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tv   Channel 3 News Sunday  NBC  November 6, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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and for many cannot get here soon enough. the nastiness of the presidential election comes to a head. a woman from california wants to change that by spreading her own message. >> election season may be coming to an end for the new campaign site sending a strong message, make america kind again. >> there's been so much turmoil and feelings gone back and forth. this is nice because it can supported by everyone. you have so many people who will say, i'm voting for so-and- so because it the lesser of two evils. this message is about dropping that and be nice to your neighbors. >> it may be a play on words on donald trumps nine from the
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tromp, clinton. i don't care about politicians. >> two weeks ago she started selling signs on her at the page and orders poured in. >> washington, oregon, nevada, texas, florida. >> she is on?already sold almost 300 it's been like this is gained so much more attention than i expected. >> she also juggles online school and her small business has been a welcome boost to a family's income. >> it's nice to able to help my has been little bit periods but she hopes to be able to help people remember this ahead of next tuesday. >> it's about coming together believing in something. if you have to believe in kindness over politics, so be it. >> who are you voting for? >> i cannot say that. i just want to remain neutral. holiday beverages return to us starbucks in stores. this year they will be sold in
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starbucks says the cubs were created to be a symbol of unity, celebrate community, and encourage us to be good to one another. at your house, do you spoil your pets? a denver company has devised the ultimate pampering item. the company says it you will never have to drink alone. there is no alcohol here, just herbs like meant. the special drink gets his color from red and golden beets. it shipped all over the world and flavors include was caddo and thence entails. virtual reality. we've seen it used for movies, games and even apart. now to expanding to an industry
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>> walking through the front doors of the building that does not exist yet, made possible through the eyes of virtual reality. >> is truly like being in a videogame only in the real estate world. >> immersive models replace a confusing blueprint and traditional 2-d mockups. >> we use virtual reality as a design tool to help expedite schedule costs. >> a more detailed picture of the final product allows clients to get specific feedback and see changes in real-time. >> we would deliver set of goggles and they would put the goggles on. we report the model live so that not only can they say, but we can see it. >> disposable vr attachments can even send it to a smart phone if a full vr said is not handy. the technology is used mainly for commercial spaces, offices, and luxury homes.
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wire use in real estate. >> we hope to take it to a next level. >> providing not just navigation to buildings, but through them as well. from home tours to remodeling projects, virtual-reality could break down the walls between imagination and realization. how one local graduate surprised even her own family when she accomplished a lifelong goal. it's a little morning. but it's looking beautiful. here's what woke like later today. recognized easterly breeze about 5 miles an hour a picture- perfect day. we will talk better chances for rain come election day.
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some of the new character balloons you will see in the macy's thanksgiving day parade this year were undergoing testing yesterday. they were inflated in queens for outdoor test flights. they include charlie brown, diary of a wimpy kid, dreamworks trolls and felix the cat. this year is the 90th anniversary of the parade. more than 50 million people nationwide are expected to tune in. for some people marking the start of the christmas season and christmas music. although i am willing to debate with anyone that it is never too soon to listen to christmas music.
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has to happen first. maybe we can listen to it on thanksgiving, maybe. and from that point on like everyone else. >> right, but until that point i don't want to see any of it. >> temperatures are in the 60s and we are in t-shirts. >> didn't feel so good yesterday. >> i did wear long sleeves of his gorgeous weather. today's equally is nice. i found out about this by the way did you know you can go to the cuyahoga valley national excursion? >> i've never done it though. i've known about it for years. but i've never done it. >> i guess what they have is those different appointment times you have wanted 9 am couple around 2 pm. i've never done either but i was looking at a earlier this morning and it looks pretty cool. you get a chance to do that let me know how i want to give it a try. sunshine from start to finish, it will be a beautiful day to
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national park. the colors on the trees are simply amazing. temperatures this morning in the 30s and 40s parade in downtown where 490. we are dry right now complements of high pressure. we talked about this yesterday. acuna metonymy is no worries of course. that means lots of sunshine for us today. here's what it looks like on tuesday. we've been telling you about this that on tuesday there's another system back toward edmonton and calgary, canada. that moves toward northeast ohio come tuesday on election day. there is a chance for rain by that point. so if you can get out into early voting, i might suggest this. there's well looks like now through lunchtime sunnyside up temperatures by noon around 600. we have the dallas cowboys taking on the cleveland browns at 1 pm. the game looks great. i might suggest a light layer of sunscreen if you plan on going out to the game, just
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expecting. tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon looking decent as well to get the workweek going. forecast for today temperatures in the low to mid 60s. we're soaking in the sunshine. a great outdoor day leading to a beautiful night with temperatures in the 40s. seven-day forecast with temperatures nearing 30 of 700 tomorrow. and then tuesday we mentioned there's a chance for rain mainly tuesday during the evening and into early wednesday >> that's the first time i've seen a four. >> wait until you see saturday night. i will mention this now but i will put a lot into it. next weekend is going to be really chilly. we are expecting temperatures for overnight lows in the 30s. so perhaps a page of sleet could mix in with some of that rain next week in.
