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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  November 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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requiring insurer foss confer preexisting conditions, and parents being able to keep their children on their plan until they are 26 years old.. >> there's a northeast ohio group taking steps to break down intolerance. >> reporter: within the one and a half squarely miles of summit county's village of silver lake, you'll find a more affluent community, beautiful scenery and homes, d the main drag sits a church. >> provocative for sure. >> one afraid. >> i didn't really know what to think. >> i wouldn't consider myself racist. >> an admission you don't hear often if at all, but inside racists anonymous, at the church in silver lake, the barriers are broken peace by peace. -- >> i don't really notice people's color, don't treat people didn'tly, but that's a federals ay. people i don't realize some of
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like, oh, you're not like the others. >> as a pastor trying to address the this issue, i uncover new things saying i can't believe i thought or addressed that in this way. >> i won't a predominantly white school. i used to wake up every morning upset that i did not turn white overnight. i prayed for it. >> reporter: these are conversations people tend to shy away from, but here they reflect, learn, and move a hope of making a difference that can reach beyond these four wall. >> racism has always been there. there's more people who are open to hearing about racism and trying to change it, and we can't fix it if we don't all get together and get on the same page. >> it is open to anyone. you don't have to be a member of that church. sunday, there's a special program bringing people from various faiths together at the
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about conflict. for more information, you can head to coming up, teens with asthma are putting their health even more at risk. we'll tell you how. also, mitt sue beneficial by launched a major -- mitsubishi launched a major plan to help
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welcome back. every family wants to make sure that their thanksgiving feast is a memorable one. you had cookies before. >> cookies before. and now we have turducken. this is something that mike came in and needed to see for himself. danny is here, and he does a
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>> thanks for having me. >> tell us about this. people are watching right now, and probably really hungry if they're waking up. >> i own a third generation butcher shop. one of the cool things we can do at our butcher shop, you can find at many grocery stores are these turducken. we sell about a half dozen of these. what these are is is the turkey where the breastbone is completely removed. a duck and a chicken completely boneless and turkey. >> i believe you, but i don't think they do. we need to see what it looks like. >> what is cool about a turducken, my favorite part is the layers. so what is nice, you can see is all of the layers on the three different meats, and you have the turkey on the outside, the duck on the inside, and then the chicken on the bottom there, so you get flavors from all three birds.
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how do you walk us through this if >> i recommend not boning out the birds at home. we actually ship these all over the country. >> and i believe him, because my mom, back in pittsburgh, she didn't believe me. she was, like, there's no way that you could ship a turkey. tell them how far you ship turkeys? >> we ship as far as hawaii. we've been shipping them all week long out to montana and everywhere. we use fedex to ship them all over the country. >> people pr t a turkey? >> what is cool about this is the presentation. being able to see the stuffing inside and the different layers, and you still get the great taste of the all natural turkey. duck is a fantastic bird, but not many people get to try it traditionally, right? and by doing it for thanksgiving, you're able to taste, like, the most dark meat
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you. can you give people your number and did address? >> 330-758-3454. >> we'll talk more about the turducken. have you ever seen this before? in youngstown, that was my first time seeing a turducken. >> i've heard of it before, i've never tried it. >> so you have to try it. >> but i'm not charge of the bird, so -- >> neither am i. can get real dangerous in the tc saturday. in medical news this morning, many teens with asthma are putting their health even more at risk by choosing to smoke. a new study found that those with asthma were twice as likely to be smoke isers as their peers without asthma. those who began smoking said they continued the absent as a
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stress. mic recalling two suv models to fix problems that could cause the windshield wipers to malfunction. the first covers outlanders from the 2007 to 2013 model years. mitsubishi says water can get between the hood and windshield and cause a ball joint to rust which scan knock out the wipers. -- which can knock out the wipers. to dough nate or destroy. that's the question hundreds of
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get rid of indians world series championship shirts. >> i'm, like, please don't destroy it, you know, we can use that. >> reporter: the hundreds of t- shirts in these boxes printed with the tribe as world series champs are set to be destroyed instead of donated to third world countries. >> the clothing we have hanging in our closet, there are some countries that would give anyt. with no shoes on. >> reporter: but for the first time, mlb said they won't donate the shirts to world vision. one local pa family from africa said those donations can be life changing. >> could they use them in africa? could they send clothes there? >> yeah. >> and the children would appreciate them? >> yeah. >> reporter: mlb officials tell us they don't want inaccurate merchandise being
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general marketplace. translation, they don't want this stuff showing up on ebay like this one, selling for 20 bucks been >> but yvonne believes she can change that. >> please do not destroy the shirts. we can put those shirts or hats to such good use, so it will make you sleep better at night. just ahead, new mobile apps could do more harm than good. we're going to tell you how you can avoid them. plus some tips and tricks to make little less painful. now here is michael with a check of that forecast. >> if you're looking for something to do today, the fabulous food show taking place at the ix center here in cleveland. temperatures by 10:00 a.m. if in the 40s. highs in the 50s. we're near 70 next week.
