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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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you will be saying i love my windows and now, channel 3 news today. >> reporter: right now at 5 we are doing some last-minute thanksgiving shopping. let me get the gravy. coming up what you need to do before you head to the store. >> tiffany carbon monoxide scare. the latest on that investigation this morning. and, helping the hungry. how volunteers had feed 44th year in treemont. we will start talking about the weather this morning greg gee is in because hollie -- dee is in because hollie is off lynna is off all the female producers are off today they are busy today we know so we are having a guys' day. >> are we ever. hook at this spread.
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thinking matt is going to join us. come on matt and we thought do we want to cook today? we thought we would cook on the show and we thought no let's cater so we catered out. so. >> we will be enjoying in. >> we are in control of the show how's the chicken matt. >> it's delicious. i love thanksgiving. >> this is what happens when guys plan the party. grab your sea of frosty root beer. >> man i >> i don't think we are wanted back home so let's stay here. >> all right good luck with this show this is going to be fun. make sure you are tuning in and watching every minute if you are cooking. >> what are you thankful for let us know. >> let us know what you are cooking this morning. we don't have anything and if you got an extra plate maybe you want to drop by the station and bring us food. this is what we have got going on around the reasoningon if you have friends or -- region if you have friends or family
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dry weather to the west anyone flying in through dallas orlando or towards charlotte looking fine. as far as statewide travel today, i don't think that's looking all that bad either there. are showers up north and cloudy skies i think we are looking pretty good for the rest of the afternoon. in cleveland 43. notice steady rain has left the region. it's tracking to the east. there is i-77 there all to the east the steady stuff. there's nothing showing up to the west but there are randomly throughout the day not a washout and i think the thanksgiving holiday is going to be looking pretty good. not much sunshine temperatures in the 40s. cloudy skies and nice southerly winds will get us back up into the mid-40s this afternoon mostly cowedy skies isolated shower chance through the rest of the day. i am going to get my popcorn out of my teeth john and back to you. >> we have plenty food so and we are covered if we do run out. if you are like most
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the grocery store to pick up a last few items for dinner. tiffany tarpley joins us live from strongsville and the grocery stores expect a steady stream of customers all day? >> reporter: yeah they are john. that's exactly what they are expecting here at the giant eagle market district in strongsville. we have condition doing a little bit of shopping picking up a few items you need the ham and ham glaze and gravy and chicken broth but the important part of the meal and if you are last-minute you don't have a turkey and they have fresh turkeys. so that's an option for you as well. so a lot of things here the holiday staples. but we want to make sure that you have a good experience when you come to the grocery store and the best person that i could think of to ask was my mom a retired cashier 39 years in the business and some of her advice for you is when you head to the grocery store have your rewards card ready and payment
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or with the credit card have it readily accessible. and make sure to keep the express lane express. don't take 20 items in the 12 item lane it will cut down on arguments in line. and she wants you to be kind to the workers here. they are here to help you and she also told us last half-hour to make sure that if you have any questions to ask because that's what they are here for. so we are here again at the giant eagle market district. they are expectin stream of customers throughout the day. they are open here in strongville and close at 4:00 so all of you husbands out there get ready because when your wife says she needs something they will send you you ready john? >> i am ready kick off is noon or 12:30 so i want to get it done before then. thank you. several-- asking questions is key. several people are sick
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the hospital after being exposed at lorain county automotive systems. several employees were working there at the time it happened. akron police got 80 pounds of cocaine off the police. they found 24 pounds of cocaine in jerry davis junior's car earlier this month. then they found another 50 pounds in his new franklin home. the drugs have a street value of about $3 million. the 35-year-old is several charges. also in akron a 4-month-old baby is in critical condition after he and his car seat were ejected from a car in crash. the ford f-350 pickup struck the hyundai as it was pulling out from an apartment complex. the impact ripped off the rear of the car along romming road in akron the both suffered minor injuries and speed may have been a factor in the
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many people are spending their day giving to those in need st. aguntin -- augustine church will be serving meals. over 21,000 people will be served on the ground of the church and volunteers will deliver over 10,000 meals to the home bound persons with disabilities. they have been preparing and delivering thanksgiving meals for more than 40 years. some other local places are offering free greater mount calvary church in cleveland garfield heights united methodist and michael's family rest rant rocky river some of the places that will open the doors to help out. we have more information at for the final time president obama spared a turkey's life with the help of twitter users pardoning a turkey named tot each year in the spirit of thanksgiving he is presented with two turkeys and the one he pardons is the national turkey and the first
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the pardon the president did say they won't have to worry about missing this tradition when the family leaves the white house. >> malia and sasha are thankful this is my final presidential turkey pardon but what i haven't told them we are going to do this every year from now on. no cameras just us every year no way i am cutting this habit cold turkey. >> there you g while the president didn't -- pardon the other turkey tater his life will be spared. they will be on virginia tech's newly built gobbler's rest. the crew aboard the international space station will celebrate with the traditional dinner but won't it won't look the traditional -- it won't look the traditional way. >> our turkey is. >> pouch and we will heat it up and taste really good like you are having at home.
