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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  November 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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eyewitness news...breaking news--in a deadly shooting in garner. why police say a man shot his neighbor. plus--battlegroun d north carolina. both campaigns hitting the tar heel state tomorrow. their big race to the finish line. and a fire department devastated by matthew--is asking for your help to rebuild. eyewitness news now. we're following several new and breaking stories, tonight--including the race to the finish line in battleground north carolina. good evening i'm heather waliga. and i'm dejuan hoggard. thanks for watching. but we start with breaking news in raleigh. tim pulliam live on the scene of a reported fire-- on forest oaks drive. tim... you just pulled up moments
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we're also following following
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garner. police telling us it all started with a fight outside an apartment this morning on spring drive. officers say "kyle jensen" heard screaming and went outside. that's when police say jensen saw "randolph davidson" assaulting "kellie harris". jensen fired shots from his handgun hitting davidson. davidson later died at the hospital. harris suffered multiple stab wounds and underwent surgery at wake med. we spoke with neighbors who were shocked. no charges have been filed against jensen. and breaking news in durham-- police are investigating after--someone fired shots at a data bus earlier tonight. it happened near merriweather drive and pickwick trail. our crew on the scene says a bullet went right through the window. we're told none of the 15 passengers on board were hurt. no word of any arrests. now to vote 2016. f-b-i director
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that hillary clinton will not face charges for emails that popped up on anthony weiner's computer. comey says the latest review does not change the conclusion he reached this summer-- not to prosecute her. the emails surfaced during an f-b-i investigation into anthony weiner's sexting scandal. he's the estranged husband of clinton aide huma abedin. the clinton campaign responded to the news saying they're glad the matter is resolved. it will be a busy day of campaigni triangle tomorrow-- with both candidates making stops in raleigh. donald trump will hold a rally at 3- pm at dorton arena. hillary clinton will hold a midnight-- get out the vote -- event at reynolds coliseum on the nc-state campus. we just learned--bill clinton and their daughter chelsea will attend. 45-percent of registered voters in north carolina have already cast their ballots. this asthe latest-- a-b-c news/washington post tracking poll out today--- shows clinton with a five point
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result since october 26-th. trump has held advantages only twice. donald trump taking his campaign to traditional democratic territory today. he held rallies in minnesota and michigan. minnesota hasn't supported a republican candidate since 1972 and michigan since 1988. earlier today, trump weighed in on the clinton email controversy. trump taking part in a five-state blitz today. he just wrapped up a speech in pennsylvania and has one planned for virginia. meanwhile--hillar y clinton--appearing in battleground pennsylvania and ohio today. she attended a church service in philadelphia this morning. joining her was new jersey senator corey booker. clinton--using star power in the final days of the election
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james and stevie wonder hitting the campaign trail. president obama returned to florida today--- on the final day of early voting in the state. the president spoke at a baseball stadium near orlando. he told the audience the race will be over if hillary clinton wins florida. stevie wonder performed a concert in support of clinton at that same stadium earlier today. mike pence was back in the tar heel state today--- holding a rally in hickory. the g-o-p vice presidential nominee spoke to a crowd at the airport. pence firing up supporters--- just two days away from the election. and we'll have
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bring you top notch coverage of the biggest races - joel brown will be monitoring the presidential race while jon camp and jonah kaplan follow the tight race for governor. 'angelica alvarez' and myself -- will be tracking the 'u-s senate race'. and troubleshooter 'diane wilson'.... and greg barnes -- will be on the lookout -- for 'problems' at the polls. a cary man furious tonight after someone shot up a donald trump sign hanging from his home. and it's not the something like this has happened. tim pulliam filed this report earlier. :00-:12 :27-:38 1:26-1:56 james powers spent more than $100 on this sign. he's not taking it down. police say a bb was used to fire several shots into his trump/pence sign and his home. sot less than 48 hours before the election.. campaign attacks still firing off.. james powers' trump-pence campaign sign and
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shot up. sot 153935 you have to think about that's an evasion of my freedom. i've done nothing to anybody else. nothing" sot 153134 that's who i choose to support. i would never touch another person's sign. this signperhaps shows the level of hostility in a contentious presidential election, which neighbors say is far from civil. sot craziest thing i've ever seen in my life." powers discovered the damage after coming home from dinner saturday night. cary police say the suspect used a bb gun. sunday he showed us the damage the bb gun's pellets did throughout his home. holes and shattered glass everywhere. powers is thankful his children and granddaughter were not inside. 153209
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this happened that she plays here." tag powers has insurance and will be getting his home fixed. his neighbors plan to help with the deductible. this is the second time in two weeks his signs have been targeted. the last time someone set his sign on fire. police are investigating. it is a misdemeanor to damage or deface a sign. in cary, tim pulliam, abc 11 eyn new tonight-- commissioner running for the state house has died. warren judge died today after becoming sick wednesday night. judge was a candidate for house district six. his name will still appear on the ballot. if chosen--- the democratic party will determine who will fill the legislative seat. spring lake police identify the man found shot to death behind a vacant apartment. officers found the body yesterday afternoon on king street. they say his name is.... devonte tart. police believe
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body behind the apartment. if you have any'r e asked to call spring lake police. a fuel pipeline damaged in an explosion in alabama--- is back in service. the colonial pipeline was back up and running early this morning. it exploded monday after a piece of equipment hit the pipeline--- killing one person. gas distribution was suspended to several southern states until repairs were finished. new tonight-- governor mccrory--touring areas damaged by wildfires in the western part of our state. the governor met management officials in clay county. fires burning in several western counties-- as the region is currently gripped in a drought. officials say these are the most serious fires to occur in north carolina since the early 2-thousands. the top priority for crews right now is to avoid damage to property and livestock. now to the aftermath of hurricane matthew. flooding devastated princeville's fire department--- and now the town is trying to replace nearly all of its equipment.
