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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this channel 3 morning newscasts is made possible by universal windos direct you will say i love my windows and now channel 3 news todayrise right now at 6-- rise-- >> reporter: right now at 6 they are sending a message loud and clear. >> tang to washington to talk about making a difference off the field. >> and public square need another makeover? why the city may never open the new bus lanes that run through it. now with the forecast here's hollie. thanks 6:00 halfway through the week halfway through the month of november. and we are still feeling very, very mild. it's not going to be as warm today. we hit 62 yesterday and mid to upper 50s today. and a very weak front moving through and that's going to
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maybe a sprinkle passing by. i think 5 # at noon and -- 52 at noon and around 3 this afternoon 57. on future view we see the chances for rain but they are 20 to 30%. so, i don't know if i would go the umbrella route today. take your jacket with you and just be prepared for maybe a few rain drops here and there even into the evening. as we get into tonight, and your thursday, we start to clear the way for warmer weather and sunshine. and then a going to happen over weekend, friday we hit 70. 40s on saturday and 30s and lake snow on sunday. that requires explaining. i get it. i will do just that coming up. right now let's check the drive danielle has look at how things are moving so far good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning hollie and as you can see we are green on the traffic map at 6:01. no problems out there no accidents and all the ram taps were closed are opened. traveling into downtown
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but from the west, looks great on the west shore way. no problems there. all green from the west into downtown on 71 north 90 east and jennings all normal for those of you coming into downtown from the west. on 77 into downtown 7 minute commute between 480 and i-90 and east shore way looks great between the euclid spur and dead man's curve and 11 minute ride so john and lynna we are a- okay out there. >> all right thanks danielle. let's head out right now. we have seen anti-trump protest's cross the country for the last few days. and akron has joined in the demonstration. >> tiffany tarpley joins us live with the story and hundreds of people showed up for this one. >> reporter: john and lynna what a deference a few hours can make here. -- difference a few hours can make here. they estimate more than a thousand people were involved in the demonstration and march that began right here in highland square. let's go ahead and show you what it looked like last night
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it began with the social media posts that's what brought people here a mile long march and demonstration. people chanting and holding signs against a trump administration. what they believe is intolerance. so you might be wondering why would they start this protest at 11 at night. well, they say they wanted the first and second shift workers here as well as students. >> and no matter the time of day we are going voices will be heard and we want to make sure that the point gets across we don't stop and neither should anyone else who wants change. >> reporter: all right. and so you can see we are back out here this morning just a few hours later. pretty quiet compared to what it was like out there overnight. but you know john this was a way a lot of protesters say they were able to share some of the stories and ideas. a lot of them unsure exactly where to go from here.
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thank you. a somber day in akron today as the community remembers fallen officer justin winebrenner today marks two years since was shot and killed while trying to stop a man who opened fire in a local tavern. his killer kenan ivery was sentenced to life in prison without parole. major traffic news. cleveland is proposing to keep the stretch of superior avenue through public square closed for good. >> the 600 foot piece of superior is closed years for public square renovation. if mayor frank jackson's plan gets federal approval the rta needs to find alternate routes for the 40,000 bus passengers who use the part of superior every day. >> people's input was you know maybe we -- it would be nice if there were no traffic on public square at all. >> so the city will spend the next 10 to 14 days working on
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transit administration. it's unclear how much this late in the game modification would cost and how much of an inconvenience it would be to downtown drivers and bus riders. question for you. should parents be held responsible when their children have parties that involve underage drinking? weigh in on the instant poll midding to now there's a law that goes into effect next month and the city of amhurst allows parents charged for kids underage drink even if they didn't know. the morning journal reports city council wanted to close a loophole in the former law allowing parents to say they didn't know teens were drinking alcohol in their basement even though neighbors called with complaints. under the new law parents can face arrest and be charged with a misdemeanor. city council is hoping it will crackdown on underage drinking parties and there you see the
