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eyewitness news... one "last blast". the "air horn orchestra" -- sounding off -- against "h-b two". ...'how' the 'controversial law' -- could 'impact' the election. plus...gas shortage concerns in north carolina. a pipeline fire still burning. how you can save fuel..just in case. eyewitness news starts right now. one last blast. one last blast. more than '340- people'... joining the 'air horn orchestra'.... to make some noise just six days before election day. abc-11 is your election h-q. good evening, everyone i'm tisha powell. and i'm steve daniels. "house bill two" -- isn't even 'on' the ballot... but it's 'sure' -- to have an 'impact'. joel brown is 'live' at the 'governor's mansion' -- in downtown raleigh
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ear plugs, one last time outside the mansion... for the last air horn orchestra protest on the calendar. the next big date that all sides are concerned about... is next tuesday. --line wrapped around jones street-- by dusk, the line of demonstrators stretched blount street and onto jones, down to the legislature... - "go! --horn nats--" for the 30th wednesday since hb-2 was signed into law by governor mccrory... these anti-hb2 demonstrators air horns to show their displeasure over the measure they believe discriminates against transgender people-- and tarnishes the state's image. they say it's the final protest... election day is the finish line. - "election is next tuesday, so our goal is to win on tuesday." - " when you say you hope to win next tuesday, what is winning? winning would be pat mccrory losing." the controversial law dominated the governor's race... in his challenge to governor mccrory-- roy cooper has called for the law's repeal... the governor defending hb-2 as a common-sense public safety
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still talking about this are roy cooper and his fringe allies." statewide polls show the law is still deeply unpopular... but state republicans insist hb-2 won't be a factor come tuesday. - "i think the people of north carolina are smart enough to know the difference between a lot of hot air and real results." - "--applause--" in charlotte, tonight... a town hall style discussion on hb-2 streamed live on facebook. no politicians... just people on all sides, telling their stories. - "this law deputizes folks to patrol the bathrooms and quite frankly it's appalling." back here at the mansion... 343 demonstrators were out here blowing their air horns... it's enough to set a new guiness world record. but the goal these protestors truly set out to achieve-- is to unseat governor mccrory next tuesday... for his support of the controversial law. president obama returning to
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north carolina.... and issuing a warning to voters -- the "fate of the republic" -- will be determined by our state. with '6- days' to go until the election. north carolina - very tight - clinton with '47- percent' - trump '44- percent'. president obama rallied a crowd of more than '16- thousand' at the university of north carolina. while his criticism of "donald - trump" was expected -- the president also slammed republican senator "richard - burr" ....who recently joked he was surprised the 'n-r-a magazine' didn't put a 'bulls eye' on clinton's called for north carolina's college students and african- americans to cast ballots for clinton -- and other democrats. the president also appealed to republicans -- the president also appealed to republicans -- saying there's a standard that
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have the 'basics' to be president. "donald - trump"... 'ramping up' his campaign schedule in the 'final week'... and focusing 'much of his attention' -- on florida. trump is 'warning voters' -- across the sunshine state... the f-b-i's 'latest inquiry' into clinton's e- mails... will "mushroom" -- into a "constitutional crisis" -- if she's elected. he's also been staying "mostly on message"... calling 'clinton' -- a "cheater". "hillary - clinton".... and "hillary - clinton".... and "donald - trump' are both 'coming back' to north carolina 'tomorrow'. eyewitness news -- will be at 'both' -- campaign events. look for 'live coverage' tomorrow... as well as 'live streaming video' -- on abc-11-dot-com. we could know by tomorrow -- the extent of the damage caused by a deadly explosion and fire -- on the colonial pipeline.
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governor pat mccrory says fleets of gasoline tankers from outside the state have arrived... and have already started delivering gas. angelica alvarez is live in raleigh with more on how you can make that gas last! angelica? the head of the "state petroleum council" says only 10-percent of our gas reserve has been replaced since september's gas shortage. so while gas tanks from out of state are here to help... amechanic for ways on stretching the amechanic for ways on stretching the tank you have now. those plastic bags on pumps... unwanted reminders of the gas shortage in september. so far... these bags are not at every turn... but should that change over the next few days... ken mccormick...owner of tri city auto
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he starts us from the ground up.... with keeping your tire pressure in check. "we put nitrogen in our tires here which will also make the tires run cooler which will get better fuel economy." but the nitrogen option for your tires...marked by the green cap...can cost more... so you'll need to do your homework. next.. mccormick takes us under the hood... with the air filter. "when it gets stopped up like this all the way around it'll cause the car not to breathe properly." ' him...cause your car to burn more gas. he also says if you have a check engine light on... get it checked.... because it could be an issue that directly... or indirectly... affects your gas. and if you're sitting idle in traffic... mccormick says cutting off that ac.. will help slow down that gas gauge. in september... when a leak in the colonial pipeline caused that gas shortage...
