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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  November 26, 2016 8:30am-9:30am EST

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coming up on channel 3 news today long time cuban leader fidel castro is dead. we look back at his life and presidency. it could mean life or death when it come to heroin overdoses. how a price freeze on antidote helping people in ohio and jasmine is showing us how toshop small hi jasmine. >> reporter: hi. we are continuing our shopping small spree here in murray hillgalleries. find out what to get up next. >> the channel 3 newscast is made possible by universal windows direct. you will say i love my windows and now channel 3 news today. >> thanks for being with us. there is a live look at the shoreway if you are headed actually the inner belt bridge
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may be traveling today if you drove somewhere some sort of distance for the thanksgiving holiday maybe you are just shopping. >> they say just under 50 million americans driving over 50 plus miles from home base so a lot of visitors in town if you are new to northeast ohio or you are visiting friends and family, welcome home to you. we are off to a comfortably cool start this morning. upper 30s low 40s. we are tracking the rain but generally confined to. it's closer to the lake so if you are waking up in akron canton things good. you are not seeing much but at times the rain is mixing with a touch of sleet. you will notice that from downtown cleveland up towards minimumor closer to the lake where it's nice and warm everything is coming down in the form of light to moderate rain. however, let me know what you are seeing tweet me or add me as a friend or facebook i would
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towards solon which is what the the radar is showing. the same story heading 480 towards twinsburg aurora and towards auburn. looks like we could see light mix there. north royalton towards brecksville down 77 it's the same story where we could see that light to moderate rain perhaps seen mixed with snow. last going -- lots going on today. where do we start? let's start here in to 2016 taking place. 1:00 temperatures in the low 40s. i think we only top out at about 42 for a high of course. we will be lightening up the lights downtown later on this evening. there's an after party going on but it's not just that. if you are going to be taking that 2 1/2 hour drive towards columbus we have a enormous game taking place there. of course, we will breakdown
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you. >> thanks. the developing news we have been following cuba announced 9 days of mourning after news that long time cuban leader fidel castro died at the age of 90. this is a look from overnight at the streets of miami where hundreds went to celebrate the news after it was announced. chanting and cheering. the area's home to thousands of cuban americans who fled the country during castro's 49 year communist rule he gave up his position transferring power back here at home, a shooting on the busy shoreway last night left one man dead. and a search for the shooting is in full -- shooter is in full twinge. dawn kendrick spoke with police as she watched it unfold. >> reporter: rush hour on a holiday uncharacteristically sparse traffic for friday. what looked like a scene out of a movie unfolded and turned deadly. karen howell on the shoreway
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with temporary license platesstuck his arm out and fired several shots at man in another car. >> we heard a pow, pow and everything and that's what happened and i could have got shot and my mom and everything and we called the police officer and they came. >> reporter: police found that gray sedan had been plowed through a light pole and across the access road and came to rest on a fence at the burk laket shooter and the red jeep with temporary plates. >> the red truck sped off and shot at the other vehicle and they took one gentleman off on the gurney. >> reporter: into it was -- >> that was dawn kendrick reporting. if you have information contact cleveland police and you can remain anonymous. cleveland police are also asking for help in finding the suspect in a september shooting. look at this just released video. two people were injured when shots were fired at the shell
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the video shows the suspect going to the store and walking outside then shooting at white suv before running away. if you have information, you can call cleveland detective bureau. westlake police need help finding a missing 13-year-old girl. take a look at her picture. it's believed she maybe in lorain county. chloe bowersock left a friend's home and has not been seen. she is known to run away but takes medication and has not had it in four days. if call westlake police. ohio tern general mikedewean announce -- attorney general mike dewine announced a price freeze for narcan he met with the provider to find out how it can be affordable and affordable. it could be the difference between life and death for those struggle with addiction. ohio is the only state in the country to secure a surprisefreeze with the