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cherry blueberry cobbler for dessert. that's going to be awesome. >> other items cannedied yams mashed potatoes and green beans and mission control will send up a live football feed. we have a lot of things planned since the guys-- we are going to talk movies holiday favorites and how those are traditions. also we want to know from you is your cooking what are you preparing as the show is on and what are you thankful for some of the answers are coming in now greg. with you on this thanksgiving morning. >> thank you. >> i have a great time here and hopefully you are getting started to get ready for your thanksgiving meal later on today. temperatures in the 40s cloudy skies and a little bit of rain this morning. not a big deal. we will track the showers and talk about the chance of some snow in the thanksgiving holiday weekend. i've got your forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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>> there you go movie is big. during breaks we are watching movies and having popcorn that's what rickey bobby is thankful for as they have domino's pizza. this is why we are doing chicken we will have turkey later today. what was an easy meal to get that we didn't have to cook. >> chicken. >> mike the director joined us now did you take a swig of the root beer let's that you can
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thankful for. >> i am thankful for friends and family and i am thankful for my move to cleveland. >> you thankful for that. >> i have fallen in love with the city and love it here and the people and i am thankful i get to spend this thanksgiving right here. >> oh. that's very nice. how about you mike. >> thankful for my friends and family and my beautiful wife whoputs us with up working overnight or puts up with me in general but working crazy hours and i bringing in the fried chicken. >> yeah. ivy is watching the show this early in the morning joining us and ivy says john hey i am thankful i am alive it's been a very tough year for me and fie familiar-- my family so happy thanksgiving to you and all of yours as she watches. it's light-- a lot of time to reflect on family and we will spend the day with them once we are done working today. >> watch a few movies.
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this morning. we have-- when i put out there yesterday that we were going to be the guys were going to be doing this, he got some requests -- i got some requests someone said can we talk football all day. we will have a football segment. >> we are i have to thank you for the decorations. this is all john right here from the touchdown table cloth to the napkins and the cooler. >> well. >> i think you learned this in your fan cave. >> i did. >> that's good live television but you know what was surprising at the party store this was all on sale all the football stuff and that is huge football day. >> this is the time to leave it regular price. >> i got a good deal so tweet us this morning on greg dee weather and let's talk about the forecast. >> with a are -- what are you really cooking this morning that's what we want to know about. i will take you through the forecast as we go through the rest of the afternoon.
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morning. there we go. we are at giant eagle too we will check in with tiffany here coming up in just a few minutes. temperatures out there in the 40s. the last of the showers moving away. east of cleveland look at geauga portions kai hoka and -- cuyahoga and a little bit of pitter patter of rain outside the window good day to stay inside and do the cook finishing touches. to the west of us lot going on. most of this is clearing out to the west. so i do think maybe just sprinkles and isolated showers for this afternoon. we are going to be in a holding pattern until friday night. i don't want to just zoom past thanksgiving but friday night into saturday primary snow belt we could be dealing with a mix of wintry weather. temperatures in the 30s and low 40s out there this morning. southerly wind will bump temperatures up to the mid-40s as we go through the afternoon. notice i have mostly cloudy
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temperature about 46 by 5:00. big area of low pressure spinning to the north dealing with snow. in portion of central pennsylvania and upstate new york today because as the moisture is exiting western pennsylvania it's running into just a big chunk of some cold air that is funneling out of canada. look at 30s and upper 20s out there in the poconos and for us it's a little push of milder air saving us from the snow today and tomorrow. happy thanksgiving everybody. temperatures in the mid-40s last-minute errands you are sending your hubby out to pick up the last-minute run for some milk maybe bread and maybe you forgot one key ingredient for your turkey this afternoon. it looks fine. cloudy skies temperatures in the 40s. notice maybe some light showers to the east i don't think this is going to be a big deal but friday is a day we will watch carefully. cloudy skies temperatures starting off in the 30s.
