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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 7, 2016 1:35am-2:35am EST

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the rapture of the church, the word "rapture" means caught up. and it means that one day, the lord jesus christ is going to come back, and those who put their trust in him are going to be caught up to be with the lord. 1 thessalonians chapter 4, 1 corinthians 15, john 14:1-6, all those passages tell us that, one day, jesus christ is going to come back, and he's going to come into the heavens. and if you're a christian and you put your trust in him, you're going to be caught up to be with him, and you're going to be taken to heaven to be with him forever. >> sheila: so, can you describe what you think that moment will be like? i mean, is it like the movie, where suddenly you're talking to someone, and that person's gone? >> david: yeah. well, since nobody's ever experienced the rapture, nobody knows for sure exactly what it's going to be like. but here's what you know. when the lord jesus comes back, he's going to take every believer from this earth. somebody said like a magnificent magnet over the top of steel, all believers
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>> announcer: stay tuned as dr. david jeremiah directs us on a clear path forward, and reminds us that god is in control, and jesus is the answer. what we see happening is part of the divine plan for this world and eternity. it's all coming up on today's urgent edition of "turning point." >> announcer: the bleeding of our borders, the apathy of america, the persecuted church. are these current events a sign of the coming rapture and tribulation foretold in the bible? unsure of the future, both christians and non-believers are asking, "is this the end?" dr. david jeremiah explores ten critical issues facing our society in his new book, "people are asking is this the end? signs of god's providence in a disturbing new world." split into two sections: "is this the end for america?" and, "is this the end for the world?" dr. jeremiah provides
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on topics including israel, isis, and the rise of russia. order your copy of "people are asking, is this the end?" when you support the ministry of "turning point" with a gift of any amount. and if you give $60 or more, dr. jeremiah will send you the "is this the end?" study set, which contains his new book, his complete series on your choice of dvd or cd, and a correlating study guide. plus, you'll also receive the prayer for america bookmark absolutely free. "is this the end?" book and study set, from "turning point" today. >> announcer: and now, join dr. david jeremiah as he addresses an urgent issue for our time, "the rapture of the redeemed." >> david: i developed a friendship with a california pastor by the name of tim lahaye. shortly after i met him, i actually was called to be his successor at what was then called the scott memorial church in san diego, california.
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community church, and i am still, after 35 years, its pastor. and most sundays until his death, dr. lahaye and his wife, beverly, would come to church, i knew exactly where they would sit. they consecutively, along with donna and i, pastored this church for over 60 years, just the two of us together. dr. lahaye was flying home once from a conference where he was speaking in the early 90s, and god placed a burden on his heart. he had been studying the scriptures, and he had come to the conclusion that the church, made up of god's people, would be raptured or rescued out of this world before the tribulation came upon the earth. he came to know the event that would make that happen as the event called the rapture. as he was flying home that day, he couldn't help but notice
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flirting with a flight attendant. he also noticed that the pilot was wearing a wedding ring. and dr. lahaye thought, "what if this were the moment that god had picked to remove the faithful from the earth, leaving behind only their clothes and a lot of bewildered unbelievers?" and it was at that moment that he decided to write a fictional account of what would happen when the lord returned and took all christianshe so he teamed up with the experienced ghostwriter jerry jenkins, and their first book was called "left behind." and it was published in 1995. the book was a runaway bestseller. i mean, the sequels that followed kept topping the charts. and i believe one of the reasons the book sold so many copies is because the rapture is the central event
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the bible simply teaches us that there's coming a day when an event will happen, when all of those who have put their trust in jesus christ as their personal savior will be suddenly caught up from this earth into the heavens, and there they will be reunited with their loved ones who have gone before them in death. they will then be met by the lord himself, and he will take them into heaven, where they will live with him forever there are three passages in the new testament that teach this truth. we only have time basically to look at the main passage, but those passages are john 14:1 to 3, 1 corinthians 15:50 to 57, and 1 thessalonians chapter 4. paul's writing to the church4. in thessalonica, and he says, "i do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep,
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who have no hope. for if we believe that jesus died and rose again, even so god will bring with him those who sleep in jesus. for this we say to you by the word of the lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the lord will by no means precede those who are asleep. for the lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, and with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of god. ane will rise first. and then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the lord in the air. and thus we shall always be with the lord. therefore comfort one another with these words." there are a number of truths in this passage that i want to unpack for us in this session to help us wrap our arms around this incredible hope that awaits us
