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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  November 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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i have the latest on what to expect. >> betsy, thanks. don't miss our special series "rising" tuesday night. despite the obstacles a local woman turns her life around, now sends her time helping others do the same. from the station that sees the possible, this is channel 3 news, brought to you by universal windows direct. you'll be saying, "i love my windows." now terry crancona is the manager of the year winner for the second time in his career. >> just about 60 minutes ago, terry francona named the manager of the year. probably not a surprise. >> no. >> he ran away total weight the voting. >> he really did. he crushed it. i have to say, covering terry francona, one of my favorites as far as a manager or coach when it comes to covering sports. great to deal with.
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honor. i have no surprise at all. well deserved. the only shock would have been if terry francona didn't win the award. for the second time of the year, terry francona is the manager of the year. francona wins in a landslide. rangers manager jeff banister was second. francona with 22 of the 330 first place votes. under francona, the indians won the central division for the first time in 9 years, taking them to the postseasonal, and he did it with no michael brantley and jury after jury, and suspension. and he does wit a team that doesn't have the payroll of the big boys. francona is a winner. he really is. 4 straight seasons as tribe manager. so let's take a look at it. what a year for francona. he's 57. eric wedge, the only other manager of the year award winner for the indians. won the central, won the pennant. 10-5 in the postseason.
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manager of the year. over 100 days in 1st place, and a 14-game winning strike. couple things i want to make sure are clear. number one, this is all about the regular season, getting to the world series. everything he did in the postseason does not go. the voting happened before. the other thing you will not see francona doing any on-air interviews. he just had right hip replacement surgery. >> we should send him something, like a big bucket of bubble gum. >> will would enjoy that. switch gears a little bit. we talked baseball. lebron not so happy about something phil jackson had >> yeah. this kind of started last night. there's a story espn was working on, talking with phil jackson about patriaely and the heat and what that did to the heat when lebron left. things have really gotten interesting. phil jackson, the head coach of michael jordan n a recent interview, jackson used the word "bosse," send lebron has always demanded preferential treatment. his departure from miami was a
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today lebron reacted by saying he's lost all respect for jackson. a posse is not what he's built over his career, and not what he or his family stands for. lebron had a quote, and he said, "we see the success that we have, but then there's always someone who lets you know how far we still have to go as african americans." lebron clearly not happy about p. they will play the nicks in september. that will be quite a show. >> the drama ratcheting it up. >> thank you so much on both front seat. this just breaking. ine cleveland city officials have decided to keep rta bus traffic off superior avenue near public square. buses have not been allowed while the city and rta study the situation. the move is expected to really inconvenience passengers, plus be an additional cost to the financially strapped system. this will also involve some revamping of the square. this is, just as we said, breaking in the last hour and a half. we have more on our news at 11 will have it as well.
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life of donald trump. a west side community targeted by someone carrying a slingshot, and an ?80s boy band coming back to cleveland. it's all in tonight's "77 seconds" here at 7. >> zachary benson of fairview park is now facing charges for explicitly threatening the life of donald trump. hours after it appeared trump would win on election night, he tweeted among other things: "my life goal is to assassinate trump. don't care if i serve infinite . >> what this man took from us is irreplaceable. >> reporter: you may remember the 18-year-old was shot and killed inside a friend's apartment near kent state's campus in february. spoke those words to the man freshly convicted of the murder. the jury recommend the death penalty for davonta graham of akron along with a 61- year prison sentence. someone has been using a slingshot to knock out windows of several businesses
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thousands in damage, five businesses, several vehicles, and at least one individual struck. if you have any information, you're asked to call westlake police. children of the ?80s and ?9 0s, nostalgia lives. new kids on the block, boys ii men and paula abdul announced a june 30th concert. tickets go on sale saturday. but you can get an early crack at tickets starting friday at 10:00 a.m. by using the code wkyc. other news cleveland police cruisers will soon have dashboard mounted cameras thanks to a half-million-dollar grant from the outgoing chick prosecutor. officers now have body cameras. the cruisers were never equipped with dash cams, like many other departments have. the money is coming from forfeited asets of convicted criminals, in case you're wondering. a recall also in the car world you need to know about. the auto recalling 70,000 rh sports cars from model years ?04 through ?08.
