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eyewitness news... "charges filed". a 'new twist' - in the 'death' -- of a 'durham toddler' -- found inside a 'hot' mini-van. the 'arrest' -- just made by investigators. plus....searching for answers. investigators return to a wake county pool - where a teenager was found dead. what they're now focusing on. and... "vote 20-16" -- entering the 'home stretch'. the clinton and trump campaigns - 'rallying votes' -- here in "battleground north carolina". eyewitness news starts right no. a 'durham mother' -- 'locked up' and 'charged' tonight -- in the 'death' -- of her 3-year-old 'daughter'. good evening everyone. i'm steve daniels. and i'm tisha powell. little "leslie - ramirez" was pulled from a hot van by another family member last week. joel brown is live outside the durham county jail - with the latest for us. joel? in the 8 days since little leslie ramirez was found dead in her family's hot
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this, a tragic mistake.. an accident. tonight, mom is behind bars... durham cops say it was more than an accident... it was criminally negligent. 6 days ago... the heartbroken durham family invited reporters to the home where leslie died... - "no madre decir explanar..." the 3-year old's mother insisting in spanish, it was an accident... that no mother would plan for their child to lose their life." tonight, leslie's mom, 24-year old rocio murillo was arrested and charged in the death of her murillo facing charges of involuntary manslaughter and felony child abuse and neglect. we've heard the family's side of the story... - "they went to eat and after eating is when the accident happened." ...but durham p-d is still putting the pieces together of what happened the night of august 29th. a family friend says murillo and her child's grandmother returned home to hearthside street from errands-- with 5 children in the back of their minivan. she says murillo 'mistakenly' assumed the grandmother had
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of the car. but the little girl-- who has autism-- was still inside... left locked in the hot van for hours-- until her father returned home. his frantic efforts to save his daughter came too late. - "we don't know what to do. ok are they doing cpr? yes, but i don't think they know how to do it." since the tragedy, the family held nightly prayer vigils in the driveway... a traditional mexican novena. but tonight, a white tent was installed, blocking the memorial. and reporters were no longer welcome. taking video. please!" so, tonight little leslie's mom, rocio murillo, is being held here at the durham county jail under a 50- thousand dollar bond. again, her charges-- involuntary manslaughter.. and felony child abuse and neglect. jbrabc11ewn. in 'wake county'.... investigators 'returning to the scene' -- where a 'teenage lifeguard' -- was 'electrocuted' -- in a 'neighborhood pool'. we were 'there' -- as a 'large crowd' of investigators -- 'gathered around'
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'removed' the outer panel. investigators have 'not said' -- 'what caused' the "electrical charge" -- that led to the death of 17-year-old "rachel - rosoff". she was a 'senior' at "enloe high school". 'grief counsleors' went to 'enloe' today... helping students 'deal' with their loss. new tonight - a 38-year-old man... arrested and charged with the death of a man found shot to death in a durham parking lot. "curtis - barnette"..... was picked up this morning in chapel hill by u-s marshals. he's charged with murder. durham police say barnette shot and killed 50-year-old "reginald - cole"...back in found in a parking lot off east cornwallis road. investigators do not believe the shooting was random. and - a man accused of shooting and killing his own teenage son... may be in richmond, virginia. warren county authorities say -- 'earl - valentine' -- shot his 15-year- old son and ex- wife this morning after he kicked in the door to her home on 'hyco - street' in norlina. his son died. at last check, the woman was in 'critical condition' at the hospital. investigators say a 'domestic protection order' was in place -- but
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you can look for updates on this story tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. a 'sprint' -- through 'battleground' north carolina -- in "vote 2016". just '63 days' -- until we 'elect' -- a new president. both candidates 'stepping up' events -- as 'new polling' shows "donald - trump" taking a 'slight lead' over "hillary - clinton".... 'within' the margin of error. and tonight... trump 'taking the stage' at the "greenville convention center" -- in pitt county. the 'republican presidential candidate'.... 'touched' on a number of 'subjects' -- including 'illegal immigration'. in greenville -- with 'reaction' -- from 'trump supporters'. jon? donald trump did largely what he was expected to tonight.. delivered a policy speech, largely on immigration. this was an important speech in that regard.. news was made. but he also did what he does best.. delighted the crowd.. with promises to win back the white house for republicans in 62 days. we are going to make america so so so so great again. it's a promise that's fueled his campaign and tonight, he laid
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18.56.40 number 1, we're going to eliminate every unconstitutional executive order and restore the rule of law to our land. the second thing on trumps agenda.. the wall. who's going to pay for the wall? mexico! who? mexico! exactly right. other trump pledges tonight.. he would undo obamacare.. appoint conservative supreme court.. and suspend the syrian refugee program. in it's place, developing regional safe zones.. as with the wall, saying there too, people would pay for it. it's called the opm theory of money. i love that theory. it's called "other people's money." trump said he'd give military leaders 30 days to develop plans to "soundly and quickly" defeat isis, renegotiate long-standing trade agreements including nafta..
