accident reported near wes 7th street. it was a vehicle hit a wall here and here a picture at 77, and we kind of start today see some slowing on 490 east, but it looks like the drive time
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only a three minute commute. that's only about a one minute delay. we have an accident, reported 422, near ohio 528 and start today see slow traffic in that area. that's adding about one to two minutes to your commute heading wes on 422 so use caution as you travel. otherwise, we have normal drive times, and that is pretty much it on traffic. john, back to you. >> all right. time winners and big e losers today in sports. for biggest loser, we had a delay for rain. that can be expected. strange delay last night in the u.s. -- ucla colorado football game. this delay was soft. it happened in the third quarter: they're leading 10-7 and marshmallows started raining down on the field. these were not from mother nature, the crazy student in boulder, why would you throw
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halloween is over. >> they condition throw that in and still delayed the game. delay the game for that. >> i guess they could get stuck in your cleats. you should keep the marshmallow, have a nice little campfire and celebrate your teams win. >> that was a martial eremall low delay. >> i don't get it. >> i really don't. >> all right. the biggest winners are from -- cathryn junior high school in the eighth grate grade volley ball team. what make this is even more amaize as good they only ha they don't have anyone coming off the bench. they won by playing six games, melissa, thank you for the photo, the girls also get good grades and volunteer their time to the community they are the perfect biggest winners. congratulations. >> yes. >> all six of them play all the time. >> yes. >> they're tough. >> they are tough. >> they're not soft. >> not at all. >> like those tele tubbies.
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hey. >> >> reporter: good morning. we're doing weather on the run this morning, we're talking about gadgets for your tailgate. i have made it. i will show you the devices you need not miss a minute of the action this sunday coming up. good morning, holly. >> hi. you are looking good out there. okay. we're wealther out your window. we have so in beautiful fall color picture, we are calling that one autumn in auburn. th color 19:00. we're right back.
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judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rat judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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it is biggestover hall to app in four years and the biggest change could be the addition of up front pricing and arifle time. the new design features should start rolling out wednesday but it could be week before all users get the update. >> okay. here we go, weather on the run don'ts this morning. greg has come through city and join us again now. >> he's doing it very quickly too. so he started near the east bank of the flats and made his need to check out here. hey, greg. >> guys, it is all about watching the game. i remember back in day when i was in college, watching tailgating you would have to have a satellite. it got complicated. now it is all in the palm of your hand. my friends at very resewn let you check out these gadgets. this is the phone have i think if you want to watch the game on a smaller device. it is the -- droid.
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you can drop this thing on anything you want, the concrete, you don't need a case. they guarantee it is not going to crack. if you are on verizon and t- mobile, they help you save on video data. verizon allows you to watch the games on your nfl mobile app for free. it does not actually use any data. you may want to kick out something like this, something larger, this is the -- pad, the screen on this thing is incred, the moto droid, if you are using that on verizon and checking out the game, it does not cost you any data. you can catch any game you want the mobile app if you haven't checked it out for $1.99 a month, it gives you red zone access, you get to check out every game in country on your device for free, far $1.99 without using day tax incredible package there and of course if you are going to be there tough be loud.
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something big. i love this one. it is the bose sound link color speaker. this thing puts out a loft power and you can link multiple devices to it. you don't have to keep pairing and repairing. you can have your phone or your tablet hooked up to it so you have a bigger screen to watch the game, you have a device to hear everything, no satelliteso no cable new york city tv. it is now all in palm of your hand. it is amazing. check it out, they're from verizon or your local dealer there. your local store they all carry this. >> for $1.99 you get awful the nfl games, that's the -- you get all of the nfl games. that's cheapest ticket around. >> you can't go wrong with this. why finally made it to friday. >> fri-yea. >> yes. >> as exciting as this week was it seems like it has been ten
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i think most of you agree, a lot of you were talking about it on social media. we have sunshine on the way. it is a lot of overcast at the moment. temperatures are currently at 40s. 50s fbi lake, we will end up 50s for highs today. light jacket, fall jackets, very, very double. on the travel map there's plenty of clear skys to wes, that's what we're looking forward to once we get past the overcast sky, we're starting the day with. look at the sunshine and mild weather. we have a weekend warm up to lk >> weekend warm up in november. >> all right. >> all right. >> coming up at 6:30 an entire soccer team from harvard out for the season. what players did on line that got the team suspended. >> 83 ballots address today 83 different people, all show up at one address. what election officials think
