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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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and earn washes up in a creek. hear from the man who found it in the efforts to reenact a family with the remains. a deadly bus crash leaves the community in morning. investigators trying to figure out what went wrong with dozens of kids on board. i want to know who is checking my back. >> dear items that missing or damaged. are your belongings safe. tom meyer looks at tsa claims at hopkins and na black friday deals. some you can get right now. we begin tonight with breaking news. a man is dead and police are searching for a suspect after an aggravated robbery on cleveland's east side. it happened at dadi's food mart
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died after being shot in the head. no other information about the victim or any potential suspects have been released that. chemistry is unfolding. all syndrome on what a surveyor found in a creek in recent county. dashes of a man -- and a rundown abandoned. >> we sat down for an exclusive interview the man who made that discovery and she joins us now with how m they found a lot along liter roadsides and he's been working. he says ridiculous amounts of five hour energy balls. >> hundreds of airheads but nothing could have prepared this father for what he most recently found.>> david pike working near bellevue laying cable kazemi times before the queue for natural gas and oil pockets. this time, it was near the
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>> my hands are dirty after the jump down off the road to a creek which travel underneath the road. washing his hands, he spotted it in the creek bed under it 10 inches of water. >> it was a fancy box. truck he realized it was an urn. it with kc shaw dated june 28, 1986 day for 15 1998. the boy would have been 11. pike's son is 12. >> it'd been on there. that in that creek. the recent county sheriff's department, county coroner and help from weren't able to trace it back to any local family. pike wants to do right by the rightful family and find them. >> in some sense i think some thing drew me to that and said, here i am, pull me out of this
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that you want to try to get it back to the right place. >> we were not able to confirm that we're talking about positively identified human remains. call to seven people at the richland county sheriff's department and multiple calls to the corner as well went unanswered. cleveland police found the body of the cleveland teenager missy for the past 10 days. in a vacant home sunday. yet been shot in the chest. he went missing after last thing seen on his way to class at washington park terminal study school. please don't have any suspects. six children died after horrific schoolbus crash. this happened this afternoon in chattanooga tennessee. we've been following the story and we bring you the latest. stack of images from this show seriousness of the situation.
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schoolbus on his side wrapped around a tree. the tree partially in the schoolbus's roof. here's what we know right now. 35 children on the bus as was taking kids home from work more elementary this afternoon. the kids were in grades k through five. after the crash, 23 patients were transferred to hospitals. this was a single vehicle crash said no other cars involved. just a bus. police say the is cooperating. speed and impairment are being investigated as possible factors. the crash happened or 330 and ted cruz until 532 extricate the last child in need of medical attention. the scene likely one of the toughest ever to work from an emotional standpoint for first responders. bus crash involving schoolchildren is every public safety professionals worst nightmare. >> despite the accident theology school health classes
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counselors on hand. one big question remains, what caused this accident, authorities will look for an answer and we will share them with you as soon as we receive more details. trump continues to interview candidates for cabinet positions. his transition team released a video outlining his legislative agenda of the first 100 days in office agreed what he plans to do right away.>> i've asked my tran list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back our jobs. >> trump with reporters from major news networks. later on this week he meets with executives in the new york times. police have arrested a suspect in the shooting death of a san antonio police detective. otis tyrone mccain was taken into custody late this afternoon. police say he drove up behind
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stopped on the side of interstate and fired through the driver side window. the suspect was taken into custody without incident. tsunami warning has been lifted after a magnitude 6 point the suspect was taken into custody without incident. tsunami warning has been lifted after a magnitude 6.9 earthquake off the coast of northern japan. the quake hits near fukushima triggering the warning. tsunami waves to 3 feet hit the coast causing minimal damage. there been no repo injuries. big news tonight in canton, pro football hall of fame announced an historic 18 year $600 million agreement with johnson controls. for naming rights to the hall of fame those. >> the deal has johnson controls becoming the official smart city partner of the hall of fame village. the project is the largest under construction in ohio and is projected to bring in more
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25 years. the johnson controls hall of fame village is expected to be finished sometime in 2019. still to come, warning for travelers, the investigator tom meyer combs through tsa claims for missing or damaged property totaling millions of dollars. to police, a group of customer filed a class action lawsuit over there for you. medical emergency, new developments in a bizarre 24 hours for kanye west. that this ohio has had an easy we have another coming tomorrow but by wednesday, a travel day, there's another storm system brewing.
