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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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hundreds of people take to the streets here in akron. the message they have for you coming up. lynna. >> all right. some parents claim they didn't know. one local city cracks down on adults to underage drinking. >> and cleveland browns head to washington to talk about race in america but first the forecast with hollie. 5:00 and normal -- november and still above normal. sooner or later the bottom is going to drop out but we have a few days before that occurs. we will be low 50s at lunch and warming into the mid to upper 50s through the afternoon hours. it's going to be quite a bit of cloud cover with the possibility of a sprinkle passing by. and on future view we see the chances as we head through the morning hours and even into the afternoon a bit. it's going to be very slight,
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the surface is the truth. we clear out for thursday and tomorrow in addition to seeing a lot of sunshine we are talking about warmer weather. a preview of the weekend because i know this has you all talking, 70 on friday, 40s with rain and a change over to snow on saturday. lake snow on sunday. i will explain coming up. right now danielle is explaining the commute this morning and you know thank thrill -- thank thrill we will -- on the slushy stuff. stay with to check the traffic cameras to prepare you for the weekend. right now i am preparing you for the commute and really not much to prepare for. it's quiet drive right now. here's picture 77 at the turnpike. not tracking any accidents and no major delays. traffic moving just fine 77 at the turn pike on both the north and southbound sides of the highway. so for those of you traveling up 77 from the turnpike to 480 it is the normal 8 minute commute.
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interchange it's 5-minute drive now back to you. >> we have seen antitrump protest across the -- anti- trump protest across the condition dry and akron has joined in the demonstrations. >> tiffany tarpley joins us live from there this morning and it was a large crowd. >> reporter: it was and police estimate there were more than a thousand people involved. it began right here in highland square. this is a neighborhood in akron and for the most part police say everything remained peaceful and people just walked now it began with a social media protest post i should say that's what brought people here a mile long march and demonstration people chanting and holding signs against a trump administration and what they believe is intolerance. so you might be asking why did it start at 11 at night? well, they say this was first and second shift workers and students could get involved.
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we are going to speak. our voice will be heard and we want to make sure that the point gets across that we don't stop and neither should anyone else who wants change. >>reporter: and so some of the protesters have said they are not sure exactly where to go from here. but lynna they say this was an opportunity for them of course to make their voices heard and to share some stories and ideas. >> all right. thanks tiffany. a somber day in akron today as th fallen officer justin wine brenner. today is two years since he was shot and killed trying to stop a man who opened fire inside a tavern. his killer keenan ivory was sentenced to life in prison a without parole. cleveland is proposing to keep the stretch of superior avenue through public scare closed for good. 600 foot piece has been closed for two years for renovation.
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they need to find alternate routes for the40,000 bus passengers that uses that part of superior every day. >> the input was maybe we-- it would be nice if there were no traffic on public square at all. >> city will spend the next 10 to 14 days working on plans to pitch to the federal transit administration. it's unclear how much this late in the game modification would cost and how much of an inconvenience it would be to downtown drivers and riders. surveillance photos now of a bank robber who held up the huntington bank in university circle. see if you recognize anything in here. he was dressed as a woman walked into the bank on busy mayfield road yesterday morning before 11 and stood in the line for a while before lifting his blouse to show he had something in the waistband of the the skirt. he left in a older white car with ohio plates.
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can help. police in westlake are asking for help after vandals caused thousands of dollars of damage they believe they are using slingshots and marbles to break windows of businesses and cars. anyone with information is urged to call the west lake police -- westlake police dft. overland college fired a poe fessor for a facebook post that the university cause sent a smeltic. smeltic the overland board of directors says the statements are not protected under academic freedom and she was dismissed by the university tuesday. she said she will issue a statement later today. education news the state of ohio will take over lorain cityschools next year after the district received failing grates on state report cards. district leaders say the takeover takes place between april and august.
