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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  December 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall in lob again with your home. and now channel 3 news today. >> right now at 6, police are investigating recent carjackings in the east side suburbs. coming up, we will have a few ways you can stay safe. beyond. how a local police officer will be honored after rescuing a dog that fell into a sewer. will. >> reporter: actor director producer and what appears to be an all around good guy tom hanks headed to cleveland today. we will tell you why he is here and meet the 17-year-old girl who is going to get to talk to him all that coming up. and it's so chilly as we are talking outside weather. good morning to you. happy friday. december 2nd.
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overcast skies more or less today with lake-effect rain and snow showers especially east and this map sums it up well. as we look the chances will be there not only this morning for some lake-effect showers but into the afternoon and even beyond that through your evening. we are around 40, 41 for the high today. right now it's in the 30s and it feels colder because it's blustery. we have got the cold air moving all across the great lakes. and what we are planning on show up right now a lot is over the lake and a little moving inland right now lake shore ashtabula county is seeing the brunt of it. but i do believe that we could be talking even more snow mixing in as we head through the day at times. so, nothing that is going to cause any big commotion or crazy problems for you. but yes, more persistent snow showers showing up mid morning into the afternoon. we have got scattered rain and snow and it's going to be a mix throughout the day. so just know that as you leave
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here and there danielle. you know how it is. yes and there's more than a little bit of slow down on 77 north into down cleveland. here's 480 where you are seeing the stop and go traffic. that's because we have an accident reported before grant avenue with the left lane blocked. so you're seeing slow traffic into the area. we take a look at that drive time between 480 and the 490 enterchange and it's a 19ment commute. now this is typically a 5 minute drive. so if you want to avoid this time you leave, you can go ahead and instead of taking 77 north into downtown take the jennings and that should get you around that. now back to you. >> thank you. a fender bender is often looked at as no big deal. but two recent incidents turned into something much worse. tiffany tarpley joins us live from beachwood and carjackers are getting in and driving away in the victim's cars. >> reporter: and we want to make sure that you stay safe if
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it's not unusual to get out of your car and check for the damage just to make sure everything is okay if you are in that fender bender but what is happening is someone else from the car that just hit you gets inside and drives off. so, police are saying if this happens to you, even if you are in a small accident, call 911 and the best thing to do is to make sure you stay in the car until police arrive. >> i was in the car hit me from behind and i got out to check the damage and then the person jumped in my car and drove away. >> we just drove past a lady she was on the ground and she said she just had her car stolen someone drove off with it. >> reporter: and those were calls to 911 after both carjackings in beachwood on tuesday. you might be wondering where these happened. first was south bell sore and
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road minutes apart. one of the cars was found a few blocks away and the thieves had taken purses and cell phones and wallets and cash and whatever is of value in the car. but coming back out here live, one other thing we spoke with the state trooper with the state patrol and he says you don't want to leave your car your keys take them with you take them out don't have them on you or in your purse because in situation like that thi crook might try to take them away from you and fight you for your keys so you don't want at that situation. best thing to do is stay inside until police arrive. >> great advice and we are glad that no one was injured in the instances as well. police in akron are still looking for the suspect who shot three people at a barbershop yesterday. a man at rp's blaze academystarted yelling at a customer in the chair.
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who was yelling at him and a 17- year-old and another man were also shot. no word on their conditions. police gave us a full description of the shooter. we have it for you at cleveland police are asking for your help to find a missingteen. 15-year-old ellen harris went to the library with her brother and never came home last seen near east 108th street in october. take a good look. if you have any information you can call cleveland police. cleveland police officers set to be honored for the actions next week at city hall. one set of the compassionate officers came to the rescue after edna sutton's 18-year-old blind and deaf dog daphne fell into a sewer. cleveland police detective sean smith jumped into action after pulling off the manhole cover. >> detective smith is always pretty much the dog lover dog in his arm climb up the ladder.