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business... today it was business as usual... but he expects it'll pick up again in the coming days. another tip... not overloading your car. the heavier it is... the more gas you'll use. thanks. we hav'm now at 'abc 11 dot com'.... and on the 'abc 11 mobile news app'. the 'latest news' -- as it comes in. plus... a video... from triple-a... showing you 'how' to 'conserve' gas. a 'plea' tonight -- from a 'raleigh bicyclist'.... after a "hit and run driver" -- left him bleeding -- on 'glenwood avenue'. "joseph - grubbs" is covered with 'staples' and 'stitches'. he was 'knocked- off' his bike -- a 'week ago'. he's had 'three surgeries' -- to 'repair' broken bones. but 'grubbs' says -- he's "alive"... and that's what "counts most".
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grubbs doesn't 'think' -- he was 'intentionally' hit. police don't have a 'description' of the car... but 'grubbs' is hoping -- the "driver will come forward". frightening surveillance video -- of an attempted robbery in hoke county. this is from the 'alco gas station' -- on 'rock fish road' in raeford. deputies say '2- guys' went into the store just before one o'clock this morning -- pointed a pistol at the clerk -- and demanded cash. the clerk then tries smacking the gun away -- and then grabs h the gunman hits her wrist -- and tries trashing the counter before running away. both would-be robbers left empty handed. so far no arrests have been made. fayetteville still recovering from the aftermath of hurricane matthew... and one organization is preparing to tear down at start again. the special forces association complex is all dried out from the flood waters but now they will have to rebuild. 's-f-a' built their complex in 19-72. the president of 's-f-a' says rebuilding is
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work it took to build the compound. but he's thankful they were able to salvage most of the historic artifacts. a 'controversial lesson' -- is 'costing' -- a 'cumberland county' -- high school teacher. "lee - francis" -- was caught on camera -- back in september -- 'stomping' on an 'american flag' -- during a 'lesson' -- on the "first amendment". the pictures went 'viral'... 'sparking outrage'. francis was immediately "suspended with pay". now 'francis' says -- he was told -- he won't be 'allowed' to teach 'any' classes.... and his 'contract' won't be 'renewed'. francis continues to "stand by" w francis 'now' works in the "school francis 'now' works in the "school warehouse". he says -- he has 'several' job offers.... but says -- he'd like to "stay" in the area. new tonight - a break-in at a
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someone broke into the east regional library early this morning. they say security footage breaking shows a guy breaking out a window in the library's activity room - which serves as a one- stop voting location. he took a coin machine...and left. officials say voting equipment and materials were not tampered with during the break- in. we're just 'getting started' tonight on eyewitness news. coming up - "hate crime". a historic 'african-american church' -- is 'torched' -- in mississippi. the 'words' -- 'tagged' -- on the side of this 'place of worship'. plus... bright' -- for the 'vice president'. his 'new pitch' -- for the 'future' -- in the 'sunshine state'. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center chris?
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vo: we've all seen donald trump's attacks on women, and so has senator richard burr. but it doesn't seem to bother him. richard burr: there's not a separation between me and donald trump. vo: he's right. just look at burr's record. he voted to defund planned parenthood; co-sponsored legislation that would outlaw abortion - with no exceptions;
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a dangerous combination for north carolina women. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. a 'man' -- hit by a car on "rock quarry road" -- in raleigh last week -- has 'now' died. raleigh police say -- 23-year-old "darius - ferbee" -- was walking in the 'middle of the road'.... and was 'not' in the crosswalk -- when he was 'hit'. 53-year-old -- "andra - bizzell" -- was cited for having an "open container of alcohol" in his car... but was 'not' charged for 'causing' the collision. in orange county... the republica headquarters is back in business... two weeks after a firebombing destroyed the old office. the new office... is a few hundred yards away from the old one in hillsborough. last month, someone hurled a firebomb through front window of the office... at daniel boone plaza. no arrests have been made. g-o-p officials's event was designed to 'thank' the local community... for their help in rebuilding. now to 'mississippi'... where 'police' -- are calling the "burning" of a black church... a 'hate crime'. firefighters 'quickly' put-out the fire... which 'damaged' -- the
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'vandals' -- also spray-painted "vote trump" -- on an 'exterior wall' of the church.... but investigators say -- initial reports suggest -- the fire was 'not' -- "political" in nature. no one was 'injured'. the police chief says -- they're 'talking' -- to a "person of interest". a mother facing charges for horrific crime in pennsylvania. police say 21- year-old "christian - clark"... killed her 17-month-old boy... and sent video of the boy's lifeless body to his father during a texting rampage. clark is charged with murder... and the attempted murder o year-old sister. clark told police she'd been arguing with the child's father before he left for work. 'new details' -- about a 'man' -- accused of "assassinating" -- 'two' police officers -- in iowa. 46-year-old "michael - green" -- turned himself 'in' to deputies -- near 'des moines' earlier today. police believe -- he's the 'gunman' -- behind a 'pair' -- of "execution-style attacks" on law enforcement. . police say -- green was 'recently' removed from a 'high school football game' -- for displaying a "confederate flag" -- during the "national anthem".
