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y25esy yi0y eyewitness news... protesting -- for the man they call "scooter bug". 'demonstrators' -- make a 'list of demands' -- after a 'fatal' -- 'police involved shooting'. president elect trump-- has a message of unity this thanksgiving. how abraham lincoln is playing a large role in his quest to what he calls-- rebuilding the country. and "thanksgiving compassion". how a 'community' -- is coming together -- when so many families -- recovering from 'hur most. eyewitness news starts right now. 'demonstrations' -- 'frustration' -- and 'allegations' -- against 'police officers' -- all part of an 'emotionally charged' evening in 'durham'. good evening - i'm steve daniels. and i'm tisha powell. these protests-- are a direct response to the officer involved shooting that left 34-year old frank clark dead.
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bug-- and they call both his death-- and what they label harassment of people living in the mcdougald terrace neighborhood-- unnecessary. angelica alvarez-- is live in durham-- where the tension is just starting to ease tonight. tonight's march and protest remained peaceful... the family handed over this statement... and what they call a list of demands... on the list is firing all three officers and prosecuting all three officers involved. nats of sister on mega phone 16 peace!" that's francine ray on the megaphone... leading the chant for this angry group on the steps of durham police headquarters. she helped lead the march... ....from where her brother... 34 year old frank clark... died yesterday. francine ray clark's sister 17:12:10 "my brother was actually stopped, harassed by police and then gunned down." that's her account during her exclusive interview with eyewitness news. police say different. they've maintained three uniformed officers were patrolling the area near
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housing... because of an increase in crime. they say when they stopped to talk to clark... there was a struggle... he reached for his waistband...and a gun was fired. police returned fire... and clark was dead. people in the neighborhood argue there was no gun. police say they found one near clark's body. still... the family is fighting.. they want a private autopsy. ray 17:13:40 "he left behind two kids, two little girls. also we want their college and their activity also to paid for by the city." observer has reported two of the three officers have been in trouble in the past for excessive force. clark... also has a past... a criminal record stretching back to 1999... for charges dealing with violence... drugs... and guns. no matter his history... this crowd... ...and clark's family... say his life didn't have to end this way. ray 17:17:34 "i want people to
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"we're not going to let this go." one of the officers did suffer a leg injury during that struggle they say happened before any guns were fired. also... i spoke with mayor bill bell today... he echoed what the police chief said yesterday... that this will be a thorough and transparent investigation. a 'mistreatment allegation' -- has a charlotte area microscope' tonight. the 'council of american-islamic relations' -- claims a teacher mistreated a '5- year old' student -- because he's muslim. the alleged incident happened last wednesday. the group says the kindergarten teacher grabbed the student by the neck at one point. there are also claims the teacher called the student a "bad muslim boy" multiple times. a school district spokeswoman says the district is investigating and taking the allegations seriously. in the 'battle' for the "governor's mansion" -- republicans and democrats -- continue taking
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another day of 'demonstrations' -- as the 'race' between 'governor mccrory' -- and attorney general 'roy cooper' -- remains "up in the air". '15 days' after the 'election' -- 78 of north carolina's 100 counties -- 'certified' election results. 22 others are 'still' delayed. governor mccrory -- has 'requested' a 'statewide recount'. ...and today -- the "n-a-a-c-p" -- 'criticized' the 'governor's position'. republican leaders say -- it's all about "due diligence". the "state
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that'll very likely be 'delayed' -- until december. president elect trump named two prominent republican women to cabinet posts. south carolina governor 'nikki - haley' was recruited as 'ambassador to the united nations'. 'betsy - devos' -- will serve as 'education secretary' in the trump administration. the michigan woman is a prominent republican philanthropist and educational activist. specifically she is an advocate of charter schools. trump is also nearing an announcement that 'ben - carson' -- the retired neurosurgeon and former presidential be 'secretary of housing and urban development'. president-elect trump -- also "wishing all of america" -- 'well' -- as we head into the 'thanksgiving holiday'. and... he's calling for 'unity-- in this 'new' message . trump 'adds' -- he wants to bring
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'prosperity' to america's communities-- including the "inner cities". '49- million americans' -- whether it be plane -- train-- or automobiles -- are in the process or currently trav holiday. nearly 'one- point- four- million' of those travelers -- are from north carolina. low gas prices are fueling the busiest tranksgiving travel week since 2007. joel brown has been monitoring all of the movement throughout the evening-- and joins us now in breaking news one traveling interstate 40 in wake county. --ad lib-- we found a lot of