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now. now to a true story of seeing the possible. a local team has had no choice but to be a fighter since the day she was born. recently she surprised even her own family when she accomplished a major goal a lifetime in the making. >> i had knee surgery in february. i pledged them to never take something as basic as walking for granted ever again. now we meet elizabeth purcell, who worked so hard just to get her legs to work period. every step she takes ingratitude. here's her story of her high school graduation goal to remind us whatever we are up against, no excuses. you have a goal, go get it. born three months earlier just 1 lb. 14 oz.
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peanut, 19 years old now. cerebral palsy meant she worked on with claimant?cleveland clinic therapist for every moves you back a grateful for every move she made. >> she has had surgery heart, her brain, her back, her hips. >> down but never out. elizabeth set a goal as a sophomore to walk in high school graduation. it was a two-year long-range plan rooted in persistence. the goal was to get across the stage in about a minute. >> there were days where i had wanted to give up. >> then she called a bon jovi to set the toll?tone
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then michael caricaturist. >> 50 feet of triumph. >> as soon as my feet hit background, i knew. all like to hear the word cheers from a mile back heard >> what used to take 12 minutes took one minute 15 seconds to cross the stage. >> my uncle was crying, have grown men crying. spirit maybe because grandpa had passed away a year and a half prior to her graduation. >> i had to do this for my grandpa.
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persistence pays off. her cleveland clinic therapists know her to be in a word >> powerful, no matter what. she won't give up. >> i took it minute by minute, day by day. and i'm like okay, i had a bad day today, but there's always tomorrow. >> against the odds through 50 feet of triumph and beyond. hall of cleveland is getting visitor is plaza with the new sign. how one man got a special surprise after something was stolen from his car.
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let's got caught up on the big three local national and trending stories of the morning. the rock 'n roll hall of fame is greeting visitors on the plaza with the new sign that proclaim long live rock. the outdoor sign will be formally dedicated on thursday. it marks a multimillion dollar redesign expected to include the hall of fame and main exhibit spaces. the letters are 6 feet high. the whole thing is 78 feet long. rock hall officials hope it will add?add another iconic element to the scary moments last night at a campaign rally for republican presidential nominee, donald trump. during his event in the net, nevada he was ushered off the stage by secret service agents. security was seen escorting a man of the building. trump returns shortly afterward saying, no one said it was going to be easy and think
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happened in kansas is getting a lot of attention because of what the thief stole. the owner of the car came back to find this handwritten note from an apologetic thief who says, he saw a kick are inside and just really wanted it. the guy explained in the note that the car door was unlocked so he grabbed the candy, and
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temperatures currently outside in the 30s and 40s. 35 leicester, 44 in akron -canton. fog not a huge issue, just a light touch of fog back toward lake and ashtabula counties. other than that, i think things look pretty good. rainfall not an issue not only this morning, but through this afternoon. by lunchtime a nice and mild lunch with temperatures at 60 by noon. highs today the low to mid 60s. and are we tracking the chance for rain? not today. by election day tuesday think we'll see some showers. we will talk more about that coming up in just a couple of
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that also means the tailgaters are already headed out there. let's check in with desmond, monroe whose life with some of the dedicated browns fans this morning. what do you think, jasmine have you talk to anyone yet. are they feeling a win tonight? >> i'm not even going to lie. i el game since december 13. december 13, last year. this girl is from pittsburgh. don't hold it against me, i'm not a steelers fan. >> it gets rougher and rougher to go in. but doing it as long as we have, we are true loyal fans. even my some of my friends who are in here who have been loyal. we keep coming.