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for door buster deals, cyber monday for discounted offers online but sandwiched between is today, small business saturday a shopping holiday with an emphasis on community. jasmine has been all over this morning and she is live where they specialize in refurbished and repurposed and reimagineed furniture in little italy's neighborhood isn't that right jasmine. >> reporter: that's right. so the good thing about this place is there's so many shops in out in the rain you can-- it's one stop shop inside the building. we will show you another place but right now we are here with two lovely people. craig here this morning as well as brian and they know some great things that you should have especially for christmas so let's tell people what you offer. >> we offer a variety of vintage mid-century modern and
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support local artisans by care craig their work for example the nuts and bolts wealthed into different designs -- welded into different designs on wall. >> reporter: that's amazing. and it's simple things that go on a wall that you know make it worth your while especially around christmas. what does it mean to see people come in and help out a small business for you craig? >> it's really thrilling. we have just started so people come in and they love and there's so much to buy. for everybody. and small and large and vintage and some newer things. and it is just great to support the small businesses as well as be here in little italy. >> reporter: now i just want to remind people when you come into places like this, if you see it today, you should always buy it today. >> always. >> reporter: because it will not be here. >> it will not be here tomorrow. that's the fun and interesting thing is people come in and buy
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anticipate them to buy. so they are fining new and fun things and we are educating them and they are educating us because sometimes we don't know what we have. it's fun. >> reporter: i know because i open the drawer and this was more things inside. if you are coming here guess what, 10% off your items. so come out here and this wreath is no longer for sale you know why because lisa has bought it. so she is like spending money so i have to one up her and >> it's so great too when the little things have a back story and then when you give the gift you can say it came from a localartist or shop. >> reporter: that's right. >> thanks so much. coming up, thanksgiving baby one woman had an unexpected surprise after a trip to the emergency room. and a warning for travelers. france stopped a terror plot involving isis.
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welcome book. french official thwarted plans for a large-scale tear of the attack. just as holiday travel season gets underway. five people were rate rate offed in france the past week but they were taking orders from isis leadership. the group had automatic weapons and screen grabs of potential targets with the attacks planned for as early as december 1st. france was already under a state of emergency after the isis terror attacks last year.
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presidential election, there are reports of hacks into voter data bases. the green party and the former prez presidential candidate jill stein are call for recount in wisconsin. this comes after national recount lawyers and computer experts urged for an investigation into election results in wisconsin pennsylvania and michigan. we have a warning for iphone users. there's a 5 second video being passed around causing iphones to slow down before lockin and requiring a reset. no data appears to be lost as a result of the bug. so far having to reset your phone is the only inconvenience. the glitch is similar to the text message hacks that went viral last year. talk about a hectic holiday a woman in washington state had a unique thanksgiving morning that involved a trip to the er. and a newborn baby. all before serving dinner to more than a dozen people. ted lind has the story. >> i got up at 5 and made bread
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>> reporter: rhonda was out the door before sunrise and the rolls rose she took part in ymca triathlon but tripped crossing finish line and fell and broke two finkers she work as midwife at st. joseph's medical center and hurried to the er where she knows nurses to get her hand fixed to finish prepping dinner. >> i heard this lady coming in and she was obviously in very active labor and going to deliver quickly and you could hear it. >> reporter: jessica morales could not wait a minute longer. the delivery staff was on the way so she rushed over with her hand still injured and single handedly delivered morales' baby boy. >> i showed her my hospital band and he said i am a patient too and she said what. >> reporter: she was not finished once her fingers were treated she returned home and still managed to serve thanks giving dinner to 16 guests. >> you know what, what a great
