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carolina. with just three days to go until the election--the candidates pulling out all the stops in the tar heel state. plus--a homicide investigation in the sandhills. what we are learning about a man--found dead behind an apartment. and the breaking details-- in the case of a woman--found chained in a storage container in south carolina. eyewitness news at ten starts right now. breaking news on the campaign trail. donald trump---rushed off the stage tonight---during a rally in reno nevada. the g-o-p nominee was speaking to supporters when a disturbance broke out in the crowd--close to the podium. secret service agents---quickly surrounded trump--and hustled him off stage. police then escorted a man out of the venue. trump returned to the podium--a few
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thanked the secret service. we're following several new and breaking stories, tonight. including-- the final weekend of campaigning in vote 2016. good evening i'm dejuan hoggard. heather waliga has the night off. developing right now in spring lake. police investigating a homicide after a man's body was found behind a vacant apartment. officers discovered the body around 2-30 this afternoon on king street. they say it appears the victim was shot in a different location-- and his body dumped behind the police are still working to identify the victim. anyone with information is asked to contact the spring lake police department. also developing right now-- the white house on lockdown this afternoon--- after the secret service saw a man armed with a gun walking on pennsylvania avenue. agents arrested a man after a brief struggle. he's facing several charges including carrying a firearm without a license. president obama was not at the white house at the time. now to vote 2016-- with just three
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candidates and their surrogates were out in full force today. trump making four stops-- including here in north carolina. clinton campaigned in florida and pennsylvania. this as the latest abc news/washington post tracking poll-- shows clinton with a four point lead nationally. but we start with donald trump-- making an appearance in wilmington this afternoon. he once again zeroed in on clinton's email controversy. the g-o-p nominee also said he would keep the nation safe, lower taxes and bring back jobs. trump-- was joined mccrory. trump will be back in north carolina on monday...
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raleigh. that event is slated to kick off at 3-pm. and tonight, we're learning democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton will hold a midnight rally in raleigh on monday. her campaign says the rally will focus on getting out the vote.. and the economy. clinton made two stops in battleground north carolina on friday. today she was in florida... where she found out you can't fight mother nature. she was doing an event when a storm moved in. clinton tried to stay on point.. but the wind and rain was too much. earlier campaigned with singer katy perry in philadelphia. maddonna tweeting out this message tonight. she says she will do a surprise intimate small concert monday night in support of hillary. details have not been announced. star jones using her star power to get out the vote
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she stopped at beauty salons and early voting sites in durham and morrisville. she highlighted clinton's plan to help small businesses... especially those owned by african americans. donald trump's son eric--- and his wife lara--- out tailgating this evening at the nc- state game. they talked to voters ahead of the wolfpack's big showdown with florida state. lara is an nc-state graduate. and later in sports, ngozi will have a recap of the game's highlights. campaigns racing to the finish line this weekend. both parties-- canvassing for those coveted votes. this as north carolina sets a record for early voting. tim pulliam is in the raleigh eyewitness news center tonight with an update. :04-:09 :30-:36 pkg party campaign offices racing to party campaign offices racing to the finish line. republicans. dallas woodhouse/ncgop 154843 we are just getting t-shirts out, signs, making
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and highways covered. and democrats. sot sarah/volunteer 161626 our goal is to ock on a lliondoors thweekend. lclg andnvassing the nal days beforection da volunte mocratic partyheadquarters eing hours on the phone encouraging people who haven't voted earlyto show up tuesday. even offering them a ride to the polls. sarah /volunteer 161545 all of it is critical, and this is the weekend, this is it. we don't have any more time. sarah is with her. she's been working around the clock for clinton campaignhoping to turn the state blue. north carolina the fate of the world essentially hangs on our shoulders. so it's a mix of adrenaline excitement and a slight bit of stress. just look at the numbers. north carolina is political showdown in the race for president, governor and senate congressional seat. republicans are also grinding this weekend. 44 percent of the state's registered voters have already cast a ballot, gop director dallas woodhouse is rounding up his base to vote tuesday.