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56% saying yeah. in education news the state of ohio will officially take over the lorain city schools next year after the district received failing grades on the state report cards. district leaders say the takeover will take place between april and august. meantime, the state released graduation requirements and that is causing some condition among school leaders across the state. beginning with a class of 2018, students must earn at least 18 points using state tests. superintendents from some districts estimated a third or more of current juniors are at risk of nod grat -- not graduating because of the new requirements. we continue to follow an ohio bill providing workers comp benefits to for fighters for certain cancers. there will be a fire-- firefighters for certain cancers there will be a hearing today on the bill. the senate passed the bill earlier and it's moving through the house. research shows that firefighters are three times
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they are exposed to at fire scenes. opponents say it's nearly impossible to prove whether the cancer was caused by the job. indians just missed winning the world series but now the post season awards keep rolling in. indians manager terry francona was a run away winner for manager of the year and picked up the honor in the american league with landslide victory and got first place votes on 22 of the 30 ballots. he could have taken all of the first place votes e led the inned -- he le 94 wins a improvement of 13 despite losing brantley salazar to the the season he won in 2013 with the indians. tonight corey kluber is in the final 3 for the cy young award that will be announced shortly after 6 p.m. time right now is shortly after 6 a.m. 6: 07. a message from senator mccain to the president ehe lect. why he is sending donald -- president-elect. why he is sending donald trump a warning about russia.
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here in cleveland. tom hanks plans to give back to the city next month. hey holie. >> 5:08 a great wednesday morning. you halfway there a. we have a pretty easy weather day. it's a little cooler but by cooler we are above normal. highs mid to upper 50s. 40s as you wake up. and passing shower chance and we have so much to talk about. ginormous warmup and then snow. so, we will
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6:11. senator mccain sent a warning letter to president-elect trump warning him about getting close to russia. >> maureen kyle is following that story and more in the morning news feed. >> reporter: yeah john mccain taking a strong stance here.
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pledged better u.s.-russian relations in a phone call to donald trump. mccain wrote the letter saying in summary that putin is not trustworthy and we shouldn't put any faith in a man who pledged his country's tyranny murdered political opponents and attempted to undermine america's elections he ended by saying america is at its greatest when it stands against tyranny. more than 200 people were wild fires scorching the southeast. people are being exposed to poor air quality and heavy smoke. it's not the just people living near the fires. the governor says wind are carrying the pollution to cities miles away. so far it's the fires burned more than 80,000 acres in 6 states. helicopters and naval ships were sent in to get residents and tourists out of a small new idea sland town for days it has been cut off by landslide
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7.8 magnitude quake rocked the country. two people were killed. tom hanks says he wants to save cleveland not that we need saving but he wants to help the film and tv industry. hanks will speak at two events sponsored by the greater cleveland film commission he will speak at fund-raiser and make appearance at cuyahoga community college speaking to communities and educators and he has a special place in his hearca the great lakes shares spear festival and my parents saw him in taming of the clue san said he was -- slew and said he was hilarious she said she watched him and knew he would be a big star because he was so entang. >> i believe she discovered him correct. >> reporter: correct she might -- entanning. >> reporter: i believe she-- >> i believe she discovered him correct. >> reporter: correct. i just had to text them. i need to be accurate. >> we should mention that fund-
