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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we have just been briefed about an officer involved shooting on the eaid coming up. a potential roller coaster weather weekend with potential highs and a need for one of these soon afterwards. details coming up. but how soon will that happen. >> queue the plow truck. it will happen within the next couple of daysment we start with record highs today. we're forking well into the 70s. i think this computer forecast
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but what it shows off is all the sunshine that we are thinking this friday. >> wow. >> november 18th, mostly sunny sky, 59 degrees at 9:00. 69 at noon today. and i think we will hit 74. so it is going to be just phenomenal for anything you have got going on and you are going to love every moment of it. we're already so mild, 40s and 50s as you wake up and most of you already close to where we should be for highs. a record-breaker, record set just a year ago in 2015. we have more warm weather to chat about today and then the cold front. so there it lies, and we do see plenty of snow already behind it. we will get the rain to snow transition and lake effect snow building in late in day. we will get into the details on that because here is the truth. there is a lot to talk about and a lot of components with
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your sun glasses and short sleeves out the door this friday. we have say look at traffic. is everything okay. >> it is looking good. i am wearing the shorts today, holly. last chance maybe to do it this season, take a look at the roadways as ewe get ready to head out the door: no accidents to report to you this morning. 90 and over toward the shore way looking fine. here is 271. here is traffic moving smoothly, both northbound and southbound traffic, no issues reported so far. if you are coming in the shoreway into ashtabula looking good as is the turnpike, 480 also looking good as well no. problems reported, west siders coming in, 90 eastbound, looks good. as 71 and 480, 271 at 71, no problems and 76 toward 71 looking good too. there's a look at i-271. medina county. nice and dry. notice the visibility much better this morning.
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tune your radio throughout the morning for updates on your traffic every ten minutes. guys, back to you. >> >> thank you. we're following breaking news out of cleveland's east side this morning an investigation is underway after a police officer reportedly shoots a possible burglar. >> tiffany joins us live this morning, you have been on this. you are learning more. >> reporter: we are, lena and john we were just briefed minutes ago from the commander of the police district here, the fourth district poli let's go ahead and show you the video overnight as we get through what happened. here what we all know. this all began around 1:30. police got a call about a group of males being there who weren't suppose today be there, believe today be possibly stealing scrap. officers arrived, confronted these four men. these guys ran, both of the officers, we're told, fired back, hit one of these guys in the shoulder, and three of the four people involved are in custody.
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shot is now in stable condition at university hospital. so they're still looking for another person here. we have also learned that they're teens and late teens, two of them are 17 years old and we know at least one of them is 18 years old. so what is happening right now? we know that investigators say those officers were wearing body cameras, so they're going be going through that footage. there's also footage here at the illuminating company here on illuminating company area, this is the mild service center location, so of course this is still an on going investigation. but what we know officers are starting to leave and then get into the nitty-gritty of what's happening here doing those tests and things like that to figure out exactly what happened here. >> back to you. >> all right. thank you so much. >> holly mentioned it the big weather shake up just ahead of
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thanksgiving. >> will is live at the airport this morning where it is all quiet and record highs and then boy talk about a quick changeover. >> yeah, this is almost mother nature being bipolar here today, for us buzz we will have this need for shorts and sun glasses today a potential record high. holly has been talking about it all morn, maybe 73 and it will turn around with the possibility of snow over the weekend: we're here at the airport where it is coming at a weird time because of the big travel week lying ahead with thanksgiving just ou corner. they may need these things out here. down here at cleveland, they actually have an $8 million grant they got from the faa to help with this deicing and keeping track of the snow and keeping it after the run waist on top of a grant from the u.s. department of transportation. they have a lot of money to be prepared what what we could see this weekend starting going on here, it could a lot of travelers here as well because triple a has estimated it is
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in weeks leading op the holiday in nearly a decade as well as an expert saying that a million more people will take to skys and cars here as oppose today last year. so a lot of traveling going on and some weird elements that could be coming into play, but cleveland hopkins asures us they will be ready, guy. >> that's good to hear. thank you so much. 6:06 cell phone video capture toss mens overdosing and we want to warn you this video graphic. some of you may want to turn away. the video was posted on facebook live by eddie, it show toss men unconscious as others in the parking lot try to help and then police revive him. this comes as the city's fire chief spoke out on how narkan use is up double from last year. >> police in canton are asking for your hope find a missing 13- year-old boy. here a picture of cameran. he has blond hair and brown
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black flannel shirt, gray skinny genes near cleveland aver. if you have any information police please call canton place -- canton police. a man is in custody after -- they tried to serve a warrant to an alleged repeat offender when he barricaded himself inside a house on connie drive. a five month old baby was also inside the man surrendered just before 8:00 last night. everyone is safe. police have not released the suspect's name. president steve says he will appeal his six-day suspension. police say this follows an altercation with another member of the police department. >> city records show charges related to incident were dismissed but a disciplinary hearing found him guilty of improper conduct. he tells channel 3 the incident happened while he was off duty and involved the father of his grand daughter. time now is 6:08.
