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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  November 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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after the day we are about unity. two years of campaign ads and insults come to an voters go to the polls. we have tink average. -- team coverage. the polls open in about 30 minutes. we are inside gunning recreation center as workers get ready. what you don't -- what you need to know before you cast your ballot. security has come under the microscope in the local and federal government are doing -- taking steps to prevent voter harassment. hit his 6 am on election
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degrees at hopkins. we have clear to partly cloudy skies to start and it's going to be dry through much of the day. then rain showers move in later this afternoon. middle 60s with rain showers likely after 4 pm. but it is dry as we speak and it's looking clear to partly cloudy in many locations. the reason for the rain later will be this cold front two hour west but the showers are still far out. 9:30 this morning mostly sunny. we go from that to increasing cloud cover around 2:30 but still dry. around 4 pm and beyond this is -- here is 7:30 as the polls are closing and rain showers
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evening. let's check on the roads now. it is a smooth commute so far. no excuse to not get out and vote. we're waiting for one accident on the east side to clear at cedar avenue but other than that we're looking great. drivetimes are no problems. the shoreway is green. 71, 90 all clear. drivetimes are looking great.
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my only special interest is you. >> i believe with all my heart that america toughest best days are still ahead of us. if we reach for them together. >> it is the final push to get out the vote and both hillary clinton and donald trump rally celesta past midnight. >> the first results are in this morning hillary clinton is the winner in dixville notch the tiny new hampshire town that always got first at a voters she took for had -- 4 over 2 for trump. the polls in ohio open and 30 minutes. tiffany tarpley joins us from the westside. nationwide 23 million people voted early. >> reporter: they did but in cuyahoga county the early
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we are here inside gunning recreation center and have been here all morning. you can see more and more workers have come in since we got here at 4:30. minutes from out the polls will open and we will be here last 30 minutes i told you you need a valid id to vote or current utility bill or bank statement it's also important to note your employer cannot fire you if you take a reasonable amount of time also if you make a mistake on your ballot let a poll worker know and they will give you a new one. if for some reason a poll worker questions if you're eligible, asked to file a provisional ballot in a board of elections will determine if it is valid. you can see at this rec center they are busy now getting ready. polls close tonight at 7:30.
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tonight and a long day is ahead for these workers at the board of elections. it has been polarizing and contentious campaign so far. there has been some concern over voter intimidation and harassment. so much so that on friday a federal judge issued an order banning anyone from harassing voters. it was overturned over the weekend by a court of appeals say ohio law already covers that. it was taken to the supreme court but justice department says cuyahoga county will be one of 67 voting jurisdictions that will be monitored for possible civil rights violations today. it's dispatching 500 staffers to watch 28 states. provisions in ancient to prosecutors inside handle allegations of fraud and folder rights violations. local election officials also
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they have deputies as well as police standing by paying close attention to polling places. cuyahoga county officials received an email sitting from a trump supporters claimed they would be 240 poll watchers monitoring the cuyahoga county vote if you feel you are unsafe we have set up a team ready to help you out if you have problems or questions about voting. contact our verify team on social media verify votes or senate bill to verify at this'll be a long day for those at the board of elections and a long day for our verify team and for the public that should come to an end today or in the early morning tomorrow. ohio has several other races on the ballot including a key senate race and congressional races. >> maureen kyle is covering those.
