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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a classic for the aces? ages, a double ot brought the buckeyes out on top. the greatest hits in just seconds. one of the most influential world leaders of the last 60 years is dead. how the death of fidel castro
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we take you to the biggest and hottest party in cleveland tonight. winterfest returns to public square, and the square itself unfold display tonight. one small way you can participate in small business saturday without ever leaving your living room. for many, cuban-americans a day of celebration as the news of former cuban leader, fidel
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reaction to the news still pouring in from around the country. the celebrations from the political world is condemning castro's oppressive fifty-year racine. >> thousands poured into the streets of miami's little havana as news of fidel castro's death has spread. >> am 34 years old i've been waiting all my life for this moment. my castro's rise to power in 1959re millions fled the island as the communist dictator seize property, and jailed dissidents. this is something we are celebrating because he has caused pain on all generations of cubans. cuban-american leaders in congress agree. >> the truth is he was a sadistic murderer who brought great suffering to the 11 million people of cuba.
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should be reviled. >> all that he has caused his tragedy, sadness, his death, his narco trafficking that is the legacy of castro. president. obama moved to normalize relations with cuba saying history will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure of the people in world around him. a president-elect donald trump said castro's legacy is one of firing squad, and imaginable suffering poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights. as they celebrate, cuban- americans feared little will an castro's brother roel remains president. let's turn this into some pretty?pretty big sports news. we called it throwing in that might've been of understandable one of the biggest rivalries in college sports was a nailbiter to the battle it?bitter end.
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and a lot of very big emotions also. >> i'm coming down from a high was an unbelievable game to watch. it was early on. michigan dominated i did not think ohio state was going to come back and i don't think i'm alone. and they did, what again today. we watched history the first ohio state michigan game we have to say one of the best ever in this rivalry especially with ohio state coming out on top in the way that they did. buckeyes getting support from our champions lebron and the cavs at the shoe having a great time and it really was a good time. the guys with the ball first jt barrett not a great day in the year 124 yards passing but on the ground he scores the seven yarder. it was 24-17. the michigan's wilson spate plating got in the air with the touchdown. we got to overtime and barrett has to get his first down on
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he does indeed get the first down. then it sets up, the game- winning touchdown. curtis samuel get him overcome a 15 yard touchdown. the buckeyes win 30-27 in double overtime. they are 11 and one now. they continue to dominate michigan and very much still alive for the playoffs. >> it's awesome. i've said that many times i'm very humbled to be a part of it ask for better efforts for fans and players. with great players. they are very well coached team so it's good for the country to see a big 10 action like that. >> i was looking around like that just happened. we just played it was double overtime and we just one. i don't know, it's i think that's why you play the game of football, for moments like this. >> what an incredible moment ?? jim harbaugh with comments
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there were interesting coaching calls. meyer electing to go for it on fourth down. you can augur?i get maybe michigan could've gone for it a two-point conversion instead of in overtime. but ends up the way does now we watch to see what happens with michigan state and penn state. if penn state wins they go on to the championship game. many think regardless of what happens either in the big ten championship game when the game today ohio state has punched his ticket. this story went national and then right here home a group organized a memorial because of the death of 12-year-old mixed sameer rice. he was killed more than two years ago. cleveland police officer timothy loman shot right. a grand jury decided not to indict loman in that shooting. a family member said, a lot of
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but it is imperative that it community agreements are committed to. this event was organized by a group out of state. the family says it does not want outside influence using this tragedy for personal gain. those looking to get downtown on the rapid may want to get some other plans. the road line is down between the airport and windemere station. the buster should?station is replacing the train for the time being. and apparent electrical issue is the problem. will update the story check baon storyline a public square to the mayor announced superior was stay closed. it was part of a huge $15 million facelift for an important part of downtown. cleveland's annual winterfest is once again a focal point. after the celebration had to be moved because of our renovation. matt?manages pack there. to make it is packed.
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couple thousand of my closest friends. we are waiting for the tree lighting to take place. it will happen anywhere between 6 pm-7 pm. right now we have the cavalier girls doing their take on the rockettes. with the screen team appear and this has been an amazing day. some people i have talked to all day said they are ecstatic that winterfest is back in public square. there have been festivities all day today, everything from the cleveland. and we have ice-skating as well. can you believe this? ice-skating outside has not been in downtown cleveland for about 15 years. so many kids had fun today, there were a couple of spills of course. but they got up with smiles on their faces and continued on. so again, we are down here. our very own danielle wiggins is toasting winterfest today. we are going to see if we can catch the tree lighting.
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catch the tree lighting but if not we will have a recap of everything that happens today coming up tonight at 11 pm. you can see this crowd is energetic, it is enormous. people are just happy to be together here in public square, newly renovated. and you mentioned, we are actually standing in the roadway on superior, that is basically blocked off for everyone. so nice and cozy here looking forward to all the fe this is the 33rd annual winterfest. happy holidays, it starts right now in downtown cleveland. >> it puts us in the holiday spirit. too close to call, the presidential recount is underway in a key battleground state. the unlikely force leading the charge and how the clinton campaign is reacting
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we have may be the easiest way that you can contribute. i promise it will deliver, hope the forecast does too. >> we could certainly use a sudden shot. it's been a great thanksgiving day holiday weekend. we'll talk about that and a big swing up in our temperatures in the extended forecast. and the day will we could see 60s, coming up.
