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"new tonight" on eyewitness news... "under the microscope". the "university of north carolina" -- under fire -- for its 'handling' -- of a rape investigation. the "letter" being sent to the chancellor. plus...moving out. the a-c-c ramping up the pressure on north carolina over h-b-two. how the governor is reacting this time. and... "leap of faith". 'why' tisha decided to "take the plunge" -- from '14-thousand feet' -- above the ground. starts right now. 'breaking news' - in wake county -- right off the top - a 'pedestrian' hit -- on 'garner road' -- in raleigh. this is a live 'look' -- from breaking news one. police say -- the victim was taken to wake-med -- with what are 'believed to be' -- 'serious injuries'. 'garner road' is 'closed' -- between 'calloway drive' and 'newcombe road'... and police are 're-routing
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drivers -- to 'avoid' the area... until their 'investigation' is 'wrapped up'. you can look for 'what's new' -- with this story 'tomorrow morning' on eyewitness news. new tonight -- 'u- n-c head football coach' -- "larry - fedora" -- 'refusing' to talk about a 'player' -- accused of 'raping a student'.... as he's "peppered" with questions from reporters. good evening everyone. i'm steve daniels. and i'm tisha powell. here's what we know about the case right now.... "allen - artis".... is free on 5- thousand dollars bond after surrendering to the orange county magistrate. linebacker was served misdemeanor warrants for sexual battery and assault on a female. his accuser says she swore out warrants against him after the university and justice system failed to action. artis is due back in court september 29th. angelica alvarez is 'live' in chapel hill -- where "carolina students" -- are now planning to 'deliver a letter' -- to chancellor "carol - folt." angelica? students we talked to... they're upset... and trying to
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to grab the attention of upset... and trying to figure out a way to grab the attention of university leaders. while they're finding ways to speak up... others are staying quiet. fedora 18:28:33 "can you tell us when you first learned of the artis investigation?" "let's see i think the university and myself put out a statement yesterday and i can't comment any further." in the post practice media gaggle... coach larry knew anything about the investigation into linebacker...allen artis. unc file delaney robinson c student 0 s assaulted dadnmpus."coach woudn't say if he heard anything in the seven months since delaney binson says she was raped by artis at an on campus apartment... after a night of drinking. he wouldn't say if he knew anything about his player being questioned by authorities during that time. tonight he would only say that his team is focused on the next game... and says as a team... they haven't even discussed artis. so....while talk was quiet on the field... it wasn't here in carrol hall. justine orlovsky- schnitzler unc senior 19:25:31 "hopefully plan some sort of peaceful and productive action." about 75 students... gathering in an impromptu meeting... siding with delaney
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past alleged victims. so they're crafting a formal letter to deliver to chancellor carol folt... demanding that more be done. orlovsky- schnitzler 19:26:45 "i love my school i want to see us support students and survivors of sexual assault, i just want to make sure we get to that place." when that delivery will happen... still up in the air.... organizers tell me they want to open it up to the school... and other universities. thanks. coverage of the investigation" -- continues 'online' right now at abc 11 dot com. you'll find the 'latest developments' in the case... "delaney - robinson's" news conference... and the "u-n-c annual report" -- on the "policy on prohibited discrimination" -- and "related misconduct". it's all on the homepage. another economic hit.... blamed on h-b-two. the 'atlantic coast conference' announcing that it's pulling 10 conference championship games across the state... including the triangle. this decision comes just '2- days' after the n-c-double-a
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at the d-bap -- which was supposed to host the a-c-c baseball championship -- with more on the impact from this decision. joel? durham tourism officials telling us the loss of those acc baseball championship means a 5.2 million dollar hit to the city. but today's decision coupled with the ncaa's move this week-- not to mention the loss of the nba all-star game. hb-2 taking its toll on north carolina's sports psyche. in its 23rd consecutive week outside the governor's mansion... --air horn nats-- the air horn orchestra took on the look of a rag-tag collegiate sports band. the theme was obvious. these anti-hb2 protestors seizing on the news the acc was pulling its championships out of the state. dressed up like a referee.. thor dollar proclaimed he was calling a foul on hb-2. - "i wish it was, it didn't have to be a such a cost to the state. but, somethign's gotta