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counterpart -- the trans pacific partnership. this is our chance to solve all of the problems that have gone unsolved for so, so, so many years. the message -- and just about every part of it -- seemed well receive by supporters in the crowd.. even many who say they came around to trump slowly.. now, all in. loron thomas / greenville 18.40.12 i like what i heard. i like his immigration policy, that's one of the biggest things, one of the drivers for me. logan smith / portsmouth va 18.50.57 he has said some in things, but i'm not voting for a pastor, i'm voting for president. donna & abigail bassett 18.46.45 it was such a positive atmosphere with all those people and i feel a real sense of unity with them and you can't get that off the television so it was nice to come and feel that. he just has an energy you can't match. it was incredible. many see north carolina as a firewall state for trump.. one he must win.. and conventional wisdom anyway, suggests he needs ads on t-v and that means he needs money. trump told folks today his campaign would release fundraising totals tomorrow. we'll
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former president "bill - clinton"....campaig ning in durham for "hillary - clinton." before taking the stage at the community life and recreation center... the former president shopped the aisle clinton stopped to take a few selfies with fans before picking up a few items -- including six pack of durham-based 'ponysaurus - beer'. he then spoke to a crowd of more than '700- people' -- about "hillary - clinton's" economic plan. the former president urged everyone in the crowd to go to the polls in november. and vice presidential
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presidential candidate... "tim - kaine".... also stumping for "hillary - clinton" in our state. kaine gave a speech on national security in wilmington... before attending a private fundraiser in chapel hill. "hillary - cilnton" herself will appear in charlotte thursday. you can find everything you need to know about the upcoming election on abc-11-dot-com. just click on the politics section. 'new deteails' -- about a 'deadly fire'... that 'killed' a woman -- and 'three dogs'. 'emergency crews' responded to the home on 'mcneill circle'... in the 'fairfax place community'... near community college" -- at about '1-30' this morning. investigators say -- it 'appears' -- the fire started in the 'rear bedroom' -- where the victim was found. her 'husband' -- was treated at the scene for 'facial burns'.... and 'smoke inhalation'. authorities are 'not' releasing his 'wife's name' -- until an autopsy is done. the 'home' -- is a total loss. raleigh firefighters are refusing to stay silent in their fight to make more money. since they were given a '3- point- 5' percent raise months ago... they've been very vocal about that not being enough.
