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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to today fall in love with your home. and now, channel 3 news today. >> a deadly shooting send a local high school into lock gown. this morning what we lock down. this morning what we know about the suspect still on the loose will. >> reporter: meet the local pastor joining the trump transition team and the announcement trump will make later today. tiffany. >> reporter: this ice skating rink here in canton is opening today for the first time in 7 years. coming up we will tell you about the community efforts that made it all possible. good morning guys. >> good morning. and this morning some of the viewing area can't watch us because last night our
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from you on twitter. so thank you. >> right thanks to everybody on twitter and facebook letting us know you are back and that's a big help because we are working with the systems as we try to fix the problem. so again, thank you letting us know when you can see us. we are work around the clock to get it fixed for everyone and i know there's been talk you missed dolly parton or the lighting of the tree in rockefeller plaza we are working with nbc so we can reschedule the programs and we are doing what we can e >> that lightning came with a cold front. we are feeling it now hollie>> isn't that the truth. it was monumental as it all you know unfolded yesterday. it was just 60s and we had storms moving through and now the the cold behind it. scattered rain and snow we will throw that in there too this december 1st. happy december. flip the page and it's a blustery day. we are around 40 for the high. and we are in the 30s so bundle up heading out the door.
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across the great lakes as well. and even at this time some scattered snow inland and we have got showers over the the lake right now the wind -- over the lake right now the winds are out of the west. but as we see shift we could end up seeing more scattered rain and snow showers. and who knows there could be a dusting and light accumulation by tomorrow. we will talk in detail but firstdanielle has a check on the drive. i am not anticipating it cause as big free ride. and that's great news for those of you commuting this morning. we are looking great on the traffic map all green to the south. no problems. to the north the same picture. drive into downtown on the west shoreway is green. seeing slow traffic on the superior as you try to get into downtown. it's adding a few minutes to the commute. nothing to frustrate you. the drive times from the west look great 71, 90, southwest on
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77, 7 minute commute from 480. and east shoreway 10 minute drive into downtown from the euclid spur no problems there because this is where it will put you i-90 near burk lakefront state route 2 looking grade. john and lynna back to you. >> thank you. a local pastor has been tapped to serve on the transition team of president- elect donald trump. >> will ujek joins us live with the story. pastor darrell scott has long- standing relationship with mr. trump. >> reporter: is a pastor at new spirit revival senter at cleveland heights and he met trump when he was considering his first run for presidency. now he decided not to run then scott would text and talk with trump and staff over the years and was happy to help when he considered running introducing trump at a rally during the primaries hosting an event at the revival center in september for a support of trump scott received negative feedback on social media and tells channel
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tom and questioned his motives but he believes donald trump is best for the black community and he will be a president for all americans not just some. helping to usher in "golden age" in the united states. after the announcement trump headed to owho iee making -- ohio making a stop in cincinnati and stopping in indianapolis at carrier plant to announce a deal to keep a thousand jobs in the state. and not outsource the jobs to mexico as originally planned. trump expected to use the situation to talk about easing regulations and more news on the trump transition team front latest rumored editions at 6:30. nancy pelosi reelected house democratic leader challenged by tim ryan from youngstown to akron representative. she will continue to lead the democratic caucus for an 8th term. she beat ryan in closed-door caucus meeting vote. 134-63. the search continues today
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killed one person and injured another in ravenna township. this is the suspect. 25-year-old david calhoun junior who police say is still on the run at the this hour and is currently on parole. the suspect shot and killed a man inside his car on henderson road and also shot the victim's girlfriend. new developments now on the ohio he state attack. the fbi is now saying abdul razak ali artan may inspired by isis but it's too early to say if it was terrorism. police confirm that he he bought a knife before the attack but they don't know yet if that's the one that he used to slash people. 11 people were injured in that car and knife attack. probate court approved the 6 million dollar estate settle men of tamir rice. they will pay 3 million in 2016 and 3 million in 2017. according to court records. the estate will get 5 1/2