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the nc gop that what they're doing does not reflect our values and is hurting our state." not backing down governor mccrory, wednesday-- again called on critics to wait for the courts to decide on the controversial law that restricts transgender bathroom access. and republican speaker of the house tim moore-- issued a statement calling the ncaa's and now the acc's decision, 'very unfortunate'... going on to say, "the truth remains that this law was never about and does not promote discrimination." - "the acc was a long time coming around to this." observer sports columnist luke decock believes the acc felt it had no choice but to pull the games... or risk being seen as supporting a law many feel is discriminatory. - "i think all these people are trying to send a message to the general assembly that this needs to be changed, our people don't feel comfortable coming here." --game nat-- not just an economic hit... but a psychological blow, too... - "this is a state where the college athletic tradition runs so deep." - "so when you start tampering with that and taking that away,
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really what makes north carolina north carolina." the d-bap will sit empty come next may... a new city has not been selected, yet-- for the acc baseball championships. meantime, the durham visitor and convention bureau-- which has already come out against hb-2... is hoping lawmakers in raleigh resolve the controversy-- so d-bap can host the championship as scheduled in 20-18. jbrabc11ewn a 'quick-thinking' -- 'school bus driver' in fayetteville -- being "hailed a hero" -- for 'keeping her cool'.... as this 'bus' -- went "up in flames". an "abc-11 eyewitness" -- capturing the 'dramatic video' -- of the bus from "71st middle school". 'school leaders' say -- the kids were 'on their way home'.... when the driver -- now identified as "vaster - robinson" -- pulled over after 'smelling smoke'. students say -- "ms. robinson" -- "quickly and calmly" -- got everyone 'off' the burning bus. 'firefighters'
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remains under investigation. an alamance county man now charged in a wreck that killed a woman -- and backed up traffic for more than six hours on i-85 in orange county near the durham county line. 40-year-old "robert - mace" -- facing several charges including d-w-i and felony death by motor vehicle. troopers say mace was driving drunk.... when he caused the wreck involving a big rig... a pick up truck... and his mini-van. a woman in mace's mini-van died. her name has not been released, yet. now to "vote 20- clinton" 'returning' to the 'campaign trail' tomorrow.... after taking 'time off' to recover from a "bout with pneumonia". and her campaign.... releasing "new" medical records -- from her doctor. the 'records' reveal -- clinton was diagnosed with "bacterial pneumonia" last friday... after a "chest c-t scan" was performed. she was treated with a "strong anti-biotic" -- called "levaquin"... which 'can' cause -- "dizziness and nausea". her physician -- "doctor - lisa - bardack".... also says 'clinton' is in "excellent mental condition".... ...and she's "fit to serve as president of the united states". one of clinton's
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'greensboro'. she'll appear at the "old student recreation center" -- at "u-n- c-g" -- at 3:45. doors 'open' at 1:45. 'jon camp' will be at the 'campaign rally' -- with clinton. you can also watch 'live streaming video' -- on abc-11-dot-com. and "donald - trump".... also trying to 'prove' -- he's "fit to serve" as president. trump... sharing a "one-page summary" -- of his 'most-recent' physical -- with a "daytime t-v doctor". the 'physical' was conducted 'last week' -- by trump's longtime 'personal physician' -- doctor "harold - bornstein"... at "lenox hill hospital" -- in new york. the 'show' says -- "doctor oz" reviewed trump's "family medical history".... 'heart health'.... and 'medication'. audience members say -- 'doctor oz' said -- if 'he' were trump's doctor.... he'd have him "lose some weight". six floors dedicated to african-american history and culture. the smithsonian giving the media a sneak peak of its newest addition before opening day next week. the african- american history and culture museum.... sits on national mall right across the street from the washington monument. "karen - jordan"
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the national museum of african american history and culture has been a century in the making. it's now the smithsonian's 19th museum, cost $540 million dollars, and holds 36,000 artifacts, but the greater purpose of the museum is to tell the complex tale of the african american experience. a story that quintisenntially american, and one that the founding director says people of all walks of life can relate to. that person is doctor lonnie bunch, formerly of the chicago who took this job ten years ago before there was even a location to build the museum, or items to put in it. dr. lonnie bunch so, in essence what we tried to do is give people different ways in, somebody may want to come in through the politics, somebody may want to come in through the military experience. so we're really trying to frame it in the broadest way possible audience can see themselves, find interest, and be engaged by it. the official grand opening of the museum is saturday, september 24th.
