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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  November 17, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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this tomorrow as we hit record highs before the next change in the wind comes, and we head down. good visual out there. and what you can expect to pay for your thanksgiving dinner. which foods will cost you less and which will cost you more. from the station that sees the possible, this is channel 3 news brought to you by universal windows direct. you will be saying, i love my windows. and now channel 3 breaking news coming to us now at 7. a woman is dead after being hit by an rta bus, and it happened on i-90. channel 3's alyssa raymond is on the scene for us. alyssa, what new information can you give to us on a very sad story? >> reporter: jimmy, they just opened the passing lane about 45 minutes ago after it was closed about an hour. a few minutes ago they did stop traffic for a little bit as a tow truck came in.
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bus, there on the left. the tow truck is trying to get in there to move it off of the highway. so three lanes of traffic closed on. on the marquee it says crocker park. a spokesperson with rta says the bus had just left the trisket garage. no one was on it when it happened. the driver is fine. here's what cleveland police are saying now, that a call came in, a woman's car broke down on the side of the road, and she ended up crossing the highway for they don't have an explanation for that. rta spokesperson also said that police say that she ran right in front of the bus. if you are just joining us now, again slow-moving traffic on i- 90 east. this happened right near west 117th street. for a period of time they had west 140th between mckinley and west 140th closed, a section of i-90.
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lane, people are moving through. three lanes of traffic on this side closed as they continue to finish up out here. reporting live, alyssa raymond, channel 3 news. >> thank you for that, alyssa. a story about lebron james now. he made a huge donation today to the national museum of african-american history and cultures. muhammad ali exhibit there. he gave $2.5 million. the exhibit tells the story of how ali's contributions transcended the world of sp and showed his commitment to challenging racial barriers. >> it's great for the center because now millions more people and really children for generations to come will learn more about mohammed's legacy and what made him such a great global icon. >> now, in a statement, lebron said every professional athlete regardless of race or gender owes a huge debt of gratitude to mohammed ali.
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texas have dropped domestic assault charges against johnny manziel. he was charged, if you remember, with a misdemeanor in january after allegedly hitting and threatening his then girlfriend, apparently some kind of deal was reached, and that deal is expected to be finalized come december 1st. president-elect donald trump continues to work with his transition team and get a feel for retired three-star general michael flynn was at trump tower today. he is reportedly trump's pick for national security advisor. south carolina governor nikki haley also met with trump. she is under consideration for secretary of state along with mitt romney. we know this was an election of firsts, including a first lady born in slovenia. melania trump is only the second first lady born outside the u.s. did you know greater
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slovenian population in the world outside of slovenia. alyssa raymond introduces you to a local business owner who would welcome mrs. trump with open arms.. >> reporter: frank runs the meat market at the corner of st. clair and east 65th. >> in the slovenian community. >> reporter: the pictures placed around the market tell the story and reveal a culture. >> the four grocery and meat business. >> reporter: his grandparents settled in lorain in the early 1900s. frank's father and uncles opened this market shortly after. then frank started working here when he graduated high school. >> so i have been here since 1970. >> reporter: over the years, as you know, life piles up, and between pictures, pork, and
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>> please, melania, come over here and come into these slovenian pockets and mingle with us, please. >> reporter: he says it raises awareness about his ethnicity. it was once cleveland's thriving slovenian community. a community that spread into the suburbs, leaving some to hold down the roots. >> there is slovenian vendors, okay? something to the white house. >> reporter: if that doesn't end up happening, this invitation remains on the table. >> melania, please come visit our little slovenian communities. >> reporter: alyssa raymond, channel 3 news. hillary clinton's running mate virginia senator tim kaine says he will not run for president in 2020. he said today that that decision is final. however, he will seek re- election to the senate coming up in 2018. now for parents tonight, if you drive with a child in a
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that your child is restrained properly. the latest booster seat ratings from the insurance institute for highway safety show seat manufacturers are providing good safety belt fits for typical four to eight-year- olds. a of 53 evaluated, 48 were a best bet. eight years ago only a quarter of the seats earned that designation. if you are hosting thanksgiving in a week's time, the meal will cost you a little bit less th according to the american farm bureau, the average cost of a feast for ten is $49.87. turkey, pumpkin pie mix, and milk are all cheaper this year than last year. however, rolls, fresh cranberries and sweet potatoes are more expensive. and to make sure those less fortunate have food coming up this holiday season, akron police are wrapping up their
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will be packed up for the lutheran church holiday basket program. good work. a week from today many of us will be gobbling up turkey and counting our blessings. as our andrew horansky reports, cleveland's homeless will be sharing a thanksgiving to remember.. >> reporter: with thanksgiving a week away, they are thankful here at the salvation army not just for what they now have, but for how it will soon help others. >> my mom and dad always fought. >> reporter: shed the easiest childhood. >> and it was a domestic violence situation. >> reporter: which explains how she and her mom ended up living at the salvation army. >> i remember the room. it was just a single room with bunk beds and a sink. >> reporter: things have come a long way since. today we got a peek at the army's newest shelter. the zel majoring emergency center on east 17th and prospect where families will have a new way of getting back
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weekend with dozens of rooms and, for the first time, a private apartment for victims of human trafficking. >> every room has natural light. it's good for mental health. also, you just feel good when you see the sun shining. >> reporter: she says common space and a playground are among their other firsts. >> you get to watch the kids play, and i think there is just something about the joy of seeing children play. >> reporter: a feeling they hope comes through at a time of year when we look to give thanks. >> i think thanksgiving is going to be a wonderful time able to sit together like a family. >> reporter: inside a new home that gives hope. andrew horansky, channel 3 news. when we come back on the news at 7, the need for speed. a munroe falls woman grabs the flag to win the trans am championship for the second time. we will meet her next. and a red, white, and bluefish. at seven find out how much this siamese fighting fish fetched at auction.