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wave, couch. we will meet the man they call mr. black friday and head to now and let us know if you will be waiting in line. and here is your chance to skip a line. america has got talent auditions are coming to cleveland your chance to beat the crowd and make it to front of the line to see the judges. holly. coolest thing ever. you all have so much talent. mother nature is showing off her talent today wi we are talking about 70s this afternoon. >> i think we will hit mid 70s, 50s, sun glair, grab the glasses go ahead with the short sleeves. get crazy. a little flip flop action. >> snow boots and shovels and stuff like that. we will make sense of it all as we take a live look at yeah,. >> crews getting ready for the upcoming weekend in our blast
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6:09. okay. we're hearing the music of let it snow. >> it is very fitting. >> it is. >> we know that there is some great shopping deals to be had next week. this morning we want to know, will you be waiting in line? will you shop shop from home on cyber monday. go to now. >> i will watch these numbers and we're listening an arizona man is taking these deals very seriously. jarvis johnson already camping outside of the local best buy. he has been there since last friday. >> he has a canopy a couch, tv, snacks and more to help pass the time. johnson said he juans to get a great deal on a 4k television
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for weeks. this is his ninth year camping out. so now, as we take a look at your poll results, maybe he didn't need to stand out this because look at the thanksgiving shopping number, very, very low otherwise it is as to up but cyber monday is getting more and more popular. matt tells us that every year it is growing and more and more stores are closing on thanksgiving so maybe these numbers are telling them they don't need to be open. >> could be. >> holly: we're look at a record warm >> and then snow. >> yes. >> makes perfect sense. >> it does. >> it is totally normal in november. let's get you to the bus stop first. this is the mild, mild day, and morning too because the past couple of mornings we have still been chilly, we're 40s and 50s as you wake up and well into the 50s right now at hop kin, 6:13 let's chat because we have plenty to talk about, record breaker as john and lena mentioned today and we have got the rain to snow transition
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>> in the meantime, i think 74 mostly sunny skies, 71 the old record, we shall have no problem getting rid of that, and that was one year ago by the way. >> sunny as can be today. this such a spectacular day. you could do a patio lunch on november 18th. >> isn't that kind of fun makes you giggle, doesn't it? and the storm system that we're tracking is to our west. to cold front is a very strong frond and there's a lot of wintery weather associated it. so we can see the snow here, even as we bring the view a little closer to us, but we're still basking in clear to partly cloudy skies this morning, and everything is very, very peaceful as we wake up. sun glasses is what you need, short sleeves, winter weather advisorys and warnings with this storm system and i wouldn't be surprised i talked about this earlier if national weather service issues a lake insect snow watch or even
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dynamics in the set up but the set up for today is clear and gorgeous. we have got 70s this an, this even manage of you have been asking, when does all begin? you are fine through today, in its entirety. so if you have got playoff games tonight or dinner plans, everything looks good. >> as the front pushes through, set up late in day. this is tomorrow evening and tomorrow night, and notice the transition to all snow by 11:30 tomorrow night with pockets of moderate to heavy snows one to four inchs is a safe bet but we will be tweaking this all weekend. make sure you -- lingers into sunday and becomes more