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lead. travel and deliver baby cook dinner and have time with family and friends. >> reporter: she and moralesreunited for a photo everybody is doing great and rade to take it easy. >> -- ready to take it easy. >> it was actually fun. >> baby hevin is doing well and she says she will be back at her lifestyle once her hands heals. thousands will pack downtole winter fest. we run down the events you can take the whole family to later today. and are you shopping cyber monday? we will tell you which brand has the best deals to look out for ahead in ways to save. and michael is keeping an eye on the forecast for us. >> yeah. maureen it's starting to look like winter outside in some spots. here's what it looks like in downtown. we are tracking some light rainfall but the friends down towards solan it's not only a -- soulon it's not -- solon it's not only a cold rain but
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tocolumbus ohio where osu takes on michigan temperatures in the 40s. we are back at home breaking down thetor cast -- forecast -- breaking down the forecast here
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in case you are not all shopped out yet after black friday, matt has deals including bigger deals. >> reporter: you put that down. news director hates speaks but
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was one of the best selling years of blue tooth this and wireless that i am bringing this up to let you know many of the 100 dollar option that is dropped to $49 are a big grab cyber monday as well and we posted a outlook for we are color coordinated. >> a little planning goes a long way. >> reporter: synergy equals savings. two other categories we are big on black friday as well. we are seeing a couple deals trickle in cyber mo want to hold that up. >> i do. i look good in these. >> reporter: i do but i can never get my nose under the goggle part but that's fine it's not the about me. this particular item was 60% off deal 33 bucks on black friday some 28 and 33 depending on what you bought there's deal on cyber monday. we are noticing repetition and if there's one brand repeating more deals than anyone amazon. >> so. >> reporter: so, i wanted to go
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the amazon deals on and narrow it down to a few, you are holding one of my favorites. >> i have so many friends asking about the fire tv stick. >> reporter: the nice thing and many of you wonder how it compares to chrome cast and apple. it's amazing but a it's $25.99 and you can say alexa who's the most amazing anchor on television and your face comes up and it's weird and accurate. >> and easy to >> that's what i keep hearing. >> reporter: fire tv gaming pairs with fire tv for those that want a more quick responsive version to the fire t v this is compared to apple tv big discount. gaming option is 2 free games allows you to play and stream. >> i am on super mario brothers so i have no idea what's happening here but i will takeyour word for it.
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active and if i had to do two other amazon deals i would say tablets. >> you like these. >> reporter: i do. for me the 33 dollar dollar tab lee was not as good as 55 dollar option watch a full comparison we have a good intern named caresy she did a full on boxing and you can -- casey and she did a full on boxing and you can watch that. >> we saw the black friday going into cyber ay weekend are we seeing extra deals or is this. >> reporter: it's a complete mess actually walmart launched the cyber he monday deals on friday amazon didn't to them it's difficult to know where you go next and the answer is go online g to and shop and save and none are paid products and we don't care whether or not you buy them about go now. >> you know where i go? >> reporter: where? >> twitter for your twitter page. >> reporter: i -- >> even through the weekend
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see your deals keep popping up. >> reporter: i am in dead maybe i can do one more. it's annoying and i apologize i am going to sleep but if you feel like you are saving i am good. >> when it's look i know it happened friday and what he coming up you are where i am turning. >> reporter: thank you>> he didn't pay me for this. >> reporter: i know. >> thank you matt. >> reporter: you are welcome. >> have you been shopping online during working hours this holiday season? you are not alone. more people plan to shop li more than half of workers say they will spend at least some holiday shopping on the internet while on the job. the survey found half of the employees will use their personal smart phones or tablets to shop at work. >> i mean tough get good deal -- tough get good deal. >> guilty. >> when you have two babies at home it's like that's the only time you have to yourself. >> listen i am doing a quick weather segment in a minute if there's any like. >> a cars.
