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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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to eat for stress before you head to the polls on tuesday. thank you for being with us, cleveland t is saturday, november 5th. >> can you believe it? >> november? >> we were outside yesterday in light jackets.
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sunshine -- it felt great with the sunshine. >> yes. it was a little chilly. my friend said it is so cold. i was like, it is november 4th. so we'll prepare you for your day. maybe you're headed outside sometime soon. but unbelievable that we have had this great weather and the fact that we're just starting to wear jackets in november is amazing. >> a lot of folks will remember last halloween, there was snowflakes >> really? >> yes, last year. >> last year was a blue i had a new -- a blur, i had a newborn. >> cooler weather on the way. we're waking up to 34 degrees in wayne county and 35 in elyria. and closer to the lake, the temperatures in the mid-40s and more mild towards the lake.
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inland, especially when you factor in the breeze out there from the south between 5 to 10 miles an hour. and it feels worse than the stated temperature. and maybe you're heading to the cuyahoga national park, a beautiful place to be especially with the change in colors. and 43 degrees by 9 and lunchtime in the 50s and high today 62 gr and when could we see it? probably election day. >> thank you so many.
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queen b and jay-z stood with hillary clinton for a free concert. it was supposed to start at 8:00. but it was delayed after a police situation. the entrance to the event was limited before the incident concluded. and the event was complete with jay coal and chance the rapper. and the greate from gene b herself. she performed with her husband jay-z before hillary clinton was welcomed to the stage. >> remember. jay said something we should all recall. martin luther walked so president obama could run and
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fly. >> she grew thousands of sports packing the center. in the next hour, we'll take a deeper look and see if this concert will make the voters come out on election day. two days before the election, hillary clinton will campaign with lebron james in cleveland. this will be a public got event to get out and said that she will create an economy that will work for everyone, not just the people at the top. you may remember lebron endorsed clinton last month. and trump took a swite at her celebrity concert. he said that he doesn't need celebrities and said that
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trump supporter. and asked the people to get out and vote on tuesday. >> we cannot do making it is going to stop it. we have to get out. pennsylvania, you are so important. everyone talks, pennsylvania, if you win pennsylvania, you're going to win. pennsylvania! >> trump is not taking the final weekend of campaigning off. he's scheduled hold rallies in florida, nevada and colorado. and with the election days about some tip before you go into the voting booth. and jasmine is here this morning with how you can ease the stress before casting the vote. people are like did i bring the right documents? >> we have to figure out some tips that you can take before you good to the polling booth with early voting underway. and some people are getting a little stressed out at the voting polls. but it is because of a few things they overlook.
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can take before you vote on tuesday. some voters around the country have been turned away from the polls and report not having a pleasant experience because of a few things they overlooked. we sat down with chris harvey. he said that the mistake number one is showing up at the wrong polling place. >> if they're talking with the family members and somebody says i voted at the library today and they're waiting to vote on election day, they're probably going to location. >> works make sure that you're probably dressed to vote that mean hillary clinton ponytail holders and trump shirts are not allowed. >> the polling place is a special place. it is where we good to exercise our most basic rights. i think it is good that the laws provide that type of
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-- sanctity. >> don't underestimate the time goes through the ballot that can cause frustration and confusion. >> they don't realize that you've got a lot of other people on the ballot and a lot of other issues on the ballot and you need to be prepared to cast their vote for all of those things. >> you can bring in notes to help you get through the amendments but no cell phones or electronic devices allowed in the polling location. and some mistake is waiting too long to notify the poll workers with a problem. >> if you have a problem with a machine or confused. you can get the attention of the poll worker as long as you have not cast your ballot. as soon as you have hit that cast ballot, you have cast your
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time. you have a little more time to think about who you want to vote before before you go into the poll booth. >> you can be like me and vote by mail. >> that is what i did. >> thank you. a main accused ur a man at a barbershop has been found guilt at this time. and i jury will decide if he will get the death penalty. a sad story out of newark, ohio near columbus. a mother has been charged with manslaughter after allegedly rolling over her baby in her sleep. 24-year-old danielle -- was indicted on several charges, including involuntary
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suffocation. she was under the influence of possible methamphetamines at the time of the baby's death. people sleeping with their babies is a controversial topic. but there is a study babies that sleep in the same room but not the same bed at their parents can significantly reduce th the second time mom and her husband welcomed a new baby and roommate six weeks ago. >> and we alternate between the rock and play and the bassinet. >> reporter: a new report from the american academy of pediatrics, suggests that she is doing it right. the aap latest recommendation, for parents to share a room with the infant till six months
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to them. >> reporter: and the doctors stay allowing babies to sleep in your room reduces the risk of sleep related infant deaths. >> the highest risk for the unexplained infant death it's in the first six months of life. and they say that you should have your baby in the room with you for the first six months of life. >> reporter: in the u.s., and estimated 3500 babies die during sleep every year and 44% of deaths are caused and 25% about accident strangulation. and the rest, unknown. pediatricians want the babies on separate sleeping surfaces like a crib, play pen or bassinet, not soft surfaces like sofas and arm chairs. electronic technology cannot watch your baby as well as you.
