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y2474y yy6y eyewitness news... 'severe weather' -- 'knocking out power'.... and 'pelting' parts of the triangle with 'hail'. we're tracking the 'storms'. plus - terror playing out inside an elementary school in south carolina. a teenager walking into the school with a gun.. what we've learned about the suspect and his victims. and... a "frightening find". 'why' a 'major retailer' -- is 'pulling' -- one 'halloween decoration'. eyewitness news starts right now. breaking news one -- 'on the road' in the triangle. this i-40 westbound...near harrison avenue in cary. 'wet' and 'dreary' conditions -- 'not' clearing up -- anytime soon. good evening everyone. i'm steve daniels. and i'm powell. a severe thunderstorm watch just expired for the viewing area, but some area remain under a flash
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tracking it all in the first alert storm center. chris? severe thunderstorm watchnt 10 pm strong to severe thunderstorms erupting now. lr there is a threat of an isolated tornado as well through the evening. showers and storms may re- ignite late evening, but severe threat should diminish late evening. more scattered showers and storms tomorrow with front stationary over the severe
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and slowed down the evening commute. things are starting to improve...but there's still some rain out there. angelica alvarez is live in breaking news one on i-40 eastbound near garner - with the latest on conditions. angelica? right now we're riding around... roads drying out... but take a look at what the storms did earlier when they rolled through... this is video out of east durham... this is a dollar ee. left in the dark... after the storm knocked out power. the sre even put up sign saying they would be closed until 7:30 tonight. the storm took out power here... and a nearby convenience store... it also left a few intersections in the dark without traffic lights. at one point... the duke outage map was showing several thousand people with
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was the scene out of dunn. by a viewer o sent in showing the hail pounding the ground outside of their home. the storm also dropped hail in cary... this is another video from a viewer... showing us what the storm looked like there. thankfully... that seemed to be tsthe of it in this area... we haven't had any major reports of in cumberland county - heavy rain creating a flood of problems for one neighborhood. this is 'redbud drive' -- off 'elliott farm road' -- just north of fayetteville. rising water has flooded the street -- and water is rising in one homeowner's backyard. fortunately -- no serous damage has been
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and in fayetteville... flash flooding washed out a road near cross creek mall. our crew on the scene says a sinkhole has started to form near the mall entrance on morganton road. right now -- police have the area blocked off. 'breaking news' right now -- in 'catawba county--' 11-year-old girl -- who 'vanished' yesterday -- after getting off her been 'found'. has deputies say -- "emily - dowdle" -- walked out of the woods -- behind her home. the shifsays -- she eputies -- she was out there 'hiding." llin' for disappeared. you ck for updates on this 'breaking story' -- torw morning on eyewitness news. 'develo' right now - 'horror' -- at a south carolina school'... about '110 miles' northeast of atlanta. a 'teenage an' -- 'opening fire' ig 'one teacher' and 'two students'. and tonight... authoritiesa-- the shooting is 'tied' to a murder -- juay' from the school. police say -- t '14-year-old shooter' -- 'killed' his '47-year-old father' -- at their went to the 'then' school.... and 'opening fire' with a handgun. the 'teen' was
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one of t students have been treated and released from the hospital. the second student was flown to a hospital in greenville. he remains in critical condition. authorities 'did not' release a motive e shooting.... and they aren't 'sure' -- if the students and teacher -- were targeted. officials in 'townville' say -- the outcome could've been 'much worse'... if 'not' for the 'quick action' -- of the 'first responders' -- 'rushing' to the scene. develodurham pol investigating a shooting. hundred block'2- of 'landon street' -- f 'fidelity drive'. investigators say someone shot the victim in the leg. he was taken to thatening injuries. right now -- police don't have any suspects or leads. you can look for updates on this story oabc-11- dot-com -- or the abc-11 mobile news app. new tonight - a sign of normalcy returning to charlotte. governor "pat - mccrory" announcing he's ity's a state of emergency. in a statement the governor saying: "i want to thank the charlotte- melenburg police department, state highway patrol and north carolina national guard for working together to restore order over the past week."