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with fuel pump ceiling rings that may deteriorate, leak fuel, and catch fire. owners will be notified. the fix, as always, is free. if you're thinking about a vacation, jetblue air lines announced a 48-hour flash sale. some fare's under a hundred bucks for round-fare tickets. there are black-out dates. fridays and saturdays often too blacked out. sale ends wednesday night if you want to got a look at it. speaking of traveling, triple a expects a record number of people to hit road this thanksgiving. so what's behind this up tick on the roads and in the skies? nbc's jay gray looks at why folks are spending money to travel and where they're going exactly. >> reporter: turkey, trimmings, and travel. according to triple a, this thanksgiving, roads, rails, and air will be as crowded as they've been in nearly a decade. >> we're expecting nearly 49 million americans to be traveling more than 50 miles away from home, and
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tell us that they're going to drive. >> reporter: that despite a recent up tick in prices at the pump. still the cost of gas is at historically low levels, fueling the surge in holiday road trips. air travel is up as well, 1.6%. tickets are up a lot more: 21% over a year ago. the average round-trip fare for the holiday is $205. so where is everybody going? the top five thanksgiving donations, according to the san francisco, san diego, orlando, and new york. >> i definitely definitely have people taking time off work. they're planning out their vacation for the year. we see a lot of people make the trip home to visit family during this time. >> reporter: anywhere they can get away and gobble up some good times for the holidays. jay gray, nbc news. >> jay, thank you. still ahead here at 7, never giving up, a local
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courage and strength and how she's now rising up to help others improve their lives. >> and dreams do come true. next at 7, a young boy, get this, gets his wish to be an astronaut for the day.
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if you want to sell your car carmax will give you seven days to consider their offer. why seven days? science. join me as we walk through the seven stages of decisioning. 1. consideration. 2. questioning. 3. deciding. 4. queso. 5. nap. 6. sudoku. 7. tambourine practice. i think i made my point. they'll give you an offer for your car, you take seven days to think about it. ?? >> it's a character all of us probably pretended to be at one time or another. >> reporter: well, joining me
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exciting musical "finding never land," that little show that's going on over at the connor palace. thanks so much for coming in. >> it's my pleasure to be here. thanks for having me. >> we're glad to have you. tell me a little about the storyline for "finding never land." i think most of our viewers are familiar with the peter pan story. they've heard about captain hook. what's different about this musical? . >> this show is about the making of "peter pan." . j. m. barry, the author relationship with -- he meets and falls in love with a father and mother riley, a widower and four boys. he uses those characters and adventures to write the play of "peter pan." it's about how actually the play came double. it's based on fact. it's cool. it's cool. >> very cool. what is it about the musical that really speaks to the kid at heart? we know peter pan, of course, for all of us, the dream of neverland. >> well, you know, i think
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kid and they just wanted to fly so bad. just wishing they could never grow up, and just sort of celebrates concern it celebrates those things, and it's also poignant in the fact that those -- we do. we grow up. >> inevitably we do. >> it is, the inevitability of adulthood. >> so playing captain hook, how does that role compare to some of the other roles you've had? . >> well i actually get to play two roles, which is super i play charles froman, an actual historical figure, who produces it play "peter pan," and i play captain hook as well. i had the great pleasure of playing captain hook with catherine rigby at madison square garden, and it was fantastic. . captain is is a character i'm familiar with. this is an interesting twist in this production, he's more a facet of j. m. berry's character who manifests himself to encourage j. m. berry to
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and to kind of pirate up and find the courage and conviction to write his own story. >> "pirate." . i like that. not as simple as a -- villain. >> no, no. clearly villain, but he's got some depth. interesting twist only it >> all right. why should everybody come out and see this? . >> because it's the best show ever. and i'm in it. there, that's two really good reasons. >> all right. ''finding neverland" and sunday, mb there are tickets still available. >> you're going to love it. i guarantee it. >> thanks so much. >> thanks very much. we all know peter pan wanted to fly. tonight the story of an a 12- year-old named jacob,berling. he got a wish come true. he wanted to be an astronaut. watch. >> first thing we want to do is
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let's see-fits. probably too tight. is that going to fit? . >> yes. >> all right. >> all right. that is jacob there. jacob suffered a stroke when he was nine years old, ultimately had a heart tranceplant, and thanks to the make a wish foundation, cleveland's natural history museum, the great lakes science center, and nasa, today jacob was ready to learn all about being an astronaut. coming up, it's got a consult following. mcdonald's mcrib sandwich. find out how technology is being used to the seasonal treat. >> and hard to believe this is november. what does that number say in the bottom right-hand corner? 58 degrees. how long will our nice weather stay around? betsy has that. first we take a look at the markets from today.
