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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  December 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> big kids will want to play with this too. >> reporter: the most amazing thing he ever. >> so fun. the news starts right now. >> the channel 3 newscast made possible by calvetta brothers floor show. time to fall in love again with your home and now channel 3 news today. >> reporter: police in this east side suburb are investigating some recent carjackings. coming up, we will have a few ways to make sure you stay a local police officer rescues a dog out of a sewer. how he is being honored. will. >> reporter: hen nay actordirector producer and what appears to be an all around good guy tom hearnings will be in cleveland what he is here for and meet the little girl interviewing him coming up. 5:00 sharp friday happy tgif december 2nd and we have a typical december day ahead of us.
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the high. scattered lake snow showers and kind of that mix of rain and snow at times. chances really all day long. morning noon and into the afternoon for that matter. it's 37 degrees right now at hopkins. we are not seeing a whole lot of lake showers quite yet. it's pretty quiet but it's pretty cold as you wake up. typical seasonal and as far as the chill goes for this time of the year. so we will continue with the same kind of vibe we had yesterday winter coats and getting the kids bundled up before they head to the bus stop. quiet as far as showers at the moment and i think activity will intensify throughout the day andour futurecast we will see the trend heading into the morning especially if you are east. it will be not only snow showers but that mix of lake- effect rain and snow with temperatures approaching 40 today. accumulation i mean it's if anything a coating up to an inch and that could be a stretch. but i will tell you what. as we look ahead in the 7-day
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accumulating snow to fill you in all about. we will get to that but first, danielle i know you have been waiting for that moment. she said it. snow, snow, snow. good morning to all of you. we start here at 76 and market street in akron and as you can see traffic is moving fine on the highways. it's quiet commute at 5:02. all green on 76 and in fact we are pretty much all green throughout the entire traffic map. so, friday is typically a light traffic day so you're good go wherever you need to go. and you can always follow me on face back twitter and instagram for the latest information on traffic at danny wkyc lynna back to you. >> thank you. a fender bender is looked at as no big deal but two recent incidents turned into something much worse. tiffany tarpley joins us live from beachwood. crooks are drive away in victims' cars. >> reporter: yeah and of -- are drive away in victims' cars.
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driving away in victims' cars. >> reporter: yeah and we want to make sure you are safe. what's happening is people are driving off in the cars. so one thing you want to do make sure that you call 911. no accident is too a small. and if you feel unsafe, stay in the car until police arrive. >> i was in the car and someone hit me from behind i got out to check the damage drove away. >> -- jumped in my car and drove away. >> we drove past a woman who was on the ground saying she had her car stolen someone drove off with it. >> reporter: those were calls to 911 after both carjackings inbeachwood tuesday you might wonder where they happened the first with somerset and the other on cedar road.
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away and they took the woman's purse and whatever that was inside of value. if something like this were tohappen to you you think i will -- you think i will keep the key in my purse we spoke with a sergeant with the state patrol who says a thief might try to actually wrestle this away from you and drive off in your car. so he says, best thing to do is stay inside again until arrive lynna. >> good advice. very frightening. police in akron are searching for a suspect who shotthree people thursday in barbershop. a matt man started to yell at a customer in a barber's chair about to get his haircut. the man in the chair pulled a gun from under the haircut cape and shot the man who was yelling. a 17-year-old and another man as well. no word on their conditions. akron police gave us a full