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turn off the lake friday night and look at the moisture spreading in. i did think we will see lake rain or snow band this could be cleveland or primary secondary snow but we will see how it works out. temperatures will be marginal for accumulation but carnal little wintry mix to the east. here's the window nation extendeded forecast. that continues into saturday an sunday good and mild with rain on monday and tuesday john. thank you. you kn look we have the live pictures and boy they have got a lot to keep an eye on today. of course it's you can't have thanks giving without the macy's day parade nbc jay gray is going to join because preview live from new york city. we will get the preview of what we will see later today on nbc right here with the big parade it's all coming up happy
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welcome back on this thanksgiving morning. happy thanks giving -- thanksgiving. it's 5:20 and one of the big events you may sit around the television and watch with your family is the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york. and our buddy jay gray from nb -- nbc joins us live with a preview. good morning jay. >> reporter: good morning. anywhere there's hot air and big heads that's where you will find me. it should be a great the weather is brisk but beautiful and it look like a lot of fun. not a lot of wind which is a big deal when you are dealing with the giant balloons. 16 stars of the parade a holiday tradition will make their way down the a rate rowed. and overnight people have been camping out trying to get a -- their way down the parade route. and overnight people have been camping out trying to get their spot. more than a thousand clowns and
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in that number. should be a lot of fun and security as well. 3,000 new york police officers are a part of the multilayered agents. they want to make sure everyone feels safe that everything is okay along route. it should be just fantastic start to thanksgiving. john i know you will be watching a bit later this morning. i've got a pretty good spot to watch it too. back to you. >> and i will tell your writers are on the money with the puns and jokes that's excellent work out of you today i think we have-- well jay went. >> he is gone. >> there we go. >> looking at the parade. >> we appreciate that. you want something else to watch today? don't forget right after the macy's day thanksgiving day parade on channel 3, the dogs take center stage the national dog show starting at noon from philadelphia. featuring the best in show
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debut of new breeds. last year 4 1/2-year-old sky terrier named good time charlie won best in show title. 15th annual special will also be streamed on nbc sports website. we can watch the dog show too another great competition. as-- you need gravy. >> can you pass the graphicy. >> let's not -- gravy. >> let's not get that on the laptop. so as we are feasting we will have turkey later that's why >> turkey late another we will eat all day long. >> amazing. >> greg will take care of the geek fix. >> you know today's one of the days where you have so much going on if you have kids you are thinking i got to distract them with something. >> right. >> while i get the food ready the guests in and while i shop for all the deals that matt is telling me about today's geek fix is about a couple apps a you should down load. thanksgiving themes to keep
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charts a free app just little matching game. this is for young kids you know elementary school age probably is the perfect age maybe a first through 4th grade. simple shapes marveling it's fun and keeps them busy and you can keep going and going. and another one thanksgiving coloring book that's all it is called. they are keeping it simple. thanksgiving coloring book and i who have been this-- love this because it gives them shapes to color in access to at the bottom of the screens so you can put it on a phone or ipad and the turkey and corn and pumpkin and jack-o'-lantern and a lot of good little pictures for them to play with because you do not want to be dealing with the kid and turkey and the hot gravy you know you want to make sure kids are busy if you have anyone watching and this is good way to keep them distracted while you get things done. >> that's the part where
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the dad can you get them outside. >> this is what we need dad for. grab the ipad and if it's raining you don't want to take them outside play around and have good family time while mom or who ever else is helping out in the kitchen. maybe older kids put them to work. >> that will help with day like today with the weather. >> absolutely. all the rain. >> what's the forecast. looking pretty good. this is what we are looking at. your extended forecast. temperatures in the 40s going through the rest of today. as far as hour by hour to the 40s a couple areas of isolated showers. those sprinkles maybe with us through the afternoon. if you are trying to get the outdoor football game in you know what get ready to be muddy. make sure the washing machine is ready to wash your clothes but the rain is going to tay away -- stay away. it's going to be wet and we will stay in the 40s through the rest of the overnight. tomorrow also very similar to today. 40s chance of a sprinkle or a shower. now as far as the rest of tomorrow, tomorrow night the
