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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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now 11, ohio state takes down michigan in the thriller. former cuban leader fidel
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election recount, question of integrity in key battleground states. you might not believe how incredibly packed it was tonight. he is caused so many things and so many during all of these years, that this is nothing to feel bad about. we are celebrating it. he has caused pain on all generations of cubans. >> there's so much that can be captured. that reflects the sentiment of many cuban americans. fidel castro's death. the political world on the other hand is condemning his
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the reaction of fidel castro. reporter: a bittersweet celebration continued saturday night in miami's havana. thousands curing in end of an era. many are wished that the people that escaped livelong to see the state. >> joy and sadness at the same time. reporter: the rise to power for him, millions fled the island. bucket detroit family spirit it destroyed a country. and acculturated pick >> reporter: congress agreed. he was a sadistic murderer. who brought great suffering to the 11 million people of cuba. he should not be revered. he should be reviled. >> he has caused said this in
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that is the legacy. >> reporter: obama was more measured. history will record the enormous impact of this figure on the people and world around him. >> trump had a different opinion. >> reporter: americans fear little will change because his brother is in the office. >> hopefully we will have future democracy in cuba. and i can go back and visit the land of my birth. a glimmer of hope. >> reporter: nbc used -- news new york. you can hear the buckeye fans from columbus after that
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-- wind. they certainly didn't epic fashion. date, it had to be heartbreaking for others. >> yes you are right hillary. and sure that is not in ohio. it was an intense game. it will go down as the best of all-time. it was the second rank buckeyes for the third ranked michigan wolverines. buckeyes getting support from our champions. buckeyes with the ball. on the ground, he scored some towns. first down, wilton spade back from injury, clutch touchdown. go to double overtime. wolverines up 27. they had a ball and hit a field goal. fourth-down with a kicker missing twice already. urban decides to go for it.
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it. game over, 15 yard touchdown run. in the buckeyes are going to win. here it is, 30 -- 27. in double overtime. buckeyes, are 11 -- 1. 5th straight win over michigan. strong comments postgame about the officials. let go. multiple false starts. an official on my site is supposed to be watching that. is concerned about whether our coaches are in the white or not in the white. not on the field? their coaches were on the field practically in the huddle at times. i am bitterly disappointed. there were some outrageous calls.
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the game. >> if you cannot get that far, you are not a championship team. we used to talk about that all the time. i agree with him. >> reporter: if they do not get that yard, michigan wins. players from cleveland save the day. coming up in sports, hillary. police are looking for the surviving victims that killed a man he got there. the two men were on i- 90 w. when a car pulled up next to them. i want to get you to the biggest party in ohio. like to party weekend. winterfest is in this 33rd year. it is low tradition now after
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square. alyssa raymond joins us live. you cannot say holiday until you have seen a tree lighting. look at it out here. i hate to say it, but it seems the only missing from this beautiful winter wonderland is snow. we had everything here. from the christmas carols, to hot chocolate, to ice skating and even a grand finale. when that not everyone got the >> reporter: now no matter where you turn in public square, a twinkle in the sparkle. it catches your eye. >> i saw lights. >> reporter: lighting up downtown cleveland for the holidays returns to the square. >> i like the renovations, it looks awesome. >> reporter: she comes every year but she brought a first
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son here. >> reporter: this guy could not wait either. to light up the girls life. >> i said now is the time. reporter: he got down on one knee, >> yes! of course. >> reporter: from a proposal, to a singing santa, to a lighting, and a fireworks show. it took all of it to kickoff another memorable holiday season. back out here live, people are still walking around taking pictures they just finished up ice-skating 11:00. you might hear recognized another familiar face in their.
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they are happy to have the festivity back in public square. reporting live from public square, alyssa raymond. recount controversy. the unlikely event leading the
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$566 billion in 16 point in 16.2 billion. this will be spent on small business. it is critical support them. small business saturday is all about this. it starts in the village in massachusetts. in 2010, and gets bigger bigger. is a chance to keep local ballot in the community and get some much needed exposure. hundreds of been injured in a situation. today more than 100 protesters are moving. army corps of engineers has ordered protesters to get off the land. other protesters have been standing there for months.