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a warning with anyone who uses a cellphone to shop on- line. a sudden explosion of fake apps is showing up in app stores designed by scammers to steal your credit card or personal information. how can you tell if one is real or fake? we have more. >> reporter: just in time for holiday shopping, scammers are suddenly infiltrating the app store, posing as legitimate retailers to lure unsuspecting information perform it may appear to be a real app, but those are just a few companies that have already been targeted. >> there's been more fake apps launching in the market than ever before. >> reporter: chris mason runs his own letting app business in pittsburgh. >> this is a fake app for the finish line. >> reporter: how do you know it's take? >> first you look ant the reviews, there's no review. if it was recently posted.
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>> reporter: if a customer is not purchasing the app, or bad -- or no reviews, stay away. starbucks is considered to have the gold standard of apps, put many retailers don't have apps, which makes it all the more difficult to figure out what is real and what is not. most of the fake apps are thought to come from scammers in china. >> when there's a void, it's really easy for the hackers to write an app, and it's the first one that pops up when you search for that store you think >> reporter: experts advise looking for customer reviews. the more the better. and go to the retailers website for are the legitimate app link. both gaggal and apple say they are constantly flagging and removing apps, but with thousands appearing every week, it's a constant game of whack a mole.
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credit cards. you can stock your fridge using all major credit cards. if this goes well, they plan to expand this form of payment to all of the stores, but for now, unless you're piloting the program if in strongsville, you can only uses cash, checks, or discover cards. >> a snow crab just sold for a record-setting $12,000. was at the first auction of the year in western japan for this winter delicacy. the prize snow crab weighed three pounds and it's shell measured about six inches. they can only be caught until march 20th of next year. >> on monday, weather permitting, there will be a super moon. the moon will be the close toes the earth since 1948. it's going to appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter. so get those cameras ready.
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severallies -- selfies. >> every time i try with my cellphone take a picture of the moon, i might as well just take a picture of, like, a lamppost, because it has the sort same sort of brightness. >> we're going to figure that out and give you some tips. >> monday weather-wise looks like a good day to try to take picture. it was my first time do it will this. there's a place on -- think it's east 55th marginal road, and i don't know why, but there's giant waves there. have you seen that before? oh, my gosh. and not just in the winter, but even when you're just going to ho-hum it along, i happened to notice the other day, yeah, there were giant waves on lake erie. thank goodness for today that won't be the case. given the fact that the winds
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were yesterday. so wave heights only between 2 to 4 feet. current temperatures outside. we are all over the board. a beautiful day today. this high pressure center will he begin to slip and slide towards the east tomorrow. so right over the big eye state, meaning that even tomorrow on sunday, looking and feeling wonderful. here is what it looks like through this morning. i think we stay nice and dry, temperatures around lunchtime in the mid-40s before topping out within say a degree of 50. by the 3:00 to 4:00 hour, remember, sun sets just after
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outdoor errands done before that point 0. and then by first thing tomorrow morning, to start off the second day of your weekend, off to a great- looking start. i don't think we'll be as cold as we are this morning tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon, temperatures a little bit warmer as well. temperatures today upper 40s, low 50s for highs. notice the wind shift between, say, 5 to 15 miles per hour, and then transitioning down towards it will be that southerly comment of the wind that helps to drive in for heat tomorrow. the closer you are toward this lake, the warmer you'll be, the further inland the cooler. window nation 7 day showing you compliments of that southern wind tomorrow, we're at 56 degrees. we hover in the mid-50s before rocketing to close to 60 on
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and i'm being conservative on hat. some models are trending towards 70-degree trend by next weekend. some forecast here are, like, all right, we've had summer, it was great, it's fun. i want fall, i want fall fleeces. i want my jacket weather. get it done earlier in the day, because need -- some folks will be out there with shorts, i promise you. >> michael, thanks so much. millions of americans will be at some point between christmas and the new year. navigating the airport can be a hassle, but mark has some tips, tricks, and gadgets to make it a little less painful. >> reporter: for many
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trip. that can mean headphones to drown out noisy environments. >> people tend to turn the volume up of whatever they're listening to, and that can cause hearing damage. >> reporter: noise canceling head phones break out the ambient sound for adults. >> noise limiting headphones for kids keep the decibel levels at 85. >> reporter: now mad makes a wallet with a built-in charger and some come if fun shapes for kids. wi-fi can keep you connected, but it is limited. >> you're not going to be able to download large pictures, or be able to stream, for sure, videos. >> reporter: buying wi-fi access before you board can also save money, as well as
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lugging luggage can be another part of travel. >> you can invest in a blue tooth suitcase so you can find out where your suitcase is at any time. >> reporter: that way we you and your bag make it to the right destination. marc barger, nbc news. coming up, wool she'll you videos of people froze innocence different positions. the best of the ma >> and, of course, thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, so we have some tips for you to
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we are preparing you with a forecast and all of your head he lines. thanks so much for being with us. we want to get you caught up
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locally, a church in summit county is holding racist anonymous meetings. they believe in order to understand each other, you must understand each other's differences. they want to take what they call are necessary steps to break down intolerance. anti-instrument protesters continue to flood the streets around the country. while there was not the same violence as thursday night, there are reports of vandalism and assault. police did use flash tear gas. the martin challenge is spreading across the country. espn put together the best of the best of the sports version of the man that kin challenge. we did not make the espn list, i think because we're not an organized sports team. >> well, when it comes to eating on the more than show,
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>> yes, we really are. it was cool, though, to see the white house the other day at the white house. >> there is michelle obama and lebron. >> did you have a contact this morning when you came in? i did. i thought of it. >> >> can spots.