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take a look at the arrival boards at rdu-- for the biggest reason, thanksgiving travelers were giving thanks. no major delays. vickie henderson made it on time with her toddler... - " how old is he? he's 2, two! - "his name is blake!" they traveled the handful of states under a winter weather advisory, tonight. - "we did leave about an earlier than normal but it was fine! the airport was running great, tsa got us through really quick. it was good!" we met martin kendrick at baggage claim... the sanford native home for thanksgiving from his sophomore year at morehouse college in atlanta... meaning he spent this notorious travel day hoping for the best at the busiest aiprort in the world. - "i was actually able to get pre- checked, so i didn't have to stand in line that long so you had a good
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martin's mom alice drove from sanford to pick him up... - "i was concerned about driving here because it was bumber to bumper traffic. it's tough out there, the roads are really bad. really bad." and there wasn't much relief once cars pulled into rdu... one economy parking lot 'full' and 'closed'... the central parkign lot nearing capacity. but back inside terminal 2, dion odom, the young midshipmen in his naval dress uniform was all smiles. - "direct flight at 6:00, we actually got back 20 minutes early." a good start to dion's thanksgiving leave from academy in annapolis. - "i mean being away at the academy it's pretty stressful. and coming to see family, just for tyhese few days is monumentous, it's worth it. and a good travel experience makes it even better? ye sir, yes sir." --ad lib-- one more note about parking over at the airport... we told you economy 3 is full... still spots in economy 4. the central lot is
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plenty of space in the premier lot. it's the most expensive, $18 a day... but it's wide open if you need it. "governor mccrory" -- delivering a 'message'.... as we 'prepare' to thanksgiving'. he's encouraging 'all of us' -- to donate to the "hurricane matthew" recovery effort. mccrory says -- unfortunately... there are many families -- 'unable' -- to return home for thanksgiving -- because of the storm's aftermath. he says -- the goal of the "disaster relief fund" -- is to help people get into "temporary housing". it's "mission accomplished" -- for a group of 'volunteers' -- in flood ravaged -- robeson county. hurricane victims in lumberton -- will have a full meal to enjoy this thanksgiving -- thanks to the kindess of others. operation turkey is underway tonight-- and greg barnes is live with
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they are cooking a thanksgiving meal here to feed the homeless and less fortunate tomorrow..and that includes all our friends and loved ones left "homeless" by hurricane matthew..voluntee rs say "anyone" who needs a hot invited to this feast! ...all they have to do is ask. for roland rochester, cooking over 200 turkey is a labor of love and thanks. #4490 roland rochester volunteer "operation turkey" 05:53:00:10 rus=:08 "i have been here since monday nght,
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my two brothers. tomorrow volunteers plan to hand out more than 4000 turkey dinners with all the trimmings. #4491 willie rochester volunteer. :05:54:25:07 runs=:07 " we got turkey, stuffing mashed. potatoes corn green beans, pies cranberry sauce a good old thanksgiving its called "operation turkey". fayetteville is one of 10 cities and 11 states across the country feeding the homeless and volunteers say its a huge challenge, especially this year. #4544 :06:45:32:03 venassia gunter "operation turkey" runs=:45 "with hurricane matthew it increased the need to have a meal. we have alot of people in lumberton that lost a lot of what they had ,so here in fayetetville we will do 3000 plates, and in lumberton we will do 1000 plates." tonight the rush is on as volunteers pealed and chopped more than 1000 pounds of potatoes, opened dozens of
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small cups with cranberry sauce. they will hand out plates at 4 locations around downtown fayetteville. they will also deliver to shut-ins, anyone they say that needs a meal, despite the long hours the volunteers have put in to making this feast, they wouldn't spend thanksgiving doing, anything else. #4491 05:54:46:08 runs=:04 ".. i am just thankful..i'm just thankful for the opportunity.." #4544 06:48:45:19 venassia gunter "operation turkey" "that's what god wants us to do help each other support each other everybody. for each of us, and i feel like helping people is ,my purpose." the fayetteville feeding sites include "spivey
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mission's 'annual' -- "thanksgiving community event". a 'battalion' of volunteers -- joining forces-- 'helping' their community. right now-- the aroma of '75 turkeys' is filling the air.... at the rescue mission's "center of hope" -- off 'east main street'. tomorrow-- they'll serve a thanksgiving meal... and hand- out 'clothing' -- groceries-- and games and prizes. it all begins -- at noon. there are new developments
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those details are straight ahead. breaking the trend. there's been a surge in a particular type of crime in raleigh this year. the important message from police-- as you prepare for black friday shopping. and purrfect team work. how this feline helped make this canine's day. it's part of our must see video of the night. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news
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? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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the chattanooga school bus crash. a sixth child died tonight -- '2- days' after the crash. meanwhile -- police say tests show no trace of drugs or alcohol in 'johnthany - walker's' system. walker is the bus driver charged with five counts of vehicular homicide. police say he was driving well over the posted '30- mile an hour' speed limit when he lost control of the bus. right now -- investigators are interviewing eyewitnesses and video of the crash. -- has raleigh police -- asking for 'your help' tonight. butt with so far this year -- in raleigh alone... there've been more than a 'thousand' car break-ins. besides making 'sure' your doors are locked -- raleigh police say - do 'not' leave things -- in 'plain sight'. in a 'matter of hours'.... thousands of people -- will line the streets -- in "new york city" -- for the 'famous' --