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come out and give us an update of what he thinks of progress of the team is. hopefully we can see some bright spots here and there on offense. it's been just blah. that's about all i can say. i saw a lot of hope and pride. but we have to get things going. >> if you could foresee the score for tonight. of course you're going to say browns. but always give them three of the cowboys, right? an upset. you never know, today could be that day. i hope so. i will let you know. the fourth quarter as the two- minute warning. >> thank you so much, we'll be here all minute?morning long. it's my first tailgating events i'm very interested in seeing how these guys are going to perform.
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kids want, and how hard it will be to find it this year.
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last night in the mva the worst team, 76ers were hosting the lees best team. cavaliers is the only undefeated team left in the nba. it didn't sound like a very competitive matchup. but it really was. lebron james early on to move into 10th place. on the all-time nba scoring list and does it right here. lebron by the way had a great night last night, filling up
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lebron on the evening 25 points, 14 assists, eight rebounds averaging almost a triple-double. he's also a pretty good passer. those 14 assists last night kevin had 20 points and 11 boards. but they were in no mood for capitulation last night. 22 to lead the sixers, he put philia played by five. the cavaliers got down to just over a minute left up taiwan grade 7 sex?second left. watch jr smith a little gravity gravity but when you get a chance there's no call. cavaliers when 102-101. there still undefeated philadelphia 76ers still do not have went. it is with the cavaliers have coming up your tuesday met the hawks at the q and then they will head to nation's capital. their take on the wizards of friday night next sunday they will host the hornets.
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hosting surprise cowboys at the stadium cleveland still the only team in the nfl does not have went. rookie cody customer got to start his quarterback. dallas is 6-1. leaders of the nfc east. kind of a surprise. they along with patriots are the only teams in the nfl with only one loss. it would be quite a shock if the cowboys don't have the way with the browns today. dallas leading up to this week saying all the right things heading into the game. >> one thing we will never who will go up and play ball and will play our ball. we will have our trials to see the?season and keep it going. coming up tonight jimmy will keep?recap of for you his take on the cowboys and the browns. dave will go one-on-one with scott petrick. that sports tonight after the late news right here on channel
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the data. the browns are still winless. can they change that today? probably not but we can hope. with a look of sports i'm out.
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this year's hottest way may have just hatched. had symbols are interactive toys that hatch from a plas kids nurture the egg to begin the hatching process. and watch it happens they can teach it to walk and talk. so if you don't have a hatching
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we used to have some of those normal eggs you would get from the grocery store. and i remember nurturing we were probably seven or eight years old. >> a lot of folks today big day specially for headache out this morning. is to see the number of people who are up and ready to go all in at all hours of the morning. but of course it is all in preparation for this afternoon. big game of first energy is the dallas cowboys taking on the browns at 1 pm. 620 is what we are expecting by kickoff. a lot of sunshine out there today. so i wouldn't put out the fact that i think it might not be a
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temperatures currently in the 30s and 40s downtown where 390. it's dry right now complements of high pressure. a beautiful day for us here in northeast ohio. it's a cold from where tracking off to the west currently situating up toward edmonton, canada, calgary. this system will continue to move toward the east and generally toward northeast ohio and as of this point we are thinking it should move in tuesday during the evening hours. but if mother nature decides she wants to script the system in a few hours earlier, could impact some of us who want to go vote. so if you want to do some early voting seat off to contend with possibility of rain on tuesday,
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start sunday. sunday afternoon looking wonderful if you're thinking about doing a late lunch or perhaps dinner it will look amazing. and then even tomorrow morning to start off the new workweek they'll forget your sunglasses. trying to help propel temperatures in the mid-and even upper 60s within a few degrees of 70 tomorrow. today a great-looking day with temperatures low to mid 60s for highs and overnight lows falling into the 40s. window nation seven-day forecast of course tomorrow nearing the 700 reading. by tuesday i think morning voting perhaps before work looks great on lunch break if you want to vote looks great. even by 5 pm if you're heading home think at this point you'll see thick clouds perhaps a few showers by that point. but more so tuesday during the evening and overnight and into early wednesdays when i think we'll see a couple of showers. again i would suggest beat the lines, beat the rush, beat the
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you can and vote. concerning news from the march of dimes. after nearly a decade of decline the preterm birth rate has gone up. eric edwards has more. >> for the first time in eight years, the march of dimes reports the premature birth rate has risen. the increased last year went babies born too soon. before 37 weeks gestation, and before their lungs and brains are fully developed. it's earned the us a c grade in this year's march of dimes premature birth report card. states in purple and blue earned a's and b's respectively and states in yellow received to see. orange and red, all in the southeast represent the and
6:50 am
we've always known that. in this year shows us the uptick in preterm birth rate. spent a part of that work will require renewed foes should? focus on african-american women and others in racial and ethnic minority groups. that's weatherizing preterm birth was most pronounced. it also says elective c-section should not occur before 39 weeks gestation. that's the point at which the brain is most likely to be fully developed. to get you ready for the holiday season, coming up next.
