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tv   Channel 3 News Sunday  NBC  November 6, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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coming up, scary moments during a donald trump rally. why he was rushed off stage. plus, parents at one football game are upset over actions by both teams, including possible violence at the games. this morning, parents are speaking outs. and tailgating this morning. >> reporter: hey, we today. but who will win? we will find out today at 1:00 p.m. go, browns. it is channel 3 morning news, made possible by the floor show. it is time to fall in love again with your home. and now, channel 3 news today. thanks so much for being with us at 9:00 a.m. just in case you have not changed your clocks, just yet.
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there. a beautiful day for football. we are going to check the forecast in just a second. but i have to say. we were, we went on our coffee walk that we usually do, there are a lot of cowboys fans in town. >> yes, disturbing number from i saw more cowboys fans outside than--number. >> i saw more cowboys fans outside than the browns fans. >> yes, we were like, you know, surrounded, what is going >> well, welcome to cleveland. we hope you spend your money here. >> yes, it is so true. and boy, it is a beautiful start this morning. despite it become jacket weather, temperatures in the 40s and lower 50s going to the lake, other wise, tracking just a touch of fog as well. if you are waking up with us this morning in the lake, back to ash that tabula county, seeing more fog out your way. so if you are heading into to worship services this morning, just keep that in mind and build in a couple of extra
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dry right now, and that is the way we stay throughout your day today. you are thinking to yourself, you know, i want to head on down to the valley national park, that is a beautiful railroad that they have there as well. temperatures through the morning, in the 50s before making it to about 60-degrees with a lot of sunshine by lunchtime. highs today at 63-degrees. and a beautiful day is lined up and a beautiful day tomorrow, within a but rain--degrees of 70s. but rain is on the way by election day. all right, we knew we had to cool down at some point. >> yes, and boy we will. >> all right, thanks, michael. turning to politics now, in the race for the white house, dramatic moments at a trump rally in nevada where secret service rushed the republican off stage. he is okay this morning and
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moments later. and now kris has the latest. >> reporter: tense moments on the campaign trail saturday night. police were seen removing a man after the problem and trump returned to the podium moments later. >> nobody said it was going do be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. >> reporter: it capped a frenzied final saturday on off against star power. hillary clinton pulling out all of the stops they can to get the millennials and minorities to the polls. ? [ music ] ?? >> reporter: saturday, with pop star katie perry in battleground pennsylvania, clinton is trying to build a fire wall, which could block trump from getting 270 votes with one key win. >> all of the campaigning in the world does not mean anything if people do not vote. >> reporter: donald trump is
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visiting states across 9 country. four on saturday, where he made big attacks. >> we need a government that can work and work well from day one of for the american--one for the american people. [ cheering and applause ] >> that will impossible--that will be impossible with hillary clinton, the prime suspect in a massive, for a reaching criminal investigation. >> reporter: trump has five stops planned for including one in minnesota. still, he remains confident. >> ed on turnout, i think we are going to win florida. --based on turnout, i think we are going win florida. >> reporter: and 40 million early votes have already been cast. nbc news, new york. in a statement, the secret service says that trump was removed after a problem in the crowd and an individual is shouted gun. but after a search, no gun was
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out. in the meantime, today, hillary clinton is going to campaign with lebron james here in cleveland. this will be a public get out to vote event where cling ton will lay out her plans to create an economy that works for everybody. lebron james endorsed clinton last month. in other news, questions are being asked after accusations of foul language and fists flying at a youth football game. now both sides give their account of what happened. channel 3s has the story. >> reporter: instead of taking th high school stadium, the pioneers played a little pick up game where they usually practice in south park. the pioneers were going to play saturday afternoon, but parents ands coaches from the opposing teams said they didn't want their kids to get hurt. >> it was not about they were being about them black, or where they came, if it was about the safety of our children. >> reporter: courtney cease son plays football for the rams of north ridgeville. he is ten and about 90-pounds. >> kids were just so much bigger.
