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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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forget his life. the latest from cleveland and columbus next.
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a student turns into a crowd, then goes on a stabbing spree before being shot and killed by police. was it an act of terror? >> he looked pretty determined. >> what the suspect page reveals and what we're learning about 11 people injured . the police officer being hailed a hero. let's get right to life coverage for my partner joins us tonight. >> on a rainy night in columbus, we have the nuts and bolts of what happened in the complex behind me. just before 10 am, an 18-year- old student plowed his car into a group of protesters and then
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knife and went on a stabbing and cutting spree. within a one minute, police officer shot and killed him. as a victim, 11 went to the hospital, one injured critically. we're told all will be okay. suspect is from somalia. he arrived in 2014. we'll have more on him in a moment. you tonight, i spoke with a young man, a student who saw the whole thing unfold and call 9 him, he was still shaken up. >> it was surreal. the car hitting everyone was in slow motion. as soon as he got it with a knife, and knew what was happening. i just ran. it was horrifying. it's pandemonium or complexes >> it was controlled chaos. the government responded
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everyone bolted and maintain different directions. he didn't do any damage because how well everyone responded. it could have been a lot worse. he says is going to take full advantage of the counseling the university offers students and faculty who may need it. >> the suspect, we're looking into his history. trick a first this was reported by active shooter. surely after we learned the only gun used was by police to take the attacker out. use the car and a knife to pull off his rampage. a clearer picture is forming into what set him off. >> not 48 hours after the happiest moment in recent buckeye memory, it's darkest moments. it rolled into town by way of this honda accord and his 18- year-old freshman behind the
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drove into crowds of people outside for a fire drill. then began stabbing others with a butcher knife. >> he looked pretty determined. he exited the car repast. at first i thought it was a freak accident. he pulled a knife, you notice is not just an accident. >> minutes later, this 28-year- old campus police officer by the shot that killed the attackerre victims from expanding. >> these photos show students barricaded themselves in their dorm rooms after campuswide text alerts to shelter in place. here's what we know about the attacker. born in somalia 18 years ago, fled to pakistan with this family, came to the us through jfk airports in 2014. he was a lawful, permanent us resident. earlier this year to rant about attacks on muslims and what
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point. i can't take it anymore. >> using a car and a nice has been the latest urging prices not had a similar to the tack in france this summer. this evening, authorities coming to his home and electronics looking for any formal terror group affiliation for insight into this mindset. authorities say he acted alone but police have not ruled out of those may have helped him plan. he wrote in the school paper about how difficult it is to fit in as a muslim on campus and how the media has painted his faith in such a way that others are judging him. he spent the last two years and rolled into the college before enrolling in ohio state were told he spent time in dallas before coming to ohio. columbus ohio has a second largest somali population in the us only behind minneapolis.
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several vigils were held in the area. a couple with two that. chuck it's a quiet evening on campus. we noticed many people coming together to show support. motion still running high and the prayers continue to roll in. as the candles burn inside a church a block away from this morning's attack, prayers were of and staff and those simply touched by today's events. >> anyone who's part of ohio state and listen columbus knows we are an inclusive place. we are one welcomes everyone. >> dozens gathered inside the church and lighting candles to process what happened hours before and steps away. 11 people injured in the attack and taken to three hospitals.
