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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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hearing is coming from those who are rejected over improper identification. >> this tweet to the cuyahoga county board of elections came from a voter in shaker heights, who saw voters turned away, who considers passports not proper id. pass ports are not allowed. but one clever voter was able to get around it. when her passport was denied, she came with a bank statement, which works as i.d. but the most heartbreaking comes to us from carla sharot of cleveland. she has m.s. and went to the high school today. >> i think it was bad training. they were informed. i kept saying, i need the help to fill it out. she said, go to mamachine. i go -- that machine. >> she's voted there before and said someone has always help her fill out the ballot. only this time, she claims she put it first in the machine. only to then realize it was
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>> so all i could do was vote and that gets taken away from me? i mean, because i can't fill in the little blob? i need somebody to help me fill in the blob and i couldn't even get that help? >> reporter: tonight, the board is looking into how to fix the problem, which may not have a solution. >> reporter: and we will stay on top of that one. back live, another viewer asked about wearing "make america great" again hats at the wearing one today. they said this is a gray area. you certainly cannot wear a candidate's name on your clothes, but this is probably okay. >> still working on the questions and issues, of course, right, drew? and post them on social media. using the hashtag, verified vote. and a look at other voting issues. let's go to channel 2's hilary golston, join joins us, where the votes will be counted this evening.
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to you, russ. this is the place where thousands of ballots are going to be coming. and along with that, a lot of digital information as well. they have to sort through all of that information. we are told today, in a press conference, that it's possible we may not have results until one or maybe even two in -- 1:00 or even 2:00 in the morning. that's because once the polls close, everyone in line has to be able to vote. and then there is a very comped both democrats and republicans, and you know this is very important, a very heated election, has to participate in getting that information to this spot. you have sheriff's deputies involved. homeland security involved. the fbi involved. and that's because this year, tensions have been high. that is what elections officials are telling us. specifically that they were concerned that there could be perhaps a scuffle between those on opposite sides. so they have increased their
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has sent 14 monitors to kiyoga county -- kioaga county -- kihogga county. something a lot of people don't know is that there was a consent decree here in cuyahoga county. because there needed to be adjustments, regarding allowing hispanics to have the information they needed in spanish. but that has been changed. and now, they are moving forward in a positive direction. of activity here. probably close to 9:30 or 10:00. and of course, you'll be seeing a lot of updates from us. >> of course. a lost people watching. we will see you later. thank you. when results are in, we'll be scrolling them at the bottom of your screen tonight. but you can keep voting right now. be part of our interactive newscast. by logging onto now. first tonight, we want to know
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security or healthcare? all important issues on the minds of voters. ross? >> thank you so much, sarah. and joining us right now with a look at what we should be looking for tonight, to get an idea of what voters are thinking today. mr. tom beres. what counseling? >> for the last couple of elections, cuyahoga county has been the most important county in ohio, considered by many, the most important state, the last couple of elections. anyway, hillary clinton will no don't win in cuyahoga coty supersized margin. maybe 270,000 votes. now, eight and four years ago, the strong, overwhelming african american turnout here was the biggest factor, putting ohio in barack obama's victory column. but cuyahoga in mail down. even though it's up in other
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spin, saying big weekend turnouts do bode well for her. which would play the biggest part in tonight's outcome? >> we'll be watching to see how many reagan democrat, blue- collar workers trump carries. his anti-trade stance plays well there. and how big of a margin does he play in the southeast, where clinton's anti-coal mining stands have hurt her and helped him. but on the flip side, columbus, where the focus is on educated and republican women voters, to see how many of them cross over and vote for clinton because of trump's degrading comments and alleged offensive behavior, involving women. >> when we talk about state results, when do we expect a winner? >> we heard hillary say, 1:00 2:00 in the morning. secretary of state john houston said there's always the x
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pretty much you can expect the unexpected. there's either going to be a legal challenge or delay. it could be a lengthy night. at least as far as ohio is concerned. >> chris telling us last night at a national level in 2008, the networks called the race at 11:00. in 2012, it was 11:38. perhaps we could get national results before we know officially what happened in ohio. >> sounds like a possibility. >> tom beres, we'll see you. there are a lot of storylines tonight. among thth is our state's long streak of correctly predicting the winner coming to an end? it could find a prominent place in the history books. >> this could be a history- busting election fight. ohio, ohio, ohio. we have predicted the correct president of ohio. every cycle since 1964. but when you look at the polling numbers of ohio, take a look, the latest ones, trump in red, clinton in blue, a 3-point
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buckeye state. if it holds would go trump's way. but the national map, as you all know well, has hillary clinton leading. if this holds, you have a person in the white house that ohio you did not vote for. and that would be historic information there. this is what tom beres is talking about there. kind of hard to tell the color differential here. red is where john kasich won. and if you kind of take a closer look, this is where you need to see how donald trum performs tonight. mahoney, down along the eastern and southern corners of the state of ohio. and finally, talking about the timing of things. we know that ohio's polls close at 7:30. just in the last few minutes, we've had polls close in indiana and kentucky. at 7:00, we'll see virginia and sec country, south carolina, georgia, florida. that at 7:30. ohio, west virginia and north carolina. that's when we'll start to see all of this coalleys. we'll -- coalesce.