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emergency declaration last week...calling in the national guard and highway patrol to help restore order after second night of violent protests. the charlotte chief of police made the request...after the mayor had initially declined rom the governor. the demonstrations followed the deadly police shooting of 43- year-old "keith - scott." a powerful conversation... happening right here in our community. -c central university' in durham... hosting a 'town hall meeting' tonight -- to 'talk about' ways to 'improve relationships'... in the wake of the 'police shootings' -- in charlotte and tu here now to share some of the messages that came out of that meeting. we shay this gathering was in the works before tulsa.. and before charlotte... but those police- involved shootings and the rage that followed-- certainly fueled some of the discussion, tonight... it was a town hall meeting-- organized by the north carolina association of chiefs of police... and they asked me to moderate. from the start-- i told the chiefs on the panel behind me at nc central-- and the audience watching by teleconference on unc campuse
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we wanted the town hall to be a safe place-- to have a tough discussion. and these nccu law students came armed with serious concerns... - "my main concerns was why now are police pulling out their guns to kill." - "i personally am scared when i am pulled over certain times. so, i just wanted to know what they had to say." the chiefs tackled how their departments have put new focus on training, in de- escalating tense moments with the public.. and how officers can help change perceptions that segments of a community, often minority, are being targeted. member suggesting the so-called war in crime, translated into a war on the communities police serve. - "i was very ised. i know that we have some challenges going on- but i was surprised so many and not just young people were shaking their heads feeling that we were in a state of war. that means we have a lot of work to do." - "i heard some things in the audience that kind of rang true for me as far as culture, that's something i've been thinking about." - "we need to work on the culture of contemporary law enforcement and
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some skepticism afterwards... but more hope for a tter dialoge. - "it was good to hear that they actually have prrams that they're implementing to reach out to the community." - "i did appreciate the fact that the chiefs and the panelists were opecomment i disagreed with, i don't really feel like thathey were apprehensive to answering the questions. and i think we need more of that." - " was th hpful, tonight very helpful." - "it sparked conversation that will lead to more conversation- that's gonna lead to hopefully strategies and plans to build stronger this may just be the ice breaker in a series of conversations... the dean nc ntl's law schoolop-- hing thicod be the tart of an ongoingpuic' dcussion with local lice leadership. -c state stents' -- now 'aplogizing' -- for "raci ssages" -- that were 'posted' -- for "racist messages" -- that were 'posted' oine. named "connor and brnen" iting: "this has been a 'hard lesson'.... but we've leard m it....ndre
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again".... "we hope to someday have the an'forgiveness' -- from both that 'good friend' of ours....nd the rest of the student body". 'n-c state chancellor' -- "randy - woodson" -- denounced the original 'online messages' -- earlier today. students told 'abc-11' -- the messages were written in an "underground" racist chat room.... and came 'under fire' -- when they were posted on 'twitter'. only on eyewitness news - a wake county mom 'furious'-- her '5-year-old' was able to 'slip out' of school-- and ended up waling down a busy street. the little boy walked out eth carpenter elementary school...across the parking lot befo turning left on morrisville parkway. he went about a mile on louis stephens drive before anot parent saw him and stopped. "svetla - clancy" says a substitute teacher allowed r so center by himself when he asked to go to the bathroom. but the kindergartner decided he wanted to go he left the building. clancy says the principal called her about an hour after he was found saying the incident was minor...
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county schools says...."the school takes full responsibility for the incident and has taken immediate action to ensure the safety and well- being of all students...." still to come tonight.. a 'deadly' police shoot 'what' cell phone video -- 'reveals' about the 'confrontation'. also...spin cycle. a new warning about a samsung device. the danger first uncovered by troubleshooter the n." rescue. what goes up doesn't always come down. a mother koala giving her joey an the must-see video of the night. but first...another live look from breaking news one: this is i-540
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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involved shooting -of an 'unarmed' black man near - igniting protests. footage taken immediately after "alfred - olango" was shot dead by police -- shows the sister of the victim in tears -- as anger grew among witnesses at the scene. police reported 'olango' was acti diegrban san he washot and kied aft lice claimed he pulled an object from his pocket -- pointed it at officers -- and assumed a shting stance". it turns out that "object" was an e-cigarette. the officers involved -- are now on leave. an emotional scene -- as the casket carrying the body of miami marlins pitcher "jose - fernandez".... was escorted from the ballpark to his funeral service. more than '1- thousand' people turned out to pay tribute to the '24-year-old'. marlins plays -- coaches -- and personnel -- wore