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pioneers played each other on october 29. >> literally, picked him up. >> reporter: and that is what started the problem. >> this game, it just got out of hand. >> reporter: the twins here play for the pie teens, the rams parents directed racial slurs at the pioneers and a rams assistance coach purged her son in the--punched her son in the stomach. >> it was just like a di >> there was no punch from any adult, this assistant coach, on any other adult. >> he has dot a huge bruise there--he has dot a huge bruise there, swelling. >> reporter: what hurt the most was what she heard when her son was going into the ambulance. >> they were clapping and saying that is what you deserve. >> we do not speak like that at home. the parents do not speak like that. >> reporter: on saturday
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trans-fired was put away for a moment--trance pyred with us put away for a moment. so the pioneers could live in this moment. channel 3 news. thanks. coming up, michael is going show us how the weather can impact on who could win the next election. >> and one retail giant has joined a select pow open up on thanksgiving to give you your plaque friday deals a little bit those stories and much more
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welcome back action weather has always lay add part in our lives--welcome back, weather has always played a part in our lives. and now it turns out that weather has an impact on who turns out to vote on election day. >> reporter: according to a study published my the journal of politics back in august of 2007, republicans benefit from
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decreases the level of voter turnout. as you know, uncomfortable weather makes waiting in line at the polls, well, uncomfortable. bad weather may also limit your want to get to the polls. and rain and snow both keep folks from heading out to vote, for every inch-over rain above what is normal on election day, the republican candidates receive an extra 2.58% of the s, thousands of votes. remember the 2000 presidential election between al gore and gorge w bush where florida became the deciding state in the election? when all of the votes were counted, it came could be just 537 vote--it came down to just
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and now researchers say that had the weather been dry and sunny across the entire sunshine state of florida on election day, al gore would have won florida, he would have won all ovolos's electoral college votes which means that al gore would have become president of the united states if there news rain at all on election day in florida. --there f there was no rain at all on election day. if you are republican, you will want to pray for rain. however, if you are democrat, weather. we will just see how it all turns out. thank you, michael. will the browns beat the cowboys today? that is the question that a lot of people are asking. and now jazz mine is live. now you are with a lot more optimistic people than i have been talking to on social
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their hopes up. >> reporter: oh, i mean, you cannot give up on your team just that easy. you still have to fight. you cannot let shall be come visit your hometown and take over like these guys here. this is a young lady, we know who her dad is, tim behind the camera, how could you let your daughter with a cowboys fan? >> i married into is it. >> [ inaudible - -into it. >> [ inaudible - low volume ] >> leapt's go, browns. >> reporter: this is what happens. tell me, what do you think is going happen to the cowboys today? >> you know what, i think koestler is going show up and i expect a huge day out of pryor. i think the browns take it home, 21-18 victory today. >> reporter: 21-18. they started laughing. >> it is gnus funny. >> we are--it is just funny. >> we are going to have number
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>> oh, yes. >> ohio state. >> the ohio state. >> reporter: i think it is great how many spirit you guys have. but going into this field, what do you think the, are they quiet quiet because when they walk past, you had a lot to say. >> you know, they are going to be really loud going into the game and i think they will be really quiet coming out. that is how i think. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: all right, so, we are having a lot of fun out here. the game starts at 1:00 p.m., right he stadium. so come out and have a good time, tailgating is where i am at. i am a brown fans. >> go, browns. [ cheering and applause ] >> just be very careful standing between opposing fans. >> reporter: i know. clearly i don't know which side to be on. >> make sure that you have extra muscle. >> she is of here. >> here we go.
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have fun out there, everyone. well, good news for delta sky miles members who book with air bnb. members of the flier program with now earn miles for their stays at air bnb. you can earn a mile for every dollar spent. to get the miles, sky miles members needs to book their stay through delta's website. taco bell has plans expand nationwide over the next six years. taco bell says they are going to increase the number of restaurants in the u.s. by 9000 while creating 100,000 new jobs. the mexican fast food chain is currently operating about 7000 restaurants nationwide. and now some companies have taken a stand against opening on thanksgiving day. and now kohls is going to start their deals at 6:00 p.m.