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some concern among school leaders across the state. beginning with the class of 2018, students must earn at least 18 points using 7 and, of course, state test. superintendents from some districts estimate a third or more current juniors are at risk of not graduating because of the new requirements.>> the question should parents be held responsible when their children have parties that involve underage drinking? weigh in on our instant poll heading to now. there is a new law that goes into effect next month in the city of amhurst that allows parents to be charged for kids underage drinking even if they didn't know about it. city council wanted to close the loophole in the law allowing parents to say they didn't know that teens were drinking alcohol in their basement. although the neighbors called with complaints. under the new law parents can face arrest and be charged with
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will crackdown on underage drinking parties as we look at the numbers, no one voted yet. maybe we have to take it in and think about the question a little bit but you know we will ask it again it's early but it's controversial subject. >> and we continue to-- and we continue to follow an ohio bill providing workers comp benefits for for fighters were certain cancers. there's going to be he ohio senate passed the bill earlier this year and it's moving through the house. research shows firefighters are three times more likely to develop certain cancers because of the toxins they are exposeed to at fire scenes. opponents say it's nearly impossible to prove whether the cancer was caused by the job. president-elect donald trump caused a stir when he left his news contingent behind tuesday night. >> find out more about that maureen is following that it's in the morning news feed what's
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that's the headline here. trump told the press he was done for a day but a presidential like motorcade left around 8 p.m. this is cell phone video of trump and the family inside new york city steak house the 21 club. his wife melania and children were with him and giving a standing ovation as they left the restaurant. trump has not given the press access to his transition meetings and doesn't allow the press core to travel with him which is unlike any other president in history. on the other side of the ticket candidate hillary clinton will make her first public appearance tonight. secretary clinton will be honored by the children's defense fund in washington, d.c. where she worked as a young staff attorney. the cdf calls her a lifelong champion of children. clinton last week spoke about-- last spoke about a week ago after losing the election to donald trump. california senator barbara boxer filed legislation to abolish the electoral college.
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probably win the popular vote by a margin that could exceed 2 million. she says america is the only country where the popular vote doesn't pick the president. and she also cited the fact that trump himself tweeted in 2012, the electoral college is "a disaster for democracy." nfl players were on capitol hill yesterday tackling the issues of police brutality and race. 4 players including browns quarterback mccowan and andrew hawkins were with speaker paul ryan and other politicians to talk about how they can be an influence off the field to close racial divide. mccowan was the only white nfl player to be involved but he told espn he needs to listen because he comes from a different background and the first step is understanding. so we expect to hear more about how the meetings went later on today as they start to head back and open up about what was discussed. >> wins and losses aside he's great example he he talks to
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it's all about understanding and let's list whean a great example he is -- listen what a great example. >> he has influence over young kids too. indians just missed winning the world series but the post season awards roll in. manager francona was the manager of the year e got first place votes on 22 of the 30 ballots. my question is what's wrong with the rest of you. you other will you should have voted fo voted for him. led the indians to 94 wins despite losing players to injuries. he won in 2013 with the indians. tonight kluber is the finalthree for the cy young award congratulations to the skipper well deserved. 5:10. taking the stage we go behind the scenes after the broadway musical finding neverland and talk to the cast members playing the iconic characters. >> and, dress nightmare.
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came from see the shocking discovery that was sown inside and it made her sick. aid great breakfast story hollie. >> can't wait for that. 57 degrees that's the high today. we have got it will be intervals of clouds and sunshine i think isolated sprinkles possible. wait until you see the warmup and wait until we talk snow. speaking of which, we should talk right no
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friending on social media kerry fisher and harrison ford's affair.
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to an intense affair with ford after nearly 40 years of keeping it a secret. she dropped the bombshell when she was 19, she and then 33- year-old harrison ford had the whirlwind 3 month affair filming. she said she gave him advance notice she was spilling the beans ahead of a new book out by her entitled the princess direst ford was married at time. >> all right. we have another warld robe malfunction to tell you about -- wardrobe malfunction to tell you b she found part of a dead rodent in her new dress. 24-year-old says she noticed a strange odor wearing it and discovered this. what in the pictures appears to be the leg of a mouse. >> oh. >> right there. >> oh, no. >> yes lynna. >> it was sown in the hem of
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suffered emotional distress and developed a rash diagnosed as a rodent born disease. zara says they are aware of the allegation and will investigate. >> a rodent rash too? into good morning. >> i am going to predict that's not good for business. i am going go out there and say that. >> let's look at flowers. >> please. >> here is a pretty pick newer this is right now. >> right. >> flowers. in november. on the 16th through the month and we have got flowers. beautiful. all right kid, get to the bus stop. sweatshirt a light fall jacket. totally works we are in the 40s so aid bit milder this morning. 47 right now at hopkins and your time is 5:16. so, here's a look at what will be -- what we will be talking about. we have the passing shower chance today. pretty small. and the huge warmup for thursday friday late in the work and school week.
