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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  November 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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hi, betsy. we have record high temperature, but then saturday -- well, i'll have details. and saving you money, an early door buster deal for you. good evening, everyone. breaking news tonight at 7:00. the confirms one person died and another is sickened by an outbreak of legionnaire's disease. >> reporter: jimmy, the gentleman who died from the outbreak passed away in july. he said that they have a handle on this and there is no cause for major public concern.
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died but the other 10 have now fully recovered. graham said that they have several possible sources including some cooling towers at a business here in lake county called consolidated precision products, and the company tested positive for the bacteria but has cleaned and decontaminated and came up negative. legionnaire's can mimic a cold, flu, or pneumonia. >> the general public would not get this if they're healthy. >> reporter: once again, graham stresss this is not a public health crisis but we're working to get more information and we'll bring you more about
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the red sox out pointed justin verlander 137-132. and also breaking at this hour, cy young award in the american league, corey kluber ends unfinishing number 3 in the all-around voting for the american league cy young award. the winner, rick porcello, justin verlander, anre kluber finished in a very, very tight third place winning 18 games in the regular season and he was marvelous in the postseason but remember, post- season record and performance does not weigh in on the voting for the cy young awards. the voting concludes at the end of the regular season. here are the vote totals. rick porcello from the red accident is who the indians shelled, he wins it.
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detroit tigers, 2nd, and kluber, 3. and zach briton from the baltimore orioles in the number 4 spot. changes on the way for cleveland police officers and how they conduct themselves when is it comes to deadly force and using non-lethal weapons in an effort to make sure things like this, chase that ended with officers firing 137 bullets into a vehicle and killing two people don't happen again. senior political reporter tom durst joins me and this is an all-out effort to create more of a relationship between police and the neighborhoods. officers are told to try and de- escalate any situation; right?
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word, de-escalate, de-escalate, de-escalate. think about ways to lower the tension, defuse the confrontation and protect yourself and anyone else around. it's being drummed into officers. >> when and when can't they draw their guns? >> they are not supposed to draw and point their gun at all to and they are not supposed to fire warning shots or shoot at a fleeing vehicle unless other lives are at risk. >> what about use of a taser or a baton or pepper spray? >> well, this is a big change, too. for the first time, there are detailed guidelines to use or not use each weapon and no use of force on handcuffs or compliance suspects, no neck holds. all officers are supposed to
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far and tougher rule and enforcement require all officers using force or witnessing the use of force to make complete detailed reports. a judge has to sign off on this and second, the challenge is getting it from paperwork to reality. >> that's a lot to mull over. thank you very much, tom, and all of this will go into effect in early 2017. you can read more tonight at tonight, a 32-year-old woman pizz recovering after being attacked and robs of $20 during a delivery last night. the man who attacked sheer still out there. it happened on sherman street in an apparent abandoned house. akron police say the woman went to the door and a man inside pulled her in and knocked her down and threatened to rape and kill her. she ran from the house.
