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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  November 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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you deserve great tv service. me? yes, you deserve tons of free hd channels. ok... it's all about meredith. you deserve tons of free on demand channels, second lady. who's talking? and you, confused lady, you deserve a technician who shows up on time. what about me? everyone deserves great tv service, okay?
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not really. eyewitness news...protests in the triangle transform into arrests. what they're demanding-- and what landed them behind bars. death and destruction. the raging wildfires-- torching a popular tourist destination. blue cross blue shield n-c takes steps to make some customers think twice-- before heading to the emergency room. eyewitness news starts right now. 'breaking news center' -- with a ruling on 'legislative maps' -- that is shaking things up in north carolina's political scene. just a couple of hours ago -- federal judges ordered our state -- to 're-draw' those controversial state election maps. and here's the kicker -- every single member of the 'general assembly' -- just elected to office earlier this month -- thier terms were just shortened to one year -- meaning they'll be up for re-election not in two years --
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panel' is giving our state legislators until march to 're- draw' the maps. if lawmakers are unable to do so -- the federal judges say the court may. the architects of the maps -- representative 'david - lewis' -- and senator 'bob rucho' -- both republicans -- wholeheartedly disagreeing with the ruling. in a joint statement -- they called the ruling 'politically motivated'. they add the decision quote -- is a 'gross overreach' that blatantly disregards the constitutional guarantee for voters to duly elect their legislators they're vowing to quickly appeal. you can read the ruling -- and the statements -- right now on abc 11 dot com. more breaking news--- a man dies in custody in cumberland county. deputies say they tried to stop a car because they believed the driver was under the influence. the driver didn't stop... and deputies saw things thrown out of the car. the car eventually stopped--- and deputies approached clarence young. they took him into
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an illegal handgun. deputies say young started having a medical complications. young was pronounced dead at the hospital. his body will be sent to chapel hill for autopsy. in durham tonight... 'calm' restored-- after a night of 'arrests'. they were sparked by the protests... we saw 'all' day long here in the 'triangle'-- and across the country-- demonstrators 'demanding' a 15- dollar minimum wage. state naacp president william-barber-- among the nearly 'five' dozen people arrested at the bull city. angelica alvarez is live at d-p-d headquarters. angelica? in total... almost 60 people were arrested and brought here tonight... rev william barber 20:54:12 "people can't live on $7.25." reverend william
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jail...after he was arrested. the charge: impeding traffic. the cause: raising the minimum wage. barber 20:54:44 "the president- elect today said that burning the american flag ought to be illegal, you lose your citizenship, well what ought to be illegal is people working 40 hours a week and can't feed their families." the president of north carolina's naacp... and leader of the moral monday movement... was among dozens arrested in durham tonight... in the fight to raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. officers escorting reverend barber that blocked roxboro street. protesters marched... "we work we sweat, put 15 on our check!" ....before planting themselves in the street... near several fast food restaurants. some even pulled up chairs... getting comfortable as they blared music and waived signs...until police started hauling each of them away... one by one. unc professor altha cravey was among those arrested. altha cravey protester
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fight for 15, i believe conditions in universities are very similar to conditions in fast food industry and the home health care industry." this group... full of people like altha cravey... all willing to go to jail for the cause. charged with impeding traffic people are dead -- in the wildfires burning in gatlinburg, tennessee. a dozen people hurt -- and hundreds of homes and businesses destroyed. the town 'evacuated' -- and tourist sites in the great smoky mountains -- threatened. the big problem tonight -- the winds. they're gusting to '60- miles an hour'. terrified guests trapped inside this hotel as the one next door erupts. nearby dollywood lost '12- cabins'
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the main park is safe tonight. we're keeping a close eye on this developing story-- watch for the latest tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. new tonight in raleigh... the city's music scene coming together... to help a rising bluegrass star-- who was 'severely' injured in a thanksgiving night car wreck-- that left his girlfriend dead. the accident happened las thursday on 'lynn road'... when 'juana- cardona-alvarez' pu she was killed... and her boyfriend-- hiroshi-arakawa-- was badly injured... and needs help with mounting medical bills. and that's what tonight was all about at raleigh times bar.... and heather waliga was there... as hiroshi's friends joined in-- to help in his recovery. they put together a benefit concert upstairs at the raleigh times bar.. it's a gathering hiroshi...or hiro as he's known...used to co-host with his
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playing in his honor. with each strum.. donations poured in. dozens packed raleigh times in downtown raleigh to rally around fellow bluegrass musician hiroshi arakawa. the rising star in the local music scene...was critically injured in a thanksgiving night crash. his girlfriend...juana maria cardona- alvarez...was killed. absolutely incredible the amount of love and support that's come through the bluegrass community hank smith is coordinating recovery efforts through 'beer and banjos' event he and arakawa used to host together. 17:59:27..i was crushed. i was one of the first people to get a call because the first responders and police had a hard time finding family since he only spoke japanese arakawa's parents flew in from japan to be with their in a
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lung and broken ribs.'s a very serious condition right now his father...who was looking forward to meeting juana...says his son is still unaware of her death. 18:18:51...i can't imagine how they're going to tell him. he's going to be very broken up about it friends like cheyenne fairchild are trying to ease the pain and the financial burden on both families living overseas through the fundraiser. 18:19:07..plane tickets are not cheap and so we're definitly get over here using the music arakawa loves to bring a community together. 18:01:40....i think when he finds out the silver lining to all of this is that he has a huge family so far...friends of the couple have raised nearly 30- thousand dollars through go fund me pages..including a large donation from actor and bluegrass musician steve martin. juana's parents are expected to fly in tomorrow.