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[ engines revving ] >> what the 2016 trans am championship was this past weekend at the daytona international speedway. for the second year in a row, amy ruman was the first to cross the finish line. she drove her 850-horsepower corvette to come from behind and win. trans am is the largest road racing series in the country. this year celebrating their 50th anniversary. and amy goes back to back and wins it. congratulations. great meeting you.
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how does someone from munroe falls become a championship racecar driver? >> it was kind of in my family. my parents both raced back in the late '70s and '80s, and my dad drove in trans am from 1990s to 2000. >> is that what put you in trans am and lit the fire that you wanted to race there? >> yes. it was always a series we were interested in running. >> okay. so trans am. tell us about that series. it's road courses all the time? >> yes, road courses. >> how do you come on a road course? it's so tight. >> yeah, you do. i was patient and came from behind to get the win for a second year in a row. we are real proud of it. >> unbelievable. during the series, during your season, how many races do you go to? >> we run 12 in our series. next year will be 13, actually. >> all right. and some of the areas that you go to? you go across the country? >> sebring, watkins, glen, middle ohio, road america, daytona. >> so i'm not saying that there
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i mean, is it still spotty in the different areas of racing? >> we are still a minority, but we are coming on strong. >> how are you accepted on the tour? >> oh, well. with open arms. >> was it always like that? did you surprise people? >> i think you have to prove yourself. once you have done that, they take respect for you. >> now, your family is a big part of the whole team, aren't they? >> yeah, they are my team. >> they are your team? >> yeah. >> they work the pits for you? >> yeah, my dad is our data the area that are my crew. >> the important thing in racing is what funds it. sponsors are important. >> yeah. >> tell us who your sponsor is because they make it all happen. >> they are from cleveland, ohio. >> they must be very proud. >> mcnichols company. >> tell me, we just got a birds- eye-view of somebody behind the wheel, presumably you behind the wheel. is it just absolutely thrilling
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that speed on a road cars? >> yeah, definitely. it's exciting. it's action packed. you got to be there for that 100 miles. we don't have pitstops. you just go out and run as best you can. >> tell me about the off-season now. what do you do? do you kick back and relax a little bit? >> a little bit. we will celebrate our championship for the back to back in the 50th anniversary. might take a vacation or two. the guys will be working hard on the car. we are corvette to a c7 body style, which is a newer body style of the stingray. >> tell me this. you must be a great role model for a young girl that might say, i don't know if i can do that, and you have done it. >> yeah. >> you have done it at the highest level. you have done it well. >> absolutely. >> do you have any advice for them? >> never give up your dreams. do whatever you want because you can do.
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graduate. congratulations. another champion in cleveland. >> yeah. >> amy, thanks very much into now, we have some great shots for you from the harlem globetrotters today. in fact, they are record- breaking. today is guinness world record day, and the globetrotters set nine new ones. ann atkinson hit the longest shot while blindfolded. thunder law nailed the longest shot while sitting on the floor at 58 feet 9 launches. the longest ever hook shot. and zeus followed that with the most slam dunks in one minute. he slam dunked 16 times in one minute. how about that? those globetrotter are great. when we come back dancing drones. see somehow disney is nursing -- using new technology to put on a holiday light show. and betsy tells us about
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if you want to sell your car carmax will give you seven days to consider their offer. why seven days? science. join me as we walk through the seven stages of decisioning. 1. consideration. 2. questioning. 3. deciding. 4. queso. 5. nap. 6. sudoku. 7. tambourine practice. i think i made my point. they'll give you an offer for your car, you take seven days to think about it. ?? disney will be lighting up the sky this holiday season with hundreds of dancing drones. the new light show is called star bright holidays, and disney is partnering up with intel on the project.