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fernandez. fernandez diedn a boating crash on sunday with two friends. now to a 'consumer alert' -- about a problem first exposed by the i-team troubleshooter last november! viewers showing us images of the aftermath -- after their top-loading samsung washing machines exploded. the 'consumer product safety commission' -- just issued a warning and are working with samsung to address safety issues related to certain top-load washing machines made between march 2011 and april of 2016. several vi their top loaders exploded during mid-wash. both samsung and c-p-s-c saying they are worki towards a fix. to find out if you have one of these top loaders in your home, head to abc11-dot-com -- andlo for the story on the homepage. 'volkswagen'.... jumping on the bandwagon - big time! the company unveiled 'its' version of the 'electric car' -- in paris. the car -- called the "i - d" -- is expected to cost 'less' than 30- thousand
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the "tesla model 3".... and the "chevy bolt". it'll 'also' have a much 'longer range'.... able to go nearly '375 miles' on a single charge. unfortunately.... for those of you wanting to get your 'hands' on one - the "i-d" -- won't go 'on sale' -- until 2020. some customers are complaining home depot took one halloween decorati ton far. the chain is dubbed "the scary peeper creeper" store shelves in canada after someone complained that it made light of voyeurism, which creeper" is made to mount on windows and features a hooded man peering through a window. it's still e in home depot's u-s stores and online. now to the big st-see video of the night. we start in taiwan -- where high winds ripp a huge scaffolding form a high-rise. the 'scaffolding' -- 'tumbling' from the 'roof' -- of the
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-- battered t country the 'debri -- injured 'two destroyed het pavement. a 'purse snatching' -- in 'miami' -- turns violent. the man 'caught on camera' -- grabbing the purse from a woman-- sitting in the 'backseat' -- of a 'porsche convertible'. the woman 'struggles' with the man -- as he 'pes her' -- 'rd uns off' with the "pricey purse". it happened at 'gas station' -- back in july-- but the video is just 'now' being released. the victim wasn't hurt-- but the incident left her pr and finally... mom to the rescue! this baby koala became stuck in a wire fence while trying to follow his mom. the pair were last seen wandering off with the baby firmly attached to his mom's back. the video has been shared by more than 192-thousand people on facebook since it was posted
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'fashion' -- 'food' -- and 'fun' for a 'good cause' today in durham. i hit runway at the washington duke -- for the 7th annual -- 'urbaniak - sanders' -- 'fashion show and luncheon'. it's the main 'fundraiser' -- for the 'center for child and family health'. they provide treatment for children and families affected by trauma. our own 'amber - rupinta' served as emcee for the show. and i was joined on the runway by other community members -- including durham schoo forte-brown -- duke women's basketball coach -- 'joanne -p- mccallie' -- and durham's new police chief -- 'c-j - davis'. politics in the fast lane. why president obama was welcoming a busch to the white house...just ahead. and... a 'modern twist' -- on "modern family".
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arsenic, mercury, lead. that's what you got. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did duke energy get? a sweeter deal from pat mccrory. mccrory got thousands in campaign contributions from duke energy executives. years of higher electric bills to pay for cleaning up their mess.
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tonight' -- on abc's hit show "modern family." a transgender child actor guest starred on tonight's episode. 8-year-old "jackson - millarker"....playe d a friend of lily. lily is the daughter of cam and mitchell...played on the show by "eric stonestreet" and "jesse - tyler - ferguson." jackson is the first openly transgender child actor to appear on -- received a 'visit' from a "busch" today... but 'not' that -- "bush family". "kyle - busch"......was honored at the white house for winning nascar's sprint cup championship last year. busch attended the ceremony in the east room with his wife and his entire racing team. during the ceremony-- the president joked about the familiarity of the racer's last name. busch gave the president one of his racing helmets as a gift..
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hundred and tenth time n-c state and wake will battle -- hear from the pack -- railhawks highlights - but before that -- check out tim tebow -- very first pitch he see's in the instructional league -- and he goes yard on a 91- mile an hour
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six years ago, my mother was murdered. her name was kathy taft, and she had touched so many children's lives on the state board of education. the police wouldn't have been able to catch her murderer if roy cooper hadn't fixed the problems at the state crime lab that he discovered when he became attorney general. now governor mccrory is attacking mr. cooper, the pain of victims and families.
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one of few remaining unbeaten's in the a-c-c is wake forest. the demon deacons have opened the season with four wins. n-c state starts league play with the deacs at home saturday. ngozi ekeledo spent time with the pack
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after er 20 years in congrs, for mshif.
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making over $3.6 million. but it's not ju that. on a bill to make insider tradg by congressmen illal, that's how 20 years in washington has changed richard burr.
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