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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  November 27, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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like doing a neutral drop i did in high school. chill, man. nice job by miss piggy. >> yeah. definitely gets an award for this. >> next low goes to how low, former texas governor rick perry got down on "dancing with the stars. "both a former contestant and rumored to be in contention for a position in the trump administration, deejaying for vanilla ice on "ice, ice baby." i don't know. ? too cold ? ? ice ice baby ? ? too cold too cold ? >> rick perry! >> there's rick perry. hat on backwards just doing rick perry right there. >> is that the fox trot? i'm not sure. >> i have no idea what that is. he's game. he'll do anything that rick perry. next high to the holiday spirit of one texting grandma and the recipient of her message. on a group text to her family
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of mesa, arizona, mistakenly including a number to a 17-year-old stranger of jamal. he posted the hilarious exchange to twitter asking who was texting him. wanda said, your grandma. after wanda sent a photo he wrote back, you're not my grandma. can i still get a plate, snow to which she replied, of course you can. that's what grandmas do. he took her up on the offer. showed up on thanksgiving day sharing a meal with wanda not his grandma and family. >> i felt like she's a very nice lady and i'm very happy about the whole situation. >> it gives me faith a lot in humanity because so many people have been kind and ever since wherever i go, i meet such nice people everywhere and i think that we all need to start looking at the good things and
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phone number because when it was posted it had the number on it and can i come over for thanksgiving, too? >> thanksgiving dinner. >> i love that. great thanksgiving story there. the final low to the timing of one poor nfl audio guy. bernie is a sound technician crossing in here from the right side of the frame. >> oh! >> just as the giant flairs from the minnesota vikings are sprinting on to the field. and it's a de-cleater. taking bernie off his 6'4", 329-pound player. bernie is a gamer. busted the glasses. hopped up and did the game. >> don't beat the train. >> let the vikings pass. >> thank you. next, andy cohen on the life and career taking him from tv and career taking him from tv (chuckle) ( ?? ) come on, dad.
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thank you, macy's thanksgiving day parade, for your 90th anniversary this year and wandered into central park and forgot how it got there. it will be fine. don't worry about it. >> i don't know where >> thank you, the kids table, for being a fun place for kids and any adult who doesn't want to talk about politics. there you go, everybody! >> jimmy fallon writing thanksgiving thank you notes. jimmy brings a "saturday night live" pedigree to the tonight show party and even he might say it's a former television news producer named andy cohen. andy presides over the nightly anything goes celebrity cocktail
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persuading stars to say and do things they wouldn't anywhere else. with the release this month of his third tell-all book, i entered andy's clubhouse where i have been a guest many times and took over the host chair. >> it is game time! ?? >> welcome to the clubhouse. >> thank you. >> it does -- >> i like it in here. >> strange without a drink in your hand. you probably know andy cohen for a couple of thing happens live." >> as the host of the most celebrity filled party in late night, and as the architect, ring master and chaperon of bravo's table flipping "real housewives." >> jesus may change but cynthia bailey never goes out of style. >> andy, you decide who's coming back next season and who is not? >> i'm a voice of that decision. >> oh my god.
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>> st. louis native start in the business was much less glamorous. when i say i talk to you, they know "watch what happens live" and the housewives but they have no idea you started as a news producer. >> yes. >> a youngest intern ever and then came up through the news business. >> yes, yes. i always wanted to be in news and i wanted to be in front of the cam are and i gave up that dream once i was an intern at cbs news in new york. i felt like i was in the epicenter of the thought, i'm not going to go to small stations and try to make my way in front of the camera. i'm going to just move to new york and -- >> take a shot. >> try to make it as a producer, yeah. i left cbs news. i got a great, great opportunity of a lifetime. barry diller offered me a job in the year 2000 to run programming at a small cable channel that wound up failing but i wound up learning so much. >> and you hopped from there to bravo? >> from there to bravo.
