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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 17, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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the 2:00 warning. >> cris: when drew brees gets it going, it is tough to stop. and thomas davis barely missed that one. you play that kind of the tampa two to where you are going to drop the middle linebacker, and earlier in game, it is craig robertson who had to chase ted ted ginn all of the way to the end zone. and the saints in the same sort of thing, and when you are at the goal line, you don't want to back up too far, because drew brees gets it right in front of you. >> al: and ron rivera talking about having to finish games and here they are again putting themselves in the precarious position, and you are almost leaving it to the offense right now to get the first downs to take the all of the time off of the clock. >> cris: i think that you are going to see the saints bringing all kinds of pressure. they have a pressure point with chris scott being the center, and you the pressure point of the fact that this game now is
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you go after them here. >> al: lutz to kick. that is joe webb back, and fozzy whittaker back there as well. from the goal line. webb. he slips. taken down at the 15 yard line. >> cris: big hit by shiloh keo. that is back on the 15 yard line, so we are talking about field position, and you know, going back to beginning of the game, and carolina had a couple of nice plays right off of the bat with some motion and going wide, and all of the different things, but some of those plays are really tough to run though when you are getting the feeling that you will be seeing at lot of pressure off of the edge. and the only reason that the saints don't bring that pressure is because theyare hurting a little bit at the cornerback
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>> al: panthers have had three straight three and outs. he throws, and that is errant. and a flag comes in though, and stupar is tangled up with jonathan stewart. carl johnson comes in to make >> referee: no foul on the play. >> al: and so he was the head of officiating a few years ago and now he is the head linesman, and the flag is waived off. >> cris: it is a great job here by nathan stupar and you cannot have pass interference behind the line of scrimmage and that
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to understand that. >> al: rivera are is pleading his case to no avail. second down and ten now. and it is nervous time in this ball park. newton is going to go nowhere. now you have third down. the saints are going to take a time-out. so they are now down to one plus the 2:00 warning, and then of course, in drew brees world that might as well be a month on the calendar. all right. a little bit of the pulse here. newton and taking a look at the numbers. not very good. brees meanwhile, 32 of 41 and 242 and less than what he normally averages, but still, he has had it when he needs it, and 17 unanswered. there is the most depressing sight of the night for the carolina panthers of kuechly back in the locker room. and we will get a report as soon as we can on him.
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your shot here right now. i mean, i know that there are some things working against you, but you cannot turn around and kick the ball back to drew brees at this point. and he is not thinking field goal at this one, but he is thinking, let's go get a touchdown and get out of here with the win. a big time play here, and they have ted ginn and kelvin benjamin, and devin funchess is down to cam newton's left. >> al: they had the linebackers backed off and newton in traffic and that is caught by kelvin ben ja min. that is a big time catch. boy, did they need that. >> cris: not much of a route, but got behind the defense here,
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pressure there is very interesting one. you could have almost told what was going to happen there. and kelvin benjamin is a bigger than life wide receiver. they play above the rim in these key situations. if you are sitting back in the zone, he does not care about getting hit. you throw it up high, and he will outrebound everybody. that is a core element of this offense. gutsy catch to go up to hang on to that one. but, no pressure and gave it a chance. >> al: that is a gigantic first down. new orleans now takes the last time-out. so the only time that the clock will stop now is at the 2:00 warning. after most likely this play. >> cris: here comes the pressure again. >> al: stewart is the running back. they want to get the clock down the 2:00, and they will on the two-yard gain to the 35. so it is going to be second down
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side of the 2:00 warning. can brees get the ball back? >> cris: what a big time throw and catch that was when they needed it most. >> al: we have come down to the 2:00 warning in a tight one in charlotte. carolina over new orleans, 23-20 on this thursday night. wait! hurry up! come on! ? whoa! what are you looking at? can i see? oh yai yai yai yai yai yai. ? will we be able to see the whole park? yeah, it's 360. look, it goes all the way around. go! let's go, let's go, let's go.
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>> al: right after the game, it is the volkswagen post game to interview the stars of the game. and he will not return in this game. >> cris: and a heather, those
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in there for almost every snap. we thought that maybe it was the leg. but it turned out to be something else. hope for the best here. >> al: newton is taking the clock all of the way down to third and eight. keeping it on the ground. not much to do here, and fozzy whittaker just stays inbounds to take you down to half a minute. so brees will have oh, you know, probably less than 30 seconds with the time we get down there to try to get them into field goal range. >> cris: you know, i have to go back for one moment to the decision to play the zone out of that play. most defensive coordinators and not all, but most defensive coordinators in that situation will bring the blitz believing even if they throw hot, you can come up to make the tackle at about seven yards and force the
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now i am not saying it is a wrong decision, but i am saying that typically in this league that is what you will see. >> al: surprising. time-out here. for carolina. go back to the benjamin catch. >> cris: and they rush out and rush four here, and they get close to getting to cam newton and there is definite pressure up the gut, but there is -- if you can understand what i am saying that typically you bring one more than they b you have to throw hot on the outside, and usually a slant or some kind of the stop route to come up to make the play. and you know, there is no right answer, but it is just that it is the typical one that i see. >> al: i am with you, brother. always. thick or thin. >> cris: until sunday. [ laughter ] >> al: mike palardy is in to punt. i will with be back, don't worry.