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dollars. and he was shot and killed by cleveland police officer back in 2014 after he was waving around an air soft pellet gun. in december 2015 a grand jury declined to indict either officer involved in the shooting. time is 6:06. after being thawed for 7 years a local ice rink reopens today. >> tiffany tarpley has ice skates and joins us from canton this morning and 6 organizations helped happen? >> reporter: yeah definitely a community effort here john and lynna and john you will not see me putting on ice skates i can't ice skate. roller skate yes ice skate no. but we have a little bit of a face-off going on here behind us. we have the mayor and tom with center ice. but i am here with jr who is the president of the recreation department here in canton. tell me a little about what it takes to keep this going this winter season. >> it took a community effort
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district and center ice and city of canton and to the canton recreation department who committed resources and time and their personnel to bring all this together. along with arcade coney so if you are cold and want a hot chocolate it will be opened and ready for everybody to come down tonight and tomorrow night. >> reporter: this is the event the next several days throughout the weekend as well. >> tonight is light up downtown where santa will come and christmas tree will get lit up and tomorrow night fi and there's event throughout downtown canton so we can ice skate and you can get face painteded and a connie and the door dis-- coney and the door district to enjoy the cocktail and walk through downton and enjoy the community support. >> reporter: you can imagine due to financial reasons likely is the reason why this has not been opened for seven years. see the face-off. it doesn't seem very intense here this morning. there we go. but we are having a good time
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is going to put water on this and we will see it beautiful. and i will not be back on the ice bed. >> well maybe try roller skates that might be dangerous. yeah. >> what wrong with you. >> reporter: i need to go to a roller-skating rink. >> that's next week just wait. thank you. time is 6:08. so thanks to greg dee who always brings us weather on the run. well i have a race for check this out next. in biggest winners and losers. >> and caught on camera a water spout caught coming onto land in florida. following a day of severe weather in the south. hollie. >> that's so rare to see a water spout move inland. it happens but not lot. that's going to be amazing video. and we have an amazing december 1st scattered rain and snow. cold blustery, yeah, all of the
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up as you leave the house. temperatures in the 30s and will end up around 40 for high today. so, couple degrees below normal actually. and looking ahead to the weekend, as we check out beautiful christmas lights across northeast ohio this
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6:12 and time for your morning news feed a tacoma washington police officer has died. after being shot several times while responding to a domestic call. the male office here has not been identified was shot by the suspect believed to be barricaded inside a home. the officer was taken to a local hospital for emergency surgery where he died a short time later e was 45 years old
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years. the suspect remains at large. hundreds of people took to the streets in charlotte north carolina last night to protest a court's decision not to file charges against a police officer in the death of keith lamont scott who was killed while policeer is heed of a warrant for another person. the protest became much more peaceful after storms moved into the area. caught on camera, take a look at this video of a water spout. you can see as it comes on land and moves through panhandle. this is in destine florida a woman who capture the tornado says she lived in destine for 19 years and had never seen a tornado before until yesterday. there are also tornadoes spotted in alabama tennessee and georgia. unfortunately they were deadly as it stretched through the south. but as hollie mentioned the water spouts are rare. >> rare but i am amazed at the size of that because when water
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ropes and skinny ropes. >> and it's so unusual for a water spout to move inland and at that point if it moves over land it's a tornado. >> yeah. >> it happened in florida before downtown miami several years ago. >> i remember that. >> you remember that and all crazy video and it was so unusual to see. so. yep. we are going to look at nothing that is severe but boy what a change in the past 24 hours. we are back to winter coats and hats and you know gloves too temperatures mid to upper 30s and feeling even colder than that because it's blustery. this is is a look at what's going on december 1st. and we are feeling it for sure. scattered rain and snow showers. we have another warmup to look at as we get into next week. but no time in the very near, near future with the colder breezy weather today. we are around 40 degrees. some of you may be upper 30s to around 40 and yes this colder air moved in all across the
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through last night around dinner time. we had the thunderstorms and now behind it, wow. i mean we have really seen the drop. mid-30s common all across northeast ohio and like i said, it's feeling even colder than that because it's so windy. forecasting a lot overcast skies today. but in addition, i do think we will have some scattered rain and snow showers. we are already seeing evidence of that across the great lakes. this very cold air moving in and you will notice that as we zoom in closer we have seen a few sprinkles and snowflakes this morning. so do not be caught off guard. this is going to be possible not only today but i think into tonight and tomorrow too. especially if you are east but we are seeing it all over but i think anyplace is game and heading into the overnight hours, and the first part of your friday, a dusting maybe up to an inch. it's not going to be anything heavy. noise at storm system but lake- effect showers. but yeah, it's possible.