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she was filthy. >> she smelled tail. >> it was stinky my truck still stinks. >> the fluff ball is back home and happy with her grateful owner edna who says she is thankful for the officers. tom hanks perhaps the biggest movie star in the world is coming to cleveland for two events sponsored by greater cleveland film commission. will ujek is live with the details. hi will. >> reporter: good morning don't know how you want to look at it we adopted him or he adopted us because cleveland has a soft spot in his hart because that's where he got his start in the late 70s. got his start on stage and donated money to help restore the theater and now he is donating time to help the film industry and will speak at two events one sold out behind the camera with tom hanks fund- raiser about 600 people at
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hotel and will sit down with russ mitchel to taws about -- talk about his cleveland tykes and the film industry is having and can have on cleveland. earlier he will be at tri-c speaking with 700 students and teachers from all over northeast ohioch the person interviewing him a 17-year-old from st. joseph academy jonae williams who has seen about every tom hanks movie and has a list of questions ready to go. >> right now i am on edge but i am feeling confident and nerve-racking but you know i am a big fan so i might scream or faint you never know. >> reporter: she says her favorite tom hanks movie is forest gump. i will go with terminal i don't know-- it didn't get as much pub or play but that's mine i don't know what you got. >> i am with jonae i love forest gump. thanks so much. the goodyear blimp hankor is decked out -- hangar is
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event. this is cool. today through sunday, you can drive through the hangar and take part in the toys for tots toy drive and it's chance for you to see the airship winked foot 2 the newest aircraft in a goodyear blimp fleet. marines will be on hand to collect toys and money donations and santa will be there. as the wild fires continue to burn in tennessee what's happening today in the resort town. and a pollution cover has to pay up after polluting the ocean and trying to cover it up. hollie>> thank you. happy friday to you. you did it. another week and we are flying into the first weekend of december. it's feeling like it too. we have got lake-effect rain and snow showers possible today. breezy and chilly and normal highs 43 normal low 31 and we are not too far from either of those. so little bit of patience on the commute at times.
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you wake up just make sure you grab the heavier coat again today. you are going to need it. we will see what's going on for the weekend. we will talk about the weather into next week. follow us on twitter at wkyc and we would love to chat with
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6:12 right now. time for the morning news feed today is the first time residents and business owners can see what's left after the devastating wild fires in tennessee. we learned late last night that another person was killed in the fires bringing the number of fatalities to 11. more than 14,000 residents and tourists had to evacuate after the wild fire spread. tennessee's governor declared a state of emergency. famous dollywood theme park will reopen today.
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not damaged. a somber anniversary in california. it was one year ago today that a married couple opened fire at holiday party in san bernardino california. killing 14 people and wounding 21 others. they were later killed in a shoot out with police. today's anniversary will be marked with memorial bike ride this morning in a community gathering tonight. one of the world's largest cruise lines will pay $40 million in polluting and trying to cover it up. princess crews lines will -- cruise lines will plead guiltysome cruise ships had a special pipe meant to discharge oily waste into the water by- passing the waste treatment system. at least 5 ships were involved in the case dating back to 2005. hollie is here and we have a lot to talk about. it's kind of a mix. >> next seven days is going to
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>> right? >> hold on. >> okay. oh, boy. >> right. >> hold on. >> okay. >> get the shovels. >> the shovels towards the end of next week we will see. there's the teaser. kids heading out to the bus stop no shovels necessary this week. this is really going to be a normal december day and next couple days. so we are in the 30s and it feels a little colder because it is breezy make sure to have your winter coats and stuff on. we warm up after the going to be a real taste of winter latenext week unless something changes. it's a week out. but, yeah, we will get to it. 6:14. 36 in hopkins and we will go for 41 for the high and scattered lake snow mix is what i am calling it because i i think it's going to be rain at times and wet snow at times today, and temperatures 30s to near 40 for the highs. so pretty steady we are not going to move a whole lot from where we are right now. over the next several hours you
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mix of rain and snow to just rain as temperatures get closer to 40. and if we see enough of you know temperatures holding in the 30s and we could end up with wet snow and maybe a little slushy weather to deal with today. pretty quiet at the moment. most of the activity is over the lake itself. and you will notice as we zoom in that's the case but we are starting to see some of the showers as liquid move inland along the lake shore there. so we will continue to watch be a as -- and as we do look ahead by 10:30 the coverage is a little more widespread into geauga county and we are seeing some of the rain and snow mix together. and then it spreads into cuyahoga county and more of geauga county 3, 3:30 today and even into the evening so if you have dinner plans or heading out to see a movie with the family whatever, it looks like there could be slow downs because of a few showers.
