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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  November 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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time right now 6:01 saturday, november 19. well, we were spoiled for so long. weren't we? with the warm temperatures. as you can see on temperature gauge here downtown, it's 49 degrees. but temperatures have just been plummeting. that is the big story of the morning and the weekend we are going to be keeping you updated throughout the next 48 hours. michael's been track everything from the weather center. michael when we got into work basically in the middle of the night it was still summerrish. >> it was. it was at 67 degrees when i rolled in. had the short sleeves on. i actually rolled in with my windows down. that's not the case any more.
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time cool spell. that then followed by some rain. i think that we may see a temporary lull in the rain before the lake effect rain snow mix kicks in and then everything transitions to a lake effect snow during the overnight hours. notice the temperature plunge. again, six just a few hours ago down to 47 in downtown right now. the cold air being ushered in by a strong wind. you can see it already gusting at times. down rd 30miles per hour downtown. and it comes with the rain, as well. so this is a season changing cold front that's blasting on through. oberlin getting soaked as we are in lorain and strongville. eventually here in downtown we'll see the rain in just a amendment or so. now london seeing rain as we are in bailey lakes. all of that cruising generally towards loudonville. that rain moderate to heavy at times.
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thunder in there, as well. temperatures plummeting by late morning into the 30s. a lull in activity around lunchtime before the lake effect snow kicks in. and we're not talking about just a small little dusting of snowfall, either from this system. it will be a little bit more significant in some spots. you will need the shovels. the scrapes and maureen i don't think it's out of the question some might need the snow blowers, as well, by tomorrow. you're just keeping your fingers crossed it's no away. >> exactly. i'm putting the summer shorts away from yesterday. >> oh, confession i did put up christmas lights yesterday just because i was like i'm not doing this in the snow. >> it's going to look just like christmas. >> i don't think i was alone. we want to get you caught up on developing news overnight. fire crews from 8 different departments battled a brush
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social media page. the wind appears to bow fueling the flames. the fire reached 25 acres. no word on hour the fire spread or hour it started. a powerful reminder of the heroin epidemic in our area. this video shown live on facebook of two men overdosing on heroin is difficult to watch but it gives a clear picture of the growing problem. channel3's alyssa raymond spoke with the victim and family and has their reaction. hair on your arms stand up and gives you goose bumps. >> what did you take? heroin. >> we need few know so we can save his life. what did you take? >> reporter: it captures reality. two men overdosing on heroin. the one lying there on the ground is michael williams. >> i never expected it was going to happen to me. >> reporter: he says he started using heroin four months ago before that he drank a lot and took pain pills. but when he lost his job, he turned to something cheaper.
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and get high. >> reporter: he wants help now. >> right away, yeah. if i can get the help right now i'll definitely go. i need it i want it. >> reporter: his older sister amber wants that for him, too. we warrant the sober michael back. >> reporter: he now gets that second chance. amber hopes users all over the world see this video. her family only thanked the man who recorded the 11 and a half minute facebook live. >> i never seen that in person before. i heard about all the ods. but like seeing that, and my 4- year-old son had to see it. he's like dad is he asleep? i'm like, yeah. so it was hard. >> reporter: as you can imagine it was hard for williams and his family to watch, too. but they hope it serves as a wakeup call. >> it needs to stay up. i'm hoping it travels all over the country so people all over
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to them. >> there's -- it only took a little bit. >> reporter: alyssa raymond channel 3 news. police are searching for suspects in a string of car jackings on the west side. they started back on october 29 and accounted through thursday. at least 78 car jackings happened in on thursday alone. lakewood, brooklyn, brooklyn heights, nowburg heights and cuyahoga heights are all affected. police shared this image of the suspect from an incident on thursday night. protesters gathered last marched downtown in protest of president-elect donald trump. hilary golston was there and has more. >> this is very disruptive is that the gel or do you feel that helps to accomplish what you're looking for? >> i think if you just sit by silently nothing will change. sometimes you have to raise your vis to get anything done. >> reporter: the things these people want to get done their perspective in snapshots on signs.