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races will -- today is rob portman versus former governor ted strickland. both are running for the senate seat and come republican rob portman has been leading the polls 53% to 35%. if elected he would be his second six-year term. we're also watching 11 district congressional race between democratic incumbent marcia fudge and challenger beverly goldstein. fudges seeking her fifth te in the public and of the republican jewish commission but find was in the national spotlight during the stepping up as chairwoman for the rnc. they 40s and healthcare experience and focused her campaign on finding decent jobs. a race for the 14th congressional district between incumbent david royce and mike watkiss. joyce is pulling ahead 63% to 33%. other races we're watching as
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results for you tonight on where you go to the polls or have already cast your vote we want to know who do you think will win? >> our megaphone poll is on right now. go to /vote now. is the winner unclear? >> this is in and right now they are live at the bottom of your screen and clinton is leading by 3%. again we are going to keep an eye on these numbers and they are always changing. tonight we have special election coverage. our coverage starts at 7:30 as soon as the polls close. coming up football player
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kent state response after a student at the is charged with kidnapping. -- athlete is charged with
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judge pat dewine. of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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a kent state football player is charged with kidnapping records a nathan holley@kent state senior is out of jail on $50,000 bond. he was ordered to not have contact with the victim and must or electronic monitoring device. he has been suspended indefinitely from the football team. he's back in court thursday. for trying to join isis. aaron daniels was arrested boarding a plane in columbus yesterday. he was heading to the be a and charged with support of a foreign terror group. it came after months long investigation. if convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison. the best time to avoid the rain this morning is anytime this morning or early
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going to be talking about the rain. it's dry for the bus stop this morning. and most probably as you come out of school as well. temperatures are in the 40s for most of you. 50 at hopkins and lake shore temperatures are closer to 50. vote this morning if you don't want any rain. rain chances increase this afternoon. election day to stay here come. mid-60s for highs. still mild as can be. and that includes everyone of you. we hit 72 yesterday at hopkins. the sunshine is prevalent this morning. sunglasses to umbrellas is how the day goes. by 4 pm showers in the vicinity
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you might want to reconsider and tried to vote at lunchtime. it is dry this morning and the cold front to the west is why we will see the rain chances increase through the day. we will track showers throughout the course of your day. 10:30 it is dry. we see the leading edge of cloud cover but they still mainly sunny downtown. for the afternoon showers around sandusky but not around cleveland. that changes this evening itself. here is 6:30. it is raining from cleveland all around. again it should not stop you from getting out but there might be some slow downs
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window nation seven-day forecast mid-60s for highs which is nice. tomorrow left over showers especially early. a lot of overcast. breeze and low 50s. thursday looks like a great day. upper 50s and then friday into saturday you've been hearing this talk. another cold front moving through so seasonal weather to chilly weather wi 4 highs on saturday but the morning lows in the 30s and it's possible we could see some lake effect rain or wet snowflakes. good morning. right now smooth sailing on the roads. the accident on the east side has cleared out.
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shoulder is blocked and some debris is reported on the highway. here's a picture in the area. as you can see traffic is moving fine. the drivetime is eight minutes east and west. normal drivetimes. time for the biggest winners and losers no winning can depend on the real estate world. location location location. and who is the sponsor. first a half-court shot in oklahoma city. tony calmly hits the shot nice. when he gets excited for making a shot he just one $20,000 -- won $20,000 too bad he's a thunder fan and not a liquor
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court shot and he wins $35,000. the sponsor a casino. the shots were very much alike but $15,000 different. go with the casino sponsor. biggest winners are from brook park the varsity titans thunder football team. they pulled off the perfect season 7-0 record. this team was honored last year as the biggest winner when they had a perfect record as a junior diversity team. they have not lost in two years. great job by the players and coaches. congratulations on 2 incredible seasons. i'm expecting a photograph next year. today we help you fill your
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packing on the pounds this
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good news for parents whose kids have the nintendo three ds on the wish list. the first time ever special
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for under $100. normal cost is between $150 and $200. they will the start on black friday. we continue our this or that series but helping to make choices and your biggest meal of the day. thanksgiving. which foods are the best to put on your plate? >> we're not reducing you to salad only options. >> reporter: let's be clear. no one loves thanksgiving more than i do. i'm not concerned with calories but in case you are or you have against to is we help you choose this or that. nutrition expert says can one -- can one meal explode your diet?
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we start the biggest item on the table the turkey. turkey or ham? >> it's easy to go one or the other. both are great. >> now side dishes. what is thanksgiving without the stuffing? get the box stuff for its homemade i have that. you have potatoes for the mashed potatoes. >> vegetables over bread on my plate. >> how about apple cider? >> me. >> >> crescent -- chris wells or generals? >> neither. >> if i had to choose one of the other i would choose percent -- crescent roll because it has more fat so you'll feel..
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pumpkin pie. this or that? >> whatever pleases you. what ever pie you want. >> go without the crest. less carbs and guilds. now you know whether to choose this or that. coming up tomorrow we take on the great cell phone debate apple versus android. temperatures are 40s and around 50 at the lake shore. sunshine to start and rain to end it. pulls her opening in a few minutes.
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is still far too hour west and we will be dry this morning but by the time pulls her closing and before they do we have rain around we go hour by hour coming up. burned out on politics? the top school of these and issues that could impact your wallet. while you were out at the polls we want to see your photograph but remember do not show your ballot.