5:05 am we are learning now details after a man shot two people in ravenna earlier this week. we learned a pregnant woman was one of the victims. investigators say david calhoun fatally shot 33-year-old lashaunsanders and 32-year-old sarah marsh. marsh was 6 to 10 weeks pregnant when she died. calhoun remains on the run. he is considered armed and dangerous. police are asking for your help this morning to find a 15-year-old ellen harris here went to the library with her brother and never came home. she was last seen near east 108th street back in october. if you have any information, you can call police the number right there on a the screen. cleveland police officers who went above and beyond are set to be honored for their actions next week at city hall. one of those-- one set of those compassionate officers came to
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18-year-old blind and deaf dogdaphne fell into a sewer. sean smith jumped into action after pulling off the manhole cover. >> detective smith is pretty much the dog lover and dog in his arm climb up the ladder she is covered in sewer water and shaking. >> we had to give her a bath she was filthy. >> she smelled terrible. >> it was very stinky my truck still stinks. >> the fluff ba home with the grateful owner. tom hanks happens the biggest movie star in the world is coming to cleveland today for two events sponsored by the greater cleveland film commission. will ujek is live with all the details. it's for a good cause. >> reporter: yeah tom hanks he's born in california but --h
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where he interned and got his start and donated money to restore the theater and now is donating time to help the film industry. he will speak at two events one a sold out behind the camera with tom hanks fund-raiser about 600 people at intercontinental cleveland hotel. he will sit down with channel 3 russ mitchell to talk about his cleveland ties and career and impact the film industry can can have on the city. earlier today he will be at tri- c speaking with 750 students northeast ohio. the person interviewing him a 17-year-old from st. joseph academy jonae williams who says she has seen about every tom hanks movie and has a list of questions ready to go. >> right now i am a little on edge but feeling confident and i am excited but a little nervous nerve-racking but i will a big fan so i might scream and faint you never know. >> reporter: the fund raising hanks is doing will benefit greater cleveland film
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cleveland film here. since 2009400 million dollars of economic impact have been pumped into northeast ohio's economy so that's a good thing. also added about 1500 over 1500 full-time jobs and they are looking to continue to do that and this is how they need to raise a little money here. >> sounds great. thanks so much will. 5:08. topping the morning news feed donald trump was the thank you tour. prz elect is advice -- president-elect the sis-- is visiting the battleground states and he selected james mattis as his pick for secretary of defense. he revealed the choice during the since cincinnati rally. mattis retired after serving as the commander of the u.s. central command. a somber anniversary in
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a holiday party in san bernardino california killing 14 people and wounding 21 others. syeed marook and his wife were killed in shoot out with police. anniversary will be marked with a memorial bike ride and community gathering tonight. starbucks is going through leadership changes chairman andceo howard schultz announced he is stepping down and will stillserve as executive the top position. shares of the coffee giant fell more than 3% after the announcement yesterday. the changes are expected to take place in early april. your next visit to niagara falls may be brighter than before. ceremony unveiled a 4 million dollar l.e.d. lighting system which projects from on tear yo across the river onto both falls. visitors from all around the
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dancing changing lights. they are environmentally friendly lights although they are much brighter than the old ones they use about half the power. the group that spearheaded the project says their vision for the falls was first imagineed 20 years ago. very cool. time is now 5:10. crucial christmas deadlines. the dates to mark on your calendar if you are shopping for the holidays and satisfying your sweet tooth in a healthier way. which company is favorite candies hollie. we are chanting about december weather and it's friday and we have got lake- effect rain and snow in the forecast today. pretty chilly otherwise with highs in the low 40s. so bundle up heading out the door is my advice to you. right now we are not seeing a whole lot of any lake-effect. but i think that will change throughout the course of today and wait until you see the 7- day forecast a beautiful picture.
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37 -- can be, and it's 37 degrees. our school closing system is raring to go and -- ready to go and it might get busy.