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>> the fact that steve bannon is his top advisor. >> reporter: love trumps hate. >> love trumps hate. he is a hateful man. >> reporter: audit the vote. donald i had an abortion. how long should i be in jail? that sign written by this woman. >> what kind of punishment are we talk about since i believe that it's already really hard for women to access abortion procedures in ohio and increasingly across the protesters made their way from the square to cleveland state's campus. and back. >> he's scapegoating minorities. the most vulnerable in our society s. he can get power. >> reporter: many different people, different perspectives. >> this is my first protest ever. so i'm just -- this is -- you know, it reaches people in a didn't way. we're here to check the people
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channel 3 news. now developments in the rebate scandal involving browns owner jimmy haslam's company pilot flying j. he will be questioned in a deposition next month in connection with another lawsuit. pilot has already paid about $85 million to resolve suits a rentalling that the company cheated trucking customers out of fuel rebates. 10 former employees have taken plea deals. and eight others are still awaiting trial on fraud charges. haslam has not been charged with done nothing zon still ahead this morning why apple's latest product will have you turning the pages. >> delta airlines rolls out a tool that keeps your luggage on
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beautiful now art in cleveland's ohio city neighborhood. tiffany tarpley joins us live. tiffany this street art will transform the area. already a great area. >> reporter: it is a great area. it's cold and rainy. i'm here with david. he's from london. and woe wanted to show you some of this street art this morning. you know, last half hour we showed you the cars. you said you've been here in cleveland for 7 weeks. >> about 7 weeks. >> reporter: what was your inspiration behind this. >> all the things us every day. the ups and downs of everyone's daily life a. the snakes and ladders of contemporary life really. >> reporter: so hung did it take you to come up with the concept and then put it all together? >> about a week. >> reporter: one week pretty fast. >> that's it. >> reporter: what does it mean for you to be a part of this project and have your work here on display here in cleveland. >> it's amazing for me to come to another country. and to make something that's going to be here when i leave so people will see it every
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think about cleveland? we know how awesome the city is. what are your thoughts? >> i think it's a marvelous city. lovely. it's beautiful. i've only really been in this area but i like it very much. >> reporter: well, cool. so we've been telling you all morning about artwork. >> we're teg to take you on that tour, again, later on this morning. today from 1:00 to 5:00 you'll be doing the street tours. start at st. john's church on church avenue and artwork hanging up in this neighborhood. >> it's just so cool to see and so great that we are getting to showcase our city in an international audience there. >> reporter: yes, definitely. >> tiffany, thanks so much. well, that thanksgiving meal will cost you a little less this year. that tops the look at consumer news this morning. the cost of thanksgiving dinner is down to less than $5 a person. according to the american farm bureau's annual survey the
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people is $49, $.87. that's 20 -- $49.87. a 16 monday turkey is $.30 less. at $22.74. pumpkin pie mix and milk cost less. rolls and sweet a they toes are more expensive. just in time for the holiday travel season dell days ready to roll out an upgrade to the luggage tracking system. the hope is that the passengers will never lieutenant again. it's a 50 million-dollar upgrade that most would never even notice but embedded in a now delta luggage tag is a tiny microchip and antenna. the moment the bag is checked the tag transmitts your bag's constant gps location. and you can even have the information sent to your phone in real time. apple's latest product, just went on sale. take a look right there. not an electronic device. its book.
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apple in california which is taken from the phrase found on every apple product. >> it's filled with 450 photographs of apple products, chronicling the past 20 years of product design and dedicated to steve jobs. as with most of apple's products the book comes in two size. there's a small and large. and they're not cheap. the smallest priced at $199 the large is 299. the book is on sale at retail stores. just ahead, how a text message mistake led to an extra place setting at one thanksgiving dinner. oh, we are tracking winter weather. temperatures outside only in the 40s but it comes with lots of rain. not only here in cleveland, in knot olmsted down towards strongville. litchfield, down 71 towards
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soon americans will gather round thanksgiving tables across the country. and this year one family will have some extra place settings for now friends all thanks to a >> reporter: when 17-year-old high school senior jamal-inton got a text telling him thanksgiving dinner was at 3:00 this year. >> wow, i see the wrong number or my grand mba learned how to use her phone. >> reporter: so he asked for a picture and got a selfie of wanda. somebody's grandma just not his. >> he texted me back with his picture and said, you antimy grandma. but can i still have a plate. >> reporter: that's where you might expect story to end but like a true grandma.