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and the retailer will also launch its black friday door buster deals online. they are also going live at 6:00 p.m. coals is joining macy's, which will welcome shoppers at 5:00 p.m. and jcpenny, which will open at 3:00 p.m. this year's molest toy may have just hatched. have you seen this? it is now sold out online at wal-mart, toys are us, amazon, and in most target stores. some are being resold on i bay. plastic egg. kids nurture the egg and then once it hatches, they can teach the toy to walk and talk. coming up, do your pets enjoy the finer things in life? one denver businessman may have found something for that pet with high class taste. and we take a look at the one local teen's fight to accomplish her goal. >> but first a check of the
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start 20 --to our sunday fun day. and heading out on the lake, it is looking amazing. consider wearing sunscreen. a lotted of sun sign, waves less than two feet. we do have wet weather on the
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starbucks holiday benches
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green cups. this year there is one stroke connects more than 100 people on the cup. timed up with the upcoming election, starbucks says the cups were create today be a celebration of unity, and to encouragetous be good to one another. whether they release a holiday cup still remains to be seen. i am hearing november 10th. so off of the record. at your house, do you spoil your pets? well, a denver company has a pampering item, peak yep, pet wine. the company says you will never to have to drink alone. there is no alcohol here. it is just herbs, like mint and it gets its color from the red and golden beets. it is shipped all over the world. and is there moew, and i think this is masca t o. >> oh, yep, there cow go.
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have friends and family members, there are gifts urn the tree for the pets. >> yes, i have done that. >> guilty as charged on that one? >> i do not have pets now, i have babies. >> this is true. this is so very true. well you noah, speaking about pets, how about our dogs? you know what i mean? >> oh, yes. >> the browns are bringing a win home this afternoon. i am feeling it. a lot temperatures by kickoff at 62- degrees. so again, just a beautiful day at first energy. and speaking of beautiful, not only by 1:00 p.m., but through the afternoon, this evening, looking just as wonderful, temperatures this morning, cool, we are in the 40 and 50s down--in the 40s and 50s. akron, good morning to you, warmer at the lake, lower 50s in downtown cleveland. we are dry right now, we are being taken care of.
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you will see that area of high pressure, i like to think about that as no worries, a lot of sunshine outside. it is also helping know drive in, much more mild temperatures this afternoon. in the low 60s for highs. and by election day, that of course, being this upcoming tuesday, it is an area of low pressure with an attached cold front. it is all quickly moving to the east and i think it gets here tuesday, more so during the drive home from work and around second is half tuesday, we could see some rain. so try to get in your voting early if you can. through this morning, it is the sunshine that we are enjoying, right around lunch time, temperatures right around that 60-degree reading. it is going to be a beautiful afternoon. and then amazing evening ahead
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think you will need the sunglasses. it is a cool sunshine, of course, to start off your monday. and then monday afternoon, temperatures are back in the mid and upper 60s, closing in on near 70. soaking in the sunshine today, low to mid-60s for highs. lows tonight in the 40s with your window nation seven day forecast, showing you again, near 70-degrees on your monday. and check out tuesday evening into early wednesday, there is our rain chances as you there, before a big cool down by next weekends, at this time. temperatures in the 40s. overnight lows so the saturday night into early sunday, by the way, the 30s with precipitation, could be interesting. but, leapt's switch gears here, we have just--let's switch gears here, we have a pretty puppy up for adoption. yes, her name is pk. >> i love the name. and thank you so much, linda,
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and if you can tell, pk has just such a slender build. pill for racing. >> she is a runner. >> and she is a runner. she has competed in 1 # 4 rays? >> --114 races. >> yes, and she just came from florida last week. >> yes, and she is just, you know, as calm as can be. >> she is so sweet. >> yes, she really is. so tell me what type of family this you think pk could do re w >> well, with kids, but most greyhounds do. actually, anyone could adopt pk into their home. she is gentle, she is quiet. but she has energy. >> yes,. >> and she is a little extra special. >> yes, and you guys actually have over 20 others at the greyhound adoption of ohio. >> and we have five arriving from florida torment. >> so we are full. >> and we love to have people
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>> yes. yes, what is the best way for folks to reach out to you? >> go to our website, greyhound adoption. >> sure, easy enough. >> and they can call us, arrange to come out and visit. we have a big fenced area where they can let the dogs play and take them for a walk. >> can folks bring their other animals too, joust see if there is a good match there? >> oh, yes. >> oh, easy enough. and you were telling that pk has been kittens and--introduced to kittens and she did very well. >> yes, some do better than others and she was a star. >> yes, she was. well, thank you so much, linda for coming in with little pk. i am hoping that she finds her forever family really soon. >> thank you very much. >> oh, yes. and now of course, over to scare talk. --to square talk. hey, i am mickey and the always lovely public square.