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13 yard line. marcus murphy and he will get taken down at the 25 and then a flag at the end of the play, and another flag that comes in, and for the moment, you have 14 seconds on the clock. >> referee: during the return, holding, 54 of the receiving team, 10-yard penalty, first down. >> al: that is the last thing they needed. are forced to air it out. 14 seconds and hope to get out of boundsle because you don't have a long pass and if you are carolina, you know, you have to guard the sidelines, but then again, you have to be careful over the middle, too. >> cris: yes, and now you can catch one over the middle, but you better fly to get out of bounds. i think that this is one of
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at the sideline and hope for the best. >> al: yep. try to get lutz in field goal range. >> cris: you have to throw it 50-yards plus to have a chance at a field goal on the other side. lutz' career long is 57. >> al: he won the game with 11 seconds left when these two teams met in louisiana last month. so brees now just dumps it off here, and it is hightower who tries to get out of bounds to save at t six seconds. >> cris: well, you have big tight ends, but not so big wide receivers. we have seen brandon coleman go up to get one, and michael thomas is a big body. i am not sure now that you can throw a hail mary and get out of bound, and maybe it is one of the stanford plays now. >> al: and the thing is that you need a stanford play or the
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which would extend the game by one play. so brees, and he is going to throw to the sideline, and they have one more play? they do. michael thomas makes the catch. now, you it up to the 36 yard line which is fine and dandy, and now what do you do? >> cris: i mean, it may be fine, but not dandy, because you have to throw this thing 65 yards into the end zone. with who knows, maybe drew brees can still do it. >> al: a hook and trailer. you have all kinds of gimmicks. >> cris: but you have the buy the time to get the receivers down there anyway. >> al: just a three-man rush, and they will throw the short pass here. give it to thomas. he will go as far as he can, but
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it out, didn't they? >> cris: huge win. >> al: 23-3, and winds up 23-20, and each of the teams is now 4-6. they are each two games behind the division leading atlanta falcons. and the volkswagen post game show is coming up on the other
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welcome to the volkswagen golf alltrack post game report. the cam newton to kelvin benjamin was the only first down of the fourth quarter, but enough to preserve a vry football to kick off week 11. moments ago, heather cox met up with thomas davis of the panthers' defense. >> heather: thank you, rich. thomas, after giving up the lead last week in a tough loss, what was the key to this panther team finishing tonight? >> well, it is just that. staying focused and finishing a as football team. we put ourselves in a bad situation once we got the big lead and allowed them to get back into the game, but tonight, we did a great job as a football team to finish the game. >> heather: you saw your fellow
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and you were emotional and what did you say to him? >> i said that we would go out to finish the game for him and we loved him and get healthy. >> heather: indeed, you did. congrats. al, back upstairs to you. >> al: all right. thank you, heather. let's hope for the best for luke kuechly. they go to the west coast to oakland and seattle and still alive at 4-6. and the saints are 4-6, and tampa bay is 4-5 and don't forget about them. atlanta with the bye, and somebody has to win it. >> cris: obviously, they have wins over both of these team, and they have a hot quarterback and hot wide receiver doing some damage around the league, so they are the ones to beat here. >> al: yeah. it is another close game, and you talked about the panthers and they did it again, but this time, they come up on the other side. four losses of three or fewer, and huge catch by ginn, and
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"when the ship comes in" by the hollies ? oh the fishes will laugh as they swim out of the path ? ? and the seagulls they'll be smilin ? ? and the rocks on the sand ? it's so peaceful out here. yeah. introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack with 4motion? all-wheel drive. soon to be everywhere. >> thank you for watching "volkswagen golf all-track post game report." >> al: sunday night, it is on to the nation's capital. aaron rodgers and the green ba y pack ers and kirk cousins and the washington redskins as football night in america starts at 7:00.
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pittsburgh steelers against the indianapolis colts. you are watching nbc, and stay tuned for your late local news except for on the west coast. for those watching on the nfl network, the mazda post game show is next. 23-20 is the final. al michaels, cris collinsworth and heather cox saying good night from charlotte. ? ? what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do.
