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wildfires raging in the north carolina mountains. the latest on the struggle to contain them. plus--the race for governor takes a new turn. why the election is still far from over. and a dramatic coast guard rescue off the north carolina coast. eyewitness news at ten starts right now. we're following several new and breaking stories, tonight.--including the struggle to contain wildfires in the north carolina mountains. good evening i'm heather waliga. and i'm dejuan hoggard. we start with new details in the race for governor. roy cooper calling the state g-o-p's request for a recount in durham a desperate attempt. cooper leads governor mccory by five thousand votes statewide. but the race is far from over. tim pulliam in the raleigh eyewitness news center to break it all down for us. the race for
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campaign filed this complaint -- demanding a recount of thousands of votes in durham county. they believe the votes were corrupted. so tonight we called the board of elections chair to find out what is going on? sot william brian phoner 173245 "is their malfeasance taking place here? i will tell you the same thing i have told everybody else. i have seen no evidence of malfeasance of any kind." but pat mccrory's campaign sure thinks so.. filing a protest to over the weekend saying this: "approximately 90,000 ballots from at least 6 locations in durham county appeared to have been tabulated from corrupted memory cards. these memory cards, which hold the results from each machine at each location, could not be properly read by election systems and the machines experienced a critical error." but william brian chair of the durham county board of elections says the votes in question were also tabulated on tapes, which were manually
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both democrat and republican, and even brian himself watched. sot william brian phoner 173746 we spot checked each of the six tapes against the report that was run of the data that had just been taped in and the spot check was of the presidential race and gubernatorial race and those all six came out correct. so if the tapes were correct. i believe that it is highly likely that the results are correct. mccrory's campaign also says it is als reports of voter fraud and people being turned away at polls. the controversy is the cause of a special hearing wednesday for mccrory's camp to address concerns to brian and his board. sot 173404 at that time if someone brings forth any evidence that somebody did something wrong then we will act accordingly. the cooper campaign is basically calling mccrory a sore loser. saying this.. "any claims of 'malfeasance' are nothing more than a desperate attempt by the mccrory campaign to overturn results of an election they have
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question is locked away in a vault. brian says if mccrory's team presents evidence to suggest a recountthat could take place on friday, which is the same day when canvassing takes place. the special meeting wednesday is open to the public. new tonight-- the trump administration is beginning to take shape--with some key appointments. today, president elect donald trump selected r-n-c chairman reince priebus to be h chief of staff. trump praised priebus during his victory speech wednesday morning. priebus also received praise by the g-o-p for republican wins in the traditionally- democratic strongholds of wisconsin and pennsylvania. trump also named former breitbart c-e-o steve bannon as chief strategist. president-elect donald trump also giving some hints tonight about some of his key policy proposals. trump saying in an interview he's willing to deport up to three million people in the country illegally
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trump also giving insight into his proposed "border wall". here's what he said in an interview with 60 minutes. trump also says he's willing to keep a few provisions in the affordable care act. this comes as thousands of people protest trump in cities across the nation. people took to the streets of new york for a fifth straight dy him. the protests also continuing tonight. people taking to the streetsto protest the election of donald trump. this is a live look at san francisco. as you can see people are marching in the streets to show their frustration. protests over trump's election also hitting the triangle. about three hundred people rallied today at the durham farmer's market. many voicing concern about potential policies in a trump administration. organizers say it's
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mandatory evacuations in place as crews battle massive wildfires in the north carolina mountains. the party rock has now grown to over three- thousand acres and reached the town of chimney rock this morning. people living in the area are under mandatory evacuation orders as that fire is just 15-percent contained. firefighters are now working to protect homes and businesses. meanwhile the tellico fire... the largest fire in the state is about 33- percent contained. that blaze covers parts of macon counties. but there is some hope. firefighters say the weather appears to be on their side. more than one thousand firefighters including many from our area... are in the mountains battling those flames. investigators beleive they may have been set
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and angelica alvarez will head to the mountains to cover the wildfires tomorrow. she will bring you live reports from lake lure--starting on eyewitness news at 4. you can also read much more about the fires right now on abc-11 dot-com. new tonight-- a massive fire kills 12-thousand chickens in yadkin county. every crew in the county responded to the farm in hamptonville around 2 this afternoon. the chicken coop was a total loss. no reports of any injuries. authorities are investigating the
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crashed car---a day after it went off the road. she made the discovery today on u-s 70 near t-w alexander drive. a trooper believes the driver went off the road yesterday and spent the night in the car. medics took the man to the hospital--where he is repotedly doing