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helps with breastfeeding easier and quiets mom's fears. still ahead, facebook is responsible for reconnecting world trends and family members. can the social media giant cop out with your health? we'll explain. african-american women are more likely to develop breast cancer. we take a look at study being done in northeast ohio to help
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people that had larger social networks posted the most photos live the long get but is it as important to be social in person as on line. recently the national institutes of health began the largest study of risk folktor -- factors in african-american women. and there's work happening to give these chance. >> reporter: words are powerful. >> this is my third day in life. my initial reaction to cry inside and the question was, why me? >> reporter: what about the moment life changes forever? for michelle carter it began in the shower. >> it wasn't right to feel something there. and it was really hard. >> reporter: it was triple
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aggressive. she had to start chemotherapy right away. >> >> i had more bad days than good days. every time i see my doctor, a cry. >> reporter: why is that? >> because she healed me. >> i lost women in their 20s and 30s in the last year. >> reporter: the doctor said that in terms of disparities, african-american and hispanic women are more likely to get >> i think there's a lot of biology that is not understood why the women are getting triple negative breast cancer. >> reporter: locally, the doctor is focusing other research on treatment. african-american and other women that don't respond well to chemotherapy and finding ways to reduce the chances of the cancer coming back. a self free claimed fighter that has support from her family, friends and coworkers
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year. >> don't take your health for granted. you have to live every day as if it is your last day. the doctor said that it is important for people from all communities to be involved in clinical studies because there's not only a potential benefit for them but other women in the future. just ahead, uber is expected to make some big changes to their apps. we have the detail on what the customers should the details on what to expect and soon. do you love those yummy spice drinks? i hate to bust your bubble this morning. but they are far from healthy. >> so we're not running to starbucks after the show? is that what you're telling me?
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pumpkin drink. we may have some showers coming. i'll tell you about that coming
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the biggest change for to be up front prices rider lines. hiram college is now offering three-year bachelor degree programs. they are offering students priority registration and a 50% discount off the semester. and the average student will save $26,000.
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right through and she got her degree in three years. but you had to take the summer classes and the loan. it is possible. >> i enjoy it. i enjoyed my four and a half year time. i wanted to expand it into five. >> i wish i was still in college. eating pizza and sleeping in. >> i'm right there with yo that. today not a good day to sleep in or it is one of those days that you'll feel guilty if do you mean we're expecting a gorgeous -- guilty if you do. and we're expecting a gorgeous weekend. we'll be setting the clocks back an hour from the 2:00 a.m. hour going to 1:00. election day at this point, i know lots of folks will be out and about. and we'll talk more about that in a second. after a cool start this
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60s and a lot of sunshine, a beautiful day for us in northeast ohio. despite the chilly start, we're at that freezing mark in wooster and wayne county so a pocket of light frost can be ruled out of the question there. and akron and canton, you're waking up to 48 and in the 40s closer to the lake. and the winds from the south between 3:00 to 6:00 miles an hour are mite and dry. and the -- nice and dry. and the on high pressure off to the west. it will keep us sunny and dry and cool. you'll notice that north to south flow of air that helps to reenforce the cooler start this morning. and i think that tomorrow going to be another cooler start as well. here's what it looks like as we walk through your saturday. from now through lunchtime, a beautiful start. if you're thinking of getting that morning jog in, don't forget the sunglasses and into this afternoon if you have any
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birthday party. i suggest if you're sensitive, maybe some sunscreen. and lots of sunshine in store for today. and tonight looking great. and first thing tomorrow morning, a cooler start to get your sunday going. sunday afternoon looking equally as nice. so the second half of your weekend, maybe you need to work today. but you have tomorrow off, it looks fan i can to get out and about. forecast today, lots of sun and the temperatures low to mid-60s for the highs with into the 40s. and the window nation 7-day forecast bringing in that chance for a couple of showers as we roll towards tuesday. but here's the thing. i think we see the showers tuesday evening into early wednesday. so heading to the polls, you have absolutely zero weather related excuses not to to on tuesday night into wednesday.
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years passed, we had snow to contend with. >> right. tuesday morning and tuesday afternoon looks fantastic. by the time the polls close in the evening, by that point, we may see an uptick in the cloud cover and rain. but the polls will be closed at that point. so exercise your right. >> get out and vote. for many it is not fall without that pumpkin spice latte. and while it might be tasty, it is danielle barber shows how you can incorporate the pumpkin flavor in your food drink without sacrificing the nutrition. >> it is not know what is in them. >> reporter: the pumpkin spice latte with 2% milk has about 20% of calories and fat. drinking your calories is not always the best.
