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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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this is because of a building collapse.
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you can detour west 94th and or west 90th street to get around that. your next traffic check in about 15 minutes. i'm in ohio state and a bunch of people ran with a knife chasing down people. >> an attack on ohio state's campus. 11 people injured. one critically this morning after a student goes on a stabbing spree yesterday morning. >> the investigation is continuing this morning. live in columbus from the campus with the latest developing details. will? >> yeah. good morning. just to dif give you an idea a lot of people who vice president been on ohio state ice campus or haven't been recent ily. back behind me on this side a couple of sand volleyball courts. a couple of restaurants.
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just before 10 a.m. an 18-year-old student drove on to the campus. rammed his car past the curb into the crowd on the sidewalk and starting stabbing before a police officer shot and killed a suspect. 11 people wept to the hospital. one injured critical lism we're told all will be okay. he wrote on his facebook page. referenced lone wolf attack that a critic pose says forgive and forget, love. it send the campus on lockdown for 90 minutes until the all clear was given. a senior was here just a few feet away when he got out of the car. he first thought it was just an accident. >> at first i thought it was a freak accident. maybe just giet driving the car had a seizure or something. after he pulled out the knife you really know that
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>> university is offering counseling services. students, fak faculty and staff where they can come together as a community and as a group and mourn together. the investigation side, they're still looking into what exactly the motive was mind this telling nbc news that they're still trying to figure out if it was something that pushed him over the boiling . what it was that made this all yesterday. we are going to continue to follow. this all the lateston line. all right. thank you and here at 5:40 let's dig into this morning. >> tiffany is here now this morning. tiffany they're looking into all possibilities. >> they are going through his apartment, interviewing people who knew him. checking his social media accounts, his technology to ams the questions why and if somebody else may
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this attack bmped. 18-year-old was born in somalia. he and his family fled to pakistan in tweive and came to the u.s. in 2014. he was a lawful, permanent u.s. resident. we're also learning about where he spent his time before moving to columbus. for a short while he livid at a temporary catholic charity shelter in dallas. he was a student at osu and told the campus newspaper that being muslim, he to pray in public. coming up the rant he recently made on facebook and what police are looking into. whether he was inspired by terrorists propaganda. >> all right. thank you, tiffany. in the waying of the attack ohio lawmakers are set to vote on a bill that would allow concealed handguns on campus. the state senate could vote as early as tomorrow on a bill that passed the house last year.
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concealed handguns on school property. the bill would also allow concealed handguns at day cares and some government build gltion. there were three words ohio state tweeted as the attack was unfolding. they said rib, hide, fight. this was tactical defense advice. it may become part of our normal safety routine. >> that's right. john, it's frightening to think about being in an attack situation like the one yesterday but they say those three words can mean the difference between life and death. they've been teaching run, hide, fight that needs to be in the back of everyone's mind. last night at cleveland state instructor matt schaffer told students to run away and cull 9-1-1. find a place to hide. finding a way to barricade yourself with objects making it difficult to
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going to fight. in the event we weren't able to run away. we were hiding and they found us. we are going to fight in a confined space. we've had barricaded off. they're strug toggle get through. use weapon of opportunity. mace, pepper spray, we'll use that. into to your advantage. you're fighting if #-r your life. >> they were using pens to fight off the attacker. it's hard to think about ever being in that situation but defense experts say it's something to of emergency you know what to do. john? glp and the attacker may be offguard because of that advice as well many thank you. we took a lot of calls from worried parents when news of the attack broke out. so we did some research to find out how you can keep tabs on your student's safety. many ohio universities offer campus alerts for students and parents but in most cases your student has to sign you up.
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how to sign up for school safety alerts. we checked out the process for you for several colleges across the state. >> some breaking news this morning. a chartered airplane including a brazilian soccer team. the associated press reports five people survived. it's believed to have come down in a mountainous area outside the city just before midnight. now it's not clear yet what area had been hit by heavy rains and thunderstorms. the rugged terrain is making it hard to reach the crash site. >> to somesore stories this morning. a portion of east 9th street is closed due to broken glass and wires. high winds caused the damg to the pnc building. they're still on the scene and they're trying to get the gri off the road no.