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joining me today is our member of our community council, lore dis. she is very passionate about projects. so i will let her tell you about it. >> i am here today because i am also a member of the community council. recently we were asked to think about ways that we are all building momentum and i would like to share my little part of how i am building and we are building momentum in the near west side of ask where i work. there is a transformation happening in the system and at the main campus. we are reaping out into the community, delivering health care, how we are going look, eventually, we are going to be a greater malt of the community, along with metrohealth is the concert called the hispanic village because the neighborhood in cleveland, it has the largest
9:26 am
state of ohio and there has been a dream to develop that as like a concept, a place where commerce and culture conserve. a place all of us, where we can all come and enjoy food, culture, fuel sick, dialogue, dominoes. you know, that has been a dream of the community and because of what is happening at metrohealth, that seems like a possibility now. and because of what is happening on 9 west 24th et it is all coming together and we are operating to build momentum for metrohealth and for the west 25th street corridor. one of the things that we started to bring to life is the summer series called [ inaudible ], which is a pop up market event that happens, you know, once a month, from may through september. >> reporter: that was great. obviously the members of our community council are amazing.
9:27 am
go to thank you. still to come this morning, lebron james and the cavaliers look to remain the only undefeated team in the nba last night against the 76ers. but did they do it? al has the highlights coming up next. >> reporter: the browns take on the cowboys, we are playing games, and i have to switch hands. hopefully they can pull us through. oh, my gosh.
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thanks so much for being up with us, it is 9:30 a.m. again, 9:30 a.m. double check the clocks, especially the ones in the car. this is sunday, november 6th. we are getting you prepared for your day with not only a weather forecast, but a look from the browns tailgating, the game is coming up at 1:00 , michael, the leaves are falling path. >> yes. >> and that just means more on the to coalition. yes, but they look to pet- -on the to do list. yes, but they look to pretty on the trees. i hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep, boy, it felt great this morning. here is allergy wise, if you are thinking you want to head down to a metro park, tree, grass, weed, and mold, nice and low, thank goodness. temperatures are lower this morning. we were right around freezing
9:31 am
but as of 9:25 a.m. this morning, looking at temperatures in the 40s and lower 50s. so a cool start, a touch of fog down to youngstown in ashtabula letitia, eastern edge there, the lake there, going dantriumable and northern port amanda county, seeing some areas of light fog as well. radar, nice and dry, and that is the way we stay through the day today. so a good looking sunday on around 60-degrees. we top out today at 63-degrees. we are even warmer tomorrow, on monday, and by tuesday, if you really want some rail, i think that tuesday in the evening and overnight hours, our best shot for showers, we will talk more about that part of the forecast coming up. but maureen, that extra hour of sleep this morning, i mean, it was like a religious experience, it was amazing.