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first of all, you need to understand that the rapture is a signless event. what i mean by that is that nothing has to happen before that happens. and that's what the scripture teaches us about the rapture. without any sign, without any warning, jesus christ could come back to this earth and take all of his followers to heaven with him. today, tomorrow, or someday in the future, he is going to fulfill that promise. not only is the rapture. it's a surprise event. that is, you're going to be surprised when this happens. "but of that day and that hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but my father only." if you hear or read someone who says they know when jesus is coming back, you should make it your purpose to stay away from that person, both in thought and in deed. to claim knowledge
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what even the angels do not know and what the lord did not know when he was on this earth. so if the angels don't know it and the lord doesn't know it, how'd you find out? well, you don't know because the bible says it's going to happen, and no one knows when it's going to happen. the lord god has set the timetable in his own mind, and only he knows the day and the hour. so it's signless, it's a surprise event, right along with the other two, it's a sudden event. the apostle paul emphasizes the suddenness of the rapture. and he says it will happen,re. "in a moment, and in the twinkling of an eye," 1 corinthians 15. now, when i first read that, i thought that meant the blinking of an eye. that's pretty fast. i mean, you blink your eye, it's really quick. you could say blinking your eye is sudden.
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than the blinking of an eye because the twinkling of an eye refers to the amount of time it takes for light traveling at 186,000 miles per second to be reflected on the retina of your eye. the whole idea is that this event is going to happen so quickly, so suddenly, in less than a nanosecond, the lord will call all believers to himself to share his glory. it's sudden.o share his glory. my late friend, dr. tim lahaye, vividly imagines what the unexpected suddenness of the rapture will be like. sometimes, you have to use your sanctified imagination just to get an idea of what will happen. he imagines the following things. a million conversations will end in the middle of a sentence. a man will turn with a laugh to slap a colleague on the back, and his hand will move
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a mother will pull back the covers of a bassinet, smelling the sweet baby smell one moment, but suddenly kissing empty space and looking into empty blankets. the rapture will happen just like that, in a moment. the entire world will be immediately changed. the fourth thing you learn about the rapture if you study the scripture is that it's a very selective event. the rapture is not for everybody. the rapture is for a selected group of people. you say, "well, that doesn't seem fair." well, it's very fair because we are told how to get in the selected group. in 1 thessalonians 4:13, paul affirms how selective this is. first of all, he opensthis is. his description of the event by referring to his readers as brethren, brethren. and he describes them in verse 14 as those who believe
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and in verse 16, he describes these family members as those who have died in christ. this leaves no doubt that the rapture is restrictive completely for believers in jesus christ. only those who are followers of christ will be taken up into heaven when he returns. so here's my crucial question for all of you. are you a follower of christ? because if you are not a follower of christ, you will fall under the heading you will be left behind. nobody wants to be left behind when the church is taken to heaven. and then i'd like to point out that the rapture's also a very spectacular event. now, when you read about prophecy, there are two parts of the lord's return to this earth. he comes, first of all, for his church and takes them to heaven. and then there's some time of tribulation on this earth. then he comes again at the end,
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with him, and that's when the battle of armageddon happens, and the earth comes to its conclusion. most of the time when you talk about spectacular, you're talking about the second advent. but here in the scripture, i'm reminded that the rapture itself will be pretty spectacularitself itself. the bible says there will be a shout, and there will be an angel, and there will be a trumpet. let me just talk about those three things for a moment. the sound of the lorco the greek word that is used to describe the word "shout" is that of a military officer commanding his soldiers. when the lord returns at the rapture, the shout that believers will hear will be his voice. just as he stood one day outside the tomb of lazarus and shouted, "lazarus, come forth," he's going to come back from heaven and shout to all of us, "come forth from your graves, and come up to heaven
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and along with the shout will be the sound of michael's voice, michael the archangel. the bible says that the only archangel in the bible is a guy named michael. there's no other one by name. he's the only one. michael will shout at the rapture right after jesus does, almost as if he is supporting the command of his commanding officer. and then finally, there's going the third sound is the trumpet of god. the rapture trumpet will call all christians to rise from the earth and meet the lord in the air, and then they will go to heaven. the first sound of the rapture, the shout of christ, is a call for believers to rise from the grave. the voice of the archangel is a sound of protection and safe passage. and the blast that believers hear will be his. just as he stood
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he will command all believers whose bodies are in the grave to come forth. and then i want to break down what's going to happen in that moment step by step, the sequential aspect of the rapture. here's what the bible says. number one, the first thing that's going to happen is jesus will come out of the heavens and descend into the atmosphere above the earth. the atmosphere and paul describes this as, "the lord himself descending from heaven." and then, when that happens, the lord jesus christ himself will be prepared to receive us. here's what the scripture says about him, however. listen to these words. the scripture says that god will bring with jesus those who sleep in jesus. now, what does that mean? let me pause for a moment and see if everybody understands what happens when a person dies. i have all kinds of people come, "you say he went to heaven. i just saw him in the casket.