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i said you know, that's what grandmas do. >> reporter: they met last night and jamal's whole family is going to wanda's for thanksgiving. >> i have to figure out how big a turkey i need for 20 people. >> reporter: their text touched a nerve. >> i'm at 392,000 likes. 186,000 retweets and 1.7 million views. >> we've noticed that people ash seeking these you know, uplifting heart warming humanizing stories. >> reporter: how much do people rally around stories like this? >> oh, you see like tons and tons. >> reporter: earlier this year a couple mistakenly sent a group text to strangers about their now baby basement the recipients they never met brought gifts to the hospitalch and who could forget sad paw paw who host aid barbecue for hundreds after is grandkids didn't show
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for. >> feel like everybody sees this joy that two people, two strangers can actually connect. >> reporter: leaving the rest of us thankful for the smile. >> i have a feeling we're going to see some video from that thanksgiving meal for sure. >> you better believe it. >> some camera crew will be there. >> the one thing i'm thankful for the temperatures yesterday. how about a record shattering 74 degrees. >> i know. but how about the temperatures this morning? look at screen. >> they are falling like a rock. so check this out within the past three hours, mansfield dropping 22 degrees. here in cleveland, temperatures literally dropping by 2 0 degrees. so it is cold, it is wind with wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. getting stronger through the evening hours tonight. up to 40 to 50 miles per hour. first thing during the wee early morning hours tomorrow. so it's going to be the cold
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wind, the rain that we're contending with this morning. let's take you right on in and track this out for you. especially this band right here. from lodi down towards holmes county. with this rain we're expecting it in akron canton area between 6:30 and 7:00 this morning a. liens 7:30ish. -- alliance, 7:30ish. some light mix mansfield in the 30s. here's what we're expecting for the rain to sl the east. i still think that this is majority in the form of rain by late morning with perhaps a little bit of a snow mix in there, as well. we'll see a brief lull in activity so this is the time around lunchtime to get out, get some outdoor arraigns done. perhaps just gather in all of your outdoor furniture. put it in the garage and safely stow it away for the winter because right around sun set this evening that's when the lake effect snow machine really begins to kick
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lake michigan. check out this band right here. we'll talk more about this in a second but it's that band we're concerned about more snowfall perhaps down towards mansfield. it's the lake effect snow off lake erie that we'll see generally from cuyahoga county towards the primary snow belt regions through not only the evening but the overnight hours, tomorrow morning, before things finally begin to dissipate around lunchtime for some of us. ab still see the snowfall through mid- to late day on sunday. so how much snowfall are we talk about here? well, remember that lake effect snow band off lake michigan? i think we'll see a coating of snowfall there from richland to ashland county. right into the snow belt regions, three to 6 inches of
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right between a trace and 2 inches. a trace upwards of an inch. then southern cuyahoga county, you'll notice just north of medina there i think we'll see anywhere between an inch to 4 inches. window nation 7-day forecast showing you 30s. so very chilly. through the start other work week. lots of folks, of course, getting a jump start on the thanksgiving travel plans. depending on how you look ate it fortunately or unfortunately, some rain in the way. at least it's not snowfall by that point. slippery icy commute. it will just be wet. so wherever your travel plans take you for thanksgiving hope you are, you know, being safe traveling and that your tummy is nice and full. >> yeah, i'm still just not over the temperature drop. >> 20 trees since we've been here. >> i'm such a clevelanders i had to change into my flip- flops because my feet were too hot when i was putting up the christmas decorations. >> i it was hot trying to get
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>> yeah, we're not going to have that problem. >> no the at all. well here's a morbid question have you ever thought of what will happen to your social media and e-mail accounts when you die? as andrew found out getting them to go away may not be as easy as you think. >> when this father passed away, his family kept his facebook page going. there's a way to keep the memory going of a man they loved. >> reporter: but if they ever change their mind. >> it's really tough to do some things if original access. >> reporter: and why social media consultant nate suggests something called a social media will naming an executor with the authority or passwords to close your accounts when you go. part of the reason is i.d. theft. >> when you consider that the fraud that's out there, the opportunities for people to take advantage of an account of someone that has passed away. >> reporter: but closing the accounts may be next to impossible for anyone other than you. facebook and google are the
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provisions which even allow someone tiles do it if you allow it in settings, first. otherwise your profile can stay active. tonight we found only 20 states have laws allowing someone to get your passwords and go in after they first obtain a will power of attorney, trust court order or guardianship. notice ohio isn't among them. making it grayer here. and no doubt taking some by surprise. >> i certainly wouldn't want my facebook page alive forever. you know, while up above. after the break how disney plans to light up the sky this holiday season. and tiffany joins us live from the cleveland foundation community event. >> reporter: hi maureen. local and international artists have been working to tran form
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if you are headed out the door any time soon, definitely grab the jacket. temperatures are plunging. michael has the forecast in just a moment. that's one of the big stories we've been following. we want to get you caught up on the big three stories. trending stories. overnight here at home fire crews from 8 different departments battled brush fire at the hinckley reservation. pinkly police posted these photos on their social media page. >> wind an peers to be fueling the flames. the require reach add 25 achers. no word on how it started. vice president-elect mike pence tended the broadway hit hamilton friday night. some audience members booed. others cheered as pence entered the theater.
