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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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to men's -- men overdose in a mcdonald's parking lot. protesters shut down cleveland today. protesting donald trump's presidency. we're in the middle of it with them. >> not judge. how a mom is bringing women together across the country. now or black friday? when should you buy? chasing a state title. good evening, from record breaking high temperatures to rain and snow tomorrow. we will get all four seasons in 24 hours. we're tracking this minute by minute. it is a nice evening.
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we going to overnight, we will fade back into the 50s. we will see that drop from 51 to 47. southerly brisk wind will continue but when we go around to the west, after the front comes through, temperatures drop in rain comes down. unfortunately, temperatures will not stop dropping after that. this is a look at snow. look at the rain that is coming out of because the storm system is listing north, we're keeping an eye towards cincinnati for a rain showers that will come through in the early morning. that's why there's a prolonged period here until the rain gets here. we're still dealing with breezy conditions. wind is out of the south. it will help temperatures and we are still in the 60s. that will be changing rather quickly as we go through the morning tomorrow. as far as the forecast goes, we will have range showers with
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by midday, the isolated rain and snow chances will begin. still windy but temperatures are now in the 30s. we will hold in the 30s into the evening. the lake snow is expected to continue to tomorrow night. if you're wondering when the snow is going to get here, we're still a good 15 -- 20 hours away from the snow. we will have more details on an hour by hour forecast coming up. happening now, several fire crews from all different cities battling a very large brush fire. hinkley police post to these photos. those breezy conditions, but the was talking about, is fueling the flame. no word on how far that fire has spread, or how hard -- it is. a powerful reminder of the
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live on facebook. overdosing on facebook. >> reporter: the truth about heroine lives in this video. it is hard to watch and it is hard for the families of these two men to talk about. but they wanted to be seen. in hopes that it convinces heroine users that at this time to stop. hair on your arms stand up and gives you goosebumps. >> what did he take? heroine. >> reporter: reality, two men overdosing on heroin. one on the ground is michael williams. >> i did not think it would happen to me. >> reporter: he used it four months ago. he drank a lot and took pain pills. when he lost his job, he turned to something cheaper.
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than it is to go back on the street and get high. >> reporter: he needed help now. >> if i can get it now, i will go. i needed and i wanted. >> reporter: is older system helped them too. >> we want michael back. to get that second chance. she hopes users all over the world see this video so they can get their life back to. her family even thanked eddie the man who recorded the 11 1/2 minute facebook live. >>ve i have heard about overdosing, but saying that, and my four- year-old son had to see it. he asked me if my he was being. i said, yeah. it was hard. >> reporter: as you can imagine, it was hard for his family to watch too. but they hope is a wake-up call. >> i am hoping it travels all over the country, so people all
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>> reporter: it only took a little bit. there's been 30 overdoses in 30 days. four people have died. williams family hopes that he gets the help he wants. very soon. reporting in sandusky, alyssa raymond. 10 of the 13 members police commission have asked the them is to resign. if he does not, they want him removed him they wanted to oversee reform of police department. is not fulfilling his responsibilities as a commissioner. we reached out to them. no response. protesters gathered earlier at public square in march downtown in protest of president-elect donald trump. we had joining them live. >> reporter: these protests have been happening all across
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we have to do that just for times purposes. but, i was so struck today by how various these voices are. people from different walks of life, different circumstances, have different opinions, the one commonality is that they are not fans of president-elect donald trump. >> is is your goal? >> if you'd just of -- sit silently noth have to raise your voice. >> reporter: they want to get their perspective heard. >> lack lives matter. >> reporter: steve been in as his top advisor, i am protesting that. love trumps hate. he is a hateful man. >> donald, i had an abortion.
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woman. >> what kind of punishment are we talking about? i believe it is hard for women to act anyway. and increasingly across the country. >> we reject the president- elect. >> reporter: the cleveland state campus. and back. >> he is scapegoating minorities the most affordable and are society. >> reportdi >> this is my first protest ever. it reaches people in different ways. we are here to check the people that are showing hate. >> reporter: we have to mention that when you put the avenue that was shut down, they said that was not supposed to happen. they were supposed to stay on the sidewalk. in the majority did that. there were a few that come the
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were not associated with those folks to pedestrians were taken to the hospital tonight after being hit by a car. it happened on broadview road. no word on their condition and police are stuck in the -- investigating. new tonight, police searching for suspects in carjackings. in october 29, and continue to thursday. at least three -- seven happened yesterday alone. all of them police share the images of the suspects. new developments tonight in the rebates scandal involving browns owner. he will be questioned in a deposition next month in connection with another lawsuit. he is already paid about $85 million to resolve the suits. alleging the company cheated tracking customers out of
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still to come, judge free moms. a blog that is attack attracting attention around the world. door buster deals, granite reveals some items to buy this weekend. and which wants to wait.
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check out the scene in santa clara california. it looks like snow. foam spilled outside a police say the building had a pressure system that malfunctioned. officer say the foam is not dangerous. it started out as a thought have mind in area. mom's judging is still there. she decided to do something about.
