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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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for all americans not just some. >> and now, it's up to you. and good evening 43 million americans have cast their ballots and a turnout is expected at the polls tomorrow. >> every vote counts and tonight our team is rocking the vote starting with tom beres looking into the security measures being taken at the polls. hi tom. >> reporter: well hi sara. election board especially the cuyahoga county election board is ensuring vo ballots safely tomorrow but there is a big concern with election security and with deputies and local police departments standing by in case trump backers or anyone has the voters. 2 p.m. was closing time for early voting but in cuyahoga county board of election lines stretched outside no voters came because they feared intimidation tomorrow. >> i will be busy tomorrow i will be busy doing other things. >> i didn't want to be discouraged tomorrow with the long lines. >> reporter: but some fear
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advice. >> go out and watch. and go out and vote and when i say watch, you know what i am talking about right? >> reporter: friday a federal judge issued an order against voter intimidation and then a judge panel canceled that order. ohio democrats appealed to the u.s. supreme court hoping to get it restored no word but cuyahoga election officials have sheriff deputies and suburban departments standing by. 200 --240 observeers that will monitor every ballot you know that is cast here in cuyahoga county. >> reporter: a shaker square clinton headquarters workers getting out to get voters out sara's and her daughter her mom went to college with clinton. >> i am nervous. i am nervous i think trump presidency means dangerous things for my family and friends. >> reporter: at the middleburg heights trump hub we wouldn't speak with volunteers but
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who want's trump change. election workers out to make sure ballots for both candidates and other candidates and issues are safely cast and correctly countedan update the supreme court u.s. supreme court has refused to restore that ban on voter intimidation. we have early voting number in democratic cuyahoga county not a good sign for hillary clinton. early in person down. and absentee ballot requests down 15% and 34% fewer from democrats and 4% more from republicans overall turn out prediction now 67% early voting is up in other big ohio counties. cuyahoga county voters are told to expect up to a half-hour wait in line. mcdonald's predicts we may not have results until midnight or later. >> to underscore those are ballots not results is what. >> reporter: correct.
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intimidated. >> reporter: if there's a legitimate issue goat a poll worker right away. p or perhaps call the board of elections and they will send someone out or notify authorities you ready. >> -- you ready. >> reporter: i am ready. you ready. >> i am. >> reporter: let's go. some did cast ballots early for those of us who doesn't, our monica -- didn't monica robins has a look at dos and don'ts. >> reporter: all voters mit must bring a legit id to vote include your name and current address ohio driver's license or id ohio or government photo id a military id and a current utility bill bank statement and paycheck or any government document like a tax return. in ohio, tv cameras are allowed in the polling place but your cell phone came are is -- camera is not. no photos videos or selfies orshowing anyone the ballot. post your i voted sticker instead.
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places is located being a church school or public building, most ban firearms. if you voted early and die on or before election day your vote will still count. you still can vote if you are in the hospital but must contact your board of elects to file a special absentee ballot by 3 p.m. >> can i take sometime tomorrow and go vote? >> absolutely. >> reporter: see your employer can't fire you if you dak a reasonable amount of -- if you take a reasonable amount of >> i will vote for this. oh no. >> reporter: if you make a mistake on the ballot let a poll worker know and they will give you a new one. if you are in line inside your polling place at 7:30 when the polls close, you can still vote. if you are eligibility is challenged at your polling place ask to file a provisional ballot, the board of election also determine if it's valid. monica robins channel 3 news. >> and the nation's intention will be focus on ohio-- attention will be focus on
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the buckeye state is in the race for the white house. >> reporter: i am halli jackson keeping a close eye over what's happening in ohio. the state incredibly crucial to this presidential race. you have seen both candidates spend a tremendous amount of time in the buckeye state. because of the electoral votes that are so important to winning white house. donald trump is feeling confident about his chances in ohio. won't be enough to just win there, if he is able he flip a blue battleground a place like michigan which is become really an intriguing story line in the last day of campaigning. it's going to be trump's laststopped today and you saw hillary clinton in ann arbor and upper midwest increasingly important now. it's not just what's happening at the top of the ticket the battle for senate control could be one of the biggest story lines tonight and in fact could be the biggest one maybe after midnight. according to our political team
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that's going to be crucial to determine it's democrats or republicans controlling the senate and other races we are looking at north carolina. new hampshire, missouri, nevada those are the places where the senate the control of congress on the senate side is going to come into real play. it's going to be a fascinating 24 hours and we will be here at 30 rock at the election center to watch all of it we have a deep dib into the down bolt races on nbc nightly -- dive nbc nightly news. >> and tonight we will have a hour long edition of nightly news beginning after this newscast and channel 3 news at 7will begin tonight at 7:30. and we will be with you throughout election day. if you've problem at the polls or a question about voting contact our verify team. on social media use the hashtag verify vote. or you can send us an e-mail to verify at
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we will be live on starting at 7:30 tomorrow night. it's not just about a schoolbut it's about our generation and a community. >> two akron schools are slated to merge and right now school leaders are making big decision about how they will move forward and consolidate garfield and kenmore high schools. channel 3 amani abraham is live outside the meeting and many parents anxiously awaiting >> reporter: yeah and what we heard today from school board members is we hear you we understand what the community wants. now here's the thing they have a lot on their plate. they are talking about merger between garfield and kenmore high schools. so with that two communities are involved. and they are scared about losing the identity. so that's what the school board was not there -- was there talking about. they were expressing concerns and understand where the community is coming from.