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nbc news reporting this evening that kanye west is under observation at an la hospital. it is store was abruptly canceled. sources told the new source police responded to a welfare called before 130 this afternoon is taken to hospital for his own safety. tmz reporting is under psychiatric evaluation. this is been in the spotlight
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happy thanksgiving, we gave your traveling won't be alone. aaa projects vote point 7 million people heading out to visit and a family. that's the most since 2007. a big contributor is cheap gas. aaa says the average trip would be more than 50 miles away from homes. if your buying this next line plan for a long line. a travel is expected to hit a record high. millions of backs of people scream. >> the investigator tamar has a passenger alert before you take off. the airlines don't have to tell us how many of their passengers file claims for missing, stolen or damaged property. they are private. the claims filed with tsa are public. their place worked the
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passengers are paid with taxpayer dollars. we asked tsa for records regarding passenger property for 2010 to 2015. we received a database of more than 59,000 claims nationwide for missing or damaged valuables. >> we're not talking about all the weapons tsa confiscates for passengers. these are just a few that have been seized at cleveland hopkins. passengers file 280 claims all kinds of items. from the checked in carry-on bags. >> i can't resident paul reported he lost $300 and headphones go to the checkpoint and akron canton airport. database shows jewelry, computers, wallets and purses among the valuables that disappear after entering secure areas of airports nationwide. >> that bothers me. i know somebody that had
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interest it had to cover it. >> record show tsa is paid passengers more than 16 grand and six euros for property claims. nationwide, tsa paid passengers nearly $4 million. >> that's outrageous. >> to have that many items should not have been lost or stolen. >> most claims are denied. tsa makes up full or partial payment the 40% of all cases. >> interview but said it has an zero tolerance policy for misconduct. one report says the agency has fired more than 500 officers but that since 2003. >> dottino who's checking my backs. >> government in its case on tsa workers seat inadequate background checks in 2011. but started doing thorough screenings last year. >> the wreck with the public and people's personal life may
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going down from 12 been going down from 12,000 2010 and 8600 last year. if you notice damage or theft, you are advised to report it to tsa right away. the agency has a form online. we provide a link on our investigations page at a shopping tip you. markets are projected to spend half their holiday budget online this year. experts say there are fe advantage of deep discounts from your couch. they say the thought that shopping carts, then signed out of the site altogether. stores want you to complete the sale so when you log back in you make it new discounts or free shipping. also search for deals with different devices because prices can change because storage tracker also use the live chat option to ask for coupons. i was trying to stay
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discounts. the online retailer says some of the deals you can get and others will be coming soon. among them, a top five list of deals, the 5 inch lg for casement tv for $390. amazon echo is selling for 100 for $139 and fire tablet for just $33. gamers will find the virtual reality headset 6% off and vivid char bluetooth speakers are with all the deals listed on jubilees tree sobrino is packed with chicken, pork sausage, rice, beans and tons of other toppings but the sign says it contains only 300 cal. the customers who bought that brito in la are suing. one man behind the class-action lawsuit claims he ordered it thinking 300 cal but it left him excessively fall.
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cal. chipotle has not responded to the lawsuit that has said teresa is 300 cal alone. chester cheetah will say the next story is dangerously tv -- cheesy. you can smell like the cheese flavored snack. company behind she does is selling eighth vagrants called cheeto. the scent is crafted from cheese oil and sells for 19 bucks a dollar -- $90 a bottle. you both sell it to it up with a bronzer right around your mouth. >> i'm a bacon perfume kind of girl. >> ladies, now you know the secret.
