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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  November 9, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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what makes this one so super for super moon? a super dacrywill be making an ammines -- dacry an appearance. good evening. thanks for being with us wednesday night. there is big news, bad news frankly for the folks out near lords town, ohio, near youngs town. that's where the gm plant makes the chevy cruz. the demand is down for this vehicle so they're letting their whole third shift go. hi, hillary. >>reporter: hi there, chris, they don't call it the home of
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now, one thing we're see sequoyah a complete shift in the way that the industry is going, the way that the market is going. that's what a gm spokesperson told me this afternoon and that's exactly how they're spinning it. in terms of the demand being down, yes, retail sales in deed are down but in terms of rental sales, fleet, actually they've been holding steady for chevy cruze. about 1200 people work here and some inevitably will have to be let go. more cruze's had to be shifted from mexico to keep up with the demand. a spokesperson told me that gm is something that is focusing now much more on suvs. we did speak with someone who is connected to a family member who actually is going to be
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>> yes is your job affected by this? he said yes, but because he's been there so long and has seniority, he'll be flexed into like whatever he chooses, day, or afternoons but the people that were knewly hired are just -- newly hired are gonna be laid off in the streets basically. it's sad and unfortunate for them. >>reporter: sad and unfortunate for them. that is the sentiment that with this news. now, lansing, michigan, a plants there is also going to be idling their thirty shift but $900 million in terms of investment will see that cash. the toledo plant will get an infusion of money so positive news tonight, chris. >> hillary, back here with more on this story at is 1. from lords town to lake wood now where a mother is missing and learning more about
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last night in ashtabula. all part of tonight's 77 seconds here at 7. she's a mother to a three year-old boy and valued employee at this lake wood restaurant. >> we don't know where she is. it's very out of character for her to leave her 3 year-old son and not have any contact with him. >> the fbi now helping lake wood police in the search for the 24 year-old. th special attention to the unique tailgate party toos on her left hand. if you know inning -- tattoos on her left hands. police approaching a car because they thought a robbery suspect was inside. the man took off and one police officer dragged down the street. another had their foot run over. mutt million shot -- multiple shots fired by police toward the driver. the suspect was shot and later
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but on leave tonight. a celebration of life and legacy took place tonight for the annual molly day. the family and school on northe memory of molly who diodon 1979 on her way to school when hit by a driver and despite panic the stock market would fall fast, by the time the closing bell rang on wall street, the dow was we are americans first. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people. i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and
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>> small montage of what was said today in the political world. the country has a president elect and time to move forward. donald trump appealing to voters who are not happy with the status quo in government and media and the direction of this country. one of the target's refugee found a business owner in this area motivated to break down stereo types. >>reporter: he's a refugee hoping to start a new life in a country of acceptance. coming to akron was the step in the right direction. >> normally -- nobody understand us or the feelings of emotions and in here, in america, someone like -- treat us as a human being.
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culture and history with handmade clothing. >> get those into hands of people across the country who have never interacted with a refugee and tell powerful stories through that. that's a win for me and that's what i'm hoping to do. >> donald trump has held strong views on immigration and refugee plans, something that's hard for reeves to think about when she family. >> knowing who you are, like you're another human being like i am and knowing what you've been through and overcome to get here. >> reeves says no matter what happens moving forward, she remains focused. >> i'm ten times more motivated than i was yesterday to keep doing what we're doing here. >> reporting from the akron canton mobile news room, channel 3 news. >> thanks;. we have important health news tonight. may want to go easy on drinking
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sweetened beverages to type 2 diabetes. middle-aged adults who drank a lot of regular pop had a 46 percent higher risk of developing prediabetes but no link with diet co-harrahs. colas. finding of new study from stanford. patients who took the higher doses were ten likely to survive than those on moderate doses. talk economic news, credit card theft is on the rise. maybe you felt the bite of that and usually spikes around the holiday season. this is the time of year we're out and about and spending a lot of money. we have a solution to protect you and your family from becoming a victim. >> great to be with you this evening and junior key to staying protected this holiday
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can put into your wallet to put a barrier between you and all of those thieves that i hate so much. all it takes is someone to purchase an illegal scanner and stand within 30 feet of you. they can great your credit card number and all other kinds of personal information. it guarantees you safe shopping and walking and browsing and i found four for $18 is your local deal tonight. >> two years ago when doing my christmas shopping, got to the register, my card was denied and it was horrible. last year i bought the scanner guard and no problem. a couple of my friends don't listen to me and they got frauded. i bought enough for all my handbags and wallets.
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no companies are paying us to feature these. they're awesome and hear the full details right there. clevelanders love to eat. coming up next, what's cooking at this year's fabulous food show and the browns are headed to baltimore and quarterback cody kessler has a singular goal. what that is on the news at 7
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welcome back. we're talking act the fabulous food show and i kick on the news. actually, dan over in the ohio city area.
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this is something, it kind of says what it is but explain. >> a few months ago one of my coworkers and i had been on our day out of discussing records and looked up cocktail records and realized the current world record for our favorite cocktail was 70-gallons. we can beat that easy so we're shooting for a hundred gallons. this is the vest we'll building in. >> that sets the stage. the fabulous food show this time of year. one of the classics at the ix center and begins friday and goes through sunday. you guys are working on a world record. jason, you're a chef here. the mc event in from australia. >> been here for the last eleven years but i will fly in to drink a hundred gallons. look, this is eleventh year but a big change. we're doing a lot of different things this friday.