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the making of a judge free mom. it started a movement. >> reporter: in calling carter's home, love goes a long way. >> yes. >> reporter: since parenthood does not come with the playbook, the carter's with their own. one data time. it was one day in august when colleen chuckled kids and an oversight grocery cart and knocked over a shelf of pastries and felt the judgment spillover. >> i felt >> reporter: that was the genesis of judge free moms. carter's blog and facebook page has exploded with like-minded moms. >> we're the moms who laugh at ourselves. know it's okay to make mistakes. we want to be affirmed but we are not not. >> reporter: keeping it real is what colleen carter does this well. is what she post. >> getting my house ready, let's just say it's going to
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all of our crap. >> reporter: that explains how the dirty fishbowl ended up in the pantry. that is kind of keeping it real. >> it sparked a movement. a snowball effect. >> reporter: three months after starting at 5000 women's -- women from every state in four countries joint. >> this is something people wanted. they were craving it. >> reporter: and she is garnering attention from beyond the blog. >> picked up by >> reporter: when your kid has mad skills, picking up animal crackers with his face. mad skills. >> i am a better mom and a better woman now because i look at other women differently. from reading their posts's. am excited to see where it goes. >> reporter: maybe, to the next generation of kinder and gentler and nonjudgmental kids. who have also have mom is with
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>> my house is something cleaner. >> reporter: they turn the cameras on us this time for the daily facebook live. >> [ laughter ] right? do not judge. [ laughter ] you sure you don't me to babysit your children? >> general three news. waterfront project. official kickoff of the holiday shopping season. there are as many purchase on friday then others. >> what should you buy now what should you wait for? we have more on that. go do /from now. we are excited to be excited with you today. i will say the $400.
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that will save you hundreds that there. glued to the speakers, . do not buy anything made by amazon before thanksgiving. if you're looking for alternatives, , do not buy beach deals on the headphone i'll until tuesday. for those of you looking for drawn scott now through cyber monday is the best time. more deals and door busters on the city of my dinah hopes shoppers will stay local. the second year in the of row, they have the eat, sleep, and drink, then shop, program. each receipt will get you entered into a raffle. businesses donated all of them. so nice of mother nature to kick in and give us that holly
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>> everybody has a range of emotions on this. some people are excited some not. tomorrow will be a day when you go through several motions. we're going to the omg's to help us out. >> holly let you ball of them. x >> you know holly skate. -- thing. >> just a little rain just a little wind. it's okay. it is just a little chilly out er i afternoon, that's when the anguish starts to set them. the snowflake start to come around in the wind is going. windshield is going into the 20s. and the evening we are thinking is actually happening it is real. as late-night, we start to get an idea of what this lake affect will be setting up. that is going to happen. so as you go through the day tomorrow, it is going to be a
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entire time. the dreary weather off to the west, and south as well. we still have some rain that is going on in indiana. these rain showers will continue to move northward into the area. we will hear pitter patter of rain drops on the outsides of the houses we will get into six or 7 am. that will be moving through. is the front that is coming in. most of it is relatively rate -- light. we could even hear a rumble of thunder. look at the temperature change from lima 61 -- 46. the darkis coming conference. behind it, we dropped quickly into the 40s and we will swing into the 30s for the afternoon tomorrow. wind is going to be taking up for the rest of the night. what we have going on is nothing compared to what will be 24 hours from right now. this southerly winds as 10 -- 20 miles per hour. you could see how they pick up and go to the west and out to the west of us, behind the
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here comes the rain, relatively light, mansfield is even showing that you may end up with a little bit of makes. both in the morning will be just rain condo makes. win coming out of the south. temperatures will drop into the 30s by late morning. we are going to hang tight into the upper 40s midday. notice there's not a lot of that going on in the the day. that causes instability and this is our in period. look at this from mace -- lake michigan coming into man field. then it gets cranking tomorrow night in the primary and secondary snowballed areas. at temperatures drop back into the 20s, we will hold on to that lake affect. lake michigan connection could put it down. i'm not sure. but, the bigger chances for the actual stimulating snow, will
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snow belt. depending on how all of this sets out, with we get it going, three -- six in the primary. up to eight in the secondary. i do not see an eight inch floppy accumulation. 1 -- 4 inches accumulation in the sweet spot. this is in the hinkley area and strong bill. suddenly tomorrow, an interesting day. we're in the 30s for sunday, an by thanksgiving, back to rain, to which the 40. that last emoji was nice. thanks. coming up, how will the cavaliers respond to their lost -- lost tonight to go. >> you will see what they want
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hello everyone, great bounce back for the cavaliers. cavaliers are 10 mac -- 2. back to full strength tonight after sitting out. lebron back and the good news after missing three games he was back. he get his is 2nd shot, another three- pointer. the moment later, another triple. nine points for chaos. all cavaliers led by the big three. kevin love. cavaliers up 17. khiry irving is awesome tonight. irving at 25.11.
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combined for 58. cavs win and do not play until next wednesday. that two games over the next eight days. they are both at home. browns versus steelers. they are healthy and kaman is the only one who did not practice today he is questionable. how does rookie, cody respond after being benched? ghetto with this of the. the last time out effects in the sunday. >> you can always find somewhere to improve a little bit more. for me, more motivation this week. not thinking about. he is getting closer to a possible return to game action.
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for contact. he has been out since week one. with a shoulder injury. the browns can activate him. game changers brought to you by ohio university. high schools student regional rivals. saint ignatius in bedford. saint ignatian won the first. back the other way they are up 17 -- 7. time for the game changer, eagles, nice toss to corey. great catch and 73 yards makes it 17 -- 14. 18 seconds for halftime. this one goes into overtime passing ignatian wins. liberty, in the state semifinals next friday. while. what a game.
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11 -- 55. cleveland state on the road and taking on you see martin. fight back, rob edwards. they only trail by 7. he led the vikings for 22. that one goes in, and margin goes and 85 -- 74. thereat kentucky wednesday. the indians, february 1 against the reds. pitchers and catchers report on 12th. on february 16. it will be here before we know it. >> i know. >> the two. >> we will be rebecca.
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this is what happens when you read that the alone for too long. each one tell the story, right? >> it is the wailing and gnashing of teeth. people sending me tweets. that is the way things are ending up people are not looking forward to it. we're at the top of the
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- megyn kelly, chris hardwick,


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