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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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buckeyes big win over michigan over the weekend, only to be snapped back to reality when an 18-year-old student ran over several people and then cut several with a knife. we have a timetable on what pp >> we know this isn't the first time that he actually made headlines around here. at the beginning of this year, the 18-year-old had transferred from a community college here to ohio state, and was featured in a newspaper story. what we may not now, russ, for some time is exactly what his mote inwas, why he did what he did.
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off inside an engineering building at the ohio state university in columbus over a possible chemical leak. students and fact uplety was soon outside when a car came barreling into their courtyard. >> he looked pretty determined. he exited the car pretty fast. >> reporter: the driver didn't say anything, as he got out. >> at first, i thought it was freak accident, maybe just a guy driving a car had a see sure or something. a. her pulls out the knife, runs notice that it's not just an accident. >> reporter: it was the first day back following the thanksgiving break, and for nearly an hour and a half, the campus was on lockdown. many barricaded themselves in their rooms and posted to social media, while a campus police officer came quickly. >> i heard multiple gunshots. i wasn't sure if it was real or not, and then looked out the window and saw the scene, i noticed it was really happening. >> reporter: a scene that investigators say weren't town
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that suspect dead quantity least 9 people injured, one of them critically. the suspect is believed to be a somali refugee, here legally. still learn hing more about his background. no word on a motive. we do know that despite some of those earlier reports this was an active shooter situation, police say he acted alone, and they're not looking 0 for from the officer. >> that's right. >> and within an hour and a half, that lockdown was lifted. >> yeah, and police say it was approximately a minute until that officer was on the scene, and approximately another minute until the suspect was shot.
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from the hospital. >> reporter: some victims are still here. we know it wasn't just students being treated here. it was faculty and staff members here as well. the number of those injured continue to grow throughout the day. some suffer $injure areys wile they were hit by the car. others were hurt, we the suspect stabnd them with that butcher knife. many on campus say they could not have been -- there could have been more injured, as officer for acting as soon as possible, that victim, weren't as many. governor john kasich also spoke here today, and complimented the medical staff, as well as police, for taking care of this situation as fast as possible. i also spoke to a lot of students here on campus, who say that this is just a wakeup
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russ? >> governor kasich put with some very strong words, pointed words about his time here at ohio state, saying that ohio state will come out ofs this bet arer and stronger. as we said earlier, a very scary couple of hours here. we've been talking to students who endureds the today. i'm sure you a heard some entering stories. >> yeah, of course, shocked, scared, and confused about what was happening. and of course the impact felt around ohio and around the country here from ohio university. we caught up with local students who kind of gave us their experience how they felt during these very scary moments. >> but then i hear people running, and a little bit of screaming, and like out the window here, and it's everyone running away, and i'm, like, my god, what happened? >> those were the sounds that more ena woke up to in her dorm
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it is because my window was open, which lucky for me, because i was about to leave for glass, like just about to get up. >> reporter: and class for her is just about 500 feet from where the attack took place. a shocking scene for the revere high school graduate after just spending the past week at home with family. >> oh, it is very scary knowing this is happening, and i tonight know what's going to happen next. >> reporter: one of the main concerns was parents and loved ones getting in contact with students on campus be, including the many students who call northeast ohio home. like a freshman who was new to campus this semester. >> like it's already kind of scary and overwhelming to be in such a big place, and to move from such a small town to go to this school, and then this happens, so it's kind of, like, crazy. >> reporter: and we talked with some students also who were just walking around, and
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but that didn't really affect them. they were just kind of going about their day as is normal, which was good to see, but also some students staying to stay indoors until things were absolutely clear there in front of him. >> you talked about the students trying to get ahold of their parents. parents frustrated, as well. we'll talk more about that later in i the broadcast. >> we'll toss it back to you for now. more from columbus if just a bit. we are going to campious ahe letters. many parents left out of the loop today and worried about their kids. how you can sign up for these crucial safety alerts. plus michael is in for betsy, and tracking a tuesday warmup, right, mike until >> we sure are. temperatures in the 60ss. rain on the way tonight. we'll talk about how long that
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winter is here. the annual coats for kids campaign is gearing up. you can donate new he or gently used winter coats in all sizes at variety of 0 locations.
