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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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donald trump blast the jay- z concert. make america kind again. now what we are used to hearing. i heard the i heard them calling them a holes. >> i was there, they were no racial slurs. >> the story is one of great importance. good evening. follow language at a football game. all sides are on the record of the account about all of this
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raymond. truck -- >> reporter: these kids have been working towards a stay forever. this whole season. the super bowl. they did not play today. coaches and parents on a cold posing team said they chose not to play the teams because the differences of athletic ability height, weight, and athletic ability. it was not safe. >> reporter: instead the stage, they played a little pickup game where they usually practice in south park. the pioneers were scheduled to play saturday afternoon but parents and coaches from the opposing team to be did not want their kids to get hurt. >> it was not about them being a certain race. it was about the safety of our children. >> reporter: her son plays football. he is 10 in about 90 pounds. >> those kids were so much
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other on october 29. >> literally picked them up by the neck. reporter: that's what started the scuffle. her twins play for the pioneers. she said rams parents directed racial slurs at the team. >> i thought the coach was just yelling at my son. it was an adult. there was no punch for many adult. >> the assistant coach, or any other adult. >> he has a bruise and swelling there. clear as day. a fist mark. >> reporter: she said what hurt most is what her son's heard when he was put in the ambulance. >> she told him she was they
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>> reporter: whatever transpired was put away for a moment. the undefeated many pioneers could lift in this moment. >> reporter: that was the junior tackle team. the senior tackle team was the other team that did not play tonight. i spoke to a coach on one of the teams that was supposed to play them. he cited the same issues about height and weight regulations. and they did not do a blind draft like he also said olivia knew from the beginning that their team were not going to be in the super bowl game. over some very scary moments at a campaign rally,
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in reno. he was quickly ushered off the stage by secret service agents. we are not exactly clear on what happened here. security was seen escorting a man under -- out of the building. he returned and said nobody said it was going to be easy. and then he thanked the secret service. also on the trail, both candidates are making feverish last-minute pitches. both clinton and trunk -- truck have been rallying. trump honed in on the jay-z concert. he mocked hillary clinton saying she needed sellout to celebrities. >> he used language last night that was so bad and then hillary said i did not like donald trump subdued language.
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hopefully what, i have never said what he said in my life. he also's end time in north carolina. jim brown campaign for hillary clinton in akron and cleveland. she will be back in cleveland tomorrow for rally that includes lebron james. this was a police chase in a stolen car tonight. they had to head to hospital. just before 5:00 in the morning. they started chasing a car after reports that it was connected to an assault. and stolen. the driver crashed the car, and took off on foot. near east 131st. we're not sure how they were sent to the hospital and how they are doing now. this is certainly a huge award in northeast ohio. the honoree was hugely
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he was honored at -- as the professional of the year. the association was awarded more than 3 million so far in college scholarships to deserving scholars. are general manager, is on the board, and i was proud to tonight. make america kind again. we like to hear that. it's the kind of slogan that does not sound political.
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election day is three days away. for many, it cannot get here soon enough. a woman from california wants to change this. by spreading her >> reporter: election season may be coming to an end but a new campaign signed and strong message make america kind again. >> it has been so much turmoil. to me feelings going back and forth this is nice because it can be supported by everyone. >> reporter: this mom designed the sign hoping to change the tone of the political
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saying that they are voting for so and so because it is the lesser of two evils. >> reporter: it may be a planned word on donald trump. >> it is for everyone. next to trump and clinton. >> reporter: she started selling her signed. washington, oregon, texas, michigan, >> reporter: she has already so >> this has gained more attraction than i thought. reporter: she also juggles online school in a small business. >> the husband being the sole provider, it is good to help. >> reporter: she wants people to miss this ahead in next tuesday. >> it is about being in coming together in believing in something. believing kindness over politics.