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the temporary school will be named while they constrawct new high school for -- construct a new high school. garfield high school is going into kenmore high school. and there leaves a open name what will it be named. they approved a motion to name it kenmore garfield temporarily. that's not the official name but move forwards that's what they want the community to know but with that there are concerns and so many community members >> saying bye is never easy. and in fact for some it turns into challenge to preserve history and memories shared. >> that we don't feel like that is merger. we feel like this is a wipeout. >> reporter: residents have been sharing their frustrations on a merger between garfield and kenmore high schools that's been blamed on declining enrollment and i creasing costs. a reality that hit the akron school district before and other districts across the country.
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especially when there's an unknown left on how the community will move ahead without its high school. >> it upsets me because this is where i come from. these are some of the most amazing people that i ever known. >> reporter: it's move that doesn't just impact alumni or residents it can impact businesses too. owners of the rialto theater on kenmore boulevard are worried about what it means for them. they recently hosted an event where community members shared stories that kenmore means to them. that shatter off the stage was a -- chatter off the stage was different filled with emotional discussions on the emergencier. >> there are -- merger. >> there are people at that chaired and it -- that care about the community and it showed up when the place was packed. >> reporter: critics say families who grew up in kenmore have decided to leave the area which in turn has left vacant seats inside classrooms. so what's next for the community to move forward? owners of rialto theater say
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makes kenmore unique. >> really one of the goals is to put culture in the neighborhood. i mean it is only going to benefit us and the art gets better. >> reporter: as we said, the board did decide on moving forward at least the temporary location will be called kenmore- garfield. reporting from the akron canton mobile newsroom amani abraham, channel 3 news. >> difficult for alumni and current students. new this evening the hunt is on for who shot and a dog and left it behind a store in parma. an animal control officer discovered it behind the ty maxx store on west pleasant valley road. there's no surveillance cameras in the area so police are asking the public for information in the case. new at 6, a kent state football player is facing kidnapping charges tonight. court records say nathan holley a senior is charged with kidnapping a child under the age of 13 in franklin township in portage county.
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preliminary hearing is set for thursday and he has been suspended inden any ofly the -- intestify in thely from kent state -- indefinitely from kent state. even though the indians lost shirts were made in case. what he happening to them has fans upset. we will have the story. hi betsy. >> hi. northern ohio enjoyed a stew spendous day -- stupendous day. tomorrow, changes are afoot. a cold front is coming that's going to drive down bring us rain. i've got the latest on that
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welcome back. to donate or destroy that's the question hundreds of you are asking after learning how major league baseball will get rid of
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a look at why the shirts won't be donated this year and while you watching we want to know what you think. give us your take and it will be on the bottom of the screen. by going to now. >> i am like please don'tdestroy it we can use that. >> reporter: hundreds of t- shirts in the boxes printed with the tribe as world series champs are now set to be destroyed instead of donated to third world countries. >> the clothing that we have hanging in countries that would gib anything. there's kids walk around in the bush with no shoes on. >> reporter: for the first time the mlb says they will not donate the shirts to world vision. a christian monday profit that fights poverty around the world. one local family from africa says those donations can be life changing. could they use them in africa? could they send clothes there. >> yes clothes. >> reporter: and the children would appreciate them? >> yeah. >> reporter: mlb officials say
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merchandise available or visible in the general marketplace. translation they can don't want the stuff showing up on ebay like this one selling for 20 bucks. but yvonne believes she can change that. >> please do not destroy the shirts. i guarantee you that we can put those not just the shirts but the hats whatever, to up is good use it will make you sleep better. >> reporter: reporting from leave cland jasmine monroe, channel -- cleveland jazz min monroe channel 3 news -- in marc's is accepting card. that is marc's strongville location you can now stock the fridge using all major credit cards. managers say if this goes well, they plan to expand this form of payment to all the marc's stores. but for now unless you are piloting the program there in strongsville you can only use cash checks or discover cards at other locations. it's 6:16 on friday you weren't here sara are you on -- but on
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>> there's kind of a mixture going on now. >> oh okay. >> chemistry action is happening. >> it is dark and we have flakes? >> it's 5:15. >> it might as well be midnight. let's look at when's going on. don't eye just your television sets. the time changes a little bit of the way things look outside. there is a way the radar and satellite looks. high thin clouds that are coming our way. this will get and then the rain showers are all ahead after the frontal system that will drop through and that will bring rain chances going through the day tomorrow. we will julyp into the forecast 9:30 this evening temperatures are in the upper 40s to low 50s and by midnight we are hanging out there in the 40s and 50s. but, by morning, i think you will be surprised temperatures won't be quite as cool. we will start the day tomorrow in the 40s across much of northern ohio dover being the exception possibly and you can see the clouds coming in from
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and into the evening and that's when we will be keeping ion on rain chances as well. so late afternoon, into the evening hours, the clouds thicken and then here comes the rain so by 6 p.m., we do have scattered rain showers coming down in northern ohio including the evening commute so keep that in mind temperatures will hold in the 50s through evening and as we get into the meat of the election coverage tomorrow night, we will have a few scattered rain showers as temperatures begin to drop back. so your window nation ca we are looking at 60s again tomorrow. we will start off with sunshine but by the end of the the day we have rain chances coming in so as you head out to the polls, this is the way the day should stack up. we will see increasing clouds through early afternoon. rain chances star to amp up after 4 p.m. in cleveland. it will be earlier west later east and then the rain chances carry over into wednesday with highs only in the low 50s i know you are looking at this big blue arrow. we start the day friday at 50.