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5:14. we know many of you weren't able to watch the channel 3 because of technical issues we will reair the holiday specials you may have missed. we will be re-airing nbc christmas in rockefeller center on sunday morning at 1:30. then at 2:30 a.m., dolly parton christmas of many colors circle of love will reair. the good year blimp is
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holidays and for a special event. today through sunday, you can drive through the hangar and take part in the toys for tots toy drive. it's a chance for you to see the airship wing foot 2 the newest aircraft in the goodyear blimp fleet. marines will be on hand to collect toys and honey donations and santa will be there. the park will light up tonight as well. this is video from last year's celebration. the lights will streh than half a million led lights. it will claw chandelier in the cleveland playhouse square. it's also so -- it's always so beautiful there. headquarters of ge hollie you know it's just stunning views all over. >> all over. there's so many options really. go from sit they to city and check out beautiful lights including playhouse square the
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absolutely stunning. 5:15. 37 degrees and we are manning on a typical december day. it's friday kids at the bus stop it's cold. we are in the 30s but we have blustery winds again so hats and bundling up is a good idea. this is what we are planning on. we have the december feel this weekend and we warm up again. and after the warmup it's when we expect the blast of rolly wintry weather for late next week. il but first, today, i think scattered lake snow mix which isgoing mean at times rain and at times snow and just kind of you know, typical stuff. 41 degrees that's really right in the ball park of where we should be. and a lot of you right now holding in the 30s as you wake up. as we take a look at what you plan on here over the next several hours this really explains it well. you see at times we have snow and rain and at times it's just
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snow and most of these chances will be east as far as the lake- effect today and i do think you're going to have the opportunity to see some scattered showers even further inland. so the flow continues here with cold air over the great lakes and as we zoom in close not a whole lot going on currently. we have got scattered rain showers in ashtabula county. more developing over the lake already. so we will track throughout the morning and tracking throughout the day we start to see thingsincrease the morning mid-morning 9:30 a mix of rain and wet snow. that's happening from lake and ashtabula and into geauga county and the same to this afternoon. cuyahoga county getting into the mention. and locks like we will see more of this this evening. so if you got dinner plans or going to see christmas lights, you can have a few snowflakes in the air to make it even more festive. let's check out the window
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ahead of us. tomorrow a few flurries otherwise typical mainly cloudy few peeks of sunshine kind of day. shouldn't slow down errands or maybe you are doing christmas shopping. sunday scattered lake-effect rain and snow showers and then we get into a warmup as we head into the start of next week. 40 to near 50 and it's thursday where things start to change. 30s and falling and snowy not make it out of the 20s. this brings the instant school closing system into play. i alert you better believe we are there with closings and delays as they happen you willknow about them and next week could get busy. it's still plenty recally. let's see what's happening on -- early. let's see what's happening on the roads. >> wkyc traffic is brought to you by mike bass ford get a great deal and great deal mured
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let's look at the traffic map if you are leaving within the next few minutes and we look. we are all green to the south. no problems. it's an accident free ride. same picture to the north a little slow traffic 480 east as you try to either go to 271 or continue on 480, 271 south or 271 north. this is warrensville center road adding a few minutes to the commute so lynna we are a- okay out there. >> and don't miss the deadline. we will tell you the three dates to mark on your calendar while shopping for the
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gig news nor -- big news for chocolate lovers nestle
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that could reduce the level of sugar by up to 40% by use natural ingredients. they can change the structure of sugar and that means less could be used in chocolate without affecting the taste. they say they will use the new process across a range of its confectionary projects in 2018. apple maps is getting a makeover. tech giant is taking new stepsto make it better by inlefting the help of drones. they will use a team to capture and update mapped next it will examine street signs and track changes to roads and see if areas are under construction quicker than the currencies tem. three deadlines can make or break your holiday savings and matt granite is here to give us the insight. >> reporter: what if i told you something almost as big as cyber monday is around the corner. >> okay. >> reporter: you would be a
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green monday coo lesser known deal days of the year but if you look on the online shopping numbers it comes close to black friday and cyber monday. so the big question for all of the wonderful people watching right now is what do you buy when and what do you wait for and i get one more drone request uh-huh. we will get to that. first, take a look at your reminder that what black friday has come and gone the retailers are just as desperate and this year more so than ever. many of them are looking deals one more time. >> okay. >> reporter: those reductions minus big tv screen deals will be online in days. my job is to make sure you know what to buy when to make sure you plan appropriately and there are thee make or break days. so the first is december 6th or 7th. other than the major toy deals which i just listed on
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kids toys and drones on the larger sale. green monday, that online shopping day which will be beyond anything we have ever seen is december 12th. and for all of the stocking stovers and great unbeatable bargains under 20 bucks they drop the next day. so if there's one day i would plan for next week it's the 6th and 7th. and predators sold out but i will find larger size drone belter for kids. and then remember one monday is the be all and end all when it comes to christmas shopping think of it as a last chance. >> you have to get time for shipping. >> reporter: exactly. >> in time for christmas. thanks so much for the insight. appreciate it. >> reporter: you are welcome. >> stocking stuffers are the best. doesn't you love it. the 13th right?>> reporter: yes. >> december 13th. >> i am listening. making my list and checking it twice. we are around 40 or so for the high today. it's a typical kind of feel for this time of the year.