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well, did you know the word "death" is a word that means to be separated? when somebody dies, their soul and spirit is separated from their body. so, when a christian dies, what happens is their soul and spirit, the real them, goes to be with jesus, and we put the house they lived in in the grave. what happens then is, when jesus comes back in the rapture, the bible says when he comes back, he brings with him the souls of those christians who already died. well, hang on, because after the return comes the resurrection. return comes when christ descends from heaven, he will begin by summoning to himself those who are asleep. that's the word that paul uses to describe death. so, as soon as jesus comes back, the next thing that happens is the bodies of those who have died are going to be resurrected. they're going to come out of the grave, and they're going to go up
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and be reunited with their soul and spirit that went to heaven when they died. that's what this scripture says. these bodies, when they are resurrected, are going to be made new. you're going to get a makeover, sister. you may not be able to afford one now, but one day, you're going to get one. and this makeover, i mean, it's going to be unbelievable. you know what you're going to be like? you're going to be just like the body of jesus when he came out of the grave. not only that, though. there's a redemption. the bible says that those who are alive and remain will also be taken up, and we will be changed. paul speaks of this change that will take place as the redemption of our body. and in his letter to the philippians, he described it this way. god is going to transform our lowly body so that it is
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in other words, we're going to get body number two, and it's going to be a body just like the risen body of the lord jesus christ. so let's review what's happened so far. jesus has come back. those who have died in christ have been risen from the dead, and they've caught up with the lord in the skies. and their bodies and souls are united. and then those who are alive and remain--if jesus should come tonight, all of us who are christians here we would be raptured up to be with the lord. some people i have heard say, "i don't want to accept jesus christ. i'm going to wait until the rapture. and when i see the rest going up, i'll make my decision and get caught up with them." you ain't going to have time to do that. there's no 3-minute warning. and remember, this happens in the twinkling of an eye. so don't wait till the last minute. you don't have a second chance. don't wait to the last minute. and then the bible says what's
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it says in verse 17, "then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the lord in the air. and thus we shall always be with the lord." all who have died already, all who are still living, we'll have a reunion in the air. so, what that means is that my mom and dad, who have been dead now for almost a decade, they're not going to get to heaven before i do. they're going to get caught up to be with the lord, and together we'll be ushered into heaven. they're actually with the lord now, but they haven't been ushered into heaven. how many of you know it's a whole lot more fun to see something great when you get to do it with your friends? so much more fun to celebrate with somebody when something great is going to happen. and one day, when the lord comes back, we're going to be caught up into the heavens. those who have gone before us, the ones we love, our parents, grandparents, some of our contemporaries,
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in the air. and then together, we're going to go and see the beauties of heaven for the first time. now, all of this is very important as it talks about the future, but i want you to think about it as it speaks to us in the present. because the rapture is a strengthening event. how does our certainty of the coming of christ affect how we live now? let me just suggest two or three words. first of all, it gives us consolation. paul explicitly communicated the truth of the rapture to the thessalonians so that they would not worry about what happened to their loved ones. the resurrection, and the rapture, and the return of christ is a wonderful truth, so that's why paul saysl truth, at the end of all of that, he says, "therefore comfort one another with these words." i cannot tell you how many times i have been blessed
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with the words of this passage that we're talking about today. not only is there an opportunity for there to be consolation, but the bible also teaches us that we should have a sense of expectation. if the lord jesus could come at any moment, we should be prepared, you know? i've been at home sometimes when donna has been away on a trip, and i'm running the show. and someone rings our doorbell, you cannot imagine how fast i between doorbell ringing and getting to the door. well, we won't have the opportunity to do that when the lord comes back. when he comes back, we go immediately. when i grew up, men and women, i grew up in a very conservative home. some of you know what i'm talking about. and we were not allowed to do a lot of things, among which was go to the movies. but i wanted to go