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welcome back. we're going to go live york where tracie potts will update off on election day but first let's start with your election day forecast. good morning. it is a great start to the day. we end up with sunshine and then transition to more cloud cover this afternoon. by late afternoon and this evening rain showers move in. mid-60s for the highs. it is totally dry as you are waking up. we have clear to partly cloudy skies and they will be sunfield.
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moves closer to us. as a heads east chance for rain showers will be on the increase. here is what's happening on future view and can see the shower chances increase. it is finally here. election day 2016 and hillary clinton and donald trump have made the final arguments. voters have the final say today. >> tracie potts is live at the clinton headquarters with how they ended the campaign and also what we expect today. >> reporter: good morning. we have some candidates voting now and these democrats hillary clinton expected soon. tim kaine has already voted back home in virginia. they will be here tonight for what will turn out to you to be a concession or victory speech. hillary clinton is back home in new york this morning after
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hampshire. 4 looks for clinton and 2 for donald trump after midnight. >> tomorrow night this election will and -- end but i want you to understand our work together will be just beginning. >> reporter: she wrapped her campaign north carolina with celebrities. and with the obama in philadelphia >> let's show them there will be no question about the outcome of this el >> i am betting that tomorrow you will reject fear and you will choose hope. >> reporter: trump and mike pence and the campaign with an early morning rally in michigan >> it is november 8, the day we make america great again. >> since going after the blue state michigan has not voted republican since 1988 >> michigan now stands at the crossroads of history.
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this historic election. >> reporter: is also open for open new hampshire where polls are nearly deadlocked. >> the hampshire has never disappointed me. >> reporter: disappointed will come for one of these candidates today. we will see what happens. we know it's going to be a busy day for the nypd for officers and the counterterrorism task force and secret service. but only to the have 2 major candides they also have thousands of polling places around new york and they will have an -- an officer at each one >> donald trump continue to hammer home the fact he thinks this is a rigged system. what is the government's answer to this? >> >> the civil rights division of the justice department is sending out of several hundred
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they say they've had problems before they had complaints before. they have the eyes and ears out today on the ground to watch out for these -- any sort of voter intimidation or voter id anything that would disenfranchise people to not participate in the election. >> we will see where we are 24 hours ago. -- 24 hours from now. let's check traffic. good morning. we are looking at 480 near 71. there's an accident reported in the area that has the right shoulder blocked and debris on the roadway but east looks great. we are green for drivetimes. i would say your smooth sailing
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also a military id can be used as well. even a current utility bill bank statement or any government documents in cuyahoga county into operational early in person advocacy voting is down from where it was four years ago but early voting is up in other big ohio counties. if this is any indication at gunning recreation center you can see they are goin busy today. i would say 40-50 people are here right now and so pole workers have been here for quite some time. we will be here with you through the morning as well. voters prepare for one of the most contentious elections in history. there's been a lot of concern about voter harassment. on friday a federal judge issued an order preventing that from happening but over the
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court of appeals. that it was taken to the supreme court which decided not to act on this. all because they say the ohio law already has that insight -- inside of it. the justice department is easily people to come out and security is taken into consideration as well. look election officials taking steps to be prepared having sheriff's deputies and police department standing by paying closer attention to polling places. elon email singly from a come support who claimed the movie 240 watchdogs monitoring cuyahoga county voting. voters feel unsafe or hassle they can contact a poll worker and call the board of elections. pat mcdonald says he prepared to wait about 30 minutes in line and print selected results were not be available until midnight or later if you have a problem at the polls you can
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team #verify votes and also an email set up at . for the local races going on >> we've been so much focus on the race that voters might not have had time to look into other issues. we start in cleveland. issue 32 is a proposed taken the income tax from 2% to more than 2.5%. if it passes mayor frank jackson says it will be to reform the cleveland police keep in mind 80% of the income tax comes from people who live outside the city. there are number of major school tax issues. a renewal of the cleveland lenny a few years ago. ticketed district transformation plan. the voting yesterday not raise taxes. it's a renewal. 107 in berea is a bond issue to build a new high school and renovate other buildings. 118 is a renewal in parma and
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multimillion dollar deficit over the next two years this keeps them from getting deeper in the bad. issue 40 is renewal for cuyahoga falls an issue 5 in riverside will be a rehab and replace and district ailing elementary schools. we have one in euclid that is on the ballot that would be an income tax hike. coming up >> all of your major election date freebies plus an early were buster made entirely out of bamboo. -- door buster made entirely out of bamboo. the forecast is good now. cleared partly cloudy skies as we start the day.