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and eventually some lake- effect. now in the meantime, for today i think partly to mostly cowedy skies. and it looks like wool see more overcast -- we will see more overcast and sprinkle chance in there. 57 degrees for highs today. so, we will still end up above normal but yesterday we were in the low 60s. i think the lack of sb shine today is going to keep us down a bit more. and the stretch shows a lot of overcast. the shower chance is pretty minimal. we see hints of green on future view through this morning into the afternoon we still pick up a few spotty showers. 20 to 30% i mean that's the probability. so odds are in your favor you won't see any rain drops today. this is 5:30 this evening. partly to mostly cloudy skies heading through the the overnight hours we will start to see some breaks in the cloud cover and then tomorrow we totally -- totally clear the skies by afternoon time. brilliant sunshine and we are warming into the 60s by friday
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approaching 70. so it's going to remain really warm as we close out the actual workweek itself. satellite and radar a. few showers over the lake. now, most of the the energy with the really weak front moving through is to the north. that's why we are not seeing a high chance for us today. your window nation 7-day forecast you ready for this? let's get to the weekend because that's where i think all the buzz is. and we will have another cold front moving through on saturday it's a strong front that's going to really bring the temperatures down. we will be in th around 50. pretty early in the day saturday. and then start to fall. it's going to be breezy. we will have rain showers with the front and lake-effect rain and snow showers develop behind it. right now, it looks like we will see a change over to all lake-effect snow saturday night into sunday. obviously those of you in the primary snow belt are going to have the possibility of seeing some accumulation but the ground is really warm and there's a lot going on so as far as how much it's too early
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flakes flying over the weekend even into sunday. than we warm back up. on 5:19 we are checking the drive. >> wkyc traffic brought to you by mike bass ford get a great deal and great deal more at mike bass ford. hi hope you are having a great start to your day. we start i-90 at 77 where it looks like the 90 westbound ramp to 77 south is blocked currently because of construction. so for those of you who need to get around this, all tough and hit the generalling south to 480 east where you can pick up 77 in that area. i am going tweet this out if you are leaving the house within the next few minutes and this is your router to get around that. other than that we look great on our highways normal drive times and so far no accidents. and don't forget when you hit the roads tune into our partners at wtam1100 total traffic with updates every ten minutes. john and lynna back to you. >> all right danielle.
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finding neverland. we go behind the scenes and talk to the cast of the latest broadway musical to come to
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oh, yeah, band hang tough new kids on the block are coming back to cleveland june 30th along with paula abdul and boys # men. tickets for the total package tour go on sale to the public this saturday. you don't have to wait until then. no you can buy presale tickets friday beginning at 10 a.m. just by using the code wkyc. >> how about that?
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bring his 24 karat magic to the q in august. it stops in cleveland august 15th. tickets go on sale next monday at 10 a.m. a lot of concerts to keep track of right now. >> hey we are a popular destination into course we are. >> love bruno. it's the story of how peter became pan. the broadway musical finding neverland is now running at connor palace at playhouse square. >> will ujek introduces us playing the boys the timeless character peter pan. >> we are all brothers. >> yeah. >> we started rehearsal about 10. >> reporter: finding neverland dives into the the story behind peter pan. and playwright meat group of young imaginative brothers who spent the day on adventures in
5:25 am
crafted the tale the boys summed up by the boys amazing. >> it's so amazing to be a part of this amazing task and all that great stuff. >> an amazing story. >> when i was younger i still am young but when i was like 7 i couldn't get enough of peter pan. >> it's so cool when it's at night. >> reporter: in between the shows and four hours of school the kids say they have had a blast exploring each city they toured. number one on the list for cleveland was the rock and roll hall of fame because you the kids are rockers. >> i like ac/dc. they are so cool. >> i like led zeppelin. >> reporter: and if there is a neverland where kids don't have to grow up, the boys are hoping to find it. >> yeah. 100% no doubt. >> reporter: at playhouse square will ujek. >> we are having more fun in the adventure. >> reporter: channel 3 news. >> you are kidding me. >> i love the musical taste.
