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eyewitness news... the 'final stretch'. a "battleground state" -- 'blitz' -- for "hillary - clinton" and "donald - trump." the 'candidates' -- making a 'final appearance' in north carolina -- 'before' the 'polls' open. plus...rebuilding from hurricane matthew. the local organization keeping us safe that now needs our help. and -- the 'serial killer case' - in south carolina. the 'horrific' -- 'new discovery' -- on the suspect's property. ....'what' he's revealing -- to investigators. eyewitness n the 20-16 presidential race is now down to just a matter of hours... and the candidates are giving their 'closing arguments.' good evening everyone from the abc-11 election h-q. i'm tisha powell. and i'm steve daniels. '24-hours' from now... we could 'know' -- the 'next' -- president of the united states. the final 'abc
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clinton" with a 'slight edge' - at 47.... ....donald trump at 43. tonight, trump 'touching down' in 'five battlegrounds'.... and clinton trying to 'keep' -- her 'momentum going'. clinton... just 'wrapping up' an appearance in 'philadelphia'. president obama.... first lady 'michelle obama'... and "the boss" -- 'bruce springsteen' -- joining her 'on stage'. she's now 'on her plane' -- 'on her way' to the 'triangle' -- for a 'final' midnight rally -- at 'reynolds coliseum'. "donald - trump" is 'closing out' his 'presideni -- with a rally in 'michigan'. 'trump' holding rallies -- in 'four' key battleground states today - including florida, pennsylvania, new hampshire, and north carolina. 'several thousand' people -- packed 'dorton arena' -- at the 'state fairgrounds' -- in west raleigh. 'trump' took the stage -- just before 'three o'clock' this afternoon... following 'political v-i-p-s" -- like former arkansas governor "mike - huckabee... and governor "pat - mccrory." when 'trump' took the stage.... he used some of his favorite 'slogans'... and 'talking points'. trump also
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trump also called on his supporters -- to "beat a corrupt political system." with less than '24- hours' left... the final pushi the 'n- double a c-p' has been on a 'moral march tour' across the state.... joel brown is live outside the durham public library wth more. joel? polls up here at the main library in durham and across the state at 6:30 a-m... so across the triangle, tonight... both sides using these final hours... to make sure their voters show up at the polls, tomorrow. at union baptist church in durham....
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nats--" call it an election eve revival... - "you need to understand why there's so much battle. it's not because our vote isn't powerful, it's because how powerful the vote is." and for the ones not in the church, tonight... state naacp president william barber told those who did, to take his message to social media. - "take a picture of the crowd." - "and tweet it out to somebody." - "and say, we better vote!" barber hoping his hashtag helps bolster turnout, come morning... he made his final coalition: millenials, african-americans, progressive white voters...describin g it as a force republican lawmakers are afraid of. - "thats when you started hearing all this conversation about fraud. it only started when black people started voting at 69, 70% in north carolina and hooking up with white people and latinos!" meantime, in north raleigh... - "alright how yall doing? --yay! woo!" governor mccrory's last campaign stop in
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- "actually the polls are showing us dead even and i got other polls that show us 2, 3 points ahead." while the governor pumped up gop volunteers, on a break from dialing voters... republicans allies, like the christian conservative group, nc values coalition... just wrapped a major get out the vote campaign-- knocking on over 370,000 doors statewide. - "we feel very confident. it's gonna be a very close election, but the only early voting i think worked to our advantage with independent voters." over 3 million people early voted in north carolina-- that's a record. democrats were down slightly from 20-12... republicans up by 13% but, unaffiliated voters were up 40% that's the wild card! who they voted for, could hold the key to deciding tomorrow. in 'wake county'... a 'record number' of people
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expect another 'big turnout' tomorrow -- on election day. more than "202 polling locations" -- will be 'open tomorrow' in wake county -- beginning at 6:30 am. ....that includes 63 wake county schools. the district will operate on a '2- hour delay' tomorrow -- to 'prevent' -- an 'early morning' traffic rush at those schools. 'lines' are expected to be the 'longest' -- 'early' in the morning.... and then again around 5:p-m.... until the polls 'close' at 7:30. a 'record- breaking' -- 43- percent of 'wake county voters' -- showed-up for "early voting" this year. ....and 'election officials' say -- th tomorrow. we've also learned -- 'election monitors' -- from the 'department of justice' -- will be 'in' wake county tomorrow - to "observe" some precincts and if you see
