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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  September 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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durham apartment complex forced from their homes by a leak. plus, a man beaten to death outside a fayetteville bar. what police say happened and who is now in custody. eyewitness news at ten starts right now. we're following several new and breaking stories, tonight. including an fayetteville restaurant that left a man dead... good evening i'm heather waliga we're also tracking the latest on hermine's path up the east coast... and the damage left behind here in our state. we start with breaking news in durham where police are investigating a home invasion and shooting. it happened just before nine o'clock on east main street. the victim was shot in the leg. right now....police are searching for three suspects. part of east main street is blocked while police
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news in rocky mount. police there are investigating a body found in a retaining pond near a popular restaurant. the 50 year old man was discovered just before 3 this afternoon between the outback steakhouse and the residence inn. police are calling his death supsicious....but say they 'don't' suspect foul play. the man's name hasn't been released. police are still working to figure out how he ended up there. tonight....dozens of people are without a place to stay after a sewage backup forced them from their homes. situation unfolding at an apartment complex in durham. tim pulliam is live on hillcrest drive. tim what are these people going to do tonight? the clean up continues. plumbers have been working solve what caused
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tenants $100 toward a hotel stay tonight we checked in with the local red
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assisting but they will let me know if that changes. this issue has hit these residents at a rough time. they say the property was recentl s new managers and they have been given a notice of 30 days to leave. presidential candidate hillary clinton will make a campaign stop in north carolina this week. a public event is set for thursday in charlotte. clinton already planned to attend a private fundraiser in the city that day... but 'added' what her campaign is calling a "voter registation event."
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where or when that event will take place. her republican opponent in the race for the white house is also coming to north carolina. donald trump will give his immigration speech tuesday in greenville. also tuesday... clinton's running mate....tim kaine....will give a national security speech in wilmington while former president bill clinton will campaign in durham. raleigh police have arrested a man in a murder last month near downtown raleigh. 20 year old jeffrey reynoso is accused of shooting and anderson. his body was found behind a house near new bern avenue. police haven't released any information about a motive for the shooting. reynoso has been arrested more than a dozen times in the past two years. two men are locked up tonight....accused of beating a man to death outside a fayetteville bar early this morning. it happened just after midnight in the parking lot of '301 wingz bar and grill'....on north eastern boulevard. police charged hubert underwood and
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murder. both are in the cumberland county detention center tonight....without bond. officers identified the victim as 52 year old michael mansfield. police say all three were inside the bar before the fight broke out. we're learning more about the woman killed in a motorcyle crash in fayetteville. police say 39- year-old "melanie orr" lost control of the bike around 9-30 last night and crashed on north reily road. she later died at cape fear valley medical center. highway 12 on the oue day weekend... because of erosion and overwash from hermine. these photos coming to us from a police officer in kitty hawk. you can see how the rough surf caused by the storm has eaten away at the shore there. the area that's near the poular black pelican restaurant. it's not expected to reopen until wednesday. governor mccrory--toured storm damage today in eastern north carolina. he met with farmers in tyrell and washington counties.
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rain....damaging cotton, soybean and corn crops. the governor lifted the state of emergency yesterday in 33 eastern counties. hermine left her coast....including this sinkhole in wilmington. heavy rain caused the road to buckle. neighbors say it's the third time this has happened. no word yet when the road will re- open. tonight....the east coast is on alert as hermine moves north. the massive storm won't make landfall again. but it 'will' create 'dangerous', potentially 'deadly', rip currents and flooding for millions of americans. abc's eva pilgrim is along the jersey shore.