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gloves uh-huh, you better grab those along with the winter coats heading out the door. scattered lake snow showers in the forecast and there will be a mix at times i think some rain i think wet snow and rain and it will depend. temperatures chose to 40 later. -- close to 40s later. on the the travel map some activity across the great lakes but there's not anything monumental and it's not going to be a big deal a coating if anything today is all know what you're planning on and it could get a little slushy, sure. be aware of that. temperatures we are cold around here. but you look to the south and we find 70sin florida today. and 60s on the west coast and man, it is starting to feel like the season lynna and wait until you see the e. tended forecast -- the extended forecast. >> shocker. mild shocker. 5:26 right now. the great divide here we go. what a study is showing about
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spending habits. and learning from your money. the new app that can make learning about the white house
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man!
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my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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5:30 fo fairview park and cleveland police are searching for an escaped prisoner this morning. that prisoner walked out of fairview hospital late thursday afternoon and ran into the metro park. police tell us that 30-year-old david dahn was wearing a purple or orange jump suit about 5 foot 11, 215 pounds and bald. he is wanted for theft. if you have any information call police. >> reporter: police at
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recent carjackings in the the city. what happens is a car it's a minor fender bender and hits back of yours and it's not uncommon to check the damage but while you are doing that someone else inside the car that hit you gets in and drives away with all of your valuables i got off the phone with beachwood police and it's unclear if they caught any of the suspects. but of course, we are going to keep checking throughout the day and bring you updates as we get them. and will coming up in the next half-hour i am going have-- know tips and ways to stay safe if something hike this happens to you. >> reporter: okay thanks very much. tom hanks headed to cleveland and he's what soft spot for ohio. the ties go back to the early 70s when he he was at great lakes theater and he got his start on stage and is helping out the film industry coming to speak for fund raise he is for greater cleveland film
5:32 am
with tom hanks russ mitchell channel 3's ruch -- russ mitchell will be there and earlier in the day, hanks will be at try tri-c speaking to students and teachers. and coming up at 6, we will meet the young lady 17 years old that's going to interview tom hanks at that event. hollie. >> i bet she is excited. thanks so much will. we have got snow mixes happening. and highs from the upper 30s to low 40s and we are seeing lake snow chances rain chances mainly to the east. you see how those of you further inland are not seeing as much of that potential. we will call for upper 30s to around 40 degrees so this is a seasonal feeling day. and right now as far as lake showers, it's pretty quiet. going to be honest. there enot a lot going on.
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we have got a few rain showers sprinkles right now showing up right along the lake shore in ashtabula county. there's more over the lake and we will continue to track and as we look ahead here, you will see that by 9 this morning, we start to see more lake showers through lake and parts of northern geauga and through ashtabula county and if we get a persistent snow shower a coating means/y roads and it's a potential today. so, it's friday and you are out and about and doing things make sure you are just patience. danielle you know how it is. yes. >> we see a few rain drops even things slow down. >> yes down load the wkyc app because there's traffic information at the palm of your hand. we see some slowing on 77 north. that's because we have an accident reported before grant avenue. your left lane is blocked as we look outside at the picture there. you see some traffic getting congested there. and here's the picture 77 at 480 and we are not seeing big delays yet. so we take a look at that drive
5:34 am
and the 490 interchange and it's a 7-minute commute the so that accident is causing about a 2-minute delay. we look at the rest of the traffic map and we are green so normal drive times every where else. when you hit the roads tune into wtam, 1100 total traffic. they will have updates every ten minutes. lynna back to you. >> thank you. 5:34 now. and topping the morning news feed nearly a dozen people were taken hostage inside bank. deputies say the suspect tried to rob the community's first credit union in jacksonville. the suspect made several threats to the hostages including pointing a gun at their heads. he eventually released 11 hostages thankably no injuries- - thankfully no injuries were reported. another fatality in the tennessee wild fires. bringing the total number of deaths up to 11. journalists got a tour of gatlinburg to look at some of the fire damage.