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attend, with the president delivering remarks. in washington, karen jordan, abc11 eyewitness news. and eyewitness news reporter "tim - pulliam" will travel to washington next saturday for the grand opening. look for his reports on eyewitness news. a 'break' -- in that "arson" -- that 'destroyed' a 'florida mosque'. a 'suspect' -- now in custody. 'what' police say -- they 'found' -- inside his home. plus... a leap of faith. i took the big jump with u-s arm golden knights par your exclusive look at what happened in the moments before i threw myself out of an airplane. and... "fiery rescue". a 'pick-up truck' and 'school bus' -- 'colliding' -- here in north carolina. 'first responders' and 'good samaritans' -- 'spring' into action. but first... a live look outside the raleigh eyewitness news center chris?
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'arrest' -- in the 'fire' -- that 'heavily damaged' -- a 'florida mosque' -- once attended -- by the "pulse nightclub shooter". 32-year-old "joseph - schreiber".... facing an 'arson charge' -- with florida's "hate crime enhancement". he faces 'up to' 30-years in prison - if convicted. right now - investigators are executing a 'search warrant' -- at schreiber's home. so far, they say -- they've found 'evidence' -- linked to the 'arson' -- as well as "anti- islamic social media post". you can look for updates -- on this story -- on abc-11-
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news app'. the moment of rescue - caught on camera. the moment of rescue - caught on camera. police officers and ordinary people in winston-salem jumping into action to save a man's life. the aftermath of this fiery collision caught on a police officer's body camera. police say a school bus turned in front this pick-up truck... arrived...the driver of the pick-up was trapped inside the burning vehicle with the dashboard collapsed on his legs. seven police officers and three good samaritans -- all working together -- to free the man. the driver -- remains hospitalized with serious injuries. the 81-year-old bus charged with failure to yield the right of way. you can hear from the police officers involved in this rescue tomorrow on good morning america starting at seven o'clock...that's immediately following eyewitness news. a "what would you do moment" -
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the street -- suddenly attacked by a guy trying to swipe her purse. it's all caught on dash cam! she struggles with him - when two men hop out of a car and rush to help her out! they get they purse back and the suspect takes off. police say he was arrested a short time later. a 'special delivery' tonight -- for "hungry hokies" -- at 'virginia tech'. a "pilot progam" at 'google' -- delivering the 'first' -- "chipotle burrito" by 'drone' -- on a 'field' near campus. as the drone 'flew away'.... a the distance.... 'walked over' and 'picked up' the box -- with her burrito. right now, only a 'select number' of hokies -- can 'make orders'. now it's time for the "must see video of the night". ...take a 'good look'. do you 'recognize' -- this skydiver? there i am! free falling from '14- thousand' feet up. i went skydiving
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team -- and it was the experience of the lifetime. this is the exciting part you see here -- but the process actually starts -- in a classroom. before you jump -- you have to learn the rules. my colleague amber rupinta and i went down to laurinburg to learn from the best -- the u-s army golden knights parachute team. once we learned the specifics.. it was time to suit up. harnesses were slipped on top of out bright yellow jumpsuits and tightened. tandem team leader.. sergeant first class joe jones.. made sure the straps were nice and snug... and the final piece of our jump uniform... a soft leather helmet. then it was time to meet my tandem instructor.. sergeant first class jon ewald.. for one more quick inspection... and tutorial about our landing. 21-25 "slight bend in the knees, through
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back." then it was off to the plane for our very first jump. 04-07 "gameface... gameface. high five. yes." the view was beautiful. at 14 thousand feet.. i have to admit i was getting a little nervous. but after all.. i was atttached to sergeant first class ewald.. and there was no turning back. and finally was knees to the breeze for one spectacular free fall. i saw north carolina like i've never seen it before. it's an experience... amber and i will never forget. yes. we made it. we made it. still the ones." be sure to tune in 'tomorrow - morning' -- to see more of amber's experience with the 'golden - knights'. i heard there might be some 'dancing' involved -- but you'll have to watch eyewitness
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it was a dry and rather hot wednesday with highs in the upper 80s and low 90s. but the humidity remained fairly
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meanwhile, tropical storm julia is near charleston, sc, and moving ne, but will probably slow to a crawl tonight and tomorrow. rain will be heavy in south carolina near the coast, but we should remain dry here in central north carolina. lows will be in the mid 60s to near 70. a weak cold front will slip south into the state tomorrow, and while a stray shower is likely remain dry for most of us. highs will be in the mid to upper 80s. julia will stumble around the south carolina coast to our south, but it looks like any rain will be confined to the north carolina coast near wilmington. the rest of the week looks relatively dry, but with a fair amount of cloudiness.