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and i almost went many times, but just as i would get ready to go, i would think, "as sure as i go to this movie, jesus is going to come back right in the middle of the movie, and i'm going to be in trouble." and we laugh about that, but isn't it true? we should live our lives in such a way that we will never be embarrassed if the lord comes back. live with expectation. and then we should be consecrated as christians. when i think of the fact that the lord jesus it puts a sense of urgency in my soul. why do i do what i do? most men my age have quit a long time ago, and i continue to do what i do through radio, and television, and events because, as i mentioned to you earlier, my goal in life is not only to go to heaven, but to take as many people with me as i can. i want you to go to heaven. if one more sermon or one more radio broadcast or one more television program
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that we put forward. and i think that's the way all of us should feel. if we do believe that jesus could come back at any time, we shouldn't be passive. people say, "why do you keep working at this stage of your life?" and i tell them when i went through cancer 20 years ago, and god saved my life, i realized he didn't give me my life back to go sit on a beach. he gave me my life back to serve him. for as long as i can do that, that's what i plan to do. and i believe eternity is at stake for many peopod the fourth word is the word "examination." suppose that the lord jesus chose this very moment to come back to this earth. would you be ready? jesus said that his coming is quick. when the moment strikes, there will be no time for you to get ready for heaven. so the question you must ask is, have i committed myself to jesus christ, and submitted myself to him as my lord
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to the end of my message, back to where it began, and dr. lahaye's blockbuster series called "left behind." that's not a comforting title. it wasn't meant to be a comforting title. in fact, it expresses the ultimate tragedy. so, i speak to you here in this audience here in new york, and i urge you not to be among those who are left behind when jesus comes. make today today is your opportunity to be sure you are ready if the rapture should come today. and it could happen at any moment. >> announcer: dr. jeremiah will return after this to give one last message of hope in light of today's critical issue. >> announcer: the bible speaks of a rapture coming in the future, but who will be taken up, and where will they go? and does it really matter what we believe about the rapture?
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facing our time in dr. david jeremiah's new book, "people are asking, is this the end? signs of god's providence in a disturbing new world." divided into two sections, "is this the end for america?" and "is this the end for the world?" dr. jeremiah provides a biblical perspective on topics including immigration, the decline in morality, and the isolation of israel. order your copy of "people are asking, is this the end?" when you support the ministry of "turning point" with a gift of any amount. and if you give $60 or more, dr. jeremiah will send you the "is this the end?" study set, which contains his new book, his complete series on your choice of dvd or cd, and a correlating study guide. plus, you'll also receive the prayer for america bookmark absolutely free. "is this the end?" book and study set, order yours from "turning point" today. >> announcer: and now, with one last word for today's program, here is dr. jeremiah. >> david: everyone knows
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sometimes, we wonder just how many more crises, disasters, wars, and shocks our poor planet can endure before it breaks apart. it seems things cannot continue this way for long. but as believers in jesus christ, we can live confidently in this chaotic world because we know the one who holds the immediate and eternal future in his hands. around us, god and his kingdom are unshakable. i would like to send you two free gifts from "turning point" that will help strengthen your faith in jesus christ. one is our monthly devotional magazine called "turning points," and the other is our booklet called "your greatest turning point." both of these resources will help your faith remain unshakable. and we'll send them to you free of charge if you will contact us
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>> announcer: next week on "turning point." >> david: when the harvest comes, the wheat will be separated out. remember that parable? and then the weeds are cast into the fire. over and over in the scripture, it's the same pattern. god knows how to deliver the righteous out of judgment. >> announcer: join us next week for dr. jeremiah's message "translated before the tribulation,"
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? an "e.t." exclusive. mariah carey's first interview since her split. >> people don't want to believe me. i'm telling you the truth. >> while other shows are talking about mimi, we're talking to her. >> they have no idea. plus michael buble's heart break. what we just learned about his 3-year-old son's cancer bout. >> you'r you can't ever think of a world without them. then think you know what happened the night kim kardashian was robbed? think again. >> screaming. >> our exclusive with the man who saw it all go down. plus we reveal oprah's favorite things. before you write your christmas list, you have to see our new interview. >> my favorite gift of all time is -- then "laverne & shirley" back together.