9:32 am
>> i know at least two little girls at my house that did not realize that the clock had changed. so, all right. thanks, michael. will the browns beat the cowboys today? that is the big question. we are live at the lot where fans believe that today is it. and then there is a lot of cowboys fans out there that are thinking they are going come away with a big win. >> reporter: that is right. it is all about the browns can you guys make some noise? [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: i think we scared them. just scared bruce, kevin. kevin has some serious cooking on over here. >> here we go. corned beef, ribs, pork, and beef. and a little biscuit. >> reporter: what is this smoker? >> it is a digital smoker. >> reporter: wow. how long does it take? it is just as good as it looks? >> oh, yes, about four or five
9:33 am
is awesome. >> reporter: , all right, and this is the true dog pound. >> oh, yes, we is a browns fan. >> reporter: that is all he knows. and two and a half years, are the browns going to win? >> i think so. >> reporter: okay. >> we know so. go, browns. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: all right, well, we need to know the scare of the game tom when the browns win. >> it will we is there--17-28. what your name? >> jewelry. >> and and natomas. >> reporter: and how--and and natomas. how long have you been fans? >> our whole lives. >> reporter: where are you guys from? mom and dad think they are not going to be on tv. put them on tv. all right, guys, well, here comes the cowboys, we have to make some noise.
9:34 am
for lunch, too, he said. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: back to you. >> all right, we are all hoping they are right. all of them. all right, thanks so much. >> reporter: i know. now to a true story of seeing the possible, a local teen has had no choice other than to be a fighter since the day she was born. recently she surprised her own family whence met in the lifetime in the making. dawn shares her story. >> i had knee surgefully february. and i pledged then to never take something as basic as walking for granted ever again. >> reporter: and now, we metallize, who worked so hard just to get her legs to work, period. every step she takes in gratitude. here is her story, her high school graduation goal, to remind us whatever we are up
9:35 am
>> born three months early, at just 1 pound 14-ounces, elizabeth. >> she has been a fighter since the day she was born. >> reporter: this tiny peanut, 19-years-old now. she works hard with cleveland clinic therapists for every single movement she makes. still, grateful every day. >> because i was [ inaudible ] they didn't think i would be here. >> she had had surgery on her heart, brain, her back, hips. >> reporter: down, but never out. she set a foal as a sophomore to walk at high school graduation. >> i could do this. >> reporter: it was a two yearlong rage plan. >> all of that emotion, i need to walk. this is the moment. >> reporter: she want today get across the stage in about a minute. >> where i had six minutes and
9:36 am
work. >> reporter: then sea set the tone. --then she set the tone. >> the day of graduation and i am like okay, i can do this. >> reporter: 50 feet. >> and as soon as my feet hit that ground, i knew. [ cheering and applause ] >> all i could see were tears from a mile back. 123 minutes took a minute and 15 seconds to cross that stage. [ cheering and applause ] >> my uncle was literally crying, grown men crying. >> reporter: maybe because grandpa clark had passed away somewhere is. >> a year and a half prior to
9:37 am
your angel, helping to push you along. >> that is what it was. i am glad i didn't quit. >> reporter: that tiny peanut who is proving it pays off. her therapist know her to be in the work. >> powerful, no matter what it is. she is not giving up. >> minute by minute, day by day. it is like okay, i had a bad day today, but is there always tomorrow. >> reporter: against so we are filing you straight away to the good stuff file. back to you. >> dan, thanks so much. coming up next, we look at the show down from last night at as the buck eyes took on nebraska. >> and ways to save, we show you a three in one speaker deal that is how be a holiday
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and now, the sports report. good morning, everyone. last night until the nba, the west team, the 76s were hosting the league's best team, the cavaliers, so it didn't sound like a very compass tiff match up, but guess what, it really was. lebron james, early on, looking to move into tenth place on the all-nba scoring list and he does it right here, moving into
9:41 am
he had a great night last night, filling up the sheet everywhere. a great pass. and lebron on the night, 25 points, 14 assists, eight rebounding. he is also a pretty good passer with the 14 assists last night. seven had 20 points, 11 boards, but the 6ers were not in the mood. billy was up late by five, but cavaliers got down two, just over a minute fry, three pointer, bang, cavaliers up by one. seven seconds left, six isers can win it. and what is jr smith, when you are the world champions, there is no call. the cavaliers win, 101 2-2/101. they are still un-de-beet feeted. the 76ers still do not have a win. here is the cavaliers coming up, tuesday night, the hawks at the q. and then they will head to the nation's capitol.