5:26 am
mean. >> he was like them when he was 7. >> finding neverland is at playhouse square through november 20th so for ticket information head over to >> because for him 7 was so long ago. >> right. boy they are adorable. >> adorable as can be. >> check out that show. >> i heard great things about the show. several friends have been and maybe something to do this weekend. we have plenty of weather to talk about. something inside would be nice. today, it's going to end mid to upper 50s for highs. cooler than we have been the past couple days with more cloud cover and a passing sprinkle but nothing that i think will slow you down too much at all. most of the energy with the weak front pushing through on the travel map is to the north. so, once we get through today, john lynna we have a big warmup before we talk the snow word. we will talk about that and what it means for the weekend coming up. >> all right thanks hollie. 5:26.
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with the help from her classmates. her inspiring story coming up. >> and flight flash sale the airline offering 100 dollar round trip fares right now. we live in a pick and choose world.
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we start your morning rush with an antitrump protest overnight here in akron. it began right here in highland square in around the 11 last night let's go ahead and show you that video. it ended a couple hours later around 1 in the morning. those involved say they want inclusiveness and they will not tolerate what they believe is hateful and racist leadership. now this was not organized by anyone group from what we understand. it was actually organized by someone's social media post.
5:31 am
charges after tweeting a threat to president-elect donald trump. zachary benson posted the tweet the morning after the election. he told authorities he did it out of frustration for trump's policies and his "very apologetic. a hearing in the case is set for tomorrow. hollie. 5:31. it's 47 degrees at hopkins. good morning you're halfway through the week and for a lot of you, just about week away from probably a long weekend we are a week away from thanksgiving and it's weird. mid to upper 50s today and we will head to a mix. we will see overcast skies and we could see a passing shower today. we have a really weak front passing by. doesn't have a lot of energy associated with it. so the shower chance will be at the a minimum like 20, 30%. odds are you probably won't see rain drops but if you do, don't be caught off guard. low 50s by lunch. mid up to 50ers. mid to lay afternoon. and future view we see the
5:32 am
while. so that's why we are keeping the shower chance in there and the reason temperatures won't be as mild today as we have been is because of the overcast skies throughout the day. but even into the evening, still the slightest chance of a shower showing up. and we are planning on a big warmup before we start to talk snow. we will get into all of that in minutes. right now danielle has look at your commute this morning. roads are dry. thanks so much and right now we are looking pretty good except in downtown cleveland where the 90 westboun 77 south is closed until 6 a.m. because of pavement repairs so for those of you who need to get around this it will be closed for the next 30 minutes and you can take 90 west to the generalings south to 480 east putting you back at 77. other than that we are looking green on the traffic maps still no accidents to report. maureen back to you. >> thanks. topping your morning news feed oklahoma city police say the man suspected in shooting
5:33 am
victim was a southwest airlines employee who was shot while walking between a terminal and the airport employee parking area. he was taken to a hospital where he later died from his injuries. the suspect identified as lloyd bowie was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the airport what to -- had to shut down while police investigated. the outgoing and incoming vice presidents will meet for lunch today. joe biden is hosting mike pence at the vice president's official residence at the naval pence's wife karen. mr. pence spent yesterday in transition meetings at trump tower. final results still are not available from last week's presidential election. but if the group the united states election project has it right, half of americans didn't vote. the early research shows 36.6% of eligible voters didn't vote. 25.6% voted for hillary clinton 25.5% voted for donald trump
5:34 am