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>> i cannot say that. people asked me that, and i remain neutral. >> reporter: neutrality does have its advantages. such a clock back one hour tonight. it officially ends overnight. most of the country meet -- country shifts back to standard time. only people living in hawaii, verizon, -- arizona will not make the change. this is also the time when fire officials remind us to put new batteries in our smoke alarms. in terms of that, sleep experts have given us some advice on how to make the most of that bonus hour tonight. they suggest, instead of sleeping longer, use that extra hour in the morning. code to bed when you feel tired and when you wake up it up and get moving. interrupting your body's natural's deep cycle can make
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household on a similar schedule. it is been a great start to
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welcome back, it is time
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maybe two coming. let's get to it and talk about what is going on here. we are clear tonight and mostly clear in fact. that combined with a nice breeze near the weight and calm wind down towards the south. it will cause a huge difference in temperature. take a look at the current readings. notice what is happening we are seeing calm winds right now. down to frost is likely. akron calm millersburg, mansfield in ashland as well. otherwise if you are near the lake. it will fall back to the mid to upper 40s. because the water temperature of lake erie is set relatively loud. 7:00 in the morning as you
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40s. look at what this temperature does as we go through the day. 1:00 kickoff against the cowboys tomorrow and that is early november perfection. 620 in a light northwest when. a jacket if you are sitting in the shade. if you have a son seat you might not need a jacket just some long sleeves. the temperatures will stay in the low 60s through halftime and through the end of the game. it will t the upper 50s why the end of the game. if you have plans afterwards, maybe stay downtown. he will need that jacket as temperatures quickly fall. look at the weather pattern responsible for this amazing weather. it is just stream. they had all the way north towards hudson bay and does not come back down until new england. we have cold air across the northeast and the cross is rich in the jet stream. it's warm inside the -- sunny weather from the south.
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tomorrow across lakes of carrier in minnesota. the air is also much milder. storm system out west we will have to watch for election day. tuesday is drive but then we transition for chances of rain. 40s in the upper 30s to 50s downtown. look at the afternoon, lots of 60s. 20 temperatures falling back into the mid-40s by 9:00. this is your extended forecast. a look at monday, another beauty. this is a great stretch of days. tuesday, election day, transitioned if you are voting early in the morning before work no problem. the rain chances move in as the polls close. after maybe 6:00 or 7:00. it does look a little changeable next week, take a look at saturday.
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i have to say it. there's a chance friday night into saturday that we might get snow showers. that could be our first more widespread chance for snow flakes. >> you are dropping the snow word. and you are also saying we have early november protection -- perfection. >> there is a lot of time. >> it'll be a good two weeks. >> lebron passing another mi
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back at taco bell. [bong] the worst team in the nba is hosting the only team still undefeated. lebron james is looking to move it into 10th it was a good matchup. lebron james is looking to move it into 10th place. as well. he was one point behind heading into the ballgame. that it is. putting him in the nba top 10 of all time. erie is on the fallout from kevin love. 14 -- 6 and rebounds.
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double. they were in no mood for capitulation. he put billy a plate by five in the fourth quarter. the cavaliers were down by two here. they put the cavs up high one. sixers can win it. j.r. smith holds him. game over. cavs go on to win 102 -- 101. looking ahead, the upcoming schedule next sunday the hornets are the opponents. they need to win if they have hopes and making the playoffs. it is looking good for ohs you. this is in the fourth quarter. up next for ohio state marilyn. this one, was a joke. look at the time he has to
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touchdown pass. two touchdowns for the wolverines quarterback. texas a.m. and mississippi state, bulldogs quarterback with a big day. 74 yards with a touchdown here. get 182 yards on the ground. two touchdowns. through the air, he did pretty well, as well. 209 yards and a couple of touchdowns. texas a and m lose -- hot in the playoffs. the browns are hosting the cowboys the sunday. the one is the only team in the nfl that still does not have a win. cody kessler will get the start for the browns. leaders in the nfc east, they along with the patriots are the only team in the nfl with only one loss. so, it would be a shock if the cowboys do not have their way
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they did all the right things coming into the game. >> one thing we will never do, is underestimate our opponent. we will play our ball. we're going to keep it going. the soccer team, western michigan 3 -- 0. they take the championship for the 12th st. year. jimmy's take on the browns and cowboys.'s super dave will go one-on-one with scott patrick. indians good, cavaliers good, browns not so good. we were talking about this during the break. whether or not it is just a strategy perhaps. to get that number one. >> i think the number one was pretty good. >> it could be something he
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is not the case. it sure looks that way. thank you all for joining us. you have said nate live coming
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judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine for ohio supreme court. good evening, and welcome to a special edition of "out front." i'm erin burnett. for the next 72 hours we'll be bringing you nonstop election


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