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before or after you vote.. our abc 11 together election day hotline.. opens at 8 a-m. you can call that number.. '844- 346- 9886'. volunteers from the 'league of women voters' -- will be here to answer all of your questions. i-team troubleshooter diane wilson will also be monitoring calls for any problems. '844-346-9886'.. the hotline open '8 a- m' to '7:30 p-pm' tomorrow. and abc 11 is your headquarters. our entire team will be following the biggest contests tomorrow... from the race to the white house... to the race for governor... and the race for the u-s senate. we'll also be on the lookout for problems at the polls. a 'town' -- 'struggling to recover' -- from "hurricane matthew".... is in a "desperate situation" tonight. 'flooding' devastated the "princeville fire station"... leaving them with 'very few' resources. angelica alvarez joins us from the 'raleigh eyewitness news center' with more.... angelica? they're down trucks... and equipment... and so
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surrounding areas. but as of today... the fire chief tells me they're on their own... so he's making a plea for help to the public. -- "i almost lost my life." the town of princeville...hit hard after hurricane matthew. and chief james powell... of the volunteer fire department... almost drowned during a water rescue. "i was swept under." even after coming to... he went back to work. and these days... they're working out of a tent. water nearly covered the fire house here on mutual boulevard. when it receded...evet supplies... are now debris on the curb. they lost three fire trucks while working through flood waters...and they could lose the two they have if they don't find a garage before the temperature drops. "because the trucks will freeze, pipes will bust." they can't even use their gear. "you can see the mold growth." inside... are still soaked file cabinets... and documents drying out. 16 years worth of records....since the last flood. "our training records our financial records our personnel records." on top of this... his firefighters are also dealing with losing everything at home as well.
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from the government could take months....maybe a year. so he started a gofundme page .... vowing to rebuild for his crew... and the community. "i'm still here so at this point i'm not going to fail them." we have a link to that go fund me page on abc11 dot com. meantime... i reached out to the mayor of princeville for comment. been able to reach him. i did hear back from fema. they tell me their program to help first responders is just getting started...and say several briefings for local officials are underway we're just 'getting started' tonight on eyewitness news - ....a 'wild'... 'bloody brawl' -- near a wake county school. ....'what' a '9-1-1 call' -- is 'revealing' about the chaos. plus... "serial killer case".
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'confessing' to police. the 'major discovery' -- 'just' made by investigators. and... "snake on a plane". the 'slithering'.... 'dangling' -- "mid- air scare" -- is the "must-see video" of the night. but first... a live look outside of
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wheels up from philadelphia...and on her way to raleigh. she's scheduled to appear at a midnight rally at n-c state. elaina athans at reynolds coliseum... grand finale for hillary clinton. she was in michigan and pennsylvania earlier. now ...closing out the campaign here
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clinton is bringing in some big name surrogates -- including celebrities lady gaga and jon bon jovi will be offering their support. former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea ....who have been stumping in other cities today.....will converge on nc state's campus. clinton is trying to dumm up millennial support and mobilize young voters tonight. ...supporters have been camping out for hours. some folks showing up 1 many waiting are students. clinton will be greeted by a crowd of about six thousand greeted by a crowd of about six thousand people we're told she focus on the economy she is set to take
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around 11:45 live in raleigh ea abc11 ewn developing right now - a jury awards '3- million dollars' to a university of virginia dean -- who they concluded was 'defamed' by rolling stone magazine. "nicole - eramo" claimed the 2014 article -- "a rape on campus" -- portrayed her as the 'villain'... who sought only to protect the school. the now- discredited article -- was about a 'gang fraternity house. eramo had sued for $7-point-5 million. the 'f-b-i' and 'homeland security' -- 'joining' the investigation -- of 'multiple murders' in south carolina... after a 'bombshell confession'. and today... investiagtors discovering a 'third' body... on the 'property' of a "suspected serial killer". police say -- "todd - kohlhepp" -- is accused of 'kidnapping' a 'young woman'.... and he's 'now' admitted to 'multiple murders'... including a 13- year-old "unsolved crime". the 'former realtor' is linked to as many as 'seven murders'. he has 'not' entered a 'plea' --
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updates on this story tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. a 'wild - brawl' outside a raleigh convenience store -- leads to a 'lockdown' at a near-by by high school. it happened this morning at the peace street in market in raleigh... just blocks away from broughton high school. but the manager of the convenience store says he doesn't believe shots were fired. he says the sound of the 'breaking glass' likely made someone think they heard a shot. our scene reported that the victim was bleeding badly -- as he was rushed to the hospital. police say his injuries are not life threatening. 'no' charges -- are 'expected' to be filed... in a 'violent argument' -- that 'ended' -- with a 'deadly' -- weekend 'shooting' in 'garner'. police tell us -- a neighbor... 'shot' and 'killed' -- 32- year-old "randolph - davidson" --as he was 'brutally attacking' -- "kellie - harris." officers say -- "kyle - jenson"... is the 'only reason' -- harris is still alive. family members say -- harris 'remains' in the hospital... recovering from