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significant accumulation at all in fact it looks like a lot will be the mix of rain and wet snow. quieter overnight and for the saturday with the exception of a few early flurries i think a lot of overcast skies tomorrow. and again, like i said, the window nation 7-day it's typical stuff for the first weekend of december with highs close to 40. rain and snow chances they are a little higher again on sunday. and then monday, we will be 47 which is a this time of the year and 50 and scattered rain showers expected tuesday and wednesday. and then here comes thursday. just kind of strolling along we will be 30s and falling with snow showers likely and by friday of next week early indications are we may not make it out of the 20s for highs with more snow. so we better talk about i alert the instant school close are system we stress this because
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this stuff so we have you covered that'sed the good news. here's a check of your drive in wkyc traffic is brought to you by mike bass ford get a great deal and great deal more at mike bass forward. hi and welcome to friday. time again is 6:17. that accident on 77 north i've been tracking for the last half- hour or so that's cleared out before grant avenue. we are seeing a little slow traffic 77 north at 480. as you can see, not too much or not big delays there so we look at that drive time between 480 and i-90 on 77 heading into downtown a 12 minute commute that's about a 5 minute delay. so hopefully that slow traffic will clear up very soon. also we have a water main break reported on pleasant valley road. eastbound and independence before 77. the water main break is in the right lane so get over to the left. other than that we look great
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lynna back to you. >> all right thanks so much dani. we know many of you weren't able to watch channel 3 wednesday night because of the technical issues we experienced but here we are as you can see we are back up and running. we will be reairing the holiday special you may have missed. so prepare to set your dvrs were-air christmas in rockefeller sent owner sunday morning at 1:30. then, at 2:30 a.m., dolly parton christmas of many colors circle of a life saving drug recreated in a high school lab. why the students say they wanted to prove they could make the drug. and don't miss the deadline we will tell you the three he dates you need to have on the calendar while shopping for the holidays. hey hollie. >> hi. and this one weather out your window here's a looking at you. staring at you there on the tv. isn't that beautiful? jean sent it in.
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on a december day to look at green grass. won't be long before we see more and more of the snowflakes we will talk about it in the he
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how about this a group of high school students from australia were able to reproduce a life saving drug for a fraction of the price they were able to make a drug used to treat malaria the kid wanted to show the drug could be produced reliably and cheaply with just a knowledge they learned in school. they made 3.7 grams of the drug for just 20 dollars. this is the same drug that made headlines when the drug maker raised the price in the u.s.
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$750. smart kids that's the future. all right. three deadlines if you are looking at your future you need to plan the holiday shopping. matt granite is here with three important dates. >> reporter: the make or breakbargain cutoffs and for all the wonderful people watching saving cash is more than important than ever and if i were to tell you one of the biggest shipping days and spending days of th not happened yet there may be confusion. take a look at your reminder. that black friday and cyber monday actually returns in a matter of weeks. take a look at the this video because i want to mention that all of the many deals that sold out black friday and cyber monday actually return one week from this coming monday and i will make sure you have that deadline in a moment. we are talking savings replicated with the one exception many of the tv deals
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will not be a phenomenon next week. that's okay. there's plenty of other things to save on and if there werethree days i would put on my calendar the first is december 6th or 7th of next we are if you watch channel 3 news i will get you more toy anddrone deals than anyone else. these are the drones built for kids and teens not for adults. green monday. that is a thing people and this year it actually hold its own with cyber monday as one of the biggest days of the ti and finally for those of you looking for stocking stuffers the great gifts under 20 bucks december 13th. so for the toy deals this was one other thing to point out andwe will talk about it at 6:44. one of the hottest toy deals of the season sells out every 58 seconds like clock -- work. >> but you have a way to guarantee it. >> reporter: and get around it and hook you up with nickelodeonislands.