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the afternoon. 30s friday night into saturday and yes, a rain snow mix setting up especially east of cleveland the high terrain areas are first lake-effect here we go friends. back to you guys. >> all right betsy thank you. coming up, you know it monday blues you're back to the 9th straight week and browns remain winless. >> give me break another frustrating loss wool see if we have a script state astrsh--
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judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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and now the window nation sports report. >> hi everybody. it's monday. and you know what that means right now. don't you? there it is. the script. every monday, since the start of the regular season, we busted out until this thing ends, the drought of winning, we keep it going. browns are now 0- again yesterday. and they are setting unfortunately franchise records. now losers of 12 in a row if you go back to last year. and that's the most losses consecutively in cleveland browns history. let's go to the quarterback and talk about him. kessler back in the lineup yesterday. and it was okay. was not great the but no one was great yesterday. except the guys with the stars on their helmets. they were really good. hue jackson says kessler earned another start and will play
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will see on channel 3. i am not going to play musical chairs with the quarterback but he didn't go over the top about kessler when they said you know he was pretty good 203 yards one touchdown no interceptions and he said not really because he is not winning. okay. so that's the deal on kessler and hue jackson said that his defensive coordinator ray horton his job is not in jeopardy. the defense right now is horrid and they really are just getting beaten up and down the the pass or stop the run. and the fans are getting impatient. any tippet browns get a brieflead it's gone when they kick off to the other team because the defense doesn't stop anybody. >> i think our fans they are outstanding and i again i can't help but thank them for coming out and support the team that's not playing very well right now and being honest the dog pound and fans have been outstanding. we have to give them something to keep coming for and i get there and we have to do that
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>> channel 3 news 7:30 tonight with mary kay and the cribs and we will talk it over and set up the ravens game on thursday night from baltimore. it's what the indians didn't do that was interesting. today they did not offer qualifying offers to free agents mike nanoli or raji davis if they give them a qualifying offer it has to be -- has to be17.2 and i love both but they are not worth it but they want a deal done but they will deal. napoli35 and davis 36 and tarry francona is up for american league manager of the year should there be a vote? he should get it and the cavs today we have the only nonwinning team the only winless team in the nfl and we have the only undefeated team in the nba and cavs are 6-0 and play the hawks here tomorrow night. lebron named eastern conference player of the week second
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he's been named eastern conference player of the week. >> scripts you going save it and key it. >> it goes to the dry cleaner every week. >> you going to baltimore this week. >> thursday. that's right. yep. >> all right. >> thanks a lot. >> jimmy and betsy back tonight not at 7 but at 7:30. >> the nbc nice knightly news -- nightly news a special hour
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ted strickland. love this man. he's the son of a steelworker. he's the first in his family to go to college. he's a minister and a public servant. so when he was in congress, he fought to pass the children's health insurance program. as governor, he froze public college tuition. and even though he took office as your governor about a year before the recession hit, by the time he left ohio was the fifth fastest-growing economy in america. ted delivered, and when it mattered most he had your back.
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tonight, it's crunch time. the whirlwind final hours for hillary clinton and donald trump. the campaign nearly over, the polls soon to open. both sides barn storming battlegrounds with rallies past midnight. and after a marathon campaign, it all comes down to this, the math and the map. hand? also tonight, securing the election. intelligence sources tell nbc news, it's all hands on deck. an unprecedented plan, top secret facilities, security locations underground. and a massive show of force in new york city, where team clinton, team trump, and the eyes of the world will converge. we have it all covered. our team is in place. "nightly news" begins


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