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with tom hanks and our onerous mitch neil so now russ can be the inside track to getting him on the show here. >> that's right. >> we are counting on you russ. >> come onerous>> help us out. >> he is awake because he wants to see the forecast. >> confirm with a tweet please. >> we are waiting. we have 40s as we head out to the bus stop which is mild anll cooler than we have been. cads jacket sore sweatshirt at the bus stop works. we should be 30s this time of the morning and we are not so we will take it and run with it again. we have got a passing shower chance today a weak front moving through. we are still talking the warmup for tomorrow and friday before the weekend and the rain and snow and cold which we will get
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through week we are november 16th halfway through the month and 57 with a mix of clouds and sunshine and it's looking pretty okay. like i said about a 20 to 30% chance of a shower. you are all going trend a little cooler than we have been with the front and the cloud cover that's resulting from it. most showers are over the lake right now. we are seeing a few of them trying to move inland but most of that is not making it to the surface. truth be told. even on future view as we show the little showers here at s happen. i think more overcast than anything else. peaks of sunshine is how we should describe wednesday. tomorrow we clear the skies. window nation 7-day forecast lots of sunshine for your thursday. and friday, too, look at those highs. 60s to near 70. and it's going to be amazing. as we close out the work and school week. and here comes the weekend. and in november. so, upper 40s on saturday. and strong cold front moving through breezy we will have
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behind it, we will have lake- effect showers developing. more than likely later in the day. so we will have a mix of rain and snow initially and then right now it appears saturday night, into sunday, we will see a transition to all lake-effect snow. this is not going to impact everyone of you. it's lake-effect the cold front will you will see colder air and but sunday is the day that we could end up with another blustery snowy kind of you know situation especially if your ar you could be talking a little bit of accumulation and it depends on how this comes together. and we will keep you posted. that's a promise. we warm back up by the middle of next week. we are 40s tuesday and 50s by next wednesday. so you hang in there. 6:16 here's a check of your drive. wkyc traffic is brought to you by mike bass ford get a great deal and great deal more at mike bass ford. hi hope you are having a great wednesday.
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on the roadways. still no accidents and normal drive times pretty much to the south we are all green and same to the north. here's 271 at mayfield road and mayfield heights where you can see traffic is getting by just fine. and all of the cameras i am drawing on here of the north and southbound side of the highway look great so for those of you who take 271 between warrensville hides and willoughby hills 12 minutes north and south so a-okay. thank you. ti and biggest losers in sports and winners today you will see. this is unbelievable. unless you went to the school at the ohio university or central michigan, chances are you missed this game and catch and this is one of the best you will see. look at this. game is tied at 20. late in the fourth. check out the one handed catch by central michigan's tyler. i got replays and we had 12
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to grab the nose of the football and haul it in great throw by quarterback to put the ball in the area he he could still catch it. plus look at this angle right here. that's amazing. >> oh my gosh. >> central michigan won because of that touchdown. 27-20 and they are now bowl eligible. >> wow. >> can't remember i saw a catch as good as that one. here with the biggest winners because we are including the horse. this is trisha and r ribbons and awards trisha has won. they were named grand champion of the division at the summit county fair. and as far as the equestrian she missed a perfect score by one point. she qualified to compete at ohio state fair. congratulations and my thanks to a very proud grandma patty for sending in the photo. >> grandma patty. >> yep. if you want to nominate a champion or all star sen the
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-mail or tweet them at john wkyc. great number of awards right there too. >> appreciate grandma patty. that was almost odell beckham junior. >> i think it was better. >> he had the nose of the ball. >>-athink if he can't get -- and i think if he can't get the nose i don't know if he can make the catch but to wrap around i mean we are going on the parking lot after the show and lynna is going to make the catch. >> right. the one word that lebron james said made him lose all respect for knicks president phil jackson. >> the best and worst days to visit friends and family this thanksgiving season hollie can you imagine a worse day to see family? >> no. actually. >> sounds weird. >> it's to see the the in-laws.