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every 58 seconds. >> and restocks. >> wow. >> you are a sell out in great way matt. >> reporter: thank you. >> we mean that with total love. >> reporter: yes upper 30s to near 40 is where we are headed. december 2nd it's friday and we are planning on a typical december day. with the the addition of some lake-effect rain and snow showers. on the travel map not much going on other than lake-effect showers we are seeing and they are minimal at this t chilly detroit chicago upper 30s to near 40 just like us. we are seeing milder air to the west but i will tell you what it's going to stay pretty chilly in december through the weekend itself. we have got a warmup and more cold to talk about and the extended forecast gets super interesting. let's put it that way. >> that sound like a you'veism. >> yes. >> thanks.
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here we go. 6:25 right now wkyc teamed with up live nation and transsiberian orchestra to bring back the holiday lights promotion. send a pix or video for a chns to win the grand prize a home holiday light controller preprogrammed to the tso holiday hits and front row seats to the new year's eve concert at the q. here are some of the entries one picture from jeremy and one from john in jefferson village. head
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it's 6:30. welcome back. i am lynna lai. john is off and hollie is tracking the snow in the forecast coming up in minute but first here's what's happening. fairview park and cleveland police are searching for an escaped prisoner he this morning. the man walked out of fairview hospital yesterday afternoon and ran into the metro park. police tell us 30-year-old david daas or orange jump suit about 5-11, 215 pounds and bald. he is wanted for theft. if you have any information call police. in east leaveland will light up for the holidays this is from last year's celebration. the lights will stretch along noble road at the ge lighting headquarters. and include more than a half a million l.e.d. lights. des play includes a replica of the chandelier in the playhouse
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event. the cavs are back home at the q last night. lue and the team coming off a loss in milwaukee and last night was no different. cavs were up big against the clippers in the first half. but slowly lost the lead. the cavs lose their second straight game 113-94. they will be in chicago tonight taking on the bulls and tonight is the night remember lebron has to pay up on the bet to dwyane wade after indians lost in the world series so lebron will have to wear cubs gear hollie. i don't know-- that's awful. >> right. pretty much. but you have to do what you've got to do. got to own up. you really do. we have got to own up to december as we head into the weekend. yeah. it's feeling like it. typical nothing that's unusual today. we have got scattered light rain and snow showers especially a lot of overcast skies. upper 30s to around 40. we will have chances for the
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i think even into the evening so this could impact any of your plans for tonight. but it's going to be minimal as far as you know accumulation and probably not because honestly most of this is a mix of rain and wet snow. pretty quiet at the moment. let's get closer in so you can better see. rain showers across the lake and lake shore ashtabula and lake county starting to see rain showers this morning. but the rest of you, dry. more -- notice more lake-effect showers as the morning continues on. so for those of you in cuyahoga county and geauga. you will start to get in on the action and even further west and south at times we will see some of the scattered showers. this evening it starts to calm and it looks like it will be chilly heading into saturday. what's ahead. wait until you see. the 7-day forecast is quite a ride but in the meantime, the ride i hope is going along okay.