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we are going to get some lake- effect rain and i think some snow away from the lake shore tomorrow night. little to no accumulation but certainly if you are traveling tomorrow night that could be an impact. john. >> very good. it's 5:26. eating out for thanksgiving? maybe you are getting a bucket of chicken. we have a list of what is opened in the area for the holiday. and matt granite has been when was the last time you got a good night of sleep i am curiou believe. >> october 1st. >> reporter: yeah. great month i will tell you. after the break, i am going to provide the best black friday prediction that is i will make -- that will make or break your holiday and a special treat i will wear a different shirt. >> okay i don't know what that means either but that's all right. winter fest the day long kick off to the holiday season is saturday on public square and wkyc is a proud sponsor of the
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and features the tree lighting at 6 p.m. we will be back with more on
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will you start your morning rush with last-minute grocery shopping? you will need the pie and bakery here is probably one of the busiest departments. we are at giant strongsville the market district and this is one of the things they have here. homemade'ssoned stuffing bread you won't find it anywhere else. workers are getting ready for the possible rush today they say yesterday was veries abouty for them so they are here and if you have any special orders anything you need made today they are available so one of the tips if you need to get out get some of the last-minute groceries you want to get to the store early to avoid any sort of rush.
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>> that's fantastic. all right. thanks tiffany. i am expecting some of that will come back with her. huge thanksgiving day tradition for runners. later this morning, runners will hit the pavement for the 35th annual turkey trot in cleveland. tons of freebies for participants including a medal when they finish and they've long sleeve shirt and goody bag. registration at 7 a.m. at public hall and they take off for the one mile fun run at 8:45 followed by 9:30. all are welcomed. as we check in with greg, greg are you going for a run is that in your plan. >> i am going to work out i think after the show but i am not doing the turkey trot this we are. it's too late in the morning 9:30 start time that's great race if you haven't seen the finisher medal it's cool a couple turkeys and very cool. it's a great family race too. it's not the too late to register. registration starts at 7 at public auditorium.
5:32 am
thanksgiving started. i think we will-- i think we will see cloudy skies maybe a sprinkle temperatures in the 40s that's perfet for running. a lot of people bring their dog and the stroller and it's a lot of fun in downtown cleveland. this morning though last of the steady rain moving away. now clearing out of geauga and ashtabula but out to the west there's a couple of sprinkles. this is what i think could affect portions of cleveland maybe around that turkey trot time a quick light shower western erie and huron county. temperatures in the 40s as far as current temperatures. and for the afternoon, think 43 to 48 with mostly cloudy skies. if you got friends or family traveling in today here's what it looks like around portionings of ohio. temperatures in -- portions of ojai o. temperatures in the 40s. milder and drier down south. when you get into cleveland you will run into the scattered showers. that's the latest check of the forecast now john back to you.
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of course thanksgiving seems to go hand in hand with overeat bug it doesn't have to take a toll -- but it doesn't have to take a toll on your best line today's thanksgiving version of eat this not that. your body starts to prime for die jex the hadn't -- digestion the minute you smell the food a dietitian says take it easy on the snacks before appetizers and before you get to stuff. >> instead of normal half a cup of mashed potatoes at 15 grams of carbohydrates a cup would be about 5iams of car bow -- 5 grams of carbohydrates. >> enjoy today but take it easier on the leftovers which can come back and haunt you later down the line. most americans will be giving thanks with family and friends, others will be giving thanks with their coworkers like we are. career builders annual thanksgiving survey finds more
5:34 am
spending thanksgiving with their work family. of the more than 3300 workers surveyed this year, 28% said they are working today. that's an increase over the 20% who said they worked last year. the survey found those in the health care industry will most likely be the ones working today. to have you plan to eat out today -- if you plan to eat out today there are several options opened and ready to serve you including the jack casino which is opened all day. bob evans will be opened with a special menu from 8 to 8 p.m. cracker barrel will begin serving up a thanksgiving meal beginning at 11 a.m. golden corral will roll out a thanksgiving day buffet at participate logecations. and -- locations and boston market will serve up a traditional thanksgiving dinner even denny's will be opened today where you can get breakfast food all day. by now you likely planned out your thanksgiving day menu but have you mapped out your shopping strategy. matt granite has details on
5:35 am
best deals right now. >> reporter: the good news this holiday season is more retailers have come to their senses. they are staying closed on thanksgiving day. so we can all enjoy our friends and family a little longer. what a turkey that trend was. but, what can you expect for friday and monday returning to them. magic 8 ball for top shopping predictions this year. prediction number one, be aware of fewer door busters. storesan many cases is they have fewer door busters than ever before after lack luster numbers last yearch the best door busters are online and we have them already. magic 8 ball prediction number 2. want soft? think cyber monday. yes, you will save 10% more on anything soft to the touch on cyber monday from clothing to bed sheets many soft bargins will be better on a day usually reserved for tech. remember that.