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>> thank you for straightening that out. >> thank you lynna this is why we need you in our life and then some. look at your tv the this is peace be a calm serenity now. we have a picture from dixie and sandusky it's called fishing on the huron pier this is where she was. we are on we are talking about the snow over the weekend. and kid all across northeast ohio are getting ready. >> you're watc
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all right travel news here 569:23a million more people will travel this thanksgiving compared to last year. we first told you that
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make travel plans. they say the best time to leave is this sunday. november 20th at 6 a.m. now that might not be realistic for people who have to work but the worst time to leave of course is wednesday afternoon the day before thanksgiving. best day to come home is friday after thanksgiving worst day toreturn home is saturday. nfl players were on capitol hill yesterday to talk about how they can help close racial divide. between police and minorities. four players including josh mccowan and andrew hawkins met with members of the congressional black caucus. mccould you one was the only white nfl player involved and told espn he wanted to listen because he comes from a different background and the first step is understanding. turning to another headline in cleveland sports lebron james is not happy about
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>> yeah. so jackson was the head coach of michael jordan the guy lebron idleized and jackson used the word posse to describe lebron's business association saying he has demanded special treatment and departure from miami was a slap in the facelebron said he lost respect a posse not the what he or his family standser for said we see success we have but then there's always someone that have to go as african americans. that is a quote. phil jackson was talking to e is spn when he made the -- e-- espn when he made the comments. >> a slap in the face not to us. >> no but. >> when he lept left miami. >> when he left-- left my am y. >> when he left miami because -- miami. >> when he left miami because he doesn't want people to leave it's called free agency. >> it's bitter so. >> he is. have you seen the knicks
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>> they are better let's say they are better but come on they are the knicks. it's going to be easy today it's wednesday we are halfway through the week over the hump on the way to a short week next week i am sure many of you with the thanksgiving holiday. 50s for highs cooler than we have been but above normal. more overcast skies and really weak front moving through which is causing a few sprinkles over the lake. most of us will end up dry today with a 20 to 30% an of a shower. and it's pretty uneventful on the travel map a lot of warm weather to show off john and lynna. we will get into that before we talk snow. >> thanks. new release apple unveils a pricey gift in time for the holidays. and this one doesn't have any buttons keys or even a plug. >> and star wars secrets. kerry fisher dishes on her intense affair with one of her
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it's 6:30 welcome back. i am john anderson. >> i am lynna lai. hollie has forecast coming up in a bit but first the stories we are working on a fairview park man face federal charges after tweeting a threat to assassinate president-elect donald trumpch. zachary benson posted the tweet the morning after the election. benson told authorities he did it out of frustration for
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apology jetic and a hearing is set for tomorrow. oberlin college fired a professor of rhetoric and composition the post made on the personal facebook page have been delay the threatted but she shared inflammatory comments and videos. the board of directors says the statements are not protected under academic freedom. she said she will issue a statement later today. westlake police are asking for help after vandals caused thousands of dollars in damage. police believe the vandals are using slingshots and marbles to break windows of businesses and cars. anyone with information is asked to call west lake police. let's go over to hollie for a look at the forecast for today. >> yeah. we are at wednesday. we are halfway there and you know it's hard to believe it's november 16th. halfway through this month and it's been so mild.
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with highs expected mid to upper 50s. this is still above normal. we should be about 50 degrees with lows in the 30s and right now you are waking up to 40s. we will be low 50s at lunchtime today and i think about 57 is where we end up. we have got this weak front moving through and more overcast skies and peeks of sunshine probably the best way to describe it today and the smallshower chances. on future view into the afternoon this is 3:00 and we are seeing a few sprinkles po will not see any rain drops today. but, odds very high that a lot of you will see snowflakes by the weekend. i will discuss it coming up. because i know you want to hear about it and we have a big warmup danielle that happens before then. >> all righty. warmup and snow. welcome to ohio we are used to this. at 6:302 -- 6:32 it's a quiet commute no accidents to report. for those of you traveling 71
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look at your commute here's 71 at 271 in medina county and as you can see, traffic is moving just fine on north and southbound side of the highway. so if you take 71 north from 271 to the turnpike it's an len minute drive normal continue to 480 a five comment fruit -- fiveminute commute so we are great out there on the roads. jon and lynna back to you. >> thanks. protesters took to the streets of akron in ofpresident-elect trump. >> tiffany tarpley joins us live and police are saying about 1100 protesters in the crowds. >> reporter: that's their estimate lynna and john. and they say that there was no violence there were no clashes here either at all. it began here in highland square and this neighborhood in akron. let's show you what the protest looks like overnight. it began around 11 at night and people were holding signs and chanting love trump's hate and
6:34 am
the march went south on market for about a mile. and those involved say they want inclusiveness and they will not tolerate what they believe is hateful and racist leadership. >> come together and support and love on each other and to kind of show that whatever is coming we are ready for it and we are going to fight you know. we are not going to go down and if we were going to go down it wouldn't be easy. >> reporter: and coming up at 6:50 i will let you know how all of maureen. >> all right thanks. topping your morning news feed oklahoma city police say the man suspected in a shooting at the will rogers world airport has been found dead. the victim was a southwest airlines employee who was shot while walking to the myee parking air -- employee parking area. he died from his injuries at the hospital. suspect lloyd bowie was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the airport shut down briefly when the police investigated.