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victor dix ton who plays the third vice president thanked pence for coming. however he had a strong message for the vp elect telling him that the multiracial and multi- cultural cast is worried about the donald trump administration. pence left the theater before dixon finished his message. disney will be lighting up the sky this hillary day season with hundreds of dancing drones. together with intel, disney is launching a now light show called star the show features 300 intel shooting star drones in each performance and is controlled by one computer. the drones are equipped with four l.e.d. lights that create over 4 billion color combinations. >> it will take place at disney spring shopping dining and entertainment district near orlando and free to get. >> that is awesome. >> yeah. >> gosh. >> i think that's one of those things you should see it in person. our video is a little dark.
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things, too, that's supercool but mother nature putting on our own little christmas display within the next 24 to 48 hours. >> like it or not. we are talk about a major temperature tumble at least 20 degree temperature falls in places like downtown cleveland, elyria, mansfield and more than that. so it is cold air being forced in by a stiff wind. >> notice gusts down towards akron, canton upwards of 30 s with a cold chilly rainfall. we're already seeing that down towards strongville. the cold rain is falling right now but it will become a little bit more moderate and heavy. same story down towards wooster. back towards mansfield. our friend in richland and ashland county seeing the heavier rain. all of that tracking east. akron, canton in your neck of the woods between 6:30 and 7:00. cold rain on the way.
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week long. all of that will eventually transition to a lake effect snow. heads up for primary snow belt communities. so if you're waking up with us eastern cuyahoga county, lake, ashtabula, geauga. we're talking to you. this will be more than just a little trace of snow. we'll talk about snowfall accumulation totals by midday tomorrow in just a moment. were talking about record highs yesterday at 74. >> i think you and everybody else. looking on twit ire have people saying no offense michael but please keep this out. >> that's exactly it. so it will be one of those deals where through the course of the day today and through the morning we'll continue to, you know, monitor things and keep you updated and on social media, feel free to add me as a friend. we'll be geeking out all
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taking you on a unique tour. tiffany tarpley joins us live and tiffany local and international artists are bringing live to this cleveland neighborhood. you've shown us a little bit of it. it's just been so cool. it has. you know, i'm here with ashley, again, and we're trying to do our best here to stay dry. but hopefully there's a lull in the rain and precipitation s you can see the artwork. ashley, tell me a little bit about how something like this comes together. i many, you said there ar many artists involved or at least 11 displays. >> there are 11 installations. 10 mother-in-law 8 murals and one cultural installation. there are six host organizations that are hosting the artists and resident and 10 local and six international artists. so it has been a group e. i think all the arts organizations have chipped in and done this as a team. we couldn't have done it without the collaboration. how do you choose the
6:35 am
most other local artists were selected by the organizations based on just a taste for what they were looking for in their public art piece. the international artists were selected for various reasons. i know david, the ohio city incorporated and in artist was selected because he was somebody that we liked. >> reporter: and we're looking at david's mural right now. we're in ohio city. i guess so we're having that event today. 1:00 to 5:00 talk a little bit about that. it's free. >> it's free. it's family friendly and rain or shine. so we have indoor programming. we are doing free trolley tours of all of the mural sights. the event is 1:00 to 5:00 today located at st. jobs in ohio citywest 26th and church avenue. >> reporter: so we'll be back, again, at 8:30 maureen and show
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art here in ohio city. >> tell her, to for preying the elements. thanks to you -- to for braving the elements. live weather shots instead. >> oh, boy. please, no. still ahead this morning, what the cavs did to score against the under. >> an early black friday deal that keeps you on track for those new year's eve
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hoy everyone and good morning. great bounce back win for the cavs last night as they take down the under. and they make up for that loss on wednesday in indiana. and they did it at full strength. lebron james back on the court after resting the other night. the big news j.r. smith back after missing three games with the ankle. ready to go throwing up darts his first shot.