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gop 154804 so we will be working through the nightlooking at our data. looking at who hasn't voted yet. d getting emto eos tfor pat cro ump.4845now it's a turnout game so far we are doing well. but republicans have got to have got to have a big turnout on election day for us to win. tag there was a 13 percent increase in early voting this election cycle. both parties say they will be working tomorrow and monday in hopes of breaking election day records. there was a 13 percent increase in early voting this election cycle. both parties say 2 c1 3 a body found on a property where a woman was found chained in a storage container--- is that of her boyfriend. the spartanburg county coroner confirming the identity tonight. the body was exhumed last night. the discovery came a day after kala brown was found... after she had been missing for two months. todd kohlehpp is now charged with kidnapping... and teams continue to search his property... fearing there could be more possible victims. developing right now... one person
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vehicle in durham. this was the scene on fayetteville road earlier today. our crew on the scene says the man was taken to duke hospital. he is expected to be ok. no word if any charges will be filed. new tonight... a fire tears through a wake county home... forcing out a family of five. this was the scene this afternoon.. in the 13-hundred block of major slade road.. just outside of wendell. when firefighters arrived.. they found flames shooting out the front door and windows. you can see the inside of the gutted. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the red cross was called in to help the family. a durham house went up in flames this morning--- when investigators say a man fell asleep while smoking. it happened shortly before two-- in the one- thousand block of oakland. a neighbor saw the flames and called 9-1-1. crews had the fire under control in 15 minutes. both people inside the home made it out o-k. the red cross is
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new tonight... a man found shot to death in a crashed car in charlotte. police were called out to the wreck on highway 74.. just before 4 this morning. they found 43- year-old everette lynn dead inside. it's not clear if there was anyone else inside the vehicle. investigators are trying to figure out how and when the victim was shot. no arrests have been made. a troubling trend... unfolding across our state. 900 guns have been stolen from stores in the carolinas this the a-t-f says that's the fastest rate in the u.s. federal agents are working around the clock to solve the cases.. but the connection between the crimes isn't clear. so far, 81 gun shops have been targeted since january. a-t-f agents went to each crime scene looking for evidence.. leads and connections... because it's not just about the theft. authorities say stolen guns on the streets could come with serious consequences.
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help solve all of these cases. and they're urging gun shop owners to beef up security... by adding bars to windows and surveillance cameras. happening tomorrow .. the "city of oaks marathon"... and 'half marathon' -- will be taking over downtown raleigh. the races begin at 'seven' in the m bell tower' -- on hillsborough street. there are a number of road closures ... so be sure to check out -- abc 11 dot com before you head that way. the fight for mosul enters a new face. next on eyewitness news-- iraqi troops push into populated neighborhoods. what isis is doing to thwart their momentum. plus-- designers teaming up with charities for a fashion show. we'll show you this fun event in downtown raleigh. but first... a live
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eyewitness news center
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nightclub. eight people were injured.. including the two suspects. one of the other six people shot is in critical condition... the others are stable. authorities say a man walked up to a crowd outside the "vinyl" nightclub in oakland... there was an argument... and shots were fired. officials say most of the people shot were wounded in the legs... but one
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the chest. a new york city police officer is back home tonight... after a shootout with a suspect... that killed his partner. police say sergeant emmanuel kwo left the hospital last night... after being treated for a leg wound. he and his partner -- sergeant paul tuozzolo -- got into a gunfight with a man who had broken into his estranged wife's home, yesterday. tuozzolo was shot in the head.. and died. the suspect -- manuel rosales -- was also killed in the gunfire. tuozzolo leaves behind a wife and artilley fire could be heard today across mosul--- as iraqi forces work to retake the city from isis. snipers traded fire from rooftops as troops advanced deeper into densly populated neighborhoods. many civilians emerged waving white flags. the troops advance slowed after isis launched suicide counter-attacks. mosul is still home to more than a million people. the iraqi military warns it could be months until the city is fully
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the u-s supreme court---re- instates arizona's ban on collecting ballots. the law makes it a felony for groups to go door to door to collect early ballots and deliver them to the polls. today's ruling--overturns an appeals court decision that blocked the new law. the decision is a blow to democratic get- out-the-vote efforts. bridgegate---inter upting new jersey governor chris christie's plans this weekend. christie was supposed to campaign for donald trump today in new hampshire and pennsylvania. but that was two of christie's aides were convicted yesterday of ploting to close the george washington bridge--to punish a democratic mayor. governor christie denies knowing about the plan--and promises to set the record straight soon. a suspect--in custody tonight--after a stabbing on the rutgers campus. it happened around 2-30 yesterday afternoon at the business school. prosecutors say two people, a student and faculty member, were hurt. the suspect, believed to be a former student, was also injured. police say he had a psychiatric episode---and was trying to commit