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hargett street in downtown raleigh with this story... angelica? a pay study is underway for city employees to revisit that number.... but firefighgters say they're losing firefighters....and can't wait in silence. aaron voss 19:03:33 they can't even afford to put food on the table put a house over their family's head." aaron voss becoming emotional... while telling the city council....why firefighters need better pay. nats honking before heading in...about a dozen firefight supporters...stoo d outside city hall...holding signs... asking to end what they call a 'double standard'. upset that some city leaders were given 'more' than the 3.5 percent raise 'they' were given. chris ferrell lt. rfd 16:49:04 "the raise they gave us was not a raise because at the same time they increased our insurance that was more than the raise so we've lost money and lost money." they want an 8 percent a pay study is underway to see if that viable. part of that study
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considered "comparable". the way chris ferrell understands it...its not fair. chris ferrell lt. rfd 16:44:33 "the very top tier city officials are going to be compared nationally and they want to compare us to the local market. that's a double standard" but the city says that's not so... that the big be completed by february... will compare all city employees....firefi ghters cities nationally. still... ferrell...and voss are demanding chang. losimg too many firefighters...just looking to suport their families. ferrell 16: 46:30 this is going to determine the future of our profession of our jobs our retirement for our families so it's now or never for us city council didn't really comment on the matter tonight...they thanked voss for his time. the city referred me back to previous statements that they are waiting to address this when the study is complete... which is february
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tonight on eyewitness news. 'getting started' tonight on eyewitness news. coming up - "zika concerns". 'five' fort bragg soldiers - 'diagnosed' with the virus. 'what' military officials are 'saying' -- about the 'risk' to others. plus... "biting bandit". a "cigarette thief" - "caught in the act". 'what happens' -- when he's 'confronted' by two clerks - is the "must-see video" of the night. look outside the raleigh eyewitness news center chris?
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zika concerns at fort bragg. a fort bragg spokeswoman confirming tonight three active duty and two retirees have tested positive for the virus. none of the soldiers are showing symptoms. the virus was detected in their bodies during a routine blood test. all five are believed to have been exposed to the mosquito- borne virus while on traveling outside the united states on personal travel. none of the cases were local. a 'police chase' to an 'indictment' -- against a 'kenly' police officer'. a 'grand jury' in 'johnston county' -- indicting officer "jesse - santifort".... on charges of "involuntary manslaughter". authorities say -- santifort used his 'taser' -- at least 'four times' -- on 37-year-old "alexander - thompson" -- following a 'police chase' -- back in march. 'thompson' later 'died' -- as a result of the 'tasing'.... and "meth intoxication". the actor and comedian once known as "america's dad" set to go on trial for sexual assault next june. "bill - cosby".... leaving a
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learning his trial date had been set. the judge also revealing that cosby is blind... and might need special accomadations during his trial. prosecutors say they hope to have 13 cosby accusers testify at the trial. cosby is charged with drugging and molesting "andrea - constand" in back in 2004. and.. the former stanford swimming star convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman -- has registered as a sex offender in ohio. "brock - turner"...served three months of sentence. critics felt turner deserved a lengthier punishment. turner is required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. he is also serving three years of supervised probation. 'three people' -- are 'killed' -- after a 'large'... 'military-style helicopter' -- crashes in a 'field' -- in 'central florida'. the 'privately owned' chopper -- went down about '10 miles' from the "melbourne international airport". investigators say -- it was on a 'test flight' -- and they don't think it was 'operating' -- in any 'military capacity'. eyewitnesses reported seeing it 'flying low' -- before it 'went down'.
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caused' the crash. a terrifying crash involving a commuter train -- in los angeles. 21 people were taken to the hospital after the train collided with a truck. an eyewitness says the truck tried to cross the tracks just as the train was approaching. officials believe the train clipped the back of the truck. none of the injuries are considered life- threatening. also in l-a... a 'car chase' -- comes to a "fiery end"... ...after the driver 'slammed into' a light pole... the car 'ignited' in flames. police started 'chasing' the driving 'erratically' through the streets. the driver 'blowing through' stop signs... and ignoring 'orders' to "pull over". after the crash... you can see the 'driver' -- get 'out' of the car.... and try to 'run away'.... before dropping to the ground.... he was 'then' taken into custody. now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we begin in 'texas'.... with a 'cigarette bandit' -- going to 'extremes' -- to 'make his getaway'. video shows the man walking
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before heading for the exit. before he can walk out, however, a female store clerk tries to stop the man. that's when police say he punched her in the face. a second store clerk attempted to stop the man but was bitten by the suspect before he threw her to the ground. the guy got away. both clerks are expected to be ok. also in texas -- a "rescue at sea". 'six adults' and 'two children' -- had to be rescued from a 'yacht'.... that 'ran aground' -- off the coast of galveston. it took a 45-foot "response boat" -- from a ne 'coast guard helicopter' -- to get the 'eight' stranded passengers to safety. 'no one' was hurt. and one woman is pretty embarrassed after her s-u-v ends up in corpus christi bay-- thanks to a mouse! she was driving down the road when she felt something brush against her leg. that something turned out to be a mouse. she panicked, and jumped out of the car....and in the process accidentally throws the car into gear! she could only watch as her
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the woman wasn't hurt. no word on whether the stowaway rodent survived. high pressure will provide us with daily sunshine and rising temperatures the rest of the work week. the humidity was low today, so temperatures near 90 actually felt pretty good. lows tonight will be in the low and 60s look for lots of sun the rest of the week. however, we will notice that humidity rises back to the
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friday, with high temperatures of 90-95 f. don't expect any big change in the heat or humidity for the weekend, either. there is a chance a front could work far enough to the south to bring us a thunderstorm on sunday afternoon and
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mansion in downtown raleigh - may look a little mansion in downtown raleigh - may look a little different tonight. the reason behind the change....just ahead. plus... "power wash". 'how' a group of 'window washers' is fighting
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young patients at 'wake-med'.