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serious case of animal abuse. officials in columbus county say a falling tree limb damaged a dog pen enough for one dog to escape... when neighbors alled to report the stray, officers found dogs being kept in
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water at an abandoned house. animal control wants to charge the owners with 5 felony counts for each dog. we've got more video and photos of hermine's impact here in our state... and all across the south. you can check out the weather section right now on abc-11-dot-com. mother teresa has now joined the ranks of other catholic saints. pope francis declaring her a 'saint' this morning. known as the "saint of the gutters" -- the roman catholic nun devoted her life to helpin the marginalized. she received the nobel peace prize for her work in 1979. she died in 1997, at the age of 87. today's celebration was recognized catholic masses in our area... and as angelica alvarez's even more special for a group of parishioners in cary. having met the late mother teresa... her canonization
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bishop michael burbidge of the raleigh diocese. "when we say there are saints walking in our midst, there indeed are." the bishop...choosing to spend this... 'momentous'... day... here at green hope high school in cary. with mother teresa's portrait at the front... and even... 'mini versions'... in the audience...people here... are looking forward to launching a new parish. "prayers have been answered." susan higgins... helped found... 'saint michael of the archangel catholic church'... in cary... catholic community swell over the past 16 years...and spill over into this much needed worship space at the high school. since they're bursting at the seems...'here'... bishop burbidge..gave this location 'mission status'... meaning they can build their own parish... which he says they've given a very fitting name: "blessed teresa of calcutta catholic mission". "this community here, this faithful with whom i gather here today are known, as are so many missions, parishes
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tremendous outreach to the hungry, to the sick, the needy in our midst." a true embodiment...of the nun...known for her selfless work in always helping those most in need. in cary, angelica alvarez, abc 11 ewn. authorities investigating a threat made against a high school in south carolina. find out who is being targeted. plus, a north carolina boy attacked by dogs as he got off his school bus. how he's doing tonight.... carnival rides? recent accidents have people asking questions. what the industry is saying tonight about safety. but first... a live look at the raleigh skyline
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made against jewish amd muslim students at one of south carolina's largest high schools. the threats say 'byrnes high school' in spartanburg county will be attacked tuesday. it also included pictures of a person in a gas mask holding a knife with a swastika on the handle. deputies have stepped up patrols on the campus. so far no arrests have been made. an ex-convict is back behind bars tonight in california.....accus ed of shooting two 'unarmed' corrections officers 'inside' a now in the hospital in critical condition. authorities say the officers approached the man after he tried to 'cut' in the jail visitors line yesterday. he opened fire when the officers asked him to sit down. eyewitnesses say the pair were shot in the head and neck. the suspect is now
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on parole in 2014 after serving 16 years for raping three girls. a charlotte boy is recovering tonight from 'serious' injuries.....after three dogs attacked him...when he got off a school bus. the 7 year old's mother rushed in.....kicking and shoving the bull terriers to get them off the little boy. "noah bertrand" underwent plastic surgery for injuries to his the dogs were 'turned over' to animal control. charges are pending. tonight a dozen people....mostly children....are recovering after fair accidents in two states. the first came when the moonraker ride malfunctioned at a memphis carnival... leaving teens dangling from their seats--some falling to the ground. officials say the ride operator panicked and hit a button that released the safety bars. then a couple hours later....six children hit their heads when a
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stop at a fair in chicago. the association representing carnival operators telling abc news - injuries are rare and that....of the more than a billion carnival rides americans take each year.....just '13 thousand' people suffer injuries requiring emergency room visits. a boy scout is out '100-dollars' after being 'ripped off' while trying to it happened friday outside a wal-mart in florida. the suspect bought trail mix from the scout using a fake 100- dollar bill and received 80- dollars in change. the boy's father later went inside the store to report what happened and was told --the same man tried to use that 'fake' bill there too....but the cashier wouldn't take it. the home of the co-founder of 'burts bees' is moving to durham. the company bought the converted 'turkey coop' that burt
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called home... and plans to put it on display at the headquarters in durham. shavitz died last year and his former assistant inherited the building. he says he wanted to take care of the building no matter what. it's expected to open to the public in november. meteorologist liz horton is here now with the
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a disappointing start to the college football season for the tar heels... but 'some' good came out of yesterday's loss. ngozi tells us what's next for larry fedora's team....ahead in sports.
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newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. teaching assistants have been depleted.
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larry fedora and the tar heels instead returning to chapel hill with more question marks after a disappointing season opener. it wasn't all negatives for the heels though. t-j logan being the bright spot and work horse for u-n-c in the second half finishing with a 95-yard kickoff return touchdown and this score here to give unc the lead... but penalites -- all of 13 of them..including this out of the
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-- and costly this safety in the third quarter ...cut it to a one point game and the recipe for a dawgs uptick. pair that with heisman hopeful nick chubb roaring for 200 plus yards in his return from injury...and that bad taste from last year's finish lingered for unc in another s-e-c opening loss. after the game...elijah hood was adamant that the heels must fix those mistakes that cost them a shot at a program-boosting win. as for the blue devils...daniel
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could get it done in his new starting role. the redshirt freshman filling thomas sirk's void with no issues against n-c central. jones finished 10 of 15 for 189 passing yards...tossing two t-d's and running for one. afterwards cutcliffe assesed his new q-b's performance. duke's former offensiv
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team pack on the points in his east carolina head coaching debut. the pirates attack was led by quarterback philip nelson who finished two yards shy of 400 passing yards and threw five scores versus western carolina. nelson credited patience and chemistry as the keys to the pirates' game one success. around...coming up next, cam newton and ron rivera tell us why we shouldn't expect a super bowl rematch in thursday's season opener.
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for thursday's opener versus denver because quote we get 60 minutes away from you guys those guys are the media and the narrative he believes was created surrounding this super bowl rematch. newton says the game in denver is really anthing but that...with both squads suiting up new players and for the broncos a new starting quarterback in trevor semian. as for some of the old faces that the panthers saw too freqently back in that feburary
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panthers' plan of attack. earlier this week dale earnhardt junior announced that he will miss 2016 season due to lingering effects from a concussion. the sprint cup series race currently underway in darlington is his seventh missed race since the injury...and earnhardt junior gave an update on his recovery and how he's still staying involved in his sport. switching gears to baseball...trea turner named the
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rookie of the month. the former wolfpack star earned the honor after setting a scored in a month with 27 in august for the nationals. turner's 11 stolen bases last month ranked third in the national league. join us tomorrow morning on abc-11
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eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat.
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