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was a big wave of gratitude. >> the victims are expected to survive and among them, students , professor and another staff member. one student was hiding for 90 minutes before getting out. classmates comfort the students and offer support when there was none. that comfort continue tonight. earlier cameras were allowed inside but we were allowed to capture from outside the windows as a group to reflect. >> things must go on. to feel what happens and show our respect. >> students are expected to go back to normal schedule tomorrow. class is expected to resume
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together with their friends, talking about the situation and grabbing a bite to eat. second things are calm and columbus tonight. in stark contrast to 12 hours ago. while the latest and tomorrow, for now, good night from clovis, i will see you soon. as news of the attack started unfolding on social media, many people posted pictures including this one that showed desks piled up to barricaded door. one of the first tweets on the situation, iowa has stayed by advised students to run, hide and fight. they sits three words i can be the difference between life and death. that's according to the defense instructors who are in big demand nowadays. they preach this ounce preparedness prevention is
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we asked csu students to take a crash course in run, hide, fight to see how it works.>> they watched that the chaos unfold, two hours down the road. tonight our focus group admitted. >> it's happening to them makes it seem so much more realistic it happened to us at any moment. >> is exactly why tactical defense instructor has a job. >> to take your life depends on because it does. h tweeted out, run, hide, fight. >> number one, we're going to try to run away. run with the incidents, call 911, be a good witness. there too, if you can't run away, we're going to hide, shelter in place, we're going to get out of the shooters you and get someplace they can't see us. we're going to make it physically difficult to get to us. we're going to barricaded doors
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distance and cover between them and us as possible. lastly, we will fight in the event we weren't able to run away, we were hiding and they found us, we will fight and try to fight injuries. we barricaded up in the street to get through, will use weapons of opportunity. >> it was empowering. i know exactly what to do. >> makes us proactive approach to as a as posterior reactive. >> is no need to panic as long as do. rather than being a victim, which make ourselves survivors. so we don't have to be an other casualty. the point being, think about it now while you can before you find yourself in that situation is too late. a lot of people ask when they saw that tweet, fight? what effect?, now it makes sense. it's the third last resort by
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difference between life and death. be aware of your strandings. >> we see that pile of dust, it makes you think that's what i would need to do. >> use what you have and now maybe helps prevent more tragedy in the future. our coverage continues now. you can find the complete guide on how parents can sign up for the schools safety alerts. we checked out the process for you for several colleges across the state. coming up, implements benefits. just some of how deep lawmakers are willing to go. as cyber monday comes so close, we look at what people are shopping the season and how much they are spending. a lot of folks going to need their umbrellas, overnights and first thing tomorrow morning. will talk about how long the ride lasts. have a cool down by the way. more after this.
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us marshals are searching for this man. the fugitive of the week dale
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to verify his residence. he's 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds. if you have any information you can call the number on your screen. tips and stam anonymous and there's reward money available. cyber monday is drawing to a close this hour. while the numbers aren't in yet. hundred 22 million americans were expected to shop online today. the national retail federation says the gap of online shoppers versus those who go into the stores is widening. 108 milliope weekend versus only 99 million baht in stores. last year that number was split evenly. adobe says, more than $5 billion was spent online of things getting a black friday. that's up almost 18% over last year. . my workers can count on 26 weeks of unemployment benefits. tomorrow, state lawmakers will start hearing a plan that could make the cuts of those payments
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our senior political correspondent explains the problem and the options. to six weeks of unemployment benefits for life and we lost a job. >> i couldn't pay my bills or a mortgage. i would have been homeless. >> and implement insurance has a tiger purpose. this was not in charge of cuyahoga county job efforts. >> the economic safety net for the workers so they can continue to pay their bills, put food on the table. it's also the qt. >> jobseekers need more time to get new jobs. ohio, many other states went broke the recession. i'll pay off megabucks loans +245,000,000 images. >> the basic choice facing lawmakers, do they want to shore up the unemployment compensation plan by raising
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or cut benefits to workers. >> republicans retooled the plan, workers would not automatically get 26 weeks, many would get 12 to 20 weeks by meeting more requirements. kirk sharing a point person for this claiming he wants to balance things with tax hikes and lower benefits go how can he stay a small tax and workers first $10,000 earned. the national average, 13,500. democrats lining up against us. >> is a true injustice. companies fair share. check out the benefits are/>>'s they won't know with nextel comes in to do this. crime will go up. >> reporter: ohio giving 26 weeks. the measures being fast tracked and could be voted on in the legislatures lame-duck session before the end of the year. opponents of the delay that so more public hearings could be held next year.