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ball says this year is the year of the 33 dollar tablet and $180 laptop. laptops drop tomorrow on prediction number 4, is it chilly in here? maybe it's because apple will once again turn its back on black friday. leaving your better deals to stores like target walmart and best buy. and the last prediction for my magic 8-ball your best buy this year is 80% off a pair tooth wireless headphones dropping from 178 dollars to $40. the truth is i don't node a magic 8 ball to tell you many of the biggest bargins dropped before black friday and cyber monday and they will be in the rest of my black friday predictions on save yourself time money andwill the me handle the aggravation for you. i am matt granite. back to you.
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are off and we are leaving it up to me greg and matt debbie rote oh no. -- wrote in oh no that's one of the reaction and brian said let's talk football nothing but football. that's the next segment we will do the football picks because it's a big day in the nfl including right here on nbc. and winter is not far away which means that the annual coats for kids campaign is gearing up in cleveland. from now through early january, we would love for you to help us out. you can donate new used winter coats of all sizes -- gently used winter coats at of all size -- of all sizes at a number locations. wkyc is a sponsor of the andual -- of the annual coat drive for more information coats for kids
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he is dancing around. i don't believe it. the champ is down. yes he is. >> did he flatten him right there. rocky i love that. sports movies. the movie rocky is 40 years old this week. rocky of course is considered one of the top 5 top 10 best
5:41 am
producer joining us. happy thanksgiving. >> you too thank you. >> mike the director is with us. mike i will start with you best sports movie. >> major league. >> major league. >> all day long. >> that's a good one. >> i didn't think about that. >> drew. >> the water boy. >> water boy. >> tough love the water boy. >> that's a classic. >> i will go back to my childhood i like space jam. >> space jam? >> everybody likes michael everybody wants to be mike. >> is there one winner we are mentioning. >> they are fun. >> sports movies take you away. >> right and for me it was the cartoon mix and it was just cool and i remember i was a kid i must have seen that and the other movie i grew up on karate kid. >> yeah. >> i wore that vhs out we have to -- we had to get another one. >> you did wear it out. >> i love that movie. >> drew how is the chicken. >> it's good. >> we have corn and stuff.
5:42 am
i went cheap. i love bull durham because that captured minor league baseball. grab something to eat let's talk cavs. last night against portland incredible first quarter kevin love, was on fire. hitting 3 after 3. hit 8 in the first quarter. and finished the quarter with a franchise record 34 points in fact in the first quarter, the score was kevin love 34 and portland 31. they love fenished with 40. lebron with another triple double 31 points 10 rebounds 13assists cavs win and the record is now 11-2 look out dallas you are next. they will be here tomorrow night. of course we want to talk football. we will get to the football segment but we want to know obviously you will watch ohio state and michigan on saturday right? and thank you for the affects director mike. our instant poll we want to know and think this is going to
5:43 am
do you think will win the battle at the horseshoe? number 2 ohio state or number 3 that other team. we will watch for the instant poll results as they are coming in. more sports coming up but right now, time out for weather. greg. i like that, take a time out here good morning. we will start you off live outside or inside and this is giant eagle in strongsville. our tiffany tarpley is there reporting throughout the morning. and th they are shopping for their last-minute groceries. check out the lady out there shopping this early. i like that. go get them early get in there before everyone hits the roads and get everything you need. so in a lull now in the rain or away from the rain cleveland down to strongsville medina county good morning summit county looking good drive out from -- drying out from rain. out to the west there's additional house is and sprinkle out here.