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perspective all controlled by one computer. the drones have l.e.d. lights that can create over 4 billion color combinations. it's being performed at disney's spring shopping and entertainment district in orlando. take a look at this. this siamese fighting fish with its blue, red, and white horizontal stripes that mimic the flag just sold for a record $1,530. it sold on an online auction making the fish ever sold. the owner breeds them as a hobby. artists putting the final touches on their ice sculptures for an exhibit in belgium. they have been working on the sculptures sense early november. this year's theme is called antarctica. it starts this weekend and ends in early january weather permitting. we wouldn't be able to do that with the ice sculptures
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>> you might want to add them to a nice beverage for yourself. it looks like it's going to be pretty nice out there. don't you know the whole drone thing, the first thing that came to mind is trevor bauer. >> yes, yes! >> being a little kid in disney. >> yeah, the drones. >> how much better does it get than that, right in how about record-setting heat? that's pretty good. mostly clear skies. breezy conditions tonight. you saw it outside earlier. trying to get my hair under control. temps not as cool thanks to southerly breezes. our storm system is wrapped up. as it moves northward, that's going to help to really bring in a lot of warm air. not only that. we have these very warm brisk winds out of the south, and then on the back side of the storm system that's when temperatures are going to start to fall. so first we have record potentials as we get into the day tomorrow. we will have sunny to mostly sunny skies just about all day long. we will start the temperatures
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across northern ohio, low-to- mid 70s. if we get more cloud cover, that may inhibit that warming. as far as your hour-by-hour forecast goes, we will hop into saturday. what you saw there, midnight to 8 a.m. rain showers moving in. lack at the temperatures. 50s east. low 40s west as the cold air continues to push in. now, from time to time we will get breaks, but the winds on saturday will be howling. scattered showers will begin developing in the afternoon. look at the te a rain-snow mix will be developing across northern ohio. i think we will have snow across the entire area on and off, not accumulating snow necessarily, but i think we will see some snowflakes. the best chance for the accumulating snow is going to be out in the snowbelt areas. immediate lake shore areas will likely have mostly rain. so your forecast shakes out like this. mid-70s potentially tomorrow. i think low-to-mid 70s likely. we will be in the 50s to start
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rain changes to a rain-snow mix. lake affect amping up. primary snow areas monday, when the snow ends 2 to 4 inches. >> do you know our guest amy told me, she has gone over 200 miles an hour in the trans am corvette. >> really? >> yes. now, i have been behind you leaving here on 71. i am not saying you get up there, but you get home a lot quicker than me. [ laughter >> honestly. >> your hair is blowing in the breeze there. when we come back rookie quarterback cody kessler is trying to forget last thursday night's game in baltimore. here is what is coming up tonight on nbc brought to you
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and now the kia of bedford and hyundai of bedford sports report. >> it is thursday night football coming up on channel 3. the saints take on the panthers in carolina and football night in america kicks it off coming up next at 7:30. then kickoff coming up 8:30. thursday night football. sunday the browns take on the steelers and we get another look at cody kessler. after his first benching in his career, he was pulled out of the game last thursday night in baltimore and replaced by josh mccowan. hue jackson is going back with him on sunday. his teammates support him and the move to make him a starter again. >> seeing him come back to work on monday and start preparing again like he is the starter i
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practice and have the command in the huddle again and start throwing the ball because that's what's familiar to you and that gets your mindset back into being the starter and forgetting about something that happened on sunday. >> all right. and a score from the ncaa men's soccer tournament. the university of akron men's team win their opening round game tonight against villanova. the score 2-0. the zips move on in the ncaa tournament. they made it all the way to the final four last year, and they won it thanks for watching. okay? wind-blown betsy kling and i will be back after the football game along with russ and sarah. it's thursday night football. thanks for watching channel 3 news. take channel 3 news and weather wherever you go. text wkyc to 25543 now download
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we are in charlotte where tonight the saints are in town to face the panthers, and both teams with the playoff hopes flickering. 37-year-old drew brees is set to lead the league's top passing attack against carolina who will count ont cam newton to salvage the season if there is in fact time for that. it is "football night in carolina." >> act like this is the defining win. >> a pair of teams trying to


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