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>> we have had jasmine doing small business saturday all morning and it makes me think of the small shops on your down the street in the community. >> oh my gosh. >> pop in and see if there's something a little gift. >> absolutely. i love going to like downtown chardon area and i love the shops they have. it's one of my favorite places to go to. again, not only that other big favorite place especially tomorrow is going to be first energy stadium of course. place there. kick off temperatures in the 40s and it will be a real interesting game i think tomorrow it will look good. temperatures outside right now in the 30s. lower 40s in downtown. if you are waking up with us this morning in mansfield we are at 37. wooster and wayne county at 37 degrees. lower 40s though around the water. look at what's happening. this is the lake-effect we are tracking for you. it's lake-effect rain and yes confirmed thank you to one of
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solon, for letting me know we are seeing a little bit of sleet down that way as well. but notice that from cuyahoga county especially eastern cuyahoga county towards euclid and lake geauga counties and so the primary snow belt regson where we are track -- region is where we are tracking the light to moderate rainfall and twinburg and back towards say broadview heights along 80 seeing a little mix there. we are not expecting much at all in the way of accumulation. that's the but, it will be kind of that all day off and on rain we see especially in the primary snow belt regions. otherwise it's high pressure off towards the west. and notice that the flow around the high pressure center is dragging that cooler air over lake erie and that's one of the reasons we are tracking the lake-effect rain and sleet for you through today. so let's walk you through your saturday. so saturday morning, you can
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that means the rainfall of course the white and pink on there and lavender indicate are where we could see a mix. temperatures begin to warm through the afternoon into the low 40s. and every thing should fall into the form of rainfall by that point. overnight tonight, then starting off here sunday funday morning things look good. an isolated chance especially up towards ashtabula and up towards the northeast fringe of ashtabco tomorrow we could see a isolated shower. but in cleveland all things considered, it's going to look great just in time for the game downtown at first energy. window nation 7-day forecast shows you tomorrow looking like a great day to get out and about. so if you have friends and family that are in town visiting from near and far tomorrow, an excellent day to get out and about and explore. revitalized and your new championship city, we are at 50
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degrees but that will come with not only rain but wind as well. and then by the middle of the latter half of the workweek temperatures in the 40s but we mentioned this before. there's so much going on if you are looking for something to do today with the friends and family in town. we have winter fest taking place downtown at public square. >> yeah. >> weather for that it's going to be a smidgeon iffy on that. >> that's right. we want to give outinformation on that bee returning to public square. channel 4 danielle wiggens will help host beginning at 1. and there will be free -- wigdins will be helping to host -- wiggins will help host beginning at 1. and there will be several events. cleveland foundation is offering a free skate at ice rink from 8 a.m. to 11 tonight.
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ice rink. stop by public square to get a ticket for the free 45 minute session. we have a list of all the events right now on a reporter in restaurants getting root beer will ujek continues the web series and today will heads to the east side for a chat with cleveland pops orchestra conductor. >> reporter: i am will ujek and that is reporter in restaurant getting root beer. tell conducting that people don't know because if you don't-- if you never conducted you think it's guy that's doing this. >> absolutely. >> reporter: what are you doing up there. >> interestingly, it's when i play that people comment how they enjoy my care net playing. as far as conducting the real work is the programming and the rehearsal. it's not that much different from what goes into putting a 53-man roster together for the
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work by the time you get on the sidelines to coach the game most work took place. my secret weapon i just bought i don't have to play it but sort of my favorite. >> reporter: if you brought it you will play it. >> my trademark my red clarinet and i have red white green and blue clarinets which i play. >> reporter: did you have to get them custom made? >> educated muse nick lakewood. >> reporter: can you do a note or they will kick us >> i am always happy to play here's send in the clowns ? [ music ] ? >> reporter: kind of days of work i like right here. >> for the full episode or to watch past episodes like will sit down with terry francona head to the home page at still to come this morning, michael gives us a tour of thetallest building in ohio
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and jasmine is shopping small today. hi jasmine. >> reporter: hi maureen we
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?? (laughs..) here it is. ?? ?? hey dad! ?? wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down
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welcome back. there is a live look over the city. maybe you are head out and about to shop small businesses today. make you are just getting together with family.