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it's going to be a roller coaster from a warm sunny day to snow. it will be a wild 48 hours for the >> a driver with a problem car traced across the highway on what and gets hit by an rta bus. massive traffic backup ensued. >> the organization represents 100,000 people across rater cleveland. coming from more than 40 different they spoke with one voice tonight. >> reforming the criminal justice system is a must. we'll explain how for the >> a new plan to give another area in downtown akron a major makeover. get ready for a wild ride. possible record high temperatures on tap for tomorrow
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before reality sets in, a taste of winter. >> chief meteorologist is tracking the weekends roller coaster forecast. >> it's saturday, friday is pure july. we have a gorgeous day coming tomorrow. will be windy but we will take it. temperatures start in the 50s. blast in the 70s and ultimately the evening will hang out the 60s. it looks like we have a pretty easy commute little breezy. as far as the winter storm goes, there's nasty weather going on in the western planes. you see the rain starting to app up. as you go to the next 24 hours, this will continue to fly to the northeast. as it happens you can see with a cold air is invading the western part of the country and the warm air is moving northbound. that means our area will be on the receiving end. tomorrow before the cold air gets here saturday. we're talking record setting temperatures. the average high
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50. the record set last year is 71, tomorrow will make it a 73, 74. 73, a new record anticipated for mansfield. all this is before the cold air gets here saturday. we're talking temperature fall, rain, snow, hand-drawn snow accumulation maps. we have it all coming up in just a little bit. backup. what caused it? a driver running into traffic, hit and killed by a bus. >> i want to set the scene of where we're at. this is 90 eastbound heading toward the city. you can see the west 117 sign there and just below its for all this happened. it happened just before 530, was a 46 year old man with car
11:58 pm
off to the side. he ran across i 90 traffic in the 530 rush hour and was hit by this bus. it's an rta bus that came from crocker park. rta officials k came from crocker park. rta officials kkk from triscuit road garage. that has not been identified. traffic was a nightmare through rush hour, up to and including the 9 o'clock hour this evening. cleveland police still working this scene. much more on our morning shows more information trickles out but for now, from the sidelines channel 3 news a man in custody following a lengthy standoff that started this afternoon. us marshals and please try to serve a felony warrant to the alleged repeat offender. when he barricaded himself in a
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also inside. everyone is safe after the man surrendered just before 8 pm. police have not released his name. was called a show of unity and hope. tonight, 1500 people join tioga county leaders not continuing this my continuing pursuit of criminal justice reform. we're details on what was discussed. >> the house was packed to the gills standing room only. enough for 1500 people for the greater cleveland congregation event. they represent 100,000 people from more than 40 different faith organizations and other groups. tonight, they spoke with one voice. the criminal justice system needs reform. >> he was a father and husband. man who went to work one and discovered he'd been let go.
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>> my mother called me and said omar is dead and to get a call where they say he's in jail and eight hours later, now he's dead. the group pushing for mental health crisis facilities on east and west sides of town. the final the mentally ill. gcc estimates between 60 and 80% of the mentally ill would never have to go into the criminal justice syst the services are in place. >> we use our prisons as false mental health hospitals. we don't treat people. >> some areas, with the major strides in some areas it still stagnant but there's promises of change and policies of reform . >> cuyahoga county prosecutor elect was here tonight. he says he agrees of many of these initiatives and says he will follow through with several of them.
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you reach you, you are totally free. the pastor saying there is a need for jobs, training and really help the most vulnerable in our community. he is risking his job by talking to us but he says you deserve the truth. about middlemen behind soaring prescription prices. investigator tom meyer delivers the inside information in part three of our exclusive investigation. money and they will count because they can. >> reporter: he's a local pharmacist to agree to talk to us if we kept his identity concealed. he fears losing his pharmaceutical contracts for blowing the whistle on the way our prescription drugs are priced. wendy benson held her breath waiting to hear the new price of her inhaler.
12:02 am
that has ballooned in price. >> when i left, i was nearly in tears. >> reporter: she is paying seven dollars just to breathe. and pharmacist broke the news. >> she said it was $75 i said have to put that back. >> reporter: she went home without her medicine. dr. say it's not unusual. >> there is evidence that patients are not complying, not taking the prescribed medication because of the high out-of- pocket costs. >> reporter: the pricing is a complex and secret formula. with many players working as middlemen. every single one of those players are incentivized to have drug prices higher. >> when you buy healthcare insurance you like to get was called a pharmacy and effective manager. it's the pbm that tells you your druggist how much to charge. they are among america's biggest corporations.
12:03 am
the fortune 500. they are all accountable to shareholders. >> it's those that artificially inflate prices. we pay more on the backend in the form of higher premiums. >> they've grown into a very aggressive and frightening industry. >> reporter: many hands touch our scripts before the heart from his hands you the white paper bag. along the way, everyone takes their cut. some more than others. >> wildlife in healthcare. >> reporter: let's break it down. lifesaving drug has shot up in price 400% to $600. according to the drugmaker, it costs about $275 to manufacture. the drug does to wholesaler who takes $25. next it's on to the pharmacist. it gets $20. what's left is roughly $280. guess who benefits?
12:04 am
>> reporter: pbm's have to which influence according to critics and too much reliance on profits. they collect rebates for manufacturers and the pull money from pharmacies in a scheme called a callback. on occasion, pharmacies actually lose money filling a position because of pbm pricing. >> nobody knows where the money goes, it's an arbitrary number, nobody has explained. >> reporter: make a mistake, drug abuse can charge what they want. there are number of things you deal at the pharmacy. you can find help on our investigations page coming up, the city of akron is lighting up the forgotten gem downtown making it a go to spots. burie expansion how local company is investing millions
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