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children across northeast ohio. for more information, go to
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lasted 90 minutes, classes canceled here today. they will resume here on the campus of ohio state tomorrow morning. also, students who may have left belonging this in buildings -- belongs in this building are being allowed to return to get the items. you don't have 0 to be a parent to really understand the fact unnerving to anyone who has a student here at ohio state. back in cleveland, we've been talking to some moms and dads today, and joins us with that story. >> reporter: very reassuring that those parents we spoke to today said they felt very well informed throughout the entire day. parents here depended on the updates from the buckeye alert system. some actually said they wouldn't have changed a thing.
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beat immediately, you think where is my child? is he okay? >> laura's oldest son is a freshman at osu. her mind started racing when she received add buckeye alert shortly before 10:00 monday morning. >> i sent a text to him right away, and he texted me right back with his location, and what was happening with him. >> reporter: from more than 100 miles away, she kept tabs on the situation, as well as her son. >> being hooked up with a buckeye alert, think it was the you want to know exactly what's going on, and they would send out alerts just about every 10 minutes. >> reporter: meanwhile, ron found out a different way. >> my cellphone rings, and it's riley, and he said hey, dad, and i said hey, riley, just thinking he was making a regular phone call. he said i just wanted to let you know i'm sock. he immediately asked what was going on. >> i guess i'm glad i didn't know. thankfully he called right away. >> reporter: his son received
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won did not. he recommends all students take the time to sign up for it now. >> he knew immediately, almost, that there was an issue. >> reporter: ron's son spent about an hour and 15 minutes in the student union. >> he actually has a class on that side of campus on mondays at that time, where the incident happened, but it was canceled today. >> reporter: laura's son stayed safer about a block away from where everything was happening. >> reporter: so i was very grateful. >> and even more grateful for the quick response. >> i think they trauma to a minimum and keep a lot of kids safe. >> reporter: you might have heard about this run, hide, fight practice. it's a plan created by the department of homeland security on how people should handle active threats. >> parents, you can get alerts from ohio state's campus directly to your phones, but your student needs to sign you up. they can e-mail the address you
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they will need to include their full name and their buckeye i.d. number, and then they can list up to two loved ones names and cellphone numbers. now, anyone can sign up the to get public safety notices from the police division there. those he advertises alert you through e-mail about on serious crimes on or around campus. you can sign up for those directly on-line at osu's public safety page. into many first found their facebook and twitter pages. we look tonight at how social media played a crucial roll in getting information out today. >> let's go through this chronologically. this is from the osu emergency management department. buckeye alert. this is where the misinformation came out. active shooter on campus. run, hide, fight. later, of course, that turned out not took shooter. this is the scene of the vehicle the suspect involved if from the student newspaper. the lantern, an image of what
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this image was striking. look at these chairs that these students in this study hall just kind of rammed against that door so that nobody could get in. and then there's the lighter side of things, lebron james saying praying for all students at ohio state's campus. well, we have much more than coverage from osu coming up tonight at 7:00 and on our yc complete timeline of today's events, as well as an in-depth article into who that suspect was. well, it's 6:15 now. and michael is in for betsy tonight. a gray and rainy day around here, after this great weekend we all had. there were some pockets, some
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it wasn't freezing, it just had to throw the gloves on, and you did okay. >> for tonight, you'll need to grab the umbrellas. it's a steady light to moderate rainfall that we'll track into northeast ohio through the overnight, and through tomorrow morning on tuesday. by late week, a cool down in store, but that will be after temperatures in the 60s tomorrow. here is what the next 12 hours look like. again, it will be the stead by midnight, and to start off tomorrow morning. think around, say, 8:00 a.m. on tuesday, most of the rain should begin to be move on out of here. but notice these winds from the south between 5 to 15 miles per hour. that's helping to pump in the heat, and watch what happens around, say, thanksgiving, or points just after midnight. those wind gusts really begin to pick up, almost at 40 miles per hour towards elyria.