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they say -- they're looking forward -- to 'one day' meeting jenson... and 'thanking him' -- for 'saving' her life. a 'sight' -- "no parent" wants to see -- outside a 'daycare center'. firefighters and 'rescue workers' -- in 'fort lauderdale' -- responding -- after at least '20 pre-schoolers' -- became 'very sick' at school. the children from "ave marie friends" school -- shared 'gurneys' this afternoon -- as paramedics 'loaded' them - into ambulances. the "cause" of the illness -- is 'not' known... but a teacher say 'thinks' -- the kids 'ate' -- 'bad' turkey sandwiches. a single mother of six in california could go to jail for selling homemade ceviche facebook group. prosecutors say "mariza - ruelas" did not have the proper business permits required of restaurants that protect people from eating food prepared in unsanitary kitchens. ruelas was cited with two misdemeanors. ceviche is a popular latin american dish often made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices and served cold. now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we begin with 'passengers' -- on an 'aeromexcio flight' -- 'living out' -- a
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slithered along -- and then dangled from the cabin ceiling during a flight to mexico city last night. a video shows the 'greenish snake' emerging from the ceiling behind an overhead luggage compartment -- and then partially dropping down into the cabin. aeromexico says the plane was given priority landing, where workers "secured the reptile." a 'keeper' -- at the "kangaroo sanctuary" -- in australia -- was happy to take on the role of "mom" -- to a "young joey". follows "chris - barns" everywhere -- since she was orphaned and adopted. barns says -- it's important for "baby kangaroos" -- like 'poppy' -- to follow a 'mom' -- closely -- so they 'feel safe'. and 'authorities' in australia -- are 'urging' anyone -- who finds a "koala"... 'not' to attempt to 'handle it'. police in 'brisbane'.... discovered the unusual contraband... when a 'woman' they were 'arresting'... handed over a green canvas bag -- with a 'baby koala' in it.
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'taking care' of it. authorities say -- this 'little one' is about six months old. it was 'dehydrated' -- but in overall 'good health'. like many americans.. 'ella'.. the election cat.. is an undecided americans.. 'ella'.. the election cat.. is an undecided voter. when given the option of eating food from a dish marked 'hillary - clinton'.. or a dish marked 'donald - trump'... ella gives her two choices some thought.. and politely turns her and walks away. many like many voters this election cycle.. she just needs
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high pressure that has brought dry and settled weather to central north carolina the past few days will start to move eastward tonight and tomorrow. this will cause the lower-level wind flow to turn from out of the southeast to more out of the southwest later tonight and during the day tomorrow. this southwest bring slightly warmer afternoon temperatures tomorrow and an increase in shallow moisture. a cold front extending from the far western great lakes southwest into western texas will move east and reach the appalachians later tomorrow and sweep through central north carolina late tomorrow or night or early wednesday. there should be enough increase in moisture to bring more clouds tomorrow night and even a few hit and miss showers. in the wake of wednesday
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level winds will turn more out of the northwest. this flow of air will help usher in drier, very stable and slightly cooler air. high pressure building in the northern and central rockies will move east and build in over the carolinas thursday and thursday night. this high will move east and south out of the carolinas on friday causing the lower level wind flow to turn more out of the south. this will help usher in a warmer flow of air ahead of yet another cold front. another cold front d through the great lakes thursday night and friday will reach central north carolina late friday or friday evening. as stated above ahead of this front warmer temperatures are expected on friday. but once this front moves through a much cooler air mass will follow and readings saturday and sunday of this coming weekend will be 8-12 degrees lower compared to friday. the front coming through late friday will be moving into a relatively dry air mass. as a result
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pressure area building into the lower great lakes friday night and saturday will move eastward and should be right over the carolinas saturday night and sunday. this could help bring a very cold night saturday night. many places could experience a frost or freeze by sunday morning. still to come tonight - a sweet incentive to vote. what you need to do to earn a free doughnut tomorrow from 'people who admire' -- the 'reverend' billy graham -- are celebrating his
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still to come tonight - a sweet incentive to vote. what you need to do to earn a free doughnut tomorrow from "krispykreme." 'people who
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cooper: when we lost the nba all-star game... the ncaas... and the acc championships... but this election for governor is not just about one bad law. it's about them. i'm roy cooper. and this election is about finally stopping the loss of our teachers, lowering taxes on families and growing our economy.