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right now-- an statewide amber alert in effect for a missing girl in wilmington. police are trying to find six year old stefanny lopez-castro. there is little information on the person who took her, just that it's a man who wearing a short sleeve shirt with a dragon on it. we'll have the latest as it develops tonight
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on to the 68th emmy awards! emmy host "jimmy - kimmel" literally kicking off the red carpet rollout at the microsoft theater in downtown los angeles. the massive red carpet -- will cover the entire plaza surrounding the theater. the television academy boasting that this year's red carpet will be the longest in ceremony history at more than 13- hundred feet.
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awards this sunday night on abc-11. coverage starts at seven..with the red carpet. that's immediately followed by eyewitness news. "abc-11 together" -- highlights 'good deeds' and 'community needs' . . . ...and tonight a 'local non-profit' -- started by "coach k "... kicks-off a 'new program' -- to get 'more' local 'high school students' -- into college. it's called "game plan: college kick off" . . . and it's a program that launched tonight -- at the "emily - k center" -- in downtown durham. the free program helps 'local' high school students . . . get 'into' college on helping students from 'low-income families' . . . who're the 'first in their family' to go to college . . . and students from 'under- represented groups'. over a 'hundred' students and parents showed- up tonight. the program is 'still open'... and runs 'through' the fall.
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the acc pulls the plug.... all neutral championship tournaments and games are leaving the state thanks to hb2... plus cam newton meets the media ahead of the home opener but first - the railhawks were lifeless in miami tonight... miami will do that to you... a terrible giveaway by matt watson gave miami fc the 1-0 win ? ? one day a rider made a decision.
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earlier in the newscast - what
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headquartered in greensboro since its inception has decided to act in accordance with the nba and the ncaa ane remove all of its neutral site championship tournaments and games from the state until a resolution can be found to house bill 2... numerous events in cary are now gone this season as well as the acc baseball tournament. the dbap underwent major renovations two years ago to help land the tournament fulltime... they got it... now it's gone south carolina ma south carolina may be the favorite for the baseball tournament relocation, but the big prize is the football championship game normally in charlotte...suppo sedly orlando is the heavy favorite to nab that one with acc officials meeting w/ them on
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opener is this sunday vs the forty niners... carolina has certainly moved on from last thursday's loss in denver, but it took the nfl until today to mete out some well-earned punishment to broncos defenders... safety darian stewart was dinged over 18k for this final minute headshot on newton and linebacker brandon marshall was stung for just over 24k for his headhunting earlier in the game... two other headshots in the game did not draw a fine... only stewart's hit drew a flag...the broncos insist they're not a dirty team, just
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for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow
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y247cy yy6y >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: jamie foxx thinks, you know, it's good to protest, but it's also good to remember what's great about america. >> it's too much anger. we need to just laugh. harvey: as somebody who lived through the '60's, there was a people lost their sense of humor. >> and then you guys went too far the other way and you just ow anddid bl danced for 10 years. way to go 70's. >> birdman has weighed in on lil wayne retiring and also claiming that holding the carter e is h five hostage and won't release it. birdman says, ask lil wayne, he's the one with the music. harvey: how can lil wayne have it when he recorded it? >> lil wayne turned the music into, this is not like 1945 when you


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