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window nation 7-day forecast around 40 right on through the weekend. normal high for this day is 44. so we are not far from that. this is typical. i mean yesterday we were 62. so it's just a lot of change. that's for sure. scattered rain and snow like i said. tonight and tomorrow. saturday looks pretty quiet and we have more rain and snow chances sunday and we see milder weather for early next week. regardless though, our instant school closing system is ialert keeping you up-to-date with closings delays anu us do the stressing for you and get you any closings or delays as soon as they happen. 6:16. checking your drive. >>wkyc traffic is brought to you by mike bass ford get a great deal and great deal more at mike bass ford. hi hope you are having a great start to your thursday. right now, it's a accident free commute at 6:16. no problems out there on the roads. in fact, here's a picture 71 at
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see traffic is -- route 82 where you can see traffic is picking up but moving fine. 71 north from 271 to the turnpike is currently 11 minutes so that's a normal commute. if you continue to 480 it's 5 minute drive and continuing into downtown from 480 and brook park it's a 7 minute commute so we are a-okay out there on the roads. now don't forget when you hit you drive this morning make sure to tune into wtam, 1100 total traffic with updates back to you. time for the biggest winners and losers today in sports. the winners and losers have one thing in common. ice. look at this. first we got problems in philly. nba game between the sixers and kings was postponed because the court was too wet. tree thighed -- they tried to get it mopped up and demarcus cousins grabbed a mop to wipe up water. the court is on ice for the flyers so with the rany humid conditions the ice melted through the floor.
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be maybe this is saving fans because circumstance and kings are terrible. combined 11-25. cavs host clippers tonight weather permitting in the q. my biggest winners love the ice this is the 12th he does but i haven't worked out with management about the air carriages yet back to the kids photos next tuesday when i get back after a few days off if you want to nominate your champion or all
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e-mail more more ---- them hockey tournaments are going on and -- >> basket bull rec teams are starting up again. >> yes. >> curling tournaments. samsung has a new way to look at world around you in the next geek fix greg puts virtual reality to the test. hi hollie. >> hi. weather out the window we are calling fog isn't that cool. it was taken in wadsworth and it was early in the morning. looking out there and steve and cindy's backyard property and when it is cool there's humidity and the fog forms in the valley we low them and they captured that. really neat picture thanks for sharing and thanks for letting us be a part of your day. happy december 1st.
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6:23 right now. christmas time is officiallyhere. last night 84th rockefeller christmas tree was lit in new york. workers spent weeks string more than 50,000 l.e. he d. lights on the 90 spruce. it will be lit up and on display until january 7th. greg dee is keeping an eye on the latest and greatest gadgets. >> samsung helps you look at the world in a new way. greg you are putting it to the test. >> reporter: i got this set. you might have seen it a gear vr and they have been pushing this like crazy. it came out with the note 7 and we all know how that ended.