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claiming the comedian is too blind to defend himself. cosby was back in court today for a pre-trial hearing - as his lawyers tried to get the sex assault case against the 79- year-old thrown out. the judge made no rulings today. cosby's trial is scheduled to start in june. now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we start in france...with more evidence that e- cigarettes can be bad for your health. 'surveillance video' shows -- a man 'pacing' -- outside a 'nightclub' -- cigarette'.... then putting the 'device' -- in his pocket. a 'short time' later... 'sparks' begin to fly -- from his right side. he and his 'buddies' -- try to 'put out' the flames. the man has 'second degree burns'... but 'should' recover. this is the aftermath of a violent car crash near - los angeles. investigators believe the drivers were street racing. the neon-green mclaren sports car worth 185- thousand dollars was totaled..and an audi was also damage. witnesses say the
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than 60 miles-per- hour on the surface street. the drivers of both cars were taken to the hospital. a 'bear' -- became an "impromptu" -- "tourist attraction" -- in "downtown duluth" this morning. the bear was 'spotted' -- in a tree -- near the courthouse. a 'small group' -- gathered to 'see' the bear.... and take pictures for 'social media'. authorities took a "hands off approach"... asking people to give the 'bear' -- some 'room'.... so it could 'climb down' -- on its own.... and move on. and finally...a mother pig was and finally...a mother pig was clearly over it. a group of piglets was nursing on their mother...when one of them stepped on its mother's snout. the mother clearly wasn't happy and sent the little squealing pig rocketing through the air. the piglet appeared fine, and went back to get
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lots of sun and a southwest wind pushed temperatures into the upper 70s and low 80s today. look for a mild night tonight with lows in the mid 50s to near 60. a cold front will reach the appalachians tomorrow. ahead of this front, the southwest flow us, and readings warm into the lower 80s, just shy of record levels in most of central north carolina. the record for raleigh is 84 in 1974. in fayetteville it's 88, also in 1974. that cold front will sweep west to east across central north carolina tomorrow night. this will bring a shower or two to the region. if you do see rain, it will be less than 1/4". in the wake of that front, dry and
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region, and daytime highs on friday will run about 15 degrees lower than what we'll see tomorrow. a large area of high pressure building into the great basin today, then over the plains states tomorrow, will continue to work eastward and help bring a dry, and seasonably nice, weather pattern for the end of the week, through the upcoming weekend, and into
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moore county. reports of 'multiple' -- "shots fired"... and at least 'one person' hit by those bullets -- in southern pines. breaking news one live at the intersection of illinois and carlisle street. we started getting 'reports' -- into the breaking news center -- just after 8-30. police telling us one person was shot...and taken to the hospital. we're working to find out the victim's condition. you can look for
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eyewitness news at 11. a 'reminder' -- that 'christmas' -- is right around the corner. what started in the 18-hundreds as a family affair... is now a tradition... that draws thousands to asheville. you'll see what it takes to pull off christmas at the biltmore. it's "beginning to
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a congressional district known as "the octopus", another called "the snake", and 28 state legislative districts all drawn by politicians in raleigh to segregate african-american voters, all upheld by judge bob edmunds. but federal judges rejected edmunds' decision for misusing race for partisan gain. the clear choice for state supreme court? judge mike morgan.
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for attorney general... there's buck newton, the "cheerleader" for hb2, legalizing discrimination. or, there's josh stein. "a voice of reason..." who's "uniquely qualified..." stein helped "expand the state's dna database and increase protections for domestic violence victims." praised by law enforcement for his "strong record of making us safer." endorsed by police, teachers and newspapers across north carolina. look a lot like christmas" -- at the 'biltmore estate' -- in asheville. 'santa claus' and a 'horse-drawn carriage' -- helped deliver the 35- foot tall 'frasier fir' -- to the mansion. it took more than '30 employees' -- to 'carry' the tree into the 'banquet hall' the tree will be decorated with 500 ornaments... and 500 lights. the annual "christmas at the biltmore" celebration begins on friday.... and runs through january 7th.
