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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 29, 2016 4:07am-4:37am EST

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was at the get a, delta said they should have removed him. they offered refund to commerce on board that flight. a united airlines 747 bound for tokyo landed safely back if san francisco after one of its four engines failed after takeoff. one passenger reported a loud bang and flames coming from the engine. the plane landed without incident. a passenger on board a united flight pued emergency exit door and jumped out of the plane as it was taxiing in houston. the woman jumped to the ground and ran to the terminal before she was taken into custody. the improvement. just as high as the force awakens. yesterday was the first day of the ticket pre sales ahead of the premier. fandango's ticket site went up
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t. website started to crash. customers took to social media complaining about long waits and the site going down. fandango tells customers a digital wait room had been created. hopefully after waiting in that wait room, you guy versus your tickets and are you all set for december 16th. >> yeah, not getting a lot of confirmation people got their tickets. we may have to do it the old fashioned way. after all the shopping, it's today is giving tuesday. we will tell you about that ahead. first, nbc meteorologist bill karins is looking out ahead today. >> first, the pictures were amazing what happened near the gatlinburg area. high winds continues. we still see wind ten-to-20 miles per hour during the day today. the radar is encouraging. >> that will continue through the morning hours.
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mississippi, louisiana, and a portion of tennessee here, maybe an isolated tornado. here's a closer look at your day ahead. so we're going to g another round of severe storms, this afternoon into this evening. so we'll get a break this morning. a little clean-up from that wind damage in mississippi. also, heavy rain will be moving up, airport delays are likely. so we're going to have airport delays. we had hopfully, we won't have too many tornado today. >> bill, thank you very much. just ahead, an unusual development in the charleston massacre case. then an incapacitated driver leads to a harrowing rescue and it is all caught on tape. "early today" is back in two.
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after thanksgiving. it's becoming the launch of the holiday giving season. it is a global day dedicated to giving back. if you are finding a way to get your organization to come together. one easy way to get involved is to promote selflessness with a hashtag that will appear on the campaign website as well as throughout social media. take a photo, tag it with #givingtuesday and #unselfie, upload it to be a part of the global celebration and a new generosity and a whole me sign out of the corner. >> remember that it's not about shopping by also giving back. the white house warns of a significant economic proceed to cuba if donald trump untangles the diplomatic ties with the island nation and terminates a deal between both countries as he vows to do so on twitter t. administration says castro's
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harmonious relationship, lining up to pay their respects to the deceased dictator. >> if it wasn't for the cuban people to be here and everybody is here. >> you see soldiers crying, old men crying. >> it's most incredible. he did many, many things for cuba. >> moving on to an unusual development in the charleston massacre as his trial. the judge called it quote a strategically unwise move. roof's lawyers can stand by and help him if he asks. he faces 33 federal hate crime charges for fatally shooting nine black parishioners at a church last year. south carolina prosecutors plan
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murder. in australia, a four-wheel drive spins out with a passed-out driver behind the wheel. traffic came to a halt in both directions when the driver lost consciousness with his foot on the gas pedal while the vehicle was actually in reverse. sterling drivers chased the suv and one was able to reach the hand brake. the driver was taken to the hospital no. word on what caused to him black out. >> so serious, those people trying to get it into last year, over 23 million people never got their packages, details on a growing trend. porch pirates and how to avoid
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fast forwarding today, u.s. lawmakers are expected to vote on the 21st century act this week. the bill provides funding for initiative itself and shine. it is being criticized for easing standards for new drugs and medical devices. south korean president announced she will resign if they come up with a state transfer of power. she has been facing calls for her resignation over a scandal. michelle obama mel comes military families to the white house to see the decoration, many which honor those families.
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a move and a warning for online shoppers expecting package delivery, beware of what's been called porch pirates. karen, good morning. >> reporter: frances, ayman, good morning to you. opec technical teams are having a hard time joining the dots on the production cuts ahead of the key opec producer's meeting tomorrow in vienna. it's not helping sentiment by suggesting the oil market will rebalance itself in 2017 without a cut. prices are down 1% after a roller coaster ride on prices yesterday. meantime, brace for strikes across the country. that's been the message for the five for 15 campaign and labor movement demanding $15 per hour minimum wage for low paid workers. effectively, there will be protesters in major airports across the country t. one expected to be impacted the most is chicago's o'hare. 1,600 workers choose to strike.
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police warn of porch pirates, that's people taking packages off the doorsteps of homes. a number of thieves have been caught in action by home security cameras. the message has been have your packages delivered to secure locations, let me toss it back to you in studio. >> it's tough if are you not home, if are you working. >> i was always looking for a silver lining living in an apartment. at least i know my packages are being delivered to the >> unless you have neighbors in your building. >> all right, just ahead, with november nearing an end, a look at the progression of this guy's facial hair. have you ever we heard of the
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our blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto?. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. >> the big story right now has been president-elect donald trump. he has been busy tweeting again. that right. he went on twitter yesterday to you deduct the millions of illegal voters and any recount will change nothing. speaking of nothing changing, trump won and still says the election was rigged. >> i was so worried that after the election he would have less material. apparently, that's not the case. >> i don't think so whatsoever. all right, well, november is mo-vember. millions growing beard for men's health. they started the mustache
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