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>> happy friday. we have the forecast coming up. >> it is a warmer weekend. how about that. >> but first as you wake up, here a look at what's going on. new this morning the white house is bracing for potential cyber attacks on election day. several government agencies work together to prevent hackers from attacking power grids or the internet. they're also watching for a widespread denial of service, that is the type of attack
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appliances last month. >> now to where teachers out of class room and on the picket line in lieu weeville. the education association vote today strike after rejecting the latest proposal from school board. we found more than 100 teachers picketing but they told us they just want to get back to their students. -- in chicago. we will wear it lebron lost bet with dewayne wade. it is only loss he has this season. they're off to 5-0. they 30 points in 36 minute, how about a little show time here the pass to lebron for the jam. he had 23 and love with 26. way too much for the celtics
6:32 am
three quarters. they're 5-way. lebron is now two pointes way, and he should pass -- on saturday night if philadelphia. i am going out on a limb against the sixers. >> we have got a wild man over there. >> wait. you are putting me with cha being what anymore. it is a long week, holly. welcome to it and you did it. it is friday. we have got a lot of overcast skies this morning, temperatures are 40s, most of you in the 40s, from you right along the lake shore you are in the 50s. we will be 50s for highs today. sunshine ton increase this afternoon but hang in there because there's a lot of cloud overin the meantime, here a look at where we stand, downtown we're at 53. compare today 40s in akron,
6:33 am
most of you inland are right there. that's pretty typical for this time of year. 50s the normal lower if this date. cloud cover is hanging tough at the moment, that will change later today. we will talk about sunshine and yes, first weekend of november, includes a warm up. >> that's pretty good news. hopefully good news on the roads, daniel. >> i'm sorry. i don't have good news for those of you who travel, and an update on that accident on 422 westbound it is closed at 5:28 pedestrian. i will go ahead and call the police to get a detour for you. i will have that coming up at 7:00 a.m. also, your right lane is blocked on 490 east near wes 7th buzz of an accident. no delays in that area otherwise we have normal drive times on your highways. >> don't forget, when you hit the roads, tune in to wtam. they will have updates for you every ten minutes.
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updatess to go, hillary clinton and donald trump are making their way back to ohio today. we will go live to outside the center now. jay-z is head lining a get out the vote concert. >> and leona and john he's doing it in support of hillary clinton happening here at the center today. this tickets are free and everything really gets started, gets underway around 5:00 at least that's when they're opening the door, jay-z is set guests and there are reports that his wife bei don't know say will also be there. hillary clinton will urge vote terse cast their ballet lots early. he's expect today be back on sunday ttime location have yet to be announced. as for republican presidential candidate donald trump, he's going to be holding a rally today, in wilmington, that's at 4:00 this afternoon, it just
6:35 am
is in they election. and coming up at 6:50 the latest results of poll numbers to show you where both of them stand right now. >> thank you. time now is 6:35 meaning it is time now for the morning news feed and the trial for a former police officer accused of shooting an unarmed black man as you understand way in charleston, south carolina. the jury was sworn in yesterday, 34-year-old michael slager is charged in the april 2015 shooting death of 50-year- wa motorist he shot scott eight times after he fled a traffic stop. he faces between 30 years and life in prison if convicted of murder. harvard has canceled it mens soccer team last two games because of what team did online. the athletic director say it is 2016 team continued a tradition of creating sexually explicit scouting reports of freshmen womens soccer players. the testimony has been under investigation since the
6:36 am
the schools news paper. dozens of billion lots did different mailing addresses showed up outside of a california home less than a week before election day. now, the man who discovered this found the ballots, says all 83 each unused were addressed to different people. >> the la county registrar's office has a glitch in the system causeed it mix up and believe this is an thousands of people were evacuated at the paris las vegas hotel and casino on the strip and because it was a power outage officials say the outage occurred when a contractor working in basement cut into the main power line. nearly a dozen people had to be rescued: it is unknown when the full power will be restored. you are gambling and go in dark you are thinking what's going on here. >> right. >> it is a little scary i would
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>> no kidding. >> last week we introduced you to weather on run. >> yep. greg is back on the road this morning, he has made his way. >> i have intercepted him. he's back here at the -- studio. >> yes. >> well, -- >> yeah. >> i feel like a slacker. >> yeah i mean i actually did quite a bit of running that morning. i started on the east bank and made our way to first energy no have to tell you i amway overdress because we do some standing during these segments, you do not want to dress like this if you are running near the lake, it is in the 50s. shorts and long sleeves at the most. >> take a look at the satellite picture behind me here. it is clear, all the way back to rockies. >> you know this means a great weekend. >> she's excited. >> we're going to nap allotted this weekend after this long world series weekend. it will be a lot of napping. if you are running this morning take a look at the forecast.