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man---is dead after crashing on the same road this morning--where he was involved in a deadly accident earlier this year. the aberdeen times reports--it happened around nine this morning on linden road--when james clark slammed into a tree. clark was flown to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. charges were pending against the 68-year-old--in connection with a deadly crash in march that killed frank lahr. three people rushed to the hospital after a shooting in raleigh. it hp noon at the woodland court apartments on shire lane. police say the injuries are not life-threatening. officers have not said what led to the shooting or if any suspects are in custody. also tonight--- morrisville police are investigating a shooting that sent a man to the hospital. it happened shortly after midnight at a townhome on sutter gate lane. medics took the man to the hospital where he underwent surgery. no word on his condition tonight. police say it's an active investigation. new video out
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off the north carolina coast. a coast guard helicopter crew pulled three people--from this ship--after the boat capsized yesterday morning off carolina beach. two other people decided to swim to shore. a rescue crew eventually pulled them to safety to. the entire search and rescue operation lasted for about five hours. everyone is expected to be ok. a devastating earthquake rocks new zealand to its core. next on eyewitness news--the powerful images coming i- begins its recovery. plus... a massive feast on fayetteville street. the good cause that brought over a thousand people out for a sunday supper. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news
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tonight---after a powerful earthquake--strik es the island. the magnitude 7- point-8 quake struck this morning... triggering tsunami warnings and sending people running into the streets. at least two people are reported dead. the earthquake strong enough to crack roads and damage buildings. items were also knocked off store shelves... and in one case water spilled out of an in-ground pool. witnesses described the scary situation. country rocked by a violent earthquake that left 185 people dead. new zealand sits on an area of seismic faults in the pacific ocean known as the "ring of fire". new tonight-- an emotional tribute to the people killed in the pulse nightclub attack in orlando. 150-thousand people marched in a parade today to
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anniversary of the shooting. the parade paying tribute to the first responders, employees and the victims. the day ended with a moment of silence along with a reading of the names of the 49 lives lost. tributes took place across paris today to mark the one year anniversary of the terror attacks that killed 130 people. dozens of balloons were released to honor the victims. france's president attended a somber ceremony outside city hall. plaques were unveiled and wreaths were laid at each of isis terrorists. the bataclan concert hall re- opened saturday with a special performance by sting. new this hour-- a man suspected of shooting a california sheriff's deputy is behind bars. stanislaus county deputy dennis wallace was shot twice in the head as he was checking out a report of a suspicious van. police say the suspect david machado fled and later carjacked a kia in a nearby city. deputies captured machado after they say he tried to steal a woman's purse during an armed robbery.
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die in california in the past five weeks. staying in california---a charter bus carrying a san diego college basketball team goes up in flames. san diego christian college's bus was hit by a car and caught fire early this morning in chino hills. a volkswagen jetta could be seen wedged a new york mall reopens one day after reported shoppers fleeing for the exits. it happened at the crossgates mall outside albany. authorities say witnesses heard possibly two gun shots yesterday afternoon. hundreds of people fled the scene. employees stayed inside as police searched the mall. no one was hurt--and so far ther have been no arrests. tonight-- the music world---is mourning the loss of rock and roll hall of famer "leon russell". russell died last night in nashville at the age of 74. he was still recovering from a heart bypass
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established himself as a keyboardist in the 1960's---playing back up for joe cocker, bob dylan and the beach boys. billboard magazine listed him as the top concert attraction in the world in 1973. russell would go on to be inducted into the songwriters hall of fame in 2011. fayetteville street in downtown raleigh--transfor med into a massive feast this afternoon. it was all for the "sunday supper". a fundraiser hurricane matthew. gloria rodriguez takes us to the festivities. 00-:05 :19-:24 :47-:52 1:14-1:19 1:25-1:30 1:35-1:40 take pkg gloria rodriguez/raleigh christian washington/atten ded sunday supper nancy mcfarlane/mayor, raleigh mayor bj murphy/mayor, kinston linwood parker/mayor, four oaks gloriarodriguez/ralgandu:206-15 wonderful cause. but they also have a really neat setup. there are 126 of these tables ey've put g natsthe bs on fayetteville reet..rching from rtin street to e catal.christian washington/atten ded sunday supper 12:54:39: i think it looks cool
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they don't have as much as you do. nats: music everything.. from the music.. to the decorations.. to the food was donated. small businesses the food was donated. small businesses in raleigh and volunteers putting on "the sunday supper: fight the floods with a fork.." proceeds of the $20 meal will benefit hurricane matthew victims through the north carolina disaster relief fund. nancy mcfarlane/mayor, raleigh 12:33:50: i think it's healing for us as a city when we are very divided about so many things right now. 12:33:59: it's a just all to come together as one. and they truly came together.. holding hands and praying for those affected by the deadly hurricane. nats: praying mayors of towns and cities hit hard at the event.. say recovery will take a long time. mayor bj murphy/mayor, city of kinston 12:42:02: there is tremendous need still in our community. we've got seven hotels in kinston, four of which still haven't even opened. one may ever be able to open because of the devastation. linwood
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people that lost their lives lost their businesses lost their homes so we want to remember all those folks and then we want to say thank you to the people that put this on. standup 13:06:49-13:07:05: they sold out these seats in four days. you can still donate. go to our website abc11 . com for all the details. look under the abc11 together tab. in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc11 eyewitness news.