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are news director told me to take a break on speaker deal. but i have to bring all the door busters.
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it will charge your tech, it's a speakerphone, it is waterproof. take a look. >> them academic?all i need to do is take a lightning cable whatever connector you want. in this case we're going to power and charge an iphone 6+ speaker. that will now play music. walk with us because it is very durable. it is also waterproof. do you feel the christmas spirit? no worry, it's not just a speaker. it is also a door buster. it is also $80 right now on
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pricing any day, $100 msrp. they haven't for 80 on sale, i found it for 49. what does it say besides? besides speaker. do you remember the time i tested headphones in the shower and got an inordinate number of complaint calls? >> i was not aware of that. b mac okay i was really great speaker test in the bath but i decided i wanted to retain the few viewers i still have. which is why a tested it with a table. we promise you can get every major door buster early, not just speakers. if you want to do that they come in a lot of different colors. sprint's power bank three and one deftly come in a lot of different colors. to make this beautiful look at
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can string from across your home. it's a great deal. >> okay it's on, like all the speaker deals. calling all browns fans. i think the cowboys are invading first energy stadium. we will get a chance to talk to some of these browns fans and maybe even a cowboys fan coming
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thank you for being with us. it is a live look at the line of cars waiting to get into the lot to kickoff the party leading up to the 1:00 comes game against the cowboys. we will have a live report from the lot. but first we want to get you caught up on the forecast especially if you are headed out the door anytime soon. michael is still feeling not quite like november. >> yesterday we made in the mid- 60s and it felt wonderful. you might have also noticed that sunrise earlier so as you very well know sunrise we just ended daylight saving time is now at the 7:00 our sunset will
7:01 am
it into the mid-60s yesterday we are starting off this morning in the 30s and 40s. more of an issue toward the lake and ashtabula county. take your time along the interstate. we are dry right now and that is the way we stay through the day. temperatures around lunchtime in the low 60s with highs today in the mid-60s. you might need a jacket this morning, but by this afternoon you can get away with a light jacket or some short sleeves. if you do plan on heading out where some sunscreen. lots of sunshine for today. rain all the way by election day and we will talk more about that in a couple of minutes. election day is coming up fast and the race for the white house dramatic moment saturday,
7:02 am
secret service agents rushed him offstage. is okay and resumed his rally a few moments later. a reporter has more from a busy day on the campaign trail.>> reporter: tense moment saturday night. secret service rushing donald trump off the stage after a disturbance at his rally in reno, nevada. police were seen moving one man and he returned to the podium moments later. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us. reporter: saturation facing off against our power. hillary clinton pulling out all the celebrity stops you can in a poll to get minorities and millennialist to the poll. saturday with popstar katy perry in pennsylvania. clinton is trying to build a firewall which good luck trump from getting 270 electoral
7:03 am
world doesn't mean anything if people don't vote. >> reporter: trump is trying to expand the map visiting states across the country. for on saturday where he made his most ominous ataxia. >> we need a government that can work and work well from day one for the american people. that will be impossible with hillary clinton. the prime suspect in a massive, far-reaching, criminal investigation. >> reporter: he has five stop planned for sunday and one in minnesota which hasn't gone to republican since 1972 still he remains confident. >> based on turnout i think we're going to win florida. >> reporter: yet to be seen, how much difference this last weekend bush will make. 40 million early votes have already been cast. trump was removed from the stage after a promotion
7:04 am
unidentified individual shouted john -- gun. one person was apprehended and no gun found. hillary clinton will campaign with lebron james in cleveland. this will take it out and vote evidence where linnton the layout her plans to plan an economy. she will also talk about america stronger together. lebron james endorsed clinton last month. questions are being asked after foul language and even fists flyit football game. both sides give their account of what happened. melissa raymond has the story. >> reporter: instead of taking [ inaudible ] they played a little pick-up games where they usually practice in south park. the pioneers were scheduled to play saturday afternoon, but parents and coaches from the opposing team said they didn't want their kids to get hurt.