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the bravo television network spilled on to the air when andy's hit web series about the real housewives is gren lit for tv in 2009. >> hey, everybody. welcome to a "watch what happens" special. >> he's been a star, written three best-selling books including the latest "superficial, more adventures from the andy cohen diaries." this picks up almost exactly where the last one left off. a week later. >> a wee i was in such a groove writing and i love the format of a diary. i don't know where the day's going to take me or who i'm going to meet or what stupid thing i do and this book opens at joan rivers funeral, sad place to start but you got to start somewhere and by the time it's over, which is almost two years later, i actually became emotionally exhausted by reporting on my own life. and i said, i have to now go
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down because i'm completely just exhausting myself. >> and as his own diary shows, andy's life is exhausting. he's crossed over from celebrity fan to bona fide celebrity himself. andy runs in a tight circle of famous friends bick sarah jessica parker. his show guest list included oprah, cher -- >> snap out of it! >> and lady gaga. >> anderson that no one enjoys being famous more than me. and at first i kind of took that as a criticism and then i started breaking down what he was saying. and i said to him one night, here's my analysis of this. i became famous after the age of 40. after i had lived in new york city for like 20 years. so i want you to imagine being in new york and then suddenly people are giving you things or
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that you never could or they're just treating you better. so, if that's what it means, then i think you're right. i do really like it. now you might notice that mariah carey is only other person i switched seats for. >> i was going to ask you. >> another thing you have in common with mariah. >> again. i think that shelf tells you everything you need to know about andy cohen. peabody andrews' tea bag from the appearance. >> that's true. >> five nights a week, it is always there. not easy. are there nights you have to pull yourself up? >> there's a moment early in the book where i get results on some research that bravo did on the show, a small percentage of people who said i stopped watching because andy's over it. and, dude, my heart sunk when i saw that line.
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if two people turn on this show and think that i'm checked out an i'm not into it anymore, then not only am i not doing my job but i shouldn't be allowed to do my job. this is -- this is my idea of heaven here. >> i know there's one guest who still hoping will show up in the clubhouse. i looked at an old interview where you said the first lady of the united states told you that -- >> yes. >> this is an end of second term kind of >> no. >> why? >> because i think that she and madonna now that i have publicly said that those are the two people -- i think they're vowing to go on every show but this show just to make me literally crazy. >> you get people to say things in this room they don't say anywhere else. >> yes. >> so if madonna were sitting right here, what would you want to ask her? >> off the top of my head, maybe
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ex-lovers and spin it and dennis rodman, talk to me. a-rod. you know? i think that could be a good way to go. >> what would you ask the first lady if she were in this chair? >> too much to count. i would want to do a tequila shot with her. so much about the election to talk to her about. i know she's a closet housewives fan. it's been confirmed from people on her staff. >> i believe. >> things that bug her about her husband. yeah, there's a lot. >> you do talk in the book about you have come to a place where you've had great career and your life. >> yeah. >> now maybe you want something else? >> this is great but i need to focus on what's going the ground me from my life now. >> which is -- >> you know, who knows? a kid. maybe i'll open an orphanage. >> oh, an entire orphanage. >> a whole orphanage. >> a big leap from one kid to the whole thing. >> something to ground my heart besides this. >> do you need a partner? someone to spend your life with? >> you know, i don't know.
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>> thank you. >> maybe. >> what's the answer? >> i'm seeing someone now. take every day as it comes. >> does he national correspondent a the orphanage? >> no. we have to talk about that tonight. >> you should tell him. >> going to. >> andy's new book is available now and in the first week a "the new york times" best-seller. the party that is "watch what happens live" is sunday through thursday night on bravo. to hear more from andy and why he believes it's more than train wreck , extras at and next week, the one and only bette midler. you will not have more fun at lunch than with the divine miss m with the early bathhouse days of her career, the movies and what is still ahead. that's next week on "sunday today." and dylan is back now with another look at the weather. >> did she break into song for you? >> you have to wait until next week. >> i'm waiting. let's take a look at what's going on this week across the
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of days through the pacific northwest, california, it will dry out for most of the week. we have a cold front in the midwest today to cool things down for the middle of the week and then up and down the east coast, we could see much needed rain in the southeast and then starting tuesday, late tuesday it could last through at least and that is your latest forecast. welcome to this side of the room. >> thank you. i want to play with the map but i'm not qualified.