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on 77 north above 480 has cleared out that accident cleared near grant avenue but we have some slow traffic actually this is the wrong traffic report that is us so please forgive me for that but pretty much we have pleasant valley road. it's water main break westbound lanes not eastbound lanes but westbound lanes before 77. i spoke to independence police and they say the road is not closed but use caution as you are traveling. lynn the search is on this morning for the crooks who car jacked two women in beachwood. tf any tarpley joins us live now with the -- tiffany tarpley joins us live now with the details. both situations started as fender benders he. >> reporter: they -- benders. >> reporter: they d it's nothing to get out -- they did. it's nothing to get out of the car to check the damage and see if everything okay but someone in the other vehicle jumps in your car and takes off with it
6:34 am
instances in beachwood on tuesday. let's go ahead and show you video of the areas where it happened. first was at the south boulevard and the other on cedar road they got away with purrs and cell phones and ipads and hundreds in cash. police are looking for a darkcolored suv. we spoke with the state trooper ohio state highway patrol that says the best thing to do even if it's a small fender call 911 and wait in your car until police get there lynna>> thanks so much. topping morning news feed donald trump was in ohio yesterday for the first stop on his thank you tour. the president-elect is visiting the battleground states that helped him win the white house. he made a big announcement and selected marine corps general james mattis as the pick for secretary of defense. he revealed the choice during his since in the they rally.
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serving as the commander of the u.s. central command. nearly a dozen people were taken hostage inside a florida bank. deputies say the suspect tried to rob the community first credit union in jacksonville. they say the suspects made several threats to the hostages including pointing a gun at their heads. he releaseded the 11 hostages thankfully no injuries were reported. apple maps is getting a makeover. the tech giant is taking new steps to make the app better while on the help of drones. the company will use a team of drones to capture and update map information. the drones will then be able to examine street signs and track changes to roads and see if areas are under construction a lot quicker than the currencies terms. tom hanks perhaps the biggest movie star in the world right now is coming to cleveland today for two events sponsor by the greater cleveland film commission. will ujek is live with the the details this morning.
6:36 am
he is always had that soft spot for cleveland you maybe remember the go tribe he exclaimed on saturday night live because that's where his roots are that starts his acting career behind me not the truck behind the truck too. great lakes theater at theshakespeare festival interning in the late 70s and donated money to restouter hanna theater and now he is donate -- retore -- rear -- restore the hanna theater and now he is donatinge. behind the camera with tom hanks that russ mitchel will talk with him about his cleveland ties and impact on the film industry and it has on the city of cleveland. earlier he will speak at tri-c with 750 students and teachers from all over northeast ohio. the person interviewing is a 17- year-old from st. joseph academy jonae williams who says she seen just about every tom hanks movie and has a list of
6:37 am
she felt when she was asked to interview him and a very interesting response. >> i screamed and i was like let me calm down and i have a called down i was fine i was like yes i would love to always and forever. it was no brainer for me i didn't have to think about it when they said do you want to interview tom hanks, yes, yes. >> reporter: all for the greater cleveland film commission a nonprofit that brings movies and shows to cleveland to 2009, 400 million dollars in economic impact in the equivalent of just over 1500 full-time jobs. lynna. >> we know he is going to do great. what a great experience for her too. thanks so much. time is 6:37. still ahead, we check in with matt granite with what's ahead in ways to save hi. >> reporter: i have the toy box that will not last more than 58 seconds online. don't worry i have a way for
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nickelodeon asortments and it's going to be epic. >> i can't wait to hear about it and you will need to hear about there weather forecast because it's the weekend weather. we have a typical december day for friday. and tgif to you. 40 for the high and lake-effect snow and rain and it's just going to be a breezy chilly december day. what's ahead? we will check it out and let me say, there's plenty to talk >> all right we will get to it. also, up next get a tour of the white house without leaving your home. so i will give you a live demonstration of how this new 1600 app works. will the tv gods be nice to me? we will find out when we come
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6:41 right now. and what's trending this
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just debuted that comes from the white house the white house is trying to help kids learn about government in a fun interactive way and they've 1600 app. >> i will be the kid here. >> okay. i am mirroring my screens so you can look at how it works. you need a mobile device a phone or tablet and dollar bill and watch what happens you aim the camera at the dollar bill. >> right. >> and it will start to build th pennsylvania avenue on the dollar bill. >> that's really neat. >> you will hear a narrative by the white house press secretary josh earnest. >> that's marine one. >> you can walk around the bill and hollie now you can see the front of the white house. pick up the bill. okay. pick up the whole thing.