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admire' -- the 'reverend' billy graham -- are celebrating his
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'party' -- at his library. there isn't much space left on this happy birthday banner inside the billy graham library. it's one of several banners, filled with 'best - wishes' that will be sent to the library executive director says the retired - evangelist is in good spirits. three years ago -- more than 800 people, including "donald - and - melania trump" -- helped billy graham celebrate his 95th birthday at the ministry's facility in asheville. the new york cemetery where women's suffragist leader "susa will extend its hours on election day. the mayor of rochester says visiting anthony's gravesite at "mount hope cemetery" has become an election day "rite of passage for many citizens." she says with "hillary - clinton" as the first woman nominated by a major political party to run for president it's appropriate to keep the cemetery open. if you're 'feeling hungry' -- after exercising "your right to vote".... you're in luck! "krispy - kreme"... is 'giving away' -- 'free doughnuts' tomorrow. 'all' you have to do -- is wear your
10:26 pm can 'choose' -- 'any' donut in the case! coming up next in sports... the victory bell gets a makeover ahead of thursdays duke- carolina showdown in durham.... spoiler - it's dreadful... plus some school hisor and dennis smith had the bunnies working tonight vs barton... state fans have reason to be excited for hoops your scores... a congressional district known as "the octopus", another called "the snake", and 28 state legislative districts all drawn by politicians in raleigh to segregate african-american voters,
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the clear choice for state supreme court? judge mike morgan. he's endorsed by president obama. mike morgan: north carolina needs a judge who's fair. vo: we've all seen donald trump's attacks on women, and so has senator richard burr. but it doesn't seem to bother him. richard burr: there's not a separation between me and donald trump. vo: he's right. just look at burr's record. he voted to
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and, could even ban common forms of birth control. donald trump and richard burr - a dangerous combination for north carolina women. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. linda coleman: i'm linda coleman, and hb2 is a disaster. hb2 has cost us thousands of jobs. i know from my experience in
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we have to recruit businesses based on our state's reputation. right now, north carolina is showing how not to create jobs. as lieutenant governor, i'll work with roy cooper to get rid of hb2 and create good jobs, not chase them away. has reason to smile this season... if these two he's got some electricity up and down his lineup... pack hosting barton college tonight... gott growing out that movember beard in solidarity with chris combs' and his als fight.... right to it... torin dorn to maverick rowan for 3 they were up 36 at halftime... 2nd - dorn to dennis smith jr... he stripes it from behind the line... dennis was just warming up... off a pack miss.. barton trying to outlet
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with 2 hands... then the easy strip and tomahawk he was passing too... the oop attempt to malik abu... first attempt didn't go but malik was persistent and powerful then it's abu kickstarting the break.. to torin dorn...clever stuff... the pack once again impresses... the victory bell has been part of unc-duke football rivalry since before the formation of the acc... the tradition has always been simple - you win the game - you paint the bell in your school color... i don't know who to blame for this horrendous redesign, but this is the new look, apparently agreed upon by both bubba cunningham at unc and kevin white at duke... it's objectively terrible and everyone hates it from fans to abc11 sportscasters to former players to
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was a shock to me. i was actually walking by while they were doing it. a shock. i don't know if it's for the thursday night coverage or whatnot but we gotta change the color back on thursday after the game. i've never seen it before, i don't know why they're starting it this year but yeah we've definitely got to get that back the right color." in brighter news - congrats to jerry mack and nccu - who cracked the first time in school history this week... the eagles are in at #25 after swamping delaware state 38-19 on saturday... they host lowly howard next and then the biggest game in ages, the aggie-eagle classic for a spot in the celebration bowl in atlanta join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest
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again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on
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vo: we've all seen donald trump's attacks on women, and so has senator richard burr. but it doesn't seem to bother him. richard burr: there's not a separation between me and donald trump. vo: he's right. just look at burr's record. he voted to defund planned parenthood; co-sponsored legislation that would outlaw abortion - with no exceptions; and, could even ban common forms of birth control. donald trump and richard burr - a dangerous combination
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>> today on "tmz" -- harveynas has struck: joe jo again. it looks like hooked up with a "game of thrones" star. >> joe jonas and sophie turner. they're pretty close. >> joe jonas has gotten really hot women. >> you think kevin is jealous of his brother? >> yes. >> you don't believe there's one happily married man. >> there's not a happily married and kevin is one of those guys. >> that is a true statement. >> mariah carey and james packer had the craziest prenup you have ever seen. one of the portions said no item of jewelry will be deemed a gift unless accompanied by a writing stating this is my gift to you. harvey: like mariah carey's not going to say honey, the note! >> you lay in ed and you're like, thank you for the earrings, but before -- harvey: write the note. here's the pen. >> justin bieber in toronto at


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