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together with family we have you covered what's happening today and what the forecast looks like. thanks so much for being with us at 9 a.m. on this saturday. michael a lot of people might be traveling today or at least fitting in other family get- togethers or other holiday things. >> or if you are probably like my family, you are on the couch and you are finishing up some of the thanksgiving leftovers. right. here's what it looks like outside as we see temperatures mid to upper 30s. lower 40s and that's where we will stay throughout the majority of the day. and notice erie cuyahoga county lake geauga ashtabula a northern summit and akron included in that i think we will see not only the lake-effect showers but at times mixing with not only some sleet but perhaps even a couple snowflakes so take your time especially if you are driving along any of the inner-- enterstate 271 or 77 from cleveland down towards akron canton and again that
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north royalton brecksville and richfield and hinckley we are deteching what could be sleet so if you are thinking what do i do with the friends and family in town today? free ice kateing at public square in downtown is an absolutely gorgeous venue. temperatures through the morning upper 30s. we will top out at about 41 to 42 degrees. but notice that in cleveland and cuyahoga county it's the off and on light to moderate rain so make sure you ponchos if you are going to be out on the ice. so much going on not only here locally but also in the region we will talk more about the osu michigan game in the forecast there if you are heading there in just a moment. maureen back over to you. >> all right michael a little rain never detured people from holiday plans. >> northeast ohio we got this. >> exactly. thanks so much. this week marked two years since 12-year-old tamir rice was shot and killed by a
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soft gun. on tuesday rice's family and supporters demonstrated in his memory outside police headquarters. today, a rally will be held at the rec center calling for justice. last year an ohio grand jury decided not to indict the officer involved. police need help identifying suspects in two different robberies the first at u.s. bank in euclid. look at the two young men that approach the bank terl and handed a note demanding money. the suspect took the ran away. witnesses say they ran west on kildare avenue. if you know anything call euclid police. there is a reward available. police say this man and three others robbed a verizon wireless store in high lan heights yesterday. officers say they demanded cash from the safe. they got away with the money. and cell phones and some tablets as well. . the ohio state highway patrol found 71 pound of marijuana during a traffic stop
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gift wrapped in 10 boxes. troopers stopped the car for a drive violation south of toledo with the help of a k-9 troopers say the 31-year-old driver was sent to jail on suspicion of drug trafficking. the drugs were worth more than 300,000 dollars. soaring at just under a quarter of a mile into the sky, key tower is often the first thing you see driving into the city. >> and if you gazed at the building and wondered what's vi and who is up there, well, i had an opportunity to find out. take a look. key tower located at 127 public square is the centerpiece ofcleeland skyline standing -- cleveland skyline at 947 feet it is not only the tallest building in the state of ohio since 1991, it's also the tallest building in the midwest
9:05 am
philadelphia. climbing 57 stories into the sky, have you wondered what is the view from the top of the championship city actually look like? we are taking you to the most unique perspective of downtown cleveland to meet key tower top floor resident attorney and northeast ohio native mr. of intellectual property group you might wonder what most about the view. >> the storms are my favorite part of being in the building. love to see them roll in over the lake and it is closer and closer and boom, it hits you like right in the face and all of a sudden it's a whiteout or you know a gray out and it is just unbelievable. >> reporter: he also had a unique perspective of the air show. and the cleveland cavaliers championship parade. >> like a once in a lifetime
9:06 am
amazing. it was unbelievable to see i think close to a million people congregate at the base of the building and you know it's the true spirit of cleveland. >> reporter: perhaps the most amazing view is the view of cleveland's reberth in run-a- thon. >> you can sense the momentum of the city and you know we have been slowly improving year by year and now with the cavs winning then we will show the rest of the country we are city of champions. >> what's most unbelievable too is that at the top of key towers you can see over maur even's shoulder sat -- maureen'sshoulder it sat vacant 15 years before the attorney group moved in and spruced the place up and turned it into a gem up there on the rooftop but it was amazing because he was saying to see the transformation of cleveland from that perspective was unbelievable. >> yeah. awesome. thanks so much for that going
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still ahead this morning we are just a couple hours away from the osu michigan game. we will look at what they are doing to prepare next. and jasmine shows us how we can support small businesses today.
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and now the k a of bedford and honda of bedford sports report. good morning ever yesone. best team -- everyone.