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finalize her funeral arrangements. new tonight... n-c state campus police-- trying to put the 'brakes' on a 'rash' of 'thefts'... at carmichael gym on campus. campus police say cash.. wallets.. and credit cards have been swiped from victims. the thefts taking place in 'public' and 'unsecured' areas of the gym. n-c state police say they're now implementing carmichael... in an effort to thwart the recent thefts. a visit to the emergency room -- will cost some blue cross blue shield customers -- some extra green in 2017. 'b-c-b-s-n-c' says affordable care act plan holders -- will have to meet your deductible before any benefits kick in. those deductible's range anywhere between 'five' to '6- hundred dollars'. b-c-b-s-n-c is trying to discourage emergency room visits. in a post -- it says e-r care can cost '7- times'
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seeing a primary care physician. in fayetteville tonight... fear has replaced the fun at a local park. police are still trying to track down a rapist... accused of sexually assaulting a woman in 'linear park', earlier this month. greg barnes is live in fayetteville tonight-- where women tell him-- until the suspect is caught... they may steer clear of linear park. the linear park trail winds thru woods and is section where the attack happened is just off grove street near the dog park.. police haven't caught this rapist yet, and until they do, a lot of people say they'll walk somewhere else.. #4622 tc: 06:06:10:03 " makes me angry, cause i can't walk the trail.." brittney day says she just too
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her dog on the linear park trail. #4622 tc:06:05:35:19 06:05:35:19 runs=:06 brittney day-dog owner=" see a lot of people on the trail, that you don't see coming, so they are right beside you and even then it makes you incredibly nervous." police say earlier this month a woman walking by herself along a section of the trial was raped. #4565 tc: 05:31:20:10 runs=:08 lt. todd joyce fayetteville police "..she was out there alone, she was by herself. the suspect, he began walking the trail and attacked her, raped her.." police says the woman gave officers a general description of her attacker. a male- mid 30's 6 feet tall, with a deep voice, a scar on the nose, short hair, and #4762 tc: 00:47:20 nat sound "..barking".. there are allot of pet owners who use this section of the trail. but police warn that pets aren't always good protection. #4617 tc: 05:50:37:11 "..i've been walking this trial so long and haven't felt insecure.." this woman who did not want to be identified said she'll be more cautious when she walks the trail from now on. #46117 tc: 05:52:35:28 "..i enjoy it, my dog enjoys it. we deserve it, and hopefully
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safety.. ++++++++pre-prd graphic here++++++++ and police offer thesee precautions.. walk with another person always carry a cell phone be aware of surroundings no walking after dark those are good suggestions anytime not just now.. and they warn don't think its any safer if you walk in daylight,, joel and tisha.. tonight fayetteville police asking the public's help to identify and catch this rapist. new insight tonight-- into the attack that left a college campus on edge. what isis is saying about the student who carried out the rampage at ohio state. no average joe. the special honor on capitol
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president. and premature celebration. the mistake that had this basketball player-- celebrating his team's loss. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news
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saying that the man at the center of the ohio state attack... was one of its solders... in a social media post, the terror group says abdul-artan is a soldier of the islamic state... but it did not say if it directed the 18-year old college student to carry out the attack... and artan made no mention of isis in
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police say artan slammed his car into a crowd of people... then slashed victims with a butcher knife. local and federal authorities searched artan's home, walked door to door in his neighborhood, and scoured his social media. tens of thousands of people -- honoring former cuban leader 'fidel - castro'. they filled revolution square in havana for the rally. his funeral is on sunday. many world leaders are going. president obama will not attend, but the deputy national security advisor and the top u-s diplomat to cuba will be there. a reminder .. eyewitness news will be in cuba tomorrow. steve daniels will be with photojournalist adolfo ibarro .. on the first flight between charlotte and havana. our 'special coverage' -- begins tomorrow .. here on eyewitness news... plus 'digital coverage' at "a-b-c-11 dot com". end of the road tonight -- for bishop michael burbidge. hundreds came out to 'saint michael the archangel church' in cary-- to help burbidge celebrate his final public mass in the 'diocese of raleigh'. burbidge will take
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virginia. he included a thank you during his homily. before the mass-- he was appreciative of the southern hospitality. burbidge served as bishop of the raleigh diocese a group of priests will appoint an interim until a new bishop is selected by the pope. and a bittersweet night in fayetteville tonight. family and friends gathered to celebrate moose butler's retirement. he is stepping down as cumberland county sheriff... after 22 years at the helm. butler's last day in office will be december 31st.