9:42 am
they are hosting the surprise cowboys today at the stadium. cleveland is still the only team in the nfl that does not have a win. and koestler is going the start at quarterback for cleveland. and dallas is 6-1. kind of a surprise, they, along with the patriots are the only teams in the nfl, only one loss. so it would be quite a shock, if the cowboy dos not have their way with the browns today. but dallas, leading up to this week saying all of the right things heading here is more. >> one thing that we are never going do is under estimate our o poe innocent. we are going go out there and play ball. we are going to play our ball and just keep it going. welcoming up together, the take on the browns and the cowboys. also, dave will go one on one with scott, that is sports tonight, after the late news
9:43 am
cavaliers are still undefeated. that is a look at sports this
9:44 am
u need to make thanksgiving magic. chex party mix. it's what thanksgiving is made of. ? sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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in case you are just tuning in and thinking does matt have another speaker deal? >> nope. >> yes. yes, he does. >> no. >> our news director told me to take a break on spiker deals.
9:46 am
it was a di feudser. this today a three in one. no, it is not just a [ inaudible ], it will charge your tech, it is a speakerphone. >> okay and it is waterproof. take a look. >> so on the side, there is a usb output. just take a connector and then in in case, we are going to power and charge and iphone 6 plus are from the same speaker that is now going to play music. now i want to point out this also very durable. it is also waterproof. ? [ music ] ?? >> it is still working. do you feel the christmas spirit? >> i do. >> so, no, it is not just a speaker. it is also a door buster. >> yes. >> it is also $80 right now on amazon where it is usually well
9:47 am
any day. again, $80 on sale, i found it for $49. what does that say besides speaker? power bank? >> speakerphone, speaker, speaker. >> okay, it is just a speaker. >> it is a power bank, too. >> it is also waterproof and durable. >> do you remember the time i head tested the head phones in the shower? >> no, i was not here that day. >> i s great speaker test in the bath and i want today keep the few somehow viewers and--the few viewers that i have. and now this is big, we promised that you can get every door buster early, not just speakers. so if you want to do that, that is where we have you covered. >> and they come this a lot of different colors, it looks like. and the three in ones come in a lot of different colors. >> speakers come in a lot of
9:48 am
product. and they are a paid deal, maureen. >> all right, it is on >> yes,. >> like all of the speaker deals. >> oh, my goodness. >> matt, you man handled that speaker. and we are hoping to man handle dallas cowboys later on today. here is what it looks like, 61-degrees with sunshine kickoff. i am feeling optimistic this game for our cleaver browns. so here is what it looks like through the day today, i think we are sunny, we are mild, temperatures in the 60s for election day, as you know, that is going to be 24 this upcoming tuesday, is there rain chance in there later on in the day. we will talk more about that in just a second. and enjoy and embrace the weather right now because by next weekend, at this time. we could be talking about a big time cool down with not just rain in the air, i will leave it at that.