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we will have more as we continue through the next couple of days and of course greg will be here this weekend. i joked earlier he will make snow angels in the parking lot and who can build the best frosty. we have your window nation 7- day, we're so thankful for it. yesterday we hit 64. 40s and falling snow to rain tomorrow, and by monday, it is still cold but we are starting to clear a bit and then it looks like it will be mid to up that's our big travel day. wednesday we scattered rain and even rain chances into thanksgiving itself. >> here a check of your drive. wkyc traffic is brought to you by: . thank you. a wild ride in the weather the next 24 to 36 hours but your ride this morning is actually looking pretty good. no accident reported around northeast ohio right now, around cleveland we are looking
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traffic is moving smoothly, 90 back out toward lake and ashtabula county, coming out of -- county, further down to south, 71 through medina county, no problems reported around the region. there's one road closure to tell you about. there's a fire this morning on copley road. this is the north side of akron and it will remain closed for foreseeable future between collier and st. michaels. that's back toward 271 that's st. michaels, that's in this area, if you have got travel plans and if you are getting on to 71 there in summit county, copley road is not going to do it especially to west of 71, 77 excuse me, as we are looking at the fire that will close the road for at least the foreseeable future: we will give you updates throughout the morning as the closure continues. that's the latest check of the traffic. did you run cross country. >> i did not.
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and biggest losers today in sports and in my list are are you of watching sports i never knew it was a contact sport. this is what happens when there's two races at the same time on the same course. the runner in the middle of the screen is going be run over by a deer. >> oh my. >> this happened during the ncaa division 3 regionals in pennsylvania. yeah, right there in the middle of the pack. >> oh my gosh. >> comes the heard. they must have been having their own race the deer collide window the runner. runner is okay. he got up and finished it race, and he says boy, i have got a story to tell for rest of my life, and if it wasn't for this video, nobody would believe me. >> i think they need a deer crossing sign if they ever hold a race here again. again, though i juan to say deer-runner, everyone is okay. >> my biggest winners of the st. peter 7th grade volley ball
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they had six players on the roster. no break, they played all the time and the team went 15-5 and won two tournaments. great job, ladys and the coaches and my thanks to christy for sending in photo. >> thank goodness. >> yes. >> i mean 6:19. there is a price to pay for all of the warm weather. when the public square ice rink will now open for the season. >> don't wait has talent auditions come to cleveland. we have your chance to win your way to the front of the line.
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it is 6:22 the opening of the ice skating rink in cleveland's public square has
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says it is because of the warm weather so this is video from last year, the rink almost ready go the hope is to open it on monday. okay, the cleveland foundation is offering free skating all next week, including the skate rentals. well, warm today but they will have the perfect weather this weekend for that. so we are tabbing record highs today but then a messy, messy weekend with snow. >> yeah. >> how about that, holly. and greg. >> 's is morning we're really tracking some big changes. i will show you the temperature drop between this afternoon and saturday afternoon. it is just incredible, the temperature also basically just start cropping and it will start to speed up into saturday morning. look at the weather maps as we take a look at the temperature drop. near 70 this afternoon, it will be in low 40s by 2:00 in the afternoon on saturday, and there's a lot of wind with those 40s too.