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now many places this one is from at&t are also selling these things and they are pushing it as the next greatest thing in tech. so i tried to try this out. the problem is, of course you can't use a note 7 so i had them isn't me a note 5 you need an adaptor be a it allows you to watch you -- and it allows you to watch youtube videos and content made for the gear is in 3d and you will be able to turn to work with me for this so i wanted to show you on the screen. this is a video that lets at&t has recorded for their gift guide and as i turn the phone, follow me pat here, as we show the anchors. as i turn, everything behind me turns as well. i can look around in 360 in this video. so while the representative there is talking, i can be
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which basically just has it slip in like this, you are emersed in this world. so as i turn the headset i can actually look around and see everything around me. it's interesting it's cool and? necessary? you know that's the big question right. these things run about a hundred bucks. probably not but aid lot of fun and there is a lot of new content being developed for this including games. once you have this thing on there are bu you can actually interact with what's on the screen. so it's not just looking. you can click on things and select things and is it going to catch on? i don't know. it's like 3d tv is it actually going to sell? it may but it's interesting and for someone who likes gages and just -- gadgets and you don't know what to get for them, this may be a good option. the one negative you need asamsung phone. >> any phony samsung.
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note 5 and the s6. >> okay. >> reporter: so anything before the s6 had not work and owe still crying over the note 7. >> i am too. >> reporter: check it out. >> okay. we had a moment. >> a long line of apple products i have to give away this holiday season. >> you can wait in line with my parents. oh. >> i would it would be a great conversation i would find out more about you. >> this would be a great day to do christmas shopping because it's going to john and lynna. see. >> thank you hollie. >> full circle. highs around 40 or so scattered rain and snow showers. and it's 30s as you wake up and feeling even colder than that because it's so blustery. and it's all because of thestrong cold front this moved through late yesterday. and the travel map is to the east. we had thunderstorms last night and now we have the cold weather behind it. and that's pretty common across the region. so does it last through the weekend?
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welcome back. 6:30. i am lynna lai. >> i am john anderson. some of the viewing areas still can't watch the channel. last night our transmission tower was struck by lightning but we are hearing some of you can see signal again. >> so we are working around the clock to get it fixed and we are streaming live on facebook so good morning to the facebook friends. so if you know someone who
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we are streaming live on facebook and on and we will check this with hollie in bit but first, the cleveland apl is caring for 100 farm animals mostly chickens after a raid that happened on cleveland's west side yesterday afternoon. several turkeys and ducks and a goat and a pig were also removed. the atl says it's not used to dealing with farm animals and they are trying to get them adopted out as soon as possible. contact the apl for more information. cleveland area gas stations were raided by the fbi we talked to a owner of five of the stayss who said -- stations who said he in no idea why they were there brothers connected to three of the the gas stations were part of a food stamp fraud ring. self-driving vehicles could be in the future in ohio. governor kasich announced the state is investing $15 million to reer is. technology tested on a 35 mile
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columbus. the self-driving truck da test run and the truck is aided by a fiber optic cable network and sensor system pretty cool stuff. >> how about that that's technology. let's check in with holly our good friend rick in dover says flurries they are seeing flurries. >> we have flurries flying around and colder air too. so, we are only going to end up around 40 or so for the high today. a little cooler than where we should be. and we are currently 30s. 38 degrees at hopkins scattered rain and snow chances. blustery. and colder december air has nestly arrived. right on time december 1st. hope you are having a great start. most of the showers is over the lake but there's light snow and flurries inland. and i think we will continue to see chances for lake-effect rain and snow showers not only today but looking into the evening. a lot of it is to the east
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chances getting into tonight and the first part of your friday. and we may have a little coating or up to an inch of snow on the ground by tomorrow morning. as far as the commute conditions rain snow chances, blustery cold danielle is keeping an eye on things as she always does. anything going on. we are looking great in terms of drive times and we see the snow on top of the traffic map but it's not really impacting the commute too bad. what we have right now is though we have a report for-- here's the picture where you see traffic moving just fine on both the east and westbound sides of 480 in that area. at west 130th street. the drive time between 237 and generalings -- jennings 7 minutes east and 7 minutes west and still normal. so pretty much we are looking good out there. john and lynna back to you. >> all right thanks danielle. big news for a local pastor as darrell scott has been