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left his press contingent behind last night e told the braes done for the -- he told the press he was done for today but a presidential motorcade left trump tower at 8 he and his family are inside a steak house. he has not given the press access to his transition meetings. and doesn't allow the press core to travel with him. on the other side of the ticket former presidential candidate hillary clinton will make her first public appearance tonight. secretary clinton will be honored by the d.c. where she worked as a young staff attorney. the cdf called hillary clinton a lifelong champion of children. apple has a new product it's photo book showing off the product. it chronicles the last 20 years of product design and dedicated to apple's late founder steve jobs. just like ipad the book is in small and large. and just like ipad they are expensive. books are not cheap.
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the large book is $299. so you got to really love coffee table type books too to spend that amount of money or you can go to the apple store and look around at their products for free and maybe buy use that money to buy an ipad. >> and take pictures and i amtesting out the camera and if you want a protecto cover for the book that's extra.>> reporter: and headphones don't come with it by the way. >> thank you mo. it's a book of pictures of apple products. >> just say 300. >> because they can say it's less than $300. 6:36. the top trending stories ahead. >> we have to check in with matt granite i bet you think it's ridiculous. >> reporter: how much i save you money on everything in that stupid book. i will hook you up next week on and after the break, a door buster that everyone will
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lower price under the banner. good morning hollie banner weather day. >> you are the best. we have another above normal november day. highs mid to upper 50s we should be around 50 degrees. we will see more cloud cover today. and maybe even a sprinkle passing by. nothing compared to the snowflakes on their way which we will talk about coming up guys. >> all right hollie. chemistry on screen and off a star wars actress dishes on her intense affair with another
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is anyone surprised by this? han solo and princess leia was a real romance not just on screen. >> and oxford digsary came out with new words. it's trending stories of the morning. hey mo. >> reporter: tushes out there's not a lot of acting going on here.
6:41 am
dropped carrie fisher confessing to and i tense affair with harrison ford during the filming of star wars and kept it a secret for 40 years but is telling people magazine and says you can read all about it in her juicy new book. she was 19 during the affair and he was 33 and married at the time. they had a whirlwind three month affair film star wars episode 4 she said she gave ford advance notice she was going to talk about this in the so it's a princess diarist is out next week. new this morning, oxford dictionary came out with their 2016 word of the year. here it is. post truth. this word has been around for decades but let's read the definition relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential and shaping public opinion than appeals to
6:42 am
basically, that tapping into emotion was more important than getting the facts straight. that's what they are saying was goggled a lot during the presidential election. other words on the short list alt-right adulting and chat box are some of them. read all of them online. so when you order pizza to be delivered, wait for the car to pull up but now you might be waiting for that drone to actually drop it at your doorstep. we are hong gently placed and new zealand dominoes made the first pizza delivery by drone. pizza chain is partners with a delivery. a drone pilot oversaw the delivery domino's is going to start this in places like australia new zealand and the netherlands and no word on when it will be here in the u.s. so. >> there it goes. >> there it goes. >> let's hope the cheese doesn't you know stick to the
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>> yeah it could be messy. >> clear the driveway here come the pizza. >> how many pizzass are you ordering. >> do they have to get the bread sticks and chicken wings? how big is it. thank you. 6:43. lots of people are taking advantage of the warm weather to put up holiday lights. >> yes. so we wanted to know when is the right time to turn them on. head to now to weigh are feeling the holiday spirit because i am not letting the stores ruin your thanksgiving i promise every door buster before black friday no lining up no sellouts and you asked for all items i hunt them down. i know over the course of the last year there's a knife deal but never done a knife set so rather than me stand and tell people were he -- why it's great i send it-- isn't it off to a tv chef. >> no way appreciates a razor sharp knife more than myself