6:43 am
>> okay wait pick up the whole tab. hold on. >> i screwed up the whole-- >> no hold it still. wait hold on. >> leave it to the child in the equation to mess it up. >> there you go. >> you can even pick up see how interactive it is. >> oh, yeah. >> swing it around hollie and if you tap on the oval office. >> does the president come to the door? >> lock you can look inside the oval office. >> fabulous. >> yeah you know the white house wanted to make education fun so the app 1600 is a way to reach young americans who are used to apps like pokemon go and they are called augmented reality so instead of just a restacks 1600 shows you how the same technology can be used as an educational tool and it is available on ios and android and it's free. so go to right now and
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website for information information and we have the links for you. >> that was fun. >> yeah. >> i like going in the oval office. >> no more kid stuff yes. >> reporter: today savings presidential proportions in fact i don't know if it made sense but i am so dumfounded by the number of people trying to buy today's toy box deal the hot nick loadion toys -- nickelodeon toys in a box the inventor is local. this sells out on every 58 seconds like trying to get tickets to the hottest concert in town. i promise in moment i will tell you how to get this but first what was the toys like i sent it to my favorite 8-year-old to put it to the test. >> hi matt i can't wait to play with the toys including electropuddy and wacky wally. >> reporter: after -- wally.
6:45 am
with the guy who helped build the box this is what had us excited. controlled with a 3, 3d app the bug lights can be enjoyed by us kids and teens was our favorite item in this toy box. i was merse merized and it has -- mesmerizeed and it has the electropuddy you know these are repackaged and brought back to life. super elastic bubbles the pet a child can interact with that climbs and does tricks and it's all 26 bucks for everything. the amazing thing is if you have five kids you can buy one box and give them out. there's a way to make it last. here's what i want to begin with. if you are on you are going to get a unavailable call
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this will be in stock and i promise everyone watching right now will get one of these at some point by the end of today. be on the wait list. >> tough keep checking. >> reporter: if you follow me or channel 3 we will make sure you know and it's a matter of waiting a few more showers that's how hot this is i think everyone in the world is trying to buy one. >> lynna and i want one. >> forget the kids we want one. >> reporter: i am taking this home i love this. >> so fun. >> thanks so much matt. out the door next in the morning rush. let's check in with tiffany. >> we will get the forecast first. >> oh gosh. >> it's friday. >> can we have a moment. >> i messed up. >> sometimes you need to take a moment. do you do that in your house you walk in roam and -- room and don't know why you are there that's what we did in the studio. >> what do you mean we that was meow are being nice.