5:44 am
like near sandusky. these heading along the turnpike. nothing too heavy but if you plan ongoing out this morning, there may be a couple of opportunities to use your windshield wipers and if you are runing that turkey trot i think you will be fine. these are quick sprinkles and little bit of rain is not going to hrt you and this is not a soaker like the overnight. as the rain moves away we have warmer air moving in. look at mansfield. temperatures jumped up in ripland county to 46 degrees. it's 42 in downtown elyria and temperatures climb up into the the mid-40s. showers mid morning and cloudy with temperatures holding in the mid-40s. so a comfortable afternoon. nothing to worry about. put the weather on the back burner literally. don't have to be concerned about that for the rest of today. area of low pressure spinning to the north. it's pushing moisture into pennsylvania and new york where there's a lot of cold air. that's trying to move out of the way. it's not going to move out fast
5:45 am
trotting in from upstate new york down i-90 and in i-08 out of northern pennsylvania there are going to be areas of snow through central and eastern pennsylvania and upstate new york. i don't think it's going to be a big deal but winter weather advisories are up so there may be some travel delays in terms of the road conditions. 9:30 this morning, mostly cloudy skies. isolated shower and sprurchgel chance. temperatures -- sprinkle chance. temperatures in the 40s and we hang on. 44 to 47 degrees all afternoon. we go late through the day maybe just drizzle. temperatures holding in the 40s overnight and some upper 30s so friday, very much like today. cloudy isolated sprinkles and showers but watch what happens friday night. we are going to get an onshore wind here and think lake-effect rain and snow develops. now, with these temperatures in the mid-30s i think accumulations are probably not going to be a big concern. but, it could just get really dreary and kind of wet and
5:46 am
the lake with those lake-effect rain and snow bands. nothing as strong as what we saw earlier in the week. here's window nation extended forecast. friday night into saturday those lake bands of rain and snow could last into saturday afternoon. and then sunday we are in the 40s and upper 40s as we head into early next week and then another chance of rain as we head into tuesday and wednesday. with temperatures by tuesday in the mid-50s. not worried about any winter weather as we get thanksgiving holiday. john. >> look at that. >> doggone weather. >> let me get my information here from the the weather center who is that? >> scout. >> scout all right there's a picture of scout a cutie on this thanksgiving morning. cot was sent in -- scout was sent in to us by the golden retriever and sent in by rachel lewis. thanks so much. his mom hates the snow but he
5:47 am
scout. of course the dog got a little snow earlier this week. no snow for scout. >> no but plenty of potatoes for mike. >> don't worry about it. >> you keep dirk it up. >> that smells good. >> ready to talk football. >> yeah. >> that's what we are going to do. we will do. fl picks. but we can't -- nfl picks but we can't get fancy graphics so we have mini helmets my 12-year- old son found these in the basement and we are using these to preview the the here on coffee cam game one the minnesota vikings at the detroit lions. mike i will skip you because you took a big bite of potatoes. drew who will win this game that's in detroit. >> lions. >> lions. >> yes. >> you know i am originally from minnesota. >> well you know that that's your pick you are in. greg. >> vikings i think they can pull it out and i think they got this. >> i like that. mike. >> my brother lives near
5:48 am
bring me fried chicken this morning so i am picking vikings. >> and i will take vikings. there we go. game number 2 the 4:30 game and that's washington redskins at the dallas cowboys. before i get your picks here, did you hear what redskins rookie running back rob kelly said about the dallas cowboys? >> no. >> here's what he said. >> i know nobody here likes dallas cow girls. >> oh >> oops. did that affect your pick mike who's going to win. >> cowboys are going to win anyways before he said that the cowboys would win. by. >> you think that's an easy game. >> yeah. >> that is bitter rivalry. >> i don't care. >> drew. >> cowboys. >> okay i know the cowboys have a lot of success but i watched the skins and he think they can pull it out.