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workers spent today -- 'inflating' those massive balloons... right outside the "american museum of natural history"... about 300- thousand 'cubic square feet' of helium -- is 'used' to inflate them. this'll be the '90th year' of the parade. if you're watching the parade-- keep your eye out for these guys... the cary high school band. they'll be marching tomorrow. they've spent the last 18 months practicing hundreds of hours for the two- and- a- half mile march. not only will they perform in the parade--the band is also getting a chance to play right in the hear now to the 'big board' -- and the 'must-see video of the night'. ....we begin with a 'wanted fugitive' -- ambushing a 'police officer' -- in washington state. the officers dash cam was rolling as he cautiously approached the trunk. that's when the suspect hiding in the trunk jumped out. that suspect had outstanding warrants for failing to appear. it appears the officer wrestled away a gun from
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the suspect is facing additional charges. the driver -- the suspect's mom -- was arrested for obstructing justice. and here's your awwwww moment of the night. bella the great dane -- getting a massage. and you're not seeing things -- that's jack the cat giving bella a little feline shiatsu. bella seems to be enjoying her 'me' time... weakening front
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some moisture into the western part of north carolina late. this front will bring central north carolina spotty showers late tonight through thanksgiving morning. on thanksgiving afternoon the front falls apart and clouds break for some sunshine. this will jump readings well into the 60s in the triangle and points north; readings will soar near 70 over southern north carolina. a big storm system swinging through the northwestern u.s. will move quickly to the east an quick-moving cold front into the appalachians by late on friday. ahead of this front, friday will be another unseasonably warm day and most places will have daytime highs topping out in the upper 60s to the lower 70s. the cold front will move through on friday evening with just some clouds. high pressure building in from the west will help bring cooler and dry weather for saturday and sunday, with temps back to the upper 50s for the weekend. the next chance for rain
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salute-- for the president and his family. the first family -- serves their final thanksgiving dinner to salute the troops.
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rolling up their sleeves to serve thanksgiving dinner... they served food to retired veterans at the armed forces retirement home in washington. the president served turkey and gravy and talked with veterans as they moved through the line. the first lady and their daughters
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coming up next in sports... there was electricity at cameron tonight as three guys we're used to seeing in suits suddenly had on uniforms... plus north carolina takes aim at yet another maui title... good things have happened when they win in hawaii but first - congrats to carolina volleyball... they took out duke today at carmichael, locking up their 13th acc title with
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sudden wave of serious anticipation at cameron tonight as the blue devils took the court for warmups ahead of their game with william and mary... not just the guys we've seen this year were in uniform, but also harry giles, jayson tatum and marques bolden... turned out to be a false alarm... the three dressed, but as yet - none of them are ready to return... though giles is supposedly closest to the court... grayson allen distribution to luke kennard... that'll count later allen decides to keep.. jab step is fundamental shoot lasers is talent.. he had 17 frank jackson and kennard running a con here...jackson keeps and eventually scores then they do it again.. this time jackson showtimes it that's moneymaking stuff right there.. frank had a team high 19 and since it may never happen again - how about an antonio vrankovic highlight my man tony vranks gets the tip-in to beat halftime buzzer duke up 16 at half 2nd - grayson w/ the thievery....then
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15 pts and 10 boards duke wins 87-66 i showed you wendell carter's announcement video at 6pm... so i figured i'd show you some actual video of him playing tonight.. the atlanta area big man said today that he's headed to duke next year, joining his buddy gary trent jr, an earlier commit... says the 6'10 240 lb carter is the 4th best player in the country in his class... the last two times the tar heels won the maui invitational, in 2004 and 2008, they went on to win the national title the following spring so no pressure tonight vs wisconsin... kennedy meeks
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tony bradley low left block joel berry.. join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you
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y26toy yi0y announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: the biebs packed a punch in barcelona for sure. >> this fan goes inside justin bieber and justin puts his hand out of the car and clocks him. you see the fan out there, his lip is like busted and he's bleeding. he's like fr out in eaking spanish. >> it's actually catalan they speak in barcelona. >> oh, p.c. -- harvey: it's not p.c. it's just inaccurate. >> there may be a little bit of a silver lining with kanye being hospitalized. the insurance policy he has on his tour may kick in. > if i was kim, by the way, i would be really pissed. i just went through this horrific experience and he decides now as the time to go to the hospital. >> story of my life. now you have a nervous


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