5:35 am
tourists had to evacuate the city after the wild fires spread monday night. more than 17,000 acres have burned so far damaging or destroying dozens of homes an business -- and businesses. buzz altrin the second man to walk on the monday is-- altrin, the -- aldrin the second man to walk on the moon arrived in new zealand early today. the tour company said he but he is responding well to the treatment. all right well the white house wants kid of all ages to learn about government. so it just debuted a really cool app that we will demonstrate for you. it's called 1600. and it builds 1600 pennsylvania avenue on a dollar bill you need your mobile device and a dollar bill and i am mirroring the screen so you can see what happens.
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and watch what happens. the white house is built on the dollar bill. you will soon see -- hear a narrative from press secretary and here's marine 1 in for a landing and the cool part. >> it's more than a home for the president and family. >> it's interactive. you can move around the dollar bill and get different views of the this one now from-- you have to make sure to keep it on top of the dollar bill. now you can take a look at the front of the white house from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. when you go around, you can even tap on the oval office and you get a little surprise. you can even look inside. pretty cool. it's available on both ios and apple.
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one thing you need to know though is that if you search 1600 you might have problem finding it. search white house historical association and it will pop up. a great tool for kids to show how the augmented reality apps can be an educational tool. for more tech looking for great tech gift here's greg dee. >> reporter: hi i am greg dee with a special geek fix for anyone that has too many gadgets and you don't know what to getm. it's the samsung gear s three walks but it no longer works with just samsung phones it's round and just like the apple watch it does have a touch screen a great touch screen round and shows you the notifications for instance the channel 3 updates the other thing it has is a clicky wheel here around the face of the
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it's so intuitive and so fast and so easy i am really a big fan of this. it has apps you want to select which apps you want to run and you basically spin the dial and touch the screen and there's my "healthwatch" and it has weather information. this has a barometer built into it. so if i scroll across here with my dial, there it is. i can -- it tells me how high i am my elevation and current barometric pressure. now there's one thing that i am not a fan of with this watch is it's rather thick. couldn't get it under my sleeve front of it. this one is from our friend at at&t 249 and it does have data on it so you can actually use it without a phone. now that will cost you $5 a month. check it out it's the samsung gear s3 smart watch. >> thanks so much greg. time is 5:38. fan cave flashback. browns are off this week so we are looking back at the last 12 weeks of local fan caves.
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clear wkyc teamed with up live nation and the orchestra to bring back the holiday lights promotion send a picture or video for a chance to win the grand prize a home holiday light controller preprogrammed to the holiday hits and front row seats to the new year's eve concert at the q. head over to wkyc.come/contest and enter the holiday lights sweeps takes here are some of the entries this is from heather in cleveland. james sent
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5:42 right now. great divide. who is in charge of your shopping this holiday season in your house? him or her? a new study shows there is a big difference between how men and women think. they spend money. for more on that joins us live here we go tracie. >> reporter: right. big surprise lynna but you know if you look at households people refleght on what's in the credit survey. -- reflect on what's in the credit survey. women think they are doing most of the the pend u-- spend but 2/3 of women say sure they do most of the holiday spending in their families but only 30% of
5:43 am
for family. barely a quarter of men agree. 70% of women say i buy all the groceries for the family and only 31% of men agree. and it's the same for big ticket items like electronics and apply ands entertainment and movie tickets and sports tickets and deciding things like where you are dining out and where you go to vacation majority of women say they men agree. they say what about sequelly splice -- equally splitting things they couldn't agree. and people behind the survey think it's generational and reflects the fact it's been role reversals especially with dual incomes. >> very interesting. i like that. what about in the potts household. >> reporter: so in the potts household i would be with the the majority i would probably say that i do the majority of the spending and my husband i
5:44 am
-- i think whoa a-- he would agree with me i don't know about handing him a credit card to buy a big tv. >> perception is reality. appreciate it. >> so true. >> hollie. >> yes. >> how about you. >> i buy it all. >> that's right. >> you got the power. >> i am the elf. can't help it. this time of the year. we have got a december weekend that's typical ahead of us. and then we warm up and then we get really really cold later next week. wait until you see the 7- wanting and wishing for some snowy weather i think it will happen as we look ahead. today it's scattered lake rain snow mixing at times. we are around 40. and especially to the east. right now 30s as you wake up and it's feeling colder than that because it's pretty blustery. so you need to bundle up heading out the door. next several hours we see the rain chances with some snow mixing in at times and temperatures nearly steady.