5:49 am
>> i think cowboys will win. and late game on nbc let's go to the many helmets pittsburgh steelers fresh off the tough game with the browns. going up against the colts and they have no luck your pick mike let's start with you. >> the steelers will win. >> yeah. >> drew. >> i got to go with the steelers. >> steelers. >> i can't say pittsburgh i can't do it. >> you are going-- >> i am doing it for you northeast ohio i can't say pittsburgh. >> pittsbu i think without andrew luck-- there we go. >> come on. >> steelers have been eliminated almost. here's surprise i think this morning because i don't think this show is streaming in michigan today is it but let's look at the instant poll only 57% are saying that the buckeyes will win saturday. >> wow. >> i got to get my phone. >> you got to start voting. >> we have to vote. >> drop the potatoes and would you vote. >> i will finish the potatoes
5:50 am
>> -- vote now and you will see you can vote in the instant poll so make sure you are voting for the buckeye nice thought it would be 100 to zero but 61% said buckeye also win which gives them a shot at the national title. more from the table coming up but first let's check in with matt granite. >> reporter: we are going to help you win black friday coming up after the break, early access to all the busters online right now. i will meet you back here after
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time is 5:53. there are three different times that can make or break your black friday. money man matt granite watches the clock to save us cash this morning welcome back to the table. >> reporter: i love this table. >> let me ask you one quick question you are doing hits with stations all across the country. >> reporter: i am. >> anybody have a bucket of chicken besides us. >> reporter: no not even close.
5:54 am
root beer. >> reporter: no they don't and if you want to know a secret i don't know if we are prepared to share this but the coleslaw fell on the floor because of the bottom of the container broke a good hour ago. i have been eating it. you know this. >> you are making me feel better. >> reporter: 30 second rule i have a 30 minute rule. >> canadian minutes it was like an hour. >> it's metric. >> met reck. >> what do we got. >> reporter: -- >> what do we got. >> reporter: as we have been showing you numbers and time. >> are we canceled yet for tomorrow? >> reporter: look at the first time that's crucial. 6 p.m. by then most of the big screen tv deals will be online and i will be posting and updating on at midnight gaming deals and apple deals drop for those on and preceding the 8 a.m.
5:55 am
preying -- desperation we will give you a preview of their ploys and the big price drops the items that so many of you have been asking for. other than that. oh, yeah. the amazon tap echo 130 bucks down to 89 that's right now. 33 dollar tablet from the best tablet deal of the year that's online. and the 100 dollar blue tooth speakers and power banks do you hate the colors? there are color bucks. the drones 59 bucks. and then finally, one last item which is huge. >> you are not-- no. >> reporter: virtual reality. 60% off. >> okay. >> reporter: 25 bucks. >> okay. we are going to play jinga you have to pull something out of the middle. >> i love it. >> another tradition. >> reporter: i looked-- >> i looked at the prices on amazon the deals on things are lower than they have been all
5:56 am
>> follow this guy. >> very good. >> the top stories are straight ahead right now let's check in with tiffany. >> reporter: more workers are coming into the grocery store as we get you ready for your thanksgiving meal tonight. what you need to know before you head to the store john. >> all right also traveling on turkey day find out just how many people will be traveling today to enjoy the holiday. and all morning, we have en i lost it there. okay all morning we have been asking you obviously what you're thankful for on this thanksgiving join us on social media to let us know and join in on the fun on channel 3 news today. >> as we look a the forecast for the rest of the day today, morning showers moving away. temperatures in the 40s right now. we will be tracking the showersall morning and talk about rain chances and snow
5:57 am
weekend. i've got an update on that
5:58 am
5:59 am
says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ?? w during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by universal windows direct. you will be saying i love my windows and now, channel 3 news today.
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your -- right now at 6 if your family is like most someone will have to come out and get the last-minute thanksgiving items. tips from the experts coming up john. >> all right testify any and several people re-- tiffany. and several people are recovering after being exposed to carbon monoxide. we have the latest coming up. right now, greg is in hollie is off lynna is off danielle is off there's the pattern. greg is in for a look at the forecast. lots to do -- dudes in the studio today. goor the show. tune in it's going to look different than it typically does on channel 3 in the morning. 43 degrees in downtown cleveland. might have heard the rain overnight big rain drops and heavier downpours. this is what's left it's moving out of ashtabula county out of youngstown and trumbull and warren areas. starting to clear out as well. we are in a bit of a lull now but look what's happening to the west of us. there are additional showers now coming into lorain and


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