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schlemazel. >> remembering legendary director, garry marshall. >> i tried not to let him down. and we're with the race car driver speeding to the top of dancing's leaderboard. >> i think a swallowed a bug. >> now, this is "entertainment tonight." thanks for joining us, everyone. what a week it has been for mariah carey and her billionaire now ekds led to the end of the engagement have been fueling the headlines all week. and here is the latest. >> mariah carey! >> hi, how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> you look fantastic. how are you feel something. >> thank you. very festive. ? >> mariah made headlines thursday night. this was her first performance and interview since splitting from james packer. the singer showed up just about an hour late and was reportedly
2:05 am
that would make her near seven-minute two-song performance a million-dollar payday. ? >> i'm writing new music right now. i just recorded vocals for this one song that i'm really excited about. >> moving on to mariah's other big headline, the report that she had a no sex before marriage rule. could be true. in fact, our source billionaire and the singer slept in separate bedrooms. >> what i prefer is privacy, and then -- >> "e.t." obtained the love letters james packer sent to mariah a month before the split. he called her his soul mate, and mcp, mariah carey packer. i'm in love with you and can't wait to be together forever. what went wrong? one possibility.
2:06 am
mariah wants a $50 million inconvenience fee from packer. keep in mind there was no marriage or signed prenup. >> i'm sure i'm going to be a diva in certain ways. why not just be yourself? >> that theme would include keeping the engagement ring, estimated at $10 million. also mariah wants her to buy an l.a. home similar to the one they're renting for $250,000 a month. the mimi wants paid out in cash. ? mariah claims the billionaire owes her and here's her list of whys. one, quote, he made promises to her that weren't fulfifulfilled. two, he moved her across the country and relocated her and the kids. now she would like james to apologize for breaking up with her so publicly. ? as for james' side of the story, a source tells us, quote, the
2:07 am
other noise is a distraction to try and rationalize what mariah is asking for. really i've been playing this whole thing wrong. an inconvenience fee. >> you didn't know? >> i could be a rich woman. meanwhile, kim kardashian posted her first social media shot since her paris robbery. now, the post was quickly deleted, and it makes me think maybe it was something that she planned to post on october 31st and forgot to cael >> because all other areas of her life seem to be getting back to normal. armed security guards by the way. for the first time we are hearing from the man held at gunpoint with kim inside that french hotel. >> there's a lot of people all over the world that are questioning this, basically asking was this a publicity stunt? >> no, no. really kim is very shocked, and
2:08 am
no. it wasn't fake. >> he's the key witness in kim kardashian's armed robbery. this is his first time recounting that terrifying night on camera. >> the media? >> yes. >> i think they don't know what happened really. >> his account revealed three things we hadn't heard before. first, we finally got clarity about his role that night. abdul has been widely described as concierge but really was more of a night >> i'm a guard who do a job of receptionist. >> did you have a gun with you at work? >> no. we are in france. >> just after 2:00 a.m. three men came to the door dressed as police. >> so i opened the door. he put the gun on me. he told me, don't look at me. >> that leads to the second
2:09 am
was astounded to learn that the hotel did not have working security cameras. >> i told him there is no camera. he was very angry on why. are you kidding me? no camera here? >> here's where the story takes an interesting turn. despite reports that kim was targeted specifically mainly because of the jewels she showed off on her social media account, abdul told me that the robbers actually came here that night with every nt of the 11 apartments here. >> that's revelation number three, kim and her jewels were not the primary target. >> when they came in, did they say where is kim kardashian? >> no, no, no. they don't know her name at all. >> he says the robbers forced him to let them into kim's room. he says kim was terrified and begged for her life. >> so you were handcuffed in front of you, and then they went to -- what did they do with kim? did they tie her hands up as
2:10 am
>> so they tied her ankles together? >> yeah. >> so her hands were tied. her ankles were tied. >> and tape on her mouth. and the guy was asking for money. where is money, money, money? she believed that they were there for her ring. at that moment, she gave him her ring. >> she puts her ring in his pocket, and then what did he say? >> where is money? money, money, money. >> c she was screaming and very terrified. don't kill me. don't hurt me. i have babies. i'm a mom. >> at the time, kim's bodyguard was protecting kourtney and kendall. meanwhile, back at the hotel, one of the robbers had taken kim's phone. >> when the phone rang, i saw pascal, the name of the bodyguard, and i told the guy you know who is calling now? it's her bodyguard. and if she didn't answer him now, he would come with police.