johnson. voter turnout was down across the board too according to the numbers. and protesters in portland oregon are getting heat because 30% of those arrested also didn't vote or they weren't registered to vote in some cases. >> wow. >> so,. >> that's interesting. >> yeah. one of our employees barry wolf is awesome and voted and said now i can complain. >> yes. >> you can't complain unless you vote. >> that's right. one way to look at it. th >> sure. thank you mo. all right when you are 5 years old and you are trying to crush cancer, you certainly can use all the support you can get. piper samuals has had tough -- samuels has a tough day ahead of her and thousands are senning up prayers. >> we have the story of an avon lake girl's spirit that's stirring strangers. >> reporter: they came from all over. families all ages, some total
5:35 am
girl. piper samuels crushing cancer attack her bones. she and her family never saw it coming this impromptu prayer vigil so appropriate piper took her place on the rock. in front of a prayer vigil of hundreds standing rooted in gratitude and in faith on her lawn. when they leaned on a rock bigger than their own understanding. >> father we thank you and praise you for her. >> reporter: wednesday, piper loses a battle but fight. when doctors amputate her right leg from the knee down. so classmates lined up front and center to pray over their preschool friend. >> i am here for piper. >> reporter: 4-year-old tommy's prayer. >> so she can feel better and she can come to school. >> reporter: that you will on one day's notice of a prayer rally by her preschool teacher. >> she is a bright light in the
5:36 am
this happened. >> reporter: parents hugged their own kids a little tighter. >> we would all want the same support. >> reporter: and from the mouths of babes. >> we want piper to get better and we feel like prayer is a good way to do it. >> i just feel like god is going to use her in huge ways because god hears he hears it all and i just think he is going to do miracles through that sweet angel. >> good luck piper. >> reporter: i am dawn ke >> oh my goodness and that spirit is growing. all right thousands on social media are sharing in the prayers for piper. that took root on that very lawn. just log onto for a link to the samuels sharing page on caring >> power of children right there. 35:36 right now. traveling for-- 5:36 right now. traveling for less. the airline offering round trip
5:37 am
bucks. >> and like i said yesterday the buckeyes are the number two team in the land and the latest playoff rierchgings and i think the committee is starting to give ohio state more respect. i think they opened the door a little bit for them safes little coverage plans. i am explain next in my take. themselves a little coverage plan.
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this?
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coming up on 5:40 right now. he is tweeting again president- elect donald trump took to twitter overnight refuting reports his transition team is in turmoil. >> tracie potts is live in washington with more on that and is following social media but the transition happening on capitol hill hi tracie. >> reporter: got to follow social media when it comes to donald trump. now president-elect and the folks here on capitol hill are getting ready to work with him. the senate is having the elections today to put together the trump administration. problem is, there are reportedly problems with selecting that administration back to social media here. president-elect going online on twitter overnight to refute that. president-elect donald trump dining out in new york after his first official security briefing and tweeting overnight that only he knows finalist for the cabinet.
5:41 am
organized process insiders describe turmoil. >> you have governor christie and his team moving out and others moving in. and as trump tries to figure out hoe wants at his side. >> reporter: congressman rogers is out in what sources call a stalin percentage of people associated with chris christie. his son-in-law wielding influence the teams inquiredabout getting him security clearance mike pence is in charge in washington >> this leadership team is unified at and the republican house conference is unified and we are so eager to get to work with our new president-elect. >> reporter: republicans in congress elect new leaders today. house democrats put their elections off minority leader nancy pelosi expected to face a challenge from ohio's tim ryan. >> we got our butts kicked and need to move forward. >> reporter: the country trying to move forward.