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partisan politics on hold-- to honor outgoing vice president joe biden. biden will be recognized on the senate floor, next month... by senators from both sides of the political aisle. senate majority leader mitch- mccconnell and senate minority leader harry- reid... are among the lawmakers who will be featured in the tribute. biden represented delaware in the senate for more than three decades... before becoming vice president. it's scheduled for december seventh. board and the must-see video of the night. we start with a snowstorm in south dakota... while we're enjoying mild weather here-- blowing snow is a problem for many in that state... those whipping winds make it fell like it's in the single digits... up to two feet of snow fell in wyoming-- and 21 inches fell in north dakota. you look
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cockatoo must've been thinking. harley the cockatoo was briefly distracted from playing with her cups and buttons when she caught a glimpse of her fabulous self in the mirror. you can see she had fun looking at the stunning sight-- before resuming with her
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it was a breezy and warm tuesday with a few showers around. most areas hit 70 or higher this afternoon. a wave of low pressure developing along stalling to the west will pass by to the west and north tonight and tomorrow. it will be downright warm for this time of year with temperatures failing to drop below the 60s tonight with most of the time staying dry. the cold front trailing the wave of low pressure will sweep into the triangle on wednesday afternoon or evening. that's when we will have the best chance for showers and even a thunderstorm. a southwest wind ahead of the front will help push
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of the area. we could reach or surpass the record of 77 set in 2006 at rdu. the showers may also contain some strong wind gusts, and the storm prediction center has put the entire state in a marginal risk for severe weather. but right now, the threat of severe weather looks fairly low. dry and cooler weather will return behind the front for thursday with intervals of sunshine. the air mass behind the front will be pacific in nature, so it will be only a little cooler with highs in the middle build in from the west on friday and saturday promoting more sunshine than clouds. a north to northwest flow will help cool it down with highs in the 50s. that's more in line with what we should expect for early
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the white house-- getting all decked out... how a local woman is helping to deck the halls. and a basketball play-- that'll ma see it, next. the countdown is on to the a-b-c 11 together food drive. "8" days until the big 'drop-off' event. and the need remains very high.. in the wake of hurricane matthew. many people.. still trying to recover. we need your help.. the drop-off day is december 7th. all the details are online now at a-b-c-11 dot com slash food
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christmas -- at the white house. this year's them... "the gift of the holidays." it reflects the joy of giving and receiving-- and the true gifts of life, like service, friends, family, education and good health. you'll see lego gingerbread houses -- a '19- foot' tree in the blue room from pennsylvania -- and a lot of other traditional christmas decor. a woman from hope mills is helping to decorate one of th r white house. and a cringeworthy moment-- caught on tape. bryant and brown universities in a tight one last night. brown university is down by one-- when they score to take the lead. that's when a player for bryant gets the ball with three seconds to go. but instead of trying to take a last minute shot-- he dribbles out the clock-- and then tosses it up in the air-- thinking his team won. they lost-- by a
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coming up next in sports.... the acc big ten challenge turns up the dial... six showdowns this evening - including duke and state in action... plus the canes and rangers from the garden but first - here are the latest college football playoff standings.. bama, ohio state, clemsn washington... michigan's on the outside looking in after falling to the buckeyes the canes scored three strai oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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goals to sweep past the panthers sunday night... that kind of offensive outburst needs to be seen more often... no jordan staal tonight for the canes.. so extra heavy lifting vs the rangers at the garden... victor stalberg and the canes looked up to the task 1st - matt tennyson shoots... it ricochets back to stalberg he beats henrik 1-0 same period.... stalberg and jay mcclement combining... mcclement is stopped - but stalberg right there... his 6th of the season 2-0 canes... 2nd - the lead goes away... terrible sequence here... ron hainsey bungles the puck justin faulk watches rick nash skate the length of the ice and beat cam ward with a backhand.. 2-2 3rd -- rangers power play... craziness in the crease.. jimmy vesey pots it
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rangers take it 3-2 it's been eight long years since the acc won their challenge with the big ten... gotta win the middle games... like state at illinois... dennis smith jr drive... markell johnson steal and score after a ted kapita block.... terry henderson to torin dorn 3 henderson to torin dorn 3 state up a point at half despite 13 2nd - great hustle from smith... to henderson for the hammer.. duke and mich state tied at 35 at half...
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to former wake forest cougar dexter lawrence -- clemson's man mountain defensive tackle was named the acc's defensive rookie of the year today... big dex had 72 tackles -- good for fourth on the team -- which is crazy from his position... lawrence also added five sacks. join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest
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>> i don't know why he did it but wiz khalifa really took a shot at kanye west saying that marijuana is good for all that ails you. >> kanye west is paranoid, he doesn't need to smoke weedbecau can freak out. harvey: ok, we don't need an expert right now. [laughter] >> tyga is in some serious, serious trouble if you ask me. new hot rapper, 21 savage. he put on a blueprint a while ago that he wants kylie jenner. he put a picture up on instagram ieof kyl jenner. we got him last night leaving ace of diamonds. >> you have a thing for kylie? >> yeah. >> really? >> "i am bolt" premiere, a movie about usain bolt's life and justin bieber was there. harvey: who's the bigger star?


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