5:45 am
continuous flow across the great lakes. the lake-effect showers are pretty quiet right now. but the cold air moving over top is going to give us what we need to see some more development and we have got showers over the lake itself and as far as what's moving inland right there it's really a few sprinkles. right along the lake shore and ashtabula county. watch what happens as we go hour by hour by 10 a.m. we are starting to see more lake-effect showers through the lake and northern geauga and a lot of ashtabula county and it's going to be rain, wet snow and it looks like it stays more of a mix into the afternoon too. and if we get a persistent snow shower you can get a quick coating or slushy weather so be aware of that for your dinner plans tonight. because we are still noticing the lake showers at 6 this evening. and then things wind down can't rule out a flurry early tomorrow and otherwise a lot of overcast skies for your saturday. and another very typical day. as far as numbers go. window nation 7-day forecast
5:46 am
whole weekend. we have got more rain and snow chances on sunday. and then there's that warmup for early next week. monday we are up to 47. which is really nice. and it should be a dry day. scattered rain showers for tuesday and wednesday and close to 50 degrees and then the bottom drops out. here comes the cold front. it's going to be a doozy because we will see temperatures in the 30s and small with snow showers and a good -- falling with snow showerd for snow. there's a whole week to trackthis but by friday of next week more than likely we won't make it out of the 20s for highs. and that brings us to the instant school closing system. don't worry about a thing we have got you. speaking of not worrying about a thing and smiling, all you need to do is look at your tv to check out the lab who lives to watch the morning show every day and likes bod fetching
5:47 am
>> looks like he he just got out. >> doesn't he. super super cute. so, thanks to paige for sending in cooper for all of to us smile with today danielle. very nice. 5:47 and we are keeping track of this accident on 77 north approaching grant street or grant avenue. you see a little traffic there pretty much what happens is your left lane is blocked before grant because of that accident. we are seeing the red on the traffic map 13 miles per hour average speeds here's the picture at 480 and you are starting to see the slow traffic there it is as you are trying to get to 77 north from 480. now here's the drive time on 77 north between 480 and i-90. 22 minute commute and that's typically a 7 minute drive so big delays there. lynna back to you. >> all right thanks. the cavs are back home at the q last night tieron lui and the team coming off a -- lue
5:48 am
cavs were up big against the clippers in the first half and loll lost the lead they were down 18 points in the third quarter and the team lost the second straight game 113-94. they will be in chicago tonight taking on the bulls and you remember tonight is the night that lebron has to pay up on the bet with dwyane wade you will have to wear cubs gear after the inans lost in the world series. the browns have a bye week an but that doesn't moon we can't look back. mike the director we call him spanks. gives us a best of his edition of fan cave friday. >> oh. cool. >> all right. >> cheers.>> cheers.
