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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  September 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:23pm EDT

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from one world trade cener... all the way t the triangle....we'll shw you ow people are honing the lves lost that day. plus,hillary clinn ducking out of a 9-11 ceremony early because of her alth. the condition doctors now say she's fighting. eyewitness news at tenstarts right now. we're following sevral new and breaking stories, tonight....includin g a health scare for hillary clinton. good evening dejuan hoggard. and i'mheather waliga. plus....pausing to reflect on the 15- th terroristry of attacks. we start with --a crash is backing up traffic on i-40 near n-c 55 in rham night and developing
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tonight...hilry clinton--is recoverinfrom eumonia. weleneard of the diagnosis earlier today after clinn left a 9-11 ceremony at ground zero early-saying she felt overheated. video shows her stumbling and losing her balae. and des trying to hold her up. cnton says she is feelig better tonight--but is being told to adjust her campaign schedule. her opponent doald trump--also attended to tonight... twin beams of light are shining over the manhattan skyline--where the center once stood. today marks 15 years since the 9- 11 terrorist attacks that kiled morehan three-thousand people. the annual light tribute honors tho who lost their lives.... and caps off a somber day. loed ones reading th naes of the nearly the-thousand people who die center. a moment of silence took place to mark the times the planes hit the towers...and another to mark the times they
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members--also honored the gacies of thoe who rushed into the towers to save lies. president obama observing a moment of silence today at the pentagon. he was joined by defense secretary ash carter and the chairman of the joi chiefs of staff. the president says the most enduring memorial to those killed in the 9-11 attacks would be "ensuring the america that we continue to be". and in pennsylvania--hun dreds gathered at memorial in shankville. the ceremony included a wreath laing-nd a reading of the names of all 40- passengers and crew who lst eir liv. terrrists hijacked united flight 93-but pasenss fought back. during the struggle--the plane crashed into the field. it's believe the hijackers intended to fly the plane into the u-s capit building or the white house. thanking those who put themselves in harms way everday. the historic oakwood cemetery honoring first responders on
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tim pulliams live in raleigh eyewitness news center with more on the ceremony. they honored those first responders who rushed to ground zero. but they also paid tribute to local officers who died serviing our community. american flags were also placed
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live in raleigh, tim pulliam, abc 11
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piure--trending right now on the a-b-c 11 facebook page. firefighters from several departments hung the american flag in this parking lot on skibo road. it was part of an event honoring first responders at 'mission barbeque'. people also stopped by to salute the flag. coming up later in the show--a local first responder who was at the world trade center on 9-11 shares his story. to vote 2016 now... republican presidential the tar heel state tomorrow. he'll make a camapign stop in asheville tomorrow evening. the rally is planned for 6 at the cellular center. and abc11 will be there to cover it. you can follow jon camp on facebook and twitter and look for updates throughout the day on eyewitness news. and on the democratic side....vice president joe biden will also make appearances in our state tomorrow. first....he'll head to charlotte for an event highlighting community colleges. then he travels to raleigh for a fundraiser for the democratic
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unseat governor pat mccrory. new tonight--a southern pines man is facing
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step-father. 35-year old ronnell kelly is charged with second degree murder. he's being held in the moore county detention center under a 750- thousand dollar bond. police found 57- year old kenneth wall's btod la night at a hom on diana avenue. no word ye how he died. also new night-two children- reported missing last week in greensboro have been found safe. police say 6-year old davion mccoum and 2- year old neveah- were found with their mother this mong the center of an amber alert--after they were reported missing tuesda y. and new tonight--a raleigh man is in cutoy.d..charged with sex crimes involvig a 5 year old. cary police arresting 22 year old deontra price for a statutory sex offense. cour docunts show it happened back in july and involved a 5 year old. price is expected to make his first appearance in court tomorrow morning. new details tonight about a shooting at a wake forest gas station. it happened yesterd afternon at the shellstation on durham rad.