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i think it will be west- northwest winds and eventually these winds will shift to more of a west wind as we go into sunday, that will decrease the lake effect snow potential. here is what we are thinking in terms of -- accumulations and then it will shift toward primary snow belt only as the winds become more west. this particular computer model picks up one to three inches and it is really all about the temperatures. those of you living by the lake shore it and for a good duration of the afternoon on saturday, in of you even inland away from lake will see a mix of rain and snow but i think that higher elevations of northern summit, maybe central and southern ashtabula could see an isolated spot over two inches. how much? that's hard to tell because it will depend on your temperature. temperature is the key here just a couple of degrees difference will make a
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it may be on grassy surfaces so i don't think it will be a big impact at least on saturday, guy. >> >> all right. sounds good. that's our situation, but when you look at the country, there's snow in colorado and wyoming already, minnesota is prepare for a blizzard and there's a worker strike in chicago at o hear. it is a mess. -- o'hare. >> we will start off locally today which includes a lot of sunshine record warmth. the irony in all we see minneapolis with rain and snow and temperatures are in the 40s initially.
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the lake effect. there's plenty going on but ahead of it all there's nothing but sunshine and warm weather and we're not the only once, there's in new record highs to report today all across the east half of the country ahead of this cold front. weather out your window time. we're calling that one morning sunshine, look at the beautiful rays on the pad. teresa, thank you so much for sending it in. we will have the sunshine today and it changes. >> child's play or a threat? what happened here? >> an 1-year-old is suspended from school for something she packed in her lunch. . and america's got talent is coming to cleveland the search for the next big star takes place at the huntington cleveland convention center on december 10th. you can win your way to the front of the line, just be the third caller right now 216-578-
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starting next week it won't be that easy. viewers will choose who win it is final three front of the line audition passes. share you tube link of your talent on facebook or twitter using the # be on 3 for your
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today president-elect will meet with mitt romney has a candidate for secretary of state. romney openly opposed trump during the election calling him nony and a fraud but trump staff says rivalries don't
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afterif snow. others not so much but look at this dog, ecstatic as snow flakes began to fall in colorado. this is loki. it was the first big snow of season for area. they got a couple of inches. just wait until you see when they get a foot, how he's doing. >> he -- you know, he can jump, very good air time right there. >> it is 6:36. today's top trending ahead. >> let's check in with matt granitingly promised every major door buster before black friday and from appliances to cook ware, today, ways to save heads too the kitchen. >> >> good morning holly. >> hi, matt. best week ever with these door bust percent we're forking some pretty amazing weather for your friday. record highs in the mid 70s a lot of sunshine, yep, and get
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effect snow, john. are you prepared? >> i am ready. i am ready. >> off limits why one airline tickets may no long area lou some passengers to use the overhead bins? really. that story is coming up. ?? (laughs..) here it is. ?? ?? hey dad! ?? wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down
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60:00. now a look at what's trending this morning. this story, first reported by local 10 in miami, an 1- school for bringing a toddler knife to school to cut her beach. it was a knife part of a toddler set just like this one that was intended for one-year- olds. as you can imagine the pans are out raged. they say they were told that it violated the weapons policy. >> the district would not talk about specifics siting school policy. meanwhile, the pinbrook pines
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prosecutors this morning it is not really clear whether or not the girl will actually face charges. now this story. first reported by cbc new, united airlines planning to charge lower fare, so cheap seats urbanned from using the overhead bins. united airlines say it will launch this new basic economy fare next year. those passenger will only be allowed to that fit under the seat basic economy flyers will not know what the seat assignments are until the day of the flight. united say the new fare level gives customers more of a choice. >> >> also trending online action cam newton plea fleece, they have fur tail, he spent $12,000 on these warm up, the fur tales
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says he wants to harness the power of the animal, and the ajillty. john, you know impies they work because they did win last night, didn't they. >> they have been struggling, they needed that win, but he's got $12,000 to wear for a pair of shoe for 15 minute that is won be in a game. >> it is amulet look. >> he should have wait because i believe matt gran fit in as a good deal on these with free shipping; is that true. >> again i operate on viewer requests and today, as i promised you every major door buster before black friday. today we're heading for the kitchen and then we will continue with the tech trends. are the appliances deals the same now as they will be black friday and this one of the only store promises that's correct. all the 30 to 40% off best buy hh greg, sears, home depot,
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in fact the door buster is at such a good price you don't need to lynn up either. look at the cook ware grab, one of the most requested item i found it more half price, made in italy tsafest best cook ware set i have been told by tvs chef. >> -- >> the difference between this and my professional pans which i have one here, if you notice this is already, a brand new pan, it is already starting to chip a little bit around the edge. once that happens unfortunately this expensive pan garbage. this pan tentire surface and exterior of the pan is nonstick. i have to say, matt a win with this one. really a win. i like it a l. it is a real hit and i think i am going to have to give this to my wife because he's she's in background saying mine. i'm sorry you will lose this one but i really lover it. >> he's not lying he actually stole our pots and pans and left me with a box.