5:49 am
at the bar because when you are having a carbonated beverage it's better to be up right and it gives you something to pound on if something good or bad happens. >> they beat a notre dame team right. >> i am afraid so. >> you going to let him get away with that. >> totally disrespecting my house. >> you set me up. >> i think we did. but i love the room. >> can we get him ejected. >> yeah. >> the flag that was flown over southeast asia my son is in the air force shot out to can i take him on in pop a shot. >> happy anniversary. >> thanks so much. >> how about a hug. >> i have 100 current past indians on that and it's a living breathing piece of memorabilia any time i can grab someone i grab it. >> we better drink to the indians success. >> here's to the tribe>> thanks so much. >> root beer. >> there's one football that's special this one tell me about
5:50 am
with me. so it's very dear to me and brings back a lot of memories. >> wow amaying. thanks for your service. >> oh. >> when we saw in the bathroom there's a terrible towel in there what's that all about. >> i do have pa ken and if they come over i want them to feel comfortable my nephew is a steeler fan and that's his room. >> lock him in the bathroom. >> we he do. >> good enough to -- we do. >> good enough for me. >> can we get protect the head. >> i will find a beat up one for him. >> that would be perfect. >> oh the fans vorred 7- record is 7 57b. john and mike is 12-0. john is- - 7-5. john and mike is 12-0. john is looking for more fan caves he be reached on his facebook or twitter at john
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good morning matt. >> reporter: good morning. i have the hottest holiday box of toys. i will say two words nick loadien 26 bucks -- nick loadan 26 -- nickelodeon, 26 bucks. see you after the break. crier are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of. sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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5:54. ways to save you say you don't have a six-pack but you have a super pack of fun. >> reporter: i have a fun package and this that's what it says fun package it's real thing and this is without a doubt the hottest holiday pae nickelodeon products your kids and grand kids and nieces will recognize this it sells out when you see this online. it doesn't last a minute. before i show you the price and what's in here i want to assure everyone i will get it to you today. before we go through the contents i sent it along to a kid to put to the test. take a look. >> hi matt i can't wait to play
5:55 am
electropuddy and wacky wally. >> reporter: but of all the toys it was not wally or electropuddy that stole the show after sitting down with the guy who built the box this is what had us excited. [ music ] ? controlled with a 3, 3d app bug lights that can be enjoyed by us and teens are the favorite items in the toy box and the whole box including the electropuddy the bright bugs, the super elastic bubbles that allow you blow gigantic bubbles in different colors wacky wally will climb the walls and the pets that kids can interact which have it's 26 bucks including shipping. >> no way. >> reporter: ohio invented. so what happened was many of these and if you are baby boomer these are toys that many
5:56 am
been repackaged and reinvented and reimagineed -- reimagined this is not in stock it will be in stock at some point this morning. i guarantee if you are on my deal list you will get a notification and if you want to keep checking back by 3p.m. or noon everything in the box will be online. i am watching it but this is the heads up. >> okay. we trust you will hook us up. thanks so much. >> reporter: you are welcome. >> love the fun package. >> reporter: thanks. today's top stories straight ahead. let's check fender bender, you may think it's no big deal but for two drivers in this east side suburb, the situation turned into something much worse lynna. >> a record breaking penalty. the -- why the princess cruz lines are -- cruise lines are facing a 40 million dollar fine will. >> reporter: tom hanks headed to cleveland to talk about his cleveland ties and the film industry and the impact on
5:57 am
what there -- shall that will be interviewing him. -- >> big delays on 77 north. after 6 how to avoid it. >> and we won't avoid the cold weather this weekend at least it looks like december is here for sure all the way through. around 40 today and breezy and some lake snow and rain mix. so make sure to bundle up as
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall in lob again with your home. and now channel 3 news today. >> right now at 6, police are investigating recent carjackings in the east side suburbs. coming up, we will have a few ways you can stay safe. beyond. how a local police officer will be honored after rescuing a dog that fell into a sewer. will. >> reporter: actor director producer and what appears to be an all around good guy tom hanks headed to cleveland today. we will tell you why he is here and meet the 17-year-old girl who is going to get to talk to him all that coming up. and it's so chilly as we are talking outside weather. good morning to you. happy friday. december 2nd.


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