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watching closely and we'll be doing that all night, guys. >> thanks, chris. as hilary golston and andrew were telling us, there have been a few polling issues. >> continuing coverage from the summit county board of elections. >> well, definitely much quieter, sara. from what we saw a few days ago. there are hour-long waits. here now, there are just a few people. you can actually hear a pin but we did have a few things stand out today. we did stop by the first congressional church in talmadge. where we learned one had to be replaced because it wasn't working properly. they put the scanner in an unlocked box until they could get the replacement. we did come across a slightly nervous voter who filled in a ballot for the first time. >> everybody's vote counts. if you don't vote, don't be one
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that our president is not doing what he's supposed to do. >> of course, your traditional signage for candidates was outside the polling locations. we came across. and the not so traditional, like the zion lutheran church in downtown akron. that simply says pray for the election. now, for the most part, many voters showcased their smiles at the polls. some really thankful that the election is reporting from the akron canton mobile newsroom, i'm lanny abraham, channel 3 action news. >> thank you, imani. we have been following several races. rob fortman and democrat ted strickland. also watching the 11th district congressional race between democratic incumbent marsha fudge and challenger beverly
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to keep the school levy. and if they'll pass the first income tax increase since 1981. and you can count on complete coverage here on channel 3 news. and all of our digital outlets throughout the evening. our special election coverage will begin at 7:30. on and the channel 3 facebook page. still to come tonight at 6:00. has the negativity of this election weighed you down? we'll take a look at how some >> hey, russ. good evening to you. yes, we are tracking some scattered showers for you tonight. that is going to lead to a cooler day tomorrow. and have you heard the rumors of perhaps a couple of flakes? snowflakes in the forecast this weekend. we'll talk about that coming up after this. >> thanks, michael. plus, people standing in line for a while, after they voted. why they're stopping by this cemetery. first, here's lester with a look at what is coming up on nightly news and beyond.
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news election center. when we join you tonight, we kidnap to have some exit polling data we can share with you on the mood of the electorate. our chuck todd will drill down what may be happening in a few key states where this election could turn. and the outcome of the first legal challenge in the race. a reminder, our decision night in america starts immediately,
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on this historic day, many are paying homage to a woman who helped make it possible for women to vote. susan b. anthony author of the women's suffrage movement. in fact, the cemetery extended its hours just folks could visit her on this election day. anthony died in 1906. women were not allowed to vote until the 19t amendment was raddified, that was not until 1920. all day on facebook. maybe all month. many of you are sharing how you are so ready for this election to be over. >> that's right. a look at what you're saying on
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>> hi. i think we're all ready for this to be over. but the american psychological association actually says they did a study and this election has given significant stress to 52% of u.s. adults regardless of what party they're in the 2016 election season actually began 596 days ago. but it's over at 7:30. but for some, it's been over for days. >> ray friend of mine in nv ad on our sister station, k usa, aired at 4:22 this afternoon. oops in case you're wondering, the last one aired on channel 23, just after noon. others kept busy. collin spent the day teaching his daughter how to cook thanksgiving dinner. while giving thanks, the selection is over -- the election is over. thankful the phone calls and commercials will cease. others are waiting for facebook to be great again.
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we can all agree, anyone who enjoyed this election year needs to seek counseling. actor james vander beak reminded us, we're not who we voted for, we're all on the same team. but have you to admit, during the marathon season, there were a few laughs. >> rough night? >> yeah. you could say that. >> whoo. >> hi. i'm hillary rodham >> hey. great name. i'm bell. >> no matter who wins, both sides. and we can all relish the moment that is coming with the bittersweet morning of november 9th. the election is over. >> almost. just an hour away, folks. so what do you do if your candidate loses? here are some ideas. scream. just don't do it in public. practice acceptance. you don't have to like it, but accept that's the way it is for
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model good behavior especially if you have kids. and be grateful for little thing. remember, time passes quickly. and what we need now more than ever is for everyone to practice kindness and empathy. >> that is right, monica. thank you. when you're surrounded by adorable kittens and puppies, you're too blessed to be stressed over this election. the geauga humane society opened its doors and invited visitors onor to snuggle and cuddle back to happiness. joining us now with a festive tie at some point. you have to show you. >> oh, geez. >> look at this. >> i didn't even know if you got a sticker if you vote by mail. >> cufflinks. american flag. >> this is -- especially in northeast ohio.