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changes around public square and free dog food, all stories, part of tonight's 77 seconds at 7:00. >> reporter: there was a time not that long ago that there were 5000 backlogged rape kits in cuyahoga county. and the attorney general said all tested and completed and four 5 french indictments by thing back and mayor jackson announced he wantings to keep superior avenue closed to traffic as it was during construction for the upgrade. it's a win for those in favor of beatification over those who use it for transportation calling for bus line rerouting. >> the bus, some of them run every hour, and if you miss that, that's a whole other hour. >> reporter: because the indians made the world series,
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fed free dog food with 2700 pounds donated, 100 pounds for every run for the tribe and bill and lee linda gates, robert red ford, robert deniro, loren michaels, bruce springsteen and vin scully, what do they have in common? they are being awarded the presidential medal of freedom next week. >> and all regulars of donovan cocktail party and adding on to the list, diana ross, ellen degeneres and ciciley tyson. >> and i am glad to see vin scully. thank you so much. and this is the time of year when many people depend on food banks to fill their table. a $10,000 don'tation is coming
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donation will provide more than 500 turkeys and 6000 meals for families in need. this is the 12th year that the bank has helped those less fortunate. and we continue on in consumer news tonight. before you plan next year's vacation, travel zoo just came out with the best wow deal destinations. they are washington, d.c. florida's gulf new zealand and the united kingdom. you will see big air sales to new zealand and a strong u.s. dollar will make the others more affordable for americans and black friday may be known for big screen tv deals but this year t may be in the kitchen deals. money man matt granite has
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buster than anyone else in the country and a big request, knife sets. for a whole set, wait until you see what i put to the test. as a professional chef, no one appreciates a razor-sharp knife more. >> you cannot get a sharper blade than georgeed german high- carbon deal. this is beautiful, everything you need to prepare beautiful dishes in your i am a huge, huge fan, good called and razor sharp. a thumbs up. >> reporter: it's an 8" bread knife and boning knife, and the number one leading cause of household injuries are dull knives. $80off, door buster price and free delivery. it's not a paid product and i posted it on our website where
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cutting demo. >> matt, thank you. and if you are looking for a unique gift, we'll check out the christmas connection and apple's newest product isn't electronic. why this may be what someone on your list want this is holiday season.
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it's so secret that stores are trying to lure shoppers with pre-black friday deals and this weekend, you can get in the holiday shopping spirit.
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by the christmas connection. and joining me is the show manager. jean, heavy responsibility. >> oh, it is. >> and you have to confirm with betsy about the weather. >> perfect for shopping indoors. >> i think so. tell me the goal at the christmas connection. >> to get people in the food for christmas. when you walk through, there is a 400-foot entrance way with christmas past. bring your camera. >> and this is the 31st year. >> 31st year, yes, and we expect 30,000. >> 30,000 visitors in of coming in? and i imagine it's one stop shopping. >> even the picky people with sings 24 booths with craft and christmas items for everyone on the list. >> tell us about some of the
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gift ideas. >> this is so cute. little cindi lou and the dog and something for everyone, and we have a hammock, gift baskets, things from cleveland, cleveland in a box. >> oh, beautiful. >> cleveland favorites in a box. it's popular. >> and do you find that people, you know, really set the date? obviously, 31 years. we have people an hour before the show starts at the door waiting to get in. >> what advice would you give people as they come to the christmas connection? with that many booths and so many talented people putting out their work and trade out there, who would you advise people to go about the search? >> i would, as much as you can, look through everything, a few
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family. we have a santa land and a ginger bread shop and an area to paint your own christmas craft on a canvas and a ginger bread square. >> you got it all covered. >> breakfast with santa on saturdays and sundays. >> give us the information and hours and tickets. >> this friday sunday saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and sunday from 10:00 to 5:00 and check out everything on the website. >> gina, how do you shop for i mean, you're involved. you have expertise. >> i have already visited a few vendors. >> free? >> i am lucky. i got the good stuff. and there is plenty for everyone. >> all right. the 31st year of the christmas connection, outstanding, and have a great weekend. >> thank you. thank you. i appreciate it. come visit us. >> and i think it's safe to say that you will find something you can buy and package up and
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christmas morning. thank you, gina. >> thank you. unfortunately, you will not find these at the christmas connection. this pair of pear-shaped diamond earrings just sold at auction for $17.6 million, and get this. that was below the pre-sale estimate. christies' called them flawless and weighed in at 50-carats. the buyer is anonymous but i want to warn my it's not me. it's not me. when we come back, adele goes crazy on stage. she is not dancing here, what is behind the bizarre moves? and we are expecting a big warm up and then another big change.
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apple's latest product is now on sale and electronic device. it's a book. the book "design by apple" is filled with 450 photographs of apple products from the last 20 years. it's taken from the phrase found on every apple product. the book comes in two sizes, small at $199 and large at $299. and you can buy it at and in select apple stores.