7:05 am
of our children.>> reporter: courtney sutton place football ford north ridgeville he is 10 and about 90 pounds. but those kids were so much bigger than our boys. >> reporter: they play each other on october 29. >> literally picked them up, grabbed him by the neck. >> reporter: she said that's what started the scuffle. >> this game got out of hand. >> reporter: she says rims parents directed racial slurs at the pioneers and the rams assistant coach punched her >> i thought the coach was yelling at my son and it was a dirty, sneak punch from the dough. but there was no punch from any adults. the assistant coach or any other adults. >> he has a huge bruise, swelling clear as day a for smart. >> she says what most. >> they were clapping and telling him that's what he
7:06 am
>> we don't speak like that at home, we don't judge people. the parents don't speak like that. >> reporter: on saturday evening and appeared whatever transpired was put away for a moment. the undefeated pioneers could left in this moment. melissa raymond channel 3 news. in other news this morni car ended with two people been sent to the hospital. the case started near south moreland the case started near s. moreland blvd. just before 5 am. police started chasing the car after reports it was connected to an assault and was stolen. the driver crashed the car and ran off. police are still investigating. dr. alex johnson president of the kyle guy community college was honored as the black professional of the year. he was honored at the 36th anniversary scholarship and awards gala of the black
7:07 am
the association has awarded more than 3 million in college scholarships to deserving african-american scholars. 80% of whom are first- generation students in higher education. still ahead this morning, there is nothing better than your grandma skulking except maybe a bunch of it all in one restaurant. how one restaurant is bringing the comfort of your home to the
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i and matthew burns with this week square talk. joining me today is another member of our community council. a part of the metrohealth team and passionate about other projects. i will let her tell you about it. >> i am with the metro system and i'm here today because i am also a member of the community council and recently we were asked to find ways we were building momentum and i would like to share my part of how i'm building and we are building momentum. there is metrohealth which is where i work. there is a transformation happening in the system and specifically at the main campus. we are being very intentional about how we reach out into the community and deliver healthcare and how we will physically look and eventually we will be a part of the community. along with metrohealth is the concept called the hispanic belichick -- village.
7:12 am
state of ohio and there has been a dream for the last 20 years to develop that as like a concept where culture converge a place where all of us, not just the latino community, all of us can come and enjoy, food, culture and dialogue and that has been a dream of this community for a long time and because what is happening at metrohealth, that seems like a possibility now and what is happening on the corridor also and we are creating energy to build momentum for metrohealth. one of the things we did to bring to life the whole concept is the summer pop up market that happens once a month from may through september. >> obviously the members of our community council are amazing so if you have any thoughts we
7:13 am
to our website. today is sunday and you know what that means, football. jazzman joins us from the [ inaudible ] with more on the game of the day brown's versus cowboys and earlier you were showing us all of the people and -- in cowboy. >> reporter: we can't have that. what are fe >> we had too many cubs fans here and now we have the dallas invasion. >> a lot of people were hoping that the browns are going to win this over the cowboys. you think it could happen? >> anything is possible. that's why we play the game.
7:14 am
one day to be nice. >> reporter: should i let him talk? >> if you have to. >> reporter: tell me what you have. you have brought it all with you. >> [ inaudible ] i am a diehard fan for 43 years. cowboys. how about them cowboys? >> reporter: i can't let him talk for too long. >> i didn't hear what he said. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: what are you excited to see most today even after that? >> i think the progression. the progression we have been looking for. we can't change another organization. we need to step out of the with what we have and see if we get any progression through the guy we just got from new england. >> reporter: we are here all morning. i can't believe there are way too many cowboys fans out here.