6:38 am
temperatures near 50 with a pretty brisk north wind. if you are running south of cleveland, you are going to need longer, pant legs and maybe even a light jacket because as holly has been talking about down toward akron/canton, we are low 40s. >> a little more seasonal. >> upper 30s in those valley locations. >> a little chilly this morningingly am impressed. >> yeah. >> you can lose yourself immediately. you are not puffing. >> i try to run about lose to 30-miles a week. >> so these shorter runs. >> i spread it out though. not a day. i do spread it out. >> you are running for sure. >> welcome back.
6:39 am
>> awesome. i am there. >> let's do it. >> you deserve it after that. >> back to you guy. >> 30 miles a week. >> i don't even do that in my car. >> that's good exercise though. >> 6:39. no you can't do it all and you don't have to. we have great advice for simplifying your schedule as overwhelmed cons. >> let's check in with matt granite. what's ahead, mattingly promised a black friday door buster per day as we count down to black friday, today is no exception, it is coming your way after break. i cannot wait to show you this to you. >> okay. we will see you then and want to see your fall photo, we have this gorgus shoe lake in shaker heights. share your pictures with us on twitter or facebook using the # be on 3.
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>> we are your official money saving station and you promised that i would get you every major door buster before black friday, no lynning up as we preserve thanksgiving and today, yet another item that people will be lining up for that i found at an even better
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speakerphone meets wireless streaming system meets power bank approximate supposedly indestructible. i multieverything to the test just like i did with your intern casey. >> so on this side right here you can see there's a usb out put. take a lightning cable, whatever you need and in this case we will power and charge an iphone 6 plus from the same speaker that is now going to play music. ? [ music ] ?? . >> i juan to point out very durable. >> >> i feel the spirit on this three in one which is also great for conference, face time and skype calling. i want you to look at your
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yp has this at 80. can you beat amazon pricing any day. i found it for $49.99. if you want to take advantage of this with free shipping, it is on i don't care whether or not you buy it but guys indestructible, three in one functionality and the same item people will be lining up for. >> wow. >> those rage, we wish you a merry christmas. >> i know, i know. >> well, i got fired up during the test. i didn't realize how angry i myself. >> can i get a quick inside information. talk at the hockey rink was about tv deals. >> they start the monday before black friday and of course. >> monday before. >> you are on our list. you will get it early. >> okay. we will take that. thank you, matt. >> thank you much. >> all right, holly. >> are you ready. >> yeah. >> we're so ready why. >> amazing weather. it is starting off overcast but we will increase sunshine for your afternoon and we have got your bus stop forecast to
6:45 am
good luck to you. temperatures are in 40s close to lake we're in the 40s including downtown. it is a whole different story. 6:45 right naso let's get some breakfast on the table and those lunches packed and kids out the door and yourself to work and enjoy. >> what is going to be beautiful late afternoon today. >> lots of sunshine into the weekend too. we have the time change this weekend so a longer weekend: we fall back early clocks around. 55 today, i mentioned it overcast sky this is morning but then increasing sunshine this afternoon and seasonal. today we feel like we should in november, in the 50s for highs and then, we talk the warm up again. next several hours we have got the overcast skies transitioning to a whole lot of sunshine but it is going to take, i think until tid ere mid to late afternoon before we really start to see brighter condition, temperatures across the region looking seasonal as we zoom in the exception is lake shore where you have been
6:46 am
mild compare today those of you inland. we have got the cloud cover, as i mentioned otherwise it is really quiet because high pressure building in. that's going to take over. >> computer forecast shows the sprinkles, ignore them. it is overexaggerated. we will have a lot of mostly cloudy sky, yes, but as we get into the afternoon, this is 4:00 today, we start to see partly cloudy conditions and we are totally clear out into tonight and that's going chilly, more seasonal overnight as far as lows go, and saturday, sunday, look out. >> the weather couldn't be any better. >> first weekend of november. we're in low 60s. we fall back that hour on sunday, early, so before wow go to bed saturday, take care of clocks and things. next week we have more sunshine more mild weather, middle 60s on monday, election day on tuesday and even into intends thursday, we're in the 60s. john. all right. not dog gone weather day here on this friday.