9:49 am
50s out there. we are dry, from high pressure, i like to look at that and think it means no worries, a beautiful day for us here in the buck eye state. we are tracking for you, further to the west, that area of low pressure with an attached cold front this is all moving to the east, southeast and it is going to be impacting us on election day. more so during the second and i think voting on tuesday morning and tuesday afternoon looks nice. but after work on tuesday, things could get a little bit interesting there there. now through lunch time, temperatures by that point, in the 60s. and that is where we are through the afternoon: and then going to the evening, we will start to cool things down. remember that sunset tonight, earlier, took just after 5:00 p.m. this evening, it is when that sun will go down. so first thing tomorrow morning, it is looking great to
9:50 am
tomorrow afternoon, temperatures mid to upper 60s for highs. throe mid-60s today, we are soaking--low to mid-60s today we are soaking in the sunshine. window nation, seven day forecast, tomorrow, again, how about 67. pretty close to that 70-degree reading. i would not be surprise first- degree a few of the counties and our friends in the south actually hit that 70-degree reading. first thing tuesday morning, tuesday it is tuesday night that we will bring into showers into early on wednesday. and then we mentioned just a second ago, notice that saturday of the next weekend, i am saying 49-degrees is our high, and then saturday night, into early sunday of next week, we will fall into the 30s. and with precipitation in the air, you have got 30s there as well. you know, it might not just be-
9:51 am
>> it is not just maybe the rain. >> say it out loud. >> there might be something that starts with an s coming down from the sky. sleet, maybe a couple of flakes. >> any of those. any of those. >> get out of the shot. just go back to the weather center. >> yes, i know. that is right. >> i am not ready for it. >> will the, thank you. >> thank you, michael. and now i all right, all last week we were helping you deal with things that with k be overwhelping to us and today we are talking about home work overload. this morning, sherry will yaps has ways to man imagine your work and their time. >> the words this week. >> i think we are awful. >> when it comes to supervising home work, stephanie has marcia, her twin sister a10- year-old, and a 7-year-old to worry about. >> bye, have fun.
9:52 am
always understand the subject matter. >> math does not make any sense to me at the all. >> reporter: also, with four kids going to practice and lessons, this busy mom's home work helling time is very limited. --helping time is very limited. do not let her fool you, sometimes she is just overwhelped. >> she is like i am-- overwhelped. >> she is--overwhelped. >> i--overwhelmed. >> i go out three there to deep breathes railroad and try starting the home work clock the second your kids get out of school. >> the kid dos a lot of home work in the car--the kids do a lot of home work in the car. it is great, they are getting it done and when we are home, there is less to worry about. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: this teacher says that parents, if you do not understand thework, do to the be too quick to bring in hired help. >> i think there are more options than a tutor a lot of teachers are available. >> reporter: so most teachers
9:53 am
contacting them after hours. >> parents are not always asking how can i help my student learn or access more information? and so it is refreshing when they do. >> reporter: this teacher says you can also turn to the internet for tutorials. you can get math and more for reading and english. and then science as well. >> reporter: and re on the porch styles, there is nothing wrong with putting yourself in time-out, your children will understand. >> thank you for putting up with us, every day. >> reporter: so ditch the homework hassles and put the feelings behind you. all right, thanks. the mannequin challenge. there is another challenge out will, folks. coming up, we are going to show you the nfl team that matched up to it. and we have your browns day
9:55 am
9:56 am
have you heard of the mannequin challenge yet? here is our favorite rival, the pittsburg steelers. basically, you just to stay still like a mannequin during the shoot. and the challenge spreading all across--the challenge is spreading all across high schoolers, too. and it is the mannequin challenge. >> i mean, it is kind of funny, though. >> yes, it is a safe one at least, you know, they just sat. >> oh, yes, instead of doing that other crazy stuff. but hey, if you are heading downtown, 62-degrees and sunshine. that is basically the forecast for today, just a really beautiful looking sunday for us. >> awesome. >> well, let's hope for a win.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
this sunday, the final days before the election. and a mad scramble by both candidates. hillary clinton targeting her check mate states. >> tonight, i want to hear you roar. >> donald trump, still searching for a path to >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us. but w will never be stopped. never, ever be stopped. >> we'll get the latest from our correspondents on the campaign trail. i will talk to former speaker of the house newt gingrich. and the chairman of the clinton campaign, john podesta. plus, where the race stands this morning, the results from our final nbc news/wall street journal election poll. inside analysis from the pollsters. and finally, the race for the


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