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soccer team--- apologizing for sexual comments about the women's soccer team. the apology appearing on the website of the student newspaper. last month, the paper uncovered a 20-12 document that rated the attractiveness of the women's team recruits. in response-- the school suspended the team for the rest of the season. a special tribute playing out in the streets of downtown raleigh it was the veterans parade... honoring the men and women who served to defend our freedom. it ended with a ceremony on the capitol grounds. our own tisha powell emceed the event. the actual veterans day holiday is this coming friday. today was also the fayetteville veterans day parade. this year's theme was "honoring our world war two veterans.. the greatest generation." the parade featured more than 100 participants. people lined hay street... to pay
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mccrory also participated in the parade. philanthropy and fun at the raleigh convention center. it was all part of the 8-th annual couture for a cause fashion show. twenty designers were paired with local charities to create custom outfits. the event even featured a runway show. the fashion show benefited activate good. it's a group that connects volunteers to hundreds of non- profits in the triangle. don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour tonight. daylight saving time is ending--- and that means it's back to standard time.
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so enjoy that extra hour of sleep. meteorologist steve stewart is here now with the forecast temperatures yesterday afternoon were 10-15 degrees fahrenheit lower compared to thursday, but more in line with our normal daytime highs. a here now with the forecast temperatures yesterday afternoon wer fahrenheit lower compared to thursday, but more in line with our normal daytime highs. a large high pressure area over the northern and central plains states will expand eastward and bring dry, stable
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weekend into early next week. daytime high temperatures over the weekend will top out in the mid-60s tomorrow and near 70 degrees on sunday. the dry, stable weather
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there's great news--for fans of the "simpsons". fox has renewed the animated series for an unprecedented 29-th and 30-th season. that means they will reach their
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beating the previous record held by "gunsmoke"--which aired 635 episodes. "the simpsons" has been a cultural staple since it started in 19- 89...winning emmys...inspiring theme parks...and countless yellow merchandise. nc-state looking to knock off florida state-- at carter finley stadium. next in sports--- an update---on the wolfpack's effort to knock off the seminoles. the game now late in the 4-th quarter. plus-- u-n-c tech on homecoming weekend. you'll hear from head coach larry fedora-- about the big win. vo: we've all seen donald trump's attacks on women, and so has senator richard burr. but it doesn't seem to bother him. richard burr: there's not a separation between me and donald trump. vo: he's right. just look at burr's record. he voted to
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with no exceptions; and, could even ban common forms of birth control. donald trump and richard burr - a dangerous combination for north carolina women. women vote is responsible for
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? a different team. case in point...the wolfpack's last win over a ranked
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noles. so the pack trying to channel that mojo as they looked to snap a three-game losing streak. n-c state made the first move. first quarter on thrid and 15....ryan finley connects with bralon cherry for the 28 yard touchdown. n-c state led 13-10 at the half. and kept momentum rolling in the third on 2nd and 8 -- jaylen samuels gets the egde and the blocks here to put the noles defense off- balance. samuels' 23 yard t-d run helped put the pack up 20-10 but vintage dalvin next noles drive -- on 2nd and three...cook uses the stiff arm to steam roll into the endzone and the lead for the pack suddenly shrinks to three. later in the 4th...noles driving down the field to get inside the 20 and on 1st and 10...deondre francois's pass nearly picked off by sean boone. he's kicking himself on that drop because on the next play -- francois under
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noles first lead of the game. there was no 21 point hole to dig themselves out of this time around versus georgia tech. instead...u-n-c dug its heels into the ground for its best rushing performance of the season... elijah hood was the motor for the heels versus georgia tech. on just the second play of the game...hood rips off this 45 yard run here to set up the tar heels in the red zone. and he comlpetes the job from there -- hood the touchdown run. u-n-c up 7-nothing. and hood continued to find the gaps -- this time on fourth and one. on his 12 carries he averaged about 14 yards per run. tar heels up 17-7 second quarter -- mitch trubisky fakes to hood and this time finds bug howard all alone for the 68 yard score. trubisky meanwhile continued to fuel his hype machine with 329 passing