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today--the viim was teaching his friend "moqbel ahmed" how to ean a gn. dring the proces-the gun went o hitting theictim in the a. he's expected to be ok. ahmed was issued a citaion for discharging a firearm n town limits. fayetteville police continue to investigate a shooting last night at a bingo hall that injured a woman in her 60's. just after nine o'clock in the 62-hundred block of dkin road. offices say a bullet pierced the front wiow--hitting the woman in the head. she was rushed to the hospital...but so far no arrests have been made. gunfire erupts at a new bern night club.... sending five people to the hospital. it happened around 3 a-m outside the diamond club o70. people were gatheredthere for an after party. witnesses say a fight broke out when the main performer refused to go on---leading to gunsho. two of t victims had to be airlifted to the remains in critical condition. so arrests have been made.
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durham. it happened in a gra the corner f alson avenue and pettigrew street. our crew on the scene telling us--it appears no one was hrt a the car was likely set on fire intentionally. and the business known as the jesus car wah will reopen tomorrow... aftr its owner was murdere last weekend. michael mansfield owned 1st place auto wash & detail shop on easten boulevrd. he was beaten to death last sunday outside a sports bar. 2 men are in custody for that attack. the car wash helped many recover from addiction and rebuild their lives. a fire damaging a popular dairy farm in orange county. crews responded to the maple view farm on rcky ridge road shortly before one this afternoon. they quickly put out the a storage building behind the farm. no one was hurt. no word yet on what sparked the fire. loa cal first responder--who was at the twin towers on 9-11 is sharing his tragic story. next on eyewitness news--
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plus--new information about exploding smartphones. the new warning tonight from samsung. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh center some people might say i've sold out, but let's be honest.
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y23y6y yy6y recovering after a deck collapse at a party in conecticut. it happened last night at building owned by trinity college. two crowded balconies fell onto a crowded deck below. in all.. as many as 30 people were tan to area hospitals with minior injuries. officials say it's a miracle no one was killed in the accdent. we're learni more tonight about dangerous batteries inside the msung galaxy note seven. samsung says so far - at least 35
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faulty lithium ion battery. the consumer product safety commission say people should turn off the phones - and sto charging them immediately. but samsung is not issuing a global recall, instead urging customers to exchange them. several airlines are warning passengers to not plug in or power on their phones during flight. part of a new mexico airport is back open tonight after a suspiious device was found near a security checkpoint. that checkpoint at albequerque international had to be evacuated. for about two hours while authorities investigated. the situation affected hundreds of passengers and several flights. tonight...the n-f-l is investigating t make sure concussion protocols were followed for panthers quarterback cam newton. newton took a hard hit in thurday's season opener against thdenver broncos. the nfl says it's doing the review because its committed to the concussion procedures... saying quote "initiation of this process does not mean that we have seen any evidence
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was applied improperly, but simply reflects our obligation to ensure the health and safety of our players." and a football player in california arrested during the game for punching an official. this happened yesterday during a community college game. you can see in this video the side judge was hit in the head and fell to the ground. the player ejected from the game and arrested on suspicion of battery... his team lost the game. today... the athlete apologized for his actions and says the incident was uni tonight...a wake forest first responder--who was at the world trade center on 9-11 is sharing his emotional story. chris gherardi....arrived just as the second tower fell. he would spend the next five days--searching for his friends--many of whom did not make it out alive. anthony wilson has the story. we'll never forget the chaos and confusion--much of it broadcast live on this day, 15 years ago.
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ground zero after the 9-11 attacks--chris gherardi and othefr irst responders got closer. he was home, and sleepingn s boss called about the horror seen on millions of t sreens: he rushed to the scene---arrive at an awful momnt: painfully real for responders. some died when the towers collapsed. gherardi remembersho lt: after that experiece---he
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has ten years of viserce wit wake county's ems. he's still not ready for a return to groun zero: but raleigh's memorial to fallen firefighters i a reminder of his new york cit coworkers' saifice: lson, abc11 eyewitness news. a moment of silence was held this morning at r- d- airort--to honor the victim attacks. the patriot guard snapped this photo. both employees and passengers participated in the ceremony. you can read much 11 ibutes right now on a-b-c 11 dot-com. louise owens getting the keys to 2003 honda accord, thanks to whes of hope. they're a faith- based group tht donates vehicles people in ne.