7:15 am
way. look you will start to see the cars if they're not there yet. jasmin, all i can say is good luck. we will be checking back with you. if you are caring for your elderly parents, it can get overwhelming. how to reduce the stress of caring for an elderly family member. plus health one restaurant is taking grandmas a new level. >> that looks so good and you know what else looks good? the forecast. if you are heading into first energy kickoff forecast looks amazing. temperatures in the 60s, a lot of sunshine in the forecast and how long will that last? we will talk about it after the
7:16 am
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7:19 am
welcome back. just before 7:19 this morning. check your clubs and make sure you fell back an hour. if you long for simpler times that included family dinners and grandma in the kitchen and this is for you. they have found a class -- place in new york. >> reporter: they say you can't go home again. pretty close. >> it sends me back to my childhood days. >> reporter: a restaurant where grandma is in the kitchen. maybe not your grandma, but somebodies. after losing his grandmother the owner long for the good old days. >> to kind of go back in time to those days when my grandmother was in the kitchen and she was cooking. >> reporter: he placed an ad in
7:20 am
ruling the kitchen. he calls it controlled chaos. not everyone speaks english. and the grandmas each number one in their own family can be competitive. >> it gets a little dicey. >> reporter: the end result has people coming from all over. the italian grandmas were such a hit he opened it up to grandmas from around the world, pakistan, algeria, turkey more than a dozen nationalities. she hits the russian shops for authentic ingredients. >> i grew up with this meal. >> reporter: is one of the grandmas giving cooking lessons in the restaurant. she says the secret of the grandma is cooking from the heart. did you ever think you would be a chef? >> no.>> reporter: a dream come
7:21 am
burner. >> delicious, wonderful. >> reporter: just like grandma used to make. maybe. >> its way better. i'm sorry grandma and grandma. >> oh my gosh. cooking. >> do have something that is just a quintessential grandmas favorite meal? >> i'm italian. on my maternal grandmother side and this there is even pasta italian police come to arrest you. and i'm guilty i've done it a couple of times. >> if you ever have any acts that you know i am all about trials. >> i will make the sauce and bring it. >> it's weird but it is her
7:22 am
applesauce and it is out of this world unbelievable. >> i will bring my sauce to bring yours. >> let's get you out the door and show you what it looks like. if you are going out with mom or grandma or dad or your grandpa later on today, it looks great. temperatures mid-to upper 50s by about lunchtime. i think by the time we see kickoff at first energy temperatures in the 60s. a nice and mild sunday for this tuesday. there are a few rain chances. if you can't get out and do early voting i would suggested and by next weekend temperatures taking a big tumble. we will talk about that in just a second. this morning you are waking up to the 30s and 40s. we are a little warmer toward the lake. dry right now complements of high pressure and i like to call this the high-pressure center.
7:23 am
further toward the west you can see towards edmonton and calgary canada, that is the next system that brings rain showers on the way by this upcoming tuesday for election day. we will talk more about timing and just a second. here is what you're sunday looks like. this morning we are sunny side up to lunch time and it looks great. this afternoon you might friends and family and an excellent evening. first thing tomorrow, don't forget the sunglasses and look what happens by tomorrow afternoon on monday. the temperature department, temperatures in the mid-to upper 60s for highs before retreating back into the 50s. the forecast for today looking good. soaking and these sunshine with temperatures low to mid-sixties with overnight lows into the 40s. we are within 3 degrees of 70
7:24 am
speaking more specifically about timing, on tuesday heading to the polls before work looks great. i think, on your lunch break tuesday looking good as well to head out to the polls. they won't be until you had home from work, that is when we see increasing clouds eventually leading to scattered showers into early wednesday. the best time for voting if you can only managed to do it on tuesday it's going to be during the morning in the early half of the afternoon. our plans tuesday night into wednesday and next weekend if you notice those were 40s for highs and saturday night into sunday will fall into the 30s with precipitation. >> i guess i better find that winter coat. fine. thanks michael. if you are in your 40s or
7:25 am
called the sandwich generation. according to research nearly half of all adults of that generation are caring for both their children and their aging parents. as part of overwhelmed week chris took a look at the tall task of taking care of mom and dad. >> reporter: in some ways 85- year-old robin is as sharp as ever. >> mom is an excellent bridge player. >> reporter: if only >> she went through a series of falls in a two-week period.>> reporter: there comes a time when you need help. >> it is terrible. not been able to do things. >> reporter: a time when you need family. >> we want the best for her. that is part of being your family. >> it is easy to become overwhelmed. >> reporter: courtney is with the senior source that helps families like robins appear for responsibility more difficult