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elect donald trump's transition team. >> let's find out more about it will ujek is looking into it. >> reporter: a pastor at the new spirit revival center in cleveland heights the relationship started five years ago when trump was deciding on the first run for president he. he remained close and when trump considered running again he offered to help out introducing trump at the rally at ix center hosting a event at revival center in september and on announcement trump headed to ohio making a stop in cincinnati for a thank you tour and stopping in indianapolis at the carrier plant to announce a deal to keep a thousand jobs in the state not outsourcing them to mexico as originally planned. trump expected to use the situation to talk about easing regulation and overhauling the tax code. sources close to former alaska governor sarah palin tells nbc news she has been in touch with the trump team and has interested in leading the
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former massachusettsent is senator scott brown and rick perry more likely candidates but romney is the front-runner for secretary of state. >> thanks so much. an update on the controversy involving olive garden and local comedian ricky smith he he posteded on facebook that the restaurant chain will make a donation to the nonprofit and smith says a server told the table she doesn't like serving blacks and when he requested a new server them to leave. however, in a 911 call, an employee accused smith and his party of sexual harassment and trying to buy alcohol for minors. olive garden says it's investigating and placed the workers involved on leave but so far has not confirmed the donation. john. it's 6:35 and topping your morning news feed a police officer killed in the line of duty in michigan last week will be laid to rest today. wayne state university officer
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by a suspect on a bicycle. he he was investigating a series of car break-ins hundreds of law enforcement are expected to attend officer rose was just 29 years old. the death toll continues to rise in tennessee where wild fires ravaged two popular resort times officials confirm a total of 7 people have died in and around gatlinburg and pigeon forge. fire official say they are work rapidly to get into burned areas object stroked by downed trees and power lines. take a look at this. unforgettable images coming from the fire including this one going viral. johnson city fire department there in tennessee posted this picture of firefighters taking a much needed rest after battling the massive wild fires as you can see they are taking naps right there on the sidewalk according to the fire chief, it was the first break in 30 hours.
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thanks so much john. a huge community effort is bringing new light to downtown canton just in time for the holiday season. tiffany tarpley joins us live this morning tiffany after 7 years the outdoor ice rink well, it's beautiful and opened today. >> reporter: it is and here we are. tom here was center ice and got finished laying and building the ice is what he calls it putting water down looks beautiful and am here with mayorth mayor who says they are excited about tonight and it's been 7 years why do you think this is so important for the community to have this back opened after so long. >> everyone is excited about it. we are bringing back downtown canton. and this is just another step in doing so. this summer we opened up the door which is an outdoor refreshment area attracting lots and lots of people downtown. we think this will attract lots and lots of people downtown. we have more and more people
6:38 am
downtown. and tonight, it's the opening of the rink but also this is the 26th annual light up downtown event where we celebrate christmas and santa claus and fireworks and we will have 14 blocks of stores opened tonight with refreshments entertainment and arts and crafts for the families and so forth so we expect a lot of people in downton canton tonight. the ice -- downtown canton tonight but the ice rink is a new added everybody is excited. >> reporter: we don't have time to mention everyone who was involved but when you talk about cities a lot financially strapped and so this was really important to have that communityinvolvement. >> it was very, very important because canton has difficult financial issues and associated with the general fund operations and we needed to get partners in order to open this. and we got partners again from parks and recs and chamber of commerce and special improvement district and again
6:39 am
water down he has 50 hours this week alone himself in building the ice. and he has done so many things in buying ice skates for us and locating them and zamboni machine all the technical knowledge he brought to us. >> reporter: it's just a lot of work just so much going on. yes. >> just a great partner in this they will be opened and they will be doing the running of the -- renting of the skates. >> reporter: all right so. >> a great group of people that worked on this. mr. ko sideboards. >> reporter: a lot of people. yeah. it's great so thank you so much mr. mayor and thanks for being here with us and thanks for getting us hot chocolate and keeping us warm. >> thank you channel 3. >> reporter: all right and so coming up at 6:50 we will let you note hours of the ice skating-- know the hours of the ice skating rink. >> you are getting hot chocolate. >> don't be jell rouse. >> reporter: yes thank -- jealous. >> reporter: yes thank you mayor. >> i want to go skating with tiffany. it's almost 6:40.