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but as soon as it does, we will let you know. also overnight a partial building collapse on the east side. bricks were stripped off the side of the building. police on scene saying weather did play a factor in all of this damage. >> the fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage is the focus of two protests today as part of a national they of action. they are holding two rallies east side mcdonalds. a minimum wage proposal will be on the may 2 bd ballot. it calls for a gradual increase. opponents say without the rest of the state doing the same thing, businesses would leave the city. time right now is 5:09 l an unexpected exit. why one one was arrested after
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plane. >> how you can help the local community on this giving tuesday. >> love to hear that. and good morning to you. so we've got the warm windy weather in the headlines as you are waking up. maybe you're up a little ahead of schedule because of those winds. really it's something. and we are talking numbers that are so impress kif. still a slight shower chance this horng but back to some sunshine later on today. we take a live cameras a little sayy can morning because of the windy weather. that means two hand on the wheel. a live look. it is 5:10. love to hear about conditions in your neighborhood as you're waking up. on twitter president wkyc.
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glenchts more buildings are now in danger. you see the thick smoke that is in the area from the fire. one person was hurt trying evacuate. the winds are not helping. tennessee national guard deployed to the area and the transportation department are also responding to this fire. >> the man charged with killing nine black parishioners inside a south carolina church will represent himself. the judge ruled dillon roof can act as his own lawyer while calling it unwise. he's charged with counts including hate crimes and
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attack. he thinks it's a possible death sentence for convicted >> . they are still trying to figure out why a woman jumped from a plane shortly after landing. here's the surveillance video in houston showing a woman jumping off a plane as it arrived at bush intercontinental airport. it was waiting for the final taxi so the gate when she decided to jump out. she was arrested after running across the they're not getting answers as to why she jumped out. now to kansas. a christmas tree farm in kansas is spreading some holiday cheer to troops in north carolina. a group involved with trees for troops gatt nerd kansas to pick out christmas trees for soldiers stationed in fort bragg. it helps to send trees all across the u.s. to military families with the help
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nationwide. they plan to deliver the holiday cheer to bases all across the country. >> very nice. >> yeah. >> and this is giving tuesday today. >> sure is. >> talking about that and more of those lights holding on there in the wind. >> they did a great job. because boy, those wind gusts -- you were saying they need to be as high as 40 miles an hour? >> if one bulb goes out. >> you know what happens. i need your griz wald out there la >> check 'em. okay. we've got a check of your bus stop forecast right now. it is breezy. we still have a few showers possible this morning. but gosh is it mild. temperatures are already above where we should be for highs at 55 degrees. let get to it. i think wind will lighten up today. 67 the record high. that's worth mentioning. a seasonal pattern as we head into the end of the week as far as numbers but not
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i'm thinking at least 63. reports of very light showers in spots. 18 miles an hour downtown. generally coming out of the south and we are seeing the warmth from that but it's the wind gus that are really getting us. and here's the good news. they start to diminish. the line in pink is the wind gust and the line in white is the sustained winds. those are to calm a bit as they
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and evening. evening as the wind calm we're going to have those gustst at 20 miles an hour range. breezy throughout the day and you can thank this warm front lifting through the region. it's also bringing us those southerly winds and the temperatures that are so impressive. it brought plenty of rain in spots toovment shower chances this morning am few dots here and there on radar. literally dots. so yes. that's what we're talking about. take along the umbrella in case otherwise some extra time and just knowing that there are some power lines down and things like that. many power outages to report too. scattered throughout the area. we'll get close to 6. tomorrow we're also in the low 60s many we've got scattered rain chances and we're back to more seasonal weather. highs in the 40s is what we should have. some rain and maybe even a few snow flakes at times.
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system. you know that we're there for you. rain, shine, whatever it may be. even power outages sometimes on a morning like today could cause some closings and delays. it's 5:19. a check of that drive. welcome to your tuesday. we have a lot to get to in we have a live picture of the scene and this is a lot because of the winter -- not the winter. winter. the winds that we're seeing. the tree over there blowing. some pnc. it had construction or is having construction and hit the wires and gri on roadway. it's closed between chester and euclid avenue. you need to get around this one. east 13th as a detour option. so you can get around that heading east.
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hearing from you about a tree. state route 20 and little mountain road. blocked due to falling cables. we have west 9 #st street close at maywood avenue buzz a building collapse and it's now passable. west 121st street. it's passable. i'm going to continue to update you on twitter. back to you. >> all 5:0 right now. it is giving tuesday. a look at some easy ways you can help a local busy in need.