2:11 am
quickly left, taking with them $5.6 million worth of kim's jewelry. sources have since confirmed to "e.t." kim's bodyguard, pascal, was let go. so far, no suspects. police are still examining this grainy surveillance video. you can see some of the alleged robbers on bicycles. after the incident, both kim and abdul were interviewed by police until early in the morning. >> did you see her leave? >> yes. she hugged me. >> she hugged yo important thing is that you are safe and we are alive. >> of course a lot of people talking about how kim has been affected by this. clearly abdul has been as well. he told us he quit his job at the hotel and is moving back to his native algeria. >> keep getting layers of this story bit by bit. let's move on to all the drama on "dancing with the stars" this week. ryan lochte got the boot, and indy car driver james
2:12 am
his partner injured her knee. as i found out, nothing slows down james. >> what are you feeling at this point in the season? >> just getting to this point, it raises your confidence a bunch. you know, those first couple weeks are so tough. you're doing the first dance, and then you're trying to learn a new dance and only a week to do it. it's long hours, a lot of hard work. >> lots of hours mean not much time for his girlfriend, actress becky dalton. plus james still has to race on weekends. how easy is it i know you have a lady, but come on. >> girls like guys in uniform, right? >> you told me this car basically is a type of car that you're in. >> pretty much. this one we stretched it a little bit and put another seat in the back so that way i can take you for a spin. >> oh, boy. hold on there. >> i just hit my hand. me and hinchcliffe.
2:13 am
[ revving engine ] ? here we go, here we go ? >> there life in the fast lane. no lie. i think i just swallowed a bug. >> oh, my gosh. that's good protein. >> high protein, low carb. >> it's stuck somewhere in there. so gross. james keeps racing toward that mirror ball trophy. >> he's my canadian brother, but i'm saying he does not have shot, not with laurie hernandez. i'm sorry. i love you dude. coming up, the holidays are just about here.
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ageless what did you guys do to him? >> i feel alive! >> lots of stars and even more madness in office christmas party, and i was first to hit the star studded set. >> if by some miracle, you can close the account -- >> you're going to look so stupid. >> we'll finally have something in common. >> it's about a christmas party gone awry. >> walter? do you party? >> i used to. >> i've never been, thank god, to a christmas party this insane. >> what are some of the crazy things that have happened here that we can expect? i mean it gets pretty nuts pretty fast.
2:17 am
>> huh. >> people play with the microwave, put things in it they shouldn't. they play with the 3-d printer. >> inappropriate doesn't even begin to cover this office christmas party. jennifer aniston is a horrible boss again. >> i'm sort of in a way the grinch who wants to steal christmas away from all of these hard-working employees. >> what did you just say? her. kate mckinnon, let's say she's a little loose at this shin dig. >> my character is the head of h.r. >> the last name one more time? >> weintraub. i get it's german. >> tonight the decisions you make will have consequences that will haunt you for the rest of your professional lives. >> rounding out the naughty list in this medy, t.j. miller and olivia munn.