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save. >> yeah. one of matt's most popular deals is back a way to display your memories in your home just in time for christmas. hey hollie. >> aid good gift idea for lot of you. we have got december 1st and it's feeling like it so ice kateing or -- ice skating or holiday shopping or off to work and school you go you better bundle up. blustery cold and scattered snow and rain showers 40 or so for the high and it's currently in the 30s. going to have your mp we will look ahead to the
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6:43. time for what's treening. make you caught dolly parton's christmas of many colors last night. this morning, dolly parton is dishing out more christmas spirit. she posted this video on her foundation's website with a really big announcement. her foundation will be donating
6:44 am
6 months to every family who lost their home in the tennessee wild fires. at least 7 people were killed in those fires in gatlinburg and pigeon forge this week. hundreds of homes and businesses are damaged or destroyed. the theme park was speared by the fires but she started the my people fund to help displaced families. her foundation is also accepting donations to the fund at dollywood ? [ music ] ? >> do you remember the classic jingle from the 70s and 80s well this morning mcdonald's has tweeted that unfortunately the inventor of the big mac
6:45 am
away and the big mac was the brain child of delligatti almost 50 years ago he decided customers wanted a bigger sandwich. and so he came up with the big mac in 1967 and when it became a big seller at his 47 low cigss in pennsylvania -- locations in pennsylvania it wassaed to the national menu a year later. according to his son he ate at least one big mac every week. he was 98 years old. going viral for apparently trying to clean up after he had an oopsy inside the house. puppy pablo was adopted 3 months ago and he says pablo is potty training and when he has his accidents he watched him clean them up with toilet paper so when hampton came home he found wads of toilet paper putt pulled from the roll on to the
6:46 am
to clean it up. the picture is viral and retweeted and tweeted thousands of times he is is a rapper and there was profanity but there is the clean one. >> yeah. either you are giving him a lot of credit because he is trying to clean it up or he figuredy did could this to the roll it's -- you do this to the roll it's fun. >> we don't know it could be staged but it's a good thought. >> yeah. >> he upped the ante for payton. al gifts over 08% off. >> way to save memories with matt. >> reporter: great to be with you. one of my popular deals of the season way to unleash the memories trapped on the smart phone with highest call the canvass print. look at. this this is my nephew and he is 84% off 25 bucks or a little more photo of my wife and sister i am on youtube and one
6:47 am
that i didn't know bought my deal and shared this. >> so if you guys don't watch the deal guy, i found this deal for him the youtube channel. and these canvasss were on a huge sale all right. there it is. aren't they cool do you like them? they turn out nice? >> they look really good. >> reporter: and i didn't know they would do this but this was the -- was one of the coolest notification this is deal which is not a care wouldn't you -- whether or not you bout -- bought it caught the radar of one of the most awesome youtube channel. if you want to figure out how to buy it i have you covered happy savings. >> that's great and you can afford to buy more than one and block them together and group them. >> that's a great idea. there's no secrets on this
6:48 am
never had a big mac. >> >> reporter: never had one. >> have you eaten at mcdonald's. >> reporter: yeah. >> file like i am scold -- ifeel like i am scolding you. >> we are going on. >> reporter: we will have one together. >> we have a big mac date now. >> reporter: weather date. >> we have asked you it's fun we will continue and post plenty of pictures. kids, temperatures are mid to upper 30s heading out the door. bundle up because it's cold. and it's also scattered rain and snow in the forecast through today and tonight and tomorrow. and live look right now from canton to you know we always like the confirmation snowflakes flying as you can see. and beautiful effective lights with the snow in the air. okay. so, yes, we are going to warm up next week again but in the meantime, we have got the start of december and definitely living up to what you expect when you flip the calendar page. only around 40 or so for the
6:49 am