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we are even warmer tomorrow, and, yes, near 70-degree heat in the seven-day forecast. more on that coming up in the next couple of minutes. back over to you. >> well, from turkeys to cookies, we have you covered this morning. jasmine monroe is joining us from our kitchen with some people that may have what you need to make this thanksgiving a special one. there is always so pressure. >> that's right. danny, we talked about the turducken. tell me how long it takes to make this. >> sure. so when you're making a turkey or a turducken, or something special for are the holidays, it's important to have a lot of directions before you're doing it. that's what is great about our butcher shop. we're the experts of this to make sure everything is is going to be per pet. when you're doing this size turducken, europe looking at
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but it will be well worth it. >> they talk about this all over. >> yes. we are the number one chipper of turduckens out of ohio. so we ship, like, 500 for thanksgiving we're about to do. >> 500, and one is to me in pittsburgh. all right. and >> you can go to our website or call. >> is there still time for them to get this cake? >> absolutely. >> all right. thank you guys so much for joining us this morning. we had a great time. we're going to have a great
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turducken. we'll get the napkins, forks, and knives ready. still ahold, a travel deal that will have your head spinning 360 degrees. also, did the cavs follow their visit to the white house with a win? we're going to tell you how they did if and show you the
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good morning. a good trip to d.c. for the cavaliers on thursday. a trip to thit then last night inside the veterans day, a victory over the wizards. kevin love had that big moment with the president. lebron with some early moments in the game last night. the steal on one end, finishes on the other. how about this drive to the hoop by kevin love, who had at double-double. back to will be. he hits this three, and becomes the youngest player in nba
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cavs were down by 12, though, in the first half. and then j.r. smith hits the three. kyrying irving was outstanding last night. cavs bounce back from their only loss and that's the final, continue the cavs four 7-1, back at home tomorrow, as they host charlotte. the browns could not play tomorrow, and some would say they didn't may the either. i know that's cruel, but the reality is, the browns now 0- 10. they are off this entire weekend, back to practice on monday, as they try to get set for the steelers. the frustration building for hue jack. he said yesterday in a conference call that he could not have dreamt this, but asked fans to hang in there. he defended his decision to bench cody kessler, confident
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the rookie. >> this was a quick turnaround. obviously this was my first time playing a quick game. but at the same time, i got prepared bolter, and i have to do a better job of preparing better on these shorter weeks, and continue to grow. >> okay. so the browns were in baltimore. the cavaliers hanging out in d.c.. and ohio state hanging out in that area, as well. both teams. we start with football. the buckeyes take on today, 3:30 kick. buckeyes favored by 29 and a half points. coming off a 59-point win over nebraska to push their record to 8-1. buck eyes not taking the terrapins lightly. >> i don't take any team for granted or look at them as lesser. the big ten, you can get snuck up on and beat anytime. >> osu be basketball team
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in maryland, annapolis, taking on navy. cam williams, big night, hits the three there. it's ohio state's first meeting with them since 1932, and they win for the 13th straight season that ohio state has opened the sign with a victory. akron, kent state, cleveland state, all opening up the season today. have a great weekend, everybody. >> if you the country. >> yes! canada! >> or at least get away for the holidays, matt has the deal for you here. i asked you, hey, didn't we just have a luggage deal, and you said this is different. >> it is not a blue tooth speaker. here that? in october, i had a huge luggage that we put our intern cody in it, and we'll get to
6:42 am
on, and a lot of people have asked that with the $100 to $150 that you will spend tray triking to get your luggage on to the flight, carry on, a tsa- approved carry on. i'm going to smash this with a conveniently hammer in a moment. it's the most durable luggage that i've tested so far. the double-player wheels that you can se ther number 360 wheels are only offering one wheel per corner. this is a dual stability. this is considered one of the best carry ons ever built, and i said i can beat any price, and on our next full screen, it is 65 bucks. you can fit a lot in here. in terms of the durable test and the 10-year warranty, this
6:43 am
casey. >> nice handle. lots of zippers. >> i have a sledgehammer. >> for what >> we mentioned durable. because i trust this, i want to point out that this is not breaking up. i'm hitting this hard. quick, casey, give it a slam! it's fine! this is durable at its best! good job, casey. >> and you can fit a lot in there, a sledgehammer, your tyes, your clothing, whatever it is you need. the item is on, but there you'll find the exact same suitcase of this that i've been traveling with for three years every week, and you can see what it looks like after three years of weekly use, looks virtually identitile to this. >> did you know it's in our company policy that you can't bring weapons on to the
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set, that's actually not shot on property! >> and weir looking forward to sledgehammer deals. >> yes. i'll be sure are to have those black friday dials.