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italy. astoundingly good deal. >> nice. >> he's such a great guy and great chef. i think stole is a strong word. >> let's say borrowed. >> he deserves it. >> you will get it back in 20 year, matt. >> here is holly. >> we have a lot to talk about in forecast. but first, greg and i just made a music video. >> we did. it is on the socials right now. >> you have to see it. >> it is called let it snow. >> i am really excited about snow. >> or we're something. >> so we have got a look at that mild weather this morning. look at these guy, sun glasss and short sleeves and it is november 18th. >> we have got from record- breaking to snow and all kinds of things to talk about through the weekend itself. in mean tile we are hitting 74 today and that would be a new record high, it is going be
6:45 am
ohio, and the stretch is nothing but sun-filled. 7:20 is when the sun comes up. it will be bright, you need your sun glasses heading out the door. this is all the buzz for weekend. there's our storm system, and look at all of the winter weather associated with it. >> as we bring the view closer in you can see here we are with clear to partly cloudy skies, there's the snow, ton back edge of the cold front, we're going to deal with plenty, as we head through the next couple of da advisorys and warnings that are out with this storm system, john and lena were talking about this earlyer and it is just a travel mess in places like minnesota and through iowa today, and nebraska. here is what the deal is. as we move through your friday, it is staying fine. there has been a lot of questions can i get out this evening? yes, it is going be mild. >> 7:00 tonight, we're still well into the 60s with clear
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football game, dinner plan, lovely as can be. overnight we see the cloud cover roll in and here come it is scattered rain showers associated with our front initially. behind it, the winds pick up. we will have a pretty big break where there's just a lull, and then lake effect developing tomorrow evening as a rain-snow mix for a big chunk of this before changing to all snow heading into early sunday and then continuing through the rn expecting some accumulation and amount also vary: we will tweak one particular forecast keeps amounts through early sunday morning, just from about under an inch up to two inches but again, we're thinking anywhere from one to four inchs is a really good estimate, primary and secondary snow belts and you had better believe we will tweak those numbers as the forecast changes. this is lake effect you all know how it work around here.
6:47 am
especially for your plans tomorrow night and then into sunday,. >> 40s and falling tomorrow, and then lake effect cfos tomorrow night into sunday, blistering cold too, it will feel like 20s and it is going be chilly on monday but we dry out and we're back into the upper 40s as we head into thanksgiving day. >> sunday football weather right there. browns and steelers, from our friends at the apl a couple of kitty cat, steve was being atta brought to the apl, despite the hard times he has a personalty, couldn't be sweeter, loves to cuddle and is looking for a good home a new start there. we have got darling who is eight years old and is just looking for someone to be affection gnat with cuddling and just a good home to spend the rest of her year. >> check out the apl. they have so in great kittens and dogs looking for good
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it is all about airline tickets. >> the key to saving money could be when you decide to buy the ticket. larry miller explains. >> reporter: you're already getting pinched for everything from the bags to comfortable seat with the extra leg room but you can find back and score cheaper plane ticket, ben covers the airline industry for u.s.a today. >> air fares fluctuate so much that it is an exact science. >> they depend in part on where fly, even how you purchase your tickets. as for tuesday, being the best day the get a cheap flight it does work on average. >> air fares change on the dime all week long. so, whereas friday might have the highest average, and tuesday may have the arch lowest fare. if it comes on ons wednesday and you are not looking you will miss it. >> the best advise to stay connected with flyer talk, mile
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if there's an airline you like, sign up for the e-mail distribution list. >> also, book early. two months is the window you really want to not only look but consider this looks good maybe i should lock it in now. >> all the information you need to know. >> let's check in with will. >> john, greg, holly and i