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to try to cover the costs. so far the town has raised just over 11-hundred dollars. the fire chief says they lost three of their five engines-- and to make matters worse they did not have flood insurance. other fire departments have stepped in to help in the aftermath of the storm. we have a link to the go-fund-me page right now on abc-11 dot-com. there's stunning new developments in the kidnapping of a south carolina woman. next on eyewitness news--the shocking confession--that's putting to rest a cold case mystery. to the streets of raleigh. we'll have drone footage of the city of oaks marathon. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center steve?
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump.
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and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either.
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woman. police now believe her captor could also be a serial killer? responsible for up to seven murders! investigators say the man is not only showing them where he buried some bodies--- but also admitting to several older killings that rocked the community. abc's mark remillard has the latest. this isn't kohlhepp's first
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run in with the law. he was convicted in 1987, as a teenager, of kidnapping and rape in arizona. new tonight-- investigators--are working to figure out what caused a large apartment to go up in flames in phoenix. crews say the fire--started as a gas explosion last night. six people were hurt--one was flown--to a burn unit. nine people--living at the complex--were all new tonight-- a utah community mourning a police officer killed in the line of duty. police say officer cody brotherson was setting up tire spikes in the road when he was hit by the suspect's vehicle. police were chasing that vehicle after it was reported stolen. brotherson leaves behind a fiance and two younger brothers. three suspects have been detained
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jury selection resumes tomorrow--in the death penalty trial of dylann roof. he's charged in the shooting deaths of nine black parishoners--at a church in charleston last year. about three thousand jurors were summoned earlier this year---and a jury pool of more than 500 remains. the remaining jurors--will report for questioning tomorrow morning. record crowds came out for the city of oaks marathon in raleig drone video-- captured the race from high above as people looked to endure 26- point-two miles. over five- thousand runners-- ran in the marathon and half marathon. that's a 30-percent increase over last year. winning on the men's side was evan vadenais of massachussetts- with a time of two hours thirty-six minutes. caroline veltri won it for the women with a time of three hours and one minute. -- the triangle down syndrome network 'buddy walk' stepped off this afternoon in
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event was rescheduled after hurricane matthew flooded sugg farm park last month. more than 12- hundred people showed up for the fundraiser that supports local programs for individuals living with down syndrome and their families. 'strollin for sadie' raised the most money this year....nearly 10- thousand dollars. the team walking for the first time in honor of little sadie callahan. oc: it's been amazing! this was my fourth year serving as emcee for the event. my family has our own team...cassie's honor of my little sister cassie. meteorologist liz horton is here now with the forecast. the
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games for the first time this season next in sports--we break-down carolina's big road victory
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a congressional district known as "the octopus", another called "the snake", and 28 state legislative districts all drawn by politicians in raleigh to segregate african-american voters, all upheld by judge bob edmunds. the clear choice for state supreme court? judge mike morgan. he's endorsed by president obama.
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but over. but after today's win versus the rams greg olsen pointed out the panthers' progress...saying
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of the bye week. the effort in l-a was preserved by the defense. but the panthers offense got things rolling first. first quarter -- cam newton drills a laser to greg olsen from nine yards out carolina took the 7-oh lead. the defense took over from there. both q-b's found themselves under pressure and case keenum feels it first...just gobbled up by mario addison off the edge. the panthers tallied four sacks versus the rams after notching 8 last newton saw the turf five times today -- including this nasty shot in the third quarter from mark barron. no flag on the play just days after newton talked to roger goodell about his safety. panthers defense back at it later. after a fumble return t-d last week...thomas davis this time with the huge interception in the third quarter. the panthers would turn that into a field goal to a take a 10-oh lead.