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coffee drinks, a lot of time you're going off to a breakfast on top of that and there's a lot more calories and the sugar and fat. >> reporter: to cut down on the additives, carlson recommends that you make it yourself. >> when you go out, you don't have the control over what is in it. you don't really in it. if you make it at home, you can put your own milk in it and the sugar. >> reporter: small changes in your order can make a big difference. >> you want to watch the blended ones, things like that, where they're they put on the whip cream. there are a lot of things that you can do and ask if they have sugar free syrup.
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using the real thing. >> anything that you can get whole is the best thing for you like whole pumpkin is better than syrup. one of ohio's favorite attractions is feeling the blow of lose together cubs in the world series. find out how one of the most popular rides now belongs to the cubs.
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time right now 5:30. and we want to get you caught up on our big three stories of the morning. the man accused of murdering three people in a warren heights barbershop has been found not guilty. the employee and a customer
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jay-z and beyonce hit up the wolfseen center last night. and hillary clinton will be with lebron on sunday. and now the ride known as top thrill dragster will be renamed the top thrill cubster. just the opening win. and the park announced on facebook friday and posted a video of staffers decked out in cubs gear. go cubs go. and the losing park promised to sing the winning team song.
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thrills cubster in may. >> did you see the thing between lebron james and wade because the indians lost he has to show in chicago in in cub gear. >> yes. they -- cubs gear. >> yes. >> i thought when we were up we had it. >> any twin brother has been razzing me. he and his wife have been sending me messages the last couple of days. i said there is always next year. it is one of the thing because the cavs in 2015, they got close and in 2016 we got it. so i feel confident about that. >> we have a great team. i'm proud of them. come on. how many times we would hope to be in the playoffs? >> absolutely. >> we love our tribe. >> i'm excited about all of
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today's forecast. normal high 55 degrees. we're waking up this morning to the temperatures near freezing in wooster. wind from the south not doing a lot right now. we're dry and it you are going to be heading out to the cleveland jazz orchestra and the fusion festival this evening from 7:00 to the 9:00 hour, the temperatures in the 50s. grab a lit and prepare to have a great time there. the temperatures were in the high this afternoon in the low 60s. we'll talk more about the chances for some showers coming up during your workweek in just a couple of minutes. still ahead this morning, ways to save. mack and i take a look at a modern humidifier and all the pluses it has to offer. and we hear from daves about how the buckeyes will
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we're getting ready for college saturday. a big showdown at ohio state. the last two weeks have not been the best for ohio state. a loss at penn state in prime time and then a win in the afternoon but not a pretty one. but it is a win and that is all that matters. they beat northwestern last saturday. and this is the first meeting for these two since 2012.
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>> first time i coached against them, our first year here and i saw the white helmets and coach osborne. so ohio state versus nebraska. the whole country may be peeking on that one because they're two top ten teams and we have a slew of recruits coming in. it will be a busy weekend. >> it will be busy and busy around here as well on sunday. and the browns host the cowboys. it was a fun october talking a lot of baseball even into november. but now we're just talking about, who is going to start at quarterback for the browns. and the answer is cody kessler. and the browns will host the cowboys tomorrow at 1:00. and hugh jackson announced his decision yesterday. he is playing to get an evaluation. and it makes sense and it seems like the right thing to do considering the browns have not
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and maybe we'll have something in the making with the browns rookie. he has yet to play with corey coleman. but he is set to return tomorrow. he has not played since week two. >> everything is perfect. it was just the way we wanted it to and i'm excited to get back out with the guys. they have been working hard trying to get a wi there and i'm going help him out. let's talk indians now. and the indians exercise the option of carlos santana. cocoa crisping be a free agent and they hope to have davis and -- back out and we'll see how that plays out. and the indians gave the state of the tribe.
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ahead. the experience they gain in the bulk of their roster returning and it should help to improve the roster. but don't look for a big free agent. the future is bright and this will sting for a while. there are a range of emotions that we're feeling. i'm not certain that is anything that will go away soon. we all desperately wanted to win that last game. but that will not oversad doe the pride that we -- the pride that we feel and the grit and resilientsy they have showed through the season. >> next week on the road when they were in washington d.c. we found out yesterday that next thursday the same day that lebron is playing baltimore, the cavs will visit the white house. president obama will welcome
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for many sports teams. lebron looks good. and he may be on the way for an mvp this year. i think that is his goal for him, to get the mvp, not just another championship. we hope you have a great
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matt is going to show us this magical potion. >> it looks like a giant hershey kiss. i have seen vases at stores that look like this. >> i love it and what it does is magical on its own t is a humidifier, aroma therapy and
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let's face it. there's nothing stressing us other than than election week right now and the ratings period. we're g everything is going to be okay because of this. this is an item that many of you asked me to test. if you want a humidifier to get through the drier northeast ohio nights this is good for your voice, face. you don't need to use in the led mode. but a lot of people apparently love this. hugely well rated. an that are this strong tied to a product like this i found it for $40 off. it is under 30 bucks depending on when you go to it may inch up to 32, $33. it is a great great de-- deal. and my dominique helped me put to the theft. >> colors are amazing.