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away. the team squanders a second half lead to lose the game. we'll break down the action. plus...hear from quarterback cam newton about the tough loss.
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maverick rowan was scratched from today's matinee against st. francis. rowan is dealing with a possible suffered friday night in that narrow win over georgia southern. trin dorn and ted kapita put on a two-man clinic. 1st half...dorn the steal and the one man break. he finished wth the slam. dorn had three steals on the day -- here's another in the second half...he loves the euro step in the lane. he paced the pack with 21 points but the surprise came from kapita in his debut since being cleared by the ncaa...great finish under the rim. he really pumped
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in this one. later -- kapita...strong move..bucket and one. 17 points and 8 boards for him in the pack's 86 to 61 win tar heels hosting ut chattanooga at the smith center berry finding the cutting isaiah hicks who sticks the landing -- finally a tiny bit of breathing room. freshman tony bradley -- the and one -- five point game after the free throw. justin jackson
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again. part of a 16-3 run - kennedy meeks had 14 points and 12 rebounds. -- unc wins by 40 -- heels improve to 2-and- oh penultimate race of the season in turns in phoenix - we would have overtime -- aka -- a green white checkered finish - last two laps -- and we've got a caution -- mcdowell hits the wall -- and a matt kenseth trying to hold onto the lead on a restart and clinch a spot in next weeks championship --- but the 88 of alex bowman clips the 20 -- and kenseth goes into the wall. his chances of winning done. final lap - joey logano out front and would get the win to punch his ticket to the final four next week at homestead - kyle
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rounds out the group of title
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comfy second half lead but refused to put kansas city away. instead the chiefs steal one at the bank and lock
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aspirations in a vault -- at least for now. the panthers start off with an efficient and dominating offensive game plan -- cam newton -- to devin funchess -- carolina out to a seventeen nothing lead. but the offense goes into a shell -- and newton gives one back. -- facing the blitz and forces one to greg olsen -- instead finds eric berry -- and berry --- will find the endzone terrible throw -- terrible attempt at tackling -- -- kansas city scores fourteen and suddenly it's a tie game with less than five minutes remaining. under a minute to go -- panthers trying to get into field goal range instead -- kelvin benjaimin has the ball ripped away by marcus peters. a few plays later -- cairo santos sends in the dagger -- the panthers crumble 20-17 washington got
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the foot of dustin booted four field goals. the rest of the missesota demise belonged to sam bradford who had a dismal 4th quarter ...trailing 23-20... bradford drops back and his pass to thielen is intercepted by preston smith! would lead to a redskins field goal... last chance for the vikings...trailing 26-20...4th and 17... bradford drops back and is sacked by smith! the redskins win 26-20 crazy ending in new orleans -- saints trailing by six -- drew brees
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saints can take the lead with the point after -- but watch this -- just as will lutz attempts the kick -- it's blocked - justin simmons jumps over the offensive line and blocks the kick!!!! will parks picks up the ball and runs it all the way for two points in the denver column. the play goes under review as to whether parks stepped out...take another look... as parks was running down the sideline... it appears he might have stepped out and the saints are pointing to him...
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