5:42 am
back too with steve bannon the former breitbart chair and campaign ceo who is chief strategist. democrats insist they want him out. >> you know also, after the election results there's a move underway to get rid of the electoral college which donald trump at first called a disaster and now he is calling a genius. >> reporter: yeah exactly. but you know the electoral college has been around for a long time and the idea behind it the founding fathers wanted to make sure that states had smaller populations had an equal voice in selecting who the president would be and in other words if the voice and their votes would count. but what we have seen in a couple elections now we saw with hillary clinton it look like she is coming out one to 2 million actual popular votes ahead of donald trump and that's now how we select people to be our president and so barbara boxer out of california has put a bill out there probably not going anywhere
5:43 am
the lect cal college -- lect cal college because -- electoral college because people are frustrated how you can get 1 or 2 million more votes and not be president. >> thanks for the explanation. it's 5:43. oh look. >> it's spring. >> well, you could second guess lately. >> can we skip winter. >> wouldn't that be something. >> it's a live look at a flower. they look like what. >> fall variety i am sure but. >> skipping winter is called it's a good point john. >> thank you. we will talk wintry weather as we get into the weekend. but before that happens we have a warmup on the way with close to 70 degrees before the week is through. we are in the mid to upper 50s today. it's intervals of clouds and sunshine. because we will see a bit more overcast i think we will keep temperatures down just a bit compared to the past couple days. we hit 62 yesterday. normally around 50 for the high today we are still into the 50s and above that. and we have got a few showers
5:44 am
this is associated with the weak front we are talking about earlier in the week that's moving through and because of it we could see small chance of a sprinkle. most of the showers at this point in time are over the lake itself. and we are not expecting a whole lot of this to come inland or make it to the surface. there's lot of dry air in place. future view picks up on small chances of rain through today even into the afternoon and evening and it's about 20 to 30% otherwise 50s uneventful. looking ahead tomorrow we clear the way for a lot of sunshine into the afternoon. notice as we start the day it's more partly cloudy skies. and then we get into mid to late morning and holy cow. it's going to be amazing. mostly sunny skies and tomorrow at 4:00 and we are warming into the 60s. i don't think this computer model forecast does the temperatures justice tomorrow. i think we will end up mid-60s at the least. and then even around 70 degrees by friday. let's look at window nation 7- day because the big talk and
5:45 am
the idea of snow this weekend. what's happening in another cold front moves through on saturday. a strong one so it's going to bring temperatures down early highs in the upper 40s. and then behind the front we will have lake-effect rain and snow developing initially. changing over to all lake- effect snow is the way it looks saturday night into sunday and then again lake-effect snow chances. we will keep you posted. look at these , a big hug. riley on the left and henry on the right. they are from westfield center love hosting doggy friends for regular garage football game it's true. >> are they playing. >> human friends are welcomed danielle. >> okay. >> and a special thank you for sharing this picture with us. they are cute. >> i would love the picture of the doggy football that would be great. and right now we are taking a look at the traffic for those
5:46 am
leaving house at 5:45. all green and tracking any accidents to the north the same picture the one big thing for the last two traffic reports are that the 90 westbound ramp to 77 south is closed for pavement repairs until about 6 a.m. so if you need to get around this take the inner belt and continue to the jennings south to 480 east which puts you back at 77. other than that, we are clear john and lynna back to you. >> thank you. let's talk sports. lebron and cavs took care of the raptors it was a tight game lebron scoring 28, 14 assists and 9 rebounds. great highlights too. game came down to the wire. the biggest shot was from frye look at the fake and then the three and they are averaging
5:47 am
cavs are 9-1. after disagreeing with the college football committee the first two weeks i have no argument with the latest rankings. ohio state is where they should be. alabama is number one and it's ohio state michigan and clemson the first two teams on the outside are louisville and washington. this tells me several things the committee is giving the buckeyes credit for resume of wins michigan road loss is better than clemson's home loss. and clemson stays ahead of louisville bec to head win importance. the committee now has breathing room because oat higho state michigan loser will drop out making room for a team to climb. so let's he look at the buckeyes. they shouldn't need a conference tightel to guarantee a spot in the final four. resume is strong a win on the road at number 9 oklahoma a win on the road at number 7 wisconsin. if the committee sticks with the importance of head to head wins that should help ohio
5:48 am
the big 10 championship game. now, the one hurdle. facing the buckeyes is penn state and loss to the nittany lions. if ranked number 8 penn state beats rutgers and michigan state like they should and they win the big 10 title game, penn state will have a head to head win over ohio state and conference championship that could be tough to overcome. i am look ahead but the committee should put two will will have 3 wins in the the top 9 and one loss that's better than the field of clemson louisville and washington. tweet me your thoughts at john wkyc. buckeyes have to take care of business and win two games. >> yep. >> with that resume i think they should be in the top four. no matter what else happens. >> i agree. and i am a homer. >> as a fan i want the best four themes you don't want a --
5:49 am
>> no. >> coming up ways to save hi matt. >> reporter: i have a door buster everyone will line up for at a lower price and you are not going to believe how sharp the savings are.