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we are diging into some dinosaur fun this morning with the cleveland museum of natural history. joining us this morning is hall. thanks so much for joining us. >> sure. thanks for having me here. >> and you brought me some real dinosaurs. >> yeah. so these are some casts of some of our favorite speaks minutes here. i have to have some dinosaurs with me, but some of our speakers at dinofest will be talking out bout these fossils.
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when we go all out with dinosaurs at the weekend. this year, we have people coming from montana, hock okay, some from -- oklahoma, and some from canada, and they are here because they want to share their dinosaur knowledge with families. the adults the serious sps fans can see tease researchers speak, but they are really trying to reach a broad audience. so there's something there for kids in those talks, but we have a lot of activities around the museum, too. there are activities where kids cancer for dinosaur toys and can also make fossil casts. and i think the most exciting thing is one of our speakers, who is a very famous paleo artist, he's going to be
6:49 am
from 10:30 to noon, where you, your kids, can go and learn to drive dinosaurs with julius. >> even just to show how many myths and misunderstandings there are out there, you told me this is a real veliciraptor? >> that's right. everybody has scene jurassic park, and in that movie, they are big, six feet tall and chase everybody around, and it was actually much smal that, about the size of a big tom turkey. so when you're looking at those bones in your thanksgiving turkey, that's about the size of one. for jurassic park, steven spiel burg wanted the dinosaurs to be scarier, show made them bigger. >> it is amazes how my hand is
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>> so dinofest. what times can people come and enjoy? >> it start at 10:30 today with the work shops with julius, and then at 1:00, the talks begin, and there's one talk on the hour for four hours, and we have jordan from the canadian new seeium of nature, who will be talking about reinstructing dinosaur ecosystems, and that is really cool. we'll have david talking about habits of a dinosaur which is a relative ofville ross raptors. we'll also have hollywood ward from oklahoma state talking about this critter right here. the big debate is, is this actually a distinct species of dinosaur, or is it a juvenile t- rex? so holly has some cool evidence from looking inside the bones
6:51 am
and julius will end the day talking about he reconstructs and how he titus necessary restorations of dinosaurs that you'll see in the news whenever there's no a new species. and thank you for being here, and thanks for bringing us the fossil. so there you go. michael, i know you've been looking for something to do today. >> oh, yeah, i'll geek out anytime with something like that, too, by the way. have no idea velocirapters are are so small. what a beautiful saturday. loots of sunshine. temperatures eventually making it to a high today. 20s in wayne county right now. our friends in ash too beau blue down towards youngs town, in the 20 those get your saturday going. at least, though, we're nice and try, compliments of high pressure off toward our west. it's keeping us dry, and again,
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slow-moving, so we're going to see this sunshine not only through your saturday, but, also, through your day tomorrow, on sunday. now through lunchtime, looking good. again, we eventually warm temperatures to near 50 degrees, later on this afternoon. any saturday night plans, two thumbs up here from your weatherman. we'll call it mostly clear. first thing tomorrow on your sunday morning, a decent looking start, albeit kind of chilly. tomorrow afternoon, courtesy of a southerly wind, we'll then be back into the mid-50s on your sunday. forecast for today, mostly sunny skies, temperatures upper 40s, low 50s with overnight lows falling into the 300s, but notice that southerly component of the wind. that is what is going to help propel temperaturespy tomorrow into the mid-50s. your window nation 7-day showing you that attempts will edge closer towards that 60- degree read, and on monday and tuesday, and then wednesday, a chance for some showers.
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