6:47 am
this is daisy. she's five years are old. looking for a stress-free home, a lot of us are. >> yeah, right. >> she came because of health issues and has to have a special diet. >> but is very loving, when in a quieter home. hopefully we can find her a home and next we have at that time example tale. these two love attention. tattle will follow you around and tale likes to so sunshine. they would lick to adopt these two together because they have spent their whole life together. so they're really buddy thes, they hang out just like in the picture but again the apl a great place to find a friend this weekend. >> very cute. >> all right. between work and family and having a social life. i don't really know what it is. >> what is a social life. >> we sometime versus families
6:48 am
>> running in circles usually gets you nowhere but as chris tells us there are coaches working to help gets people get the most out of their precious time. >> sorry. i need today clean and a mother at home. >> i'm a motherover three. >> is a stylist at work. >> we can wardrobe you for every occasion. >> my business started to really take off. >> it can be blessing. >> it seems very overwhelming. >> and curse. >>h responsibility. i was always ton go, jump prosecuting one thing to next. i never felt like i was doing anything well. >> as work got busier and time got shorter, sally michael felt if you can wondered ifless was more. >> i wanted a simpler life. i wanted a farmhouse? they shut about giving up the business and met robin. >> when they talk about being overwhelmed, that's my antenna goes up. >> he was an executive coach to
6:49 am
and says there are three lies overwhelmed people tell themselves. >> can you do it all, second that i have to do it all, and lies i don't do it all i'm going to misout. >> when you realize what you want you can then focus on getting it. that scrammed schedule isn't about managing time but managing priorities. >> when you are doing everything, when everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. >> i started making choices for me with some tweaks she has a booming business and her dream home. >> here our chicken coop. >> she's not trying to do it all. >> i did have to giver up a few things like tennis and some of the funs but she doing what she wants. >> i needed to realize what i want, first of all, and then set strategies around that. >> now, she has. >> i have always wanted to grow my own vegetable. >> what she really wanted. >> for overwhelmed week, i'm
6:50 am
weather -- weather, traffic everything you need to know before you head out the door. >> right now let's go to tiffany. >> reporter: well, jayz is head lining a concert right here at the -- center in support of hillary clinton. >> coming up, how you can still
6:51 am
6:52 am
we start your morning rush with just four days until the election, and today, jay-z head lining a concert in support of
6:53 am
wolstein center. but let's show you what it look like for both candidates when it comes to polling, real clear politic and you can see clinton has a slight lead, but here in ohio, there are some poll that is show trump is leading the way specifically in this state. >> now, if you are interested in concert tonight. tickets are available at the clinton campaign office or on st. clair and the downtown office trump also hosting a rally in ohio today. all right. new this morning the white house is bracing for potential cyber attacks on election day. several government agencys are working together to prevent hackers from attacking power grids or the internet. they're also watching for a widespread denial of service. that's the type of attack caused by common household appliances like we saw last month. >> one man is recovering after he was hit and trapped underneath a car.
6:54 am
car. the driver ran from the scene and fire fighters had to raise the car to get the man out from underneath. he was taken to university hospital in serious condition. danielle. >> the sheriff's department doesn't know how long u.s. 422 not 522, 422 will be closed at 5:28. this because of an accident involving a pedestrian. there's no easy way around this, but they do recommend nash road and that's going put a considerable amount in your drive 490 east at 55th and 75, going around toed 0 east. it is about a two minute delay. we're checking out the forecast, which going to get better today as far as sunshine goes. sun is up at 8:03. it is mostly cloudy skies this morning and then into the afternoon, gradual clearing and middle 50s for highs, a lot of sunshine this weekend.
6:55 am
tomorrsu really nice. low 60s which is mild for first weekend of november. the time change on sunday we stay mild into next week. it is looking like a sunny to partly cloudy sky, and election day on tuesday, no reason not to get out there. >> hey, matt. >> good morning, holly. >> tweeting out, the six items you don't want to miss on friday and on monday, the credit card id th >> i'm done, thank you. >> keep talking like that, you keep going. >> i am really excited. monday, okay. >> thank you. >> very good. >> that will do it. >> all right. get some rest this weekends; right. >> yeah, please. >> everyone. >> what a weekend. enjoy the weather, absolutely. have a great day. >> we will see you in the today show. >> thank you for watching channel 3 new, take us with you where ever you go, text wkyc to
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there's more than one way to measure success. >> when i graduate i am probably going go back to school. >> i just want to really thank them for the opportunity that i. >> attendance and high school graduation rate are and you the number of third graders allot grade level colonel to improf. >> helping neighborhoods meet grade school, it will keep progress going and won't raise taxes. >> yea.
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good morning. the end is near. four days to go and "time's" cover captures the mood of the nation as a new poll shows 8 in 10 americans say the campaign has left them repulsed. now nbc news has learned there are serious concerns about a cyber attack on election day. this morning, what security officials are doing to protect the vote. in the dark. a popular las vegas hotel and casino forced to close overnight after workers damaged its main power line. thousands of guests evacuated. repeated advances? fox news anchor megyn kelly levels stunning new accusations against her former boss, roger ailes. this morning, her claims and


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