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like, as we have been saying all along. polls are open until 7:30. if you're still planing on heading out and about. scattered rain is what we're contending with. tomorrow, we're noticeably cooler. and does that say snow? it sure does. couple of snowflakes possible this upcoming weekend. here's wayour evening should look like, though. temperatures falling from their current point. and notice that they say midnight and after midnight. we hold onto that chance scattered showers. temperatures outside now. in the lower 60s. down towards tuska roara's county. one of the reasons we're a little cooler back towards elyria. here's where the showers are right now. and we will continue to see the scattered showers through the evening. back towards places like lake and geauga counties. down toward akron. and seeing light to moderate rainfall. all in conjunction with that cold front that is moving through. i think it pushes through
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p.m. hour. at which point, the showers become a little more isolated as we head through the overnight hours tonight. nevertheless, though, we want you to have those umbrellas on standby, especially if you plan on heading out to the polls. those lines can wrap around the building as you very well know, with everyone getting off of work at this point. again, grab your wet weather gear tonight. tomorrow morning, i think we'll see lake-effect showers and cooler temperatures. noticeably cooler. highs only in the upper 40s. an tomorrow if we're lucky. so your election evening looks like this. we'll call it cloudy with scattered showers in the forecast. generally, becoming a little more isolated after the 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. hour. 46 degrees is what we're anticipating for an overnight low. window nation. seven-day forecast showing you temps tomorrow as we mentioned. at about 50. a little warmer, folks in the 60s. on your thursday.
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but friday night, into saturday. this is worth watching. perhaps a couple of flakes in the mix by that point. highs on saturday, by the way. only at about 45 degrees. a chilly weekend ahead of us russ and sara. but either way, looking forward to saturday morning. should be kind of cool. >> thanks, michael. we'll check in with our reporters, covering this
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a little more than an hour away from the polls closing here in northeast ohio. >> and our team is keeping a close eye ahead of results and tonight's planned celebrations. first, let's check in with alyssa rae mond. >> reporter: good evening -- arissa raymond. >> good evening, -- alyssa raymond. >> they're expecting between 250 to 300 people. it starts at 7:30. and wraps up around 11:30. now, let's check in with flynn morgan who has the democratic watch party. >> yeah. we're at the cuyahoga county democratic headquarters, where they're expecting about 200 people for a watch party. in a little bit. they're still setting up right now. the key word here is turnout. they had volunteers out all over the county today, making sure that people got out to vote. we'll be here all night. talking with people, engaging reaction. for now, let's head on over to andrew horansky.
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we asked and viewers answered. what went righted it and -- right today and what went wrong? one of the most common was people who showed up with passports and couldn't vote. according to the aclu, you can't. although one clever woom used -- woman used a bank statement. and that is okay, as long as it is less than a year old and has your name and address on it. >> we're here inside the county board of elections office. no lines here. a lot saw a few days ago. we'll bring you the latest on voter turnout. plus, local school levies on the ballot. we'll move onto hilary golston who is at the cuyahoga county board of elections office. hiulary. >> we're -- hilary. >> there will be thousands of ballots and lots of digital information coming in here. the biggest concern, literally information just coming in is getting all of those ballots
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we're going to be monitoring that, hour by hour. >> hilary golston and the cost of thousands. fantastic. make sure you stick with wkyc for the most comprehensive election coverage in the area. we'll have special election coverage on on and facebook live. digital coverage begins at 7:30. that's as soon as the polls close. and make sure you stay with us on channel 3 with nbc updates begins after nightly news. >> i should say, 1,002. >> to 2 busy guys giving us perspective and information. hour long edition of eyewitness news just 90 minutes away. >> we have the first numbers coming in from kentucky. i think the headlines may be let's go volatility on a big level. we a lot of concern today. there would be power outages.
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that really materialized. >> unprecedented. historic. you feel a little more important. >> as sara said, lester is next. we'll see you all night long. stay with channel 3. have a
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tonight, breaking news. decision night. it all comes down to this. >> and america's best days are still ahead of us. if we reach for them together. >> the new adventure is making america >> on this historic night, who will it be? hillary clinton or donald trump? just moments away from the first polls closing. voters lined up across the nation to make their voices heard. the candidates, after criss-crossing the nation, end up just a mile apart tonight as the results roll in. but will it be a contested race?


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