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blade than forged german high carbon steel. this 7 piece set is beautiful. everything you need to prepare beautiful dishes right in your own home. i am a huge, huge fan good quality and razor sharp. big thumbs up. >> reporter: big thumbs up to the chef for putting this set to the test and it has a 6 inch boning night and 8 inch chef night german forged steel i am want to remind you this same package that everyone will be lining up for i found for 80 bucks off i believe the found is 10 dollars better than black friday with free delivery. nothing i feature is a paid product we never care whether you buy items i recommend but have the tv chef to say this gets two thumbs up that may be something for consideration. i wouldn't buy cookware i expect the deals within the next 48 hours or so. >> okay. >> okay. >> we will wait. >> once again our viewers are driving the products that you are not only going on finding but testing as well to make
6:45 am
knifeset i did want to buy one? no do i care about cookware? no but i care about you. >> i feel so special. >> have i ever bought cookware is another question. >> have you ever cooked. >> and answer is. >> thank you matt. let's look at the instant poll. >> holiday lights. >> thanksgiving is the popular time. >> right. >> to turn those lights on. >> uh-huh. >> december coming in there. >> yeah. now is the time to hang them hollie. into yeah get it done >> after you buy cookware no you don't buy cookware. >> that's the no-no. >> yeah. we have a look at the bus stop forecast and say yes to a light jacket. it's 40s and pretty mild for this time of the morning. we should normally be 30s and look how sweet you girls are. have a great day at school. short school week next week with thanksgiving coming up. we are halfway through it's wednesday and we are talking a few passing showers today. weak front moving by and then we have the big warmup for
6:46 am
weekend and not only rain but snow. some sprinkles around with the front today. it's going to be minimal chances and isolated. i will show you radar in a moment. 57 the high and we have been in the 60s the past couple days. we will trend cooler because of the cloud cover. on radar we are seeing a few spotty showers. these are very light and in-- in intensity and we will zoom in and we have one right around akron and see how small they are if you are not looking at your tv they are confeties basically just dotting the area. a few over lake and geauga county and sport portage and ashtabula. the chances are mainly early but we won't take it out later today. we will keep a 20 to 30% chance of an isolated sprinkle passing by. and then it looks like we will get rid of a lot of the cloud cover starting -- a lot of the cloud cover starting early tomorrow and continuing the trend into the afternoon. in fact, by tomorrow midday, we are clear.
6:47 am
i don't think this particular computer forecast does it any justice. i am thinking middle 60s for highs and pretty close if not 70 or so on friday. that's going to help us deal with the weekend. see how mother nature is so nice to you. on your window nation 7-day forecast we have the strong cold front that moves in saturday. upper 40s with scattered rain showers and breezy. and then behind the front, lake- effect showers develop. temperatures will fall throughout saturday. and by saturday night, lows right around freezing. and so the thought is that we are going to see a change over to lake-effect snow. those of you in the snow belt this is your little heads up for maybe some accumulation. but it's going to depend on a lot of factors. if we see a complete change over to snow, how long we end up with it. the grounds are warm so a lot of this is going to melt is the truth. mid to upper poos -- 30s on sunday and more lake-effect he snow be a blustery -- and blustery and we warm back up getting into next week.
6:48 am
we will hear from you. this is doggone weather and howcute. we have abby. abby is from avon and loves watching the weather. loves the you no-show in general guys. and she is always lookingforward to seeing her squirrel buddies amy sent picture in. >> i love it. all right there are hundreds of choices for yogurt greek and the kind with the fruit on the bottom drinkable options the list is on and on. >> should you avoid it because it has high sugar or more fat? ellen brian has the truth about yogurt. >> reporter: scoop it mix it or pour it nutritionist tells clients. >> you eat a cup of yogurt every day. >> reporter: she says if it is higher in sugar then treat it like your dessert.