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raising money for a great charity, and sort of connecting kids with meals. beyond that, you have great talent here and michael simon but we have natalie and sanchez. >> so when you go back to sidney and you watch cleveland from a far because you've been coming here for eleven years. you're probably seeing a lot of clevelands because of the cavs and convention ands we're seeing videos here from the past ones. one of the things you really specialize in is gluten free food and folks who go to the food show who don't have gluten free type issues in their life maybe find unique menu items in their life. >> i encourage people to eat more whole foods. stay away from gluten free options.
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gluten itself. it was probably never a problem anelaces you're celiac but just stay away from overprocessed foods. shop around the outside, eat more colors. count colors, not calorie ands eat more whole foods. friday through sunday and heaps of stuff to check out. a bit of exercise component here at wiz . >> it's what time on friday? >> gets you ready for the weekend. when you tune in, we weren't making out. >> if we did, there's nothing wrong with that. >> all right, thanks, guys. see you this weekend. ties in, a full moon is coming up. thank god we've taken off camera. not your ordinary full moon. next hear about a super moon and why you won't want to miss it. and rain tomorrow?
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on monday, a super moon. closest to earth since 1948. heard all about that during the world series. 14 percent big and 30 percent brighter but this super moon is a super super moon and joining me is jason davis the
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cleveland museum of national history. that's a great treasure in cleveland in and of itself. we have a opportunity to go in and ask questions to these super big moon themes that we have going on. what's the super part of the super moon? >> so the super moon, we'll define this as a full moon that's closer to the earth than normal. >> that's easy. >> brought one of our greatest models to show you. it's a string. we'll get to the average distance between the earth and the moon is right here. >> come to me just a bit. how do we make a super moon? >> we come about that much closer. >> about two inches closer 1234. >> on this model. now monday is even closer. >> super, super moon is about -- >> as close as we get to the moon. >> five inches closer.
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circumference closer. >> little more than 5-inches. >> for sure. the sad thing is the moon will be set when it's at its absolute closest if you live in cleveland. the idea is wake up early, at 6:30 in the morning on the 14, it'll be at its closest closest and look as big as it possibly can. when it's rising and looks jim johnson january tick, it's -- gigantic, it's an optical illusion and messes with your brains. very few people want to listen to me when i say that. i brought with me for you today. what we call an official cleveland museum of match rale history one power lunar observer known as a straw. if you look at this just right, you can see the full moon through this. whether or not we're at super moon. >> give it a go. tell me if i'm right or wrong.
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look through the straw. >> if you want to see it up close, we've got the observatory at the museum. open wednesday nights september through may, if the skies are clear so you tell me. >> the museum is open late on wednesday, awesome opportunity to take the kids. usually over fun things going on. but the planetarium is opening and the big viewing you look through the telescope september through may. >> catch the show and head up to the observatory afterwards and use a 117 year cleveland. >> beautiful and totally worth it. jason, thanks for coming in. i appreciate it. i have the moon and earth right here in my hands. we have a beautiful night setting up and i think that the weather eventually for monday will work out for us. becoming partly cloudy tonight, breezy and partly cloudy with temperatures in the upper 30s. clouds in canada ahead of a cold front and that will bring us colder air into friday but in the meantime, pretty nice
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lots of sunshine around and clear skies with temperatures near 40 early and temperatures moving up toward the 60 degree mark and the sunshine. only caveat is we'll have a breezy day tomorrow and be you're lucky enough to be one of those people, you still have your boat on the lake, there are quite a few, the fish sequoyah great now cause the water temperature is still pretty warm but southwest winds, 15-25. three to six foot anticipated. out to the east, gale watches posted into friday and th look at your within donation forecast. 6 is tomorrow, that is not bad as all. lots of sunshine around. we'll continue to see snow chances late on friday in the forecast. we start friday morning at 50. fall from there. we only get into the upper 40s for saturday but then we turn things around and what a great time for that clearing to take place. lots of sunshine coming in. clear skies on monday when that super moon will be in close. >> a super time for this super
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super, a football team we care a lot about. the browns look for the end of their nine game losing streak. some words from the quarterback
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next. browns kick off against the ravens 40 minutes around this time tomorrow. a preview of the big thursday night matchup. >> let's shock the world with a win tonight. there's a lot of shocking things going around so that
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in the nfl is brutal. if the browns lose tomorrow night, it would be the first time they would have ever started a season 0-10. browns in baltimore tonight as they get set for the first win, hopefully tomorrow. the ravens are favored by 10 points. rookie cody will make his seven start he's 0-6. he needs to deliver a victory but can't do it alone want the offense put three points on the that. ten points. a complete game together. something we don't see with this team and that has to change. >> we've done a great job of starting the fact. we take a lot of pride in that. throw a complete game together and be able to do that in a second half and finish game ands continue to make plays and finish on third downs and do different things like that. >> see tomorrow night's game
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from 7:30-8 it's kickoff at 825. one of their own, jamark taylor out of the game. to the indians. it's been unbelievable to watch francisco lindor this pes season. francisco won a gold glove. first indians player to win it since 1908 and 1901. he's turn 23 next week. obviously fantastic with the glove making so many spectacular plays. >> that'll do if issue us at 7. entertainment tonight is next. cruz and sayre rain chances and david back at 11.
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?? brad out of hiding. pitt's first public appearance since the split, but is he setting the stage to get the kids back? how he's changing his strategy tonight. >> then -- ?? >> the latest on michael 3-year-old son battling cancer. >> noah. >> new chemo reports and his prognosis today. >> plus -- >> there is something that wasn't right. >> only we are with figure skating legend scott hamilton opening up about his brain tumor. >> they just keep coming back. >> wait for it. >> why prince harry can't keep quiet about his new hollywood girlfriend. >> this is completely unprecedented. >> as stars speak out on the royal romance.


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