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little money news and cooking news. oreo bringing the german chocolate bar to the u.s. it has been a hit in the europe and will come in two sizes regular and big crunch. which is roughly 3 times the size 6 your -- of your average candy bar available in january. when you order pizza to be delivered you wait for that car to pull up but now you may wait for a drone to drop it at your door. in new zealand domino's made the first official pizza delivery by drone. the pizza chain is partnering with drone delivery start up and it's a team of drone
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drone delivery in australia belgium france and netherlands and japan and germany. planning a trip now is the time to book a flight jet blew launched a 48 hour flash sale with airfares under 100 dollars. they are good for travel through march 9th. there are blackout dates and sale fares are on most routes are not available on fridays and sundays. several flights to boston and fort lauderdale are being ofd sale ends tonight at 11:59. all right. hollie's been saying a lot of people are taking advantage of the warmer weather to put up holiday lights. today we are asking when is the right time to turn them on. head to now to weigh in on the instant poll. >> thanksgiving right now. that's the choice. so today we make outsharpest holiday shopper.
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>> reporter: i am so excited because sharpest sharpest shoppers and i know that some of you know i am on tv stations across the country and dealing with -- deal with lot of viewers but our viewers are the sharpest and know what they want and understand the price points and you help me be better at my jobs because -- job because i don't have to do work you asked for knife sets and i noticed there's a knife deal here and there but never a set and what i have in front of me right now is an item that people will be lined up for across the country that i just found a better price on sense hold no credibility when it comes to knives i sent it to my favorite tv show chef. >> as a professional chef no one appreciates a raisear sharp -- razor sharp knife and you can't get sharper blade that german forged high carbon steel. this is everything you need to prepare beautiful dishes. i am a huge, huge fan good quality and razor sharp. big thumbs up.
5:55 am
on the scene the set including a paring night 8 inch bread and chef knives oh, yeah, this is fully loaded. german steel it comes with a bonus accessory today kitchen sheers and it's 80 dollars off free delivery and folks i promise you every door buster early. don't line up. don't ruin thanksgiving we have you covered on this item which is not a product is a great grab. i want to remind everyone the most dangerous item in your home is a dull knife where the actions happen. you want the razor sharp blade that's what protects your knuckles and adds to the precision. >> that's a good point>> reporter: make it happen let's look at the survey and few people in my neighborhood are awake and voting because there's christmas lights galore. >> are they on. >> yes. >> no way. >> several people have put them on and if you see a bright
5:56 am
that's my neighborhood. >> it's close but thanksgiving is the thought of when to tournament lights on.december is the-- >> mine are already on. now people are voting for mine are on. i like that. thanks matt 5:56. top stories are straight ahead. >> let's check in with tiffany. >> reporter: hundreds take to the streets in akron. the message coming up maureen. >> thanks tom hanks wants to hele star plans to give our tv and film indust tray boost. john. >> the truth about yogurt how to handle the sugar and eat it every day. >> and holiday travel tips the best and worst days to visit friends and family. danielle. thanks so much right now for those of you who take the 90 westbound ramp to 77 south good news for you. is it's back opened. so coming up shortly after 6 we will give outdrive times into
5:57 am
>> a little cooler than today but above normal. mid to upper 50s could see a passing sprinkle with a very weak front moving through today. i think 57 degrees should do it and then hold on because we are talking about a little roller coaster ride heading into the end of our work and school weekend. into the weekend, we will climbup the hill and then go down. and we will make sense of all
5:58 am
?? (laughs..) here it is. ??
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?? wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down
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this channel 3 morning newscasts is made possible by universal windos direct you will say i love my windows and now channel 3 news todayrise right now at 6-- rise-- >> reporter: right now at 6 they are sending a message loud and clear. >> tang to washington to talk about making a difference off the field. >> and public square need another makeover? why the city may never open the new bus lanes that run through it. now with the forecast here's hollie. thanks 6:00 halfway through the week halfway through the month of november. and we are still feeling very, very mild. it's not going to be as warm today. we hit 62 yesterday and mid to upper 50s today. and a very weak front moving through and that's going to


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