7:26 am
care is needed. we thought about it too late. there was no financial planning. >> reporter: for things like food, housing, transportation and medical treatment. medicare might not cover it all. >> some places are just so outrageously expensive. >> reporter: rather than pay that outrageous price this family employs teamwork. >> it is difficult to just run over and do something. everybody is involved. >> reporter: robins family says they share the care making sure someone is always available and there are nonprofits that help fill in the gaps. >> that is what started the journey was finding ways to supplement what she had. >> reporter: by researching, they found ways to do that. >> every bit of information i get i write in this book. >> reporter: it can make for long days and difficult days,
7:27 am
you just going to do it. >> reporter: after all, it is family. after the break, we are a few days away from this historic election. chuck todd breaks down what you need to know about it and the candidates before heading to
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
time is 30 open in about 48 hours. chuck todd joins us now from new york with a look at how the presidential candidates are making their final campaign push. good morning, chuck. >> good morning. >> we are almost there. >> our long national nightmare is almost over. book we might have something else to talk about in a couple of weeks. for both what are the final
7:31 am
>> well, look. i think their strategies are about base turnout and they are not trying to woo any undecided voters or there are none probably left that will vote. they are trying to get people, the swing voters they're looking for and it is pretty clear what hillary clinton is concerned about, african- american turnout. she wakes up this morning at philadelphia and you saw her there with jay-z and beyonci. they are headed to detroit and back to philadelphia with the obama. th with trumpet is different. you can tell he is searching for another state. of alby -- if all be tossups go his way he still has to find another couple of state to flip. maybe it is michigan or pennsylvania. where he is going, he is trying to motivate that both to come out and he has added stops in michigan.
7:32 am
new targets that he's having. >> and you mentioned it has been, we will say interesting political season. what are the weaknesses? >> i think their weaknesses are obvious. it is a campaign of fear as the pollsters have noticed in the final poll you have the trump supporters are supporting him almost out of fear of a changing america, a changing world and workplace. clinton's campaign is now revolved around fear of donald trump. both negative motivators, not positive. they are both ending on a negative, they are ending on this idea that if the other wins watch out. it is a cataclysmic problem and that will make november 9 buried difficult. i was joking about the long national nightmare, but honestly it is just the beginning on november 9. i think the entire democracy,
7:33 am
there's a lot of cleanup to do. >> it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. chuck, i am hoping you get a lot of caffeine over the next couple of days. >> i'm already on my third brand of coffee this morning. >> let us know which one with that election. >> i have to be careful i don't want to over promote. i'm willing to taste test in a coffee. anyone that wants to send me good coffee or bad coffee, bring it on. >> we will check ban you throughout the week. good luck this week. chuck will be back with meet the press this morning. we want to get a quick check of the sunday forecast. >> for folks that are getting up and grabbing your coffee this morning or perhaps your hot cocoa it is going to look like a great start this morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s and there is where we should be for an average high is 55.
7:34 am
we will do that once again today. as we mentioned, a cooler start this morning. grab that hot cup of coffee and relax and enjoy as temperatures upper 30s, lower 40s in akron canton. fog is an issue in a couple of areas. take your time as you are heading out the door. we are dry throughout the day today. a good-looking sunday the morning we will warm into the mid-50s by 10:00 and topping out around 63 degrees. nearly 10 degrees above normal. it gets even warmer to start off the workweek tomorrow. we will talk about that part of the forecast and rain on the way for election day. we are suggesting if you can't get out and do early voting get
7:35 am
we also want to check in with jasmin who is at the lot . jasmin, i asked on twitter you think we will get our first win reaction has been negative. >> reporter: the fans here are saying beautiful day and they are thinking michael for that. it is all about than sticking together and no matter what they haven't one game and she has the browns spirit. look at her headband. who's going to win today? the browns.