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>> you 'got the shamrock shake. mcdonald's mcrib sandwich now back. not the shamrock shake yet. there's loyal fans out. there there's an easy way to find out if your mcdonald's is selling the barbecue sandwich. mcrib finder is a free service here. using your phone gps to find the nearest mcrib selling mcdonald's. you can share that then with
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new is coming to the cereal aisle for kellogg's frosted flakes financials. it's cinnamon frosted flakes. kellogg's said the new flavor cinnamon was the top flavor requested among cereal lovers. and meet the newest ben of former president george w. bush's family. i love when they pick the names. a dog named freddy bush. here's freddy. the president said he and his wife laura visited the spca of texas last week to thank them for their work, and they came home freddy. mr. bush says freddy is getting along fine with the couple's two cats, named bob and bernadett. >> pets with human names kill me. >> no fido for you? . >> no. get back here, greg. >> well, we named our dog sophie, and she was our first child, totally. it was her whole personalitialty. they are family members, that's the truth. good day, at least until
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phenomenal. if you have a chance to get outside, had some people requesting, is it time to put up the christmas lights? if you're good, do it, yeah. and actually if you have strings of lights, i would do it before friday, because friday is going to be very windy, and i think that could be a little hazardous, especially if you have those really long strings. just be advised of that. 40s for the night tonight. 30s farther south. sprinkles will be possible. wave moving through the great lakes region. that's going to kick in extra cloud cover for tomorrow morning. that could also stir up a the big story just remains off the west shore of the gulf coast. this big dip in the jet stream that is going to be a symbol of very big changes that will be arriving on our doorstep as we go through the weekend. tomorrow still looks great. we have mostly cloudy skies with the sprinkle chances in morning. i don't think that's going to hamper your morning commute at all. clouds and sun expected for the afternoon, and then partly cloudy skies as we head through the evening. temperatures are going to be topping out in the upper 50s and close to 60. we'll surge in the upper 6 0s
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window nation forecast. 72 will be a new record high. what's the old record, you ask? 71, set last year. how about that? we could go back to back, crush it. all right. then we're going to crush those temperatures. 40s and falling, for the day saturday. saturday ain't looking too pretty now. we've got rain showers that are going to change over to a rain-snow mix, especially east, and then lake effect snow gets cranking saturday night into sunday. i do think we'll se in the snow belts. i don't know this is going to be totally confined. i think we may open up some doors to the west as well. we get that little strip of rain down to middleburg heights and par ma. we're going to have to keep an eye on that, but it's -- >> likely not school closeable weather, though,. >> well, especially because it's the weekend. >> monday. ia, yeah. some life decisions and some very difficult times only to rise up.
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we'll meet mar la hudson. >> here's what's coming up tonight on nbc. experience luxury, experience, and sophistication.
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rising story. . >> didn't have a good child. there was a lot going on in the home, physical abuse, and i was a victim of that. i just didn't feel good about my life. i didn't feel like i had in life a school diploma. i just want about my life, various jobs. i said i didn't want to do this for the rest of my life. i need to get my life together. that's when i thought getting my ged. yeah, i took the ged test several times before i passed it. >> reporter: taking a test six
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pretty intense. >> i studied every chapter i got, and i wasn't going to give up. i was on my way to work, and i got a phone call, telling me i passed the test. wow, you talking about somebody who was on cloud 9. >> and i'm overjoyed to come and help and give back. >> she made me to want to come back. that's why i come every day, because i can accomplish the ged test. >> good job. >> she's been doing it day in and day out ever since she graduated. so there's a real strong commitment there. >> she was so -- i think the determination and wanting something so badly, that she made the sacrifices that were necessary.
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the ged isn't easy. my life has changed completely. i received the courage award from governor kasech. i had opportunity to do the pledge of allegiance at the rnc. i never thought in a million years i would be something like that. this is unbelievable. with determination and perseverance, you can do. dreams do come true. i'm a living witness. . >> a powerful story of perseverance. thanks to margot for sharing that with us. if we're heading out tonight, pretty come if i.
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that's it for us. russ and sarah, betsy and dave are back at 11. updates over at have a great tuesday night, everybody.
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holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
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we don't have a lot of grocery stores here in our neighborhood and we want our neighbors to have access to good things at affordable prices. the only thing easy in our community is fast food.
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we're here to offer some help. welcome! retirement, huh? (laughs) i mean, look at the size of this thing! who doesn't need a sweet potato that size? they took the time to care what our project was about. here you go. and that was something
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?? ?? tonight, the making of the sexiest man alive. >> bring the sexy. >> bring the sexy. >> the rock snagged this year's honor, but we're revealing why he was chosen. >> i have to change jasmine's diapers every morning, but i would do it in a way that's blake. >> blake shelton? >> yeah. that fellow. >> what she's only telling "e.t." about their love story and how he rescued her from divorce. >> the new all-female ocean's 8 movie. the cast is phenomenal. >> here's the question, will he make a cameo? >> and -- ?? ?? >> we are first with new kids on the block and paula abdul after


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