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shelves. >> awesome i'm going to go take a nap. thank you, matt. >> you're welcome. that was cool. i like it and this is what it looks like in terms of our allergy report today. if you suffer from allergies, not to worry. the allergins are nice and low today. and this is the forecast for the next 12 hours. the temperatures in the 30s d the 40s. and we'll make it into the upper 50s and low 60s with a lot of sunshine later on this afternoon. as we mentioned, the current temperature at 35 degrees in elyria, 34 in wayne county and then closer towards the lake, given the fact that the lake temperatures are in the upper 50s, it keeps our near shore areas a little warmer. so we're doing 44 in downtown cleveland. 40 up in ashtabula with a light wind from the south. dry right now that is the good
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stay compliments of high pressure. and it induces a sinking motion. and it will have the growth and potential development of showers. and it will keep us sunny, dry and cool. and that is the way we'll stay through your saturday but also your sunday. breaking everything down with a look at future view, now through lunchtime, it is going to be awesome. if you're going head out and do brunch with friends or getting together with the family around lunchtime or points will be phenomenal. if you're you're superdooper sensitive, you may want to layer up. and the first thing tomorrow on your sunday morning, another good looking start. i think by tomorrow afternoon, we'll do it all again. the temperatures back into the upper 50s and low 60s to round out your weekend. the forecast today calling for lots of sunshine and the
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60s for the highs. and the overnight lows dropping into the 40s. so it will be cool if you're going to be heading out and about. and we talked about the jazz festival taking place towards playhouse square. and grant light jacket for that this evening and don't forget, we fall back an hour at 2:00 a.m. first thing sunday morning. monday looking great and back in the mid-60s by tuesday, just in time for election day. and morning and afternoon looks great and it will not be till wednesday that we'll bring back a chance for a couple of showers. and thursday and beyond, the temperatures taking a little tumble. i don't want folks to forget about this. >> i forgot till you mention it had earlier. >> we fall back an hour. so just for ease before you head to bed tonight, don't only -- not only do i want to set the glocks become. but it is -- the clocks back, but make sure that you replace the batteries in your smoke
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detecters to make sure -- detectors to make sure all bases are covered for the time change. >> you fall back. so set your clock back. >> we get an extra hour of sleep. >> that means we'll have a great show tomorrow because we'll be well rested. look who is offering up baby-sitting services for
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election is just three days away. and the ymca want to make sure that people can get to the polls. and they will offer free child care services on election day to parents and guardian cans get out and vote. and precipitation varies by
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and that is to enable the parents and care givers the right to vote while their children are in a safe and nurturing environment. it might make you sad and mad. but it may give you an idea for an early christmas present. >> i make sure that every since gel one squeaks. >> reporter: josh have their mouths full these days. josh designed a product that he soon sold at local street fairs and farmer's market. >> once people see them, they go crazy for them. they laugh. i have republicans and conservatives people across the political spectrum buy them and they love them. >> reporter: 1,000 sales later, he realized this could take off. so he pulled together every
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off as much as he could chew, and ordered 10,000 toys. >> these are trump toys and i grab my skateboard and skate dunn to the post office and drop them -- down to the post office and drop them off. >> reporter: he grew up in a broken family and ran away at the age of ten and lived as a homehomeless surfer till 13 till a family adopted him. >> they gave me a at life and a kid and solid foundation to go to school. >> reporter: and he went on to be student body president at san diego university and now in his first year in law school and the dream of paying off his loans with dog toys. >> i have hillary clinton right now and i hope to expand to
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days. >> we're trying to make pets great again. >> reporter: a polarizing candidate. it is political. but for a pair of rescues, it is the american dream. >> the toys sell on line for 9.99. after the break, one of the biggest names in music was in cleveland last night before one of the biggest elections in our nation's history we'll show you
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we have the latest software and we draw the whole kitchen 3- d for you and come out to the house and double check the measurements. if you're going invest on something this your home, you want to make sure is done right and all of your people are top shelf, no pun intended and beyond the kitchen cabinets, you still have a full ware house full of furniture?
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the cavs and the indians, we're so proud of you. and good job at one of the best world sheers that we have ever seen. can you believe it is november -- it is light jacket weather out there. people are enjoying it before the snow. >> that is a bad word. i don't think we'll see this too soon. but here is what we'll see, perhaps some frost this morning, especially south of town. if you're waking up with us in


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