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next on "sunday today," what does the death of fidel castro mean for cuban-americans who fled his regime and for their hopes for the country they left? look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards... or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem. hmm... the award-winning geico app.
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florida, to cuba is only 90 miles but in ways political and cultural the island is a million miles away. for exiles who flet castro's regime, his death brings new hope. kerry sanders is in miami's little havana. >> reporter: a celebration in miami's little havana. 57 years in the making. >> castro's died. castro dies! important to us! it's opportunity to be free. to those first cuban exiles to come to the u.s. back in the early 1960s reveals a lifetime of pain and now joy. >> i would call him a dictator, a thug, a murderer. he's our version of hitler. >> reporter: but in cuba, fidel was a hero to come, a charismatic leader from rural crew bah. the childhood home on a plantation, now a state museum.
8:43 am
entoured with the family here. rather, it is believed the man that commanded the world stage buried near santiago, the closest big city to where he launched his unlikely revolution. a revolution that led to the cuban missile crisis that had the world on the brink of nuclear war. the failure of the soviet union that supported cuba's economy. the shoot down of the brothers to the rescue plane. elian gonzalez, a little boy found floating at sea, torn between a father family in miami certain he should not be returned to a communist country. he eventually was. in the last two years, relations between the u.s. and cuba have changed. the u.s. now has an embassy in havana. president obama even visited the island. cruise ships now sail from miami to havana. there are regularly skeged flights to the island. but an economic embargo now
8:44 am
best friends patricia and lydia, both left cuba as children, each with a different idea on lifting or keeping that embargo. >> yes, we should lift the embargo because it's not worked in 50-plus years. >> with the obama administration, it was a free for all. >> reporter: with the picture of their father who was imprisoned by fidel, elaina said she waits for raul castro's death. >> we n brother. his brother. and then maybe one day we can visit cuba. a free cuba again. >> and kerry sanders joins me now live from miami. do many of the cuban-americans that you talked to, the families that endure the legacy of castro feel that perhaps now they can begin to reclaim their country? >> reporter: you know, they recognize i think that fidel castro's death is really symbolic. it is his brother raul who's
8:45 am
i was struck this morning thinking about a trip to cuba 24 years ago and i hopped on a car for a ride and it was a nice car, a mercedes. i said to the guy driving, is this your car in he goes, no, all cars in cuba owned by -- and then went like this and struck like the beard there of fidel saying all cars are owned by fidel and under raul castro, relatively recently, folks in cuba own and sell cars, sell property. so change comes to cuba and raul castro says he'll step down in two years. the person who will take over for him wasn't even alive when the fidel castro revolution began. >> remarkable. castro, even controlled the cars. kerry sanders in miami for us this morning, thank you so much. next on "sunday today," two marines blown up in the same truck in iraq recrew nighted more than a i love you so much. that's why i bought six of you... for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever...
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more than a decade ago two young americans left their base in iraq in a truck full of fellow marines n. a flash their lives and their bodies were changed forever. and their friends were gone. the marines got together for the first time since the early days of their recovery to talk about
8:49 am
organization. >> how are you? >> oh my god! >> you look great. >> a reunion more than ten years in the making. >> good. >> i feel guilty that i don't -- like, i haven't kept in touch you. >> well, it is okay. life goes on. >> reporter: somehow the former marines found a way ahead after one of the worst disasters. >> three were killed and 11 wounded when a suicide car bomb slammed into the convoy in fallujah. >> reporter: they both joined the marines at the age of 18. >> the military was a way for me to be part of tradition, wonderful tradition of the marine corps. to have that pride, to feel more american. >> i wanted some adventure in
8:50 am
college after high school. >> reporter: they were deployed to iraq in early 2005. a monthly work reation brought them together, searching local women at a military checkpoint near camp fallujah. then, came a moment that changed their lives forever. so take me back to that day, june 23rd, 2005. >> as we were convoying back to base -- >> i remember the city was empty. normally full of citizens. >> different truck actually. but yeah. and so i was the last one who got on the truck and because they said, we want all the females on the same truck. oh. i'm sorry. >> reporter: as their military convoy passed an open market late in the day, a suicide bomber rammed into their 7-ton truck. >> when i got ejected i hit my head and knocked out cold for a good 20 minutes.