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mavericks at the q you can imagine how ute went. -- how it wept. wednesday night about love's first quarter last night irving's first quarter 19 in the quarter he. 25 for the game. kevin love what good game too. 27 points 10 rebounds for k- love and love to lebron and lebron looking like a receiver at st. vincent st. mary's. nice catch and dunk. he had 19 points and 11 helpers. the big 3 all sat out were not needed. cavs won by 38, 128-90. they are in columbus to watch ohio state take on michigan in the big game and cavs will be in philadelphia on sunday to take on the 76ers. and speak of the buckeyes we are now just a couple hours away from the big game in columbus between osu and michigan. this will be the 113th meeting between the two schools and none bigger than this one. they are playing for a share of the big 10 east division title.
9:11 am
championship game in indianapolis and a berth in the college football playoffs and the playoff rankings buckeyes number 2 michigan number 3. >> i feel like when you play our guys are better than your guys and it's one of those kind of things where we are going to go do our best and prepare to make sure that we come out and win the battles. >> the browns host the giants tomorrow at first energy stadium looking for the first win meanwhile the giants have won 5 in a row and they are hot looking pretty good. but josh mccowan gets the start for the browns at qb. and even though this has been the worst season ever for the browns, their starting quarterback is a guy that doesn't give up and says neither he or the team are throwing in the towel. >> excited for the opportunity. and obviously, especially with the way the season has gone, you know, we have to cherish
9:12 am
and get ready to go for sunday. game changers brought to you by ohio university. >> high school football state semifinals last night. i go gnashous take on liberty. wildcats up 7-0. patrick and 44 yards and 14-0. time for the game changer. ryan on the rush. the qb goes 69 yards and they go onto n championship game next friday against st. exape abeera in crumb about looking for the 12th state title. college hoops akron beats air force to moveton to the championship game against mercer. they are 4-1 on the season. ohio state basketball, they are hosting marshal last night. it was all buck ice.
9:13 am
tate big win 111-70 thanks for coming marshall the most points in the thad matta coached game. the ohio state football team that's the news today. taking on michigan at noon in columbus. for channel 3 sports, i am al. a emphasis on community. the american express responser day falls on saturday after thanksgiving every year and this year the deals keep getting better a that's because they are local. jasmine is live at still point gallery where they have beautiful pieces to showcase. jasmine what do you think where we are now? we want to see this that's good bling. >> reporter: yes i mean, jewelry necklace and you know we run this is a nice shawl and
9:14 am
inside the gallery. here with me this morning is owner and operator kate. kate is here and has all the secrets and tips of what you need for this christmas holiday good morning. >> good morning. thanks for coming jasmine. >> reporter: you are welcome. you have something show cade very well for us over in the jewelry the artwork here tell us everything you have that people can take a look at. >> well, i would say probably first and foremost, well, we will go to the the jewelry first because that's wh is. we have so many different artists. many local but other nationally known artist as well this is uno de sequenta it's a line from spain and it has done well and just beautiful sort of a little more chrchgy than what we normally carry but there's a market for it because it's doing very, very well. >> reporter: and something
9:15 am
because you know the artist. >> i do know the artist yes my husband jeff baker. and he is why we started the gallery almost 9 years ago. we were in a very small space upstairs and we had photography and just a few pieces of jewelry. so we went crazy. i went crazy. more scwiewlry. >> reporter: you did such a phenomenal job and if an interested stop by still point and quick discount you guys are offering. >> yes. we are having 10% off all scarves and we would love to see you. come down. >> reporter: so maureen look at this i think this is it. this is my go to. >> you have to support the community jasmine. shop small. >> reporter: yeah. >> you are doing it for the good of everybody once you swipe that credit card. there you go. thanks so much. one of the best parts of thanksgiving is the leftovers how to continue to enjoy the
9:16 am
and drink beer, go to the super bowl. what to look for to get their. there for free. but first we will send it over to michael who has a check on the forecast. yeah you know what it's very interesting so i want to break it down and show you with it looks like for today cloud and rain and if you want sunshine it's tomorrow. we have 60s to talk about by next week the full forecast
9:17 am
9:18 am