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it's 5:23. after a long holiday weekend of shopping and deals
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to the community. >> so on this giving tuesday, everybody's encouraged to volunteer or make donations to charities and one place you can give back today is the cleveland food bank. karen is joining us with thorng with more on how you can help. good morning, karen. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so you know hunger never takes a holiday but we do want to know what is your biggest need this time of year at the food bank? >> wel donations are always good. for every dollar doonlted to the greater cleveland food bank we can provide enough for four nutritious meals. it's so important for us. with not only fundraising but volunteers as well. it's a busy holiday season and it's a great opportunity to encourage folks to not only make a monetary donation but give back some time as well. and not only at the holidays but year round. >> you wring up, you know,
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helping out. you can use some helps there. can they volunteer their time? >> yes. absolutely. we need volunteers year round and when you come out to the food bank you can help repack food, work in the kitchen. there's a couple of different things we have volunteers do and they're really key to our operations here at the food bank. >> okay. and so if anybody's interested where can they get more information on helping today or really any >> sure. the easiest way to get information is to go to our website. which is greater cleveland food >> okay. >> thank you so much. really appreciate it. karen from the greater cleveland food bank. >> sure, no problem. >> okay. >> love it. >> hello. >> good morning. the more you give the more you receive. >> that's true. >> the best. >> true. >> let's do it. we've got a windy start to the day. we've got a really warm start
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right now and winds have been howling overnight. i'm sure many of you roll over a few times because of that. let's get the coffee going and do this. low to mid-60s for highs today. we will see some sunshine am few shower chances this morning. take a look at the national temperature map and if you're not staring at the tv can i just boast about some of these highs? chicago, st. louis, charlotte, philly, new york city. we're talking highs well into the 50s 73 in atlanta today. i mean, november 29th and we're not looking at a snow flake on this map john and lena l we'll talk about trends for the rest of the week. see if we do find any cold seasonal weather. that's coming up. >> all right. thanks. 5:26 right now. attack on campus. we will keep you updated on the developing details
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campus. >> we've got that covered as
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it was pretty surreal, the whole thing. the car hitting. everyone was in slow motion and as soon as he came out with a knife i knew exactly what was happening and i just ran. it was horrifying. >> students and faculty here in get back to normal life on the campus of ohio state university after yesterday's attack at north college and 19th. this is where it all happened around 10 a.m. yesterday morning. an 18-year-old student drove on to campus, rammed his car past the curb into a crowd opt sidewalk then started stabbing people before a police officer shot and killed the suspect likely
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one injured critically. we're told all will be okay. the university is offering counseling services to those who need it. students, faculty and staff gathered here in cleums near the scene to pray for the victim and the community. officials say they have not yet determined a motive for the ambush. something they're going to continue to look into today as they continue to look into his past. for that part of the story we now turn to tiffany. good morning. >> and will, good morning to you. we are learning more about the attack ary enwhat was he inspire i by overseas terrorist propaganda? both siss is and al qaeda have urged followers to carry out attacks with vehicles or knives. just two months ago isis claimed credit for a knife attack that hurt nine people the a minnesota shopping mall. a truck attack in july that killed 84 people in nice was inspired by isis.
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carried out the attack by himself. now, they're investigating whether anyone else was involved in planning it. when the attack was happening a lot of people took to social media to get information out and know overnight we're seeing a lot of people take -- take to social media for support. first of all ohio state tweeted out together we remain unified in the face of adversity and started buckeyestrong. emily was a student -- is a studener out of class early and overslep and just missed the craziness. buckeyestrong. we're seeing universities across the country start to tweet messages to ohio state. the auburn family sends thoughts and prayers to our colleagues and friends at ohio state. university of georgia keeping ohio state in our thoughts today. and ou campus from one ohio to another we are all buckeye strong. be safe. holly over to you.