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there is black friday and cyber monday but there's the shopping holiday that is a little more close and personal, small business saturday. the other holidays will focus on big stores. today puts the emphasis on community. it started in a village in massachusetts in 2010. every year continues to get bigger and bigger and this year
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many local businesses throughout northeast ohio had special sales and it is also a chance for the small businesses to get noticed. >> i think more than anything it's just the awareness. a think there are so many people who don't stop and think what supporting a small business actually means. it's the difference between buying a book on amazon or going to local bookstore buying a book and have met many stay in our community. >> so that easy way to get involved, i promise local businesses say they will offer some great deals online for cyber monday as you just have to check out the website. it's like a discussion that just won't go away. questions of a recount. hillary clinton's campaign says. this is green party presidential candidate, jill stein's effort. her campaign has raised nearly $6 million to finance the recount effort in the battleground states and has filed the proper paperwork for it she's also seeking a recount in michigan and maybe even pennsylvania. president-elect donald trump holds leads in all three states
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he wants voters to accept the election results and move on. it was a bit of a gloomy day out there today. but for the most part, the gloom was also accompanied by some rain. but will it hamper your plans for tonight? have the forecast coming up. ?? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them.
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i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
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so you are belly is still maybe full of turkey. i know you had a variety of entries. i guess i'm wondering if the weather's going to be like that ? is it going to become the form is? >> a think we all want some sunshine. the weather last couple of days was not the best. though we've all been inside with family and food and shopping so it's been okay. let's see if we can find some for you. of course tomorrow's also a big travel day around the country as everyone heads back to wherever they came from. i'm sure you are very happy about that and wish them safe travels. with some rain shower still left over.
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county. 90 over toward the shore away, little bit of light rain here. nothing too heavy out there told madison as well. all of us stuck with cloudy skies too. it's just not the nicest evening. i think the clouds and stick around that's actually pretty good because it going to take a while for the temperatures to slowly cool instead of dropping like a rock after sunset. that means temperatures in the 40s now with 30s only slowly falling back into the mid to upper 30s as we go through the ev scale?square check out those like displays. 37 downtown cleveland with cloudy skies number rain or snow flakes expected.
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i think that's exactly what we have going on. big area of low pressure across northern maine with high pressure down toward the ohio river valley between the two we had this very persistent northwest flow. that has brought in the cooler temperatures and the unsettled weather. that continues to this evening but then as this area of high temperature shifts toward the east coast more of a southerly flow returns and the clouds break up. tomorrow will find you lots and lots of sunshine. and joy, because by monday very powerful storm system and an active jet streams of cross the desert southwest, all rolling here monday night into tuesday. and we expect rain heavy at times and temperatures to actually be soaring monday night into tuesday. evening still looking at cloudy skies. i think we will wake up to quite a few clouds early tomorrow. but then by the afternoon look what happens, the clouds give way to break some sun. i think quite a bit of sun for some of you. mid to upper 40s and that will feel good right noon and upper 40s maybe even touching 50s and
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so how about those travel plans as you had across the country. here's what we're looking at tomorrow is denver's looking fine over toward las vegas and some showers of rain in seattle. rain and thunderstorms in dallas. if anyone's traveling related to money those could be some delays there. east coast looking fine as well. here's your extended forecast. temperatures out there in the 40s on monday to near 60 on tuesday and the showers and turkey is still stuck there will have to get rid of him after the 6 pm show. mr turkey this week as temperatures fall into the 40s as we go through the week. more from columbus after an
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113th meeting between ohio state and michigan when it is all said and done. when we look back in my go down as one of the best ever in this rivalry today. what a scene, record crowd at ohio stadium, over 110,000 on hand michigan with wilton state back in quarterback. buckeyes with the flashy black helmets. the defense save the day. three-nothing michigan second- quarter. it's hookers third pick six of the season, seven for the buckeyes, seven for ohio state. lebron james and the cavs loving it. just before the half powerful
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turnover then miss at their own 19 on fourth down. urban calls for the fake punt. what? they don't get it. michigan will make them pay. colette hill punch down 17-7, michigan. after a wolverines turnover later in the qur, up and over for the touchdown 17-14 for the buckeyes. same score, all the way to six seconds. tyler durbin missed two field goals in this one buddy it hits the air and 22 ghost overtime. jt barrett, not a great day in the air but i'm?he scores a 7 yard touchdown buckeyes 24-17. fourth down speak to the air, what a touchdown connection. amar dara bohol's and then we go to double-overtime. wolverines head of field goal 27-24 buckeyes with a fourth down and don't kick the field
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harbaugh says, no they didn't. then, there it is, the game- winner after a replay upholds the first down, curtis samuel 15 yard touchdown game over. buckeyes went 30-27 and double- overtime. they are 11-1 and it might be the playoffs next. >> we thought it was a long game. great blocking by the running backs, great walking by reer >> i have been in a locker room on a play like that since i've been here. what the game was going against those guys to put all that into perspective it was a dream come true. second-quarter no score huge
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hubbard with a great tackle in the field goal three-nothing. third-quarter michigan had a second and goal buckeyes recovered the game trave? changer played?gave the change history of this game in my mind. buckeyes back in business then in overtime of course enforced michigan to have to kick a field goal. >> he's out there every series and do his job. >> ohio state has won five straight against michigan. urban meyer 19-1, ohio state 5- 1 against michigan. first game to go to overtime in the 113 game history, 2000 was the last michigan when it ohio
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penn state leading right now, looks like they will go to the big ten championship game. some fans feel it might be a good thing. they may not play another game, possible loss. their ranks second anyway so there's a good chance they go to the playoff. thank you for joining us, next. we'll see you back here at 11 pm tonight.
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on this saturday night. death of fidel castro. the passing of a dictator whose half century rule over cuba brought the world to the brink of nuclear war and forced generations of cubans to flee to america's shores. the eruptio joy by cuban-americans and the statarkly different reaction to the president and the president-elect. severe weather could mean a treacherous trip for those heading home after the long holiday weekend. and the digital front line. how google joined the fight against isis using their latest technology as a weapon. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc


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