30s to near 40 degrees today. look at the cold air that has moved in all across the region. because of that strong cold front half the night. storms around dinner and that pushed through and now well, mid to upper 30s feeling more like 20s in many spots with the winds. forecasting a lot of overcast skies today. but in addition to that, yes, i do think scattered rain and snow with the cold flow across the great lakes. and we are seeing it and evidence this morning obviy point scattered flurries and light snow showers. lots of showers over the lake showing up as liquid. moving into lake shore lake and ashtabula. so we will keep ion on things throughout the -- an eye on things throughout the day. but i believe as we head through the next 24 hours or so we could get a dusting in some spots and maybe up to ionch of snow -- an inch of snowp this is not a -- snow. this is not a major storm it's lake-effect. it's mainly to the east but i think chance also apply all
6:50 am
we will end up right around 40 through the weekend. first weekend of december will be festive for you. scattered rain and snow today and tonight and tomorrow. saturday looks quiet. we are back to rain and snow chances sunday and we warm back up. our instant school closing system with closings and delays, the eye is the key there. the -- i is the key instant because you need to know immediately we get it. doggone weather look at sweet zoe. she knows that cuddle time means that her and her to watchdog gone weather every day at this time and she gets excited about it. a special thank you to kerry who is a fan of the segment guys. >> she locks like a graduate. >> i thought the same thing. >> is that a hat. >> but i don't see why she is wearing the hat but she is adorable. >> i want to know what the degree is in. >> kibbles. >> weather traffic and everything you need to know before you head out in the morning rush next. >> let's check in with will.
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the trump transition team. ahead of aing about announcement trump will make
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6:53 am
today president-elect donald trump will be in cincinnati for a thanky tour and cleveland heights pastor will be on the transition team. dr. darrell scott pastor at new spirit revival center is part of the executive committee. he met trump five years ago and helped out with the the campaign introducing the president at the ix center rally hosting an event in
6:54 am
transition team source close to sarah palin says she has been in touch with the team and has an interest in leading veterans affair and official say former massachusetts senator scott brown and rick perry more likely candidates for that post. trump and mike pence stopping in indianapolis to announce a deal to keep a thousand jobs at the carrier plant there. lynna. >> a search continues today for a man -- a search continues today for a man who shot and killed one person and injured another this is the suspect 25-year-old david calhoun junior who police say is still on the run at this hour and is on parole. the suspect shot and killed a man inside his car on henderson road and also shot the victim's girlfriend. congratulations to baseball owners and players union for doing the smartest thing in years. they agreed to a new labor deal a lockout would have been theworst thing for the game which has momentum after the word series with the indians
6:55 am
longer determine home field advantage for the world series it will go to the team with the best record. tiffany. >> reporter: john for the first time in 7 years it's outdoor skating rink will open tonight here in canton. it is just in time for the light up downtown that is happening here in the city today. 6 different organizations helped pull all this off including the city. light up downtown begins at 5:00 today. danielle. right now we have a traffic alert north richfield center ridge road choseed between case and race road because of a gas leak. we have a school bus and car accident 6 people were on board but no injuries east 65th and huff. multiple accidents we are tracking this morning. the one that's causing the biggest delay is 90 east heading into downtown. 16 miles per hour there and that drive time currently 22 minutes that's about a 5 to 10
6:56 am
delay. hollie and scattered rain and snow in the forecast cold blustery and it's going to stay that way here through tomorrow and then get a little break on saturday with more rain and snow chances later in the weekend. >> all right. if you need help with the menu national eat a red apple day. >> i love it. >> have a good day. >> thanks for watching channel 3 news take channel 3 news and weather with you wherever you go. text wkyc to 25543 now to down
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good morning. nature's fury. the death toll rises to seven in the devastating tennessee wildfires, as new tornadoes rip through the south overnight. now, more than 30 days. breaking overnight. a police officer shot called to a home in washington state. the suspect barricade inside a home for hours. victory lap. president-elect trump, kicking off his thank you tour, in indiana and ohio. as his top cabinet picks get called out for bailouts and wall street. and lit. >> three, two, one.


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