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everyone will get up and went bacon for breakfast. temperature the 20s but the wind chill around the 20 degrees mark. a chill in the air but i afternoon we'll be back up to 40. mix of clouds and sun the rule for the day. as a look at the bigger picture. look at the snow that continues to come off eastern lake. they have really been nailed in new york states. one place seeing 40 inches of snow coming in last 48 hours. you can see the snow just continues. this is par for the course for them. there is still getting snow even in new england and maine getting that snow as well. the western lakes have come down. high pressure in control pill help calm the wins and clear the skies. that's why we have those chilly temperatures to go for the morning tomorrow. 28 in detroit, marquette has 16 degrees in the arrowhead of minnesota, temperatures in the
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it's 43 in st. louis. as a take a look to the next couple days, we keep an eye out here into the plane states and for the west into the four corners region. this is one area of low pressure is in that area of low pressure will continue to move to the easton as it does so will gain more strength. you're likely to see a storm system begin to develop somewhere in the nebraska kansas area coming out to the iowa missouri area. this is a far cry from what we had last week. there's no real pull orh expecting that intensification come in. we're not expecting the 70s, have either. it will be warmer but not white record setting. 70 and temperatures, 20s and 32 in downtown cleveland. light wins the war but trimmer with anyways, these temperatures will drop that windchill to 20 degrees or so. especially inland. clouds may be a random stuff like these but the rest of us
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progress the workday gets going we head toward one shower, temperature should rebound nicely in the mid-and upper 30s. would be surprised if we peeked over 40 degrees in a good part of the area. late day you see the clouds coming in from the west. the storm system gets closer. the wind has switched around, we're out of the southeast for that assignment storm system will gather strength and resume out a little bit. there it is. 8:30 am wednesday, a couple things to note if you have tred st. louis and indianapolis into chicago, back into minneapolis. snow will come down there. showers and storms here. be advised if you're going west you will run into this. we will see those rain showers
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chances of becoming likely. not expecting a lot of snow to make simple we can't completely with out. >> as far as the day tuesday will be nice for us. morning chill temperatures in the 20s but the wind chill around 20 degrees mark. partly cloudy for the afternoon stay that way through the ebay. window nation, low 40s in the seven-day forecast for tomorrow. willy thanks giving holiday could deal with a few raindrops in the morning. we try out or shower chances coming friday. by the weekend we will see a nice boost back to the 50s. coming up, rivalry heating up. second to be tells us how the buckeyes plan to keep their winning streak alive against the wolverines next in sports.
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hello everybody. brown's hit 0-11. the try again sunday. take on the new york giants for seven and three. especially when you consider the cornerback situation. here's how they deduce how they will go sunday. josh you are the healthiest. you will start. he will go even though he got sacked at this point and pummeled yesterday. he got sacked four times in the game. he'll go back as a starting quarterback sunday against the giants. that's because, the rookie cody kessler is out. he is in concussion protocol again.
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he had two concussions in 28 days. that's risky and you wonder if the browns will put them back on the field again this year or just shut them down and hopefully he's okay. is in protocol and was not out of the game yesterday. with lisa's to an option down the road. they would want back on the field and may that could come. their bye. week after the play cincinnati and maybe he could be ready to go by that time. remember the browns still would like to see him play. they didn't seem play enough at the beginning of the year. michigan and ohio state. both schools know what's up for grabs. if either one will remain in the college for all playoff picture, they must win this game saturday. the buckeyes, 2006, the game of the century.
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michigan for number two and buckeyes won the game 42-39. current blackout linebacker chris worley plays the high school football league in glenville knows that came up. >> remember watching. i want to say i was in middle school. they opened it up and opened the gym area and have projections of the game. >> now over to the michigan side. they are looking to snap a long drought against ohio state. the last time they won the game was 2008. they won it in ann arbor. the last time they won in columbus, was way back in 2000. we have an unbelievable opportunity to go on the road and compete against a really good team. we know everything is on the line right now. we need to win the game for
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80-77 in their two in one on the air. at home, and knock off western carolina. i have state has no trouble in the game, the mid- 6638. therefore no had 17 points in the game. their coach fired as manager of the team. they did not immediately name a replacement. had a couple pretty good world cups stage of the 2014 world cup. he had disappointed results recently against mexico and costa rica. united states is negotiating with the la galaxy head coach three take that job. he's been a legendary player in germany was a coach in germany also and i thought that a lot of good things with the us
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that animal is frozen. it's thawing out. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jason sudeikis, kristin chenoweth,


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