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thank you. talking your forecast at 5:32. it is breezy. it is rainy in spots. we've got overcast chi skies. temperatures 55 degrees right now. we'll be mid-50s then warm into the upper 50s by lunch. winds will lighten and ease a bit. we will see some sunshine later today along with highs in the 60s many how's that for november 29th? in the meantime the wind are certainly the headline. all kind of damage and things we're 10 to 20 miles an hour sustained and as we take a look at the plot. the good news is they start to lighten as we get into the afternoon. although wind gusts align this in pink. we're still seeing those gusts even into the afternoon hours themselves. this is something you need to be cautious of as you're headed out this morning. power outages in place. right now in terms of drive times normal drive times throughout the region we're
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multiple road closures because of the windy conditions. east 9th street closed between superior because wire and cables. it's closed until further notice but our photographer says the east 9th street is going to open soon. so hopefully it will be reopen by the time many of you hit the roads. it's a major route into down towp cleveland. we continue to update you on that. in addition to that option you want you get 8th street open. they say it's closed between center street an the mountain road because of fallen power cables. crews are working to clear the scene fsm you need to get around this you can can take johnny cake ridge road. coming up, we'll update you on the closures and west 91st street and update you on
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impacting traffic in huron. thank you. morning news time we're following breaking news this morning. a chattered plane has crashed on its way to international in colombia. they confirm that 76 people were killed and five survivors am brazilian first division soccer team was on board. they believed to come down in a mountainous area midnight. it's not clear yet what caused the crash but the area had been hit by heavy rain and thunderstorms. the driver accused in a deadly chattanooga school bus crash will appear in court today. charged with vehicular homicide, reckless driving and wreckless endangerment. he was not on his designated route when the bus crashed. six students were killed. five others are still in the
5:36 am
unusual step of banning a passenger for life after he was caught on video unleashing an obscenity rant. they insulted fellow passengers who voted for hillary clinton. delta now says it should have removed that passenger rather than allowing him to continue to fly. they offered refunds to customers on board. michigan football coach had a stuff day saturday. he took his frustration out on the headset. then he ripped the refs for disappointing an outrageous call. they made a phone call. they fined them $10,000 and publicly reprimanded harbaugh. no further action will be taken. michigan will drop tonight when the new college football playoff rankings come out. but i think they're still one of the four best teams.
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secretary of state. that's the one where mitt romney has caused some concern on inside in terms of getting that position. bob porker of tennessee is headed in today. he's said to be a con ter. rudy giuliani on that short list and seems to be getting rather ng as well. mitt romney for second meeting today. a dinner meeting to see if he might actually end up being named secretary of state. we do know that tom price from georgia has been named or will be named head of health and human services. sources are confirming that and in fact vice president-elect mike pence so expect some big announcements today. we are watching as you noted that recount that's
5:42 am
to happen we understand in pennsylvania and michigan. where republicans are saying it's absolutely unnecessary. experts also telling us there's no evidence of voart fraud. backed by hillary clinton he's against the recount in those states that he won. back to you. >> all right rm thanks so appreciate it. take a live look at our bouncy camera. >> right. >> very windy. >> yeah. >> i'm just looking at some current reports. out of lake front sustained winds are 1. the gusts are as high as 28. the winds have to be up a certain standard and stay there to happen.
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as it's been. it's going to continue to be breezy this morning. so warm. today's record is 6. we could end up in the mid-60 and then we'll get more seasonal. if you're missing the cooler weather don't worry. we've got a little bit of everything over the next seven days. warm and windy in the meantime. 63 driving 65. not a problem today. we're all going to be er and we're already in most spots where we should be for highs. just really, really light showers. they are like dots. they're not really that heavy. with #e had a line push through that you might have heard. it's those winds just kind of howling and ripping around. 15 to 20 miles an hour sustained. notice the direction the arrows are poin ing from out of the south.
5:44 am
so as we plot the wind through the day leave you are making breakfast i'll explain. basically they start to lightning. 15 to 25 this morning to about 10 to 15 sustained later today. still dealing with the sprinkles and man is it breezy.
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it see some sunshine and i think that's ral going to help our numbers today. in fact so much so that we're calling for highs in the of 0z. we hit mid-50s yesterday. maybe a few sn in as we say hello to december. we have to remind you about our instant school closing system. that's ialert and i does mean instant. you know about it immediately and that's key. we know how busy it is. 5:45 is the time at the moment. and we've got an adorable four- in to introduce you to. cooper clancy, cooper and klohie.
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that in. >> they're look let me out. >> give us that business quit. >> yeah. they want that. and right now i have a treat for those of you who are coming to downtown. it is now open between superior and euclid avenue. it was closed year because of fog and power cables a live picture outside where you can see traffic kind of moving there. we see near norwalk u.s. 20 is closed between 601 and west collins because of leaning power cables. please be careful out there this morning.
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thank you. in sports nbc is reporting that the nfl could eliminate thursday night games after next season. now more on that in a moment but first, we're just curious do you watch thursday night football? head to wkyc to take part in our instant poll and weal give you a couple minutes to vote. late night nba. the warrior won the 1th straight. the floater up and over the 7- footer. curry had 5 as we take green wants the whole world to know about his defense. block there and then time for a little dance. always time for a little dance at golden state. four blocks. they beat the hawks. goalenen state now 16-2. the 13- 2 cavs are at milwaukee tonight. >> all right. for my take. the next to last college football playoff ranks coming out tonight. the positioning of teams tonight will be very
5:48 am
the final vote next week. here are my rankings. alabama and ohio state i think are a lock for 1-2. then clemson then washington. although i think michigan could beat them both. then michigan over wisconsin, penn state and colorado because wolf renales beat all three of them. that's why i'm making a case that michigan should have a path to the top four. if clemson stumbles in the acc washington loses to colorado in the pac-12 then michigan should be in. like ohio state michigan has three wins versus the top nine. clemson and washington have none. clemson has three top 20 wins. washington one. but both could win the conference championship and the committee would keep them in. i disagree. i think michigan's resume is better. a last-second loss to iowa.