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with kenny britt. 10-7 the rams must go for the onside kick. and there...tedd ginn junior safely recovers it to end it. carolina leaves california a 13-10 winner. the only other n- f-c south team in action today was the saints...also on the west coast versus the 49ers.... new orleans took an early 14-3 lead and drew brees finds mark ingram on the sc that lead. saints built up and 18 point lead....but the niners made a dent in the deficit. later in the second...down 28- 13...colin kaepernick hits vance mcdonald for the 65 yard touchdown connection to make it a one possession game. saints broke it open in the fourth quarter. as brees finds michael thomas -- check out this juggling catch from him. 32 yards and new orleans in
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41-23. as a can only suffer so many bad breaks or unlucky bounces before you start to lament your fate. and after heartbreaks versus clemson and now f-s- u...even the pack players and coaches have hinted at a curse in place. because for a while on saturday it looked like the pack would finally topple a top-25 team for the first time under dave doeren. jaylen's samuels' 23-yard t-d trot in the third quarter helped n-c state go up 20-10. that was a near shoo-in...until it wasn't. late in the fourth quarter inside the 20...sean boone pretty much cradles deondre francois' pass in a seal the deal moment...but then he drops it. and from there....francois would find the game-winning strike to travis rudolph on the next play. leaving n-c state left deflated under the lights. as for duke...the
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chance to disrupt the coastal division's two-man race between the but their upset bid fell short versus virginia tech. daniel jones meanwhile helped orchestrate duke's second half comeback with 99 rushing yards and two rushing scores and duke will need more of that from him come thursday versus u-n-c.
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victory...could the canes stay in top form in their first set of back to back games of the season? those highlights are coming up next... after a shootout win in nashville on after a shootout win in nashville on washington has made richard burr wealthy. we know that. burr voted himself 5 pay raises and his personal net worth increased 500%. but we're only beginning to learn ttle work burr actually does. richard burr missed nearly 70% of his armed services committee hearings... even skipping one hearing to hold a dc fundraiser with lobbyists. it's why the observer says, "burr shows himself to be a consummate washington insider who routinely puts party before country." senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. senate majority pac is responsible we count on them to show up for us. now buck newton wants to be our top law-enforcement officer,
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more than any senator but one. 10 times, buck newton was penalized for missing tax deadlines. the press says, "an attorney general should show more respect for the rule of law." we need to stop this buck here. narrator: want to go to paris? richard burr took a sixteen thousand dollar christmas trip to paris...paid for by the special interests. just one of richard burr's twenty six special interest trips. madrid... richard loves europe. no wonder richard burr voted against cracking down on special interest trips. richard burr. twenty years in washington ...and europe... serving himself. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you?
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vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. canes returned to their home ice with added momentum against a new jersey squad that was still winless on the
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second period -- travis zajac the feed to mike cam- ah-larry for his first goal of the season. cam-ah-larry scored twice in the second period...and found the hat trick here in the third on the cross move. carolina in a 3-oh hole...but that didn't stop andrej nestrasil from staying aggressive. after seven shots on goal -- off the rebound, this one breaks through. carolina...though.. outmatched in the 4-1 loss. what a finish in the a-c-c women's soccer's ch florida state where we needed penalty kicks to decdie the winner. u-n-c down 3- 2...until hannah gardner with the equalizer!! florida state would take a 4-3 lead. so now the heels just trying to stay in it...but bridgette andrew-jeske's shot goes off the post as u-n-c falls 4-3 in p-k's and the noles grab their fourth straight title. the tar heels field hockey team was looking for its 20th a-c-c title...versus virginia. second
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with a little over eight to go -- lauren moyer with the shot and it's good. so u-n-c down just a goal now...3-2. but this shot here would do it -- virginia's lucy hyams with the point blank finish. tar heels fall 4-2 in the title game as the cavs grab their first a-c-c field hockey title. join us sunday morning on abc-11 beginning at six a-m for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow how does someone in public office make millions? ask our senator richard burr. burr's net worth has gotten five times bigger while he's been... in congress. five times. no wonder burr voted against the ban on insider trading... in congress. see, burr invested heavily in oil and gas stocks. and voted them billions in tax breaks. they do well. burr does better.
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this advertising. i'm roy cooper... and when i grew up on this farm in nash county, i learned you have to work together to get things done. but for too long now, that hasn't been happening in raleigh. as governor, i'll put partisan politics aside... so we can turn around our economy and fix our schools. no more social legislation that divides our state and hurts our reputation. we can build a better north carolina...
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for attorney general... there's buck newton, the "cheerleader" for hb2, legalizing discrimination. or, there's josh stein. "a voice of reason..." who's "uniquely qualified..." stein helped "expand the state's dna database and increase protections for domestic violence victims." praised by law enforcement for his "strong record of making us safer." endorsed by police, teachers and newspapers
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