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quarter. heels up who do they go to? elijah, of course. he finished with 168 rushing yards and three of the tar heels five rushing scores on the day as the heels put up a season-best 283 rushing yard performance in the 48 to 20 win. duke trying to upset a virginia tech team looking to control its the coastal division. duke had a chance to take the lead here in the first quarter -- but virginia tech's special teams coming up huge. a-j reed's 30 yard field goal blocked by greg
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scoops it up to take this one all the way back. virgina tech led 21-7 at the break...but duke not out of it. daniel jones breathing some life into the blue devils third quarter -- first and goal...jones the keeper. and then later in the fourth quarter on third and goal -- jones again for his second rushing score on the day. and suddenly it's a three point game. later in the fourth...duke with 21...and shaun wilson gets his bell rung hard by terrell edmonds causing him to fubmle the ball. but take another look. edmonds would be ejected for targeting...and duke would retain possession. so a huge third down here for the blue devils. jones' pass is incomplete. virginia tech got the ball back -- and with 1:36 to go on third and three...jah-rod evans the huge conversion to ice
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winless in a-c-c play with the 24-21 loss. coming up next...canes looking for their second road win of the season plus highlights from the inaugural raleigh classic are next... the canes started the canes started washington has made richard burr wealthy. we know that. burr voted himself 5 pay raises and his personal net worth increased 500%. how little work burr actually does. richard burr missed nearly 70% of his armed services committee hearings... even skipping one hearing to hold a dc fundraiser with lobbyists. it's why the observer says, "burr shows himself to be a consummate washington insider who routinely puts party before country." senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. senate majority pac is responsible i'm roy cooper... and when i grew up on this farm in nash county, i learned you have to work together to get things done.
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an politics aside... so we can turn around our economy and fix our schools. no more social legislation that divides our state and hurts our reputation. we can build a better north carolina... and it starts with all of us working together to get it done. narrator: want to go to paris? richard burr took a sixteen thousand dollar christmas trip to paris...paid for by the special interests.
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seville. stockholm. madrid... richard loves europe. no wonder richard burr voted against cracking down on special interest trips. richard burr. twenty years in washington ...and europe... serving himself. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. for attorney general... there's buck newton, the "cheerleader" for hb2, legalizing discrimination. or, there's josh stein. stein helped "expand the state's dna database and increase protections for domestic violence victims." praised by law enforcement for his "strong record of making us safer." endorsed by police, teachers and newspapers across north carolina. josh stein is "the clear choice." season on the ice in nashville against the predators down 1-nothing in the second...jeff
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score stayed the same for just a few minutes until matt irwin fired a rocket past cam ward in net. predators back out front...2-1. canes would tie it at 2-all in the third...this one is still underway. wolloping a winless delaware state squad today helped n-c central stay unbleimished atop the meac standings. ramone simpson got it started early -- juke move and the touchdown. central's defense pressure forces the hornets to cough it up and reggie hunter with the pick 6 eagles win big 38 to 19. it was a showdown in the raleigh classic between shaw and saint augs... falcons down 14- nothing... julius murphy's pass picked off by shaw's bruce parker joiner and he would take this one back all the way untouched. 80 yard return for him. back on offense...bears' darron downing who ran into the endzone mutliple
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continued that trend in this one. 77 yard foot race for downing. bears close out their season with the 35-32 win over the falcons. fayetteville state battled from an 18 point deficit versus winston- salem state...but the broncos season ended with 28-21 loss. join us sunday morning on abc-11 beginning at six a-m for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you vo: we've all seen donald trump's attacks on women, and so has senator richard burr. but it doesn't seem to bother him. richard burr: there's not a separation between me and donald trump. vo: he's right. just look at burr's record. he voted to defund planned parenthood; co-sponsored legislation that would outlaw abortion - with no exceptions; and, could even ban common forms of birth control. donald trump and richard burr - a dangerous combination
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the content of this advertising. putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either.
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how does someone in public office make millions? ask our senator richard burr. burr's net worth has gotten five times bigger while he's been... in congress. five times. no wonder burr voted against the ban on insider trading... in congress. see, burr invested heavily in oil and gas stocks. and voted them billions in tax breaks. they do well. burr does better. it's for burr to go.
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