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has come and gone and now it's trial to get back on track with healthy evening and it could be difficult considering the wonderful leftovers we have in the fridge. dietitians suggest planningmeals around protein and vegetables including small pourings of thanksgiving leftovers like stuffing and casseroles so you don't waste food and you feel like you are not indulging while you are indumb jing without -- indulging without overdoing it. join thousands of others on the roads. 89% of people who traveled for thanksgiving drove to their destination. using traffic data google determined the worst time to travel is after 4 p.m. today. the sunday after thanksgiving continues to be the most popular travel time too so we are going to be live at that airport tomorrow. >> uh-huh. >> at the cleveland hopkins neither you better believe it. >> so if you have somebody who flew in or you are flying out
9:20 am
security is backed up or. >> and how long the lines are and you know it's one of the things that if you are taking off perhaps after 4:00 today, from hopkins you know the rain may delay a couple flights sem slowing things down traffic getting to the airport. -- but tomorrow on sunday looks pretty good. all things considered, temperatures today upper 30s. i think we make it into the low 40s later on this afternoon. but if you are joining me really close to the lake so i am talking to e lorain county and cuyahoga county lake geauga ashtabula northern summit, i think we see the rainfall perhaps mixing with a couple flakes at times. upper 30s low 40s right now. but let's jump right into it. most of us are dry from sandusky towards erie huron and richland ashland counties. it looks great outside your door. but here in cuyahoga county in downtown cleveland see where the light and embelleded areas
9:21 am
moderate rain like euclid if you are waking up in cleaveland heights -- cleveland heights mayfield heights up and down 271 that's where we are seeing the rain towards the south. some sleet mixing on in so heads up in broadview heights towards richfield along 80 twinsburg and solon seeing sleet mixing on in there as well and what we anticipate is with temperatures gradually warming through the morning and afternoon most of the precipitation falling from the skou which is the good news. so if you saw a couple novelty flakes earlier today, maybe it's an early christmas gift for mother nature. a high pressure off towards our west you will notice that is driving down a northerly flow of arrow northerly winds over lake erie helping to produce more lake-effect clouds and rainfall especially in the primary snow belt communities so watch for it. not expecting much in the way of accumulation. through the the morning hours
9:22 am
especially up towards lake geauga ashtabula and northern trumbull counties we see the rainfall through the day. if you are thinking about doing shopping out with the family and friends out that way, you better pack the rain gear. you will certainly need it. first thing tomorrow morning, and through the day tomorrow afternoon, we call it partly sunny. so, all things considered, tomorrow, sunday, looking like a great day to get out and about. by monday, look at the temperatures. we are back into tuesday in the 60s. but, it comes with clouds rain and wind and if you are staying here through the week, i think another great day to get out and about wednesday, thursday and friday and again if you haven't been here for a while, there's so much going on especially in downtown. there's no reason to be bored. >> right. >> there's no reason. >> plenty of things to do including hanging the holiday lights outside. perfect weather for it. >> tomorrow the day to do it.
9:23 am
leftovers and dig into the the pie get the extra slice in and call it good. >> all right michael thanks so much. if you want free tickets to the super bowl, grab a bud light. we will -- bud lite we will explain how to win a golden
9:24 am
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forget the golden ticket. look for the the gold can of budlight. find one could win super bowl tickets. starting monday bud light will randomly place gold cans in
9:26 am
beer so if you get a gold can, you can enter for a chance to win super bowl tickets each year for up to 51 years. >> what? >> yeah. >> i don't drink bud light but. >> you might now if you want to go to the super bowl. there's a way to do it. >> absolutely. >> otherwise you're paying thousands of dollars. >> you saw the world series tickets were expensive you better get ready. and here's thing so if you are heading to the game tomorrow, at first energy, for today it's the rain that we are tracking. we are also tracking some sleet so watch out for that especially primary snow belt communities and into the next workweek 50s and 60s. 60s can you believe it? >> i can. i can. yeah. >> in november and really december. >> thanks for joining us have great day. >> thanks for watching channel 3 news. take channel 3 news and weather with you wherever you go text wkyc to 25543 now to down load
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