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>> an investigation is underway into an officer-inshovelled shooting on the east side. this is near miles. let's go ahead and show you exactly what happened here from what police tell us, four males were trying to steal scrap metal and this is expensive scrap meta illuminating company, when offersers confronted it suspect, they ran, one of those suspects actually fired back at the officers. so, offersers returned that fire, hitting one of them in the shoulder. that person is at university hospital in stable condition. they're looking for one other person this morning tthree people they have in custody are teens, will. thanks a weather roller coaster about to hit northeast
6:53 am
it could hit record temperatures are top 73 today followed by snow in forecast. this all ahead of a big travel week coming here for thanksgiving, cleveland hopkins down here, they got a grant from the faa $22 million grant from department of trance foration. they say they're ready to go. they don't expect any delays as everyone tries to head home or head back somewhere else for the holiday, john. all right. a man is in custody following a more than six hour stand off, and u.s. marshalls and police trying barricaded himself inside the house, with a five month old board of directorsbaby the man surrendered everyone is okay. police have not releaseed it suspect's name. one person is dead after being hit by an rta bus on i-90 east last night. the police say that man's car was broken down so he try today cross the highway when the bus struck and killed him. rta sinuses passengers were on
6:54 am
postponed a spokesperson says it has because of the warm weather. this is video from last year of the rink almost ready go the hope is to open the rink on monday, the cleveland foundation is offering free skating all next week including skate rental, greg we have the perfect weather to open next week. i think we will: it will be a good week for it, as you travel morning, copley is closed between st. michaels and collier because of a fire that will impact your access to off of 162. that's highway that ends there north of downtown, as far as rest of the region, no major delays reported, one accident right now, and this is 480 westbound so it is out bound traffic, it is just approaching the airport there, and berrea road. we are looking fine heading into that, that's westbound traffic. further out that's inbound and not impacted so far by that volume is relatively light. the rest of the region,
6:55 am
looking good this morning, updates throughout morning, every ten minutes on your traffic. we will talk to our friend bill about the snow coming that weekend but first thing first and that's record highs today, mid sop a lot of sunshine and -- mid 70s and a lot of sunshine and 74 be did a new record breaking the old record one yore ago, one year ago. >> two years ago we had another record low. i believe it was 10 on this day. >> yeah. >> >> okay. so we're 40s and falling on saturday, cold front moves through, rain to snow lake effect snow on saturday night into sunday. matt will keep you warm with saverrings. >> one up that wallet. >> 16 black friday door busters. i promise you every door buster before thanksgiving no lining up new york city ruining your day. wkyc for those deals, on monday i will bring you the best tech deal ever seen on any black friday in history.
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>> monday will be the biggest day of the week. >> i know you are working all weekend but have some time for fun too. >> savorings are fun. >> they are, but come on. >> tv. >> are you excited for this. >> i love the snow. >> today show is next. have a good day. >> thank you for watching channel 3 new, take channel 3 news and weather with you where ever you go, text wkyc now to
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it is a year-long program to
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good morning. breaking overnight. donald trump asked retired army lieutenant general michael flynn to be his national security advisor. as the trump campaign may be prepared to bury a major hatchet. >> is former massachusetts governor mitt romney, one of trump's harshest critics during the campaign, on a short list for secretary of state? the two are set to meet this weekend. clobbered. the season's first heavy round of snow blanketing the midwest. accidents piling up. another foot expected. that storm on the move with parts of the northeast bracing for more than 15 inches. ? i can't stop the feeling ?? and that's a wrap. with the help of some famous chefs, al pulled off a week of


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