6:40 am
second shot another one from 3. cavs take lead. he wasn't done. moments later another triple. nine points for jr last night. all cavs on this friday night. led by the big three. kevin love strong. another double double for him. cavs up 17. irving was awesome last night. hits the 3. he had 25 points. he also had 11 assists. no turnovers. this one to lebron. james add big three combined for 58. cavs win 104 to 81. they don't play until next wednesday hosting portland. both games at home. speak of home that is where the browns are tomorrow. as they host the steelers. boy, pittsburgh has 110 of the last 12 in this rivalry. it would be nice if it would become a rivalry again. because really is of it is just one side.
6:41 am
the win column for the fist time this year. browns zero to 10. and the question how does he respond after getting benched in baltimore. he's zero to 7 as a start e. he has another shot to improve and get a win on sunday. kessler not letting what happened last time out affect him coming up tomorrow. >> find somewhere to improve a little bit more. so for me it's been more of a motivation this week to make sure i have everything down and not thinking about obviously last game. what a game last night at bedford regional finals. the big rivalry st. edwards saint oiling neigh sus. patrick ryan saint ignatius quarterback. 17 to 7 with 1:50 left.
6:42 am
quarterback, nice catch by hoover. touchdown. 73 yards to make it 17 to 14 eagles trail with 18 seconds left beef halftime. what a finish. st.ignatius wins 38 to 31 in overtime and the wildcats move on to the state semi finals. they'll take on olentangy liberty. college back cleveland state a loser kent state a
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most likely somebody on your holiday gift list wants a fitness wearable one of those fitness trackers that i wear all the time. >> if you have $150 go buy a fitbit. but if i told you right now you could get something that is $33 that actually performed the same functions has a bigger screen, and an easier charging process you might be a little bit interested. >> interested. can you hold up your beautiful wrist. so everyone see the size of the
6:46 am
how do you charm yours? >> i don't know there's a -- zay dongle what if you could take it off and plug it into a usb port. the functionality is tie today a very well rated device. 40% off savings. it is waterproof displays a call on your phone. extension u your smart phone it works with apple and android. i love that it just comes off our intern casey had this demo to share. >> reporter: the display screen it shows you the time, the date, and also shows you the amount of steps you've taken, how many miles you've traveled, calories you've burned. another feature when i'm on get i can look done at my watch and see what time it is, the date and also see the text that my phone would be receiving. overall i really enjoyed testing this product. compared to other ones you just can't beat it at the price.
6:47 am
on my phone was supereasy. didn't have to sign up for anything. made my prefile and from there it was supereasy. >> i will agree and if you d want to check this out it's touch screen responses counts your foot steps, tracks your sleep s. shows you how many calories you've burned. really does everything the fitbit does at a fraction of the price. 33 bucs not a paid product. we dent care 1 you buy it but if you want to grab this before the masses, >> i was looking at what it does and all of and really, it does everything that i mean does except i have the heart rate monitor so this does not have the heart rate. >> it does not. but because there are some accuracy issues tie today some of those. i think they might have -- >> story coming up on monday. >> so that was the main reason the manufacturer didn't want to get involved. you get two bands which is also kind of cool. the fitbit does not have that. >> interchangeable bands i always feel like this doesn't go with the outfit.