6:47 am
where am i going. over to the the wall. into the 30s for the bus stop. feels like 20s. blustery and cold and big smiles because it's friday. let's talk because there's so much going on. we have the typical sort of weather for weekend. and then a warmup and then it gets really cold and snowy by the end of next week. we will show you but first things first and i think today scattered lake snow and rain is going to be highs right around 40 where30s is where you are waking up but make sure the winter he coats and bundle up because it feels colder than that. and it's going to be the on and off rain and or snow showersthroughout the day. upper 30s to near 40 prettycommon. not a whole lot going on but you can see activity across the great lakes as the colder air continues to move in. and yeah, as we get closer in it's a mix of rain and some
6:48 am
very you know isolated is really the key at this point. i think we will see some more organized rain and snow showers develop throughout the course of the day. and as we look at our extended computer model forecast it picks up on this as we head through the morning. through gee og county lake county and cuyahoga county on and off rain and snow showers accumulation i wouldn't hold my breath. i think it's going to be more slushy at times than anything and even just wet roads of this. we have got lot of overcast skies otherwise. and through the weekend, we are expecting very typical december weather highs around 40. tomorrow looks quiet. and then sunday we have rain and snow back in the forecast. we warm it up to 47 on monday and then 50 with rainy weather tuesday and wednesday and a very strong cold front moving in thursday. temperatures will be 30s
6:49 am
friday 20s and snow things could change but keep it here for the latest forecast. and our instant school closing system ialert i is the key word instant because with mornings being as hectic as they are this time of the year or any time of the year we want you to be as calm and relaxed as you k we will get you the information you need. cash is doggone weather's superstar this look at cash. yeah. a little sleepy when this photo was snapped. he was chilling on the couch but nicky says cash is the biggest love a poster child of an awesome pet and he he is such a sweetheart. thanks for sharing nicky we are excited to have cash on the show today. >> appreciate it. thanks hollie. your morning rush is next. let's check in first with tiffany. >> reporter: we have been
6:50 am
the recent carjackings here in beachwood. coming up, we will let you know
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police in beachwood are investigating two recent carjackings that started out as fender benders. here's how this happened. of course if there's a fender bender you are going to get out and see what's going on. but while you are doing that someone in the car that just hit you jumps in and takes off with your car with the
6:53 am
last check, they are looking for the people responsible lynna. >> thanks tiffany. akron police are looking for the suspect who shot the three people at barbershop. a man at rp's blaze academy started yelling at a customer in barber's chair. man in the chair pulled out a gun and shot the man who was yelling. a 17-year-old and another man were also shot. no word on their conditions. we have a full description of the shooter for you at this morning after a man shot two people in ravenna earlier this week. a pregnant woman was one of the victims. investigators say david calhoun fatally shot 33-year-old lashaun sanders and sarah marsh. marsh was 6 to 10 week pregnant when she died. calhoun remace on the run and is considered armed and dangerous. cleveland police are asking for help to find this missing
6:54 am
and never came home. she was last seen near east 108th street back in october. so if you have any information, call cleveland police. let's check in with will. >> reporter: good morning award winning actor write are producer director tom hanks headed to cleveland today back to where his roots got started the great lakes theater which he donated money to help restore. he is back to help keep going the film industry here in clan speaking at sold out behind the camera with tom hanks a fund- raiser for the greater cleveland film commission and will speak with russ mitchell and is talking with student over at tri-c this morning to help benefit the nonprofit the greater cleveland film commission dani. we have one traffic alert impacting those of you who travel in boy oh, boy traffic doesn't want to work. independence pretty much you have water main break pleasant
6:55 am
towards 77. no road closures because of that. so that's all we have normal drive times everywhere else hollie. >> okay it's friday. >> it's totally friday danielle. let's add rain and snow to the mix. around 40 or so for the high and yeah this is typical this is nothing unusual today or through weekend for that matter. we will warm up that's a little unusual into the 40s and near 50 with rain tuesday and wednesday. and then next thursday is the day >> oh that's what it's called. >> into winter. literally. 30s and falling and snowy. we will talk more hi matt. >> reporter: hi hollie. i am going make things worse now. completely sold out if you want the toy get on my deal list and i promise you will get it. >> how did we get on your dis. >> reporter: >> i want the fun package. >> reporter: so does everyone. >> we need a fun package this
6:56 am
>> the fun package. >> fun package. >> have a great weekend. >> today show is next we will keep you updated throughout the today show. >> we hope you are laughing with us not at us. >> oh goodness. >> or maybe that too. >> thanks for watching channel 3 news take channel 3 news and weather wherever you go. text wkyc to 25543 now to
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good morning. he's back. president-elect trump switches into campaign mode during the first stop of his thank you tour. >> we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we? >> while forum, things get ugly between top aides for trump and hillary clinton. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no, you wouldn't. >> and it went downhill from there. road rage. a former nfl player shot and killed in an altercation near new orleans. the 54-year-old suspect stayed at the scene is in custody being questioned by police right now. south pole rescue.


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