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y23lgy yy6y adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina. but we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay, 44th in per-student spending, and a lot of us even have to buy school supplies. governor mccrory talks about raising our pay, but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. i'm having to move to another state so i can do what i love and make ends meet. someone needs to fix this. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. by choosing flonase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief and all the enjoyment that comes along with it. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills
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d six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. flonase, six is greater than one, changes everything. ? a 'superhero surprise'! superman..... iron man.... and spider- man -- all rappelling "wake med children's hospital" in raleigh. the group was 'trying' to bring a 'smile' -- to kids who are in the hospital. these super- heroes work for "scotties building 'wash windows' at 'wake-med'. they're hoping to 'do it again' next year. the executive mansion in downwtown raleigh glowing gold tonight. the change in color is in honor of national childhoodcancer awareness month. governor "pat - mccrory" and first lady "ann - mccrory"....lightin g both the executive mansion and the western residence in asheville gold. governor mccrory praised north carolina's health care systems for their nationally recognized children's hospitals.
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-- in the "louisiana flood zone". 'staff' and 'students' -- at "wake forest middle school" -- have been collecting supplies -- for a school in the "lafayette parish district"... that'll 'house' -- one of the schools -- that had to 'move' -- because of 'flood damage'. the school will be 'packing up' the supplies -- later this week -- and sending them -- on their way. coming up next in ron rivera on the altitude challenge that mile high stadium presents for his team... plus duke gets ready to dive into acc play early against wake but first - today's top 25.... alabama mauled usc and has the lion's share of first place votes... four acc teams are in... clemson and fsu at 2 and 3... miami's into the poll while
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be an epic rematch between the panthers and broncos. they played the final game of last season and they'll play the first game of 2016... they call it mile high stadium and any time a team at sea level visits -
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it...ron rivera isn't so convinced "the biggest thing is about making sure our conditioning is where it should be. we've gotta hydrate, we've got to eat properly and we have to get our rest. what i really don't want to do is make the issue out of it that many people do. i've played in it and we won up there when i played back in the day. i've coached up there and we've won. it's funny - when you lose it's a bigger issue." i'm headed to denver tomorrow and by the m will appear on your tvs in the evening and then throughout thursday.... the panthers are back in business daniel jones wasn't expected to be the blue devils starter this year but you wouldn't have known it watching him saturday... jones methodically picked apart the nc central defense to the tune of nearly 200 yards passing with 2 tds and another 28 yards and a score on the ground... it was the second most efficient qb performance of the cutcliffe era, amazingly enough... no disrespect to the eagles, but things
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"big games early, to me, help you in august. they help you in june and july. this kind of gets your feet wet, jump right into it and you learn quickly, the lesson of intensity. i'm anxious to see if we practice and play with an acc intensity." it's been three years since the pack and pirates stared each other down... this saturday's showdown in greenville should feature plenty of fireworks as both looking offenses in their openers... there were 80 points scored in the last meeting in 2013...i'd expect more of the same "it's probably one of the biggest offensive lines that we've played, so far. it's gonna be competitive. it's gonna be a war and i can't wait because it's an in state game. we've just gotta bring it like every week. just come out there ready to play hard and fast,
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join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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