6:48 am
>> well, thanks. one other thing for those of you watching i get to the gym at least once a year. i use this to track my sleep. i care deeply about what my sleep schedule is how many times i'm getting up. >>y that's one of the first things i check in the morning look to see how much sleep did i actually get and it's depressing. >> i like that. >> yeah, so all right. well, that's a good deal, where d we get major door buster early from beats to tv deals, everything else, please make sure you're on my deal list. some of the items will not have enough time to show on tv. >> am i on your deal list? >> i just bring it over to your desk. if you want me to bring it over to your desk digitally there's a link in every article. matt, to. we are tracking a big time
6:49 am
temperatures. we're currently in the low to mid-40s. all of this is being ushered in by a pretty brisk wind gusting at times upwards of 30 miles per hour. only getting stronger through the evening tonight. note, we'll see wind gusts at times between 40 to 50 miles per hour. it's one other reasons why there's a gale warning on lake erie. notice if that's not enough we're tracking the rainfall for you from cleveland down 7 of this is racing towards the east canton get ready for it in the next 10 minutes. i think you'll see the light to moderate rain. alliance at 7:20ish or so. warren at 7:45. bigger picture showing you there will be a lull in activity between this time around say lunchtime that if you need to get out, get some grocery shopping done. >> do it. then that lake effect snow machine you can see it
6:50 am
band off lake michigan very carefully. here's what it looks like through this morning. i think that we continue to track the rain. so most of this coming down in the form of rain. perhaps a sudden little mix through the 10:00 hour a. round lunchtime a little lull to get out and about. >> won't be until sun set this evening that we start to see the influence of the lake effect machine kick in. notice this badged right here, that's a band off of lake michigan down towards like mansfield, so richland, ashlandp counties get ready. >> i think we could see some accumulating snowfall in your neck of the woods. generally speaking eastern cuyahoga county points towards the east through say midnight tonight. through early tomorrow morning, we will continue to see that lake effect snowfall and accumulating snow. by the way these art actual temperatures, the blue that's windchill. so you will feel that, as well. let's talk more about accumulation totals.
6:51 am
down your spoon if you eating a bowl of warm cereal. the lake effect snow from lake michigan we'll see a solid coating between richland and ashland counties. primary snow belt where even here in downtown cleveland i don't think we see as much we'll still pick up perhaps a trace. three to 6 inches can't be ruled out of the question maim right along and south of interstate 90. from places like southern lake and geauga even parts of portage county could see snowfall, as well. just get ready for it. starting to look and feel a little mr. like christmas here in northeast ohio. after making it into the mid- 70s yesterday. 30s through monday. thanksgiving i know that lots of folks have that day off traveling around. come showers by that point. maureen are you in shock yet? has your system registered the fact that we were at nearly 70 just a couple hours ago and we're down into the
6:52 am
yesterday i'm in denial. i'm in denial that this is -- you go about yesterday you're thinking this is great. this is going to last forever. i didn't bring a coat this morning. >> yeah, going to regret that. actually i was going to say, i'm kind of looking forward to this. you know, the burning of the logs and getting into the christmas spirit. >> right. >> kind of excited. >> holidays are here. >> it is. well, just ahead, viral video that you have to see. what a brother did to save this
6:53 am
6:54 am
we don't have a lot of grocery stores here in our neighborhood and we want our neighbors to have access to good things at affordable prices. the only thing easy in our community is fast food. ?? well hello! wow! we're here to offer some help. welcome! retirement, huh? (laughs) i mean, look at the size of this thing! who doesn't need a sweet potato that size? they took the time to care what our project was about. here you go. and that was something
6:55 am
if you not looking at your screen take a look. >> we're going to play this video a couple times t. baby is a safe thanks to the quick thinking actions of his older brother. the mom left her 11-month-old son on the changing table for just a moment and the tiny boy rolled over. but 9-year-old joseph sprang into action. check him out there e. he caught the baby in the nick of time. the mother says it happened
6:56 am
post the video, then. now she says it was a miracle and she wanted to spread postivity. she's the mother of five children in the middle of the getting three ready for bed when this incident happened. >> wow, that's the type of older brother that you want for sure. awesome. awesome. we're going to jump into it. there's a lot going on today. a dramatic temperature tumble a little lull in the activity from the rain. this afternoon looking okay. sunset, that's when the lake effect snow kicks in. i thin towards mansfield. what it looks like, primary lake effect counties three to 6 inches. temperatures tumbling into the 30s for highs today and tomorrow you ready for this? >> no. thanks so much for being with us we'll be back here at
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for all you friendsgiving hosts, invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving... is make it your own.
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good morning. not throwing away his shot. the actor who plays aaron burr in the show "hamilton" delivers a stern message to vice president mike pence who was in the audience. >> we america and an alarmed and anxious that the administration will not protect us. >> as president-elect trump gets set for an awkward meeting today with mitt romney who once called him a phony and fraud. will he offer romney a cabinet spot or like aaron burr so long ago. is it time for a duel? dangerous storm. the powerful system rolls across the midwest causing traffic


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