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completion of the pipeline. they are concerned about water supply and cultural land. this will go by -- hillary clinton is getting behind the recount. this is green party presidential candidate, jill stein. they raise $6 million to finance the battleground states recount. she is also seeking michigan, and potentially pennsylvania. p he is calling this a scam cooked up by jill stein. he said it's time to move on. to one generation, he was detect to ron harris. on barney miller. tonight, the great life and career of ron glass, has come to an end. he died of respiratory failure
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television. he was 71 years old. coming up, greg is coming
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cloud to hanging out on northeast ohio. showers have cleared. we saw some earlier. those are gone. still looking a lot of
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arbor. expect cloudy skies during the overnight. we should state rain and snow flake free. the wind out of the southwest is 5 -- 10 miles per hour. here is waking up early sunday northern -- morning as you're heading out big storm systems spinning off to our north. high-pressure down to our west and southwest across the ohio river valley. between the two, a strong northwest flow. the prospect cool temperatures this weekend in the pesky lake effect. at that area starts to shift towards the east coast, we are going to get under clear skies
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southerly flow. this will take over starting tomorrow and monday. that should get our temperatures coming up quite a bit. the biggest rise will come monday night into tuesday. it is thinking down across the west coat. -- coast. a lot of energy with the system. missing ships towards the northern great lakes. it is going to moisture and milder air. monday into tuesday will feel good as temperatures could be in the 60s. waking up at 7: 30 20s and 30s. cops still hanging around. then they will clear. sunshine returns the day.
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into the afternoon. this is what it looks around ohio. temperatures in the 40 sunny skies. as far as the region goes, east coast looks good. nationally, pretty good. tomorrow, quiet travel day with the biggest stormy weather along the west coast. here is your window nation extended forecast. notice temperature rise monday and tuesday. highs into the low stays unsettled next week with
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the sports report. what a year it has been around here. game seven of the nba finals down to the wire. ohio state with a credible win over mi support. lebron had never seemed the game life. what a game to see. the buckeyes have some big wins this year. none better than the one in columbus today. they beat michigan, where the scene. a record crowd at ohio stadium. hundred and 10,000 michigan's.
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saves the day 3 -- 1 the picked off by the week. 7 for the team. it is 2 -- 7 wolverines. urban calls for a punt on fourth down. they do not get it. touchdown, 17 -- after wolverines turnover late in the 3rd, 17 -- 14 buckeyes. all the way with six seconds left. he already missed two field goals but he hits 23 going over time. buckeyes first. jt barrett on the ground. 17 ohio state. when a connection with garbo. we go to double overtime. wolverine has the ball first.
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buckeyes go forward. he runs it and get that. barely, review, holds it up. next play, curtis samuel, game over. 15 yard touchdown. guys when. 30 -- 27 in double overtime. defenses forced three turnovers. spot defenses doing their job, we have to do ours. not play buckeye football. we had to go out that second half and make some plays. >> the biggest thing, i tried to instill in the defenses keeper had a. control we can control. >> early from glenville, had a career of 11 tackles.
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that save the season. an interception late in the 3rd quarter, is the game changer. it was 17 -- 7 michigan at the time. admitted a three-point game. >> my number was called, i got in there and do what i do. all those guys definitely my had a. >> ohio state has 15 straight. great in the month of november. it is the first time that the game has gone in to overtime. neither of the buckeyes or wolverines will play for the big 10 championship game. alliance to care of michigan state 45 -- 12. tennessee versus wisconsin next week. the buckeyes taken the hands of
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new york, favors by a touchdown. and we will see how they are able to get that on. the offense has been struggling. they rank 30 at indiana. while the defense is ranked 31st giving up most of the 30 point of the game. >> we have to put points on the board. we have to move forward, we have 3rd down, but we all that. that's a major point were making. with to score points. with the staff field. >> they will see if they can get it done tomorrow. thank you for all being with us tonight at saturday
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>> good evening from longwood university, and welcome to the first and only vice presidential debate.


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