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should begin for die down in terms of those winds by tomorrow afternoon. we're track it will that rainfall into is parts of northeast ohio. already saying it, here down towards rich land. it's just a light to moderate rain. you will not hear any thunder out of this, but all of this is pressing off toward it is the east, compliments of what we'll call weather maker and rainmaker number one. you can see it here. some severe weather being reported, much further down toward this south. th w so northeast ohio, it looks good, if in terms of it just being the rainfall. that it rain maker number 1. rainmaker number 2 is well off toward this the west. you'll notice a little lull in the activity from that point from rain maker number 1 to 2. so tuesday afternoon looking okay, but by wednesday morning wednesday afternoon, it's this area of low pressure that will rise towards the east, and eventually impact us here in northeast ohio on wednesday. so make a long story short,
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tracking for you tomorrow afternoon, looking okay. but you want to make sure that if you want to get some christmas decorations, or holiday decorations up, that you do it sometime tomorrow afternoon. here is what it looks like for tonight. in the rain moves in to the downtown cleveland area between 9:00 and 10:00. eventually our friends in ashtabula seeing the rain just before midnight, and then during the overnight hours, through early tomorrow, still tracking the rain showers, up until about 8:00 in the morning. so right when you're getting the kids school tomorrow, you're getting out the door, and ready for work, the rain comes to an end. perhaps some areas of misand drizzle in if between. but by tomorrow afternoon, although we'll start with the clouds, i think that we'll see a few break physician those clouds, meaning a few more peaks of sunshine, and that sunshine helping to propel temperatures into the low 60s tomorrow. in terms of rainfall totals, from start to finish, now through about 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, think that we'll pick
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10th of an inch to to just under a half he an inch. some spots that see perhaps the moderate rainfall, that will be closer to an inch and a half of rain, but for most of us, think things are looking relatively good. estimates tonight, fairly mild. mid-to-upper 40s, a few 50s. grab those umbrellas if you're thinking about doing dinner near the next hour he or so. wind nation's 7-day be holding and wednesday. wield hold on to a 60% chance of showers on wednesday. and then thursday, friday, and is sue into the weekend, lake effect showers we'll see. but all in all, 60s tomorrow and on wednesday, not tee bad there. think the best time to get out and about this week to get some outdoor errands done will be this thursday, friday, into the upcoming weekend.
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monday lives on strong on! >> back to you. >> the browns continue to search for their first win. hear from hue jackson straight ahead. but first, here is check of what's ahead on nightly news. >> ahead for us tonight, there's late information on the suspect in that bloody attack at ohio state university. was it an act of terror. a massive outpouring of emotion here in havana, as cubans wait for hours to pay respec fidel casspi.
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the browns will go to 0-12. there will be four games left to go, once we come back. but a badly needed bee a team that is winless and has not tasted a win all season long. >> welcome, everybody. there it is. here is the script that we've been showing you since september, when the browns opened up against the philadelphia eagles. and we used the same script every monday. i know some of you asked me at the stadium, are you going to use that script? of course we are. the browns lost again yesterday. so now they are 0-12 with only four more chances to get a win. but this is the bye week, so they get a chance to kind of retool.
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let's give you the notes. that is troubled man, hur jackson, trying to find way to win, cody kessler clears of concussion pro toy coal. he is available again. reimold seems to be get -- rg3 seems to be getting close to ready to go. peel shiell a test this week to see if he has healed enough for him to sustain contact and perhaps play maybe against the bengals. bad news, though, john greco, just a really good oh lineman, foot strain, placed on i.r., done for the remainder of the year. so if you count the 12 losss this year and the three at the end of last year, that's 15 in a row, and in the browns last 33 games, they are now 3-30. have you had enough, cleveland? i owe our fan base and our organization, and these players, an opportunity to win a game, you know, to win. and with the next one comes up in cincinnati. so we're going to do whatever
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ourselves in that w column. >> all right. here we go. winner winner chicken dinner. pick a winner. it's cincinnati, maybe 3-7-1, a week from this sunday. boy, that would be fitting if if hue jackson could get his first win as the browns head coach against his old team, cincinnati. kevin love was named eastern conference player of the week. does lebron know about this lo he's earned the award, first time as a cavalier. remember, he had that mag neverrent game last week when he had all of those three- pointers in the first quarter. he had, like, 28 games in the first quarter. they play the bucks tomorrow night in milwaukee. >> that will be fun. sharing the love. i think that's what that's called. >> wow. t-shirts tomorrow. t-shirts tomorrow. >> i'm calling it in.
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thanks for watching. jimmy and michael back tonight at 7:00, russ, as well, live in columbus. the nbc nightly news with lester holt live in he havana
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tonight, campus attack horror at ohio state. a driver slams into a crowd, then goes on a terrifying stabbing spree. we have new details on the suspect, as the fbi investigates. were there ties to terrorism? with no evidence, president-elect trump pushes baseless cla illegally, in an election that he won. plus, palace intrigue. are there warring factions inside trump tower? we're live from havana where thousands are lining up to bid farewell for castro. what's next for cuba? banned for life. delta released video of a belligerent passenger on board. and football to


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