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after finding out she spends 3 hours a day on public transportation to get to her full- time job. meteorogis liz hoton is here now with the forecast. a slow moving cold front has moved into central north carolina this evening. it will stall near border monday morning before falling apart on tuesday. t front will brng cool temperatures to our region, with highs n the low to mid 80s expectd on monday. a stray shower or thunderstorm is possible monday
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counties. mot of e triangle and northern counties will stay dry. a secondary front will move in wnesday night into thursday ng us a reinforciong de of drier cooler air. hig return to the upper 70s and lower 80s to finish out the work week. somof the models indicate thfront may be a mostly dry front, limiting showe activity, but we will keep our eye
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sunday ofction did not disappoint. next in sports e'l show yu some of the down to the wire finishes. and a reminder that we want yu on our breaking news team. if you see something happening where you are.. send us pictures or video to eyewitnes at abc 11 dot com or reach us using the a-bc 11 hashtag.
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south... saints and raiders t...drew bres was in top form. check this out...saints at their own two...ees goes deep to brandin cooks down the left sideline and he is gone...98 yards for the es had 423 passing yardsn this game late in the4th arter here...saints up 34-27. until oakland' deek carr goes over the middle to seth roberts who spins his way in. go for two here...and carr again finds his target. this time it's michael crabtree. raiders take the 35-34 lead. saints had one last chance. with five seconds left...rokie kicker wil lutz on to attempt a 61 yard field goal -- but it just hooks left! oakland a winner at the superdome...35 to 34. falcons hosting the buccs...and jameis winston
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winston finished with 4 t-d throws including this one in the 3rd quarter -- incredible catch by austin seferian-jenkins. tampa bay up 24- 14...but the falcons not done just yet. later in the third -- matt ryan finds his favorit target...julio jones in stride. atlanta acked on a field goal to make it a one sce game. so last chance here for the falcons on 4th and 10 to keep the ryan's pass incomplete. buccs win 31-24. lions had a 21-3 lead at one point in this one...but andrew luck did his best work in the fourth quarter for the colts. down 34-28...luck to jack doyle. indianapolis takes its first lead of the game..35- 34..with 38 seconds left. final eight seconds.lions win it on a 43-yard field
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lions win 335 after safety on the following kick-off. the amount of effort itakes to win games in the -f-l is unprecented..f or the chies this afternoon it took a franhise- record performance. charger looked good early on -- especially melvin gordon. second quarter...gordon here from five yards out gets his second rushing me. san diego led 24 to 3 at one point...but kansas city roarded back. quarter...chiefs down seven -- spenceware pows his way into the endzon..and kansas city ties it up. and in overtime -- kansas city q-b alex smith kees the ball on the option and dives in for the gma- winner chiefs 21-point comeback was it's eason gae in franchise history. cowboysand giants plad a good one in dallas... tird quarter here...cowoys dow 13-9 -- rookie
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dallas the lead. but it was victor cruz making the most in his comeback game. fourth quarter...eli manning fis cruz for the go- ahead score. giants hang on 20 to 19. seahawks osting the dohins first touchdown the gamecame late n t fourth quarter. ryan tanehill from oyards ou. miami tok the 10 to 6 lead. final 35 secnds -- russell wilson lofthius to doug bldwin out seattle a 12-10 winner in its season opener. alright coming up next in sports...with the canes regular season starting in less than a month...the players used media day t chat about expectations for the upcoming season that story is next... during mdia day
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fothe latest ewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news
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y23yey yy6y the governor takes aim at a state toxicologist today in another political dustup over coal ash. woman: governor pat mccry's office is refuti claims he misled the homeowners logist, but she resigned this week, saying she cannot work for a department anthat deliberatelyon misleads the public. she claims the state never should have told people who live near coal ash ponds their well water was safe.
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