7:36 am
>> reporter: i am not noticing all of these spots filled up. i need to talk to mike he is very confident in knowing that the browns are going to win today. because of the shirt. >> go browns. there's nothing better. >> reporter: tell me about this sort. why is it so great? >> go. it is my good luck shirt. >> reporter: how do you celebrate tailgating? i think he is asking for a shout >> my man. we always listen to some good music and we might throw on some crab legs later. >> reporter: we know to come back to hear. >> come back in about an hour. >> reporter: tell me what you think the score will be. >> 20-17 browns. >> reporter: i don't think the
7:37 am
>> jasmin, if you are the only bad luck charm i'm going to buy lottery tickets and i have a bridge to sell you in brooklyn. >> thank you so much. tell them we are all hopeful. still ahead, a historic
7:39 am
7:40 am
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7:46 am
7:47 am
some reminders just in case you don't remember how the system works. always good to get those refreshers. maybe you were paying attention and fourth grade. [ laughter ] >> are doing early voting and ohio so if you can get out and get an early vote in. >> a lot of people have already voted. >> 40 million? that's a lot of people. if you can be one of those to get it done early because there is a chance for showers mainly tuesday during the evening hours. the majority of our voting time on tuesday it looks decent, but
7:48 am
especially if there are lines out the door for it. here is what it looks like for today. at the national park they have a beautiful scenic railroad. i just learned about this the other day. it is gorgeous. lots of sunshine from start to finish and if you have that 9:00 a.m. ride temperatures in the lower 50s and lunchtime lower 60s with highs around 63 degrees. kickoff weather at first energy dallas cowboys taking on our browns at 1 pm. temperatures in the lower 60s by that point and that is after a chilly start this morning. we are only in the 30s and 40s. downtown closer to the lake where it is warmer at 49 degrees. 35 down towards [ inaudible ]. we stay dry. complements of high-pressure in
7:49 am
no worries. here is what we are tracking for tuesday and to election day. an area of low pressure with a cold front all of this energy will slowly but surely work toward the east southeast and that will up our chances for rainfall on tuesday. the timeout the next 48 hours. through this morning, picture- perfect. a gorgeous start to the second day of the weekend into this afternoon. into the 60s for highs. this evening looks good as well for dinner plans that you may have. first thing tomorrow to get through monday morning is great. don't forget the sunglasses. by tomorrow afternoon temperatures in the mid-to the upper 60s. forecast for thursday soaking in that sunshine. tonight we drop down into the 40s and look at the 7-day forecast. keep in mind that 55 is our
7:50 am
60 today, 67 tomorrow within a couple of degrees of 70. as we mentioned before voting tuesday morning and afternoon look good, tuesday evening a couple of showers. not to be left out is next weekend, temperatures tumbling quickly into the 40s, overnight lows in the 30s. we also have moisture moving and -- in as temperatures move into the 40s. the precipitation coming from the sky next weekend. we will keep an eye on that. >> you just said a lot of work -- words to say sleet or snow. >> precipitation in the forecast. >> lay it all out there for us. >> it might not be right. >> michael, thank you. with a few days to before the election both candidates will tell you every vote counts and
7:51 am
vote is more intense than ever. channel threes reporter caught up with some young voters. software product of that they are out exercising their right to vote. they are getting involved in the process. >> nothing could be better. >> reporter: a campaign stop at the university is a perfect venue to reach out to the young voters. had a chance to meet hillary clinton before the rally. >> we have apathetic mobiles and those that think the decision will no this is not their future and you have the people that think what time to be alive and a time to be in college. >> reporter: a time where there is so much information that can leave voters confused. take the fbi recent release of another clinton related email investigation. how much do we know or even understand. for some it is up to them to be through the information. >> i tried to do my research to get down to the truth and i did my research and it doesn't
7:52 am
it is more than just research. the political talk is an opportunity to open discussions and get the answers you need to make an informed decision. >> showing up to events dislike the way not even planning them just going to an event can be the first step in activism that can help. we will be right back with
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
have you heard of this? it is the management challenge. here is our favorite rival the pittsburgh steelers posted this video on their twitter account. just stay still like a mannequin. this challenge is spreading across high schools as well. maybe we will have to try that. maybe not live on air michael. we don't have that much time at the end of the show.
7:56 am
allergy forecast looks good. nice and low, the forecast for today looking amazing. if you are just waking up, the time is 7:55. we roll back our clocks at 2 am this morning. tomorrow looks great a couple of showers as we head towards election day. we will mannequin challenge this and in the meantime we will be back here at 9:00.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
we cannot take anything for granted. >> we are the movement of the future. >> the only thing that's left to do is vote. s. the cubs win the world series. ?? good morning. welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. hillary clinton entered the race on april 12th, 2015, nearly 19 months ago. donald trump rode into the race two months later. in 48 hours, the polls will be open. trump had a brief scare last night when secret service rushed


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