2:18 am
>> everything that you would hope to happen at a christmas party happens at this christmas party, and everything you hope wouldn't happen also happens at this christmas party. >> have you ever been to a wild -- not this wild, but wild office christmas party? >> no. have you? >> i have. listen, they get pretty fun. >> i love america! >> wait a minute. >> i talk a big game. i was in bedly by 11:00. >> one too many ginnger ails. >> dolly parton celebrates 50 years in show business. is she ready to retire? >> i've been here a long time. >> then david cassidy tells us why he ripped into a fan. >> turn it off and turn it out now. >> i got to a point where i was
2:19 am
>> drugs, alcohol, depression. what he's now saying about rumors he went into rehab after
2:20 am
2:21 am
? >> that is carrie underwood, who by the way has got herself 20 million albums since winning american idol back in 2005. one thing the singer hasn't done? perform out there seas. >> that is until we set sail with carrie in new york. >> to spend some time aboard a carnival cruise line ship and get to have that fun together is really important. >> carrie is talking about entertaining 700 military families as she christened the new cruise ship, making its maiden voyage in the u.s. this week. as for her family, there's some holiday stress already setting in. >> we need to start buying christmas presents and thinking what on earth are we going to do about christmas?
2:22 am
and son isaiah. >> he started singing dirty laundry, so it's really cute to hear him say, you know ? i'm just mom to him, and i think that's really cool. he'll see stuff on tv or see a commercial or get to come to sound checks. yeah, but he doesn't -- he probably think it's just normal. >> hard-working mom indulge in some guilty pleasures. >> i love a good glass of red wine for sure. there's certain tv programs i feel like i like to catch up on. >> her favorite show? "the walking dead." >> my guilty pleasures are simple. >> now to the singer who actually paved the way for carrie and so many others. we're talking about the queen of country herself, my girl dolly parton. we joined the legend in nashville to celebrate a major milestone, 50 years in show business. >> it makes you feel proud.
2:23 am
makes you feel like you might have done something good in your life. just being a part of country music after all these years, i've been here a long time. ? >> "e.t." has been with dolly for a lot of those 50 years in the spotlight. >> i will never retire. i like the work. ? >> she says she's never slowing down, magic when fans like reese witherspoon and katy perry idolize her. >> hi, everyone. we're at the hollywood bowl with dolly parton. she's about to go on. >> i've seen her a few times and i'm very touched by these gals that say i've touched them or inspired them. it makes me feel like i might have done something right, and hopefully i can give them, you know, a few little tricks of the trade if they ask me. i always say i don't give advice, but if i want some information, i can deliver that.
2:24 am
>> dolly is also celebrating five decades with husband carl dean, who is rarely photographed. dolly set up a photo shoot for their 50th anniversary. >> we were going to sell them if we made enough money for charity. we were going to donate the money to children's charities. but we didn't get any big, big offers, not enough for me to expose carl after all these years. if anybody wants to buy price. it would have to be over a million. >> her movie airs november 30th on nbc, and we love that she can laugh at herself. she read this mean tweet on jimmy kimmel. >> it's not a hooker convention. it's a dolly parton concert. i don't care what they say about me. i usually make more fun of myself than anybody can make of me. >> i just need to go on record saying never a mean word about dolly parton will ever pass
2:25 am
she is that pure to me. by the way, her pure and simple tour rolls into the home of dollywood on november 15th. dolly fanatic reese witherspoon got to see her idol recently. >> i'm so excited. >> she really is a huge fan. dolly actually interviewed her for the new issue of in style. i love seeing our girl crushes girl crush on somebody else. >> it's pretty cool. now let's talk about another singer on the things did not go well recently for the 66-year-old when he had a total meltdown on stage. that happened to go viral by the way. now he's only telling us what happened. ? >> staying alive for my fans has been the thing that has been motivating me. >> a week ago friday, one of those fans at a concert in upstate new york shined a light
2:26 am
now! >> i could have fallen off the front of the stage because i couldn't see. >> turn it off or else i'm not going on anymore. >> i got to a point where i was really angry. >> i can't take it. >> david, who spoke to us near his fort lauderdale home has had eye problems for decades. >> it's been highly publicized how ma surgeries. >> five to be exact, starting in 1962. >> i am highly sensitive. this nice light is extremely bright for me. i could hardly see your face. i mean that. >> but david has faced other challenges in his 48-year career. ? >> david first admitted a substance abuse problem to us in