8:51 am
going to die and this is something bad is happening. >> reporter: with severe burns to their faces, hands and legs along with shrapnel wounds, they were transported back to their base camp. later, they were flown to the u.s. to begin their painful recovery at the brook army medical center in texas. >> all of us were in hospital for three, four weeks. we could hear each other crying and in pain when each of us are being taken care of. they just, nlg, like they had to do to keep us alive. >> reporter: healing the wounds of war inside and out is no easy task. enter operation meant, a program at ucla medical center that provides at no cost specialty medical care and psychological health support of wounded warriors an families. the organization helped mend their scars with eight surgeries between the two of them.
8:52 am
days. you know? around this time of year is when you try to reflect how you are a veteran. >> reporter: veterans reuniting for the new york city veterans day parade. a family formed by the generosity of operation mend. >> you need support. you can't be just in a hospital. you need people around you and people that love you and we have become a network for them. >> reporter: as a fitness instructor, angelica's confidence shines through. >> i feel like once you have a want to try to achieve and motivate you to try to do more in your life. >> reporter: a master's degree of occupational therapy. >> this experience allowed me to connect with my clients. >> what do you think people should know about vets they don't know? >> we're proud people. >> that we love this country. we love it so much that we're
8:53 am
sharing their stories with us and to the team at operation mend for the life changing work it does every day. this week we highlight another life well lived. ? here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls ? >> florence henderson played carol brady over five seasons of the "brady bunch." but thanks to the show's years of syndicaon legacy is america's tv mom extended into another generation. long before she became a television icon florence grew up poor in indiana. her own mother leaving the family when florence was 12. as a teenager, henderson sought something better for herself, chases a dream to broadway and in 1952 got the big break in "oklahoma." in 1959 henderson joined this program "the today show" as one of the "today" girls of this
8:54 am
host of "the tonight show." then in 1969 the role for which she is remembered best. florence said of carol brady, quote, i created the kind of mother that i wished i'd had and i think everyone longs for. beloved for the relentless charm and wicked sense of humor, she died in los angeles this week at the age of 82. >> i am so blessed to be able to still do what i love. i'm just grateful. she's the reason the good times are great. ...and the reason the tough times are easier. because she's your best friend... and your true love. presenting the ever us two-stone diamond collection... new rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. one diamond for your best friend... one diamond for your true love. for the one woman...who's both.
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to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley, and i raise honest, simple turkey for honeysuckle white. dylan's with me for predictions for the week ahead. tomorrow is cyber monday. like black friday without the midnight thanksgiving human stampede. online deals everywhere you
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and wait for the traditional last-minute shopping holiday known as buy whatever my family whatever they have in the checkout line in cvs christmas eve. we have the rockefeller christmas tree lighting featuring a number of big stars including dolly par on the. we predict there's an extra prelighting eggnog and goes on a career altering rant of why "die do you agree? >> i do. >> on friday, the rolling stones are out with the latest album called "blue and lonesome." the first since 2005. mick jagger is 73. keith richards turns 73 a week before christmas. the boys, though, will have some tough competition on the billboard charts this week. >> there we go. >> with the release of the highly anticipated new album "a very busey christmas" with
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coming up, a follow-up to a deadly shooting on dead man's curve. if you missed the big winter fest party, we have the recap for you. even caught up with. flights have been delayed here. find out if it's you're flight that has been delayed. = thanks so much for being with us, 9:00 a.m. here on the 27th of november.


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