6:49 am
and extra 10 grams of sugar is fine you will get the beneficial probiotic bacteria and protein and you will get potassium and calcium and compounds that lower blood pressure and compounds that keep us lean. >> reporter: adding it's better to get the nutrients fromo gart than none at all with the truth about yogurt i am ellen brian. >> you know i am putting on broccoli tonight. >> awesome. >> all the info before you head out the door next on the morning rush. >> right now let's check in with tiffany. >> reporter: it may be quiet now but hours ago hundreds of protesters gathered in akron.
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. it's 6:52. it's time for the morning rush. danielle has another check on the roads. >> matt has bonus deal but tiffany is live in akron tiffany. >> reporter: and we ar antitrump demonstration that happened right here. akron in the highland square neighborhood and lasted for a couple hours. let's show you what it looked like. started around 11 last night and wrapped up around one this morning. those involved want inclusiveness and will not tolerate what they believe is hateful and racist leadership. now this was not started by one group. we are told it began because of
6:53 am
john. >> a some-- a somber day as the communitiers are justin winebrenner today marks two years swains shot and killed trying to stop a man who opened fire in a local tavern. his killer kenan eyevery was shot and -- centsed to life in prison without parole. public square closed permanently. the stretch has been closed for two years for renovation and if federal approval is given the rta would have to find alternate routes for the 40,000 passengers who use that part of superior every day. one day after tarry francona -- terry francona won manager of the year we will see if corey kluber winds the second cy young award. he is in the final 3 along with ribbing porcello and ver landa and the -- verlander and the race is considered tight.
6:54 am
after 6 p.m. tonight. remember the votes are counted before the post season begins it is only regular season danielle. thanks so much. the right now we have an accident free ride. a little slow traffic 4 will 0 -- 480 east approaching warrensville here's the picture in the area where traffic is picking up a 2 to 3 minute delay and 2 to 3 minute delay into downtown on 77 north. hollie. thank you danielle. 6:54 and we are talking about your wednesday weather and we are halfway there and it like a few isolated showers otherwise a mix of cloud and sunshine because we will see more overcast we will keep temperatures in the 50s but we are ending up above normal today with 57 degrees. then, thursday and friday, holy cow is this november? we will get the reality check over the weekend. mid-60s to around 70 degrees and looks pretty nice as we close out work and school week and a cold front on saturday.
6:55 am
showers and breezy behind the front. and lake-effect showers develop and with lows in the 30s and highs only in the 30s on sunday, yes, we are forecasting some lake-effect snow. those of you in the snow belt you know who you are you heard it here. we will keep you update and we will warm things back up next week. >> reporter: what the -- right now your bonus deal for today is actually a don't buy suggestion. i would not buy any items made by amazon right now. >> what? >> price drops of the year is around the corner. you will be paying 40% less next week and it will -- if you follow me on social media i will let you know when. one of the items i don't know about you. >> here we go. >> reporter: the start of it we promised every major door buster before black friday laptops to beats and we continue tomorrow to get you items at lower prices in every store. >> an though you don't want to
6:56 am
i hate the deal but it's not about me. >> it's good deal but you think in general overpriced and. >> and you find something cheaper and just as good. >> reporter: thanks for the support. >> what he said. the today show is next. >> have a great day. >> thanks for watching channel 3 news. take channel 3 news and weather with you text wkyy to 25543 now
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good morning. smooth sailing. despite firings and reports of disarray, donald trump tweets that his transition is, quote, very organized, as the president-elect ditches long-standing protocol and the press and takes his family out to airpo shooting mystery. an nfl player's father gunned down in broad daylight, bringing the airport in oklahoma city to a standstill. the shooter found dead soon after. but what was his motive? >> the crime does appear to be premeditated. >> this morning, the search for answers. the o'reilly factor. bill o'reilly takes on megyn kelly over her claims of sexual harassment at the hands of their former boss, roger ailes.


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