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"shopping spree" -- in downtown raleigh. four o'clock anchor "anna laurel" -- served as emcee... at the "junior league of raleigh's" -- 'a shoppingspree.' it begins 'tomorrow morning'... and runs through 'sunday' - at the "raleigh convention center". organizers say... exhibitors will showcase the 'hottest jewelry'... clothing and accessories for women ... men and children ... and the 'latest trends' -- in "home decor". and, abc-11 is a proud sponsor of "the holly day fair" at the crown expo center in fayetteville. it is the largest 'holiday gift and craft' show in eastern north it draws an average of 22- thousand shoppers and more than 150 vendors. the holly day fair kicks off tomorrow and runs through sunday. proceeds go towards the junior league's child mental health initiative. vice president "joe - biden" -- took a 'moment' -- in the middle of a 'campaign speech' in 'tampa' -- to "stump" -- for something a little less 'political'. biden was touting "hillary - clinton" ... when he began to 'slowly' -- to put on his trademark "ray ban" aviator sunglasses. the crowd 'ate it up'. biden says -- he's been wearing
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old... and maybe "ray ban" -- would consider him to be their next 'spokesman'. coming up next in sports.... nc state readies for the seminoles... job #1 on offense - rediscover their running game... plus cam newton discusses his talk with the commissioner and what he hopes will come from it... and oh yeah... game 7 from cleveland...stick around for
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linda coleman: i'm linda coleman, and hb2 is a disaster. hb2 has cost us thousands of jobs. i know from my experience in the state cabinet what it takes
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on our state's reputation. right now, north carolina is showing how not to create jobs. as lieutenant governor, i'll work with roy cooper to get rid of hb2 and create good jobs, not chase them away. we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. i'm roy cooper... and when i grew up on this farm in nash county,
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that hasn't been happening in raleigh. as governor, i'll put partisan politics aside... so we can turn around our economy and fix our schools. no more social legislation that divides our state and hurts our reputation. we can build a better north carolina... and it starts with all of us working together to get it done. suffering fanbases... i'm not positive about these stats, but positive about these stats, but pretty sure the cubs hadn't won the world series since at least 2005 and the indians are mired in an even longer drought.. that made for a heckuva set up for game seven tonight in cleveland.. much drama still ahead... chicago jumped out 5-1 and knocked out cleveland ace corey kluber.... the indians have responded with 2 - but 85 year old catcher david ross just homered to put the cubs up 6-3
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following three hours of having his head hunted by the broncos in the opener - cam newton decided he'd had enough following the panthers 30-20 win over the cards you've all likely heard his frustrated words by now about not getting the protection from referees that other qbs do... the hit that pushed him over the edge... calais campbell lunge at his knees... there was no flag on the play... cam said he was going to talk to the commissioner about the double standard.. that conversation happened yesterday whatever else ails the wolfpack currently - the total lack of a run game is the most troubling new
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games - both hugely disappointing performances - state has managed only 45 yards rushing on 48 carries ... that's a quick way for your offense to grind to a halt... especially w/ the talent the pack has in the backfield... grayson allen led grayson allen led all voters on the associated press preseason all- american team today.. allen heads a five man team that also includes cal super soph ivan rabb, oregon star dillon brooks - who in addition to being from my hometown of mississauga, ontario also had that famous tete a tete with coach k last year... josh hart of the champs villanova and monte morris of iowa state round out the
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join us tomorrow join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move.
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narrator: want to go to paris? richard burr took a sixteen thousand dollar christmas trip to paris...paid for by the special interests. just one of richard burr's twenty six special interest trips. prague. barcelona. seville. stockholm. madrid... richard loves europe. no wonder richard burr voted against cracking down on special interest trips. richard burr. twenty years in washington ...and europe... the content
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harvey: chris brown isd a goo singer. he also happens to be the worse neighbor in the history of the world. >> chris brown over there acting a fool, popping wheelies on a four-wheeler. >> isn't it illegal what he's doing? harvey: i don't think you're allowed to pop wheelies. >> even if you do a wheelie, that's two wheels on the ground. why are motorcycles able to get away with it? >> they're born with two wheels. >> if you don't know "major " the movie, charlie sheen famolyus played a pitcher for the cleveland indians and he's on his way to game seven. >> i'm bringing this guy. >> he tweeted a picture of his backpack. >> and a pack of smokes. keeping it healthy. >> jason derulo. i talked to him about the peach emoji.


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