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locale busy they are at the polls. the locations just opened a few minutes ago. this is a live picture inside gunning rec center on the west side. voters can cast ballots until 7:30 tonight and we will check reports of any problems at any polls all day long. email us at verify and or use the hashtag verify vote on social media. chris mckinnon is offering
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quality similar to those and put it into a box made entirely out of bamboo. let's give you an audio sample. [ music ] >> amazing wireless sound. the bamboo actually changes how the system amplifies it's gotten rave reviews and it just hit market. the link to get this down favorite thing about the deal which look for our election day list when we had the weather clicker within half a foot in front of. the sound was so powerful it knocked her control onto the floor. >> we're just taunted >> holly went back 5 feet as well. be careful with this.
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>> a two-story. >> it was nice traveling. at the bus stop we are planning on maybe 40s or around 50 postage the lake shore it is a perfectly beautiful start to this election day. november 8 so let's chat. dry weather through this morning and most of the early afternoon i think late afternoon towards dinner is when rain chances pick up. snowflake or two on the seven- day but first let's get through election day. middle 60s for highs which is mild. sunshine a few minutes after seven in addition to sunglasses take the umbrellas for later. 60s and beautiful and at this point we are clear to partly cloudy. i think you're going to
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you'll be dry. it's late afternoon into the evening we start to see the rain chances increase. and they will because of the cold front but for now all is quiet. don't have to go very far to find the reason for the rain in the cold front to the west. as we put timing of this you will see through the morning a lot of sunshine. it's going to be one of those -- this is 4 pm. showers are approaching downtown. at 5 pm things get wet. 7 pm pulls are still open and rain showers. if you are think -- planning to vote after work he could have some slowdowns a cause of the wet weather and it does linger into wednesday. it be much cooler tomorrow as well.
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shower chances tomorrow are out early. thursday looks good next want to watch is friday. late friday into saturday morning and we will be in the 30s for lows if we get any lake effect showers chances are small now but we will keep an eye and could have some wet snowflakes. we're up on sunday. lily tomlin time treats and sleeping. >> that is the life. the morning rush is coming up. voting is well underway and cuyahoga county. coming up with you know what you still -- what you need to know before you go to the
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it's election day and voting is underway in cuyahoga county. and throughout ohio. we are inside gunning recreation center. there are many people here right here in the doors opened at 630. it's important to note if you
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photographs or video inside polling places. it's also illegal to show people how you voted but how the laws are enforced might be different if anyone where you live. avoid taking a selfie and post your i voted sticker on your social media site you can still vote if you are in the hospital on election day but you have to contact the board of elections by 3 pm. polls close tonight at 7:30. for them and polls closing later in the day at 7:30. things are getting going at the board of elections. a lot of emphasis put a cousin the polarizing campaign over security and some things that have come out about voter harassment. on friday a federal judge issued an order banning that and it goes over the weekend -- those overturned on the weekend saying ohio law already covers that. the supreme court refused to
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just justice department monitoring things in cuyahoga county as was hamilton and franklin county. if you need help getting to the polls for latino and rock the vote are offering free lyft rides. text go vote 273179 for the ride and if you've never used lyft just register for the app and you can get the free ride. >> the first final votes are in the tiny town notch. a community in new hampshire with fewer than 100 voters the winds the polls at midnight. there were just eight voters and clinton won 4-2 the other votes were for gary johnson and a write-in candidate mitt romney. we're asking who you think will win. as you can see at the bottom of the screen the results are
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of course a significant percentage is still saying no clear winner. let's check on the traffic. right now we have slowdowns into downtown cleveland because of an accident on i-90 eastbound at chester avenue. here is and 77. drivetime into downtown is 10 minutes. that's only a three minute delay. it is dry and will be for the entire morning. you will see sunshine even in a few minutes. 64 for the high. shower chances increase this
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dinnertime. that's when we have our best chance for wet weather tonight and the wednesday -- >> hello. the bonus deal includes freebies and tech tuesday article and also to the election coverage tomorrow and i cannot vote so i will not be here on camera. don't forget we will have complete election coverage all dang webcast starting at 7:30 as soon as the polls close. all coverage all night and in the morning. did a show next for their coverage.
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good morning. election day. >> it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. >> let's make history together! >> polls now open. voters casting their ballots after the most contentious and controversial presidential campaign in history. 18 grueling months. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> a race full of stunning


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