2:27 am
i would go home and sit alone and drink. >> in 2010 came his first dui arrest captured on dash cam video. another dui arrest came three years later. the former heart throb had told us that one problem was losing the limelight. >> suddenly the world that i knew was gone, and i sat in my room for nine months and went, i don't know what to do. i'm just going to siter something comes to me. >> then last year came a reckless driving conviction, but david says he's now sober and hard at work. >> i still have a job to do that is here and here. that makes me want to continue to inspire people. >> his tour all across the states will continue through next year. >> i feel grateful, grateful that i live with a disease, and i have it every day under control. >> david has also been working
2:28 am
it's called songs my father taught me, and it's dedicated to his dad, who was also a singer and an actor, jack cassidy. straight ahead, more music. ? adele's candid confession. what she says about being a massive drinker and battling pos post-partum depression. >> then michael jackson's ex-wife battling cancer, telling us how their daughter is a shining light on their darkest days. >> what does it me paris is here with you? >> closed captioning provided
2:29 am
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hmmm... i laugh, i sneeze... there goes my sensitive bladder. sound familiar? then you'll love this. incredible protection in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet watch this. this super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, for incredible protection that's surprisingly thin. so i know i'm wearing it, but no one else will. for bladder leaks if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five, dramatic new details from taylor swift's sexual assault lawsuit. ? taylor's deposition was explicit. quote, a strange man's hand just lifted up my skirt. swift was accusing colorado d.j.
2:32 am
a denver concert in 2013. mueller has denied anything happened and is also suing her because he was fired after the incident. >> number four, lindsay lohan's bizarre new accent. >> life should be about celebrating each other. >> while opening up a club in greece, lohan spoke with what sounded like a combo of greek, british, and russian accents. number three, prince harry's new american love interest, meghan markle. >> he is very into meghan. it's a bit of a whirlwind romance. >> the 35-year-old actress has been married before and stars in the usa series suits. meghan did tell aol she's a lot like her character. >> we're both incredibly ambitious. >> although he may be smitten,
2:33 am
of nany remanss. number two, michael buble's 3-year-old son battles cancer. >> you're scared all the time because you love them so much that you can't ever, ever think of a world without them. >> michael and his wife luisana released the heartbreaking statement friday, telling the world, quote, we are devastated about the recent cancer diagnosis of our oldest son noah, who is currently undergoing treatment in the u.s. we will win this battle god willing. >> i love him more than i'll ever love anything my whole universe. and the number one story this week, mariah's breakup inconvenience fee. >> i'm still always going to be a diva in certain ways. >> they weren't married. there was no prenup and no sex before marriage, but she's reportedly demanding a cool $50 million. included is the engagement ring estimated at $10 million and an l.a. home she wanted packer to buy her similar to the one they're renting now. as for james' side of the story,
2:34 am
$50 million thing and other noise is a distraction to try and rationalize what mariah is asking for. go to for the latest. ? well, singer adele's opening up about her life after motherhood in a candid new interview. they say everything changes when you have a baby, and for adele, it meant curbing her drinking and dealing with a few ups and downs. she tells all in the new "vanity fair." ? >> the most important thing in her life is her child, and she wants to be around for a very long time to see her child grow up. >> the ten-time grammy winner tells the magazine that after the birth of her son angelo, quote, i felt very inadequate. i felt like i made the worst decision of my life. but she's quick to say she's always been absolutely in love with the now 4-month-old. >> wonderful but tiring.
2:35 am
adele credits him with helping her cut back on her drinking, admitting she used to be a, quote, massive drinker and having a hangover with a child is torture. just imagine an annoying 3-year-old who knows something's wrong. it's hell. ? she says she now indulges in maybe two glasses of wine a week and that her second album, 21, was heavily influenced by her drinking. ? we could have hadit >> she said she hasn't made her best record yet. i think she thinks she still has a lot of great songs in her. >> and adele is a huge fan of beyonce, of course. in that "vanity fair" article, adele says she loves queen bee so much, she's like her, quote, michael jackson. speaking of the king of pop, michael jackson's ex-wife and the mother of two of his children is making news. she lived a quiet life since


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