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it's a gray grainy, gloomy. you have a case of the mondays today anyway. >> i feel like tonight, great napping and sleeping weather. >> silver lining. >> the first thing tomorrow morning, grab a hold of your rain gear. specific out the door before it o'clock in the morning. we'll track showers, moving out of northeast ohio commodities in the morning. we make it into the 60s tomorrow and partly to mostly cloudy skies. here's what it looks like for tomorrow. we wake up to the clouds and spotty showers. b reese on top but the wind should die down to lunch time. temperatures in upper 50s. we enjoy sunshine with temperatures in the low 60s tomorrow afternoon. went outside right now from the
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watch what happens overnight through early tomorrow. those wins stay with us and gusting over 30 miles per hour before dying down around lunchtime. the light to moderate rain, the heavier stuff towards the south. they see heavier bouts of rain. want to show this bill?. if your friends or family that live in east tennessee specifically around saint kahlenberg a popular vacation resort town, we are tracking mandatory evacuations there because of a large forest fire. you can see smoke plumes on radar because of that. you may want to check in with them and runs to make sure they are doing okay. otherwise, here's where the picture looks like.
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one underway. by wednesday, the rainmaker number two moves in first thing wednesday morning lingering and lasting through wednesday afternoon. you still have time tomorrow to get out and about and enjoy things. it will be short-lived. overnight the early tomorrow. the clock around 8 o'clock in the morning. we'll track those showers continuing to press off towards ea to mostly cloudy skies in store. temperatures back in the low 60s by that point. rainfall totals through 8 am tomorrow morning, a were between 1/10 to a quarter of an inch on top of what we already picked up this evening. the seven-day forecast shows you 60s today and tomorrow. we fall into the 40s thursday through the weekend. umbrellas needed overnights
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i went to look like forecast. winter is here so's annual coat for kids campaign. from now to early january you can donate coats of all sizes and a variety of locations including malls, offices and garden centers. they help sponsor this drive which provides warm coats for children across northern ohio. for more information go coats for kids, cleveland.or. coming up, the bye week is finally here for the browns. they look to recharge their batteries and prepare for the final four games of the season. we hear from the head coach
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his arm got hit in the ball got picked off. down the left sideline, 10, five, touchdown, giants. unbelievable.>> believable. the browns are owen 12. they lose yesterday to the giants. 2713 the bye week is here. take a step away from this thing, take a deep breath, letter for the final four games try to find someplace to get a win before the season is over. is wearing a hugh jackson. they practiced indoors today. we'll take a break until they come back next week. cody kesha has been cleared from concussion protocols these
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determine whether or not we it was come back and take the ball contact and possibly as early as against the bengals with presented. he was asked about his emotions yesterday. got very choked up when he was talking about how difficult it's been for him to handle being able to win a game so far this year. it is what it is. i am what i am. what you see is what you will get. i'm not a phony. i am human like everybody else. it's private. the they might see more than that. bad news on the offensive line just a little but injuries. john greco injured his foot yesterday. he was placed on ir which means he's done for the year. his value go -- a valuable guy. he topped out at center, gone back to guard. these guys are tough to replace. have to find a backup center to
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hurt. >> if the number one pick it owen 12. the 49ers are right behind only one went on the air. they are the second pick in the first round. it could go up for the eagles lose tonight to the green bay packers. round. the cavs are off today with the best record in the east and why not. they are 13 and two of the season. kevin love's been in the eastern conference player of the week. lebron took a week off and left hands of getting the award, third time in an career he's want. history .7 points and 9.7 rebounds. winkie had, is that they have
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teammate they'll play the clippers here, ellie off to a good start in chicago against the balls at 10 and six. ohio state will wait and see tomorrow when the computer ratings come out to see where they are in the college book ball playoff pecking order. they been number two so far in the order. playoff rankings tomorrow. top forget him. the final rankings come out sunday. i have states not in the big ten championship game. watch where they are put tomorrow. if they stay number two, as old as the window dropped out of picture. they'll get into the playoffs. tomorrow should be interesting. the big ten has find the university of michigan $10,000 a postgame comments made a michigan football coach jim
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bitterly disappointed in the officiating on saturday. >> north you have to pay that or michigan says we will pick that up. >> he's a little salty about that stuff. the type that puts your high blood pressure medicine. says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out.
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now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month,
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those girls are ready. >> clowned schmik cloudy windy and wet. >> be sure to tune in today starting at 4:30 am. have a good one.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- john goodman -- alexis bledel --


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