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olympic gymnast simone biles has a brand new book out and talked about it on the today show. and she talks about how her road to olympic success hasn't always been easy. biles won 5 medals in rio, 4 of them were gold. and this is singer adele reacting when a bat suddenly flew by her and into the audience when she was on stage in her concert in the bat reportedly attacked an audience member but no word if they required medical attention. >> i am proud of her for staying on her feet. [laughter] >> some have said i have bats in the belfry. i believe it was you. [laughter] >> me? no. >> all right. a big weekend. what a change. i know. it's just that we have record
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saturday. sunday's brown's game, heheheh. >> and you are talking about the weather? [laughter] >> it's not necessarily a win- win on that one. i'm going to put it that way. upper 30s and low 40s, a few clouds with quiet conditions. the country is split. warming temperatures in the east and cooling in the west and you can see all the clouds that are moving northbound. thas the front en the front end of the changes. we will see the birth of a storm system in the central plains. that's the one that will get our attention. not only that but there is the wintery side to the storm and the milder side. and initially, we'll be on the milder side and temperatures moving up, record highs on friday and winter storm watches, blizzard watches in the northern plains. that side of the storm stays north of us. but the cold air behind the
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on the actions. tomorrow, a few clouds with sunny skies for the afternoon and temperatures quickly moving from the 40s to the 60s, and i think mid-60s will be on the horizon for us for tomorrow. 70s on friday and here's what you need to know for saturday. it will be a windy day. the rain changing to snow on saturday afternoon. lake rain and snow will continue into monday and right now the preliminary accumulations, if we put a ballpark out there, everybody shotgun numbers, 2 to 6" with the possibility of more and the possibility of less primary snow belt areas but widespread, we will get snow outside of the primary snow belt. it all depends on how things set up. we won't know how that looks until we get to the weekend. the forecast has the mid-60s tomorrow, and here comes friday with the record highs in the
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morning and we get the rain changing to snow and thundersnow possible saturday night. talk about changing. >> yeah. >> and then sunday, we only top out in the mid and upper 30s. >> wow. >> it was all so easy just dealing with the supermoon. two word, betsy, browns, steelers. one browns' player is really excited for this sunday. that's right after another
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that was invigorating! you're probably wondering why i've just carved a giant wooden tiger. well, the answer is that a real one would maul me. i've crafted dr. whiskers here as a visual aid to show you that should you visit the lot, carmax associates will not pounce like tigers
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dr. whiskers won't pounce. nobody will. ? ? let's talk about the browns
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stadium. the browns' wide receiver suffered a nasty cop cushion last year when johnny manziel was rolling out and hawkins got drilled. you can see it right here. he ended up with a concussion. is he seeking revenge sunday? >> no more than them being the pittsburgh steelers. that's what you need. and yeah. i have the same fire i always do. family are pittsburgh steeler fans. that's enough for me. both teams are -- kind of enjoying the show and enjoying the show. [laughter] steelers have lost 4 in a row and the browns, 0-10 and corey kluber finishes 3rd. unbelievable. >> unbelievable. i--unbelievable. >> remember. there is no post-season figured into that.
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won it, and justin verlander, 2nd, and our guys third but always number one in our heart. that's commentary for tonight and news and weather and sports. thank you for joining us. entertainment tonight is next. we'll be back at 11:00.
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?? ?? "star wars" secret affair revealed. >> whenever i start to talk harrison gets nervous. >> what carrie fisher says about a secret romance with harrison ford kept hidden for 40 years. >> i love you. >> i know. >> plus, brad pitt on the move. is he buying a new york bachelor pad? kate gosselin custody war?n and- the bombshell claims against his ex. >> there's something being hidden. >> why the father of eights he does not know where his son is. >> if you texted kate where is my son? >> yeah. i would love you to. >> i'll text her right now. >> a kale owe cuoco exclusive


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