5:49 am
they lost in overanytime to ohio state. i've said it since day one. i want the best four teams in the playoff and i think michigan is one of them. plus how about nick saban against jim harbaugh? oh, i want to see that. tweet me your thoughts. now to the nfl thursday night football crisis. nbc's pro football talk is reporting that the nfl may eliminate the thursday night games after next season. that's when the current run out. nbc says the nfl will take a hard look at these games because of the declining tv ratings and the football, well let's admit it. it's been pretty bad. tough for teams to play supped and then thursday with a quick turn around. there's the thought that too much nfl is also hurting the product. so your thoughts? are you watching thursday night football games? no. how about that. 7 out of ten saying they're not
5:50 am
i'm not surprised. >> i'm not surprised either. >> i think we have too much nfl. >> too much of a good thing. >> look at -- especially the visiting teams. they look awful on thursday nights. they don't have time and they have to travel. >> i get it. >> all right. 5:50 right now. coming up is ways to save. a huge cyber monday sale.
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5:53 right now. the hard rock casino is holding a job fair today. the oanlt runs from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. applicants must apply online prior to attending the jor far and be 8 years old. >> the demand for ll been continues to surgeon general so the company is kicking it up a dach.
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building and third injection bolding machine to manufacture the rub soul. it's hiring 100 more workers in the knew year to make the boots. it's amazing. you got to have these. >> i was in high school. tbl should we get part-time jobs here? ll beep's duck boat went to back order due to parking lot. oh. all the kids, they've got them. >> yeah. >> coming off the biggest cyber monday ever many huge deals still >> yeah. money man takes a look at sign ore surplus. >> happy cyber tuesday. yeah that's actually a thing. retailers are more desperate than ever. they work hard to take your money. ly be woching around the clock to protect your wallet and steer you toward only the items that are the incredible buys. many of which are still in stock. take a look the 5 your reminder that just as we saw
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expand and inflating and confusing to the comurm prepare for that this week. not every purchase is great though. if i had to look at the items that are really 100 bct worth your while the 180 pair of wireless headphones down to 39 bucks right now. those are still in stock. i would actually consider buying that over these which i did find more of. 160 bucks off the luggage set. 520 luckage sets at $59. one of the best stereo systems down to 49. the home theater items are great. amazon deals are done. happy savings. back to you. there you go. today's top stories are straight ahead. let's check in with will. >> yeah. good morning. the investigation continues today into yesterday's attack here on ohio state university's campus in columbus with authorities looking into motives of
5:56 am
>> yeah and that is what we're doing this morning. digger deeper into the suspect's past. where me lived before moving to columbus. >> all right. thanks and what would you do if you found yourself face to face with an attacker. they explain why ohio state told students to run, hide and fight. >> all right. from black friday and cyber monday to giving tuesday. how you can help out places like the cleveland food bank with a dwift of time or mo some problems this morning. we have latest on damage and power outages. danielle. >> yes. i'm following up on that. we have normal drive times right now but multiple road closures because of the weather. speaking of the weather, holly i'll get you around that at 6 a.m.. >> i know you will. good to see they are moving along so far and we are expectinged winds to ease later today. but for now it's still very breezy. forecasting highs in the 60s.
5:57 am
and we are close to a record high today. still a slight shower chance this morning. some sunshine along with those lighter wind. what's ahead for the rest of the week? the start of december. all of this as we take a leave look. the camera does not appear as shaky which is great news. 5:57. good morning. we don't have a lot of grocery stores here in our neighborhood and we want our neighbors to have access to good things at affordable prices. the only thing easy in our community is fast food.
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we're here to offer some help. welcome! retirement, huh? (laughs) i mean, look at the size of this thing! who doesn't need a sweet potato that size? they took the time to care what our project was about. here you go. and that was something
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some people waking up in the dark after strong winds and east 9th street is back open this morning. wind cause damage to the building but crews got to the area cleaned up. again east 9l1 this back open for the latest on


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